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Browen Northwind


0 · 365 views · located in Fiore

a character in “The New Mage Guild: Amaranth”, as played by Fencer


Browen Northwind- Owy - 17 - Male
Alias - B Rank Amaranth Member

~ Physical Info ~


His hair is short and blue the same color that his eyes, he never comb it so despite being short is always messy.
Owen has a bad sense to combine colors and clothes so he can wear virtually anything he can find as long as are man's clothes, he is always wearing goggles and a hat quite showy. Other particular thing are musical instruments, he don't go anywhere without one though he prioritizes the string ones since he can create with ease those wich need wind to work.

Left side of his Neck

~ Mentality ~

Browen is somewhat lethargic, he moves slow and always has a delay when a reaction is required for almost anything that and his lack of ambition has prevented any progress to higher rank in the hierarchy of the guild.
He moves at his own pace, eat when hungry and sleeps when he's sleepy nor even care if he is traveling, talking or flying, that personality trait has caused more than a trouble, Browen is more lively when is playing a musical instrument and likes cheer to others when they are sad.
The only exception are the missions entrusted to him in which he puts the safety of his partners and the fulfillment of the mission as a top priority no matter what happens to him.

{Likes} {Dislikes}
o Music Deep waters x
o Nature Bright Lights x
o Instruments Being Scolded x
o Sleeping Hot Things x
o Flying Arrogant People x
o Books Dark Guilds x

{Quirks} {Phobias}
% He falls asleep standing and with his eyes open Drowning @
% Covers his ears when someone is scolding him.

~ Ability Statistics ~

Wood-Make ~ Gravity Magic ~ Music Magic ~ Wind Magic

{Signature Spell}
Concert of the Netherworld
He put both hands on the ground and then using Wood-Make Browen creates several wind instruments of different sizes that come from the ground, with the help of Wind Magic he acts as a conductor waving his hands to produce different melodies from the different instruments, the combination of the different melodies cause hallucinations in all who listen it, Browen can only control if the effects are pleasant or frightening, which sees each person depends entirely on them and every person see differents things.

{Spell List}
Music Magic
A variation of Sound Magic, the user of this type of magic uses different melodies to achieve a variety of effects from heal his allies to cause damage to his opponents. Should be used in conjunction with any musical instrument.
~Circle of Nature: A soft, slow melody that heals wounds and reduces fatigue of the people that the caster consideres Allies , a full recovery take some time and doesn't affect the caster.
~Echo Sound: A low-frequency tune that creates a protective layer on the body of the Caster and the people he considers allies, the layer absorbs some of the damage that the body should receive and a particularly strong attack can completely break it apart.
~Reverberation: Generates high pitched sound waves from a location on the ground. When near these waves the enemy receive damage, is a physical manifestation of the sound so it can be seen and destroyed from a safe distance.
~Unchained Serenade: A Fast tempo song with destructive properties wich doesn't discriminate between allies and opponents, the destruction take places in everything in front of the Caster and begins in the outer layers of the object or person, living things are much more difficult to damage and takes more time, weapons or objects with magical property also fall into the same category as living beings, it should be used with a string instrument.
~Song of Illusion: Create a special sound on those designed as enemy that affects the targets reflexes making them slower.
Gravity Magic
A Magic in which the user can control gravity. The user can increase and decrease the gravity of anything around him.
~Fall: Increase the Gravity within a radius of 20 meters of the Caster, he isn't affected but can't sustain it for long.
~Gravity Pull/Push: He can repel or attract people or objects, the weight of the person/object is directly related to the physical strength of the Caster.
Is a type of Molding Magic which involves the utilization of wood. The caster can create a variety of wooden objects to be used for combat, ranging from wood-cutting weapons to human limbs.These objects can also be used for various defensive purposes.
~Wood-Make Tools of Confort: Create of wood Non-combat elements like Huts, Raft, Ladders, Furniture, etc.
~Wood-Make Gift of Sound: Musical instruments made of Wood, though can create a guitar frame he can't create the strings.
~Wood-Make Fence: Create a wooden barrier.
Wind Magic
This variation of Air Magic enables its users to generate wind, as well as to manipulate the wind around them at their will.
~Flight: Allow the user to fly, he can carry a max of two people of an average weight.
~Wind Blade: With a certain pattern of movement of his hands he create many wind blades that attack the opponent, the damage is mainly by cuttings.

{Non-magic Skills}
# Musically Gifted
# Improved Eyesight
# Improved Dodge
# Craftsman
# Great Amount of Stamina

~ Personal Background ~

(Most of his magical knowledge come from the circus when he grew up traveling through various parts of the world while demonstrated his show, it didn't take long before he became the main attraction of the circus. Those days were filled with happiness, Browen loved seeing the audience clapping with joy at the end of each show, but all ended when he turned thirteen: a dark mage came and killed all those who could use magic at the request of local thieves who demanded a protection fee but they were expelled by the circus magicians, Browen was saved because was his turn to buy supplies, When he returned he just saw the bodies of magicians who were his masters and family followed by the thieves who came to witness the results and mock the survivors.

Until then all his spells were for performances or to help behind the scenes and that was the first time he ever thought of use them in order to hurt someone, it work better than he expected and got carried away completing his attack with the same spell with which he ended all his performances every night, the unnamed spell that from that day he began to call "Concert of the Netherworld", unfortunately the survivors were also affected which only brought them and him more pain, a mage of Amaranth who was passing by told him to join the guild and so he did wanting to control better his spells, now he considers his guildmates like his family and didn't want that something similar happen again.

So begins...

Browen Northwind's Story


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#, as written by Fencer
Standing at the side of wall in the guild hall any bystander would consider it normal vision, maybe a boy who didn't know how to socialize or perhaps a cold guy who didn't enjoy the whole festive atmosphere that reigned throughout the building and was there just to make an act presence before leaving, but nothing was further from reality, a closer look would easily reveal the truth: He was sleeping, eyes open and standing but asleep after all.

A weird habit that some of the guild members were accustomed but in any case it was difficult to detect with the naked eye, the boy had like almost always a strange outfit which made him look pretty funny at times, he was wearing baggy red pants with some patchs of others color to cover the holes, a woman in the circus was good at mending but she couldn't distinguish colors so all her work ended like that, his long-sleeved jacket with blue and white stripes was pretty new he buy it one day I was cold without thinking at a long term and finally on his head a fancy wide brimmed hat adorned with plentiful black feathers and a guitar leaning against the wall.

A beautiful voice brought him back from dreamland and reminded him where he was , Browen hit his palm with his fist "Right, the feast", for some unknown reason was feeling a great pain in the ribcage and back, as if something had caught him strongly but the blue-haired boy couldn't remember such an event which made it quite mysterious, shrugged and walked toward the kitchen and there he saw Yuliana who was in charge of the cooking, one thing he learned growing up in the circus was to not messing with the cook, although they seem fragile can summon an almost unlimited power to defend their food of fools who try to steal it before the appointed time, of course he also learned a countermeasure: Gravity Magic, he tried to go unnoticed but his attire did not help much but anyway fixed his objective, a plate with meat and then whispered "Gravity Pull", the plate flew to his hands and he quicly fled to the hall at the same time that Freya, a S rank mage whose voice awoke him, fell down from the scenario.

Browen began eating his meat quietly thinking of nothing "She fell off the stage!" exclaimed alarmed and rushed to her aid still holding his plate of meat, someone was there when he arrive but still asked "Are you okay?", his blue eyes looked for any visible injuries, luckily there was no so he sighed relieved, then he began to eat in the same place for a few moments and said "Morning Amaya, How are you today?" his teammate was the person who came first, despite what others thought of the girl Browen knew that she was good and kind at heart, he looked at his piece of half-eaten meat and thought to share but on a second thought it wasn't very polite so continued eating.


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#, as written by Eyliel
Gawain Harlen

Freya had just finished eating her pie when Gawain came to offer the spoils of culinary war he had recently gained possession of. It did not take long for the young woman to notice the gift he had brought. The Guild Master smiled back down at the member of his guild when she looked up and smiled to him. She was truly a delightful girl. She was lovely in more ways than one. Not only was she beautiful, but also had a great personality. And most importantly, she truly seemed to like him.
"You're the best, master. You're the most honest person I've ever met - I hope I find someone like you one day. You work so hard all the time and you're so selfless. All men should be like you!" Since she said that, with such trusting eyes, it was hard to imagine that she disliked him. There was, however, a small problem. While it was a good thing that she liked Gawain, it would have been better if the way she liked him had been a bit different. After all, when the young woman stood on her toes to kiss him, she did so on his cheek. Well, this was pleasant in its own way.
"I really like you, master", Freya said after returning down from the kiss on the cheek, blushing slightly. She was so pure. It almost made Gawain feel bad about giving her a small tap on the behind when she left. Almost.
'Mission success', the respectable Guild Master thought as she watched the S Rank mage disappear into the kitchen. Though the result had not been as good as he'd hoped, it was better than he'd expected.

After Freya had left for the kitchen, Gawain was left with not much to do. He glanced about, seeing if there were potential targets nearby. Unfortunately, it seemed like he was surrounded by males and females who had been rather adamant about his earlier attempts to befriend them. He would have to move more slowly with them. Now, however, was not the time.
Sighing, the Guild Master glanced at the direction of Issabella and the Creepy Kid, wondering if he should go talk to the other S Rank member despite the company she was in. However, he now noticed that there was a third person included in their conversation. A young woman. She was rather unfeminine, but he was not someone to mistake a woman for a man, even if they were tomboyish. It took him a moment to remember who she was. Erina Harlow. She joined rather recently. Considering how new she was and her tomboyish appearance, it made sense that he hadn't remembered her instantly.
Gawain didn't get the chance to think about it for much longer, as the by far hardest-to-ignore member of the Guild scrambled onto the stage. Even without the deafening sound that suddenly filled the air, he would've noticed Freya soon enough.

The respectable Guild Master thoroughly enjoyed the show. A small smile appeared on his face at the 'national anthem' thing, but the next thing she said was much more interesting. 'Half an inch? I need to update her file.' Gawain probably found it more interesting than most people in the hall. Then again, he was probably one of the few who misunderstood it. When he heard about a woman growing, he wasn't thinking about vertical growth, but rather, 'horizontal'. Which made it much more interesting.
Gawain kept listening to Freya attentively, and was soon rewarded for his attention, when the subject of her speech turned to Issabella, and a particular story involving her. As soon as he heard the first words of the most interesting story, his hand dived into a pocket, bringing out a notebook and a pen. He began to furiously write down every word he heard, right under what seemed to be a detailed report of the Guild's activities, addressed to a member of the Council. When the story ended and Freya asked her question "I love you, Izzy. Who loves Izzy, too?", Gawain's hand was among those that shot up.
Satisfied after having heard the fascinating story and having written it down, Gawain put the notebook back into the pocket it had been in. Freya began to sing not long afterwards, and he listened to it attentively for some time, before noticing something else interesting.

A small gravitational abnormality in the direction of the kitchen. Being a user of Gravity Magic himself, he had grown sensitive to such things, even if the abnormality did not affect him. The Guild Master turned his head to look at the direction he had sensed the abnormality from, wondering what the cause had been. Then he noticed the Music Boy, and his interest dissipated. He knew the boy could use Gravity Magic, so he was the prime suspect. He was, however, a he, and thus of little interest to him. Well, it might be interesting to do some research on Gravity Magic by training with him, but this was not the time for training.
Besides, something happened to a person who was of interest to Gawain. Freya had fallen off the stage -not that that was particularly surprising. The Guild Master was about to head over to her, but then he realized that she hadn't fallen particularly hard. In fact, her collision with the floor had seemed strangely soft. Gawain thought about it for a brief moment, but then shrugged. Someone had probably interfered. Freya was well-liked, and it wasn't like a room full of mages had no one who could soften someone's fall. Gawain could name several of them, and then there were males as well. He decided that Freya was fine. Even if the blow hadn't been softened, she was still an S Rank mage, and one of them wouldn't be seriously harmed by something like that.
Gawain turned his attention back to the Music Boy. He'd noticed something just before Freya had drawn his attention again. His eyes searched the boy's surroundings, and soon found what he'd thought was interesting. Amaya Tanaka. A promising B Rank mage. And more importantly, she was also rather attractive. She had a good sense of style as well. The respectable Guild Master approved of her. There was just the problem that she was a bit hard to approach, to put it mildly. She seemed to dislike attention. Still, he would eventually get to her. He nodded in greeting, just in case she happened to look in his direction.

"Now then..." Tearing his attention apart from his interests -that is, women- the Guild Master turned to his duties. This was a party, so he didn't have anything official to do. However, as a Guild Master, the representative of the Guild, he had to stay in top shape, both physically and mentally. And that could mean only one thing when in a situation like this.
He grabbed a plate and began to pile up food onto it. A very large amount of it. This was a feast, after all. But perhaps surprisingly for those who knew him, or thought they knew him, everything he gathered on his plate was actually healthy food. While the size of the meal was large, it was a very balanced one, giving him everything he needed. Building and maintaining muscles such as his did not come from exercise alone, but also from a healthy diet.
He began to eat, approving of the taste. Everything had been made by members of the Guild, and it tasted very good. His Guild had many great cooks in it. 'And they're beautiful as well', he thought while eating. Everything tasted better if it was made by a beautiful woman. Of course, it would taste even better if he was eating it in the company of one as well.

Yuliana Lumina

Not long after she had returned to the kitchen to finish up the last few dishes before the official start of the feast, Yuliana saw chains shooting into the kitchen and wrapping themselves around the gelatin that had just finished being chilled properly. She shouted out a warning to the other members in the kitchen, and they tried to grab the tray the gelatin was on, but the chains were pulled out swiftly. Yuliana recognized the magic that had been used. It was definitely the Guild Master's. Some of the other cooks were about to chase after the thief, but Yuliana stopped them. "Give it up. They'll be gone by the time we find him, and we can always chastise him later." Some seemed reluctant, but others nodded. It was no great mystery who was guilty of the theft. This was not the first time their master had done something like this with those chains of his. But Yuliana was determined to root out that bad habit of his. She had decided to make a decent Guild Master out of that old man not a week after she had joined Amaranth. It might take years, but she was determined.
Yuliana and the other cooks returned to what they had been doing before the small incident Yuliana herself turned to arrange some salad onto a plate in a beautiful, colorful pattern. She put a great amount of effort into small things such as this, even though she knew most people would not stop to appreciate it.

Right after she had finished with the salad, someone familiar entered the kitchen, calling Yuliana by the name she preferred to be called. She turned around to smile to Freya brightly, and kept the smile even after she noticed what the younger but much more powerful girl was doing. 'I guess it's no great mystery why the old man took them', Yuliana thought to herself as she looked at Freya eating the last bits of the orange gelatin she had made. Considering the Guild Master's personality and Freya's, it wasn't too hard to imagine what had happened. The question was, how far had the old man gone? It was unlikely that he had done too much -even he couldn't be that forward with someone like Amaranth's Princess.
"I'm really hungry. The appetisers were amazing. You're all such amazing cooks. You'll teach me some time, right?" Yuliana smiled noncommittally to Freya. She had no qualms towards teaching the girl cooking, but she was a bit doubtful about whether she could actually learn. She had shown the people in the kitchen her 'talent' quite well earlier.
Yuliana nodded to the brunette who said that they were ready. There wasn't much else left to do. All the food was ready, and they'd only need to bring in more food as the trays that were already on the tables were emptied. Only a couple people needed to stay behind to watch the food.
Freya left after it was affirmed that the feast was ready to begin. Yuliana turned to the others. "I'll take the first watch", she told them. They were all hungry, even though they'd done some tasting themselves to make sure that the food they'd made was actually good enough to bring into the tables. Thankful, the others nodded and left the kitchen. They'd come back when it was their turn to watch over the food or when the tables were starting to run out of food.

Yuliana let out a sigh of relief and sat down onto a chair in the kitchen after the chore of cooking had finally finished. She did enjoy cooking, but it was a lot of work, cooking for so many.
While she had indeed volunteered for the first watch, she really wanted to join the feast soon herself. She really enjoyed festivities, and had done a lot of preparation. Despite being in a kitchen, she was wearing a fancy dress of a brilliant red -V306-S501-Y479-W320-L029-B731-6, a color close to the color of her hair- decorated with pure white patterns. Of course, she was wearing an apron over it, but it was nothing shabby either. It was made of fine material and had intricate floral patterns on it.
Using the free time she had now, Yuliana began to braid her hair. She'd tied it into a simple ponytail while cooking, but that was not quite enough for a party. A feast required something more ornate, something that a complex braided hairstyle can provide. Hearing Freya's lovely voice singing outside, she hummed herself while working on her hair
Unfortunately, the braiding took both her hands, and when another thief appeared in the kitchen, pulling away a plate of meat without any physical contact, she couldn't grab the food in time. She did, however, identify the thief before he fled. He made a mental note to chastise him later as well. At this pace, he'd have to spend the entire next day scolding people. Unless they fled using the excuse of doing a mission first, of course.
She sighed, and returned to braiding her hair. Some time after the singing had stopped, she finally finished, standing up. She brushed her dress with a hand, making sure it was in good order, before going to stand by the kitchen door. Soon, a replacement arrived to take her turn watching, and she was free to join the feast herself. She entered the main area, looking for a spot to sit in.


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#, as written by Layla
Freya Hirane ~ Amaranth

A gentle cloud grasped Freya's back and gently lowered her to the ground. Freya landed with a soft thud as she turned around to smile at a slim woman with flaming red hair with an air of strength of all sorts about her. Freya pressed her fingers to her lips and blew Amaya a kiss. Despite Amaya being a Darkness Magic user, she was far from those tainted dark mages. She had a sarcastic sense of humour than Freya appreciated, not to mention she was amazing at hair braiding.

"Are you okay?" asked Browen. A lock of his blue hair fell into his equally blue eyes and Freya brushed it away as she smiled.

"I'm as good as ever, Owy-owy!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around the back of his neck as she squeezed him in a hug with perhaps too much enthusiasm.

Rushing to the feast, Freya wondered where H'mong was. Why wasn't he at the festival? Well, why did she care? Right, because they were meant to go on that mission at Mailman Trade together. Although Freya wasn't particularly money hungry, 30,000,000 Jewels was a lot of Jewels. The pretty dresses and candies she'd be able to buy with all that money! She'd give most of what she earned to the community, though. There was this orphanage near by that she contributed towards every month. Her kids would be so happy to see so much gold. They'd be able to buy new books, toys, clothes, food - she'd plan them a great feast! They'd even have money to visit all the fun stalls at Halloween.

Brushing H'mong from her thoughts, Freya began piling her plates with all sorts of desserts, completely ignoring the main meal for the mountain of Eclairs a goddess had made. Freya devoured half of the desserts and all of the 950 eclairs. Spooning creme brûlée into her mouth - oh god how she loved creme brûlée. Freya moaned as she swirled the delicate cream in her mouth. It was a wonder how she never grew any 'bigger' despite her ridiculous love for sugar. Yes, it most certainly all went to her chest.

"Where was my invite?!" a voice squeaked. Freya jumped before raising her head to find herself staring at a very angry flying teddy bear. Lele the Lion glared at his master with beady little eyes like two sequins on his face.

"Lele!" Freya squealed, grabbing the small thing and rubbing him against her face. "Lele!" she repeated.

"There, there, princess," Lele pushed against Freya's cheek, trying to struggle out of her deadly grasp. "Don't get too excited now. I'm just here for the sweets!"

"No," Freya said solemnly, suddenly letting go and causing the small celestial spirit to fly into the head of another mage.

"What do you mean no?!" the little teddy bear lion asked.

"No," Freya said again. "It's for me."

"Uh, it's for the whole guild..." mumbled a nearby mage.

Freya huffed and stuck up her nose before crossing her arms protectively over her entire table of desserts. "No!" she growled like an angry kitten. "Mine!" Tears tickled the corner of her eyes as her lips pouted in an adorable frown.

"I challenge you to a chocolate truffle eating contest..." Lele said, flying down to float nose to nose with Freya. A small smirk picked up the corners of her lips. "You think you can win, teddy bear?" she asked and as if Lele'd received a slap to the face, he bounced back and held his cheek with a small paw. "How dare you!" he gasped. Lele hated being called a stuffed animal.

"One," Freya counted slowly as she dragged the entire 6 large trays of chocolate truffles to them - she was being kind in leaving 3 trays for the others. "Two, three. Go!"

And off they went.

Ravenna ~ Jyel

Familiar metal cuffs crushed the bones in Ravenna's wrists, a needle was embedded into her flesh, meant to lull her senses and rock her into oblivion. Ravenna didn't have the pleasure of half consciousness for she was immune to such poisons. It was meant to make her slower and weaker but it didn't have to. Just having her wrists bound in such familiar restraints weakened her. She would not be afraid.

Reaching with her mind, Ravenna felt nobody else of her guild. Her heart wrenched itself from its socket and slapped against her ribcage. Ravenna clenched her fists. No, they were there. Perhaps the minds of the slaves and Jyel's clients and traders merely shielded their bright flames. Yes, that was it. The fire within the slaves were so weak, so small and some - some had minds so broken, she could read nothing but ashes.

Ravenna was afraid.

It was a sickening though, an abnormal emotion for Death. I am Death, she repeated to herself. A mantra to keep her mind from drifting into a past that was long gone. From returning to the helpless girl she once was. I am Death.

Ravenna focused on her body to drag herself from her mind. She was chained to a wall. Tugging at her ankles, she could not move them and her heels were gone. A slither of panic returned as she wondered what else of what she was wearing was gone. Slowing her breath, she felt the tight leather dress pressing against her skin, her legs hanging like that lifted up her already minuscule skirt by more than what she would've liked, however. Clenching her teeth together, she reminded herself she was a dark mage now. The master of one of the greatest Dark Guilds of all time - Crimson Blade. A blindfold was gripped tightly over her eyes.

A sluggish black flame of dirtied oil creeped up toward her. Of course, she always got the worst of the 'clients,' the sickest of the sick.

A whip slapped against the bare skin of her legs. Ravenna flinched but otherwise did not react. In fact, she welcomed the pain for perhaps - the agony in her body might overwhelm the hell in her mind.

"Not a screamer, I see?" a voice croaked - the man was at least 50. She could take care of him with her bare hands. "What a pity. I guess I'll have to try harder, eh?" The coiled wires of steel wrapped tightly together to form a vicious instrument of torture sliced through her flesh. "Must be because you're a cutter, huh?" the man asked, running callused fingers over the naked scars on Ravenna's arms. "Was life so bad to you?"


Ravenna tuned the man out and pulled her mind away from her 'shell.' Dimly, she was aware of a scream that erupted from her body's lips - pathetic. She reached out with her mind, barely touching any of the dirtied flames as she searched for Murmur's blue and red light and Kiev's silver glow. She knew she shouldn't have trusted them enough to take them on this mission - never mind, she'd complete it on her own. A pink, shivering flame pulsed and she tangled her consciousness with it - 'Rosie,' she whispered.

'Who is it?!' a frightened voice of a child's mind replied.

'You'll be okay,' Ravenna said as calmly as possible. 'I'm a friend of your father's. I've come to take you home. Have they done anything to you, Rosie?' Despite herself, Ravenna couldn't help but feel a gentle pressing of empathy. She didn't want the child to be hurt, at least, not by these men.

'No but I can't see anything. Where am I?' Rosie spoke in her mind.

'Good question, Rosie.' Then, she saw what Rosie could not see with her eyes. Her subconscious knew where she was from the sounds, even if Rosie herself didn't. 10 doors down, turn right, down 2 flights of stairs, 2nd door to the right. 'Try to stay where you are, Rosie. I'm coming.'

Ravenna's consciousness was snapped back into her body. A wet tongue pressed against her inner thigh. Repulsion shoved against her spine as Crimson Blade's master shoved her fears away.

"Master?" she said pitifully, her voice shaking. Play weak. The stickiness lifted from her skin to press into her lips. Repulsion filled her as she struggled not to jerk her head away. "What the he-" the man croaked before tumbling to the slick tiles. Poisoned lips could do wonders. Ravenna's hands and ankled slipped from their chains - of course she'd have a pin embedded her flesh - how stupid did her kidnappers think she was?

Fixing what she could of her dress and scraping her nails viciously against the skin the disgusting man had touched, Ravenna opened the unlocked door - idiots. Elbowing the throat of the guard next to her, she smacked the side of her hand into the neck of the other guard on her left. This was strangely too easy. Even the slices on her thighs had healed from the magic in her blood.

Following the pink flame, she disarmed a few more guards on her way. She reached the 2nd door to the right, down the stairs - the corridor was surprisingly unguarded. Sniffing for the fire of life, she smelled nothing except those of fresh slaves. Taking a deadly poisoned pin from her hair, Ravenna fiddled with the lock until she heard a click.


'Shh,' she cooed in the young girl's mind. The small child was bound in chains similar to hers. Ravenna was surprised she hadn't yet passed out from the drug they had flooding through her veins. It made her respect the small, curly haired ten year old a lot more. Her pink, frilly dress - obviously expensive - was dirtied from their manhandling and the ugly floors.

Ravenna bent down, fiddling with the locks on Rosie's chains. Where are you? she thought. She could not ask the question out loud using telepathy for she could not lock onto Murmur and Kiev to do so and she most certainly could not shout it out loud in the minds of everyone. The first cuff clicked open and Ravenna moved on to the next.

Then, she found them. The burning flames of her Crimson Blades - 'You suck at following.'

"What do you think you're doing?"


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Amaya Tanaka

As soon as Amaya had temporarily used her magic to catch Freya- though honestly the girl would just be falling over again in a minute, so Amaya didn't know why she bothered- she was back to leaning casually against a pillar. She accepted Freya's blown kiss with a playful pretense to catch it and pat it to her cheek, just to humor the childish mage before said girl went running off towards the table of food.
Food! To anyone else she might have looked bored leaning back with narrowed eyes as she did, but she was attentively scoping out the food table. Luckily, there was a decent portion of the chocolate truffles left. Sitting there oh so innocently just waiting for someone to snatch them up.Better yet, Yuliana had just switched shifts, and it was always somehow easier to get away with taking food when the other redhead wasn't there, She was a brilliant cook, much too brilliant, as were other cooks in Amaranth's kitchens. It would be an insult if nobody tried to steal the food! Amaya was just debating how to go about her robbery when her teammate Browen appeared in front of her, dressed like a circus clown, like always. Amaya rather liked Browen. His sense of style always provided amusement to her, and his slow paced way of action kept him from making snappy remarks back at her. Her fellow B rank was also rather powerful with his different magic. Amaya guess he could aim for a much higher rank if he had the motivation.

"Morning Amaya, How are you today?"

"Have quite headache, not made any better by your bright ensemble."
She reached out with left hand , momentarily distracted by one of the feather on his hat, prodding it interestingly before returning her hands to her side. Browen had casually begun eating his plate of meat again. Amaya's eyes twitched up, flickering around the room for a moment, making quick eye contact with the guild master, who nodded in greeting. She didn't bother nodding back, continuing her scope of the room. She saw the table of food- Oh for the love of.... Of course the Princess Freya was devouring those truffles she'd seen earlier. Oh the sadness, that many gone to waste being shoveled into the mouths of the hyper girl and.... a teddy bear. Amaya groaned, deciding to head over and snatch one of the trays for herself while Freya was distracted. She finished her oservations of the room, noting Sidney, Issabella and a new girl, sitting in the lounge area. Ah, Sidney. He was newer to the guild, assigned to Amaya's team, and though she treated him like everybody else she harbored a worry for his slim cat loving form. Actually, she harbored a worry for Browen as well, with his delayed reflexes. She expected him to get hit by a throwing blade or a quick magic any day now.
It was obviously notable that she was much nicer to Browen and Sidney, her other team member, than to anyone else. Browen, because she thought of him as a friend, perhaps, and Sidney, well, because Sidney looked like a breath of wind would knock him into a million pieces.

The red head turned her attention back to her team member.
"Okay circus freak, here's what were gonna do. We're going over there and taking at least one tray of those chocolate truffles first of all. And then you, Sidney and I are picking a job. We really need to start picking them together." Amaya shuddered at the multiple times they had each separately signed the team up for jobs that only suited the one who'd picked it, and often coincidentally exploited the other's weakness. Even Sidney had once signed them up for breaking a cat possession charm, worth little money, simply because he'd seen the word cat. that had actually been a rather scary event. Cat possessions were not a joke.
"We need to pick better jobs, that we can get the full money for. I'm short on rent and drinking money."

She looped an arm around Browens shoulders not giving him time to agree or disagree with anything she'd just said, too intent on getting those truffles before Freya could. And team bonding of course. But mostly the truffles. She'd have to steal them, sneakily maybe. Or perhaps the harpy looking brunette would send them over, not wanting all the food to be wasted on Freya. Hm.

Amaya navigated Browen stealthily around Freya and made a gesture at the brunette, signaling she was taking the truffles. She just threw her hands up, exasperated and shot, "Go right on ahead, because obviously no one else will be able to get any!"

She snatched up the tray gleefully, letting go of Browen as she strut away. "Come on then Lord of the Color Blind, bring your mismatched little but on over here!"

With that she navigated easily into the sitting area Sidney Issabella and an unfamiliar face were sitting.
"Good day my dear frail Sidney, Madame Reaper, unfamiliar he-she I don't know." She perched onto the love seat that faced the chairs the three were seated in, balancing her tray of eclairs on her gloved fingers. She tilted it towards the unfamiliar tomboy looking girl, in a way to make up for her comment, knowing some people didn't now quite how rude/frank she was. "I'm Amaya. Chocolate Truffle? I saved some from Freya."
She moved her eyes to Issabella, taking in the warriors scantily dressed elegant figure. Back from a difficult mission and looking like she'd just emerged from a photo shoot with sorcerer weekly. Truly a role model!
"You should really keep an eye on your princess, " Amaya chuckled slightly. "She'll eat the entire feast."
After the appropriate amount of time had passed for the unfamiliar girl to take an truffle, she moved the tray out to Issabella and Sidney. She narrowed her eyes at the boy. "Eat one, I can nearly see your bones through your clothes. You need to build up for our next mission."

(OOC: Sorry I went crazy with dialogue, wanted to get some stuff started as I might be absent tomorrow, depending. Sorry I'm posting it here, I'm expected to leave for something in like, two minutes, just letting you know. I'll edit this out next time I can get online!)


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#, as written by Fencer
The feast continued normally, Amaya was in good spirits and Freya wasn't injured actually she was devouring an amount of food worthy of the Imperial feast of an Eastern country especially known for lasting days although it seemed that she was eating mostly sweets and Amaya had her eyes fixed in one of the elements that the S rank mage was eating, Browen felt a pain in the neck and a small flashback revealed the cause: the over-enthusiastic hug of the girl who now reveled with the feast.

"Okay circus freak, here's what were gonna do. We're going over there and taking at least one tray of those chocolate truffles first of all. And then you, Sidney and I are picking a job. We really need to start picking them together."
"We need to pick better jobs, that we can get the full money for. I'm short on rent and drinking money."

Indeed she was right, the last job that Browen chose involved entertainment at a children's party, he had to admit that Amaya wasn't made for that kind of missions and better not to talk about the cat possession charm, Browen decided to confine all his memories about that mission in the realm of fantasy and never think about it again, for the sake of his mental health was the right decision, when he returned to focus on the present he realized his surroundings had changed and before he knew it was close to Freya with her multiple trays, Amaya recovered one left saying something.

"Come on then Lord of the Color Blind, bring your mismatched little but on over here!"

He stood eating for a while, someone bumped into him and his hat fell to the ground but the boy continued eating, his brain procesed too late that Amaya went to where his other teammate to talk about missions, Sidney, that boy's mind was a mystery and his body looked as if made of crystal, pure and fragile crystal, Browen walked towards Amaya at the time when Sydney left that place, "Let's choose a mission, I still don't pay this month rent" spoke when he get together with the Amaya's group, the tray was still in his hand so he kept eating his meat.

"Nice to see Issabella" he failed to notice that the other S rank mage was present, Browen didn't get along very well with her, she was a perfectionist and he was the opposite but even so he respect her a bit, scratched his head, "My name Browen" he introduced himself noticing an unknown girl, a new face in the guild, after a couple of seconds he continued eating while the leader was giving a speech that ended with the phrase.


That was when he realized the tragedy that had come suddenly, Browen didn't understand how he could have failed to notice that something so serious was going on "Amaya I lost my hat and my guitar!" he exclamed in despair while tried to remember that time had lost both elements, especially the hat the instrument for him were something almost disposables.


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Amaya Tanaka

Amaya nodded when Izzy thanked her for the truffle, and pulled them back onto her lap when she recognized Sidney wasn't going to take one. She knew his expressions well enough.
"Truffles is hardly a meal, though." Izzy said sounding concerned.
"No kidding, but he never really eats a full meal, now does he?" Amaya shot back, slightly annoyed. Now that she thought about it though, she truffles were probably too rich for the boys tastes anyway, so she took a small breath, seriously intending to try and be nicer to the S-rank. Of course, her suspicions were confirmed when Sidney stood up.
"Oh, I don't like mushrooms,"

Amaya scoffed, about to launch into what she considered a concerned exclamation (Though it was honestly quite rude), but before she could say a word, her face took on an expression of surprise when the pale cat-lover melded into the crowd, disappearing quickly. She looked back to Izzy and shrugged when she realized the older girl had asked her a question.
"What might your next mission be?"

Amaya plopped her left arm on the arm rest of her chair, the arm with an elbow length glove, resting her chin in her hand as she popped truffles into her mouth.

"Not sure, that's why me and Browen were on our way over, to get Sidney and decide... I was going to force us to pick to pick a good one together..."
Amaya quickly stopped the mental images of the cat possession job, not to mention the one Browen had picked... that had resulted in some seriously unhappy parents. She fractionally raised an eyebrow at Izzy, wondering if she remembered when Amaya's team had come home in shambles, Browen sheepish, Sidney nearly in tears and Amaya fuming and set to kill someone.

"I need real money, and real action." Amaya growled, jealous of Issabella's single-team status for a moment. She didn't have to worry about Browen's lack of attention, or frail Sidney! Thinking of Browen, Amaya wondered briefly where he was, when he appeared on cue behind her.

"Let's choose a mission, I still don't pay this month rent"

Amaya glanced up, rolling her eyes. She'd been wanting to pick a mission all week, but Browen had been distracted, Sidney to hesitant to pick, and both had been preoccupied by this oncoming feast. She waited until he'd greeted Izzy and introduced himself to the new girl, who still hadn't spoken.
Of course, The Master then chose to make his speech about not having enough money, which just reinforced Amaya's resolve to get a good paying job. If Browen could get focused on it, then her and him could protect Sidney well enough if things came down to it. And it'd be a good learning experience.
Gawain finished with a proclamation to go and and make some money. Amaya shoveled some last truffles into her mouth, and glanced to Browen.
"Well then rainbow, let's go ahead-"

"Amaya, I lost my hat and my guitar!"

The red-head face palmed. Honestly, I will never be a mother.
But, still, she wasn't going to leave her teammate without his precious guitar, though she didn't see why the hat mattered. Either way, she'd help. As long as it didn't take to long.

"Calm down clown, we'll find them in a minute."
Amaya stood up, pulling down her short tube dress slightly and dropped the half-empty tray of truffles onto Issabella's lap.
"If you know any missions that might suite our mismatched little parade, be sure to tell me on my way back by...I have to go find a guitar."

She rolled her eyes at Izzy as if to prove how stupid this endeavor was, then moved to Browen's side.
"Okay, we'll find them, but no stalling. After we're picking a mission and getting money, no matter what." She stood on her toes and scanned the area, hoping she'd easily spot her teammates missing goods. If not, she could always send some shadow snakes out looking, but that could cause a ruckus, and it was much to much effort to see from their eyes.
"Where'd you last see them then?"


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Crimson Blade

The blazing red heart of a deep blue flame floated closer but Ravenna was too worn from the night's events to lift her head and ask that Murmur leave. Her body felt dangerously numb but she couldn't bring herself to care. As she had many times before, she found herself cursing her late master - Naciel Harlen. Why in hell did he have to die and leave his guild in her hands? Still, she owed him as much.

"I'm not asking for you to trust me, but I won't let you wallow and die."

"I will do as I please and die when I feel like it," she huffed, dropping her legs from her chest to settle them on the floor. Ravenna turned her heavy head towards Murmur and the bundle of medical equipment surrounding him. A tiny spark of irritation fluttered in her chest; she needed no help from anyone. Reaching for the ember of irritation, she clutched it around her like an iron shield. Irritation, rage, frustration, that she could cope with. Never ending sadness she could not. So the dark mage clutched the small spark and snapped, "You were dismissed."

He did not listen but instead pressed a wet cloth to her wounds - Ravenna flinched slightly at the contact. He tended to her injuries with a gentleness she very much despised and yet, there was a sick feeling in her chest that felt strangely warm and comforting, yet agonising in its greatness. Ravenna turned her head from Murmur, aware of how close he was. She was injured, spent of her magical power and alone with a man. Pressing her forehead to the edge of her soft mattress, Ravenna did her best to hide the pathetic slither of fear in her eyes. Death clutched her hands tightly together to still their barely noticeable shake; she did not like the closeness of their bodies, much less the artificial tenderness he showed.

Murmur's warmth nudged against her shivering skin and his weight crushed her small frame. A small whimper escaped her lips as a large hand clamped down on her wrists and sticky lips marked her skin. There was a sharp ringing of pain, persistent as it filled her with its agony. She pressed her eyelids tightly shut, hoping to make it all disappear. Her young body could not take the torment and she feared she would shatter and she wished she would. She wanted to disappear and fade into oblivion but life was not kind; blissful death was a mercy she would never be given. The man crushed her bones beneath him, crushed her spirit, crushed it all.

Ravenna’s eyes pale snapped into focus and she found herself panting in cold sweat – was the poison causing her to hallucinate? Lifting her now freshly scarred wrist, she ran her fingers through her long hair as she watched Murmur with eyes she hoped were not wide with fear. Did he notice? She only prayed she did not whimper and humiliate herself before him. She was guild master and such displays of weakness would only dampen her fragile hold on them and give the S-class mage power over her.

Shoving her brief moment of self-pity from her mind, she spoke with purposeful monotony, “You will not speak of this.” Pausing, she continued in a quiet tone of voice, "You may leave." A part of her did not wish for him to go, for his flame was as good as the sun in such absolute darkness. Not that that was not familiar, of course. Brushing her thoughts away, she chastised herself for being so easily moved by such small displays of kindness. Right, kindness. Murmur was nearly as heartless as her. The blue haired man was selfish, cold and conniving. She knew better than to see him for anything less than what he was - a very skilled liar.

The woman who barely looked 25 stood and strolled over to her cello - whom she'd named 'Sora' - that sat by a frame of large windows. The dark wood of the instrument leaned against a plain stand, waiting to be touched. Ravenna lifted the bow from a small table and sat on a stool that rested by the glass, settling the instrument between her legs. Leaning her cello against herself, Ravenna gripped the slim bow – and began to play.

The notes sang through the air as her fingers trembled against the taut strings to create an eerie vibrato within the melancholy sounds. With her head bowed over the instrument, she played a a familiar melody of sweet sadness.

Her wounds rippled beneath the movements of her arms but she felt none of it. Ravenna was far gone, in a place where she could breathe underwater, rather than drown. With Sora, it was as if she no longer became Death and the aura of power and cruelty that plagued the air in which she lived faded, however temporarily. Watching her create such music, it was possible for one to believe she were a mere girl with a sad past and nothing more.

Dark eyelashes brushed against her cheeks as she filled the guild with her haunting melodies. Unusually, she did not care if anyone heard - Ravenna was tired. Her long hair cascaded over the used wood of her cello, curling over the bends and hollows of the now living thing. If she was not consumed in responsibility, Ravenna would play her cello for an eternity without pause. Her memories washed against her mind like tides brushing against a shore, but they did not hurt as much as they did before.

Ravenna breathed with along with the instrument, holding her breath in the long drawn notes, exhaling as she pushed the bow fluidly over the strings. It was Naciel Harlen who taught her to play so beautifully, the brute man was only ever gentle with his violin. He wished for the company of another and felt the cello suited Ravenna. It was a great gift, considering how little gentleness the late master ever gave. He was the sort to crush his pupil's fingers to teach them a lesson on how to inflict pain on others, not one to sit patiently by a young girl and teach her how to caress a cello. Yet he did and that was all it took to make Ravenna do his bidding. He was the first and only to treat Ravenna with such genuine kindness.

The poison pulsed in her veins, her blood doing its best to push the taint from her system. It was not fatal and Ravenna would be fine in the morning but right then, she was merely alive. Her fingers stilled on the cello and her bow slipped from her fingers to clatter on the ground. Ravenna's eyelids fluttered and in the silence of her chambers, she finally let herself go - letting the darkness consume her as she fell forwards.

Freya ~ Amaranth basement

"You smell nice. Sweet. Like food."

Zombies ate? Freya watched the fairy - who'd left her hair for the blonde corpse-demon-zombie-creep's. Standing clumsily, bright stars balanced on the tips of her fingers. Freya walked backwards, facing the blonde creature. "You want food?" she asked, her voice more high pitched than usual with her fear. "Follow me."

She walked backwards, unlocking the basement door as she walked up the stairs, nearly tripping for her eyes were too deeply buried in the undead creature to observe where she was walking. Reaching her hand behind her back, she opened the final door that would lead her to the safety of her guild. She considered locking the creepy man down here but her conscience got the better of her and she thought surely even the dead would fear a lonely basement such as this.

"Come, boy. There's a good boy. Gooood boy," she cooed, slipping into the blissful lights of the guild. When the undead corpse crossed the border and stood within the ground level of the guild - Freya shouted none too quietly.

"IT'S A DEMON!!! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" she ran at the nearest person - Amaya, Browen, Izzy and the new girl in this case and tackled Izzy to the floor. "I-i-it corpse alive fairy MINIATURE PEOPLE!" Grabbing Browen's shirt, she pulled the taller boy down to her eye level, widening her impossibly large blue eyes. "Do you know what this means, Browy-boo...? Vampires," she choked. "Vampires are real."

Waving frantically at the dust-covered man who was just dead before and now appeared to be the walking dead, Freya gushed. "He tried to eat me. Eeeeaaattt meee." Pausing, she shoved her finger between Browen's lips and teeth. "I'M A CUPCAKE!"


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Issabella Esther Carrington (Izzy)

(Amaranth Lounge)

Izzy finished off the last of her truffles, making a mental note to have some more to eat before all the food was devoured by her royal spoiledness. When she looked up she noticed Sidney had made his way over to Yuliana, and the two were conversing. She had always thought the two to be alike in a lot of ways, however if ever put in some kind of dangerous scenario together, the two would certainly meet their demise. She watched them for a moment and noticed Yuliana was able to get Sidney to eat, she was perhaps the only one thus far that had been able to do so. Somewhere inside, she envied her. Izzy's thoughts were interrupted however, by the headmaster whom started talking about the funds of the guild. He now had her undivided attention, as she considered guild funds extremely important as they took care of all the members of the guild - to an extent. She had always worked really hard to get money for the guild, most of the money she earned she donated directly to the guild, as she didn't really think she needed it for anything. She had lived with much less for most of her life, there was no reason she needed to spoil herself with unnecessary things. She did however, surprise Freya with a gift or two every now and again after big missions. When the headmaster said they were broke, she was in disbelief. It was true they had many more members to take care of, and this feast would have cost a lot in itself, but where did the rest of the money go? What had her money been used for? And now the headmaster wanted them to all go out and earn money. A wave of guilt washed over her as she had taken no money back from her month long mission, she didn't need or want any, but apparently the guild did.

Amaya then started speaking to her about their next mission. The fact they hadn't picked anything yet didn't surprise her, but she was happy to hear that Amaya wanted them to collectively pick one. She doubted that that's what would happen though. Her comment of real money and real action made her think of herself, or not so much the real money part. Money was never something, that was important to her, at least, not until now. As an S rank wizard she felt obligated to bring in a good chunk of the money, and she should do so now. The fact she didn't have anyone she had to split money with would work to her advantage yet again. Browen then approached them with the matter of his missing hat and guitar, while Amaya was clearly irritated by something she must have thought trivial, Izzy thought it was something precious to him and gave Amaya a nod as she left looking down at the plate of truffles which had been plopped into her lap. It was typical of Amaya, but she didn't think much of it, she gently placed the plate in front of the new member and smiled at her. "All for you then." she said.

"Meat!" Izzy turned to the direction of the loud booming voice which seemed to echo through the whole guild. Her eyes met an unknown male, who seemed entranced by the food in front of him. He proceeded towards a table of food and stuffed his face with it like he hadn't eaten in centuries. She was slightly curious about the individual, and continued to watch him until he stopped and looked around, as if he just processed what he did. "Um....I'm join?" She smiled, slightly. It almost wasn't noticeable, but it was there for a second. Or maybe it wasn't. "Did you enjoy yourself?" she asked him using telepathy. She then stood up and casually walked up to the boy, who seemed nervous or perhaps embarrassed. There was also a look of horror in his eyes the second he saw the others. "Don't worry, this food was for all the members, and if you intend to join, that you had every right to it as we do." this time she spoke directly. Her voice was soft and sweet but it lacked enough emotion to distinguish her mood - as usual. Immediately, she noticed his eyes, they were red. Not just red, but a beautiful, dark shade of red. Her head tilted slightly and she looked at him with curious eyes. "The headmaster is just there if you would like to speak to him about joining." she motioned towards the stage. She wasn't sure if now was the best time, but then, waiting probably wouldn't be good either. "Try to relax, alright?" she added telepathically. She paused for a moment and looked him over again. "You have beautiful eyes."

"IT'S A DEMON!!! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" Izzy started to turn towards what she knew to be Freya's voice, but she didn't get the chance. The next thing she felt, was herself hitting the floor. Her head hit a nearby chair, but the furniture had spared the rest of her. "What?" she asked, sitting up looking at Freya who was rambling on top of her. She then got up and spazzing at Browen. Zombies and vampires and miniature people. Things were going to eat her. Izzy stood up and pushed Freya out of the way, knocking her forwards into Browen. She looked towards the direction in which Freya came, to find a pale blond haired individual standing in front of her. Accompanied by what fictional stories might have called a fairy or pixie. "Is this your zombie, your vampire, and whatever nonsense you were spewing?" She sighed. "He's not the undead, but by the looks of it, he might be joining them soon." He was covered in dust, and looked a little frail, appeared either tired or starving. "Where did you find him? And calm down, he's not any of those things Freya." The telepathy again. "What is your name? Any why are you here? Why is it Freya thinks you wanted to eat her? If you threatened her in any way -" No, this wasn't right. Something was really wrong with this person. Like they hadn't seen the light of day in quite a very long time. She thought this person was going to eat her...then perhaps... Izzy walked towards a nearby table with what was left of the meat from the meat boys minute long feast. She quickly made a plate while keeping her eye on the individual, then walked towards him with it. "This is for you, but first you answer my questions. Don't try anything funny, this is your warning - now explain yourself." She bit her bottom lip and considered something. "Are you alright? You don't look so well." She then directed her attention at the little individual that accompanied him. "Hello, My name is Issabella, who might you be?."

"Freya, what happened exactly, calm down a moment and be rational will you please?" Even thought she was sure Freya was fine, she was precious to her and felt an explanation was needed. "Freya, did you know the guild was broke? The headmaster just announced it, and asked as to go earn the guild some money." she continued telepathically. After this was all sorted, Izzy needed to go on a mission - a big one.


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#, as written by Layla
Freya ~ Amaranth

"Is this your zombie, your vampire, and whatever nonsense you were spewing? He's not the undead, but by the looks of it, he might be joining them soon," Izzy sighed. Freya nodded frantically, pointing at the living corpse.

"He tried to eat me!" Snapping her head around - and whipping the nearest person with her blonde hair in the process - Freya glared at H'mong, who'd only just arrived. Truly, Freya was a loveable person with very few grudges, if any at all. But she simply could not stand the presence of the purple haired mage, he reminded her too much of his brother.

"U-uhm, I'm not i-in trouble b-because I'm l-later than usual, ain't I?"

"Ooohhh, you're in so much trouble! Where in the Heavens have you been? I was almost devoured while you were asleep! In the name of pancakes, GET AN ALARM CLOCK!" Freya yelled, puffing out her cheeks and turning her entire face into a red tomato. It was unusual for Freya to be so rude and unfriendly but everyone who'd been in the guild for at least a month knew she uncharacteristically disliked H'mong.

'Freya, did you know the guild was broke? The headmaster just announced it, and asked as to go earn the guild some money,' Izzy's voice spoke in her head. Freya exhaled, pressing her tongue to her upper lip cheekily. 'Uhuh, Izzy. I gave Master Gawain some Jewels I had on hand but H'mong,' she shot a glare at her teammate, 'and I will soon go on another mission. The reward is 300,000,000 Jewels. Do you think that's enough to cover the desserts I ate today?' she thought, mouthing the words and gesturing despite them being in her head.

“Look, all of you just shut up, dammit! Where are we?! Who are you people? And if you don’t just leave Cedar alone, I’ll… I’ll… Um… Cedar, help me here!” shouted the tiny little girl.

"Ah… Hi there everybody…” the corpse spoke. It spoke!

Turning around - and whipping someone else with her hair in the process - Freya dashed at the vampire, shouting, "BANANA!!!" Leaping into the air, she curled her legs around the dead man's waist and hugged his head to her chest, very nearly toppling him over. "Oh, my poor, poor caramel headed finger food. Mommy'll take care of you," she cooed. Then, pulling back from him, she puffed her cheeks, gripped his face between her hands and narrowed her eyes before yelling, "EXCEPT YOU TRIED TO EAT ME!" Freya's lips pulled abruptly into a smile and she blew the dust from the blonde man's forehead before planting a gentle kiss on it. "You so cute, I wanna eat you too."

Looking over her shoulder - and whipping the corpse's face with her hair as she did - Freya smiled demurely at Izzy. "Can we keep it? Please? I'll take really good care of it, I promise. I'll take it out for walks, feed it, bathe it, love it, dress it up. I promise, Izzy! Pleeaasseee?" She turned around and pinched the corpse's cheeks whilst her legs were still wrapped around him, seeming to have forgotten her old fear of the undead in favour of a new toy. "Oooo, who's the cutest wittle patootie? You are! We need a name for you, don't we, little guy?" No, because it wasn't like the man was significantly taller than her or anything. "How do you like... Potato! You like that, Potato?"

Potato was a great name.

Ravenna ~ Crimson Blade

There is a place without joy. It is the end of everything. A hollowed tree filled with needles and lighters, nails and razor blades and cigarettes embedded in rotten lungs. A painting without edges, born of monsters and shards of might-have-beens. There is a place where a child used to play, a child that lasted for a billionth of a blink.

"Kaiya, right?" the young boy asks. I want to scramble away but I can't move. He will hurt me, like all the others, and I don't think I can bring myself to care. I don't think I can fight because I stopped fighting the dozenth time they hurt me.

"You should clean that," he continues, gesturing toward the jagged gaps in my back from the recent whipping. This man enjoyed the sound of crushed bones, of vicious whips unfurling in dead air, of the screams of the broken - that was all he wanted, I was lucky. "It'll fester and you'll die."

Fine, let me die.

He doesn't listen.

My curled body on the slick and sticky floors won't move and he comes closer, bending over me like all the others. But he's young and just as tainted as I am. His gentle eyes find mine and I'm ashamed of the dullness of my gaze, I'm ashamed because I'm more disgusting than he is. He doesn't seem to realise this as he takes my limp hand in his, as he rubs what looks like a bundle of dark green weeds on my wounds. I wonder how he got them but I can't be bothered to ask. Whatever he does to the pain in my back is nothing short of a miracle.

"You're not alone," he whispers and I find him close to me, yet instead of shivering fear, all I wish to do is to wrap his essence around me and bathe in it forever. He runs his fingers through my dark hair and I weep. There aren't enough oceans that can fill my pain but I weep, anyway, because that's all I wish to do right now. To be a small child for a little longer and crying is all I can think of to do. The boy pulls me gently towards him, setting my head on his lap and despite the heaviness of the chains around our ankles, I've never felt any lighter. His skin seems to cleanse my dirtiness, if only just a little. He sings a song I don't recognise and I don't think I've ever heard music before.

There is a place without joy. It is the end of everything. A broken ground where a tree used to be. Edged icicles and cracked walls, cactus floors and vertical roads, smoke-scraped paper throats. A blank canvas, dissolved by paint and the size of an atom, born of ghosts and cannot-bes. There is a place where no children play.

And then there's him.


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#, as written by Fencer
"Calm down clown, we'll find them in a minute."
Amaya stood up, pulling down her short tube dress slightly and dropped the half-empty tray of truffles onto Issabella's lap.
"If you know any missions that might suite our mismatched little parade, be sure to tell me on my way back by...I have to go find a guitar."

She rolled her eyes at Izzy as if to prove how stupid this endeavor was, then moved to Browen's side.
"Okay, we'll find them, but no stalling. After we're picking a mission and getting money, no matter what."
"Where'd you last see them then?"

It is always reassuring to talk with Amaya, even if annoyed her the girl ended up helping anyway which was greatly appreciated by Browen, following her instructions the blue haired boy tried to remember his routine since waking in the morning: In the morning for some reason the half his body was hanging out of the bed, Browen saw the time and began to prepare for the feast, had hung on the wall three different hats Browen took the one with black feathers and put it on his head, considering that there was no mirror in his room that was the last time he saw the mentioned hat, he was about to leave his room when discovered that he was still naked so he opened the wardrobe and as always took a couple of items from the pile of clothes without actually seeing and began to dress as he left his room, his right hand grabbed one of many stringed instruments he kept in his room, He finished dressing just before reaching the guild hall where the feast would be served and began to play music as he waited to enliven the atmosphere, after a few moments he got sleepy so went to sleep.

"$%&/" he mumble something incomprehensible while had a foreign finger in the mouth and for some reason in front of his was the face of a girl who spoke hysterically, moments after Freya, the owner of the finger got away releasing his mouth "I think the guitar is on the wall" calmly repeated "I haven't seen my hat since the morning," the blonde's question echoed in his mind as he watched the stranger, a cold sweat ran down his back the little creature with him was definitely a fairy and Beasts Tamer of the circus told him about fairies, he walked towards there when he heard that Freya wanted to keep him "You can't keep him!, fairies eat your brain while you sleep and then control your body!" all knowledge that Browen has came from his life in the circus and had to say that Vark the Beast Tamer liked to exaggerate a bit with his stories.

Browen recalled the Guild's financial problems "Let's sell them" put his hands together "Wood-Make Cage" , with his magic created a precious bird cage to confine the fairies once someone catches.

"I'm not a clown" turned his head and looked at Amaya.


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Sidney Allen

With a delayed nod aimed at Yuliana the boy with light brown hair and stained fingernail beds was left alone with the scrapes on his plate. Since there were people surrounding him, filling the guild with a number of people he could say that he wasn't really alone, but without any company even a filled room could appear empty. Though that wasn't necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it was good for one to be on their own, and if he ever wished to fill the void he could easily approach someone.

Besides, it was hard to feel lonely amongst the chaos that was Amaranth, especially here in the present. The scenes before him reminded Sidney of a cuckoo clock, where at every hour something would spring out and expose a new challenge to the guild. A brouhaha caused by a couple of members, a zombie from the basement, an aspiring guild member that had a strong appetite for meat. The clockwork of Amaranth must be broken though, and instead of a new, exciting situation every hour they were given one every passing minute or so. This was the polar opposite of his many quiet days of being shut inside a room or out in a garden. He wondered if the universe was trying to pay him back for the events in the past. If that was so, he'd forgive the universe, everyone made mistakes.

Dipping away from the action, Sidney took his dishes to the kitchen. The thought of taking up a new mission both excited him and made him nervous. It was always fun to go someplace new, see something different, experience a world outside of the building in Oshibana. He wasn't very strong when it came to his magic though, he rarely was helpful in such intense situations, especially those that called for fighting. He didn't think he'd ever be cut out for it, he had only learned Doll Play magic because he wanted to be able to do what Judith could and he had never considered maturing the ability into something that could be used for combat of all things, he rather disliked violence. The thought was rather daunting, but maybe he would find a way to improve his skills, just so it could mean he would be more useful during jobs.

He didn't want any of his teammates ever getting hurt after all, or anyone to be harmed for that matter.

The subject was still teetering, insecurity and uncertainty might as well be apart of his genetic code. With his hands tugging at the bottom of his scarf, the boy walked back through the room and towards the commotion. It wouldn't be very honest for him to claim that he wasn't interested in what had caught everyone's attention. Lets see, Freya was clinging to the zombie boy now. Wasn't she afraid of him? Oh, but she was Freya, maybe that was all an act! She was rather powerful, perhaps she didn't even truly fear the undead. His grip on his scar tightened, the thought was kind of alarming. The woman had tricked everyone, fooled them into thinking she was a kind young girl, but really she had the courage to confront the living dead and argue points in keeping it. Completely terrifying.

On the other hand there was the kid who seemed to have a craving for flesh, much like a real zombie, but he didn't look like he was rotting from the inside out. If he was going to be a new comrade, shouldn't Sidney greet him? Yes, that was the polite thing to do! Manners! Those were good, proper, normal assets! Just as Sidney was about to give the boy a welcoming statement, his eyes caught something a bit higher in the 'aim your attention here' scale. A fairy, a real, living fairy. His eyes resembled dinner plates, no way such a thing existed, right? They were fairy tales, but there was one, right in front of him! Is this the real life? Is it just fantasy?

He had to pinch himself, and did so on his cheek. He winced at the pain, but it proved that he wasn't dreaming. Was it possible to simply approach a fairy? No, it couldn't be, they were complicated and delicate creates, he might have to lure it out with a snack first. Weren't those kind of creatures supposed to like cream? He released his hold on his scarf, he had been pulling on it too much and it had constricted around his neck in a rather uncomfortable manner. Well, it appeared that he'd have to wait on both accounts, the new boy had already confronted the fairy! Oh, was he jealous! But it'd be unladylike of him to interrupt. Wait, did that not apply to him, since he wasn't a lady? Also, didn't people hold parties for newcomers? He wasn't sure, but had had seen a woman hold a celebration that was complete with blue balloons that said 'It's a Boy!' on them once, so it was possible.

What silly thoughts, Sidney cast them away from his mind. "I'm not a clown." He turned his head, it looks like he conveniently found himself near his teammates, goody-gumdrops. "I thought you were." He spoke, now standing beside the people he had been paired up with. "It's impossible for a clown to dress in a practical way, if they try they explode." He spoke as if it was a real fact, no lies or tricks about it. "Luckly your D.N.A protects you from making silly mistakes." Sidney frowned. "But I'm afraid you'll be forever a jester, sorry about that."


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Amaya Tanaka

Amaya's long red hair flared out behind her as her head turned, glaring at yet another figure who was wolfing down food like no one else had to eat. What was it with these people! Though she did recognize that he was unfamiliar. Maybe a new member? He'd better pay for his own food. She nodded in confirmation when he announced awkwardly that he was their to join. Before she could make any attempt a social welcome, which probably wouldn't be all that social, knowing her, Browen made a sarcastic remark back at her causing her to raise an eyebrow, immediately thinking of a comeback.
"I'm not a clown,"

Amaya jerked her head over, ignoring Browen's irking protest at the moment. Mention of a demon was truly something she was interested in. Unfortunately, it was just a dusty unfamiliar man who was soon deemed a potato. Freya was currently climbing all over him, poking and prodding like it was a new pet. Amaya rolled her eyes. It was just like the Princess to climb over a foreign man they knew nothing about, who'd been lurking in the basement. No potential danger in that.

She was stuck more so on the little fairy fluttering about, eyes widening slightly with the ridiculousness that such a creature was proved to be real.
Her attention was brought back to her near vacinity when Sidney reappeared, countering Browens statement that he wasn't a clown.

"I thought you were. It's impossible for a clown to dress in a practical way, if they try they explode. Luckily your D.N.A protects you from making silly mistakes. But I'm afraid you'll be forever a jester, sorry about that."

Amaya burst out into laughter genuinely amused by the fragile boys remark. She clapped him on the shoulder with a Cheshire grin, about to say how she was coming around to liking him more and more, when a bright sparkling light burst from where the Potato was standing.

“Cedar. We’re merging. Now. I’m going kill every single one of them.”

The red head stiffened at hearing the threat, slowly turning back towards the Potato and narrowing her eyes. She watched as the fairy flew into the man and he was sudden;y engulfed by crystals, complete with wings sprouting out his back, despite his protests.

The crystals spread to his neck, stopping at his chin, but going up through his hair and turning it into a platinum blonde color. The rest of his body began to be covered with the iridescent crystals, forming archaic markings in veins of gold colored crystals. Opal colored fairy wings burst from his back, stretching and moving, reflecting multicolored light all around the room. Finally, his body was covered with the crystals.

Hmmm… Not a complete merge, but I guess it was a bit forced,” A womans voice chorused, and the confused dusty boy asked,

“Hey… Can someone tell me what’s going on?”

Amaya took a threatening step forward, a small coil of darkness ready. Her magic was particularly suitable to intense fights against light magic, which these crystals seemed to show, Though she wasn't sure. Though some believes Darkness and Shadow magic were weakest against light, she knew that for every light there was a shadow.

"I don't know whats going on, Potato. But I suggest you convince your flying friend to end your 'merge' immediately before harm comes to you. We don't take to kindly to death threats in our own guild, hm?"
Her voice was chilling.

Amaya glanced towards Freya, mentally chiding her to take care of her new pet. Honestly, Amaya had no other opinion of the moment, except that she had heard the guild be threatened, and though everyone could probably fend for themselves, she had felt the need to make a point.

She lowered her voice. "So, guys, think of any missions?"

No way she was letting her team off the hook just because a Potato showed up.


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#, as written by Fencer
The morning had come after series of unexpected events of the last night, the fairy merged with the pale guy confirming Vark's history that fairies ate brains and controlled the bodies of their victims or at least so it seemed to Browen, the boy watched as Issabella beated the poor guy consumed by these wicked fairy until the little creature left his body then Amaya intervened and helped with the capture after that Browen seized the moment to lock her in the cage, unfortunately nobody liked his idea of ​​helping finances of the guild by selling the mythical being, Browen clearly remember how they told him so many times that the being wasn't for sale, not even the brainless body of her victim, after that the fairy and man were in the custody of a member of the guild and everything calmed down momentarily.

Browen resumed the search of his hat and guitar his guitar was exactly where he thought: leaning against a wall of the hall, the problem came with the hat that didn't appear anywhere, Amaya started to drink when the others discussed something about a mission and she signed up the team in a more than insistent way, apparently the fight and the drink made her forget the original goal of choosing the mission between all members of the team, but well it was her turn to choose a mission so Browen didn't care but even so showed some apprehension about the difficulty of the mission and the safety of Sydney, Dark Guilds don't play, that's something Browen knows too well.

His hat appeared when Amaya went to her room once decided she had drunk more than enough, Browen stayed there eating the leftover of the feast before going to prepare for the next day's mission.

Once she woke up he was in a dilemma, what instrument bring?, He could create various wind instruments but the strings were a problem and one of his few offensive magic could only use it with one of those, he eventually decided to carry a guitar, the same he lost and found at the feast the day before, then Browen left his room but returned after a few moments and started to dress without really worrying about his outfit, a blue top hat, a white shirt with black buttons and a brown sleeveless vest with black lines, plaid pants on the way to union with guitar on his back looked at her reflection and thought it really looked like a clown after shoulder encojerse kept walking.

There were many people in the differents sectors of the guild, it didn't take long locate Issabella and the others, the S-rank mage had somewhat reddish lips, as if she had been hurt or something besides didn't seem very happy, on the contrary Freya was finishing to singing and dancing a funny song near them was the new guy, the blue haired boy just remembered that there was a new person in the guild and also he would come with them to the mission, Sidney was there too for some reason everyone had plush toys, to Sidney plush toys were the answer to everything, Browen approached the group and bowed taking off his hat "Good morning", Then began to laugh before the amusing situation and he felt like a song would be appropriate for the moment, in the same way that Sidney and the toys for Browen music was the answer to everything, the boy sat in a chair and tuned the guitar once was ready he started to play and sing.

When the song ends Browen would go to wake up Amaya, considering what she drank last night most likely that she would still be asleep.


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#, as written by Eyliel
Gawain Harlen

One should never underestimate the power of habit. Despite having gone to sleep an hour after midnight, Gawain still woke up at five in the morning without any problems. With the exception of one case where Sleep Magic had been used on him, he had woken up at five for forty years straight. No matter how late he went to sleep, he would always wake up at exactly five o'clock.
Getting up from his bed, he walked over to the wardrobe on the other side of his room. He didn't really know why he had bothered even buying the thing. Maybe because he had gotten a discount for it. He didn't need it, since he didn't really own a lot of clothes: As he opened it, he saw less pieces of clothing than he could count with his fingers. A shabby white shirt, just like the one he'd worn yesterday. A slightly less shabby black one. And a fancy blue one. One pair of shabby black trousers, almost an exact copy of the ones he'd worn yesterday. And a fancy pair of trousers. Black. That was it. Or that was what Gawain hoped would be it. In fact, he also had something that no man should ever have to wear, an absolutely horrible waste of good fabric. He glared at the ornate white robe with disdain, hoping that whoever had decided to send it to him would spend the rest of his life as a Forest Vulcan's pillow. The robe was made of very fine material and was excellently made. It had the symbol of Amaranth on the back. Gawain absolutely hated it. It practically screamed 'official'. What kind of man would wear something like that in public?
Turning his eyes away from the robe that should not exist, he took the shabby shirt and trousers, putting them on quickly, without bothering to be very careful. Though they looked the same as the clothes he'd worn earlier, they were not the same. The ones he'd worn at the party were lying in a basket of laundry, if they hadn't been washed already. At a party like that, clothes were bound to get dirtied somehow -grease from food, a stain from some drink. Or just falling down onto the floor when someone bumps into you. After throwing some clothes on, the Guild Master went over to his desk. First, he grabbed the bottle standing on it. He opened it and took a sip. Then he closed it again, grabbed his bag from where he'd left it, on the chair in front of his desk, and left the room.

The Guild Master's quarters had been built into a separate building from the main hall, although the two buildings were connected by a breezeway. No need for all those oh-so-important documents to get wet if it happened to be raining. At the moment, however, Gawain was neither carrying any official reports nor was it raining. The weather was clear. Both things were good.
Instead of heading into the main building, Gawain left from under the breezeway, heading to the open space behind the Guild. It was a training ground perfect for Mages. A wide area, surrounded by tall, strong walls that Gawain had Reinforced to be even stronger. No stray spell from training would break get out into the town from here. Of course, the members' strongest spells could probably break them, but using things like that for simple training wouldn't be very smart, just a waste of magical energy. There were also several things that could be used as aids for one's training. A target range, training weapons, and things like simple weights for muscle training.
He was rather proud of this place. Originally, this training ground hadn't been a part of the land that came with the building. He'd had to buy some land around it and demolish the houses that had been there in order to clear enough land. After that, he'd also had to build the walls that protected the town outside from all the magic used in the Guild, and then Reinforce them. It had been a lot of work, and had cost him a pretty penny, but it would be worth it in the long run.
Gawain began to do his morning training, starting with push-ups, and proceeding onto other things once he was done with that. He didn't consciously think of what he did. He had done this training for decades, and his body could do it automatically without any input from his brain. Therefore he let his mind fall into thoughts of yesterday night as he did the training.

It had been a bit (more) chaotic (than usual), with the newcomer suddenly jumping in and Potato appearing at about the same time. Potato had been the more urgent matter, what with the fairy -whose tail or lack of one had not been confirmed yet- 'merging' with him, apparently wanting to kill them all. Issabella had resolved the situation easily enough, though, while efficient, her method had been a bit lacking in refinement. Gawain could have probably cancelled the merge himself, as long as someone had restrained Potato while he'd studied him. Well, Issabella had saved him the trouble of doing that, so he was grateful to her. Most of him actually caring about Potato's well-being was because Freya seemed to do so. Well, he was also curious about the fairy, if it was one. He'd have to check the tail thing later on.
And then there was Meat. After the thing with Potato had been temporarily resolved, he had had to do his job as Guild Master, interviewing the newcomer briefly and making him show his magic. As always when someone joins, the Guild Master had used Analysis when Meat had shown what he could do in order to get a good grasp on his magical ability. Of course, there was another reason for using Analysis -it was a good way to get accurate information on a woman's proportions- but since Meat wasn't female, that one didn't apply, so he'd concentrated on the magical side. He hadn't really expected anything before, but the results had been somewhat interesting. When the boy had covered his arm with the dark substance, changing it, Gawain had sensed something. The change had seemed almost too easy -natural might have been a good word for it. It had been somewhat odd at the time, but not enough to make him really curious. It had been only later, after the actual feast had ended and he'd turned the newcomer over to Yuliana that he had realized something else that he'd sensed, but failed to actually notice. There'd been a 'pulse' of some kind running though Meat's body. Not that of blood. Something else. He had spent an hour or so thinking about it before losing interest. There were all kinds of mages in the world. It wasn't that strange to find an odd one or two every now and then. So there was no real reason to give any special attention to Meat. He wasn't even a she. So he'd given up and gone to sleep.
Of course, before he'd gone to his quarters, where he'd actually started thinking about what he'd sensed about the newcomer, there had been some more chaos. An urgent request for help had arrived to the Guild. Some ancient lacrima or something had been discovered in a mining town, after which a dark guild had proceeded to take the people of the town hostage, clearly being after the lacrima. After taking a good look at the request, the Guild Master had decided that it was worth paying attention to, and had done some thinking. He had ended up giving the job to Amaya's team and Issabella, along with Meat. It had been a gut feeling, having Meat pair up with Issabella. He rarely acted on something like that, instead preferring to think things through analytically. However, even before he'd realized the existence of the 'pulse', he had been curious about the boy. He might actually turn out to be something good for the Guild. And if he was actually useless, there would be few better companions for him than Issabella. Even if he couldn't do anything useful, she could handle the work for both of them if need be.

At some point, Gawain realized that he had finished his training. He was standing in the middle of the training grounds with his quarterstaff, Azure, in hand, having finished a rather advanced kata. The sun had risen above the horizon, so he judged that a couple hours had passed. He quickly checked the condition of his body. No sweat. No sore spots. It seemed like the training had gone well. He returned Azure back to the pocket dimension Re-Equip Mages used.
He headed over to the main hall, judging that most people would be awake by now. He soon found himself correct, hearing the boy with the guitar playing. As he arrived into the hall, he also saw the people in. Freya, Issabella and Meat were there too, and a few other people. A friendly smile appearing on his face, the respectable Guild Master was about to head over to Freya and Issabella. He still had to talk to Freya about her small misunderstanding regarding the money, and he'd wanted to spar with Issabella for a while. But then he also saw the Creepy Kid, and, worse yet, several of his even creepier dolls. He shuddered lightly as he looked at the dolls crawling over the members of his Guild.
Gawain was about to head away from the dolls, when he suddenly noticed something, his face becoming a bit more serious. One of the tables had been broken. Well, that was nothing new, but it still wasn't something he could ignore. Even if it meant having to face the demon-spawn that the Creepy Kid commanded.
Taking a moment to gather confidence, Gawain headed over to the broken table. He kneeled next to it, and activated Analysis.


Information began to flood the Guild Master's mind, which then began to process it into a form that he could understand. In actuality, he got a lot more specific information than just 'wood' when it came to the material, but that was the word his mind compressed the information into. He gained a thorough and complete understanding of every string of organic matter in it, every little crack in the table's surface.
Soon, he had, using the information on the edges of the broken area, formed an image in his head of what the table had been like when it had been intact.
"Repair", he uttered silently, and touched the table. The wood instantly began to form on its own, molding itself into the shape it had within Gawain's mind, the exact same as it had had before someone had smashed into it.
In ten seconds or so after Gawain had knelt next to it, the table was in perfect condition again. Or, well, as perfect as it had been before this morning. The Structure Magic Insurance didn't cover damage done by fireballs dropped onto things, beer stains, or being eaten. Gawain still hadn't found out who had bitten off a lump of wood the size of his fist from the side of the table. And it had been eaten. He could still see the bite marks.
Sighing from having had to do something like that again, Gawain stood up and turned to face the members of his Guild. "Good morning, ladies. And the others."


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#, as written by Kuroe
Cedar sat in a corner of the room, trying to avoid being noticed. He was still rather sore from being knocked around the day before. Not only that, he didnt really know why they had done that. It's not as if Liricia could really hurt them...

He sighed. He'd thought long and hard about everything the night before, and he'd come to a conclusion: he'd lost his memory. Though this would normally seem pretty obvious, he apparently hadn't lost all of it, at least. He vaguely remembered that he used fairy magic, that he was a Mage, and that he'd had six other fairies besides Liricia. What they actually did he was still unsure of. Well, not quite unsure. He knew what Liricia did, from when he had merged with her. She could make crystals that wer virtually indestructible. Though apparently they didn't help too much otherwise.

But now, of course, he didn't really know where Liricia was. It was nice enough for them to treat him well, at least after they'd hurt him, and given him a room, some clothes and nice food, but he wished that he knew where Liricia was. She was probably trying to find him right now, and he hopes she wasn't too worries. Not only that, but she was the only one here who knew about his past.

Pushing himself farther back into his corner, he hugged his knees. He was at a loss for what to do next, but if he could convince the people here not to hurt him again, he might stay for a while. They weren't bad people, and the girl who had seemed to like him yesterday and talked about potatoes a lot, who was now standing in the middle of the room singing a song he didn't understand, was nice enough.

A man he sort of recognized from the night before walked in and began to look at a broken table. Cedar was fairly sure the man was nice but, before he could go and ask him about where Liricia was, he turned around and began to speak. Cedar sighed and sunk back into his corner. Maybe he could try and find her on his own or something... If no one would tell him, he'd definitely do that.


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Amaya Tanaka
(Amaranth; 8:42)

Amaya cracked her eyes open with a groan, starring into the gloom of her dorm room with blurry eyes. She had a headache. Well, actually, she often had a headache when she woke up. If she didn't it meant she hadn't drunk anything, and if she hadn't drunk anything then it'd been a bad night. She threw off her remaining blanket, the others already clumped on the floor. She was a bit of a messy sleeper- or she at least kicked a lot- though otherwise, she looked dead, or so Amaya had heard.

The Dark mage hastily through her bed together, not bothering to straighten or flatten the sheets, so now, it was basically a ball of sheets sitting upon the mattress. Good enough.
She was about to leave when she realized she was naked save her bra and hot pants. Rolling her eyes, she padded softly across the plush black carpet of her dorm, throwing open her wardrobe to several similar, if not identical , outfits to what she was wearing yesterday. She grabbed one of the steel and leather dresses then pulled boots from the shelf of the wardrobe. After sliding them on, she pulled a pair of of black leather gloves and strapped on her katana. These were more mission appropriate clothes, she thought gleefully. Totally bad ass.

As she scooped her hair into it's usual ponytail, Amaya was excited. Once word had come in of a mission for some stone or whatever, she'd hastily volunteered her team from the bar, throwing aside her wish to pick the mission with Sidney and Browen. Oh, well, it was her turn any way, they'd live. Besides, Izzy and the new boy were coming too, so it'd be pretty exciting. She smiling happily at the prospect of action- then glanced at the clock. her smile dropped immediately and her purple eyes
blinked a few disbelieving times. She was late. Well, not late in her mind set, but everyone else would be awake by this time and ready to go since it was nearly 9:00. She groaned and quickly left her room, glad her headache wasn't too bad.

She rushed into the main room, pausing to glance around. First she noticed Potato, since he was in a corner, and corners were always the first place she looked, because they always held people who didn't want to be seen. So naturally, Amaya wold see them.
Then she spotted her team members.... well, she wasn't sure what they were doing exactly. Just that Browen was playing a song and Sidney's army of stuffed abominations were crawling all over everyone.

And then there was the new boy, what was his name, Spike? Anyway, he seemed to have ruined the table though the master was quickly fixing it up.

Amaya took the long was around the room to them pausing by Potato to assess the damage Izzy had done to him the night before. She'd watched amused from the bar while the S-Mage beat the fairy merged boy to a pulp. Surprisingly, he didn't look to bad.
Not knowing if he was a member now or just a captive of some sort, Amaya gave him a little smirk and a nod as she walked by.
"Morning Potato."

She moved over to the group of the others, noting that Freya had yet to tie her dress, not that it was anything new. She never seemed to tie her clothes on her own. She had arrived just in time to hear Gawain greet everyone.

"Good morning, ladies. And the others."

"Morning old man," Amaya greeted back. "Morning to you too girls- having some clothing trouble again Angel?"
Being in a general good mood because of the oncoming mission, Amaya plucked a stuffed animal from Freya and quickly laced up her back with practiced hands. Though the girl usually asked Izzy, everyone in the guild had had to do her clothes one time or the other.
Then she glared slightly at Browen and Sidney.
"Way to wake me up guys, I appreciate it. Oh, welcome to the guild," She added to Spike- or was it Sikes?

She created a small shadow arm by the bar to toss her a bottle of wine.
"Let's get going everyone, villages don't save themselves."

And with that she was fully ready to walk out the door


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(Amaranth: Bar area)

October 16th 8:50 AM


Izzy was just about to step out of the door by herself, when Freya burst into the room singing a song about panties. The song did have Freya written all over it, she was a tiny ball of randomness and she loved it. The girl ran up to her and turned around, shaking her behind and shouting the absurd lyrics. Izzy always had the task of zipping up Freya's clothes, buttoning Freya's clothes, tying Freya's clothes. Who else but for the princess. As she was about to grab the ribbon in front of her, she heard a loud crash from beside her. It was meat boy, rather, it was Sikes. He had went head first into the table in which she had been sitting, and it appeared he was previously asleep. She looked towards the ceiling for a moment, I'm slipping, I have to stop I can't let everything effect me like this. Normally she would have noticed, but she was too wrapped up in her own thoughts and worries. As the boy sat up and said good morning to them, she saw them. The scars all over his body, so deep and even layered over one another. She had seen people with scars but these were among the worst, he was hiding so much more than she thought. However, she knew everyone had their demons that they didn't want to share with others, for some people it was just to painful to think of. Other times, it was just not necessary to bring up. It would be inappropriate to comment, as curious as she was. It'll never happen again, whatever it was. She thought to herself, mentally promising to watch over the boy.

She found it cute that he slept in such an unusual place, she unlike most found people's quirks and habits to be adorable - most of the time. They made people unique and different. Hopefully he was okay though, landing on his head. She eyed him over a few times to see that he was functioning properly. All he had managed to say was ouch. "Good morning." she then heard. Already she knew it was Sidney, Sidney whom she had done nothing but worry about even till now. "Good morning." she responded, though looking elsewhere. She wondered, if there was something more to the guild head having Sikes go with them. She really did hope there was, her heart sank for a moment. "Cheer up" she heard. As she turned her head she saw Sidney in front of her - right in front of her, placing what turned out to be stuffed animals on her head. She was surprised for a moment, and as she felt the animals move around on her head her expression softened. How adorable was he, on his toes, with his stuffed animals.

As he proceeded to put more and more stuffed animals on her, she decided to grab one. It smiled back at her, moving its arms and legs, and it reminded her of her own plush toy she once had. The stuffed animal was also yellow, however it was a cat - which was where she got her inspiration for Kit one of her creations. She had gotten it from a little boy, no more than three, whom had come across her while walking with his mother. This was the time when Izzy had just escaped where she had been kept all of her childhood and was sleeping mostly wherever she passed out at. When she was cold and shivering, crying one night, the boy walked up to her and handed her his plush toy - he was then pulled away by his mother and that was that. Several years later her precious stuffed toy was set on fire by another stray wizard whom she was fighting for food.

Izzy hugged the yellow stuffed bear close to her chest. "It's a good look." Sidney said. She was now practically dressed in animated stuffed animals. Browen then started playing a lovely tune, starting to sing. How festive. She thought. But they were all getting to comfortable, they had to leave now, they had a mission to finish, people to save. But how could they all get there fast enough? Izzy always had multiple ways of transportation. She could fly, she could fly on her bone creatures, or - she could teleport. However this would require her using copy magic, but perhaps it was necessary. She couldn't imagine all of them flying on her bone creatures, or her creatures not attempting to kill the as they tried. The shop keeper next to the guild was a teleportation wizard, and she had copied her magic a month ago to teleport closer to her previous mission. She had never been to Umi before, but perhaps the shopkeeper had. She was a traveling wizard that sold magical artifacts from all over the world. Thinking about the situation she was in years ago, she made up her mind. "Thank you." she said softly to Sidney, as she placed all the stuffed toys on the floor. Izzy then walked out of the guild and next door. "Ah hello Issabella, how may I help you." The shopkeeper was a lady in her mid thirties, with long red hair and brown eyes. She wore a white spaghetti strapped shirt and blue shorts, which was her usual attire. "I just need to poke you a little." she said.

Several minutes later, the 'shopkeeper' popped into the guild, right where Izzy had been standing. "I'll make this quick." the woman said. But first... Izzy looked at Freya for a moment, and managing to keep a straight face walked over to her. She had begged her to take off her panties earlier, she was shouting it to the world. Izzy, take off my panties! Take them off now! "Okay." she said. With that, she put her hands up Freya's dressed and pulled her panties down to her ankles. "It's a good look." She made sure to take a mental snapshot - before she turned around, pushed everyone from her so called group together, wrapped her arms around them and disappeared. Amaya, Sikes, Sidney and his stuffed toys, and Browen and his guitar. There goes that, she thought to herself. She was happy however, the woman had once traveled to Umi. Perhaps it was worth it.


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Before anything else could happen, a guild member by the name of Sidney suddenly place a stuffed animal on Sikes' head. Standing still, confused, he looked up at it on his head as he noticed it moving around a bit, clinging to his head. He opened his mouth, about to ask what it was about, when he answered already for him, "It's a good look." Thinking on that, he looked back up to it as more were suddenly placed all over his body. Staring off with stuffed animals all around him, he wondered if they were even stuffed as he did notice them moving. Zoned out from the rest of the things happening around him, he curiously grabs one of them, looking at it intently, and then suddenly begins to chew on it's head. Answering his questions, he pulls it out of his mouth, looking at Sidney, "These are stuffed not real. How do them move?"

It was then that he saw the Guild master walk up to them as he stiffened up like a solider. He noticed how he payed attention to the broken table he caused and repaired it with ease. Impressed by his ability, he loosened up as he watched how he does it, only to stiffen back up again once he turned to them and spoke, "Good morning, ladies. And the others." Replying quickly, "Morning, Sir! Sorry about the table, I fell off my bed! I promise to do a good work on my first job, Sir!" His nerves causing him to remain as stiff as a tree as he held his arms by his side.

It was then that he finally noticed two the additional people that would be going with them. The first was a guy by the name of Browen, taking out a guitar, as the second was a girl by the name of as she spoke while getting wine, "Let's get going everyone, villages don't save themselves." Nodding to her remark, he was about to follow her along out the door until Izzy suddenly grabbed him along with the others as they vanished.

The next thing he remembers, they were somewhere else. Frantically looking around in an almost panic, he now saw trees around him and the others as Izzy, Amaya, Sidney, Browen and him were now all in what looked like woods. "Who the...What the...How the...Huh?!" He mutters out in confusion as he starting stepping around in circles as he tries to figure out just how they suddenly appeared somewhere else. Since it was Izzy that grabbed them, he turns to her, wondering if she had something with it. "Wha-What just happened?" He asked her, hoping to figure out at least something of how they got there.


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Sidney Allen

It didn't take much time for there to be a gathering of sorts. He could feel most of the others on the edge, nervous about the missions ahead of them. Unsettling atmospheres like this made him anxious, and there was no indication that it would let up anytime soon. Though the playful banter and music was soothing, nothing could eradicate the plain facts before them. If Sidney didn't feel like dead weight before, he did now. He couldn't help but feel like he would only get in the way. Surely someone like him wasn't suited for battlefield-like jobs? He tugged at the bottom of his sweater as people chattered around him. Regardless of what he felt, he would try to stay focused, and do his best. Sidney could at least manage that.

"These are stuffed not real. How do they move?" He smiled, having to bite down on his bottom lip to prevent it from becoming a grin. He had said similar words before, long ago when he was still a child. "Pixie dust." Was the only answer Sidney gave him, it was the same one Judith had used on him when she had first showed him what her magic could do. Sikes reminded him of himself, in a way. They weren't the same, Sidney could tell that the darkness Sikes held in his heart and the shadows in his own were very different. They're weren't like other people, stuck on their own wavelengths where several others shared the one. The brunette decided that he liked the new guy, and that he would fit right in with the rest of the wonderful Amaranth members.

He only nodded politely when the guild master greeted them, someone else took away his attention from speaking. "Way to wake me up guys, I appreciate it." He smiled sheepishly. Amaya's blunt words were strangely comforting in the moment. If anyone was going to be honest with him, it was her. The boy didn't usually appreciate honesty so much, lies were just fine to him, but he'd rather her be truthful towards him during their task. Lest he screwed up, and put more danger on their shoulders. "Thank you." A hint of red rose across his cheeks, clashing with the purple that stained it. It was nice that Izzy had found some cheer in his stuffed crusade, sometimes he felt like she wasn't happy enough. Perhaps it was the heavy responsibility of being a high-ranked mage, always looking out for those weaker than her? Out of all the stories of knights and lone warriors that rescued princesses he had heard over the years, no one seemed more like a hero than Issabella did. And heros always held a specific kind of worry in their spirit.

While their leader was gone Sidney used his magic to call back his stuffed creatures, they crawled off their posts and up his legs - and once he leaned down, his arms as well. They made their way back in his backpack, for later use, where they would remain still and lifeless. He wished they had thoughts of their own sometimes, but figured that it would be most troublesome if they did. Could you imagine a small pink elephant that walked around on his own accord? Doing what he liked, living a strange immortal life? As amusing as the thought was he couldn't imagine any good would come out of it. The creatures wold certainly upset the balance of the world.

The only one left outside the bag was the toy that Freya had in her possession, which would also become inanimate once Sidney left. She always acted happier when she was drinking her tea. For what reason, he did not know. At first he had thought the blend to be something special, a rare beverage that brought bliss to the consumers. But she drank so much of it, so surely it couldn't be such a delicacy if she drank it all the time? Sidney let go of his sweater and smoothed out the wrinkles. Perhaps he should of chosen darker colors, even if these didn't stand out too much. Hindsight was such a pesky thing sometimes.

Not much time had passed for Izzy to return back to the guild with, this time with a woman in tow. He quickly caught on that it would be her leading them to their destination, and it didn't sooth his nerves. He had wrongly assumed that they'd be taking a train, or similar transport, where he would have more time to mentally prepare. However, he accepted that it was better this way. The sooner they got there the sooner they could help; letting those people suffer for any longer would be rude of them, especially when they pleaded for help so desperately.

Sidney watched as Izzy walked over to Freya, suddenly curious, later replaced with shock as she slid down the other woman's underwear in one swift movement. "It's a good look." She repeated his words from earlier, but he hardly heard them, caught up in the surprise and comedy of the situation. As she wrapped an arm around them he had to stifle his laughter with his hand. Well, Freya had literally asked that of them earlier, looks like she got her wish.

All too soon his organs felt like they were being shrunken and darkness surrounded his eyes. Sidney knew that the teleportation was going by rather quickly, yet every moment of it passed by so slowly to him. Being caught in the compression of space itself was nothing pleasant, existing in a plane that was neither reality or celestial didn't sit well with him. It felt like two pieces of metal was coming down on either side of his head, pressing together with enough pressure to make him explode. Sound rushed through his ears, but he heard nothing at all, and their brief stay in a void left him dazed, and with the beginning of a headache.

An image surrounded them once again, their travel feeling like it took both hours and seconds, and he inhaled a good amount of oxygen into his lungs. Evicting the air made him feel solid once more, but he let his fingernails dig into the palms of his hand to check if he really was real. "Wha-What just happened?" It was only then that Sidney really took a look at the environment around them. Trees circled them, each large and ancient, he had the feeling that this forest wasn't touched by humans very often. He knew the others were with them, but didn't bother looking at them. Instead his pupils targeted the sights around him, drinking the scene in, and let himself slip away as he studied the groves of the trees and the drifting, falling leaves.


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#, as written by Fencer
Before he knew he was in a place completely different to the bar area within the Guild, for a moment he thought that maybe was sleeping and it was a dream but he had never dreamed something like that before, the boy looked around and saw team established to fullfill the mission of some of them as confused as him for the sudden change of environment, Browen was too focused on his music to realize what had happened before coming to this place.

Perhaps the S rank mage knew some magic capable of transport the group to the point where they would begin the mission which was a relief, Browen feared having to go flying or by train, one was too tiring and he had no money for the other, the boy breathe deeply several times, it was showtime and he couldn't afford to let his delayed reactions endanger his teammates that's why in the risky missions he used that kind of self hipnosis,with his eyes still closed the young mage used Wind Magic to soar through the skies, when reached the sky above his blue eyes found a mining town, at least so it seemed to Browen, the streets were empty with the exception of some suspicious-looking guys and others few who seemed nervous and scared, the wind dropped his hat, "Gravity Pull" he said quickly and the hat went back to his hand.

The blue haired boy descended where the group was, Browen adjusted the guitar on his back and his hat on his head, "It seems that the mission is real" he said, in his mind there was a possibility of a bad joke, then he informed what he saw from the height "There are some people don't seem to belong to the town and a few people are extremely scared, Any idea how to enter without attracting attention?" Browen don't know the details of the mission, he just knew there were hostages in a village and a dark guild, being honest the boy hoped they could save the hostages without involving in a large scale with the Dark Guild but wasn't so naive to believe that would happen, he sighed and prepared for the worst possible outcome.


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Village of Umi

"Why in Hell is it sunny?" Ravenna grunted, scrutinising the sun as if it were a deformed toddler as she shielded her gaze with her hand. She heard a groan and flicked her eyes briefly to the ground to find the Kiev doubled over. She raised a brow before returning her gaze to the stupid sky - who gave it permission to be blue? Certainly not her.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!" Why would I want to touch a lady-man? "Let's get this over with," he said, rising to his feet.

With one brow raised, Ravenna put a comforting but immensely chilling hand on Kiev's shoulder. Patting his back, Ravenna nodded in understanding. "Period cramps, huh?"

"Pssst," whispered a young voice. "Pssst." Ravenna rolled her eyes, slapped a worried look on her face before turning to face the little boy - who was eight or nine years old - with short brown hair. "Come, come," he called 'quietly.' The entire world can hear your 'whispering,' dumb ass. Ravenna made a show of looking left and right before she tip-toed like a ninja over to the boy. Diving behind the bush the boy was currently hidden amongst, Ravenna rolled expertly onto her feet. If she was going to convince everyone she was a Chicken-Liver, she'd have to act like one.

Bowing, Ravenna painted a practised smile on her face - her eyes tended to give her away, though. Having a permanently tragic glaze to them but she could've been sad for many reasons. Like the malady of the villagers. Oh, yes, of course she cared. "How may we be of service, m'lord?" she asked, forcing the sarcasm from her voice.

The small boy giggled, muffling his sounds with his hand. Then, his eyes widened as he grabbed Crimson Blade's master's and began to run. It was awkward - running in the hands of someone half your size. Stumbling initially, Ravenna finally managed to run relatively normally, if rather bent over. It was terribly uncomfortable - oh woe is me, she thought with another one of her terribly popular eye-rolls. They stopped at a medium-sized hut, after the kid stopped and looked around for his captors, she assumed, several times. The boy put a finger to his lips and Ravenna nodded solemnly, resisting the urge to roll her eyes, again. You're the loud one, little muffin-top. Yes, Muffin would be his name. Muffin nudged the door open and quickly ran in, gesturing widely for everyone else to do the same. No, kid. We're just going to stand out here and sun tan.

An old woman sat hunched over a baby that was cradled in her arms as the door shut quietly behind them. The hut was filled with old people and children - the people who couldn't work in the mines as well as the adults, she supposed. It smelled of new life and death. She hated the smell of new life.

The old woman who'd been cradling the baby ran over to Ravenna - well, hobbled, which was basically old-people running. "You must be the help," she said, the relief apparent in her voice. "Thank the Heavens!" Ravenna's right eye twitched a little at the mention of 'Heavens' - 'no, I am from hell,' she wished to say but did not. They probably didn't use sarcasm in outback Fiorre - or wherever they were - not that she would've been being sarcastic, of course.

"Yes. We are Carrot Blade," Ravenna said with the best poker face the world had ever seen. "We are here to assist you in your troubles for we are kind Samaritans. We do not care for the mystical crystal you hold in your village - oh no. We are good to dog people."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," murmured the entire room. Shut up, shut up, shut up, Ravenna sing-songed in her head. "We are in desperate need of your help," the old woman continued. "Seven Virtues took my kids and all these children's parents. They're treating them like slaves!" Ravenna narrowed her eyes a fraction of a millimetre at the mention of the word. "You have to help us. We don't know what to do."

"Do not worry, wrinkled woman. We will free your people," Ravenna declared. Maybe. "Just point us in the direction of the mines that hold Aozora."

"Oh! I forgot to introduce everyone!" Oh no... OOooohhh no. "I'm Margaret. That's Lenny," she said, gesturing toward the little boy who'd brought them here. "This is Kathy," she introduced, looking down at the newborn in her arms. Fascinating - absolutely fascinating. They bothered to name it. After a million other names, Ravenna just about forgot them all as she kept an interested gaze and smile on her face.

"We must leave before your family dies," Ravenna announced, rushing out of the hut. "Farewell, my friends!"


She didn't glance behind her to see if her Crimson Blades had followed - she knew they would, assumed they would. Pressing her back against a particularly humongous tree, Ravenna sliced her wrist open with the small dagger she kept under her sleeve. "Illisia," she whispered and an rippling veil fell over everyone in her group, rendering them invisible. They would still be able to be touched but they would not be seen. Ravenna hoped the veils would last long enough for-


They would certainly run into them some time or if they didn't, Ravenna was always one to prefer being safe than sorry. Her bloodied wrist would attract too many questions should it be seen and she couldn't heal it now because she had to continuously offer the Demons blood for her spell to stay in place. Although, if asked, she'd say she was a depressed teenager with daddy issues. Her concentration flickering, the spell began to fade; her blood no longer evaporating into thin air like fireflies into night. Vaguely moving her hand towards a random person - Murmur in this case - she slapped her wrist into his mouth. Her blood did not taste like blood - being not quite blood. It flowed like warm honey and tasted like it, too, with saccharine vanilla undertones and a bittersweet aftertaste; smelling faintly of sugared roses and jasmines. It gave those who drank it strength and power but she never offered her blood. As far as she was concerned, it was hers and not some rare delicacy but it'd be a waste to let it drip tastelessly into the dirt. Using her teeth, Ravenna lifted up her sleeve and pulled an aqua coloured cloth from the inside lining like she'd done so so many times before. Somehow managing to wrap it around her wrist, Ravenna tied a knot with her tongue and tugged at the cloth to tighten it. It was a special cloth that Naciel had had made for her, it would keep her blood flowing for her offering without allowing the blood would show through.

Straightening her clothes, Ravenna checked her hands and everyone else's - her spell was solidly invisible once again. She turned towards Amaranth and analysed the competition. She spotted Issabella Carrington the Reaper immediately. If her skimpily dressed body wasn't enough indication, her red and green flame was. What was it? Christmas? The size of her flame was equal to K'brak's and Murmur's but whilst her flame shone with a purity, Murmur's was rather dark. K'brak's was just weird. The next person she noticed was the little girl covered in paint. Apparently she missed the memo of it being art class. From the crazed-dazed look on his face and his terrible taste in fashion, Ravenna gathered that he used Doll Play Magic or was a particularly weird pedophile. The next was a red-haired girl and with her knowledge of Amaranth, she would either be Wraith or the lady who, apparently, cooked like a Goddess. She hoped she was the latter because now that Ravenna thought about it - she was hungry. The next was a boy with blue hair whom, other than his hair colour, looked nothing like Murmur. She had no idea who he was but he looked like a tree and so that would be his name. The last was a dark hair that she didn't recognise - Another Liver would be his name.

'Come,' she ordered her Blades telepathically, gesturing towards the mines as a war general would. Except instead of code words, all she ever said was 'Come,' they weren't worth any more effort than that. Stepping soundlessly, Ravenna moved toward the entrance of the deep mines - closer to Aozora, to Blue Skies.


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Amaya Tanaka

Amaya was able to let out a peel of laughter at Izzy's trick on Freya. Well, the girl had asked for it! Her chuckles broke off as the S-Mage shoved their mission group into a tight cluster- then suddenly the red head was struck with a gut wrenching feeling. Before she was forced to close her eyes from the spinning sensations, she glimpsed the scene around them close like that of a zipper being pulled shut. Amaya had experienced this before.
Of course Issabella would have teleportation hidden somewhere up her sleeve. Of course.

As soon as she felt the air stopped spinning, Amaya detached herself from the others to lean against a tree and heave air, not liking how the Teleportation was sitting with her alcohol.
"Glory, Izzy, warn us next time, yeah?" She complained, probing her dry mouth with her tongue then spitting into the trees. She turned back to the others, eyes blinking fast in annoyance, a quirk she didn't realize she had but everyone else did. She saw Browen take off into the air using some form of his magic and decided to wait to pose her questions until after he returned.

Instead she turned to the new boy- maybe his name was Spike!- who was wondering around in shock. "Wha-What just happened?"

Amaya sauntered over, enjoying knowing something he didn't, slinging her arm across his shoulder. "Well newbie Spike, , Izzy here is a special little mage, mkay? She can copy other people's magic when she needs it- and I'm guessing she duplicated our guilds neighbors magic," She raised a quizzical eyebrow at Izzy. "Am I right?"

Browen was soon descending back into the group, so Amaya plopped down onto the forest floor in the midst of them, crossing her legs out in front of her.

"There are some people don't seem to belong to the town and a few people are extremely scared, Any idea how to enter without attracting attention?"

Amaya glanced up at Izzy, guessing the S mage was probably going to take leadership. After all, she was stronger and more experienced. But before she could, Amaya decided to add her input. That way, she could sit back and take orders, being satisfied she'd contributed.

"We should probably get closer and stake out who the enemies are before we create any plan of attack, no? It'd be bad to march in outmatched," She glanced back to Izzy for approval.
"Also, if it's a mining town, theres probably two main exit slash entrances to the town. One towards the mine and one the opposite. I'd say a distraction by one entrance could open the way for a recovery team." She paused. "Or, we could even split into two teams, one to get the stone, one for the villagers."

She shrugged then popped open the cork on the wine bottle she'd pocketed on her way out, taking a decent sized sip, but not over doing it. Oh how she envied Freya and her ability to never get drunk. That or she was always drunk, but hey, either way.

She reclined onto the light pine needle and leaves covering of the ground, taking another sip. This didn't seem to be to hard of a mission.
Recover the kidnapped villagers and maybe get their hands on a powerful gem? Piece of cake.
Well, of course there was the minor block of Sevem Virtues, the rumored powerful guild of only seven members, each at least an S-rank or higher powered. They might serve a bit of a problem, depending how many had decided to make an appearance in Umi. Enough at least to over see the villagers and the mine, so maybe three or four.

Amaya looked at every member of the entourage in turn.
Izzy was more then capable. Spikes, well, he seemed to be a decent practicer of shadow magic if her own skills were anything to judge by. Sidney, well, Amaya wouldn't dwell into her concern about Sidney, she just hoped he'd learn from this. And Browen, well if he focused he'd be fine.

All in all, she couldn't wait for action.
Speaking if which-

Amaya cocked up slightly. She had the distinct impression someone was watching them.


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His state of confusion was settled when the red haired girl called Amaya suddenly placed her arm over his shoulder, as she explained to him. "Well newbie Spike, , Izzy here is a special little mage, mkay? She can copy other people's magic when she needs it- and I'm guessing she duplicated our guilds neighbors magic," Sikes looks at her with an annoyed look on his face as he replies back. "My name is SIKES."

Looking over at Izzy, after getting the explanation of her magic, he starts to see her with awe. "That's pretty cool. So you can do almost any magic?" But his question planned list of questions was interrupted by Browen floating down, almost missing the fact that he floated up just a bit before. "There are some people don't seem to belong to the town and a few people are extremely scared, Any idea how to enter without attracting attention?" After that Amaya started speaking about a plan of action.

"We should probably get closer and stake out who the enemies are before we create any plan of attack, no? It'd be bad to march in outmatched. Also, if it's a mining town, theres probably two main exit slash entrances to the town. One towards the mine and one the opposite. I'd say a distraction by one entrance could open the way for a recovery team or, we could even split into two teams, one to get the stone, one for the villagers." With what he understood, a town was held hostage, there was a mine with special rocks, and bad guys behind it all. The plan, from the looks of it as well, was one team to go to town and the other to go to the mine. A mine meant caves, and caves meant dark. Connecting those dots in his head, he suddenly gives a snap of his fingers at an idea of where he can go. "If one group goes to the mine, I'll be part of it!" He tells them with a grin as he lifts his hand to point at his eyes and his nose. "I can see perfectly in the dark and have a great sense of smell. I can easily find my way though there."

It was then that he smelt something, a scent that felt a bit odd. Sniffing the air as he suddenly looked in a direction, his expression got a bit serious for a moment. " almost smelled like there were others nearby..." But because he didn't recognize the scent, he just took it as a normal scent in the area and turned back to the others. "Anyway, you can't count on my for the "Mine Squad"." He grins, feeling himself to be useful to the group.


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(Village of Umi)

October 16th


The teleportation had been a bit rougher than she anticipated. The shopkeeper next door had the magic capacity and skill of an A ranked mage, however, it was possibly because she had never teleported more than herself that it ended up harsher this time. She had teleported them into a forest like area, which she knew to be next to the town, thanks to her ability to see memories of those whose magic she had copied. Had she chosen to go into town directly, they had the possibility of landing in the middle of the commotion. Copy magic only lasted so long, five minutes to be exact. She always looked at it as a positive and a negative at the same time. She didn't like staying away from her own magic for too long, but sometimes she wished she could stay in the mindset of those which she copied, having the knowledge they had.

When she looked around her, she noticed Sidney. Sidney was staring off into space, observing and studying the scenery. He looked so dangerously innocent with chalked smeared all over his face, innocent. And he wasn't focusing, unlike Browen who had taken to the air using wind magic. She hoped he wouldn't do this throughout the mission. This was just how Sidney was, but this wasn't the time or place. "Sidney, I need you to focus, please." she said softly. From behind she could hear Amaya complaining about the transport, and explaining to Sikes what had just happened. She picked up easily on the copy magic, Amaya had such potential. "Yes, copy magic, It allows me to copy people's magic and appearance, I am also able to see any knowledge and memories they have within that time period." she made sure to say this to them through telepathy. That was an ability she tried so desperately to hide.

"There are some people who don't seem to belong to the town and a few people are extremely scared, Any idea how to enter without attracting attention?" Browen said as he returned to the ground. It was a bit of a predicament, they more or less could not get to the area they had to be without getting noticed by a number of people, if not everyone on the way. Shadow magic would be used to hide oneself, but she doubted it could be very convincing with so many people. She saw Amaya glance up at her, figuring that was her way of waiting for some kind of direction, without actually having asked for it. "We should probably get closer and stake out who the enemies are before we create any plan of attack, no? It'd be bad to march in outmatched," She glanced back at her again, Izzy was not used to this kind of situation, but she had people relying on her and people that she needed to protect, and people to rescue. She would have to manage.
"Also, if it's a mining town, there's probably two main exit slash entrances to the town. One towards the mine and one the opposite. I'd say a distraction by one entrance could open the way for a recovery team." She paused. "Or, we could even split into two teams, one to get the stone, one for the villagers."

Split into two teams. It was the logical thing to do. Logical...but she didn't want to. She glanced over to Sidney, even with anyone on this team paired with him, had they run into any of the Seven Virtues she doubted he would come back unscathed. You would think that there were two entrances or exits, however, that is not the case. It is also probably why so few escaped in the first place. Our priority is not to retrieve the stone at this moment, while we can split into two teams we do not know what we are up against, it may not be too wise until we are sure." She made sure only to speak with telepathy, one never knew of there was someone around who could overhear your conversation. Izzy had to stop treating the people around her like they could not take care of themselves, or they would never get anywhere. They mission did not state how many of the Seven Virtues were here, but she had to assume there were several.

Izzy caught sight of Amaya, who seemed to respond to the same thing she did. She heard not only movement but voices, none of them familiar. They were close, but seemed to be getting more and more distant. Because she could hear them, she had to assume they had in turn been seen, especially since Browen took to the air - which was an extremely rookie move on his part. At least, when you were trying to do anything stealthy in manner. The element of surprise had been lost, splitting into two teams at this moment was out of the question, at least until they cleared some sort of path to the mine. Browen said he saw individuals which did not seem to fit in with the rest, the Seven Virtues perhaps? "We can't stake anyone out now, we have to assume we have been seen, perhaps heard." Izzy caught a whiff of a very floral scent, it was very faint, though different from the delicate fragrance the surrounding plant life had been giving.

As if her armor had heard her thoughts, she was requiped into her Ethereal Armor. It was an armor that provided no defense, but gave the gift of flight, speed, and depth of field. Her armor sent of hundreds of pixelated squares, which disappeared into the air. The edge of her armor itself looked pixelated. Her armor was unique to other armors requip wizards had, it worked on its own accord but was also synchronized with her thoughts. She took several steps forward and positioned herself to see between the gap in the trees. She could now see the town laid out in front of her, but there was one problem, she didn't see anyone. She did catch sight of several individuals, whom Browen must have spoken of, and several towns people which coward in against the walls of buildings, and at the feet of said individuals. But that floral scent was now gone, therefor so was the person it belonged to. Gone from sight, at least. In the distance, she saw a what appeared to be the mine, the mine would be their ultimate destination after securing the towns people. She guessed that the floral scent had disappeared into the mine. They were more or less closer to the jewel, she wondered if any of the towns people were inside. If any miners had been held hostage there. Any commotion from fighting the people outside, would attract those within the mine - should they want to show themselves.

"Whoever it is is going straight for the Aozora. I cannot be certain they are alone, I was unable to see them. We have to make the assumption there are more. In the distance was a male, blonde hair, she had to guess some age in his twenties. He was in the middle of the few villagers which were out in the open, or cowaring by any nearby building. While she didn't catch his words, he appeared to be threatening anyone and everyone that moved. A few people. appeared injured, the picture she painted in her head was that some people were brave enough to try and attack him head on and he had bested them. "If one group goes to the mine, I'll be part of it!" Sikes shouted as he lifted his hand to pointed at his eyes and his nose. "I can see perfectly in the dark and have a great sense of smell. I can easily find my way though there." Surely he would be the one to rely on within the dark, she was unsure about Amaya in that aspect, thought their magic was somewhat similar - at least the magic she knew of.

Izzy hadn't taken her eyes off of the male, and it seemed they were spotted from the enthusiastic shouting of her teammate. "Anyway, you can't count on my for the "Mine Squad"." he continued. So much, there was so much that they had done wrong already. However, being spotted was among one of the worst things that could have happened, inevitably, they might have to split up. However, it would be more in their favor to do so after the blonde wizard was defeated, leaving him to anyone within this team was not in her agenda. "Just ahead is one of the Seven Virtues, I think perhaps they also split up, one is keeping the villagers here while another - or more, are in the mine." Izzys armor then changed to her stealth armor, as more pixels flew wildly from the original swap between armors. The male looked in her direction, catching sight of all of them, he hurled a fireball their way. "Look out!" Acting fast, she grabbed Sidney and his spacey self, and dodged the fire. As she did so her armor changed to burning stars armor as if anticipating to be hit. When she let go of him, it seemed the others had avoided the attack as well. "We don't have time to plan anything anymore." she thought to them, as she looked over the area of ash which they currently stood, the rest of it set aflame.

She tried to think out the best pairings, but there was no denying the fact almost everyone here was outranked. It was true that that didn't always have to do with magical power - but where to put Sidney. If he was with her, she could defend him, perhaps. With the team outside the mine, he could be of help and rescue the others assuming his team held their own. Assuming. She didn't like assuming. Amaya and Sikes were useless on the same team so they would need to be split up, Browen was capable of both offensive and defensive support magic. If they all stayed together, the Aozora could dissapear and those in the mine could lose their lives. "Amaya, your team needs to stay out here and rescue the villagers, if anything buy us time until we get back with that wizard out there." It hurt her to say those words, to leave them, she took one last painful look at Sidney. "I will keep the telepathy link open, we may all speak amongst each other. Alright Sikes, lets go." Large black wings appeared on Issabella, "Sikes, we're headed into the mine, I'll maneuver us around and when we get in there you're my eyes, ready or not, here we go."


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Murmur Burns
(Village of Umi)

It was all going well, they had made it to Umi without attracting the wrong type of people to them. The villagers already trusted them, under the wrong impression that they were the protagonists in this setting, and Ravenna was working hard to make sure her plan had moved smoothy, using her magic to make the invisible. When she shoved her wrist into his mouth he had licked her wound, if only to see her squirm a bit. Doing so was starting to turn into a routine, and it was not necessarily a wise one. Her blood tasted odd, more like sweet food than what carried oxygen throughout the body. More important than that was the strength it would bring him, and he was truly a greedy person at heart.

Without her body distracting him he was left to study their competition; Amaranth. There was The Reaper, or Issabella Carrington. Such a person was both exciting and concerning. She was strong, but troublesome, smart, and he hoped she wouldn't catch onto who they were so quickly, if at all. If it came to the worst of it they would have to wipe Amaranth away too. Then there was the Wraith, Amaya Tanaka, who's dark based magic shouldn't be a match for Zangreus. There was Browen Northwind, who didn't threaten Murmur in the slightest, though he wouldn't overlook his presence and abilities, and there was also a person he didn't recognize. A black haired boy who must of been new to Amaranth, as he had at least a little information on all their members.

But out of all these mages, his eyes focused on one. A brown haired kid who had a paper thin body, Sidney Allen, none other than his loyal informant. Murmur's eyes narrowed, the action going unnoticed by him. What was he doing here? The boy's magic was too weak, nothing special, and his mental and physical state wasn't anything to boast about either. He would be in danger here, there was no doubt about it, and he really didn't like what was his to be damaged, or permanently broken.

From there their situation started to become less than ideal to him. Murmur looked between the members of their team. Kiev obviously wasn't at his prime, there was something wrong. Was he sick? He didn't doubt that he couldn't hold up his own during the mission, but one did not underestimate the power of infection. There was a reason why pestilence was a sign of the apocalypse, it could take down even the strongest of men, and though Kiev was more than exceptional - he wasn't one of them.

He wasn't worried for Kiev himself though, but his ability, and what burden he would turn into if his illness did more than persist. He had grown fond of the man, though he had long ago stopped looking at people with what could be considered true companionship. If anything, people were tools, and too often they were less than that. But Murmur was happy to play the role of a concerned friend, and laid a hand on the other man's shoulder momentarily. The action that could be considered comforting or worried didn't last long, as his hand soon returned to his side.

Murmur always looked after his team, he never wished them to be hurt, but keeping an eye out for all of them would prove to be difficult. Though in this case Kiev was more or less impaired, and they were under Ravenna's strict orders to protect Melinoe, though he personally had a little more faith in her than that. There was also Zangreus, who he didn't have much work experience with, and not knowing exactly what to expect out of him was unsettling. Along with this there was Ravenna, who didn't need taking care of, yet he would look over her regardless as she was such a rash human being. Then there was Sidney, his connection to Amaranth - who gave surprisingly good reports, especially when Murmur convinced him to sneak around and read important documents. He couldn't let his little pet get hurt, but if he acted recklessly that connection would be severed. If that was the case, he'd have to end the young Allen's life himself, which he didn't necessarily want to do.

'Come,' This wasn't out of his ability range though, he could handle it, and Murmur wordlessly followed their leader towards the mines. Thanks to her spell they weren't seen by anyone else, but they could see just fine. His eyes landed on a girl, lounging on a large boulder at the entrance of the mine. She didn't look very old, maybe sixteen at the oldest, if her looks were deceiving. There were people walking in and out of the mine, and only a few looked at her, the rest focusing their fearful gazes to the ground.

So this was one of the feared members of Seven Virtues, just a child. He knew they had a specific rank, going from strongest to weakest, and automatically assumed that she was near the bottom, if not the weakest of the seven. There was a long, dark sword in her hand, and he could sense there was something off about it. The people who dared look at her moved their line of vision to her, towards the sword, as if it had personally offended them. Murmur glanced over to Ravenna, then to the mine. They certainly couldn't slip in without being noticed, even when invisible, as someone could easily run into them and break the illusion. That would leave them with the underhand. No, he looked back over to the girl, if they used the element of surprise getting rid of her should be easy enough.

(Village of Umi - Mines)

She was small, short, but anyone believing her to be weak would meet an unfortunate end. The girl brushed her short blonde hair back, a trait shared amongst her master, and most of her siblings. Only the odd ones deviated from the patter. Honestly, the twins presence upset her, there was just something about them that made them different from the rest of them. Industria leaned back, but she wasn't around them right now, they were busy on another mission, something to do with a dark guild that had yet paid their debt to them. She didn't envy them, they had to do all that fighting and work, and while she didn't mind combat she also wasn't fond of it. Around her were the poorer people of Fiore, miners, who were currently under her and her brothers control, lest they disobey and meet the consequences. This was much more preferred, she barely had to lift a finger to get them to work.

A feeling tugged at her chest, it told her of danger, Temperance was fighting an enemy right now. The girl did nothing but roll her eyes and sit back up on her boulder. "How annoying." She yawned, stretching. He could handle killing them off himself, he didn't need her help. If he did then she'd ask master personally to kill him off for being weak, pathetic scum; though she knew he would just bring him back after he died. That was even more bothersome, she wished her loud mouthed younger brother would just stay quiet. Maybe she would cut off his tongue again after he was done slaughtering the opponent. Better yet, she would tear apart his vocal cords this time, and replace them with metal shards so they could never heal.

Industria stood from her seat, tightening the grip on her sword as she did so. If there were nosy people fighting Temperance, then she had to assume that they weren't the only ones worming around. If she was attacked, she had to be ready. The girl glanced to her sword, which held the abilities of fire, lightening, ice and wind at her disposal. The blade was also changeable, being able to be made shorter, or longer, curved, spiked, anything. Electrocuting people was the easiest, it was her biased way for attacking, but she could be flexible. Anything to get rid of the opponent fast and quickly, she wasn't second to the twins power and strength for nothing. If they weren't such a unit, she was sure that she'd even be regarded as the deadliest member of Seven Virtues.

Sidney Allen
(Village of Umi)

"Sidney, I need you to focus, please." The words snapped him back to reality. A town being held hostage, and a dark guild trying to obtain a weapon that would give them great power. Right, he couldn't afford to space out anymore. Sidney forced his finger nails to dig into his palms, not hard enough to puncture the skin, but the pain helped him focus. It was more of a habit than anything, he had done the same thing when listening to the tutors his parents had hired. Only back then it was just his education that would suffer, this had not only the lives of the villagers at stake, but the lives of his team mates, and his own life being threatened as well.

The people around him began discussing a battle plan; what would be the best course of action? It was clear that they needed the villagers to evacuate, get them out of here safety, because once a fight burst out then there was no guarantee that bystanders wouldn't be hurt in the crossfire. The thought of someone getting hurt if they weren't successful settled into his stomach, making him feel sick. On the other hand they couldn't let Seven Virtues get Aozora either, because once they had it the chance of defeating them plummeted. It was one thing to fight against a small number of high ranked mages, but with their abilities along with the one from a legend, it may as well be nearly if not completely impossible to defeat them. Either way, Sidney kept quiet, assuming it would be better to let those more experienced handle this.

"Our priority is not to retrieve the stone at this moment, while we can split into two teams we do not know what we are up against, it may not be too wise until we are sure." Izzy's voice echoed in his head, the word burning into his mind. Telepathy was still an odd thing, it worried him that she could dig into his mind, and such concerns mirrored on his face. It was the sensible thing for her to do, and Sidney was almost positive that she wouldn't do such a thing even if she could, so he bit down on the inside of his cheek to keep his mind at what was happening around him - not on his own insecurities.

He watched as their leader changed her armor, his mind automatically counting the pixelated squares that surrounded her. She was looking past the trees, and Sidney gripped onto the straps of his backpack, trying to prepare himself for any form of action. If anything, he could possibly distract an enemy, or use his magic to lead away villagers and use himself as a distraction. Though, nothing he made could stay animated at a large distance, he'd have to keep that in mind. Perhaps if he had the chance, he could even use Joffrey the red and gold lion to retrieve the Aozora, if it was ever left unattended that is.

As he was pondering, foolishly letting his attention be divided, a bring ball of flames flew towards them. For a moment Sidney had thought his feet to be sewn to the floor, yet someone had grasped him, yanked him away before the fireball could do any harm to him. "We don't have time to plan anything anymore." The words seemed far away, his heart was pounding and blood roared in his ears. He clutched onto the the skirt of Izzy's armor, it being the closet thing to him, and his knuckled turned white. Breath. Inhale, exhale; he couched himself mentally, the worst thing he could do is fall apart so quickly.

The boy was able to get himself together rather quickly, the attack had been a surprise, but it wasn't the worst that could happen. The adrenaline moving through his body would help him stay alert, especially when it increased later. "Amaya, your team needs to stay out here and rescue the villagers, if anything buy us time until we get back with that wizard out there." Izzy was looking at him again, her expression and body language was painful, as if she wasn't confident in her decision, always worrying. His eyebrows furrowed, his hands let go of her skirt, all that worrying was starting to rub off on him.

Brilliant black wings sprouted from her back, he took a few paces away from her as she spoke more orders. They would be fine as long as they listened to her, right? It was hard to think otherwise, in his eyes she was nearly idolized. She was leaving now, both her and Sikes, to the mine, even though she didn't know who or what waited there. The situation was complicated, but he could describe it in one simple word - scary. "Be safe." Sidney finally spoke, despite the words not being in anyway useful. To him it was admitting that he was worried as well, and that he wanted to see them again in one piece.

In the background there was approaching footsteps, moving closer and closer to where they stood. The figure had decided that they would check out the disturbed area, where pesky insects were loitering around. Besides, the villagers would not dare try to escape, or run away, by now they were too afraid to. Fire was sparking from his fingertips, he would let himself have a little fun with this, as there was nothing more exciting than seeing the life being burned from another person's eyes.

Though such sounds were not heard by Sidney, too focused on the splitting of the two teams. He could feel his magic, ready to be pulled or tugged at any moment, every bit of it under his skin. Its full potential was yet to be obtained, but he was prepared to move, and do what he could to help the others. His teeth stopped biting down on his cheek, leaving a slight taste of copper in his mouth. He would do all he could to help, even if it put his own well being at risk. After all, it was better him than anyone else.