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Jennifer Holt

i'm the hunter in the night, waiting for my prey."

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a character in “The New Mage Guild: Amaranth”, originally authored by LeagueOfI, as played by RolePlayGateway


Jennifer Holt: Jen, 22, Female
Alias The Black Rose, Rank B Crimson blade member

~ Physical Info ~

Jen is 5'6 and weighs about 140 pounds. She has an athletic body, her skin is slightly tanned and flawless. You can take one look at Jen and you would instantly think she was spoiled.

The tattoo is located on her right arm

~ Mentality ~

Jen is a laid back girl, she always smiles at people even at an enemy. She loves being the life of a party; she can be a bit of a trouble maker and a hand full. However, she is fun loving and she may seem unapproachable just by her looks, but she is quite friendly. Jen can be a bit of a flirt and she enjoys messing with the guys that like her. Jen really doesn’t get sad, she is almost always happy. There are times when she can be a little gloomy and gives people death stares. This happens rarely, but it does happen and when it does happen it is best to just stay out of her way. Jen may seem like a nice girl on the surface, but the reason she is all bubbly and happy is because she is kind of psychotic. Jen is a fan of torture, something most people find out the hard way.

{Likes} {Dislikes}
oCookies Spidersx
o The beach High places x
o Eating Waking up early x
o Sleeping Doctors x
o Starting a party People who talk too much x
o Enjoyable fights Studyingx

{Quirks} {Phobias}
% Chews her hair randomly Death @
% Randomly sings when she gets bored Losing herself in her madness @
%When she gets drunk, she giggles all the time for no reason.

~ Ability Statistics ~

Celestial spirit magic ~Gun magic ~ Shadow Magic~ Illusion magic {Signature Spell}
Silent Hunter – Jen creates an illusion version of herself and then blends into the shadows. She waits for the perfect moment to strike and when she is ready she emerges from the shadows and fires a dark spark bullet which causes a painful shock that can paralyze the target for several hours or minutes depending on how strong the target is.

{Spell List}
~Orion ”The huntsman”- Jen’s strongest spirit, he wants nothing but to fight the strongest opponents. He is a powerful lightning magic user, he relies mostly on his long ranged magical attacks, but if he is enjoying himself he uses his staff to get close to his enemy.

-Aquila ”The eagle”- Aquilla is a strong spirit, he is Jen’s protector he acts as her knight in shining armor and defends her against all that would harm her. He is loyal and has been at her side for a long time.

-Centaurus “The centaur” – Used for his brute force and speed, Centaurus is a fearsome spirit. Jen usually uses him as a ride from one location to another. However, his skills in close ranged combat are only surpassed by Orion and Vulpecula

-Cetus “The sea creature.” – A beast like no other, Cetus is a monster of the sea. He can control water like Aquarius, however his skills aren’t impressive, but he makes up for it with his destructive use of the water and his massive size.

-Draco ”The dragon”- Draco is slightly shy outside of battle. She likes to hide her face in her helmet. But when a battle begins she becomes a fiery beast with heart and determination. Draco is considered to be on the weaker end of Jen’s spirits. This makes Draco even more determined to show Jen that she can be powerful.

-Ursa major - “The greater bear”- a strong warrior spirit, He takes the form of a man with the fur coat of a bear. Yet, he has the strength of a bear he has proven himself in countless battles and is often Jen’s first choice if she wants to test her enemies strength.

-Ursa Minor - “The lesser bear”- Ursa minor is still young, she isn’t a spirit for combat she is mostly just a companion. Jen calls her little sister and if anything ever happens to Ursa Jen goes into an uncontrollable rage. Ursa can use defensive magic(magic shields) but she doesn’t have very much magical energy so they are weak shields that most of the time only reduce damage or effects of magic.

-Vulpecula “The fox”- Surprisingly when it comes to strength, she has the highest of all of the spirits. However, this can’t be seen often because of the chain weapon she uses. This weight like weapon weighs her down, but she can lift it easily and if she lets the weight go her movements seem like teleportation. Vulpecula uses fire magic, she is skilled with fire magic however she rarely uses it to fight long range.
Vulpecula loves to fight close range, she uses her legs in combat often and she enhances her attacks with fire. Her strength in combat could be compared to Orion, but she rarely gets serious so her full strength is slightly unknown.

~Gun magic
Instead of guns, Jen uses two crossbows. One is large and she carries it on her back and the other is a small arm crossbow.
-Spark shot, a shot that stuns the target
-explosive shot, a shot that explodes on contact
-Homing shot, hones in on the target(s)
-Ballista shot, uses the large crossbow to fire a large bolt that can pierce armor or walls
- Dragon fang, uses the large crossbow to fire a bolt that bursts into flames and takes the form of a dragon.

~Shadow magic
Shadow hunter- A shadow that takes the form of the user or enemy. This shadow is black and can't be mistaken for a human unless it is very dark or unless illusion magic gives it human skin. The shadow hunter can fight physically like the person it takes the form of, but it has no magical ability.

Shadow dome- Creates a dome of darkness that takes away the enemies vision

Shadow python- creates a giant python that wraps itself around the victim and makes them helpless.

Helping hands- Creates hands made of shadows that can be used for anything. From punching an enemy to fetching a cup of tea.

~Illusion magic
Jen's illusion magic is pretty basic. She can trick the senses of her enemies, her illusions can seem real to the untrained eye and often in the heat of battle even a trained eye can't tell the difference. Her illusions are mostly just distractions as she uses her other magic.

{Non-magic Skills}
# Skilled marksman
# Gymnast like reflexes and flexibility
# Knows varies ways to torture physically and mentally
# skilled Artist
# Manipulative

~ Personal Background ~

Jennifer was the only daughter of a wealthy magical family. Her job was to be a respectable young lady and to listen to everything she was told. However, that was not the kind of girl Jen was. She was rebellious and by the age of thirteen she had run away from home eleven times. After years of begging Jen was allowed to learn archery along with her other studies. She took to it quickly and by the time she was sixteen, she was shooting like a pro.

After she turned sixteen she began to hang out with a group of thieves at night. She began learning the skills of a thief, she became quick and agile.When her parents were told about her night time adventures they became even more strict and had her watched at all times. Jen was only allowed to come from her room to eat. This drove Jen crazy, she began hearing voices and seeing people who weren't there. After a year of dealing with this Jen's parents allowed her to leave her room for her birthday. As a seventeenth birthday gift her parents gave her a celestial spirit key, Aquila. By this time Jen was so far gone that she would black out randomly. This was one of those times, Jen passed out and when she woke up she was covered with the blood of her parents and all their friends that they had invited. Jen doesn't remember exactly what happened however she was told from Aquila that together they both killed and tortured everyone at the party. He told her that she slowly tortured her parents last keeping them alive for a long time and then finally killing them both.

Jen wasn't upset by the news she actually was only upset that she didn't get to really see it. Jen left her parents home after stealing everything of value, she found her thief friends who took her in and after two years she became the leader of the group. She used them to get her what she needed which were Celestial spirit keys and money. After she was finished she left them, she left the group some money but she kept the majority of it.

Jen went on a journey collecting keys and honing her magical abilities. At twenty she join Crimson blade and managed to move her way up the ranks fairly quickly. She gained the name the black rose because she was as beautiful as a rose, but dark and mysterious.

So begins...

Jennifer Holt's Story


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#, as written by Layla
Freya Hirane - Amaranth

Freya fell.

"Help! I'm falling! I can't-" the sugary voice paused. "Ooo, nice carpet."

The grace of the dainty blonde mage was astounding, so much so that she tripped on a flat surface. The slap of wood against her small nose sent a feminine yelp through her lips as her fingers tangled themselves in her light hair of silk. There was some chuckling and Freya growled like an angry kitten as she picked herself up, frowning as she held back her tears. Freya's nose hurt and she didn't like hurting. Rubbing her thankfully intact nose, Freya glanced over at a familiar brunette. Two magnificent creatures of blue and red encircled her and a grin burst from Freya's lips.

"Izzy!!!" Freya squealed with glee, stumbling in her extravagant dress of frills. Perhaps Freya went a little too 'over the top' but who would she be if not too much? The dress laced in a criss cross of ribbons, sinking low beneath her back; the mark of Amaranth resting between her shoulder blades was as clear as day. A mass of blue and white billowed behind her, along with her flowing hair of large waves. "Izzy!" she squealed again before launching herself in the air and tackling the tall woman with a ferocity that contradicted with her petite frame.

Freya Hirane was Amaranth's other S-class mage.

"Oh, how will I miss you if you won't go away?" she teased, an all too cheerful smile on her lovely face. Izzy was certainly one of her favourite people in the world, which was saying something, as she had about a million gigantic hearts for everyone. Well, almost everyone. A small frowned crossed her face as she thought of K'brak and H'mong - why on earth did she have to be teamed with him? Shaking the thoughts from her head, she turned back to the beautiful mage before her. She loved Izzy dearly and it had been so long since she saw her, there was no one else she could fight with and no one else who would pat her back as she wept in her Corner of Doom from being ignored. "I was so worried that you wouldn't make it for the feast, Izzy-love. I even helped to cook!" 'I screamed at a pot of boiling water,' was what she meant.

Turning her head to look up at Sarah with her multi-coloured hair, Freya smiled harder, if she that were possible. How she loved people.

"I love people!" Freya announced at the top of her lungs - which was not very loud, considering how soft and timid her voice naturally was. Freya ran around the guild for a few minutes, grasping everyone in a bone-crushing embrace. She was shorter than anyone else in the guild and definitely, seemingly, the most harmless but her loving hugs could hurt. Despite Freya's lovely appearance, she was as deadly as the deadliest of deadlies and as vicious as Issabella, if not more, when it came to training the members of Amaranth. Freya took her job very seriously.

Racing back to Sarah, she took the mage's hands in her own and with a comically serious face, said, "I like you."

Then again, Freya liked everyone.

Flashing Issabella a wicked smile, the palms of Freya's hands held two blazing white flames that lit the entire room in an ethereal light.

"Ready for round two?"

Sniffing the air, Freya dropped the two balls of sizzling light, nearly burning a hole through the guild. A smile lit her features as she raced toward the bar, having completely forgotten about her Izzy. Pressing her palms on the wooden stretch of table, Freya pulled herself up, resting her flat 'stummy' - as she liked to call it - on the bar. The small mage reached out with her hands, kicking her legs in the air. "Give!" she yelled, pointing at the freshly baked apple pie.

"Or I'll kill you..." she whispered before giggling. "Just kidding! No, not really."

Ravenna - Crimson Blade

"I would call you a woman but your beards do not allow me to interpret you as such," said a perpetually breathless voice as wintry eyes burned through hair of blue.

Boots with heels to very literally kill sat upon long lean legs, the right braced with a thigh sheath and its vicious daggers. The curvaceous woman had dark hair that fell over a revealing tank top and tight leather hot pants, Scars peeked from the black cloth, along with the edge of a lacy maroon bra. There were an uncountable amount of weapons on the woman, in her belt, her boots, the pockets of her shorts, the band that gripped her arms - every part of her body was laced in weaponry, even her lips were poison.

Crimson Blade's master sat upon a majestic throne of obsidian.

"Where's that half woman friend of yours, Burns?" she asked, unable to look more bored than she did right then. Ravenna rested her head on a fist, her arm on the intricately carved arm of her grand seat. Hundreds upon thousands of scars could be seen beneath the half gloves Ravenna wore, an obvious marker of her use of the forbidden Blood Magic. That, or she truly was quite depressed.

"Kiev, was it? He's almost as difficult to look at as you and your twisted paper face." The exact meaning of 'Twisted paper face' remains a mystery. Watching the S-ranked wizard with piercing eyes of pure aqua for she could undress anyone with those eyes, the mage crossed her legs tighter. She really, really hated Murmur Burns.

Then again, Ravenna hated everyone.

Of all the guilds she could've been the master of, it had to be one filled with so many men. She hated men more than anything and she hated that they triggered an irrational fear in her when they came too close for comfort. Absently running her fingers over her scars, Ravenna's eyes glazed over as she thought of Jyel. A barely perceptible flinch, a flinch perhaps only K'brak, who was always with her, might see, crossed her features. She remembered their disgusting hands roaming over her body, their lips, their - she wished to scrub herself thoroughly enough that she bled. Bled, so that one day she might eventually be pure.

Ripping herself from her mind, Ravenna forced the fingers of the hand she was not resting on to drum on the arm of her throne, Ravenna envisioned leaving the dark guild - oh what a gift that would be. The late Naciel Harlen, old Master of Crimson Blade had entrusted her with his guild and how could she abandon one of his many last wishes after all he had given her? Why on earth did the bastard have to die?

The throne on which Ravenna sat upon fit surprisingly well with the guild's decor of deep mahogany and obsidian. The bar, filled with liquor, gleamed in all it's black granite glory. So Ravenna liked dark colours - sue her. All in all, the guild's common room looked like a night club for vampires - the imposing, armed and scarred master didn't quite 'lift the mood,' either.

"Keep going, you whiny little girls," she growled, staring distastefully at the muscled men doing an endless number of push ups before her. They were mages but Ravenna, being one of combat, liked to know her mages could hold their own without any magic or weaponry. Besides, their large frames made them so much more intimidating. "You're only at 2034 - you're acting like I'm killing you."

Rolling her eyes at the panting, sweating men, Ravenna twirled a butterfly knife in her free hand with deadly precision before arching her arm back and throwing the knife smack dab into the centre of a dart board, narrowly missing someone's head. Suddenly, an idea came to her - Ravenna grinned her infamous smile that made all who saw it uneasy.

"We should destroy Amaranth."


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Jennifer Holt

Jennifer was on her way to the guild hall. She had just gone shopping and wanted to show her new outfit off to the world. On her face she wore a dark pair of sunglasses that seemed like they were made for her. She wore a black tube top which was quite revealing, long purple pants that helped show off her hourglass figure, on top of her tube top was a long black jacket with white fur on the inside, and on her feet where a pair of black fur boots.

The heels of her boots clicked as she walked down the street. Jen looked down to see Ursa Minor gripping her right hand tightly. Behind her several shadow hands carried all the clothes she bought. Jen beckoned to a hand holding a mirror, the hand placed the mirror in her face and Jen sighed.

She looked down at Ursa and said “My hair is such a mess, little sis.” Ursa smiled and said “You look fine.” Jen played with her hair until the left side of her face was slightly covered by her hair. She looked in the mirror again and looked satisfied.

When she arrived at the door to the guild she opened it and walked in. Jen tried to walk like a model showing off her outfit. When she had finished fooling around she walked over to where Murmur was sitting and poured herself a cup of tea.

She had her eye on Murmur for a while, she knew he was the mysterious type and she always liked to know where everyone stood. His silent nature irritated her which is why every time she got the chance to mess with him she did. Her plan was to force Murmur to show his true colors so she could tell if he could be a useful ally if anything ever went wrong.

After the tea was finished she placed the cup down, winked at Murmur, and said “Thanks for the tea.” Jen stood up and walked away with Ursa gripping her hand. She was excited not even Ravenna’s cold stare could bring her down. Jen sat herself down on a stool that could spin; she started to spin and then stopped and looked at Ravenna. Jen respected her; Ravenna was a powerful mage who didn’t show her emotions. Ursa climbed into Jen’s lap and they both watched as Ravenna ordered the men to do push-ups. Ursa looked up at Jen and said “she is scary.” Jen nodded and said “Yea.”

Her gaze then shifted to K’Brak, she didn’t know much about him because they had only talked once. However, she knew that he was strong and he had earned her respect. Then she shifted to Vincent, he had been a member longer than her, yet she felt like he was kind of like an outsider. She didn’t have much of an opinion of him other than that he didn’t say much.

When the topic of destroying Amaranth came up Jen smiled. She had been itching for a good fight, but then the smile faded as she thought about it deeply. Fighting Amaranth now could be bad for her. Her magic still needed work and Orion couldn’t be trusted to win every battle for her. She was going to stay silent, but Ursa blurted out “we should do it!” Jen looked down at Ursa and sighed.


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Crimson Blade

"My Lady, I am at your service," a raspy, full voice said. Ravenna's eyes did not even shift as she gave K'brak a barely perceptible nod of acknowledgement. He was one of the few men she could tolerate, in fact, he was the only. Men who obeyed her were not men she hated, it was those like Amaranth's master, the perverted old man, that she despised more than anything.

"Tell me, K'brak," she began without asking the man to stand. For someone who'd just completed four thousand push-ups, he barely appeared winded. K'brak was a fine example of what she expected of the mages of Crimson Blood. Slipping a dagger from the sheath on her thigh, the scarred master threw it skilfully at a man who'd collapsed from his 'warm up' on the floor. The blade whizzed through the air, embedding the collar of the man's shirt onto the mahogany floorboards. "Tell me, K'brak," she continued, her face as expressionless as ever, "Freya Constance Lockhart."

Spinning a knife with a curved tip in her hand, Ravenna remembered the young mage whom she'd seen in passing prior to her becoming Crimson Blade's master. She remembered the blonde to be a rich brat, cold and merciless, but annoying to say the least. "She is not dead," she said, slightly raising a brow before rolling her eyes, "I believe Master Harlen asked for their death by your hand, am I correct? You have failed. He's cursing you from his grave, my dear. If you don't watch out, you will awaken with a bald head - the man was always envious of your hair."

Leaning back, against her throne, Ravenna commanded, "Stand." Trailing the tip of her sharpened knife over K'brak's skin, not hard enough to pierce through flesh but hard enough that he knew it was a warning. "'Angel' is the name she goes by now, correct?" Ravenna chuckled with amusement. The heartless girl she once knew most certainly was not an angel of any sort. "I hear she has grown strong and perhaps Master Harlen predicted such a thing as well. Did you know one of his last wishes was to control this Freya? Or, if he could not have her," Death chained K'brak in a soulless stare, "No one would."

"You are intelligent, K'brak. I am certain you understand my wishes. Our wishes. I would like this... Angel," a deadly smile lifted her crimson lips, "Perhaps to play with for a while, perhaps to keep. Perhaps I will break her spirit and keep her shell intact, eh? You were once in her team and perhaps the girl will be foolish enough to trust you again. Convince her to join, force her to, torture it out of her if you must - but I want her in Crimson Blade's possession. She could deem herself useful - dead, alive or wishing she were dead. If you cannot bring her to me," Ravenna's eyes flicked over Murmur, whom she'd only just realised was standing there, lingered on K'brak before resting on the ceiling.

"Kill her."

"Destroy Amaranth?" Murmur asked, amusement lacing his voice. Ravenna only closed her eyes, her mind tingling with the lines of all her guild members. They glowed, pulsed and tugged at her consciousness as she felt the minds within the area. Vincent was back - his mind was unusual, weak, almost non-existent. Yet, his faint line of consciousness felt like so many more than one, as if he were being controlled by puppet strings. Vincent was shaking his head, she'd merely allowed him to leave for his 'mission' because she didn't trust him. "Sounds like fun." Though, much of the guild will be gathered this month, given their festivities." Murmur's voice was cloy and sickly sweet. He was trying to 'win' the conversation again - the fool, he would never win against her.

[b]"I would have thought you'd be presently more interested in the new slave trade mission we received. Oh, what was the guild called? 'Jyel'?"

Ravenna's eyes snapped wide open, her wintry irises of aqua widening as her body froze. Despite, herself, Ravenna clutched the arm of her throne, her hand trembling ever so slightly. No one but the S-Class men before her, who'd been with her prior to her mastership, would've seen such a thing. If she were trembling for anything else, she might've despised giving Murmur the satisfaction of seeing her so weak but her mind was not wandering on such insignificant thoughts. Her scars pressed against the back of the obsidian stone, mocking her as they always did.

When Ravenna had first been taken in by the late master of Crimson Blade, she'd bundled up so tightly, only her eyes showed for she was utterly ashamed of her scars, of her skin, even. She felt tainted and surely, her very presence was dirtying the air of existence. Not to mention, Ravenna did not wish for any man to turn their gazes upon her - she'd sliced off all her hair in a most unattractive manner and smudged mud over her face to disguise the horrible beauty that lay beneath. She bled - so that one day she might be pure.

“We should do it!” a feminine voice shouted - Jennifer. Ravenna did not dislike her as much as she did the men but that did not mean she liked her, either. It took her a while to realise she was speaking of the destruction of Amaranth. Ravenna's eyes remained staring unflinchingly into Murmur's red eyes. Anyone else might have been intimidated by the eeriness of them but Ravenna was not. She searched for the knowing in his eyes, the way he'd said 'Jyel' hinted at his knowledge of his past. Ravenna supposed her scars and obvious repulsion towards men was not too difficult to piece together. Ravenna, realising she'd been absently raking her nails over her multitude of scars, subtly brought her fingers upwards to run through her hair. Her habit of touching her scars was one Ravenna had never been able to break.

"What do you think about all of this, Vincent?"

'You are overstepping your authority.' Ravenna spoke in Murmur's mind, her voice threatening and mildly angry as her outward appearance remained stoic and uncaring. 'My personal life is none of your concern. I have no qualms about tearing you from limb to limb and leaving you for the Demons. Do not play your games with me, you walnut cookie with raisins and... Dare I say, olives.'

Pausing to shift her eyes over to K'brak, Ravenna decided he would be more useful being an Angel Hunter. 'You will take this mission,' she told Murmur, 'I will come with you. You do not need to understand why, merely that it is my wish and my wish, you will obey.'

Ravenna lifted her hand, her wrist and its scars facing Murmur. It seemed harmless enough but it was one of the greatest threats Ravenna could have made. You will tread carefully or die a slowly agonising death and burn in Hell for eternity.

"Do you pathetic little girls not have missions to do?" Ravenna raised a brow, her gaze falling upon every man in the guild. Her eyes of iridescent aqua were unnerving at best. "Unless you wish to be my next sacrifice?" she asked with a wicked smirk, speaking of the blood she required to activate her magic. Running her slim fingers over her crimson lips, she whispered softly, her voice echoing with power in the dark room, "I am so very thirsty." - for blood.

"Any ideas for the destruction of Amaranth, my dearests?" Ravenna asked, her breathless voice deathly sweet with the taste of mania. Then, as abruptly as the brief sadism came, it left, replaced by a strange, unpredictable look in the master's eyes, "I'm hungry. 20 steaks, medium rare, salmon, cod, lamb, tilapia, roast chicken, turkey, spaghetti, shrimp, venison, fries, dark chocolate muffins, chocolate volcano cake. Wait! Wait for it. A dark chocolate cake shaped like a volcano that explodes into a river of strawberry whipped cream. A lamb in the shape of a cow! No. A shrimp in the shape of sheep. Actually, stop it, guys. Stop interrupting me," Ravenna gushed, waving at the stunned silence of the room. "A cake with my face on it. Shrimp and mushroom linguine in the shape of my face. Don't eat it though, because that's just bad luck." Pausing to take a breath, Ravenna took in the various expressions of her guild and the noise in her head from their thoughts bouncing against her skull, it gave her a terrible headache.

"Shut up, a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand."


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Murmur Burns

There would be one less cup of tea for him, but he was not complaining. He'd have to be blind to not notice the interest Jennifer Holt took in him and for whatever reason that was, Murmur would happily use it as a way to learn more about the spoiled woman. From there he would decide what to do with her, if she proved to be of any use at all. “Thanks for the tea.” Though, he wouldn't mind holding his breath, he'd seen her fight before and to say she had potential would be an understatement. "Anytime." No, if she was as highly capable as she was right now then the future would hold great things in store for her. Provided that she didn't die, or otherwise, first.

More importantly, following his words the fearsome Ravenna was proceeding to make his day. It looked like he had struck a nerve, he hadn't recalled ever seeing her eyes look quite like that, it was a good look on her. Murmur momentarily took note of her body language, his red eyes taking in every little movement. The tremor in her hand, the way her body seemed to press harder against her seat, and the harsh contact between the her nails and her scars screamed volumes. Before his presumption only remained as a maybe that there was a chance that her past was linked to the infamous slave trade. When he gathered the pieces of her disliking men, a few of her scars, to even her attitude and the way she carried herself he had guessed that it could be a possible explanation. After this little display, something many members of the guild may have missed completely, he didn't feel like he needed much conformation.

Oh how she was absolutely seething. 'You are overstepping your authority. My personal life is none of your concern. I have no qualms about tearing you from limb to limb and leaving you for the Demons. Do not play your games with me, you walnut cookie with raisins and... Dare I say, olives' Ouch, did he dare say that stung a bit? This was a dangerous game he was playing, if he did not draw the right cards he knew very well that she would carry out that threat. There was no doubt about it, in a fight between the two of them she would certainly be victorious, it was plain fact. If Murmur was ever going to change that he must progress with caution, lest he really does end up being nothing more than a few scraps of bones and flesh.

'You will take this mission. I will come with you. You do not need to understand why, merely that it is my wish and my wish, you will obey.' The corner of his lips turned upwards, that was better than nothing. Besides, he could really enjoy some field work with her - call it personal bonding time. 'As you wish, mistress.' His mind replied, no longer holding such a piercing edge, and he backed down. For now, he would take what he would get, and not press any further. The 'Angel Hunt' was somewhat of a bonus; one less S-Class mage against them would certainly lighten the load, and knowing K'Brak's past it could bring quite a show for all to see.


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#, as written by akashi
Suoh Ren

'Click, click, click'

Suoh's fingers moved expertly over the buttons of a little device with the screen flashing with different colors. It's amazing how much technology had improved over the years; this generation developed fast. He was walking backwards down the hall, his footsteps silent while the clicking of the buttons continued. His expression remained neutral even as his character's 'life' was shrinking each time some weird monster looking thing made an attack. A silent sigh left his lips as he moved his arms up, head tilting back as well. It was an unusual way of playing, considering normal people tend to keep the device down while playing; Suoh was doing the opposite.

"Ah, so close." Three words and silence once more.

He felt something shift in his hood, but paid no mind as he restarted the level. Third attempt-- if he doesn't beat the game after this, he was going to give up. But goddamn it, why did he have to start all over again from the beginning? Mentally rolling his eyes, Suoh made a sharp turn around the corner and earned a complaining growl.

"My bad," he muttered. There was another shift, causing him to press the wrong button. His brows twitched ever so slightly, his annoyance starting to rise. With a bark, a little head popped up, only to bump it against Suoh's. It didn't really affect the redhead, but the creature seemed to be scowling. It jumped onto the mage's shoulder and clung on, barking once more.

"Inferno, shhh..." Suoh ordered, "your barking is distracting me." The pup pulled his ear back as he stared up at his master but barked again anyway as they walked past a door.

Suoh stopped in his tracks, and if anyone else saw, they would have probably thought he would throw the dog off his shoulders. But he didn't. Instead, Suoh turned on his heels, coming back the way he came from. His eyes continued to focus on the screen, even as he opened the door to the room and walking inside.

He stepped on a hand of a man, who for whatever reason, was laying on the floor and muttered a 'my bad' instead of a real apology. For now, he disregarded everyone else in the room-- even the higher ups-- and went about with his little business. Suoh flopped down onto a chair and for a few minutes seemed to be in his own little world. With a satisfied sigh, the redhead finally set the device down, which was now radiating with heat, and cracked his knuckles. Third time's the charm.

He finally took a look around the room, which was his way of saying 'hello'. Nobody in his guild was really the type to great one another, especially him. Now that he wasn't so into the game, he noticed the guy on the ground was pinned by... a knife? Ah, the head should stop using people as dart boards; then again, as long as it wasn't his shirt getting a hole, he supposed it was fine.

The atmosphere in the room was heavy, and Suoh mentally cursed at himself for coming at such a bad time. Ravenna seemed rather pissed and Suoh really wasn't all that curious.

"Any ideas for the destruction of Amaranth, my dearests?"

The redhead raised a single eyebrow, taking a moment to let the words sink in. Destroy Amaranth? Oh, so would that mean there will be bloodshed between the two guilds and watched as their enemies suffered? Sweet lord that sound... so... so...

"Troublesome," Suoh muttered between a sigh as he sulked a little. This meant he had to actually fight. The last time he got serious, his shirt got stained with dirt. It was one of his favorite and it was new. Not to mention he managed to get blood stained on his hood. It took almost forever to get the damn stain out.

No, no he wasn't a sissy he was just lazy; extremely lazy. Besides, why would you want to ruin your clothes? He placed his chin down onto the table and pulled out a pack of his dear cigarettes before stuffing a hand in his pocket to look for a lighter. Please don't tell him he left it in his room... Clicking his tongue, he stuck a stick in his mouth but didn't light it as he failed to find a lighter. He gave K'brak a side-way glance; the only one he knew that might have what he was lacking at the moment.


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Crimson Blade

'As you wish, mistress,' whispered the pulse of Murmur's mind. Ravenna searched for the flames, each of her people of Crimson Blade pulsing with their own unique existence. Murmur's flame blazed, red with a blue heart at its centre, the heavy beating of his fire was impossible to miss. K'brak's was an absolute amethyst, its tongues licking high above the skies. Suoh's fire was strange, for instead of reaching upwards, it swirled like a flaming blizzard, spinning around and around like a carousel. Jennifer's light of iridescent yellow was like a lit candle, reaching toward those she had an interest in - Murmur - and drifting from those she didn't. Then, there was Vincent. His fire was distant, as if it were far, far away and not of his body. It was split down the middle, one side burning yellow and another burning red to create a mix of purple. It made her very weary of him.

"Catch it, Ren" Pulling herself from the distracting flames of life, Ravenna watched as a red lighter sailed over the heads of some dark mages toward her little red blizzard.

"Strawberry head, come," Ravenna beckoned with her slim hand. Standing from her throne, Ravenna sat on the mahogany steps and patted the space next to her. "If you and K'brak insist on killing yourselves in smoke, surely you could spare some time before your inevitable deaths to entertain me. There appears to be a mission that pays very well, 30,000,000 Jewels, I believe. You merely have to save the money within Mailman Trade. The pathetic 'dark guild' - or so they call themselves - Pink Ponies will be guarding the trade guild. Surely they will be no match for the Cancer Sticks. You will go with K'brak, is that understood?"

"It depends on what kind of destruction you are referring to, Mistress Ravenna." Vincent's voice began, an answer to her previous statement about destroying Gawain's guild. Ravenna tilted her head ever so slightly to indicate that she was listening. Her hand rested on Suoh's back, so close to his neck, her dagger within her glove could've penetrated his throat. "It would also determine whether you care more for earning money by completing missions or capturing Freya. Divide and conquer has always been a favorite tactic. I have learned on my way back here that there should be a celebration of sorts going on at Amaranth. Our plan is simple. We do what do best. Kill, steal, extort, and all those other goodies."

Ravenna's fingers pressed a billionth of a fraction harder against Suoh's body, her eyelids drooped a quarter of a millimetre. Crimson Blade's master was growing impatient. "The jobs we should focus on should be all the assassination jobs for one good reason. Ongoing protection. We let word out that a lot of high level assassinations are going to be taking place. Each group scouts out the locations and finds out if Amaranth is protecting the client. More importantly if Freya is protecting the client. If not then we pull back and regroup to another assassination location and simply cut down the choices."

"When we find Freya we overwhelm her with our numbers. Granted there is the chance she may not take any of the jobs, but if we learn that she is not coming then we can go back to find out early enough so we could go back to the previous jobs. It just requires planning and cooperation. I just wonder if it is possible for all of us to work together for once. The sooner we get started the easier the plan will succeed. My team will take this one. He said as he showed the job about the mayor and the wedding."

Ravenna was clicking her tongue now, a dangerous sound for it was an indicator of her impatience, a sign many had learned to avoid and cower to. "Vincent," Death said slowly, standing in a single smooth fluid movement. "We will not waste so many of our people on a single girl. She is powerful but not invincible. Are you suggesting your fellow Crimson's do not have what it takes to destroy her without the help of our entire guild? If she is as dangerous as you are making her out to be, I will not risk the lives of all of my people for her. Freya is K'brak's main mission - for now," observing the said mage from her peripheral vision, Ravenna continued, "I believe he is capable of overpowering and deceiving a child who is barely 18. It would be shameful for a mage of his rank to require the assistance of others."

Crimson Blade's master did not believe in anything less than the best. "Weaklings will not be tolerated in my guild," Ravenna gave Vincent a pointed look, a small spark of fury in her still orbs of aqua. 'You are hiding something,' the telepathic whispered in Vincent's mind. 'Watch where you step, child or you may find your foot on a land mine.' "Your team may take that mission." Then, addressing all in the guild, she spoke as well as pounded into their minds,

"You will not kill anyone of Amaranth - not yet. You may befriend them, fool them, have them believe you are mere humans with clean hands. You may ruin their fun and destroy their love for one another. You may cause chaos, you may hurt. But you will keep your identities hidden. If that is not possible, you will create some petty story about your hidden hate for Crimson Blade and its tyrant of a master," Ravenna added with a smirk.

"These rules does not apply for you two," Ravenna said, giving K'brak and Suoh brief glances. "You may act as you see fit. Not all dark guild members should have such tragic and elaborate stories. People might even start to believe I'm a cruel demon," Ravenna chuckled darkly before walking past Murmur.

'Come,' she whispered in his mind. 'We shall go to Karinui.' Then, with a pause, she added, glancing briefly at everyone in the guild and lingering on the Cancer Sticks. Ravenna told Murmur, 'Bring back-up.'

Ravenna ~ Karinui Tavern

"Hey, babe," cooed a lanky man with a scar on his chin as he ran a hand down Death's bare legs. Ravenna squealed slightly as if she'd just received a pleasant surprise from a handsome knight - Well, that didn't take too long. It made Ravenna want to kill herself, degrading her standards down to a whimpering girl but it was what was required. The dark mage wore a tight fitting dress that emphasised her assets, the sides of which was sliced so much, the black cloth barely covered anything. Her small waist melted into wide hips and a full top - I told them attractive young woman, not prostitute, Ravenna thought gruffly. Death's glossy hair was curled into soft, wavy locks as they tumbled over her bare shoulder, curved over her breasts and dipped to her hips - the left side of her fringe was pulled back with 3 needle thin and iron hard pins of deadly poison. Her long legs were bare, except for the straps of her deadly heels that curled around her frail ankle. A small dagger hugged the side of her thigh, or rather, hip, barely hidden under her minuscule skirt. Ravenna's body tingled with barely controlled magic. She wanted to destroy the man right then and there.

"H-hello, sir," she stuttered, staring down at the clenched fist on her lap. She wore black gloves that reached her elbows to disguise the multitude of scars on her arms. Luckily, the dress shielded the worst of the marks on her back. The lanky man groped her behind.

'Kill him very, very slowly,' Ravenna sent silently to Murmur, who sat somewhere in the dimly lit tavern. Large men clanked their mugs of beer and drank - Ravenna resisted the urge to gag. The disgusting man's sweaty palms on her body made her hate herself all the more. But she had to do this, she had to be the one to take down Jyel.

"We're going to have a lot of fun, aren't we, sweet thing?" the man laughed millimetres from Ravenna's face. He smelled of spoiled whisky and unclean teeth. Forcing a smile onto her lips, Ravenna asked nervously, "What's your name, master?" She used 'master' for she knew first hand how much they loved being called such a thing. It made her want to skin them alive.

"Jose," the man replied, running a meaty hand up her curved spine. Ravenna arched her back with repulsion as she shuddered, pretending she was overly pleased with his touch.

'I know you're enjoying this, you bastards,' Ravenna hissed in the minds of the Crimson Blade members near her.

"Let's go outside, huh, babe?" the man asked, lifting Ravenna off her chair and dragging her out the back door before she could even reply. Crimson Blade's master pretended to stumble in her 6 inch heels. When they were outside, a heavy weight smacked against the back of Ravenna's head and she felt herself falling - she did not have to pretend this time. Everything was going just as planned.

"Sorry, sweetheart. We'll play later, I promise," Jose chuckled.

Before Ravenna allowed her body melted into darkness, she echoed, 'Follow,'

and the world became nothing.


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Jennifer Holt

Jen watched everyone as they talked with Ravenna. She could tell that the guild master was irritated. Her eyes were focused on Murmur, the way he could get to Ravenna with just a few words interested her. She then focused on Vincent as he laid out his plan. The plan was a good one, divide and conquer was always a good strategy.

When Ravenna rejected the plan it didn’t shock Jen, Ravenna wasn’t the type of commander who would use that kind of strategy. She was more of the type to send her strongest against the enemies strongest just to prove her power. Jen smiled and then slide off her stool as Vincent walked by her.
"Well Jennifer, I guess we should get this over with quickly before the mayor and his kid can get proper protection." Vincent said

Jen sighed; she hated being called by her full name. She began walking toward the door, but then turned around and looked at Suoh. She had one of her shadow hands go up to him and turn his head slightly so he was looking at her. She lifted up her sunglasses then winked at him flirtatiously; Ursa shook her head and tugged on Jen’s hand to make her walk.

After she exited the hall she took off her Jacket and handed it to one of the hands swirling around her. She pointed to hand with her crossbow, she took it and holstered the large weapon on her back. She then started walking looking over the paper with the mission assignment.
It was a standard assassination, but what Vincent said earlier made Jen excited. The possibility of members of Amaranth protecting the mayor and his daughter intrigued Jen. It had been a while since she had a good fight. She looked back at Vincent and gave him a sinister grin, she then looked down when Ursa gripped her hand and said “How many people are we going to kill today.”

Jen picked Ursa up and said softly “as many people as we want little sister.” Ursa giggled with excitement, Jen had rubbed off on Ursa and the little bear enjoyed killing just as much as she did. Jen turned around toward Vincent with Ursa still in her arms and said “So do you have a plan or shall we just make it up as we go along.” Jen was hoping he would go for the second option, whenever she didn’t have a plan she did her best work. Everything would be spontaneous and whoever got in her way would just be another body on top of the pile.


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#, as written by akashi
Suoh Ren

"Catch it, Ren."

The corner of his lips twitched into a small grin as he caught the lighter in his hand. Nodding his head in thanks, Suoh lit his cigarette, taking a long drag. Why did such heavenly thing have to be a burden to your body? Life really wasn't fair.

"Strawberry head, come," came Ravenna's demand. That really wasn't an attractive nickname, but when your team's nickname was 'Cancer Sticks' nothing else was really all that weird to you anymore.

Blinking over at the head master, Suoh slowly got up from his chair and walked over. On the way, he dropped the lighter back into K'brak's hand and sat down. "If you and K'brak insist on killing yourselves in smoke, surely you could spare some time before your inevitable deaths to entertain me. There appears to be a mission that pays very well, 30,000,000 Jewels, I believe. You merely have to save the money within Mailman Trade. The pathetic 'dark guild' - or so they call themselves - Pink Ponies will be guarding the trade guild. Surely they will be no match for the Cancer Sticks. You will go with K'brak, is that understood?" His shoulders immediately drooped slightly when he was given a mission to do. He was sure K'brak could handle things on his own. He would rather babysit the newbies. It was fun watching them try so hard and use them as his personal sandwich maker. Surprisingly, most of them were pretty good at cooking.

"...........Mm okay," he mumbled, looking like a child who was forced to eat his vegetables. For a moment, he watched as his cigarette continued to burn, bits of ashes falling onto the floor. Realizing how much of a waste that just was, Suoh took another drag. All the redhead heard after that was 'blah blah blah'. He really was not interested in destroying... Ama.... Amaham..? No, wait... Amahara? What was it again? He swore he heard them say it a couple of times. Maybe he should focus a little more.

He barely flinched as Ravenna's hand rested on his back, his mind too busy trying to get the correct name. Suoh probably had short term memories-- no, not probably. He did have short term memory.

It was when Ravenna applied a little more pressure that he realized what was going on. His emerald eyes glanced back at the guild master, then at Vincent before moving back to Ravenna. What an uncomfortable feeling this was... Oh. Here comes the tongue clicking. Putting out the cigarette, he flicked it into the ash tray and casually attempted to move away from Ravenna's touch. Luckily, the other had gotten up first and he finally relaxed against the railing.

"You will not kill anyone of Amaranth - not yet. You may befriend them, fool them, have them believe you are mere humans with clean hands. You may ruin their fun and destroy their love for one another. You may cause chaos, you may hurt. But you will keep your identities hidden. If that is not possible, you will create some petty story about your hidden hate for Crimson Blade and its tyrant of a master,"

Amaranth; there we go, Suoh finally got the right name, yay.

"These rules does not apply for you two," Suoh's eyes flickered up, meeting Ravenna's for a brief second as she spoke. "You may act as you see fit. Not all dark guild members should have such tragic and elaborate stories. People might even start to believe I'm a cruel demon."

Ravenna probably didn't have to worry about that. Suoh had little to no creativity to even think of a good story that people might believe in. As everyone started to head out of the room, Suoh lifted his ass up as well but almost lost his footing when something took hold of his chin. His head was turned enough to see Jennifer sending him a wink. He lazily waved her off before turning to K'brak.

"Can we eat before we leave?" Because he had nothing since yesterday night.