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Fae Walden

0 · 227 views · located in year 2015

a character in “The New Camp Keystone”, as played by Dogmatil


Fae Walden



Race: high elf

Gender: female

Age: 16





Height: 165 cm (5'5")

Weight: 52 kg (115 lb)

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: pale green


can control the elements (water, fire, wind, earth)
high speed


small spaces
being crowded

violin playing
playing with the animals

In Depth:

Like all High Elves, Fae is a calm and shy creature. She has a very tranquil nature, though when she feels safe, she can also be quite playful and curious. She usually is very open-minded and polite, accepting people just as they are, at least as long as they aren't trying to hurt anyone, then she withdraws quickly. Fae finds her strenght in nature and gets sick whenever she is not able to get out for some time. Due to her abilities in shape-shifting, she can turn into any animal and thus play with the animals of the forest which she enjoys a lot. When she feels like being along, Fae withdraws into the woods with her violin, to meditate to the music. Although she is a small young girl, Fae is still a skilled fighter and should not be underestimated.

Personal History:

Fae was raised in a small village deep in one of the oldest forests of the country, where her people have been living for centuries. As is common, all children from the high elves grow up together and get educated on several different subjects by a teacher. She learned how to fight with a sword, shoot with a bow and arrows, how to sing, draw and make music, but also how to read and write in their language. Fae's village holds tight to the "old ways" of elves, but is still open to the human way of life. That's way Fae was send to the camp where she could interact with other creatures.


So begins...

Fae Walden's Story


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Fabian and Jordan

Fabian and Jordan had been standing around the group of campers and staff members. Jordan got her wristband and she looked like a regular, green eyed, blond haired sixteen year old girl. Jordan the walked over to her cabin to unpack and get to know the grounds until she had to leave for the bonfire that night.As she walked into the cabin, she made her way into her room, threw her bag and back pack on the bed and flopped down on the floor. She sighed and closed her eyes and proceeded to meditate for a few minutes while she had the silence.

Fabian watched Jordan get her wrist band, put it on and transform into he human self, Fabian smiled and watched her walk off to her own cabin. He sighed, got his wrist band and shifted into his, light skinned, blond hair with some brown highlights and green eyed human form. He looked around at the other campers and walked off to his own cabin as well. He walked through the door and walked into his room, he threw what some belongings of his on the bed and walked out of the cabin. He walked over to the beach and sat down near the boat house and starred at the water.

Jordan finished her mediatating and walked out of her cabin, she caught the smell of the other wolf and traced it to the boat house. She stopped and saw him sitting on a rock, looking at the water. As she studied him over some more, she ever so slightly recognized him, she smiled and softly walked up behind him. She took a deep breath and said, '' Uh, hi. You mind if I sit here with you?'' Fabian turned around and looked at Jordan, he smiled and said, '' Sure, make yourself comfortable.'' He looked back at the water and went back to his thoughts. Jordan sat down and looked around. She didn't see many campers yet, maybe they were all looking at their cabins as well. Not like she really cared, being alone was her thing, as long as there was another wolf here, she would be fine.

Jordan and Fabian had been sitting with each other for a while when they saw the sun setting, Jordan looked at Fabian and said, ''Well, we better get to that bonfire or we could get in trouble for skipping out. Wanna join me?'' Fabian looked at her and said softly, '' Sure, I'll go with you.'' He stood up and they walked together. Jordan and Fabian stayed quiet and just walked with each other until they reached the bonfire. There was already almost all of the other campers, and the staff members. Jordan and Fabian looked around and saw some others that they hadn't seen before. Jordan sighed and walked away From Fabian, she walked over to a tree and climbed up it and looked down at the others, she liked being up high, it made her feel safe so she could see everyone and not be suprissed by anything.

Fabian looked back in hoping to see Jordan, but she was gone. He traced her scent and saw her up in a tree, he smiled and just left her alone. He walked over to some of the other campers that were going to be in his cabin and said, '' So, I'm guessing we'll be cabin mates. My name's Fabian, and you guys are?'' He said as he dug hi hands into his hoodie's pockets and looks around, trying to avoid direct eye contact.