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Rylee Maloney

0 · 3,371 views · located in year 2015

a character in “The New Camp Keystone”, as played by Starlight77


Rylee Maloney
“Its pronounced like ‘Riley’.”

“Being older isn’t that much more fun.”

~What are You~
Shadow Neko
“Also known as Shadow Cats, Invisible Nekos, or Nekos of the Night.”

~Eye Color~
A Golden Hue
"My Pa use to say that they would glow in the dark."

~Hair Color~
Chocolate Brown
"Either straight or wavy."

“Cats are small so they can crawl into tight spaces.”

115 Pounds
“Ehh?! Why do you need to know that?!”

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

~Supernatural Appearance~
Without the special bracelet, Rylee doesn’t look too different. One of her many noticeable differences is the fact that she has cat ears and a cat tail, both being covered in a layer of thick black fur. However, her tail tip is white. Her canines are a bit longer as well, but not vampire long. She has retractable claws on each fingertip that are razor sharp. Just below her collar bone, on the left side of her upper chest, is a tattoo of her clan’s marking. On her right hip is a tattoo of yin-yang with paw prints.

~Human Appearance~
In Rylee’s human appearance, her tail, ears, claws, and fangs are removed. However, her eyes still remain the same. They do not change from full pupil to slit though like Rylee’s eyes normally would if she wasn’t wearing the bracelet.


Most of the time, Rylee tends to take on the characteristics of the cat within her. She can be a bit moody, making it very easy for her to go from happy-go-lucky to sullen to I’ll-tear-your-off. Mostly, she tries to keep it mellow. Not showing too much emotion, not caring very much in general. She’s always got her snarky and bold attitude though. The way she speaks may be rather sullen too, but she will crack the occasional random joke. One of Rylee’s bad sides is her short fuse. She can be quick to anger, and that can make her go out of control.

But that is just the outside. If you ever manage to get close to Rylee, you will find her weaker, kinder side. She has many natural fears. She fears needles and lightning, for example. Those close to her can be smothered by her motherliness, like that of a kitten being protected by its mama-cat. She’s actually a kind, generous, loyal person if you earn her trust. But if you break her heart or betray her, she will never forget. “Cats never forget anything; a scent, an image, a broken promise.”

~Shadow Cat Shapeshifting~
One of the many special powers of being a Shadowcat is the shapeshifting. All Shadow cats have the ability to transform into a certain type of cat, with the pelt being black. But some Shadow cats, Rylee being one of them, can transform into all of them. Snow Leopard, Bengal Tiger, Cheetah, all of them. Even a house cat. The pelts of all of the creatures are dark furred, being different shades of extremely dark gray and black to distinguish pelt types.

~Shadow Melting~
Any and every Shadow Cat can “Shadow Melt”. Shadow melting is when the creature disappears into a shadow. They are undetectable in any way, and that Shadow Cat can stay in there for as long as they wish. The can move around in that certain shadow, by they cannot change shadows without allowing themselves to be seen for a moment.

~Feline Attributes~
Rylee’s body is programmed with the attributes of any and every feline. Flexibility, enhanced senses, added strength, heightened leaping and jumping distances, faster reflexes, claws, fangs, things of that nature. One of her favorite things to do is jump off tall heights as people watch in horror as she lands on the ground perfectly fine.

~Enhanced Night Vision~
Cats already have better vision in the dark than humans so, but Shadow Nekos can see in the dark almost as if it was during the day.

~Cabin #~

+Playing Guitar+
+Climbing Trees+
+Feeling the Wind Through her Hair+
+Her Stuffed Bear, “Mr.Fuzzles.”+ “H-how do you know about that!? I’ll kill you if you tell anyone!”
+Jumping Off Of Some Place High+
+Peace and Quiet+

-Rude People-
-Loud Sounds-
-Needles and Lightning-
-Death and Sadness-

“How dare you assume I have an attraction to anyone!”


“Perhaps I can tell this one? Considering it is the most personal, well, excluding the ‘sexuality’ category.
You see, Shadow Nekos were a dying race, and still are. My ‘tribe’ was one of the few scattered sparsely across this earth. It was not a very modernized tribe, for we all lived like those did in the old days. We did not have technology any more advanced than smelting iron to make weapons. I learned the ways of the earth there. In all honesty, I could just walk out of this camp and be able to survive in the woods.
Both of my parents were Shadow Cats, making me a pureblood. Those are rather hard to come across now a days. I grew up well, not ever having a problem with anything. I was an only child; and I was the center for my parents’ worlds. They loved me so much, and I loved them even more. Occasionally, we’d take trips out of the tribe to the city, and I would walk around like a kid in a candy store, marveling in the beauty of technology. But we would soon return home, leaving me with an empty, bored feeling.
It stayed like that for years, until I turned 15. The mood in the tribe went from energetic to quiet and dark. I was confused for the longest time. I had heard whispers of a curse as well as impending war.
Then, one night, we were ambushed. The camp, the tribe, everyone in it, my family, was eradicated. No more. Just… gone. I only managed to escape because of my small size and speed. To this day, I am still not sure what attacked my tribe, but I will always remember that sharp wolf scent the creatures carried.
I ran until I reached the city again, and took refuge with one of my father’s friends. I told him what happened, and now Mr. Lukas, and his wife Mrs. Joane, are my adopted parents. There was simply nothing I could do. Mr. Lukas is an angel, so it’s not like he hasn’t dealt with supernatural creatures before. But I tended to get very… emotional when something reminded me of my parents.
From about two years ago to now, the two put up with me. They introduced me to technology. And I love it. You can try, but you will have to pry my iPod from my cold dead hands. They knew that raising a Shadow Neko would be impossible to do by themselves, so they sent me to the only place they could. Keystone. And here I am now. This is my first year. Hopefully no body dies.”

So begins...

Rylee Maloney's Story


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There was a bit of a grumbling in the distance. Soon, a bright blue spec could be seen on the horizon. An electric blue Chevy Camaro turned into the entrance of the camp, the powerful engine growling as it came to a soft stop. Coming out of the driver’s side was a good-looking, man who seemed to be in his late twenties. His tasseled blonde hair, bright blue eyes and large white wings glimmered in the sunlight as he circled around the side of the car and opened the other door, and his wife stepped out. She was also very attractive, with a bright smile and long, dark brown hair.

“You gonna get her out of the car?” She asked her husband with a grin.

“Yeah, I got it.” He himself smiled widely as he moved the front seat forward, and behind it you could see a large dark mass sprawled out in the back seat. Mr. Lukas, the blonde man, grabbed the black mass by the hind legs and dragged her out of the car. He wrapped his arms around the large black jaguar’s midsection and heaved her over his shoulder. The jaguar hung rather limply over his shoulder. Mr. Lukas started walking towards the camp while Mrs. Joane went and grabbed her duffel bag and guitar case and walked behind her husband.

Meanwhile, the jaguar was stirring. Her large paw twitched along with her tail. Her jaws opened wide in a loud yawn, her long sharp teeth gleaming. It must have been an odd sight to see; a tall, handsome man walking along with a dark, exotic cat thrown over his shoulder. Mr. Lukas came near a patch of grass and placed the cat down softly. The cat slowly sat up from her laying position. The man chuckled heartily and leaned down on one knee.

“You up now, Rylee?” He said to the female cat.

Rylee blinked slowly, the tiredness slowly disappearing from her eyes. “You wanna change back now?” There was a hint of a southern accent in his voice. Rylee shook her head, baring her fangs and hissing. “Hey J, she won’t change back.” He called playfully to his wife.

Joane dropped her bags down on the ground and crouched down next to the cat. She folded her hands in her lap and stared deep into Rylee’s golden eyes. “We don’t have time for this. I know you don’t want to be here, sweetheart, but this is what’s best for you. I promise.” Joane leaned forwards and kissed Rylee’s fuzzy forehead and rubbed her ear at the same time.

Rylee purred loudly as her appearance slowly began to change. Her fur sank back into her skin, her snout shrunk into her face, and her shoulders became squarer. She stood up, raised her arms into the air in a long stretch, letting out a yawn.

“You guys know how much I hate riding in that car… and especially for seven hours?! That was outrageous!” She grumbled whilst rubbing her eyes. She had fallen asleep for most of the ride, but she was still feeling rather nauseous. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to eat anything for days…” She groaned.

“You’ll be fine.” Mr. Lukas chuckled again.

“Hey, we gotta get goin’. You gonna be alright by yourself?” Joane asked, slightly concerned.

“I’m sure it’ll be alright. I’ll see you guys later.”

“Wait… I think your forgetting something…” Lukas reached into his back pocket and handed her a piece of jewelry. Rylee took the locket and hugged Lukas tightly.

“Thank God! I can’t believe I almost forgot it..” She stood back, feeling rather embarrassed.

“Good thing I’ve got good eyes. We’ll see you later. Good luck Rylee!”

And with that, they left, hopping back into their Camaro and speeding off. Rylee watched them go, then sighed, turning and walking over to what seemed to be a crowd of people. The Shadow Neko walked towards who seemed to be a smaller cluster of people. Her nose twitched as she took in and memorized each of their scents. An Ice Elf, a Dragon Half-Blood, and… a Banshee? Rylee hadn’t seen one of those in years.

“Umm… hello.” Her cat ears twitched and flattened to her head as her tail was lowered until it was almost in between her legs. Her gaze never rose from the ground. She was in a new place, surrounded by new people, with all new scents. Obviously she was somewhat nervous. “You… you’re a councilor right?” Her voice faltered slightly as she spoke to the tall half-dragon. “Could you please tell me where I am supposed to check in..?” She asked, looking up at him for a moment before looking away again.


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John, Of course, fell asleep.

After awhile he woke up, the tv was still on, and he had a job to do. So he got up and walked outside to the group of people.

"Hello everyone, sorry I fell asleep. So, How are you? Oh yeah that reminds me, I don't need this..."

John took off the bracelet and trasformed into the Devilish monster he is, A Horse/Goat/Dragon/Monster thing humans call the Jersey Devil.


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Fabian and Jordan

Fabian and Jordan had been standing around the group of campers and staff members. Jordan got her wristband and she looked like a regular, green eyed, blond haired sixteen year old girl. Jordan the walked over to her cabin to unpack and get to know the grounds until she had to leave for the bonfire that night.As she walked into the cabin, she made her way into her room, threw her bag and back pack on the bed and flopped down on the floor. She sighed and closed her eyes and proceeded to meditate for a few minutes while she had the silence.

Fabian watched Jordan get her wrist band, put it on and transform into he human self, Fabian smiled and watched her walk off to her own cabin. He sighed, got his wrist band and shifted into his, light skinned, blond hair with some brown highlights and green eyed human form. He looked around at the other campers and walked off to his own cabin as well. He walked through the door and walked into his room, he threw what some belongings of his on the bed and walked out of the cabin. He walked over to the beach and sat down near the boat house and starred at the water.

Jordan finished her mediatating and walked out of her cabin, she caught the smell of the other wolf and traced it to the boat house. She stopped and saw him sitting on a rock, looking at the water. As she studied him over some more, she ever so slightly recognized him, she smiled and softly walked up behind him. She took a deep breath and said, '' Uh, hi. You mind if I sit here with you?'' Fabian turned around and looked at Jordan, he smiled and said, '' Sure, make yourself comfortable.'' He looked back at the water and went back to his thoughts. Jordan sat down and looked around. She didn't see many campers yet, maybe they were all looking at their cabins as well. Not like she really cared, being alone was her thing, as long as there was another wolf here, she would be fine.

Jordan and Fabian had been sitting with each other for a while when they saw the sun setting, Jordan looked at Fabian and said, ''Well, we better get to that bonfire or we could get in trouble for skipping out. Wanna join me?'' Fabian looked at her and said softly, '' Sure, I'll go with you.'' He stood up and they walked together. Jordan and Fabian stayed quiet and just walked with each other until they reached the bonfire. There was already almost all of the other campers, and the staff members. Jordan and Fabian looked around and saw some others that they hadn't seen before. Jordan sighed and walked away From Fabian, she walked over to a tree and climbed up it and looked down at the others, she liked being up high, it made her feel safe so she could see everyone and not be suprissed by anything.

Fabian looked back in hoping to see Jordan, but she was gone. He traced her scent and saw her up in a tree, he smiled and just left her alone. He walked over to some of the other campers that were going to be in his cabin and said, '' So, I'm guessing we'll be cabin mates. My name's Fabian, and you guys are?'' He said as he dug hi hands into his hoodie's pockets and looks around, trying to avoid direct eye contact.