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Sasha Kiaras

The leader of the Resolutionaries. She is concidered many things inside the world, including: Veteran, Leader, Lunatic, and and Idealist.

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a character in “The New Battlefield: New Earth”, as played by Vio-Lance


Name: Sasha Kiaras
Nicknames: SK, The Resolutionary Commander, The Wild Woman.
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120 pounds
Sasha can rarely be called pretty. A girl of short stature, and small body, the woman looks more of a young teenager, however. The nine years, however, in the war, has taken harsh toll on her past beauty. Her hair is ragged, and dirty blonde, ill cut, and uneven at some points, usually dirty. Her eyes are a very bright green, almost sparkling. Her face has kind features, but is usually boldly made faces. Her body is slim, but surprisingly muscular, especially for her size. Her body is small, she has a small bust, and narrow hips, and slender shoulders. However, a feature that sticks out about her body.... It's condition. Even through her uniform, you can clearly see that she has suffered multiple, maybe hundreds, of wounds. Scars dance across her body in every shape and fashion- bullet wounds, stab wounds, slashing woulds, smashing wounds. Against her tanned form, they're fairly easy to see. And she is always seen with a new wound, here or there. Her uniform is dirty, and very old, a typical olive drab jumpsuit, covered in blood, and makeshift camoflauge with a hip and thigh holster, as well as an equipment belt and a bandolier. Guns adorn these typically. (See "Equipment" for these weapons.)

Forces Commanded: Resolutionaries

Motto: "Do anything and everything to win. There is no such thing as a fair fight."



Sasha is very hard boiled; she is serious all the time, very rarely taking time to relax, or even rest, other then when it's time to retire. She's very uptight, and fairly strict with her forces, keeping them under control, and in line. She's got a short fuse, and isn't shy to reach out and punch something solid if she's angry, or break something that isn't. She knows she has to keep them orderly or they'll die.

Type of Commander - Feared, and well known. She outfight most of her troops, and isn't known for mercy. All of her troops will tell you not to say "I dare you." or "Do it, then." Because chances are, she'll do it. She's also known for odd, but effective infantry manuevers.


Usually, being the commander, Sasha isn't usually seen on the battlefield. But when she is, she's seen packing.

XM8 - An advanced assault rifle, made by Heckler & Koch, to be a revolutionary battlefield weapon. With just a few tweaks, the rifle can become four different weapons, for different situations. The rifle offers good stopping power, and good distance while offering minimum recoil.

Sidearm 1 (Hip holster): Tactical Colt 1911- This massively upgraded famous firearm is Sasha's choice in first weaponry. It has a under barrel flashlight, with a laser pointer, specially made double stacked magazines (increasing her clip capacity to 14 instead of 7). Close to this holster is also a spring tactical knife, which she has practiced with extensively.

Sidearm 2 (Thigh holster): Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Magnum - A large caliber handgun, also known as the "Hand Cannon", and Dirty Harry's Hand, the .44 Magnum is Sasha's favorite weapon, and packs quite a punch, ensuring a good chance of death if her target is hit center mass. She prides herself with the knowledge of this firearm the most, being able to hit a target's bullseye at 50 feet without a scope.

Melee Weapon: Army Ranger Tomahawk- A heavy duty grade steel hatchet, with the insignia of the Army Rangers on its pommel. It can be used as an axe, a hammer, or a shovel, and it's viscious weight can cleave through even bones. The pick end can puncture armor, when it's swing is fully dedicated. It's kept on her belt.

Last Resort - As a last attempt to defend herself, Sasha packs the extremely small Russian PSS internally silenced pistol in her underwear. She only carries one clip (six shots) for the pistol, minimizing the space it takes up. The compact pistol only can shoot 25 meters, but up to that range, it can pierce steel helmets and objects.


After being sent in with the EF Main Army nine years ago, Sasha quickly learned the art of war. She's a natural fighter, but even this couldn't save her mind from the terror of warfare. Some say she went insane, but she quickly dismisses this. After four years in the EF, she went AWOL, with almost an entire battalion of soldiers following her and a very small armor division. She established the Resolutionaries, with the realization that noone could escape this reality without dying... So why, instead of warring, couldn't they live here in peace? The WAF and EF viewed them as a minor group, untill they showed them what they were capable of. Using Guerilla tactics, and planning their attacks wisely, Sasha has lead her "Army" to be a contending force. Having moderate numbers and resources, they are more than a threat to either side.

So begins...

Sasha Kiaras's Story