Calico Signea

"Hah! And they said this years contestants looked tough."

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a character in “The New Hunger games”, as played by Calamity


My name is: Calico... Remember it.
I look like: Tall, Brownish-black hair, a very athletic build, Blue jeans, and a grey, tee shirt, with a large brown belt. Gold eyes.
My skills are: Camoflague, swordplay, hand-to-hand combat.
My weaknesses are: Long ranged weapons, Swimming.
I am _ years old: 16
I come from district _: Five, the best one. Duh.
I chose to bring with me: A small, gold coin, with the image of a lion on it, strung onto a necklace.

Open to romance: Sure
Preffered cause of death: ANything but drowning.
Open to alliances: Hell yeah son.
Weapons(One only!): A claymore sword.

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