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The New Battlefield:  New Earth

The New Battlefield: New Earth


The year is 2050, and war has evolved... (Please read more in the roleplay.)

884 readers have visited The New Battlefield: New Earth since Vio-Lance created it.


In the future, the East and the West no longer get along. Korea, China, Russia, and Germany form the Western Allied Forces, in 2035, and quickly became the world's largest Superpower in the world. They grew quickly in economical, political and grew very, very fast and powerful militarily. It was threatening to the countries in the East; North and South America, Canada, Cuba, Japan and Austrailia, whom were very cautious, but not agressive. But finally, peace held no more... in a sense....

The Western Allied Forces and the countries of the East got together. They discussed for mulitple days and the argument got quite heated. However, finally when was was about to be declared eveyrone stopped for a moment. World Wars had happened in the past, but with all the technology these days, there would be no doubt that the world would be utterly destroyed. But they still needed a way to solve conflict. Their best scientists worked day and night, months and months to come up with a conclusion.... But found the most efficent way.... Can you guess?

A video game.

Though not a true video game, the idea was just that. They were able to create an alternate reality inside a shared network. The reality was just like Earth in some sense, just some of the contients mixed up, and broken into smaller pieces. The terrains were named after the continents that held them. (New Africa, New Russia, etc) However, the landmass was not the arguement...

To ensure that this war could be fought without any actual destruction, there couldn't be any actual warfare in their field, and all fighting would have to be done in the "Game". They created these massive "Gates": Massive portals into this new realm. Into this world poured soldiers, tanks, artillery.... all devices of war. And even civilians, and livestock to set up a stable income of resources. And all seemed good for a while. However, new problems began to arise, for everyone....

First of all, and most devistating...there is only one way out of the "Game": Death. Only by one's life ending, can one leave this realm. So all of the brave soldiers that voluteered themselves to fight...can no longer return. They are trapped in the realm, untill death. Even the most brilliant minds have tried to figure ways out of the realm...but all have failed.

Before the foremost problem was realized, both sides needed more forces, and was willing to pay the ulitmate price for victory. The leading forces advertised the "Game" to the public, as "Getting as close to reality as possible." Thousands of innocent people, even children, looking for a thrill went into alike gates, being promised virtual reality...only to be greeted with the reality of the horrors of War. Civilian soldiers now fight along side professionals, and the blood tide rises only even more. And even with these tradgedies, the goverment still plans to send men in, after drafting.... However on the "Up" side, some don't even fight. They sit back and live peaceful lives, becoming farmers or ranchers, providing resources for the war.

Inside the simulation, war wages. The Forces clash, and the death count rises. The would is known by it's new inhabitants as "The Grave". Most have accepted that this is where they shall die. Others, however, falsely hang on to the hope of a way out. Little do they know, that the Scientists have altogether stopped trying. It had been dubbed a waste or time and resources.

Currently, a new force arises, fighting against both sides. The Resolutionaries are a group of rebels and militia, made up of Soldiers that want to end the fighting.... By eliminating both sides. Their leader is said to be beyond loony, and to take on such powerful forces, most reason that they are. However, they have a surprising amount of soldiers, some from each side. Their leader, Sasha, is supposedly make a speach soon....

The war continues to wage on all sides... Which are you on?
Currently, as the war wages, no side makes particular advances. It is a stalemate. However, you have the power to change that. Maybe not quickly, maybe not effectively, but it can happen. The roleplay is completely flexible, and can go in almost any direction. Two sides, if their Commanders agree, could sign a treaty, and team up on the other side. Or, one side could surrender, and withdraw to either side. Things like such. It can go as far as you want it to.

We start at Latch Hill, in the deep grasslands of New Africa where the Eastern Forces hold a well fortified bunker at the top. Anti-aircraft weaponry is abundant, keeping the bunker safe from airstrikes, and the cement structure is resistant to artillery fire. The WAF are assaulting the fortress, trying to push the EF back. Meanwhile, the Resolutionaries keep scouts on the sidelines, reporting in. They would not engage unless engaged or ordered to. And we'll work our way up from there.

However, I do need a Commander for the Western Allied Forces, and Eastern Forces. My character is the "Commander" for the Resolutionaries.

Commander Character Sheet (Remember, as always, these are just Skelletons. Feel free to "Flesh them out".

Appearance: (Pictures are fine, but I'd actually like a physical description including height, weight, and body type.)
Force Commanded:

Type of Commander: (i.e. ,feared, respected, well known...)

Equipment and Weaponry: (Be reasonable, please...)


WAF Commander:

EF Commander:

Other Character Sheet (Remember, as always, these are just Skelletons. Feel free to "Flesh them out".)






Appearance: (Pictures are fine, but I'd actually like a physical description including height, weight, and body type.)

Type of soldier: (Ambitious, hot shot, strong & silent...)

Equipment and Weaponry: (Be reasonable, please...)


1. The Typical: No godmodding (autohitting/killing, never getting hit etc) Metagaming (Automatically knowing answers or weaknesses, what your foe is planning.)
2. You can, and possibly will be killed. You are not invulnerable.
3. Soldiers must follow the Commander's orders. If you do not, you will suffer their punishment, which they decide.
4. No future weapons- Ray guns, railguns, laser guns...we're left with modern day weaponry.
5. Please normal humans only. And I mean this in the typical way. NO VAMPIRES. NO FURRIES. NO NEKOS. However, I love interesting human characters, such as albinos, crazies, even dumb brutes can make me smile.
6. Characters can be ages 10 - 90 no younger, maybe older if you can convince me.
7. If your character dies, feel free to submit another.
8. You may control up to two characters at a time. Three IF you can convince me you can handle it.
9. Commander characters - You can control NPCs. However, if you control them, you control them all the time. They do not just follow you around everywhere, and pop up right when you need them.
10. Enjoy yourself.

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Journal Entry - 31: Latch Hill- A fortified bunker in the Grasslands of New Africa. This large hill made a great outpost, and eventually turned into a fortress. Now, the Eastern Forces hold this fort...while the WAF assault it heavily. We watch from the sides, keeping vigilance for weakness on either side. Though the EF holds a grand defense, the WAF seem to be winning this day. With more vehicles and artillery, this day looks to be theres. But we shall see yet. I've got marksmen ready to strike at any time around the clock, and scouts running like mesengers between here and there. Though it's a thirty minute jog, it keeps us updated. We don't want to draw any attention to ourselves by driving vehicles....

Ramblings: I like the place. It's warm and sunny all the time, and even our moral is raised while we are here...unlike our base in New Russia. The troops have adapted well, and we've even had a few become too lax, and shirk off.... Though I've had to punish these individuals, I can't blame them. It's not the tropics, but after coming out of New Russia? I'd take anywhere out of the icelands...

New recruit caught my eye today.Terrence Fuller. EF guy. He's got a nice record, and seems to have dropped his flag for now. He came in strapping the latest gear: The ACR is what I was impressed with. It's basically an upgrade of my rifle. But made by Bushmaster. Oh well. Can't stay top of the line forever. He is a scout man, and he's good at it, but I wouldn't doubt his fighting capacity either.

I hope this goes well.

Sasha frowned as she peered through binocculars over the harsh grasslands, the yellow-green grass flowing on as far as the eye could see, almost as tall as a man. Here eyes carefully scanned the enviorment, seaching for what she needed.... Finally, her eyes caught movement, and focused on a figure. He had the same kind of grass that surrounded him formed into a suit. The ghillied man ran up to the hidden base and to the gate. He tapped on it twice. "Where's the General?" Asked a voice over a nearby com.
"In the Snake Cage." The ghilled man replied,
The door slowly opened and allowed the man inside the small base. It was large enough to house maybe ten tanks, but no larger, and it's largest structure was a watch-tower on the main building.

Sasha put down her binocculars, and walked away from the lookout, and down the stairs. She and the ghillied man arrived in the command center about the same time.
"Report." She said sternly.
"Nothin's changed much, Ma'am. Ain't no fluctuation in power." He said, in a slightly irish accent. He rested his SVD rifle on his shoulder. "EF are puttin' up one hellvoa fight though. Ain't been no breaches yet....but the WAF are sendin' in the Naz** soon. West and South flanks are vulnerable to entry, but it won't be an easy job, even for the Naz."
"Right, right. Keep an eye out for the Naz, then. If you see them, drop them. No questions asked. We don't need their elitist asses running us down." Sasha replied sternly. "Permission to engage freely."

He offered a salute, and she returned it. He turned but she called to him. "Hold on, Soldier. You're not done yet." She said, herself turning. "But at ease." She walked to one side of the room, too a crate, pulling it open. Inside were four grey rifles. She pulled them out one at a time, and propped them against the wall.
"What'r those, Ma'am?" The fellow asked.
"The things that the EF are carrying. Cheytac M-200. We just got some supplies from the base we just established in New Japan. EF left a whole damn crate of 'em. And if they don't want 'em, we'll take 'em. You can leave your Dragonov here, Soldier. But you'll have to carry these puppies. They're not too heavy, and you should be able to handle them all." She said, handing him too at a time, and throwing the other ones on slings around his back. She then stuffed his bandolier full of ammunition for it.
"Be careful. And make sure that you get these there!" She said roughly.
"Aye, Ma'am. An' thank'ya."
"One more thing, Sergeant." She called out to him.
"How's the 'Rook' doing?"
"Fuller? Damn, he's pickin' everything we tell 'im to off with his SVD."
"Then he'll reap havok with the pinpoint of the Intervention. Right. Dismissed!"
The soldier offered the best salute he could manage while having his hands full, and then marched out. She picked the man's dragonov up, and walked back up to the watch tower. Just in case....
The Ghillied man, Vlad Shows, also known as Sergeant ' Sharpshooter', or SS, marched, his hands full of the futuristic rifle, clattering as he made his way back to his platoon. It was a gruling walk, but eventually, he had made it, panting lightly. He pointed out to each one as he knelt down.
"Righ' boys, here's new toys fer ya. He tossed one to each of the ghillied snipers.
"Right on! The Intervention! I wonder'd when we'd be getting these." one said, eagerly catching the rifle.
"M-200, huh? Good. We've been needing something more accurate the ShittyVD." Said yet another.
Vlad then turned to the newest scout for their teams: Terrence Fuller.
"Alright Hotshot." He said tauntingly. "Let's see what you can do." Vlad said, handing him the silenced sniper rifle.
"We've been cleared to engage one target if we see 'em. No questions. Just lead. Keep an eye out for the Naz."
Naz- Resolutionary code for the WAF's Spetsnaz forces. The "Naz" as they're refered to still maintain quite the grip on the squad based expertise.

The setting changes from Latch HIll to Virtual World


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#, as written by Gazimu
(Thanks for puttin me in the action)

Fuller gripped the handle and grinned, "Sir yes sir!" he said sternly, then got into position, testing the feel of this new weapon, he checked the scope, and monitored the area, until he spotted the targets, "They coming in on the right flank boys" he knew he didnt need to ask to fire, clearance had come all the way from the top, he took a few seconds to steady the new gun, another to put the scope on the farthest head from the EF base, and fired, these things were silenced! Thank god, the man dropped to the ground, but he was the last man in the group, all eyes were on the bae, no one noticed him go down, "Aim for the back ones, we take them down and their buddies dont realise whats happening until a bullet is in their head.

The setting changes from Virtual World to Latch HIll


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Vlad shows and his crew, including Pvt. Fuller, began to pick off the 'Naz' as they arrived. The Blue berets didn't know what was hitting them, even with all of their elite training. He fired, the silenced rifle chirping again mechanically as they picked off the russians. He pulled the bolt of his rifle back again, before the rifle clicked empty. He tugged another magazine from his belt, and jammed it into the gun, before reaching back to his belt, pulling three mags from it, and tossing it to one of the other men in his platoon.

"Alright. We're goin' ta hold position." The ghillied man said. "Command jus' said that they're sendin' the Vanguard** in. I hope they know what they're doin'. Apperently, we're going to flank the WAF, flush 'em out of here, then continue the assault on the EF fortress." He said.

Sasha walked down yet again from her watchtower, smirking as she went down to her command room. A few men, with assault rifles and helmets were waiting, fiddling with their equipment. Once Sasha entered the room, the all went to attention. She saluted lightly, before reaching under the command table, and pulling out a submachine gun, before pulling out a stock and a handguard, as well as a barrel. The XM8, her weapon of choice, was going to be of use here. She began to piece it together, using the assault rifle variant with a grenade launcher, and a drum magazine. She made sure that she had a couple of other drums as well. She looked to them, flipping her rifle off safety, and asking. "Where are the rest of the VG?" She asked, looking on at the soldiers still at attention. "Outside ma'am, ready to go." The man asked, before walking to the woman. Sasha patted herself down, making sure her sidearm was ready, and her conceal couldn't been seen. "Right. Let's go." She said sternly, nodding to him. They would walk out of the door, and move through the base, before hitting ground level and walking outside. Sasha viewed fiteen of her best soldiers...ready to move. "Let's go, assholes." She said sternly, before starting to jog off, towards Latch Hill, the other men following her close behind.


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#, as written by Gazimu
Fuller grinned, "We goin in with em sarge?" he asked, before firing a shot into te forehead of one of the Naz soldiers, damn russians, he thought bitterly, they were good, but not good enough for a sniper rifle like this, let alone a whole squad of them.

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Latch HIll

Latch HIll by RolePlayGateway

Where the battle began.

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Character Portrait: Sasha Kiaras
Character Portrait: Terrance Fuller


Character Portrait: Terrance Fuller
Terrance Fuller

The EF couldnt keep him satisfied, so nows hes knocking on the door of the rebellion.

Character Portrait: Sasha Kiaras
Sasha Kiaras

The leader of the Resolutionaries. She is concidered many things inside the world, including: Veteran, Leader, Lunatic, and and Idealist.


Character Portrait: Sasha Kiaras
Sasha Kiaras

The leader of the Resolutionaries. She is concidered many things inside the world, including: Veteran, Leader, Lunatic, and and Idealist.

Character Portrait: Terrance Fuller
Terrance Fuller

The EF couldnt keep him satisfied, so nows hes knocking on the door of the rebellion.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Sasha Kiaras
Sasha Kiaras

The leader of the Resolutionaries. She is concidered many things inside the world, including: Veteran, Leader, Lunatic, and and Idealist.

Character Portrait: Terrance Fuller
Terrance Fuller

The EF couldnt keep him satisfied, so nows hes knocking on the door of the rebellion.

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