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Jordan Davis

'' Yes, I'm a werewolf. Let's not make a big deal, okay?''

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a character in “The New Camp Keystone”, originally authored by Wolf's Bane109, as played by RolePlayGateway


Jordan Rose Davis

Name: Jordan
'' Yes, it's a guy's name, so what?''

'' Call me Rose, and I'll tear you to shreds.''
Jordy, Jay, or Jordan

Age: sixteen
'' Just turned sixteen a few months ago.''

'' Well, aren't we getting a little too personal?''

What are you: Were wolf
'' Yeah, so you better not tick me, off, okay?''

Were Wolf appearance:

Close up:

Far away:

Human Appearance:



Eye Color: A sparkly, light blue
'' My father says I have my mother's eyes....''

Hair Color: A beautiful, blonde, with some light brown highlights.
'' Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean I'm stupid. Got that?''

Height: '' I'm pretty freaking tall, mind you.''
5' 11''

'' Isn't this a little rude to know about?''
134 lbs.

''I've been called many things, and being a snob isn't one of 'em.''
Jordan is very friendly and open to people due to her being part wolf. She tends to sleep long hours into the morning and is very lazy. She's a very good liar and she's very good at encouraging people to do the wrong things, even though she's not trying to get them into trouble. She's very loyal, kind, sweet, and brave, just like a wolf. She does like to be by herself most of the time, she stays in her room and will read books or whatever when she has the time to relax. She's very obedient and will do whatever you tell her to do. She will never disobey or reject an order from her authority or whoever is in charge, all she wants to do is please people.

'' I'm pretty hard-core, if I do say so myself.''
Jordan has strength, speed, heightened senses, such as scent, hearing, and night vision. She is a lot stronger than she looks, she's usually thought to be weak, but in a fight she's very strong and powerful. She has better stamina, endurance, speed and strength than the average human at her age. She's very smart, determined, brave, strong minded, and never gives up.

Jordan has the usual powers for her kind. Strength, speed, agility, stamina,
scent tracking, seeing in the dark, and super sensitive hearing.

Jordan can read and talk to people through mind links.
The stronger the relationship she has with someone, the better she can communicate with them.

Shape shifting:
Jordan can shift between her human form and were wolf form at will.
She also shifts when she gets to angry for her to control herself.

Cabin #: T.B.A


+ Meat
+ the cold
+ The woods
+ Boys
+ her father
+ other wolves
+ free running
+ swimming
+ running
+ being accepted by others

Jordan likes, sports, swimming, doing anything that has to do with sports, soccer, foot ball, basket ball,
rock climbing, climbing trees, and being with other wolves.

Jordan doesn't have many hobbies. The only few things she would count, would be either playing basket ball,
soccer, or reading.

x Racists
x bimbos
x jerks
x stereotipical people
x wimps
x Vampires
x being forgotten
x being rejected
x fire
x useless fighting
x bullying
x alcohol

'' Love? Well, only if someone can......or will catch my eye.''

'' Everyone has at least one......or in my case more.''

'' I don't like to talk about it, but.......if you insist.''
Jordan was born to a pretty good family. Her mother was human, but her father was a wolf. Jordan was the only child in her family, but she was the youngest
child in her pack. Jordan grew up with father mostly, her mother always had to do her human duties and leave her daughter. Jordan doesn't remember her mother much, since she passed away when Jordan was only five.

Jordan was trained from the age of five, up till only a few months ago to be a killer. Her father and pack trained her to be the best, and she met their expectations. She could out run even the fastest of her pack, beat the second strongest male in her pack to an arm wrestling contest, and climb a tree in 0.9 seconds. Jordan never seemed to dissapoint her pack in any way, but for some reason, her father just took her to Camp Keystone and never came back. Jordan didn't know why, she didn't do anything that she knew of.

Even though her father and pack just abandoned her like she was a piece of trash, Jordan still loves them and is waiting for them to return. Is her pack and father dead, or did they just leave her there for her own good? This is Jordan's very first year at Camp Keystone, will she fit in or will she just have to deal
with the other creatures?

Jordan has her pack's marking on her right shoulder blade. And she also has a black, cresent moon and star tatoo on her left wrist, which is another marking of her wolf pack.

Extra: The number that was missing in the Rules is, 3.

So begins...

Jordan Davis's Story


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Jordan Davis

Jordan and her pack had been walking for about three hours in the woods. Since they always lived in there, they didn't see a reason to shift into their human forms. Jordan was walking beside her father when he looked at her and said, '' Jordan, you do not look as happy as I meant for you to be. Is everything alright?'' Jordan looked up at her father, who was far taller than her. She sighed and said, '' I'm just not feeling it. I mean, if I knew that there would be more wolves that I could bond with, then I wouldn't mind so much, even one wolf would do just fine.'' She said that as she, stepped over a fallen branch and walked beside her father again.

Jordan could only think about the woods, the wolves, being close to her father on a cold and stormy night, and being with her pack. Everything she knew was going to be stripped away from her at this, what was the name? Keystone or something like that? Jordan just kicked a stone and watched it as it fell into a small ditch in the ground.

She kept her eyes on the cold, earthy ground, as she saw her bottom, fur covered paws brush through the cold, wet grass. Jordan sighed and kept on walking with her pack, then they all stopped, Jordan looked around, smelt the air, listened to the forest to see if they all heard or saw anything. Jordan frowned, and looked back at her father. She said, '' Father, why have we stopped? Is there something wrong?'' Her father looked at her pack and nodded, they slowly started to make their way back to their camp as Jordan and her father stood at the ending of the woods.

Jordan's father looked down at his beloved daughter, who reminded him so much of her mother. He smiled and said, '' Jordan, you must make the rest of the way by yourself. Only the people going to camp Keystone may leave the woods. The pack and I must leave, we're not welcomed to the camp.'' Jordan only frowned, she hugged her father tightly and said, '' But, I don't want you to go. I'll miss you too much.'' Her father smiled, returned the hug and doubled back to the pack, and left Jordan by herself.

Jordan watched as her father and the pack were out of sight. She looked away, she put her backpack down and grabbed her I-Pod out of it, and her purple ear buds. She grabbed her bag, put it back on her back and started walking. She put her ear buds in and started to listen to some music, as she made the rest of the way to the camp.
Jordan only melted into the music and didn't give a care about the things around her. She wanted to forget and just keep her mind of camp Keystone, where she would be spending this Summer. Jordan Was about fifty feet away from what looked like a group of people and creatures standing around, when something caught her attention.

Jordan took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. The scent was familiar in a way, yet unknown. Jordan took her ear buds out and looked around, she used her ears to see what the others couldn't see. Jordan could hear a faint growl in the other side of the woods, it was another wolf's growl. Jordan moved her neck to the left, then the right, as she heard a cracking sound she smiled. She smelt the air again and could definatly could smell wolf. Jordan smiled and made her way to the group of people. As Jordan stood with the ever getting bigger group of people, she put her ear buds back in and started to listen to music again. She looked around and saw as some were hugging and talking, Jordan guessed that some knew each other and some were knew. Jordan wasn't in the best mood, so she just ignored the others and got into her music.

Fabien Maddalle
Fabien had been up for hours, just sitting in a tree, looking at the camp. He smiled as he saw people hugging and greeting each other.
Fabien then caught a scent of a she-wolf, he growled slightly under his breath, but then stopped as he ever so slightly remembered it.
He climbed down the tree, grabbed his small amount of belongings that he had,and made his way towards the camp. He slowly made his way through the crowd of people, he felt a little un-easy due to his monsterly appearance that would have any human running. He looked at the other wolf and forced a small smile on his face, he was happy about the other wolf, just a little nervous that she could either be friend or foe.


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Fabian and Jordan

Fabian and Jordan had been standing around the group of campers and staff members. Jordan got her wristband and she looked like a regular, green eyed, blond haired sixteen year old girl. Jordan the walked over to her cabin to unpack and get to know the grounds until she had to leave for the bonfire that night.As she walked into the cabin, she made her way into her room, threw her bag and back pack on the bed and flopped down on the floor. She sighed and closed her eyes and proceeded to meditate for a few minutes while she had the silence.

Fabian watched Jordan get her wrist band, put it on and transform into he human self, Fabian smiled and watched her walk off to her own cabin. He sighed, got his wrist band and shifted into his, light skinned, blond hair with some brown highlights and green eyed human form. He looked around at the other campers and walked off to his own cabin as well. He walked through the door and walked into his room, he threw what some belongings of his on the bed and walked out of the cabin. He walked over to the beach and sat down near the boat house and starred at the water.

Jordan finished her mediatating and walked out of her cabin, she caught the smell of the other wolf and traced it to the boat house. She stopped and saw him sitting on a rock, looking at the water. As she studied him over some more, she ever so slightly recognized him, she smiled and softly walked up behind him. She took a deep breath and said, '' Uh, hi. You mind if I sit here with you?'' Fabian turned around and looked at Jordan, he smiled and said, '' Sure, make yourself comfortable.'' He looked back at the water and went back to his thoughts. Jordan sat down and looked around. She didn't see many campers yet, maybe they were all looking at their cabins as well. Not like she really cared, being alone was her thing, as long as there was another wolf here, she would be fine.

Jordan and Fabian had been sitting with each other for a while when they saw the sun setting, Jordan looked at Fabian and said, ''Well, we better get to that bonfire or we could get in trouble for skipping out. Wanna join me?'' Fabian looked at her and said softly, '' Sure, I'll go with you.'' He stood up and they walked together. Jordan and Fabian stayed quiet and just walked with each other until they reached the bonfire. There was already almost all of the other campers, and the staff members. Jordan and Fabian looked around and saw some others that they hadn't seen before. Jordan sighed and walked away From Fabian, she walked over to a tree and climbed up it and looked down at the others, she liked being up high, it made her feel safe so she could see everyone and not be suprissed by anything.

Fabian looked back in hoping to see Jordan, but she was gone. He traced her scent and saw her up in a tree, he smiled and just left her alone. He walked over to some of the other campers that were going to be in his cabin and said, '' So, I'm guessing we'll be cabin mates. My name's Fabian, and you guys are?'' He said as he dug hi hands into his hoodie's pockets and looks around, trying to avoid direct eye contact.