A fairy not from Neverland

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a character in “The Neverland”, as played by Saikua


Appearance: Wavy brown shoulder length hair, wears red garbs, and her wings look similar to what a dragon's wings would look like.


Personality: Tends to be in good spirits, knows when the fun is over, but also has a dark secret.


Does use a fairy size bow.


History: She is a fairy that is not originally from Neverland, thus the difference in her wings. When she first came to Neverland, she had been captured by pirates thinking that she was one of the native fairies. She managed to explain that she was not from around Neverland. She was released on one condition....that she work on finding the source of the eternal youth and life that is granted to the Lost Children of Neverland. She pretended that she would help the pirates, but soon after her release, she tricked the pirates and made their ship go off course for three days and three nights.

So begins...

Jazzie's Story