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H'Mong Loor Halibatore

"We may be on different sides, and I may not be as good as you are but we are still brothers" [UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION]

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a character in “The New Mage Guild: Amaranth”, as played by The Black Death


H'Mong Loor Halibatore: H'Mong, 24 Male
The gentle swordsman, _ A Rank Amaranth Member

~ Physical Info ~


On his right palm

~ Mentality ~

{Likes} {Dislikes}
o Amaranth Crimson Blade x
o Peace Violence x
o Playing flute Loud noises x
o K'brak Their current situation x
o Helping others Doing things against his mortal code x
o Fresh air Smoke x

{Quirks} {Phobias}
% Stuttering when talking to females (...except little girls) Fire @
% Brother Complex Worms @
% Late to everything... at least 3 hours

~ Ability Statistics ~

Healing (ability) ~ Ice Manipulation (spells) ~

{Signature Spell}
Eis Schwert: - (Ice sword) creating a sword out of ice and water in the air.

{Spell List}
~Eingefroren (Frozen): Freezing an enemy on the spot
~Tanzende Puppe (dancing doll): Making an ice figure move
~Heiliger Schild (Holy shield): Creating a shield made out of ice
~Gewitter (Storm): Creating an ice storm

{Non-magic Skills}
# Swordsmanship (especially with a katana)
# Playing with the flute
# Good memory

~ Personal Background ~

To say H'mong had a hard childhood would be a bit of an understatement. His childhood was filled with pain, tears and hardships. K'brak and his elder brother - H'Mong used to live in a mountainous area, hence the strange name. They lived with their parents and they had had a happy life, no matter how poor they were. In fact, H'Mong and K'Brak's family was one of the poorest family of the whole village which was also dirt poor. Every day, the brothers went to the field with their parents and helped them with their works, never allowed themselves to whine or complain because they knew their parents had already tried their best. When they were younger, K'Brak was always a bit more violent when it came to deal with things than H'Mong - a thing that would cause them to break their brothership years later. The real tragedy didn't start until H'Mong was 7 and K'Brak was 5. The boys were just on their way home after selling the nearby merchants when they saw 'it'. K'Brak wasn't even be able to call the event by its name after all those years. Their house - which took almost every last cent of their parents to build - was burning. The fires that they had seen was also the fire that K'Brak, until now, still believes to have burned down their family's happiness. H'mong, on the other hand, believed that the fire was a challenge of God - a challenge that he had failed. He blamed himself for not strong enough to be the brother and the son that K'brak and his Father needed.

The event had caused H'Mong's and K'Brak's mother - a sickly woman who got sicked every two months or so, died. The glue that stuck everyone was dead. Everything suddenly fell apart. H'Mong and K'Brak didn't remember much about that day apart from the red fire consuming everything, their father's hysteric cries and their mother's agony last scream. H'Mong and K'Brak lost everything that day and in a way, they lost their father that day, too. The poor farmer was broken because of his wife's death and abandoned everything, even his sons, in favor of drowning himself in his own grief. He drunk and drunk, leaving the boys to tend for themselves, to earn money in every way they could think of and even sometimes, they had to steal when they had gone without food for too long. Once in a while, when their Father wasn't drunk, he apologized to H'Mong and K'Brak and begged for their forgiveness. They did almost believe him. However, the next day, everything turned back into how it was again, leaving the young brothers broken bits by bits. Thankfully, their father didn't beat them when he was drunk.


H'mong, being the gentler of the two, was doing his best to mend their shattered bounds. He wanted his family back. He wanted K'brak to be happy and for his father to come back home, smiling after a hardworking day. So, he tried to work really hard, struggling to earn every cent. He wanted to do a job that could earn a lot of money so that his brother could continue his study and fulfill his dreams. H'mong stopped going to school and just worked on the field, ignoring K'brak's protests and would always tell his brother that "Your responsibility is to study to become the best mage ever to help our family and my responsibility is to help you that. That is what brothers are for, right?" 6 years had passed somewhat... peacefully.

Once again, K'Brak's hope was shattered into pieces when he and his brother came home like 'that' day, completely unaware of the sheer terror that would forever haunt their sleeps. Even though there was no fire, K'Brak could tell that something was seriously wrong. It was all too quiet. Breaking into a run, K'Brak ran straight to his home, his brother followed closely behind. There, in their house, was a robber - a scrawny man with a knife and was looking shocked as if he couldn't believe what he had done. On the floor laid H'Mong's and K'Brak's father, his chest was covered with crimson blood. Like something had been destroyed in the young boys' minds, H'Mong, always the gentler one, knelt down on the floor, tears ran down his dirty cheeks. K'Brak, on the other hand, reacted exactly opposite to his brother, who was still in too much shocked that he couldn't even react to the scene. The younger boy sprang into actions, tackling the robber into the ground, punching, kicking and screaming at him. "I will make you pay, you piece of shit" the eleven-year-old boy said and before he could do anything more dramatic, the robber broke free and ran away in fear, still with a black eye and bleeding lips.

When K'Brak attempted to run after the man, H'Mong suddenly snapped out of his daze. He said to K'Brak urgently "Wait here and tend to father. I will chase after him.". K'Brak had almost rejected H'Mong but decided against it at the last second and just nodded. How H'Mong wished K'Brak would have just come with him that day. It was the final step that made the brothers go to different paths. H'mong ran after the man, finally arrived at a small, much smaller than the Halibatore's house. Stepping inside, he was met with a sight that brought tears to his eyes. Inside the tiny house was a father with 4 small children. The man was depressingly trying to feed a girl much much younger than K'brak with tears in his eyes. "Please don't capture me yet, kind boy." The man begged "Please let me feed my dying daughter and then I will go with you willingly. Please, she hasn't eaten anything for almost a week..." Tears fell from his eyes as H'mong saw how skinny the girl was and how lucky he was. Silently, H'mong left the house to come back to his brother.

"Just let that robber alone, K'Brak. He's not worth it" H'Mong finally said sadly and K'Brak felt like he was about to explode. Let go? That bastard had just killed their father! "What did that bastard do to you, H'Mong? Has he given you money? How could you?" K'Brak exploded, grasping and shaking H'Mong violently. "He was like us, alright?!!" H'Mong yelled "He had his own kids and they are about to die because of hunger... I-I can't let you do this, K'Brak! H-He stole because it was the last thing he could think of! He d-didn't mean to k-k-do that!" H'Mong sobbed and K'Brak stared at his brother in disbelief before it changed into rage and hatred "You coward!" He spat out and whispered in H'Mong's ears "Tell that to our dead father..." H'Mong flinched but K'Brak didn't regret his words. Gripping the nearest kitchen knife he could find, he tucked it firmly underneath his clothes and put some old clothes into a small bag, hastily tightened it and walked out. "Stop, K'Brak" H'Mong pleaded, his eyes were red from all the crying he had done "Please stop it, K'Brak. Please, you will regret it... please, I don't want you to stain your hands with someone else 's blood."

K'Brak whispered, his voice hardened "Let go, brother. If you continue to stop me from doing this. We will no longer be brothers" H'Mong shook his head, whispered just as soft "I'm sorry" K'Brak yanked his brother's hand away and ran, never even once looking back. H'mong, naively believed that his brother was just being impulsive as always, let him run away so that he could clear his head. He had made his worst mistake. That night, K'brak didn't come home and H'mong didn't sleep for the entire night. The next day, however, his blood ran cold when he heard the news 'A family of 5 had been killed in a brutal way, their blood painted the wall red' The village shook with the news. Just yesterday, a man had been killed and his second son had gone missing and now another family was killed? However, the only one who knew the truth was H'mong. He had realized that K'brak was the one that created that tragedy. 'Why? Why?' He kept asking himself. H'mong kept living in the village for another six months before the loneliness overwhelmed him and he had to leave, unable to bear the pity stares from the villagers and the missing of his brother.

Leaving the village, H'mong suddenly realized there was nothing he could do. He had no money and no mean to search for his brother. He didn't even have decent clothes to wear. He came to the next town and the first thing he had seen was that the restaurant was in need of people. He tried to ask if he could help them but they thought he was a little bit too young. Depressed, H'mong decided he should tell them a part of his story, how he was trying to earn enough money to find his brother. Pitied him, the owner agreed and let him work at their restaurant as a waiter. He worked there for three years, never once complained until that day, when he met that man. He had been no one special, just another ordinary customer. He had a very nice sword though.

While serving the man, H'mong noticed that there was a beggar at the door, begging for some money. "Please help me" He said "I haven't had food for a long time, please good sir..." H'mong really did want to help that man but he held himself back, he had to earn money to search for his brother. "Here, take it all, poor man" The customer said and H'mong blinked in surprise when he saw the man had given a big money bag to the beggar. His respect for the man suddenly sky-rocketed as he noted that the man with the strange sword was a good man at heart. "Uhm, sir... this is your bill" The man blinked and searched for his money only to realize a very important fact "I...err...kinda give the poor man all my money?" H'mong blinked and before he could even digest the situation, a very apologetic man was washing the dishes with him.

"Why do you give the man all your money even when you know that you don't have enough to pay for your meal?" H'mong suddenly asked and the man laughed out loud, amused. "Listen here, kid... there is something that you need to know..." H'mong raised an eyebrow and the man gave him a grandfatherly smile "Kindness doesn't need a reason. Like I don't need a reason to be kind with you and I don't need a reason to be kind with that man." H'mong asked, confused "B-but what if the beggar lies to you and he isn't really poor? T-then..." The man chuckled and shrugged "Then what? I do not regret my actions... I follow my heart, ya know"

So begins...

H'Mong Loor Halibatore's Story


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#, as written by Eyliel
Yuliana Lumina

Yuliana ate her food slowly while watching Sidney. She was glad that he ate a bit more. She was even gladder because of the way he ate it. Unlike most people, Sidney actually appreciated the way she arranged the food on the plate, the colors that made the meal pleasing to the eye as well, not only the tongue and nose. The fact that there was at least one such person made it all worth it.
Her attention turned away from her food and her company when the Guild Master acted the way she had anticipated he would act when he received the information. He had become serious. The speech he had intended to give had probably been something frivolous. Likely about 'all the lovely ladies of Amaranth', or something. Well, it wasn't impossible that he would have been serious even without the topic of money. Yuliana spent much more time in the Guild Hall than most others, and thus she naturally spent a lot of time in the Guild Master's company as well. She couldn't help but grasp a bit of the old man's personality after a certain amount of interaction with him. He had a serious side to him as well, even though most women usually only saw the most obvious thing -his perversity.

Then again, there were exceptions who didn't seem to notice that side to him at all -one of them approaching the Guild Master soon after he had finished his speech. Freya seemed down when she spoke to Gawain -she had probably overestimated just how much of an impact her eating habits had had on the Guild's treasury. Granted, it wasn't small. The black hole within Freya's stomach swallowed an incredible amount of Jewels every time she came to the Guild, particularly during events like this feast. But she was not exactly the only big eater in the Guild. Or the only big drinker, for that matter. And the Guild did make a fair amount of money. Though Amaranth only took ten percent of the pay for the missions its members did, there were some members who did some very lucrative missions, and many members also donated more than just that ten percent to the Guild.
However, the Guild always went overboard with its festivities. Every time, the people arranging them seemed to be dead set on using up all the money that had been gathered after the last event, and this time, not only had they reached that 'goal', they had gone over it into actual debt. They hadn't settled for simple sweets to use as sacrifices to the Bottomless Pit, and had instead used expensive ingredients. They hadn't bought meat of just fine quality, but meat of the best quality available this time of the year. And instead of the usual beer, they had found rare beverages that would've brought kings to their knees from delight.
In other words, whenever there was a more expensive option available, they would choose it. And when there wasn't, they would create one. It was utterly ridiculous to spend to much on one feast.

But then again, Yuliana didn't mind in the least.
These were festivities, after all.

She was smiling from this thought when Sidney's words brought her attention back to her company. "Missions... Has your team picked anything out yet?"
Yuliana shook her head to this. "No, nothing at the moment. I've been busy with the preparations for this feast, and when we were finally done... They're both nowhere to be seen." She looked around, searching for her teammates' faces in the crowd. "I'm sure I saw both of them earlier, but now they've both gone off somewhere. Our group never seems to actually get a chance to talk with each other."
They were really a bit of an odd team. Sarah never seemed to be there when Yuliana had something to talk to her about, and Yuliana herself was completely unfit for going out on most missions, instead opting to stay and do the Guild's chores. She occasionally wondered if Gren felt held down by his two teammates.

She was about to ask Sidney's team's situation, when she suddenly heard a yell coming from the Guild's entrance. "MEAT!!" A bit startled by the sudden sound, her head reflexively turned so that she could locate the source of the disruption. But no sooner had her gaze landed on the figure standing near the doorway than that figure suddenly moved. Her eyes were a bit slow in following it as it dashed past her and leaped onto a part of the tables that still actually had some food left on it. Only after the creature had begun to devour what was in front of it could Yuliana get a good look at it.
It was a young man -probably Yuliana's age, but she had a habit of thinking of people as 'young' even if they were a couple years older than her. Though there was a fair bit of distance between them, Yuliana could still easily distinguish details on his features, thanks to her good eyesight. As the young man turned his head, looking behind himself, she also noticed his eyes -they were of a nice red, V230-S499-Y449-W220-L039-B723-7.
The newcomer's entrance had quieted the hall down for a moment, and thus Yuliana could hear his nervous words from even where she was sitting. "Um....I'm join?"
Upon hearing these words, Yuliana quickly finished what was left of her meal and turned to Sidney. "Sorry, Sidney, but I have to go. Guild work, thanks to the habits of our Master." She smiled a bit apologetically as she said this. "I hope you'll find a mission you'll like." After that, she rose up, heading out of the main area of the Guild. She went through a door on the side of the hall, entering a small corridor, and went through it into a small office -Gawain's office, officially speaking. Yuliana was a more common visitor, however. Not only did she come here regularly to clean it, but she also had to do what she was doing right now quite often.
Going straight to desk, she pulled out a certain drawer. From within, she pulled out the forms she needed. They would be the official records of the would-be Guild member. Since the newcomer was male, the Guild Master would probably not show much interest in him. After confirming that yes, he could use magic, he'd push the formalities onto someone else. Yuliana took initiative, as she had many times before, bringing the forms herself before anyone else got set into the task.

Forms in hand, Yuliana headed back for the main hall, and arrived just in time to hear Freya announce to the world that she was a cupcake. This sudden news caused a bit of confusion in Yuliana's mind.
Freya had always seemed more like a madeleine than a cupcake to her. But that was just her opinion.
Putting that aside, she also noticed two other new people in the hall, both at different entrances. One was standing near the door leading to the old basement -the Guild Master had renovated most of the place before the Guild had been established, but the basement had been left as-is. It was a person who seemed to be covered in dust. Yuliana did not recognize him. And the other person was H'Mong, standing near the entrance to the building itself. So he had finally arrived. Most of the food was already gone, though, so he was more than a bit late.


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#, as written by Layla
Freya ~ Amaranth

"Is this your zombie, your vampire, and whatever nonsense you were spewing? He's not the undead, but by the looks of it, he might be joining them soon," Izzy sighed. Freya nodded frantically, pointing at the living corpse.

"He tried to eat me!" Snapping her head around - and whipping the nearest person with her blonde hair in the process - Freya glared at H'mong, who'd only just arrived. Truly, Freya was a loveable person with very few grudges, if any at all. But she simply could not stand the presence of the purple haired mage, he reminded her too much of his brother.

"U-uhm, I'm not i-in trouble b-because I'm l-later than usual, ain't I?"

"Ooohhh, you're in so much trouble! Where in the Heavens have you been? I was almost devoured while you were asleep! In the name of pancakes, GET AN ALARM CLOCK!" Freya yelled, puffing out her cheeks and turning her entire face into a red tomato. It was unusual for Freya to be so rude and unfriendly but everyone who'd been in the guild for at least a month knew she uncharacteristically disliked H'mong.

'Freya, did you know the guild was broke? The headmaster just announced it, and asked as to go earn the guild some money,' Izzy's voice spoke in her head. Freya exhaled, pressing her tongue to her upper lip cheekily. 'Uhuh, Izzy. I gave Master Gawain some Jewels I had on hand but H'mong,' she shot a glare at her teammate, 'and I will soon go on another mission. The reward is 300,000,000 Jewels. Do you think that's enough to cover the desserts I ate today?' she thought, mouthing the words and gesturing despite them being in her head.

“Look, all of you just shut up, dammit! Where are we?! Who are you people? And if you don’t just leave Cedar alone, I’ll… I’ll… Um… Cedar, help me here!” shouted the tiny little girl.

"Ah… Hi there everybody…” the corpse spoke. It spoke!

Turning around - and whipping someone else with her hair in the process - Freya dashed at the vampire, shouting, "BANANA!!!" Leaping into the air, she curled her legs around the dead man's waist and hugged his head to her chest, very nearly toppling him over. "Oh, my poor, poor caramel headed finger food. Mommy'll take care of you," she cooed. Then, pulling back from him, she puffed her cheeks, gripped his face between her hands and narrowed her eyes before yelling, "EXCEPT YOU TRIED TO EAT ME!" Freya's lips pulled abruptly into a smile and she blew the dust from the blonde man's forehead before planting a gentle kiss on it. "You so cute, I wanna eat you too."

Looking over her shoulder - and whipping the corpse's face with her hair as she did - Freya smiled demurely at Izzy. "Can we keep it? Please? I'll take really good care of it, I promise. I'll take it out for walks, feed it, bathe it, love it, dress it up. I promise, Izzy! Pleeaasseee?" She turned around and pinched the corpse's cheeks whilst her legs were still wrapped around him, seeming to have forgotten her old fear of the undead in favour of a new toy. "Oooo, who's the cutest wittle patootie? You are! We need a name for you, don't we, little guy?" No, because it wasn't like the man was significantly taller than her or anything. "How do you like... Potato! You like that, Potato?"

Potato was a great name.

Ravenna ~ Crimson Blade

There is a place without joy. It is the end of everything. A hollowed tree filled with needles and lighters, nails and razor blades and cigarettes embedded in rotten lungs. A painting without edges, born of monsters and shards of might-have-beens. There is a place where a child used to play, a child that lasted for a billionth of a blink.

"Kaiya, right?" the young boy asks. I want to scramble away but I can't move. He will hurt me, like all the others, and I don't think I can bring myself to care. I don't think I can fight because I stopped fighting the dozenth time they hurt me.

"You should clean that," he continues, gesturing toward the jagged gaps in my back from the recent whipping. This man enjoyed the sound of crushed bones, of vicious whips unfurling in dead air, of the screams of the broken - that was all he wanted, I was lucky. "It'll fester and you'll die."

Fine, let me die.

He doesn't listen.

My curled body on the slick and sticky floors won't move and he comes closer, bending over me like all the others. But he's young and just as tainted as I am. His gentle eyes find mine and I'm ashamed of the dullness of my gaze, I'm ashamed because I'm more disgusting than he is. He doesn't seem to realise this as he takes my limp hand in his, as he rubs what looks like a bundle of dark green weeds on my wounds. I wonder how he got them but I can't be bothered to ask. Whatever he does to the pain in my back is nothing short of a miracle.

"You're not alone," he whispers and I find him close to me, yet instead of shivering fear, all I wish to do is to wrap his essence around me and bathe in it forever. He runs his fingers through my dark hair and I weep. There aren't enough oceans that can fill my pain but I weep, anyway, because that's all I wish to do right now. To be a small child for a little longer and crying is all I can think of to do. The boy pulls me gently towards him, setting my head on his lap and despite the heaviness of the chains around our ankles, I've never felt any lighter. His skin seems to cleanse my dirtiness, if only just a little. He sings a song I don't recognise and I don't think I've ever heard music before.

There is a place without joy. It is the end of everything. A broken ground where a tree used to be. Edged icicles and cracked walls, cactus floors and vertical roads, smoke-scraped paper throats. A blank canvas, dissolved by paint and the size of an atom, born of ghosts and cannot-bes. There is a place where no children play.

And then there's him.


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#, as written by Eyliel
Gawain Harlen

Soon after he had finished his speech, Gawain saw the person a part of the speech was directed to coming towards him. He felt his mood fall a bit -he had intended her to come later, in private. He should've worded it a bit more carefully. Before the Guild Master could address Freya herself, the young woman suddenly apologized and handed him a heavy pouch full of money. He didn't know the exaxt value of the notes inside, but the sheer weight of the bag made it obvious that it was quite a large amount. Freya seemed to have misunderstood. She did not owe anything. All the food had been made using the Guild's money, and even if she hadn't eaten all those sweets, they would have still been there, the money spent. The food was free -at least for any members of Amaranth. If an outsider came, they would have to pay for whatever they ate, of course. Gawain was about to explain this to Freya and give the Jewels back, but the S Rank mage went on, explaining how she'd go on a mission to get even more money. And then she was gone, never giving the Guild Master any chance to respond.
Gawain stood there, pouch of Jewels in hand, staring after her as she left. After she had disappeared from sight, Gawain shook his head, sighing. There had been no need for her to give him this pouch of money. The Guild's share was always taken when a mission was completed. And Gawain could have paid for the everyday expenses himself until a couple missions had been completed. He was filthy rich, after all. He could have financed this entire feast without it having much effect on his savings. Of course, he would have taken back what the Guild owed him afterwards. While he was the Guild Master, he was not the Guild itself. His savings where a separate thing.
Deciding that he'd just consider this an advance payment for the Guild's share of the jobs Freya did, he walked over to where he'd left his bag. He put the pouch of money in, checking that everything that was supposed to be in the bag was still in the bag while he was at it. Official documents from the council, check. Own money pouch, check. Paper, envelopes and writing tools, check. Knife, check. Flint, check. Towel, check. Bundle of rope, check. Water flask, check. Picture of little Ravenna, check. Everything was in order. He closed the bag tightly and headed back to where he'd been near the stage.

It was then that someone decided to join their party. Yelling 'meat', a boy Gawain did not know -he may forget names, but he at least remembered the faces of the members of his Guild, no matter what their gender was- leaped onto a table and began to eat the finely made meat on them. Keeping an eye on what the boy ate, Gawain began calculating the cost of each slice. The food may be free for members of the Guild, but not for outsiders.
The arithmetics he was going through stopped when he heard the boy's words. "Um....I'm join?" That changed things. If he was to become a member, the food would be free to him as well. Then he continued the calculations. Even if the boy said he wanted to join, that did not necessarily mean that he actually could. Anyone could just crash a party on the excuse of joining. He'd have to show that he's capable of some kind of magic before he's let in.
Gawain considered walking up to the boy and going talking to him about his intentions to join Amaranth. However, Issabella got to him first. Before Gawain had even moved, 'surprisingly'. It wasn't like he had intentionally thought about things slowly so that someone would save him the trouble of going to talk to the newcomer. Maybe she could even have Issabella take care of the entire thing. She should know the drill, having gone through it herself.
But alas, the S Rank mage made a motion towards the respectable Guild Master. It would seem like she directed the newcomer to him. More work for Gawain. Did she have no shame? Shoving all the work onto a poor old man, who was already shocked from seeing all his rainy day money going away to indulge his selfish subordinates?

Soon after he had accepted the fact that he would have to work again, there was another small event. Freya had come back up from the basement where she had disappeared to, and was yelling something about demons.
Gawain instantly turned to look in the direction of Freya's voice, ready to do something about the situation in case it was something serious -although he wasn't exactly surprised when he saw what it was really about. A figure coated in dust was standing in the doorway that lead into the basement. While it was certainly odd that someone who didn't belong to the Guild had been in the basement, looking like that, it was certainly no demon.
The blonde man couldn't have sneaked in -he'd made sure that he would know if a non-Guild member entered the main building. Meaning that he'd already been in before they'd settled in. Strange. He had checked the basement when he had chosen this building as Amaranth's main building back before the Guild had been formally established. There hadn't been anyone there back then. Of course, there was the possiblity that he'd simply been in a hard-to-spot place. The Guild Master hadn't exactly been thorough in his inspections. But then there was still one problem. The Guild had been active for quite some time already. How had the 'demon' survived down there for that long. Curious.
Then something even more curious happened. Issabella had left the would-be-member and gone to speak to the demon-from-the-basement. And soon afterwards, a tiny creature appeared. This instantly made Gawain focus his attention.
A small, flying creature. The first thing that popped into Gawain's mind was the word 'fairy'.
"I wonder if it has a tail", Gawain said out loud.

H'Mong, one of the few men in the Guild whose name Gawain actually remembered -since Freya quite often complained to him about H'Mong, it was hard not to remember it- had finally arrived to the feast at some point. The Guild Master noticed this for the same reason that he remembered the A Rank mage's name: Freya. When Freya turned his attention to something, the attention of the people around her naturally turned to the same thing. And for that reason, Gawain's attention did not stay on H'Mong for long, either, as the bubbly girl turned her attention back to the Basement-Demon.
And then the S Rank mage began to acted in a way that was eccentric even for her.
Apparently, the Basement-Demon would henceforth be known as Potato.
Well that was as good a name as any. Easy to remember, too. Potato it was, then.

The respectable Guild Master turned his face up to the skies -or, well, the ceiling- and moaned: "What have I gotten myself into?" He was absolutely certain that other guild masters didn't have to deal with things like this on a daily basis.


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#, as written by Layla
Freya ~ Amaranth

They disappeared.

Freya laughed at Izzy's failed attempt at - well, she wasn't sure what - but it was funny. She stepped out of her pastel blue panties, a row of miniature gems encircling the rim. Picking up the small piece of cloth, Freya flung it at the nearest person, chuckling at everything and nothing at all.

Holding her spine upright was becoming rather tiring so Freya crawled onto a table, lying her small back on the cool wood. She grasped the magical teapot in her hands, putting the long stout in between her lips into her mouth. The blissful liquid burned down her throat, filling her stomach with a familiar heat. With her blonde hair sprawled across the table, falling over the edges, Freya moaned. Lovely, lovely tea.

She pulled her legs up, planting her feet on the table but lifting her thighs and knees - god knew what she was flashing to the entire world. Freya didn't quite understand the concept of decency and the inappropriateness of some of her actions. Such thoughts were unnecessarily complex and irrelevant as far as she was concerned.

Turning her head toward Gawain, Freya pulled the teapot from her mouth, her lips painted a deeper red from the wetness of the liquid. "I'll go soon, master," she mumbled.

Drawing her leg slowly over the table, she planted one foot on the bench - she was too short to touch the floor from this height - while her other leg remained sprawled on the table. Turning her body at a rather uncomfortable angle, the young woman tried to step onto solid ground. But balance and coordination were not her strong points and she ended up rolling onto the floor, slumping her body onto the hard wood.

Freya groaned, dragging herself upright and jumping to her feet. "Let's go!" she yelled, snatching H'mong's hand and planting a quick kiss on Gawain's cheek as she continued on her merry way.

Her ears tingling as her small feet raced across the wood, Freya frowned. The room to her left felt strange. The soft floating sounds of the particles indicated a person had disturbed the silence until not long ago - the tapping of her feet echoing against the hollowness and the fewer particles of dust - in the shape of a male. Yes, the emptiness sounded rather tall with a slim build.


Wiggling the handle, Freya found that it was locked. "Open," she commanded H'mong.

It was empty.

Running back towards the guild, she skidded to a stop as her lips parted to ask Gawain where they'd put her baby. The question stopped at her mind when her eyes found the mid-length blonde standing by the food.

Dashing across the room, Freya dived onto Potato and enveloped him in a bone-crushing hug. For such a small girl, she gave killer embraces.

"Potato! Oh, my poor baby - did the mean people lock you in there? My poor, poor Potato," Freya cooed, planting kisses all over the ex-corpse's forehead and hair. "I'll take care of you, little guy!" she purred, taking Potato's hand in hers as she raced back toward Gawain.

"Master," she called, waving her arms about and shaking her new toy's hand in the air. Freya beamed, "Look what I found!"

Turning to her fellow blonde, she asked, "Would you like to follow H'mong and I on our mission, Potato?" Freya frowned, giving Gawain a sideway glance as if to ask 'Why in the Heavens must I be on the same team as H'mong?' as she continued, "Or would you like to keep master Gawain company? He's a very nice man. You should learn everything you can from him. He treats women with unparalleled kindness and respect. Gawain is a great man." Freya nodded, as if speaking to herself.

Then, turning to H'mong, she pursed her lips and wiggled them from side to side. "I guess we should go now. Amaranth needs money, you know."

Turning on her heel, Freya raced to her room, snatched of her many quivers with its bow and arrows and raced back to H'mong, Gawain and Cedar, jumping up and down in excitement.

"We're going on a trip on our favourite rocket ship," she sang. "Zooming through the sky! Little Einsteins!"

Giving Gawain a sudden farewell kiss on his lips - she didn't quite understand the meaning of kisses but she liked them and figured everyone else did, too; Freya ran out the door.

"We're running all the way there!" she announced, her short legs surprisingly fast.

Then, stopping abruptly, she tapped her chin and laughed. "Silly me." Meteor. Shutting her eyes for a long blink, her body began to glow. A warm light of gold shone from her skin and when she snapped her eyes open, two orbs of Suns replaced the blue of her irises while an invisible wind picked up the locks of her thick blonde hair. Turning her head around, Freya grinned, her teeth very literally sparkling. "Race you there."

And off she went - disappearing into a blazing zig-zag of golden light.


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K'Brak Zetlin Halibatore

Opened his eyes and wide awake at the exactly 5:59 A.M. Allowed himself to at least have one childish moment, K'brak looked at the alarm clock and whispered when it went off ”Beat ya” Stretching himself and stood up, the young man moved his window’s curtains slightly, his gray eyes softened slightly at the sight of a rising sun in front of him. Today was a beautiful day, it seemed. Quickly changing his nightwear and put on his usual clothes, K’brak came to his nightstand and pick up a wooden box. Caressed it with his index finger, K’brak opened it to reveal a beautiful ring with three stones: a moonstone, an amethyst and a rose quartz all embed with a triangle formation, each shone in different lights. His lips tightened and he put the ring on the ring finger and closed the box with a soft ’thump’

Doing his normal routine almost automatically, K’brak checked his reflection in the mirror and tried to make his lips curl upward to resemble a smile but somehow turned it resembled a grimace instead. Letting the smile die on his lips, K’brak eyes darkened and he walked out of the bathroom. He wondered if Suoh had bought what he had asked yesterday yet. The trip to Crimson Blade’s bar was uneventful as K’brak barely acknowledged the people that had nodded and greeted him. He simply wasn’t in the mood to be polite to anyone. Sitting down at his favorite chair, which shielded himself from the world in a dark, lonely corner, K’brak laid his head on the table and screwed his eyes shut. It wasn’t that he was tired. No, it was far from it. The young man was simply waiting for his teammate to arrive…but meanwhile, ”Waiter… I’ll have a ’whatever’ dish as long as it’s healthy enough to last for a morning.” Taking out a cigarette and put it into his mouth, K’brak lit it up and simply enjoyed a quiet morning.

H'mong Loor Halibatore

H'mong gave a soft yawn as he tiredly covered his eyes with his hands. Looking at the clock, H'mong was surprised as he saw he was on time 'Well, it's a first' The young man's purple eyes saddened as he remembered how 'well' yesterday had gone. As soon as he arrived, he was scolded by his team leader - Freya. Till this day, H'mong hadn't even known why the girl hated him that much. But his teacher used to say that he had to control his temper and be honest. He assumed he had done something to offend her. Freya, in his mind, was a beautiful girl. She had a beautiful face and an even more beautiful personality. However, apparently, everyone deserved the treatments and hugs she gave... apart from him, of course.

Freya had never, even once, treated him like an acquaintance. All she had given to him was not kisses, not even hugs but scolds and yells. There were times when H'mong had been tempted to ask her outright why she treated him just like the scum on her shoes but he had hold himself back at the last minute. First of all, Freya was a nice girl, everyone knew that and so, maybe it was just him that had the flaws and not the girl. H'mong had kept thinking like that and swallowed his pride. Secondly, H'mong would have to secretly admit that he found her beautiful. Not just the normal type but maybe something more than that.

The young man hadn't slept for an entire night, kept thinking of things and memories, both good and bad, waiting nervously for the clock to chime so that he wouldn't be late and earn himself an earful of yelling from Freya. Being the first person to arrive, H'mong slipped into a corner and waited. It was not like anyone would remember his presence. Yesterday had proven that fact. Seeing himself faded from everyone's mind was a sad thing but H'mong learned to accept it a long time ago. He wasn't that catchy after all. Not like 'her'. Speaking of Freya, H'mong thought he had just heard her voice, singing. Maybe she wasn't in such a bad mood after-

Something soft landed on his head and H'mong froze, unable to digest what had happened to him. With shaky fingers, the swordsman lifted his hand slowly to pick up the soft piece of cloth. It felt like a forbidden thing in his hand even though it seemed so innocent and harmless. He was... holding... Freya's underwear? The knowledge made his eyes widen and the swordsman immediately put it on the table as far as his hands could. Covering his eyes with his palms "I'm s-sorry, I'm s-sorry... I h-haven't s-seen any-anything..." Oh my god, it was too late. He had seen it. He had seen it the moment Freya lifted her leg up.

The tomatoes would be green with envy if they saw just how red his face had become, H'mong became a stuttering mess, his brain almost shut down because of his teammate's latest stunt. "I-I, eh, uhm, I-I-" Freya's hand tightened around his wrist and H'mong looked away, unable to face her after what he had just seen. "Eh, uhm... I-I, y-you s-see...I" What had happened for the next few moments completely escaped him as all H'mong could think was Freya's soft hand squeezing his wrist.

"Race you there."

Freya's voice brought H'mong out of his temporarily mentally retarded state just as fast as it had brought him into it. H'mong watched as Freya raced, her smile brightened everything around her and H'mong tried hard to keep up with her. This girl was just energetic sometimes.


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#, as written by Eyliel
Gawain Harlen

Gawain watched events unfold after his greeting. Amaya's quickness at going to work on Freya's dress made him a bit disappointed, since not only did it take away the chance for Gawain to do it himself, but it also stopped Freya on her tracks when seemed to be ready to come greet the Guild Master. And after the dress had been laced up properly, the S Rank mage seemed to forget about her earlier eagerness in greeting the lonely old man. Well, not everything always went as one might have hoped. The Guild Master looked curiously at Freya's teapot as the girl poured herself something to drink from it. He'd been curious about the thing for a while now, for some reason, but Freya had seemed reluctant to let him take a look at it. He didn't know why, but he didn't insist. It wasn't like tea was the most interesting thing in the world, anyway. The person drinking it was much more interesting.
Before he could go over and talk to Freya, Meat responded to Gawain's greeting. "Morning, Sir! Sorry about the table, I fell off my bed! I promise to do a good work on my first job, Sir!" How formal. He didn't like formality towards him. It made it seem like he was actually a person of high status, with responsibility. Well, he was, but he liked to ignore that fact. So he didn't like people like Meat who reminded him of it. And the boy had been the one who'd broken the table? Formality and breaking furniture. He wasn't off for a good start. Nevertheless, the Guild Master gave the boy an acknowledging nod. While his personality could do some polishing, the Guild Master had some expectations of him.

Soon, the boy was gone, along with Issabella and Amaya's team. Gawain, however, barely even noticed that. Something much more interesting had happened. Some lower undergarment -related activity between the two S Rank mages of Amaranth. Freya even threw this aforementioned lower undergarment away. Not only that, but she then got onto a table and took a rather risky position, in which her skirt rose out of the way to reveal a lot of things to the outside world.
Sadly, Gawain was unlucky in both matters. His eyes following the most fascinating piece of fabric that the Princess had just thrown away, he saw how it ended up in the hands of H'Mong, the only man apart from himself whose name Gawain actually remembered. He glared at the man for a moment, until he heard Freya speak to him. "I'll go soon, master." Hearing this, the Guild Master turned to look in her direction. He still hadn't cleared the misunderstanding. Sadly, the girl had already left her most interesting position, robbing Gawain of the opportunity.

What a horrible start for a day.
First, he'd had to take care of a broken table. Then, he hadn't been able to take care of Freya's clothes. People he'd been meaning to talk to left before he got the chance to do so. And then these two things. Not a good start for a day, not at all.

But then the sweet young thing, the Princess of Amaranth, came and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Well, it wasn't such a bad day after all.

While he was still feeling good about the pleasant surprise, Freya returned -he hadn't actually noticed her leaving- with Potato in tow. Then she proceeded to ask Potato a question: "Would you like to follow H'mong and I on our mission, Potato? Or would you like to keep master Gawain company? He's a very nice man. You should learn everything you can from him. He treats women with unparalleled kindness and respect. Gawain is a great man." Gawain nodded in approval at this. There was at least one person in this world who understood what Gawain was really like: Freya.
Well, there was another one as well, of course. Though that girl was never honest, she was, deep down, a sweet girl, just like Freya. How was she doing, anyway? He hadn't seen her in many years. She had probably grown up to be even more beautiful than she had been back then. He should go see her sometime. Ravenna would surely be delighted to see him again.
Before the Guild Master took this train of thought any further, Freya came back once again and gave him another kiss -this time on the lips.

What a wonderful day. Yes, a wonderful day indeed.

It was good to see that he had made this much progress. That was the first time Freya -who was, at the moment, zooming out of the building- had kissed him on the lips. Maybe he'd give her a welcome back -kiss when she returned from her mission. In any case, this showed that he had made progress in his master plan to create Fiore's strongest Mage Harem. After securing Freya, he should move for Issabella. Or maybe it would be easier to go for the lower ranked ones, since they would be a bit easier to influence. But then again, they would also have a weaker bond to the Guild, and would be more ready to leave if he made a mistake. Oh, the men would be guards. Though they wouldn't really be needed, considering that his harem was supposed to be the strongest one. Maybe he should just kick them off after he was done with securing all the women? Although some of them were rather useful.
And some were also interesting.

Gawain spun around, turning to look at Potato. "Go ahead, Potato. Ask me anything, and it'll be yours! I'm in a good mood right now." The respectable Guild Master was positively glowing with satisfaction. Then he seemed to remember something. "Oh, right." He put a hand into the bag he was carrying, and brought out his notebook. He opened a page and read it. Then he extended his other hand towards Potato, palm up. "Since you're not a member of the Guild, that'll be five thousand Jewels for the food and lodgings."


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#, as written by Layla
Freya ~ Streets of Fiore

"You're so slow!" Freya exclaimed in exasperation, jumping from foot to foot on the same spot. She was attracting much attention from the pedestrians and shop owners - what with her looking like a human light bulb. Molten liquid sunlight flowed around her, her blonde hair turning into an ethereal blaze of spun gold. H'mong was taking forever to catch up. Fine, so she was using Meteor and she was about as fast as lightning. That didn't mean H'mong had any excuse to make her wait as she was. He was such an unrefined boy.

H'mong had much to learn from Master Gawain.

'Jogging' into a blur of light to appear before her partner, Freya frowned and reached up. Who gave H'mong permission to be so tall? She pressed her palms to H'mong's temples and closed her eyes. Threads of gold seeped from her fingertips to curl around H'mong and slowly, he began to glow, too. Albeit a little dimmer than Freya. A gentle wind lifted H'mong high into the skies, higher and higher as if he were weight. Like a balloon attached to a string, he suddenly stopped, the strings connecting him to Freya's fingers pulling taut and still.

Laughing, Freya ran; dragging H'mong behind her like a kite in the air.

Freya ~ Mailman Trade

'Mailman Trade' was carved into the hard granite of the trade guild's walls. The words were massive, spanning pass the width of the massive double doors. A throng of people surrounded the imposing building, their hushed, frightened and panicked voices echoing against the vastness of the space. None of the Magic Council Rune Knights were there, which could only mean this seemed 'too small' an issue for them to fix, they did not yet know of this affair or they were really, really slow. There was a wide gap between the onlookers an the guild, as if everyone were too afraid to approach what they treated like a haunted house. A dark aura surrounded the building like a spherical shield preventing anyone from entering. A bird had the misfortune of flying towards the dark shield of Pink Poison - it jerked and fell dead onto the ground. There were a lot of dead birds.

Freya noticed none of this, of course.

The crowd parted for her, perhaps thinking she were on fire - she looked on fire. Either that, or they believed she was a goddess or -

"Angel!" shouted a woman in the crowd as she fell to her knees. Gasps and exclamations of awe echoed throughout the people until they all fell to their knees, hands clasped and heads bowed in prayer. Freya tilted her head to the side and stopped, letting H'mong drop to the ground without much gentleness. The blinding brightness of her spell faded until she was simply Freya. Blonde, blue-eyed, dressed in white Freya. Or, well -

"Angel!" the crowd exclaimed in unison.

Freya beamed, her white teeth almost as blinding as her magic. Curtsying, she flicked her wavy locks over her shoulder as she'd done so many times before. Clearly, attention and adoration were not foreign to her. Freya was well known amongst all of Earth Land, in particular, Fiore. She was frequently featured in Sorcerer Magazine, she was the host of the annual Mage Music Festival, the spokesperson for Earth Land Peace (ELP), the face of about a million female and mage beauty products and she was well known for her angelic powers and appearance. You couldn't get more Angelic than Heavenly Body Magic and Angelic Fire.

"If it isn't the pretty little Angel of Amaranth!" a voice projected from all around them. Freya widened her eyes as everyone around her began to scream, shuffling backwards to hide behind their Angel and her falling companion. "Come in, come in. We welcome you," continued the booming voice of a male. It seemed to come from absolutely nowhere, yet everywhere at the same time.

Freya shuffled uncertainly, wishing more than anything that Izzy would appear and tell her what to do. Should she go in? "What are you waiting for, Angel?" continued the voice. "Won't you save the poor old hostages? Spread your light on us big bad wolves?" mocked the broadcast. "Or do you want us to kill them all?"

"No! Please, Angel. Please save them. My brother is in there," begged the same woman who'd first shouted Freya's alias. Freya stepped forward hastily - planning was not her forte.

"Tick tock tick tock," the voice cackled.

Rushing forward, Freya slammed the double doors open without a second thought. She had to save the people before anyone was hurt. Poor, poor people. She was sure Pink Ponies weren't truly evil, they were just -

A gigantic iron weight of wicked spikes came flying towards Freya and H'mong as the door crashed shut behind them and locked itself. Turning around, Freya quickly tackled H'mong to the floor and shielded him with her own body. She didn't like the guy very much but she was one to put everyone else before herself. Not to mention, he was hers.

Growling, Freya stood gingerly - the sphere was nowhere to be found. Looking forward, she found a large thing made of bulging, black muscles. It's head touched the high ceilings of the guild as it held the spiked weight on a chain, swinging it around. A young albino girl sat upon his shoulder, her giggling voice muffled by the terrifying quakes of the beast's footsteps as he moved towards Freya. Suddenly, the weapon in his large fist disappeared and a massive sword sat in its place.

He whipped the sword over Freya and H'mong.

"Meteor!" Freya yelled as the sword came down, suddenly, she glowed, and with blinding speed, she shoved H'mong out of the way and narrowly dodged the massive weapon. As she raced around trying to avoid the weapon, she suddenly noticed the trembling, cowered workers of Mailman Trade.

Heavens, help me.

"H'mong, get them out of here," she said quickly, stopping before the beast as the glow of her body burst into harmless stars of nothingness. She needed her magic for other things now. God's palm. Lifting her arm, she shoved the beast and his young master backwards in a forward motion. They were pushed back by an invisible force, the beast falling through a row of walls to stumble into a room that looked to be a study. He held the little girl that had been sitting on her shoulder tenderly, taking the full force of the impact upon himself. The beast shrunk until a scrawny boy was left lying on the ground, unconscious.

The girl wasted no time as stood, pulling a key - a celestial key - from her furry, purple hat. "Open the Gate of the Triplets! Gemini!" she yelled as she dragged her key downwards. three men stepped from the split in the air and the gate to the Spirit world shut behind them.

"Oh yeah, we get to beat up a pretty lady!" the Spirit grinned, running his fingers through his red hair.

"You're going to hell, Bero," mumbled the blue haired boy as he hunched his shoulders over. His blue gaze flicked toward the red-haired Spirit - Bero - as he spoke. He briefly looked over Freya before deciding to stare at the ground.

"This is troublesome. Why have you summoned us, child?" asked the one-eyed man rhetorically as he stared down at his summoner as if he were the master.

"I'm 29!" growled the albino as she held her nose in the air. "Kill her," she commanded, waving vaguely in Freya's direction.

The redhead grinned, patting the short girl on her head. "Sure, kiddo." Turning to Freya, he bent over her and pressed his lips to hers.

The world fell away.

Suddenly, the ground beneath her crumbled and Freya fell into darkness - a never-ending fall that seemed to last for a millennium. Suddenly, she landed on something soft and... Wet. Turning around, Freya's blue eyes snapped open, wide with panic; to stare into the darkness. The stench of rotting flesh and dried blood filled her senses and she found herself staring into the unseeing eyes of... Keiko! Her heart smacked against the walls of her ribcage as she tried to scream but instead found herself choking on the hair of a corpse. She struggled, her limbs thrashing about - Oh god, oh god, oh god, I'm in Hell.

'Welcome, welcome," Keiko said grizzly - her mouth rising manically into the too-wide smile of a possessed soul, with her eyes large and red, like black holes made of human blood.

Let me out. Let me out!

She was buried alive.

Freya was trapped under a pile of dead bodies.

"Keiko?" she whimpered.

Suddenly, Keiko was gone and in her place, K'brak laid on top of her. Freya's heart lurched and relief and pain filled her chest until she realised he was dead, too. They were all dead.

"You're dead, too," K'brak whispered, his lifeless voice monotone. Suddenly, Freya realised she could not move and that a sword was embedded through her heart. K'brak - his mouth spread in a grin that reached from one year to another, watched her with dull red eyes as he waved with his arm, his hand sliced off at the wrist.

None of what Freya was feeling and seeing was real - it was all an illusion. In reality, she was pressed against the corner of a wall, trembling furiously as her normally bright but now dull blue eyes saw something no one else did. She dug her nails into her flesh as she screamed uncontrollably.

"That was unnecessary," the blue haired Spirit said distastefully as he watched the young mage screech as if she had just been murdered. Then again, in her head, she might well have been. He didn't see the point in messy torture - her wailing was giving him a headache.

"You don't know how to have fun, Calder," the redhead tsked. Keeping his gaze on the tortured mage, he said, "I'm sure she deserves it."


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K'Brak Zetlin Halibatore

"I did my job." A voice said behind K'brak and he turned around, opened his eyes tiredly. Ah, here his teammate was... late as always "You are late, Ren" K'brak accused his teammate coldly and eyed the bag of ingredients in front of him. Opened it, K'brak took out each 'spice' for his newest 'dish', nodding his head once in a while "At least you can get these right..." Without waiting for Suoh to order anything, K'brak threw a bag containing a sandwich and a drink that he randomly picked "For you.... We are already running late today... No time for you to sit here and enjoy your morning... Let's go... I have already booked the train tickets..."

Standing up and nearly dragging Suoh along with him, K'brak slammed some money on the table, gave the waiter a curt nod and left. Unfortunately for K'brak, he would have looked a lot cooler had he not been chewing his own sandwich while he was leaving his Guild. Arriving the Train Station just barely 5 minutes later, still dragging Suoh, K'brak frowned and swallowed the last piece of sandwich. Giving the train station attendant a look, he showed the tickets and continued to drag Suoh into their seats. He was tired and frankly put, he did not want to wait for Suoh to wake up from his trance... which could take hours. Snorting, K'brak took out the ingredients and closed the door, not wanting anyone to interrupt his work. Sighing K'brak finally let go of Suoh and said in displeasure "I hope you can at least keep those morons from entering here while I am doing my job..."

Putting the ingredients on the table and took out his precious knives, K'brak began to work. Cutting a small, slimy red thing, K'brak mumbled out of habit "Five slices of snake liver...hmm, toad skin..." Temporary forgot the world around him, K'brak was left with only two things - him and the poison.

H'mong Loor Halibatore

"You're so slow!" H'mong faintly heard Freya said and he had to bite his tongue to prevent himself from retorting sharply. Not everyone had the speed of lightning... Trying to catch his breath, H'mong gave a startled shout as he felt Freya approached him with a yellow blur. She touched his temples and slowly, he could feel himself glowing. 'Oh no, she's not going to-'

"ARGGGGG" H'mong shouted when Freya began to pull him with a dangerously fast speed. At this rate, he would die before he could find his little brother. "P-put me d-down, F-Freya!" H'mong tried to protest but it was no use. Closing his eyes, H'mong began to pray for anyone up there that could hear him so that this torment could end soon. This was not funny at all.

"Ouch" H'mong said and massaged his abused wrist as he was dropped non-too-gently by Freya. Rolling his eyes at the attention Freya was receiving, H'mong muttered, mostly to himself "Something never changes..." Slipping into the shadow again, H'mong barely had time to react before he was tackled down by Freya, missing the spikes just mere inches. H'mong's hands touched something really soft and he looked up, his eyes widened to see that he had touched Freya's certain part'. Before he could stammer an apology, Freya had already stood up and was now looking at the giant in front of her.

Standing up slowly as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing, it all happened so fast that H'mong couldn't even do anything but watched as one of the boys kissed Freya in front of him. A surge of anger ran through H'mong's veins as he took out his sword and pointed toward the spirits that dared to attack his crush "Are you going to kiss me now, spirit?" Standing between Freya's fallen body and the red-headed spirit protectively, H'mong gritted his teeth as he noticed Freya was unconscious. This was not good. The odd for them was not good... not at all.

"Sorry, dude... but I only like girls... not boys..." The spirit taunted and H'mong leaped forward without any warning. His sharp blade cut through the boy's arm as blood began to seep from his wound. "You shouldn't...really shouldn't do that... I don't like boys... but now that I'm looking at your girly hair... you look like a girl to me... I guess I can break the rule this time and have some fun..." Chuckling, the spirit began to attack. H'mong dodged and at the same time, tried to protect Freya. 'I can't do both at the same time... Shit!'


At the sound of Freya's scream, H'mong immediately turned to look at her, his focus wavered for a second. Unfortunately, a second was all the red-hair spirit needed as he brushed his lips against H'mong's. The action shocked the swordsman so much that he just stood there like a fool. His eyes closed and he fell on top of Freya's body, unconscious and trapped in his own nightmare.

H'mong's nightmare

"Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka? (Where are you now, what are you doing?)
Kono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka? (Are you in this endless sky?)

Ima made watashi no kokoro wo umete ita mono (I realized for the first time)
Ushinatte hajimete kizuita (I've lost the things that have filled my heart till now)
Konna ni mo watashi wo sasaete kurete ita koto (How much you supported me)
Konna ni mo egao wo kureteita koto (How much you made me smile)"

A much, much younger H'mong sang loudly as he stroke his brother's hair, gently brushed away a dark lock as it covered his brother's eyes. They were both sitting under a big tree with K'brak laying in H'mong's lap, sleeping soundly. It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was shining brightly and they both were just lazying around. Their parents had gone to the market to sell the later goods so they had a free afternoon all by themselves. K'brak had suggested that they should go to the Hill and just rested there. H'mong then had sung a familiar song that their mother had sung for them a long time ago. It was a beautiful song and it didn't take long for K'brak to fall asleep in his lap like he always did whenever he listened to this song.

"Ushinatte shimatta daishou wa totetsumonaku ooki sugite (That I'd lost them was too much to consider)
Torimodosou to hisshi ni te wo nobashite mogaku keredo (Even though I struggled so desperately to reach out my hand and take them back )
Maru de kaze no you ni surinukete todokisou de todokanai (Like the wind they slipped through, looking as though they would reach me, but did not)

Kodoku to zetsubou ni mune wo shimetsukerare (My chest was tightened by loneliness and despair )
Kokoro ga kowaresou ni naru keredo (My heart felt like it would break )
Omoide ni nokoru anata no egao ga (But your smiling face remained in my memories )
Watashi wo itsumo hagemashite kureru (Always encouraging me)

Mou ichido ano koro ni modorou (Let's return to those days once more)
Kondo wa kitto daijoubu (I know it will be alright this time )
Itsumo soba de waratteiyou (Always smiling at your side )
Anata no sugu soba de... (Close by your side)

Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka, (Where are you now, what are you doing? )
Kono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka? (Are you in this endless sky? )
Itsumo no you ni egao de ite kuremasu ka? (Will you smile for me like always? )
Ima wa tada sore wo negai tsuzukeru. (Right now, it's all I continue to ask for)

Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka, (Where are you now, what are you doing? )
Kono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka? (Are you in this endless sky?)"

He finished his beautiful song and looked down only to discover in horror that K'brak's body was covered with blood. "K'brak! Are you alright? Are you hurt?" He shook his brother awake and stared in shock as the gray eyes that his brother had inherited from their Mother was dulled and lifeless. "What happened? Talk to me, little bro!" K'brak stood up and pushed H'mong away from him. "You are weak, Halibatore. I don't need a weakling for a brother"

The sentence was like a slap to H'mong's face as he sat there, unable to accept what just happened. Had his brother just...No, he hadn't... But that was..."Stop and think for a moment, K'brak... please don't leave, I don't want your hands to stain with blood..." H'mong stood up and suddenly, he realized he had grown up from a little boy to a teenager. "It's too late to say that... I'm already a killer... a murderer..." K'brak said coldly and raised his hands - the hands that were covered with blood from who knew how many people.

"Please come back, please don't go..." H'mong pleaded, his eyes watered but K'brak's figure just slowly fade until he disappeared, leaving a fully grown up H'mong alone on the Hill. Tears finally ran down his handsome face as H'mong uttered softly "Little brother... my little brother..." Screaming, H'mong knelt down and cried in despair. In the wind, a faint voice sang over and over again.

"...Ushinatte shimatta daishou wa totetsumonaku ooki sugite (That I'd lost them was too much to consider)
Torimodosou to hisshi ni te wo nobashite mogaku keredo (Even though I struggled so desperately to reach out my hand and take them back )
Maru de kaze no you ni surinukete todokisou de todokanai (Like the wind they slipped through, looking as though they would reach me, but did not)

Kodoku to zetsubou ni mune wo shimetsukerare (My chest was tightened by loneliness and despair )
Kokoro ga kowaresou ni naru keredo (My heart felt like it would break )..."

End nightmare

In the real world, H'mong gave a painful scream as tears finally fell down his face. When would this nightmare stop?


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#, as written by Layla
Freya Hirane ~ Mailman Trade

The illusion clung to her, it's sticky fingers gripping Freya's mind and dragging her down into little less than Hell itself. Voices whispered, hissed and growled in her ears, their throats like sandpaper as cruel, haunting words scratch from their lips. Skeletal fingers dig their steel bones in Freya's ankles, like living weights of the undead. Freya screamed, skittering away from their grasp to find herself pressed against Issabella - bleeding from her eyes, mouth, nose, from every particle of her skin. No, this wasn't right. No one could've done this to Issabella - she was invincible. What was Freya doing? She was just as powerful as the invincible Issabella. Why was she allowing these barely alive creatures torture her? She was stronger than this. She was not simply Freya Hirane the Angel, she was Constance Freya Lockhart of the notorious Dark Mages family. She could once manipulate these corpses to do her bidding.

"Enough!" she yelled. Back in reality, in a room in Mailman Trade, Freya stood, her eyes golden as light emitted from every inch of her being.

"Ooohh, this is getting fun!" Bero cackled. He wrapped his hands around Freya's to intensify the vision but instead jumped away, cursing at the sizzling pain his palms. "What the hell?" he groaned.

"Do not test the depth of water with both feet, brother," reasoned Altos,drawing his heavy sword from his back as he spoke.

In both reality and illusion, Freya bowed, closing the fingers on her right hand but leaving her index and middle fingers pointing downwards. Freya spun her right wrist rapidly, as if stirring the air; she slowly lifted her spinning hand until it pointed upwards. "Sema!" Clouds circled above her head until they formed a furious cyclone. It drew the corpses of her illusion towards it and everything, including furniture, people and walls, was sucked into the cyclone in reality. Freya flicked her right hand to a corner and everything was tossed aside with brute force.

The illusion shattered.

"What in the Heavens?" she muttered, staring at the destruction around her. She could see the blue skies above her and the frightened onlookers outside the building. Well, now the building was more outdoors than anything else. She'd ripped away over half of the roof, furniture lay tossed about and the Celestial Spirits laid sprawled on top of it. Slowly, the crowd applauded - gingerly at first but then with more conviction when they realised Freya wasn't going to kill them.

"Where's the little girl?" Kaitoasked, jumping off of the debris he was lying upon.

"Ugh, owwww," Bero moaned, sliding off the pieces of furniture to lie on the cracked tiles.

"Here, you idiot!" their mistress called from under Altos.

"Oops. I'm afraid I can't move my body," Altos said, before being shoved off by the angry Celestial Spirit Mage.

"What hap-" Freya stopped abruptly. "H'mong!" she squealed, racing towards her partner who lay sprawled on the wooden tiles. He appeared to be having a nightmare? "You," she hissed, her head snapping towards Bero. "What did you do to him?! Undo it now!"

Bero laughed, raising a red brow. "No can do, missy. You're not our mistress."

"Are you so sure?" Freya asked coldly, cradling H'mong's limp head in her hands.

"Oh, oh, oh! Is this wee little thing challenging our wee little thing?" Beros barked, grinning as he gestured towards Freya and then to her master.

"Is taunting the enemy truly necessary, Bear?" Calder asked monotonously.

Freya laid H'mong's head slowly on the floor before stepping forward. Reaching behind her, she whispered, "Wall of Flames," and white fire surrounded H'mong in a protective circle. A tingle began on the tips of Freya's fingers, until golden sparks lit above her fingers, shining like supernovas. Throwing her hands back, she threw the Stars of magic at the three Celestial Spirits - only to have them disappear.

With a swift motion of Calder's hands, a blue wave appeared and every star that touched it, disappeared. Freya's eyes widened in shock and horror - no, Nullifying Magic?

"Wave Magic, to be exact," Altos said as he sharpened his sword on with a knife he'd apparently had. Was he Telepathic to the extent of being able to read minds? Without warning, Altos jumped forward, his sword slashing across Freya. The blonde mage bent backwards into a bridge, narrowly missing the razor-sharp weapon. She flipped around to stand on her hands before dropping down to her feet. Raising an arm, her hand became a torch of Angelic Flame. Calder tsked, before throwing a Wave at her, putting out the Fire in her hand. Altos jumped forward, bring his sword down on Freya. The blonde mage parried to the side, gripped the Spirit's shoulders, jumped up and twisting her body around, double flipped in the air before bringing her leg across the Spirit's neck.

"Nice try," Altos mused, catching Freya ankle at the last moment. He flipped her body around and shoved her to the floor, hovering over her on all fours. Freya snapped her teeth angrily, before realising what a fantastic opportunity this was. Freya widened her already large eyes, until them became two round spheres of baby blue. She pouted, her lower lip trembling as she stared deeply into Altos' eyes. The Spirit faltered, furrowing his brows as he tucked a stray lock of Freya's blonde hair behind her ear. She was so cute.

"What are you doing?! Kill her!" their mistress shouted.

"But, but... She's so cute!" Altos whined. His brothers gawked at him; the emotionless Altos actually cared? "No, what are you doing, Altos? Kill her," she growled at himself, clenching his fists that were pressed against the floor above Freya's head. "But she's so cute," he groaned, staring into Freya's wide eyes. Standing, he reached downwards to pull Freya to a stand, tucking her small body behind him. Raising his sword, he said, "Forgive me, brothers. I cannot let you harm her."

"You must resist her Spe-" Altos began, before he was abruptly cut off by his brother attacking him with his sword. "Altos!" he yelled, dodging his attacks.

Freya smiled demurely, tilting her head to the side as she faced Beros and his master. "Looks like it's just you and me now," she said sweetly. Calder grinned, stationing himself in front of his master. Freya walked forward slowly, until she stood not five feet from Calder. "Watch your fall," she said before sweeping her foot across the floor before her. "Collapsing Heaven!" she announced as the ground before her, where Calder and his mistress stood, crumbled into the level below.

A bow and arrow made of pure Light, or rather, Heavenly Body Magic, appeared in her hands. She pulled the string taut, her arrow at the ready, as she pointed downwards through the large hole in the floor. "I suggest you surrender," she said. "You might've heard rumours of my meticulous aim." Closing one eye, she pointed the tip of her pulsing arrow at the young girl's shoulder. She could not bring herself to kill - never. But they didn't have to know that.

"Do you know who I am, Constance?" asked the woman. Freya's grip on her arrow faltered. How does she know my name?

"My name is Carina Blair Lockhart," the Mage announced. It took some time, a long, long time, for it to sink in. Freya's jaw fell as she stared at the blonde woman with new eyes.

"Carina...?" Freya spoke slowly.

Carina grinned, stepping out from behind Calder to look up at Freya. She held her arms open, as if to embrace the Mage above. "Hello, little sister."


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#, as written by Layla
Freya Hirane ~ Mailman Trade

"Stunned, little sister?" Carina asked, a near manic smile on her features. "Can you believe how stunned we were when little Constance disappeared?" Freya winced at the use of her birth name.

"You don't-" Freya began, only to be silenced by her sister.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Carina shook her head and wagged her finger. "We taught you better than that, Constance. We taught you to be polite. We taught you to be loyal. We taught you of consequence," the Dark Mage said, snapping the last sentence with a barely controlled fury. "Do you know how long we searched, sister? Do you know the lengths to which we went to retrieve you? Only to suddenly, suddenly! Realise you weren't dead as we'd all believed! And do you know how, Constance? Through Sorcerer's Weekly! A magazine!" Carina's body lifted from the ground, an invisible force making her airborne. She dropped before Freya, the strength of her power rippling across the building and causing Freya to stumble. "YOU HAVE BETRAYED US ALL!" Carina screamed, reaching a forceful hand out towards Freya and squeezing her neck furiously.

"Tell me, 'Angel.' How far can you fall?" Despite Carina's small size, she lifted Freya off her feet and in a horrible moment, flung her sister towards the hole in the building. Freya screamed as her body crashed through air, down, down, down in a fall that seemed never-ending. Until, suddenly, a painful force - as if she'd just fallen on a million needles - spiked through her back. Freya gasped, but no air entered her lungs. The sky through the broken roof became a world of white as the torment throughout her body washed away all other senses.

A horrible screech came from above her as Carina crashed into her sister, scraping Freya's body along the floor and shoving debris with her victim. Carina gripped Freya's blonde hair - so much like her own - and threw her across the room as if she were a mere rag doll. As far as Carina was concerned, Freya now mattered even less than a doll. She'd betrayed them. "How could you, Freya? Why? Tell me!" she demanded before lifting Freya up in the air using her Telekinesis to lift the Amaranth mage into the air and toss her brutally into a wall. This was what happened to traitors.

Freya's Memories

"Where's Snowy, big sis?" I ask for my little puppy. Carina, my big sister, looks down at me. A frown forms on her lips as she waves at me, as if I'm a pesky fly. I am, though. I'm nothing but an insect.

"Dead," she says simply. I furrow my brows, my small feet suddenly too miniature to carry my weight. To carry the weight of this overwhelming pain.

"What do you mean?" I ask. Carina rolls her eyes and jumps off her chair. Waving for me to follow, she manoeuvres about our mansion until she stands before the entrance to our house. The heavy, oak wood looms over me; all encompassing in its magnitude. Carina opens the doors and sunlight bombards my eyes, threatening to blind me. Snowy's white fur is matted and there is a red crust over it. He seems so small, so still, as he lies on the grass. I hate the grass, because how can it be so bright and green when Snowy's winter fur now seems so dull?

I run towards him but it feels as if I'm walking, my legs too small to carry me far enough or fast enough. I stumble but finally, I reach him. Dropping to my knees, I run a gentle, trembling hand over his once soft fur. He doesn't move, doesn't lick my fingers, doesn't crawl into my lap, doesn't do anything but say still. The stillness and the silence that comes with it is so much more horrible than loudness. I would rather have him bark and growl, than have him so...

"It's dead, Constance. Can we go in now?" Carina speaks from behind me, in a world so far away, I'm not sure it exists.

Tears streak my rosy cheeks as my fingers near the wound, the spear, that has been pierced through him. "Why?" I whisper.

"Because you were getting too attached," Carina said with exasperation. I can feel her roll her eyes. "Family comes first, Constance. You know that. You're already five; you're old enough to understand, aren't you? You must be loyal to the family or -"

"We won't be to you," I say monotonously, expectedly, as I have done so many times before.

"That's right, Constance. Now let the annoying thing go. It barked way too much, anyway. You shouldn't care about silly, useless things like that and you shouldn't flinch at death. Remember, Constance, show no mercy," Carina says.

I believe.

End of Freya's Memories

"Because I don't ever want to be like you," Freya croaked, her body so horribly broken from being tossed around.

"What?" Carina snapped.

"I don't want to be a monster; I don't want to be merciless." The Amaranth mage pressed her palms against the messy floor and hauled herself upright, a scream escaping her lips as a broken bone snapped back into place. "Compassion, empathy and selflessness. That's what I live by now."

"Don't be stupid. You're turning into one of those pathetic Light Mages."

"I am one of those Light Mages," Freya said as she stood upright, although she wobbled a bit. "And I'm proud to be one."

"It doesn't matter. I'm going to kill you, anyway," Carina hissed. Freya smiled sadly and shook her head.

"You're wrong, sister," she said quietly. "I'm giving you sixty seconds. 60. 59. 58," Freya began counting before a chunk of wall was ripped from the building and thrown at her. Freya's smile grew strained as her body glowed gold and she dashed out of the way in a blur of light. "I do not wish to fight you," she said, her voice amplified, as if she truly were a Heavenly being.

"Fight me, Constance!" Carina screamed. "Fight me so I can remember you as tough when you're dead rather than useless, useless, useless!"

Freya sang.

Multi-coloured lights painted the air around them, spreading out of the broken trade guild into the fields of people outside and beyond. The beautiful lights stretched on and one, until whispers of it could be felt and seen all the way to Umi Village. Freya's voice could be heard along with it, echoing in the air as it floated along the magic. The auroras rained from the sky, falling through bodies like a wisp of light and river made of clouds that left only feelings of peace, warmth and happiness. Throughout Fiore, people looked to the skies, marvelling the beauty of the lights and melting into the voice made of sugar.

Carina crumbled to her knees, as did her Celestial Spirits as they each evaporated into yellow lights, back to the Spirit world. A key appeared on the necklace of Celestial keys Freya wore around her neck. Gemini, the Triplets, had a new master.

Freya bent down before Carina, wrapping her arms around her sister. Tears fell from Carina's red eyes but for once, they were not tears of sadness, but happiness. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Carina whispered. Freya smiled warmly, holding her sister tighter.

"It's okay," Freya whispered. "I love you."

Outside, the spectators surrounding a ravaged Mailman Trade cheered and laughed and cried, not knowing which they wished to do more. Freya did not stay for long for she had another place she needed to be. She had to help her new family.

Her real family - Amaranth.

Freya Hirane ~ Village of Umi

It was burning. Freya gasped at the destruction around her, placing a hand over her mouth at the... Bodies. She breathed heavily as she raced through the debris, praying as she'd never done before that everyone she loved was okay. It was selfish of her to run by these people but there was nothing she could do for them. Nothing she could do for corpses.

"Help!" a small voice coughed. Freya turned and turned again, trying to find the source of the voice. "Help!" Freya searched the burning buildings and... She had an idea. It was stupid, reckless and untried but it might work. It might, maybe, it probably wouldn't. She was neither a Dragon Slayer or a God Slayer but she had to try. She had to.

"Please, please, please let this work," she whispered, holding up her arms and pointing her palms towards the skies. "Fire, come to me. Fire, come to me. Fire, come to me," she chanted, with more desperation each time. The flames did nothing but ripple as they did but - slowly, ever so slowly, they began to burn in Freya's direction. As if a wind had lifted the fire, they crawled towards her, pulling towards the small blonde girl like ants to honey until an inferno burned around her. The fire trembled and whisked into her palms, lighting her hands on fire in a blinding blaze. Freya screamed, her hands feeling as if they were being burnt - which they were - and her body as if she'd slept on a stove.

"That makes things easier," a familiar voice said, just as water began to rain from the skies. It rained or rather, the sky poured a bucket of water over everything, drenching Freya in liquid and extinguishing the flames she held in her palms.

Freya gasped, crumbling onto the muddy ground as she cradled her swollen red hands. "Why didn't you come earlier?" she asked between moans, looking up at her Celestial Spirit.

"You didn't call," Kaito said with a shrug. He was right - she didn't. She'd been so drained of her magical energy, racing here with H'mong in tow using Meteor, that she could not summon another Spirit. She still couldn't. Drawing Fire to her was another thing, opening a portal to the Spirit world was another. She couldn't blame Kaito. "Are you okay?" her Spirit asked, suddenly concerned as he took in Freya's injured hands. He bent down and hovered his hands over hers. A sphere of water encircled each hand, attaching themselves to her and defying the laws of gravity. They soothed the pain but she would not be using her hands for a while. Kaito cared much for Freya, unlike Luke.

Freya looked up at the skies, now no longer raining. "Is there anything else you need, Princess?" Kaito asked with a tilt of his head. Freya shook her head and after placing a soft kiss on her forehead, Kaito disappeared.

Standing gingerly, Freya looked around her, taking in the scorched buildings. A little boy raced out from a burning building, crying as he did. He was so blinded from his tears that he ran straight into Freya, tripping over her burnt hands. "Ow, ow, ow," she yelped.

"Daddy!" the boy yelled, picking himself up and looking around frantically at the black houses. "Daddy!"

"Shh, shh," Freya cooed. Reaching for the little boy and cradling him in his arms. He fought profusely before Freya used the last of her energy to send him waves of warm Aurora. "You'll be okay, sweetheart. I'll take care of you."

"You're the voice," the boy whispered against the comfort of her arms. "I heard you sing. It was... Nice."

"Sleep," Freya whispered, the influence of Aurora sending the child to slumber. Holding the little boy in her arms, Freya stood, wincing at the pain in her hands and her entire body, for that matter. She walked through the ruins of what must once have been a lovely village until she saw Sidney, Amaya and Browen. She'd never been so happy to see anyone in her life. "Sid! Ama! Owy!" she called out, stumbling towards them until she noticed the stranger covered in Sidney's dolls. "Woah, newcomer?" Freya pressed the child firmer against her, taking a cautious step back. She had no Magic left for anything - she didn't even have energy left for consciousness. Turning around, she gave the boy to H'mong. "Take care of him for me." Smoothing out her tattered dress, she shook out her hands, her skin buzzing with pain. She'd find some Magic left if her friends were in danger. She had to.


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She was tiring.
Amaya honestly didn't have the magical, or physical capacity for a fight of this level- especially when any injury she landed on the man healed within seconds. The only evidence of her attacks were the tears in his clothes.
Her own exposed skin, her upper arms and upper legs, were singed and roped with burns. Parts of her clothes had been burned off, her face was cut and smeared with ash- She was obviously quite worse for the wear. She was conserving energy, planning on using her signature spell as soon as there was an opening- But the man was relentlessly pushing forward, almost toying with her as he used his superior muscle strength to throw flame encased punches. More then half were hitting her now. Using Reflector magic this much was honestly more tiring then anything else. Throwing a sharp blade of shadows at the man, it sliced into his stomach, then quickly healed like everything before it.
She grunted and jumped back. "What the hell are you, you-"
Her obscene curses were muffled by the roar of another rush of flame. Amaya knew she couldn't last much longer.
Serene music drifted from the sky, sugar coating her current perdiciment. She closed her eyes for a moment, lulled by the song, opening them to see a tongue of fire ripping towards her. She flinched, cursing her stupidity to become distracted during a fight, then realized she was about to be burned to a crisp.

The flame stopped. Amaya peered in shock-
A plush turtle was plastered starfish style across the mans face. His growl was purely terrifying, something of a starved wolf and a cornered lion. The turtle was flung roughly off as his attention was diverted, searching for the source of annoyance. Several other plush toys began crawling over the mans shoulders and face, hugging his arms. Fire swirled around the mans body as he trembled in rage.
Amaya was to busy melting on the inside with relief to be to concerned. Sidney was okay. Thank the merciful sprites. She felt a tension lease from her body. At least, though she had failed the entire village, at least Sidney was okay.

"Sid! Ama! Owy! Woah, newcomer?"

And well that voice, unexpected, but it also brought a sense of relief. Until Amaya glanced behind her and saw dear Freya looked no better then Amaya. She decided then- she would use the magic she had left on the Flame Man, gather what villagers they could with the distraction and retreat.

She raised her hands- thankfully her gloves where still intact- and concentrated, drawing what she could from the rest of her abilities. It wasn't much, but it would do.

With that energy, Amaya began taking energy from the buzz of magic in the air. There was plenty of that at least, though the gathering of it was exhausting.
A dark transparent sphere began to swirl about her hands. Amaya only cast it when she was about it pass out. The magic sphere became darker as it traveled, using the energy in the air to gain force and momentum. The flame man was just turning around, chucking a plush two at the ground with particular force. His face contorted in a bit of surprise as the orb collided with his body.
It exploded on impact with a blinding light, so dark it was bright. It imploded out, a visible wave of energy spiraling out from the Flame Man before a large blast sent the form of his body shooting backwards, colliding with a burned shell of a hut. The small building collapsed on him.

Amaya swayed on the spot, before turning and making her way to Freya, vision spinning. The blast had probably effected the others on her side a bit as well. It had to be done.
"Frey, the villagers... What's left of them.. Get them out?"
She glanced at the little boy H'Mong was holding protectively.
Amaya waved Browen and Sidney over.
"Everyone, main priority is evacuate now. Save who you can, relocate at a safe distance from the mine."

The mine. Was Izzy okay? Was Spike, the new boy?
Her mind was so jumbled. She smiled a bit loopily at Freya.
"I heard you sing Sugar Queen. Very nice."
then she frowned when she noticed the girls hands were raw like the burns on Amaya's own body. The red-head conjured a small bit of darkness magic, knowing it held a particular chill for those more affiliated with Lighter magics. She cast it around Freya's hands like gloves.

The rubble where the Flame man had landed was stirring. Amaya groaned then began stumbling away, gesturing for the ones who hadn't already set out to follow her.
"Survivors, survivors," she muttered, nearly on the verge of tears. This was different from any other mission. Never had she failed so badly, in terms of lost lives. What kind of monsters were Seven Virtues, that they couldn't be killed?

Outside the sole purpose to save who was left, Amaya no longer had the capacity to lead. That would fall to Freya, and Amaya would contribute to protecting the similarly magic depleted girl with what strength she had left.
Which wasn't much.
Seven Virtues was going to pay somehow.
This couldn't end well.


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#, as written by Layla
Freya Hirane ~ Village of Umi

Freya wrapped her arms around Ama, squeezing her tightly, as if she were afraid her dear redhead might disappear at any moment. She'd seen so much death today, who knew? Maybe she would. Pulling reluctantly back from Amaya, she held her at arm's length, her blue eyes assessing the damage done to her body. "You're hurt," Freya said, even though Amaya surely knew she was. The dark gloves the mage had slipped over Freya's hands had soothed the pain by forming a layer between her injured hands and the outside world.

Sniffing back tears, Freya said, "I wish I could do more for you." Unfortunately, Heavenly Body Magic didn't include the power to heal. "Maybe Izzy can," she continued. Looking at the entrance of the cave, she said, "I need to find Izzy and make sure she's okay. The fire's out," she said with a sad smile. At least, the unspoken words echoed between them. "I'm going to look for Izzy. There's," Freya choked. "Not much left to save," she finished quietly.

Turning to Sidney, she walked towards the feminine boy and entwined her fingers through his. "Sid and I will search for Izzy." She didn't want him seeing all that death and destruction. The boy had seen enough already. Enough to last a lifetime. "You and Browen can evacuate the survivors, if you'd like. I don't think the fire got to the outskirts." Think back to her trip here and the lack of fire she'd seen, Freya nodded more convincingly. "No, it didn't. Sid and I are going to go ahead. Alright, Sid?" she asked, pulling the boy into a life-squeezing hug.

With a confidence she did not quite feel, Freya headed for the mines, with Sidney in tow.

Freya Hirane ~ Mines of Umi ~ Aozora

"Shh," Freya whispered, putting a finger to her lips as she pressed Sidney back against the walls of the cave. Her eyes took in the scene before her and the much too familiar mages before her. Her hand - wrapped around Sidney's - trembled as she caught sight of... Heavens, she couldn't even say their names. She stood mere metres away from Crimson Blade. The all too familiar figure of Persephone stood casually in the dark depths of the cave, lounging about as if they were merely drinking a cup of tea. Or an infant's blood, in her case. Freya could not tell if she was happy or unhappy to see Persephone instead of Ravenna. Unlike Ravenna, Persephone did not plan or think, really. All Persephone cared for was Murmur and she seemed to be convinced everyone was some sort of God or Goddess. Persephone wore her usual, revealing attire but there were some strangers standing about.

Murmur, on the other hand, looked rather... Different. Gone was the relatively powerful but weaker mage, fighting this new Murmur would not leave her uninjured. In fact, in the state she was in, fighting him might make her very much dead. His eyes had deepened into an eerie crimson, an evil crimson, the eyes of a monster in the making, if he wasn't one already.

Turning back to Sidney, she held both his hands in her own, staring intently into his eyes. "If anything goes wrong - run. You can't fight these people, Sidney. Whatever you do, don't stop running until you find Amaranth. You got that, Sidney? Don't turn back for me or for anyone else," she whispered urgently.

"I can hear you, you know."

Ravenna ~ Mines of Umi ~ Aozora

The hermaphrodite lunged for Aphrodite. In a fraction of a blink, Persephone struck with her scythe. Her eyes remained unblinking as the deadly edge of the blade sliced through Chastity's throat, straight through to the other side. There was a moment of eerie silence - more silent than any sort of ordinary silence - where Chastity's body and head froze in midair. Then, as if time had begun again, the body crumpled into a heap on the ground, as the head dropped into a roll. Persephone's expression remained empty as the head fell to the ground in a sickening thud. It rolled and bumped against Persephone's feet.

"Well, it was annoying while it lasted," Persephone said with a shrug. Turning to Murmur, she smiled slowly, batting her eyelashes with an expression that said she had much to offer Murmur. "Where were we?"

Before Persephone could do anything else, a gleam caught her eye. Cocking her head curiously, she walked towards a strange blue crystal embedded to the walls of the cave. "What's this?" she asked absently, running her fingers over the ethereal crystal. She wanted it. It would look very good with that new blue dress she had tailored for her alone. Before she could attempt to pull the crystal out, an electric shock slid up her fingers, through to her arm. Persephone jumped back, rubbing her sore hand. She glared at the crystal as if it had personally offended her, which it had. Then, the plethora of information slid into her consciousness. She recognised this crystal.

"Aozora," she stated. "It can only be retrieved by one with a pure soul." Grinning, she looked around, knowing no one of purity existed before her. "Why don't you try, Aphrodite? You and your 'virgin body,'" she joked.

"Don't turn back for me or for anyone else," whispered a voice nearby. Persephone stepped away from Aozora, placing her hands on her hips and raising a brow at the direction of the voice.

"I can hear you, you know," she said. Silence replied. "Come out, come out, wherever you are. Don't make me go searching for you now." That was always a very, very bad idea.

Hercules stepped forth.

"Hercules! Why, if it isn't you! It's been so long since we've meant. I do hope you've met my daughter, Zagreus?" Persephone beamed, slapping Zagreus forward. She was in desperate need of a mate and Persephone simply wished to rid herself of her masculine, flat-chested daughter.

Hercules looked at Persephone half incredulously, half wearily. He appeared to be blocking someone... Someone... "Mother?!" Persephone exclaimed, before quickly running forward. Hercules stepped forward, pressing against Persephone's mother and holding out a black-gloved hand.

"Stand back!" Hercules demanded.

Persephone looked at him incredulously. "With all due respect, Hercules, she is my mother. I get to see her, like, once a year. And did you shrink?" Persephone squinted at the miniature Hercules. "What have you been eating? Are those... Man breasts? What in Hades' name have you been doing? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were female!"

"Stop," Hercules said in a pathetically weak voice as a thin veil of white flames appeared between Persephone and Hercules. "Run, Sidney," Hercules whispered. Sidney? Who in Hell was he talking to?

Persephone rolled her eyes, reaching straight through the flames to snatch her mother. The flames disappeared immediately as Hercules yelled, "Let go of him!"

"Oh my Hades, could you please just relax?!" Persephone exclaimed in exasperation, snatching Demeter from behind Hercules. "Mother, it has been so long," she said, hugging her long lost parent dearly. "How I have missed you so!"

"Get off of him!" Hercules continued to yell but Persephone waved him away as if he were a pesky fly. He was.

"Mother, you must eat more," Persephone said, furrowing her brows. Demeter was getting dangerously thin. Then, rolling her eyes at Hercules, she said, "What have you been taking? Estrogen?"


A messenger jogged on the spot in front of Amaranth's guild doors. He knocked rapidly, thrice, before entering, anyway. Grinning, he raced towards the Guild Master, taking off his postman hat respectfully and bowing. "Sir," he acknowledged before pulling a letter from his pocket. "You have an urgent letter from Mailman Trade," he explained. Reaching into his sling bag, he pulled out a crisp, neat envelope sealed with the trade guild's symbol in blue wax. The message read:

"Dear Gawain Harlen,

Your Mages are destroying my trade guild.

You're paying for it,
Chief Executive Officer of Mailman Trade,
Yukito Takashima

P.S. She's so cute."

"Oh, and he gave me this," the messenger said, pulling another envelope from his bag to hand to Gawain. On the back of the envelope, wrote:

"This is a Poof Letter. Open it and it will teleport you to Mailman Trade.

Note: Results may vary."

"And lastly!" the messenger began, pulling a large box from his small bag. "This and," he began, pulling an endless stream of boxes, bags, flowers and strange little trinkets from his bag. "These are for Angel, from the people of Mailman Trade." Pulling a scroll from his bag, he shook out the long, long piece of paper and began to read:

"Dear Beautiful Angel of Heaven,

You're so cool.

Love, forever and always,
Everyone from Mailman Trade,
Especially Yukito Takashima (please call me Yuki)"

"That's it," the messenger said cheerfully before saluting. "Have a good day, sir!"


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Sidney Allen

His body shook with relief, watching as Amaya sent a dark orb hurtling towards the unforgiving fire mage, throwing him into a building that collapsed on top of him on impact. The dark spots of his eyes were locked onto where the enemy was tossed for a moment before Stamps hissed at him, as if to tell him to snap out of it. Sidney knelled down on the ground and placed that cat back in his bag, where it curled around and lied on the soft plush toys happily. The animal closed it's eyes in mock slumber, and Sidney was left to simply close the bag and place it back on his back. What an odd animal, but he had been helpful. His attention focused to the outskirts where people had left footprints in the watered down ground, hoping that the water had be beneficial after all.

Forcing his legs to move again, Sidney approached the others, acting as if he was more or less, perfectly fine. He was, wasn't he? The fire was out, the enemy would be out of their way long enough for them to finish the mission, right? There had been no casualties, only difficulties and injuries, but everyone was okay. At least that's what he told himself by shutting out the images and memories of corpses in the hot rubble. The wall wouldn't last for long, but for now it would allow him to continue on without being crippled from the trauma. Freya's hand met his own, clasping the two together, and the pressure against his burnt palms caused him to wince in pain. Nevertheless, he had smiled up at her, glad to see that she had came to help. "Sid and I will search for Izzy." He looked to the others as she spoke to them. There was Amaya, Browen and H'mong, his gaze over them was concerned, but hopeful, even confident. They'd be able to take care of this while they got Izzy. "Sid and I are going to go ahead. Alright, Sid?" He nodded against her deadly hug, happy to know that they'd see Izzy soon.

Not long after, the pair found themselves deep within the mines, hiding from the view from other mages that he could not see. Freya was acting oddly, even panicked, telling him to run if anything were to happened. He furrowed his brow, confused, yet nodded all the same. If these people were that bad, then he would do as Freya asked, as he would be no use against such powerful mages. He was lucky enough to distract the one from earlier, though it was as clear as day that he wouldn't be able to do the same against several. In any case he would have to rely on Freya to take care of it, just like always. A pang of frustration struck him. Why wasn't he stronger?

"I can hear you, you know."

The taunting continued until Freya stepped out from where they were tucked from view, boldly standing before those she had just finished warning him about. She was blocking him from view, or attempting to, for he peeked out from the side in curiosity regardless of the danger ahead. The one that had called them out was a beautiful woman, wearing little clothes and was decorated in scars that reminded him of the people back at the gated home many miles away. "Hercules! Why, if it isn't you! It's been so long since we've meant. I do hope you've met my daughter, Zagreus?" He watched, fascinated as the woman acted eccentrically. He began counting the scars he could spot on her body, before being interrupted by the woman taking interest in him now instead.

"Stand back!" Freya had pushed him back and held her hand forward, acting as a barrier between the two. His expression snapped away from it's previous dreamy state, suddenly aware of how much danger they were in. "With all due respect, Hercules, she is my mother. I get to see her, like, once a year. And did you shrink?" Sindey's eyebrows quirked upwards, mystified by the words that fell from the woman's mouth. Hercules? Mother? It was like the woman was under a spell of delusions and couldn't understand how the people she was looking at weren't who she thought they were because he certainly, positively, wasn't her mother? Right? His eyes widened comically. Unless there was some really strange magic involved, he was quite positive that he never had a child before!

Sidney wasn't able to do as Freya wished and instead only squeaked as the woman grabbed him, yanking him away from his guild mate. Oh no. His heart beat rose, he was a goner for sure, happening to fall right into the lions den. However, instead of dismembering him, she only circled him in a surprisingly warm embrace - something he sunk into on instinct. "Mother, you must eat more," What exactly was happening here? He watched the scenes unfold as if he was watching a cleverly orchestrated play. For a moment his eyes closed, letting the sounds surround him in muffled passes. Maybe it was all just a dream? Sidney's eyelids opened and he found himself staring at her scars again. "Um," His voice was soft, not thinking his words through. "Why do you...Are you hurt?" She wasn't injured physically, but weren't those scars of people that had damaged hearts? Or was he mistaken?

He let his attention travel among the other people in the cave, trying to understand the situation better. A blonde woman and a dark haired man, a rather feminine appearing man, and a..wait. "Murmur?" He couldn't help himself, the words were followed by mental scolding. The man was studying the situation, and a flash of anger crossed his eyes when he let the cat of the bag of the two of them knowing one another. Sidney glanced away, though he couldn't prevent himself looking back at the blue haired man, his body relaxing. This was the guild Murmur was in, and Murmur wasn't evil. He was a bit..well, off, but he was kind. He was the one who gave him a life with Amaranth, even if he wanted information in return for the support. That was normal though, right? Of course a guild would be curious about their rivals. So, why couldn't he shake the feeling that something was wrong?

Murmur Burns
(Mines of Umi - Aozora)

Suddenly, the cave was dark, all thanks to that Amaranth kid that he didn't recognize. The man rubbed his temples for a moment before channeling his magic, lining the top of the cave with orbs of fire to bring light to the area once again. Almost simultaneously was the death of their enemy - Chasity, as Persephone used her weapon of preference to slice her head clean off. A smile crossed his face as he watched the body float through the air before falling to the side, several meters away. The woman had thought it would be easy to pick them off by targeting Kiev, and she had clearly underestimated the woman that possessed Ravenna's body.

Now that their little encounter was over with, they could finally move on and complete the mission. Persephone sent him a look that would make many men drop to their knees, but he only locked gazes with her, maintaining the slight bloodthirsty expression that had pulled his lips upwards for a moment longer, soon letting it falter into a typical thin line. She made her way towards him and the Aozora, being met with the same result he had gotten when she attempted to obtain the gem. His eyes didn't stay on her long as they shifted over to the black haired Amaranth boy, who was caught up in the stones around them. His expression was a curious one, debating on what would be more beneficial; fulfilling his own desire to kill or to let him go, and keep up this charade of being apart of the false guild 'Carrot Blade'?

He found that he would have to let the boy live, for they had visitors, both friends of his. He stood in the background as he watched Persephone and Freya face one another in a one sided argument. The blonde was a strong mage, and he had no doubt that she had grown in her abilities. However, right now, she was very, incredibly and uncharacteristically weak. If she decided to fight them he wouldn't have any troubles putting an end to her life, let alone defeating her. He was having such good luck today, after all. He sent the woman a small smile, something he was doing all too much of today, only this time he decided to keep it in place. Oh, Freya was not happy at all, she was putting up such a fuss to protect little rich boy Sidney.

Sidney Allen, he still wasn't happy about how what was his was stuck in what could be considered a battlefield filled with dangerous, murderous people. The boy was only supposed to gather information on Amaranth for him, and yet here he was being dragged along on all sorts of dangerous adventures. This wasn't good at all, if the boy died it would be quite troublesome for him to acquire a new informant. Let alone such a perfect one like Sidney, who despite his flaws was observant, and obedient. Even his pathetic magic proved to be useful by misappropriating the official Amaranth documents, which would be memorized, more or less, and told to the Crimson Blade member at a later date.

Ideas swam through his head, he needed to guarantee that Sidney would live a little longer, for his own benefit. Murmur couldn't rely on the mages of Amaranth for long. By the looks of things, they could barely hold their own against the mages of Seven Virtues, showing pore strategy and planning. Persephone had grabbed the boy and was smothering him, and it took long enough for him to finally realize that Murmur was here among the group. The red eyed man made a note to tread carefully, he had to try to make sure that Amaranth didn't start to doubt Sidney along with keeping the boy under the illusion that Murmur wasn't part of a dark guild, for if he knew his loyalty and trust might start to crack.

"Murmur?" His eyes narrowed momentarily, he felt anger shoot through his veins. No, he had to keep a level head for this, keep the lies and facades sewn together, lest they crumble and fall, forcing his plans to start too soon and before they were ready. "Hello, old friend." He said, addressing Sidney. Murmur would have to play a simple card trick; convince the others that they knew each other from long ago. It would be easy enough, because who could prove it wasn't the truth? "Persephone, at this pace, you might just break Demeter." For matters like this, he wasn't sure if he was grateful that Ravenna was using that particular takeover or not. Perhaps, in this situation, it was better for him to play along then face the woman who called upon the spirit herself. He looked over Freya and Sidney again before continuing to speak. "Do you think it's possible that these two have a pure enough soul to release the Aozora?"

(Seven Virtues)

Chasity and Industria were both dead. He could feel it, yet he had no emotions of remorse for them. They had died before, and if he wanted to, as long as their bodies were still somewhere, he could revive them both. The blonde man sat at the guild of Seven Virtues, a fork in hand and a plate of cake in front of him. Temperance had also been defeated, though momentarily. He sent the signal for the man to retreat, hoping that for once his creation would obey such a wish. Even if he could bring them back to life, it didn't mean he would. The man drank the remainder of his tea, eyes traveling over his other children when he was finished. He would do fine with just four, as long as he had Patience and Humanitas, there would be no lull in his plans. It was a loss, but he wouldn't waste time with bringing them back. Humility stabbed a fork through the cake, separating it from the rest. There was no rush, everything would work out in the end. Power, knowledge, discord, destruction. It wasn't as if he actually needed the Aozora, even if it would have been a nice addition to his collection. A sickly sweet smile was in place on his face after he swallowed another piece of the pastry, excitement for what was to come swirling throughout his soul. This was more of a test for the enemy, that's all. Everything would still fall in place, he just had to wait, and let time do the rest.