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Nicholas Soren

Even at your darkest hour, there is always light

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a character in “The New Camp Keystone”, as played by deathrisesagain


Name: Nicholas Kyle Soren

Age: 24*

What are you: Shadronian

Human Appearance: He stands at five feet seven inches tall and weighs no more than one hundred forty pounds. Though he weighs that much, he doesn’t have a single ounce of fat on him. Nick has wavy/curly dirty-blonde hair and blueish grey eyes. He has a nice tan and six-packed abs. Nick happens to be a bit stronger than what he appears to be.

Eye Colour: Blueish grey

Hair Colour: Dirty-blonde

Height: Five foot seven inches

Weight: One hundred forty pounds

Personality: Nick tends to be friendly, fun and outgoing. He will stick with his friends through thick and thin. Though Nick is friendly, when it comes to his abilities, Nick tends to hold back a lot. He lacks the confidence with his abilities. He's affraid that if he goes all out, that he'll turn evil and start hurting the ones he cares about the most.

Shadow manipulation: The ability to control shadows to use as a weapon, or a shield.
Shadow walk: The ability to walk through shadows to another location. Once inside the shadows, he can't be seen, sensed, smelt, nor heard.
Shadow speed: The ability to allow a Shadronian to move much faster then anything else. The older the Shadronian, the faster they become. A Shadronian from the ages of 3 to 8 moves three times faster than a human, 9 to 13 moves just as fast as a werewolf or vampire, 14 to 18 moves five times faster then a vampire, and so on so forth.
Superior sense: They can hear, smell and sense someone or something coming at a much further distance, as well as having the ability to see in the dark, like it was day.
Hell's Vortex: The creation of a vortex (or black-hole whatever you wanna call it.) from shadows to destroy anything and everything is a large area. (This is a non-mastery ability. It's used only as a last resort. The more power that's put into it, the more energy it drains from the user.)

Role: Camp Coach

Camp: Keystone

Cabin #: Staff Cabin

Likes/Interests/hobbies: manipulating shadows to play pranks on people, soccer, swimming, running.

Dislikes: Nick dislikes humans, snakes, jocks and cheerleaders

Crush: None at the moment

Enemies: None at the moment.

History/Bio: Not much is known about Nick before he arrived at camp when he was "12". Nick refused to let anyone know about his past, none of his friends that he's met, Renee, Greyson, Bridgette, not even Athest whom is like a brother to him. Nick has fought to defend the camp several times through his time at the camp.

When Nick was 18, he traveled, though he traveled as if he was searching for something. He was indeed searching for something, any and all signs of his race. Nick had come across some rumors about his race living in the high mountains of the Himulaias, but once he got there, there was no signs of any life. Several villages had burned to the ground along torn banners that bare the Shadronian mark, but what upset him the most was the hundreds of skeletons that were scattered all about. After Nick finished rumaging through the rubble, he received the called that Keystone was reopened, and he headed back. Nick has spoken to no one of what he found, though it places a ton of weight upon his shoulders. It was that year that put a turning point in his life.

Tyler Soren, Nick's much older brother, showed up at camp. Tyler attacked the camp with Chaos Demons, demons that could and will only serve a Shadronian. Along with his dearest friend, Athest, Nicholas fought against Tyler and the Chaos Demons, along the campers time to escape into the forest with the Druids. When dawn came, Athest was the only one left standing. Nick was mortally wounded, and Tyler was dead. The Druids took Nick into the forest to let him die in peace, but it didn't happen. What the Druids claims to be a gift and a blessing, Nick claims a curse. He survived him wounds, but didn't tell a soul, not even Athest. He believed that if they believe he's dead, the camp would be safe. He has spent the last four years in the forest with the Druids, keeping a close eye on the grounds from the mountains.

Other: Nick is of a very old, very rare race, a race that is believed to be of myth, even amongst other mythical creatures. The last known sighting of the Shadronian race is believed to be several hundred years earlier. Though Nick knows what race he is, he plays it off as if he wasn’t one of the Shadronian race, and is just a mere Shadow Elementalist and the fact that everyone knows that a shadronian has black hair and black eyes, while standing at five feet ten inches, his appearance plays to his advantage in his cover story. Much of Nick's history is hidden, even from the ones he loves. Nick doesn't talk about his younger years, because he doesn't want anyone else to be scared of him. What Nick claims to be a curse, is the fact that he hasn't aged a bit, he still looks the same as he did when the battle raged.

*= will be revealed in rp.

So begins...

Nicholas Soren's Story


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Athest observed his grounds from the parking lot of the camp. Well not exactly the lot, more like the top of the twenty foot sign that hung over the entrance to the camp. A fog bank had rolled in the night before and was only now dissipating. The cars would be able to find their way into the camp, that wasn't a worry. What was gnawing at Athest as he sat, digging his claws into the oak wood post, was memories.

Four years ago, the camp's gates opened on the same day. Athest was the camp director and Nick was the coach, after giving the director spot to Athest which stunned the Lamia. The two of them ran the camp and had a grand time. Until that is, the invasion. Tyler, Nick's older brother apparently had a grudge against the younger Soren. Tyler attacked the camp with a small army of chaos demons. Many of the counselors took the campers and fled into the woods with the druids who lived there. Eventually, Nicholas and Athest were the only two defending the camp and doing a damn fine job of it too. Athest turned to face a foe, for just a moment and was met with an agonizing scream.

Nick had fallen and Athest flew into a rage. When he regained his composure, the ground was bathed in blood, Tyler impaled by Athest's right arm, the talons and scales receding and Nick breathing shallowly a few feet away. The druids took Nick, and Athest was alone with Tyler's corpse which he promptly burned. The fog was thicker than this by far that day, but still, it was a rough memory. He climbed down and unfurled his wings. The gray, leathery skin stretched nearly twenty feet wide fully grown and the wind they pushed as they flapped cleared the lot of fog easily. As the sun peaked over the mountain, Athest smiled weakly. Maybe for once, the year would be good. He could hear the sound of tires rolling up the gravel trail. His wings curled back into nothingness as he changed back to a full human. The counselors and campers would be here soon, and that meant no showing off. Yet.


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Johnothan devil Leeds, Counselor of cabin 2, was out in the woods without his bracelet on, he always hated bracelets and necklaces and all the other jewelry.

"Ploh, E tizs xy dosy!" Said the Demonic-looking monster. These words translate to 'Crap, I must be late!' In human. The Devil stood up, grabbed the bracelet, and ran through the woods and to the camp. He Ran to the front gate and put on his bracelet.

"Hello Mr. Athest. Whom is that? A new camper?"


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Nathaniel walked towards the gates of Camp Keystone, an older angel, Gabriel, accompanying him. It hardly seemed like a place where the Creator would send him to be punished. The camp was an outdoorsy looking place, with large, glamorous, wooden cabins.

"Try to keep your wings down," Gabriel reprimanded sternly.

Nathaniel gave him a glum look and attempted to fold them over. Ever since the Creator sent him back down to Earth, all he could think about was how that poor girl had disappeared- or maybe even died- because of his shortcomings. The two walked into the camp, and Gabriel kept a firm hold on Nathaniel's shoulder.

"I'm not going to run," Nathaniel pointed out petulantly, already in a bad mood.

A few people were loitering around, some chatting with each other. He assumed that they had already been to camp before, or, judging by their appearances, they were the "counselors".

"You will listen to the people here," Gabriel muttered into his ear. "There will be no... behavioral issues, understood?"

Nathaniel nodded his head blankly, and Gabriel loosened his grip on Nathaniel. Gabriel turned to look at him, his usual stoic mask replaced by a softer expression.

"Everyone really does want the best for you," he said, and squeezing Nathaniel's shoulder once, spread his wings, preparing to fly. He nodded curtly at him and flew off.

Nathaniel glanced around to see that he wasn't the only one that wasn't thrilled to be here. There was a snappish looking girl, with a pixie-like creature by her side, and a boy whose face was blank, but his eyes were blazing. Then, a few metres away from them was a blue boy. 'Ice Elf,' Nathaniel said to himself.

He kept his distance from them, since his unusual bad mood would most likely result in something awful for everyone. Sighing in annoyance, he glared up at the sky, half hoping that the Creator would see his scowl.


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#, as written by ABC
Teppie frowned as she made her way to the bonfire. That had not been as entertaining as she had hoped. Even so, she would remain optimistic, or as close to it as a being such as her could get. The bonfire might be interesting, what with that mysterious figure watching, something was bound to be up. Mind you, she couldn't actually see him in the traditional sense, her current form saw to that, but she could perceive him. Unfortunately, it would seem that he could see her, either that or someone else could, as she wasn't currently able to teleport. But, in her experience, people watching ominously from a distance usually meant that things of interest were about to occur.

As such, the extradimensional being decided that she wouldn't spoil his, and possibly her, fun by pointing him out to anyone else, or asking if it was common around these parts for people to just stand at the edge of cliffs, letting their cloaks billow about. That would be amusing though.

Instead she approached the group of campers, fellow campers, she corrected herself, lazily swinging her feet out from under her and allowing herself to drift the remaining several feet, before bringing herself to a, relative, stop with the assistance of a nearby boy's shoulder. "Much obliged." she thanked him as she began to float idly through the crowd. The lad in question seemed less than amused, but neither commented nor pursued.

And there was blue-boy, which was apparently the name that Teppie would associate with him until she knew his actual name. Possibly afterward too, assuming she didn't come up with something better first. Speaking of which, she couldn't head over there just yet. Not only because she wasn't currently drifting in that direction, and like heck she was going to exert the effort required to change direction again, or, god forbid, actually walk over, without a good reason, but also because she still hadn't thought of any original, preferably non-offensive jokes about his pigmentation.

Interrupting this train of thought, came the sudden intensification of a feeling that had been bothering her since she put on the bracelets: containment. Something was trying to contain her. Not her specifically, more likely than not, but a group that happened to contain her. This was annoying, to say the least. Whatever entertainment would be offered this night had better be worth it.


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Athest's tensions ran high as it was, and this intrusion did not calm him any. He held his hand in front of the elders defensively, his blue eyes bright with anger, and pulled Bridgette onto the stage behind him. "Not one that I planned milady." He replied callously. He turned to the two individuals. "Whoever or whatever you are, I do not appreciate intruders in my home. You'll state your business, then I will decide how you leave this place." His ebony claws Shot like bullets from his fingers until they were fully extended, his tail wrapping in a ring around the two as a barrier between the intruders and the campers. "Or you can take the high road and leave, with your own two feet. Otherwise... well I did miss dinner tonight." Although normally a steak man, Athest shamefully remembered his time in his father's court. When the only things that could kill you were family and a squadron of M1 Abrams tanks, you were the top of the food chain. As such you were expected to clear your plate, no matter the meal, and quite a few of these meals were to his liking. "Well?" He asked, not realizing he was still grasping Bridgette's hand. "What'll it be?"


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Bridgette felt something off about the unwelcome strangers, and not just the fact they were unwelcome. Athest had pulled her back on stage, which she didn't bother arguing against. Especially since we was going all dragon on the strangers. Narrowing her eyes at the two unknown people, she pretty much tuned out Athest's threats and questions. The campers were either freaking out or enjoying the "show", and Athest wasn't helping either. Giving the figures a once over, she pulled her hand away from Athests strong grip and walked out so she wasn't behind him.

"Athest, calm down, I don't see them trying to hurt anyone," she said, voice a lot less threatening and more calm. Then added, "I also have a feeling killing them is a bad idea." She then directed her attention back to the strangers. "But trapping us in a small space doesn't appeal to me. Though...." she trailed off, looking at the one stranger who hadn't spoken. Something was definitely off. And she honestly just didn't want Athest to eat them because of that. And that may make a few campers freak out more than they are.


David basically had gotten bored. Everyone was freaking out, but quite honestly, nothing was really happening. In his opinion. No one could leave, which just seemed like a standstill to him and pointless. No one was fighting. The camp directer guy was pretty interesting, but then red head tried to ruin it. Rolling his eyes, he turned his attention else where. Many campers were talking to each other or trying to leave. Elf boy seemed to be enjoying the show. But other than that, nothing interesting.