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Levin Fatifer

0 · 179 views · located in year 2015

a character in “The New Camp Keystone”, as played by My_Name_Is_Death


Name: Levin Fatifer


Age: appears 18

What are you: Shadow demon
As a shadow demon, Levin can blend in with the shadows, becoming invisible to everyone else.

Cabin #:

Human Appearance
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown
Height: 6'3 inches
Weight: 165 lbs

Levin is usually calm, but confident. He knows what he is good at and that there are hardly any creatures he has to fear, so why should he bother with them? Still, he tried to be polite and treat his co-habitants with respect, though it is rather shallow, as he usually doesn't truely care for anyone.

blends in with the shadows
can turn into a Raven
has poisonous claws

interesting people





Demons don't have a day when they are born, they just exist. Levin doesn't know when, or how he came to be, he just knows that he has been here for quite a while, travelling the world, or just bothering some angels. That's what he does, though now he's up to something new ...

So begins...

Levin Fatifer's Story


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Levin observed the other creatures undetected from the shadows. He had been standing there for a while already, for how long precisely he couldn't judge as time somehow passed differently for him. Hours seeming like seconds while some minutes dragged on for what seemed like days.

Now though, he moved lightly, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. He lit one, blowing the smoke into the air. Levin loved smoking, the smoke making his throat itch pleasantly.

His blue eyes travelled over the people talking and walking all over the camp and he slowly pushed aways from the shadows to walk towards the cabins where he was going to stay for the time being.
I hope my room mates will not be too annyoing, Levin thought and sighed. The young teenagers were always so busy to chat or party, no matter which race they belonged to that it was really tiring for him to be around them. Well, at least he would have a room to himself for some privacy and if the others got too loud, he'd just head off to some quite place in the forest.

Luckily, he had signed in already when he arrived, so he didn't have to stand in line with all the other campers and instead headed to his new home, Cabin three. At least that was what the counselor had told him.

The house itself looked to be decent enough and he set down his bag in the living room. Several couches made it look quite comfortable and it would probably be a nice place to chill out. Now though, he wanted to see more of the camp, so he walked back outside and started looking around.
As he walked down the path, he could see the lake from afar and on the other side, in the distance there were even a few horses. Levin chuckled. That might actually turn out alright.


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Fabian and Jordan

Fabian and Jordan had been standing around the group of campers and staff members. Jordan got her wristband and she looked like a regular, green eyed, blond haired sixteen year old girl. Jordan the walked over to her cabin to unpack and get to know the grounds until she had to leave for the bonfire that night.As she walked into the cabin, she made her way into her room, threw her bag and back pack on the bed and flopped down on the floor. She sighed and closed her eyes and proceeded to meditate for a few minutes while she had the silence.

Fabian watched Jordan get her wrist band, put it on and transform into he human self, Fabian smiled and watched her walk off to her own cabin. He sighed, got his wrist band and shifted into his, light skinned, blond hair with some brown highlights and green eyed human form. He looked around at the other campers and walked off to his own cabin as well. He walked through the door and walked into his room, he threw what some belongings of his on the bed and walked out of the cabin. He walked over to the beach and sat down near the boat house and starred at the water.

Jordan finished her mediatating and walked out of her cabin, she caught the smell of the other wolf and traced it to the boat house. She stopped and saw him sitting on a rock, looking at the water. As she studied him over some more, she ever so slightly recognized him, she smiled and softly walked up behind him. She took a deep breath and said, '' Uh, hi. You mind if I sit here with you?'' Fabian turned around and looked at Jordan, he smiled and said, '' Sure, make yourself comfortable.'' He looked back at the water and went back to his thoughts. Jordan sat down and looked around. She didn't see many campers yet, maybe they were all looking at their cabins as well. Not like she really cared, being alone was her thing, as long as there was another wolf here, she would be fine.

Jordan and Fabian had been sitting with each other for a while when they saw the sun setting, Jordan looked at Fabian and said, ''Well, we better get to that bonfire or we could get in trouble for skipping out. Wanna join me?'' Fabian looked at her and said softly, '' Sure, I'll go with you.'' He stood up and they walked together. Jordan and Fabian stayed quiet and just walked with each other until they reached the bonfire. There was already almost all of the other campers, and the staff members. Jordan and Fabian looked around and saw some others that they hadn't seen before. Jordan sighed and walked away From Fabian, she walked over to a tree and climbed up it and looked down at the others, she liked being up high, it made her feel safe so she could see everyone and not be suprissed by anything.

Fabian looked back in hoping to see Jordan, but she was gone. He traced her scent and saw her up in a tree, he smiled and just left her alone. He walked over to some of the other campers that were going to be in his cabin and said, '' So, I'm guessing we'll be cabin mates. My name's Fabian, and you guys are?'' He said as he dug hi hands into his hoodie's pockets and looks around, trying to avoid direct eye contact.