Saucy first officer of Captain Morgan

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a character in “The Neverland”, as played by Saikua



She looks like this but with longer black hair that covers one eye that has a deep scar on it from Morgan from when she was just a simple deckhand.


Naila can be teasing and has, more than once, succeed with getting Morgan to be with her. Her saucy attitude and merciless nature eventually gained her the rank of being Captain Morgan's right hand officer.


Her cane becomes a sword and she loves the nine barbed tailed whips. Also carries two pistols that she keeps on her belt


When she was a little girl, her ship was attacked by the ship that Morgan now captain's on. She was taken aboard and put to work as a deckhand for many long years. Slowly she had changed from an innocent little girl to a cunning, deadly beauty of the seas. The only time she is ever controlled in a fight is when Morgan is around to tell her to stop.

So begins...

Naila's Story