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Murmur Burns

"The end justifies the means."

0 · 510 views · located in Fiore

a character in “The New Mage Guild: Amaranth”, as played by coricidinForte


Murmur Burns: 24, Male
S Rank Crimson Blade Member

~ Physical Info ~


Murmur Burns is a slender young man with a pale complexion and facial features that are much more soft and delicate than anything. His hair is thick and blue in color, with the tips of his hair fading. His eyes are red, contrasting with his hair and are surrounded by long eyelashes. His fringe if kept long to help hide the color of his eyes, or of anything, to draw focus away from them. Murmur is rather tall, standing at 179cm, or roughly 5'10". His limbs and fingers are long, and while his body isn't very muscular, he isn't skeletal either. On his hand is a strange marking, reminiscent of a tattoo. He isn't one to turn heads easily, and tends to simply blend into the background.

The center of his chest.

~ Mentality ~


This Crimson Blade member isn't much of a socialite, nor does he come off as inherently evil to begin with. He isn't one for worthless small talk, in fact, he will rarely talk without a motive behind it. Murmur is the type that always plans ahead, and is always working towards a certain outcome. He prefers to stick to the background, using a facade of being quiet and polite, even kind. He uses a variety of manipulation methods to achieve his goals. He can play the powerful dependent, acting weak and dependent to send messages of “you must not let me down.” to others. He will promise things that he cannot, and will not, grant to others. The use of threats is also a common leverage, but above all he uses his false kindness and concern to get people to trust him.

Even to the rest of the people in Crimson Blade his true intentions are unknown, but his actions display that he has an agenda of his own. While he is useful to the guild, he seems withdrawn among the members, and doesn't typically approach others. He often doesn't make himself seen, leaving newer members ignorant to his very existence in the guild. However, major occurrences seems to be connected to him in some way, causing a few members of the guild to be suspicious of his involvement.

Murmur is both obsessive and possessive. He isn't against taking control of other people, and uses them without guilt. The people he has 'claimed as his own' have been manipulated into being under his control in one way or another. The man monitors them and will go to extreme lengths to keep them in check. Along with this he keeps track of all their information using Archive magic, and with that being said, he knows a lot. When acted against or betrayed he can become violent. He hates it when people he possess act on their own, or to hide things from him. He's sure to remind them of where they stand, and his power over them. When they act in a way that pleases him, they are often treated gently, more like pets than anything. Along with this, he loathes people trying to meddle with what is 'his', and is protective of them in his own insane, psychopathic way.

While for the most part he is calm and collected, he is essentially a paranoid person. He thirsts for power due his fundamental fear of not being in control. He doesn't like being in the dark about thing, and the idea of not knowing something can upset the balance. Certain actions and words can trigger certain emotions, most commonly, anger and rage. If you can one-up him, causing him to feel helpless can help cloud his judgement. Murmur lacks morals, and finds that the end justifies the means. He isn't bothered by sacrifice, and doesn't dwell on preserving life of others. However, he isn't quick to discard people, even if they start to lose their usefulness.

On the outside, he seems like the last person who would be in a dark guild. He'll treat people kindly and act friendly, considerate and merciful. He's the type of person that would help someone get back on their feet, only to trap them in a situation where they cannot escape him. He seems to have a light sense of humor in this state, though it turns into something dark when his true personality is shown. Regardless if he's under the facade of being kind or not, he's a person who's rather superstitious, and believes in luck. Depending on how lucky he feels can fuel his actions, be it more arrogant or cautious. In which, knowing his 'unlucky days' can give an opponent an advantage, as he is not beyond being manipulated himself.

{Likes} {Dislikes}
oGames Loud Noisesx
oTea Alcoholx
oIndependence Denialx
oBeing in Control Hot Weatherx
oLoyalty Defiancex
oWinter Liarsx

{Quirks} {Fears}
%Tugs on his hair when he's thinking. Betrayal@
%Superstitious, carries around lucky items. Being Powerless@
%Consumption of sugar cubes.

~ Ability Statistics ~

Etteilla's Tarot ~ Archive ~ Concealment

{Signature Spell}

{Spell List}

Etteilla's Tarot : A deck of 78 cards, made up of the major arcana and the minor arcana suits; swords, wands, cups and pentacles. The deck was created by a powerful, dark mage known as Etteilla. As it's wielders die, the deck seeks out a master on it's own. To be frank, the owners of the deck don't seem to live very long, and often vanish after a few years. It's been said that the magic deck is a separate entity of it's own, having only chosen to be used by a select few mages over several years, for it's own purposes. The cards take up a separate space, and the cards have to be summoned one at a time, a process akin to drawing. The effects of the cards vary, depending on the arcana drawn. The more powerful the mage, the more cards they can draw. Along with this, the more powerful the card, the more energy it takes out of the wielder. In addition, prolonged usage of the deck effects the user, which also depends on the types of cards that are drawn. For example, multiple draws of the arcana The Moon can drive the wielder to madness, while draws of The Wheel of Fortune will affect the severity of their luck. Because his force of offensive magic is random, relying on chance, every card he draws during the roleplay will be decided via random generator, while keeping the current situation in mind. (As, it wouldn't be very fun if he managed to draw The Fool or The World first thing.) Along with this, currently he can only draw three cards per fight. Because of the nature of this magic, it is impossible to completely copy it using copy magic. However, effects and abilities given by the the Minor Arcana can be mimicked to so point.

The Minor Arcana

Wands: The arcana of fire, peasantry, creativity and will. The drawing of even numbers these cards bring physical fire type spells, their power depending on their number. The drawing of odd numbers of these cards decreases the opponents willpower, their power depending on their number. The Page of Wands allows for the combination of Earth and Fire. The Knight of Wands allows for the combination of Air and Fire. The Queen of Wands allows the combination of Water and Fire. The strongest card of this arcana is the King of Wands, as a Fire-Fire draw, allows for the element to be used to it's full power. Constant drawing of the wand arcana increases the user's intelligence, ex, quick mindedness.

Pentacles: The arcana of earth, merchants, the material body and possessions. The drawing of even numbers these cards bring physical earth type spells, their power depending on their number. The drawing of odd numbers of these cards weakens the opponents defense and overall health status, their power depending on their number. The Knight of Pentacles allows for the combination of Air and Earth. The Queen of Pentacles allows for the combination of Water and Earth. The King of Pentacles allows the combination of Fire and Earth. The strongest card of this arcana is the Page of Pentacles, as an Earth-Earth draw, allows for the element to be used to it's full power. Constant drawing of the pentacle arcana increases the user's defense.

Cups: The arcana of water, clergy, emotions and love. The drawing of even numbers of these cards bring physical water type spells, their power depending on their number. The drawing of odd numbers of these cards effects the opponents emotions, the emotion depending on the number drawn. One corresponds with sadness, three is fear, five is rage, seven is joy, and nine is infatuation. The Page of Cups allows the combination of Earth and Water. The Knight of Cups allows the combination of Air and Water. The King of Cups allows for the combination of Fire and Water. The strongest card of this arcana is the Queen of Cups, as a Water-Water draw, allows for the element to be used to it's full power. Constant drawing of the cup arcana increases the users agility.

Swords: The arcana of air, nobility, military and reason. The drawing of even numbers these cards bring physical air type spells, their power depending on their number. The drawing of odd numbers of these cards decreases the power of the opponents physical attacks, their power depending on their number. The Page of Swords allows for the combination of Earth and Air. The Queen of Swords allows for the combination of Water and Air. The King of Swords allows the combination of Fire and Air. The strongest card of this arcana is the Knight of Swords, as an Air-Air draw, allows for the element to be used to it's full power. Constant drawing of the sword arcana increases the user's attack power.

The Major Arcana

The Fool: The Fool arcana allows the user to use powerful telekinetic magic. When this card is drawn no other arcana cards can be drawn afterwards. Drawing this card installs an arrogant nature into the user.

The Magician: The Magician arcana allows the user to copy the magic of their opponent, but can only copy one form of their magic, and may be unable to mimick certain types of magic; mostly being extremely rare or lost magic. Multiple draws of this card decreases the stability of the users own magic.

The High Priestess: The High Priestess arcana not only heals the user, but grants them accelerated healing throughout its duration. Multiple draws of this card decreases the users self awareness.

The Empress: The Empress arcana summons Isis, a celestial being to fight on behave of the user. Isis' attacks using long range light and shadow based spells. Her agility and the strength of her spells are powerful, but she lacks defense and is weak against physical attacks. Drawings of this arcana lowers the users resistance to temptation.

The Emperor: The Emperor arcana summons Minos, a celestial being to fight on behave of the user. Minos' is a close range fighter, using physical attacks using a sword. His strength and defense is high, but he is weak to elemental based magic. Drawings of this arcana lowers the users moral.

The Hierophant: The Hierophant arcana allows the user insight into the moves of their opponent. The power of this card allows them to read their movements and in turn, gives them more time to react to their actions. Draws of this card decreases the users magic power.

The Lovers: The Lovers arcana allows the user to control an opponent for a brief period of time. Under this effect the opponent is aware of their actions, but is unable to act or speak out of their own free will. Physically, it makes them appear as if they are in a trance. While using the spell, the user must concentrate and channel the magic to control their opponent, and can be interrupted. If the interruption is long or great enough, the spell can be broken early. Draws of this arcana decreases their magical resistance, making them more vulnerable to attacks.

The Chariot: The Chariot arcana summons the Sword of Krishna, a powerful magic broad sword that bestows great physical power to the user. Multiple draws of this card upsets the users emotional balance.

Strength: The Strength arcana summons Zeus' Armor. The magic armor has moderate defense, but relies on the agility and high evasion it bestows on to the user. It increases magic type attacks and is weaker against physical blows. Multiple draws of this card drains the users stamina.

The Hermit: The Hermit arcana essentially 'blinds' the opponents. It's effect makes the opponents view the world as if it's been drenched in darkness, without light, and makes their surroundings appear as if it's 'pitch black'. Draws of this card damages the users senses.

Wheel of Fortune: The Wheel of Fortune can effect both the opponent and user positively or negatively. The card summons a wheel which has engravings of the roman numerals one through eight. I allows the user to escape through teleport, but the corresponding numeral VIII allows the opponent to escape through teleport. II breaks a random limb of the opponent, while VII breaks a random limb of the user. III heals the opponent, and VI heals the user. IV drains a large amount of magical energy in the opponent, and V drains a large amount of magical energy in the user. The result of effects that help the user increases the severity of their good luck, while the result of effects that help their opponent increases the severity of their bad luck.

Justice: The Justice arcana allows the user control of magic barriers, which can be used as a type of shield or a cage to contain an opponent. Multiple draws of this card weakens the users general defense and durability.

The Hanged Man: The Hanged man arcana paralyzes the opponent, but drains the rest of the users magic power. Draws of this card weakens the users physical power.

Death: The Death arcana drains all life around it. While it kills simple life forms such as plant life and insects, prolonged exposure drains both the opponent and user of their energy, and can ultimately lead in blacking out. Draws of this card lessens the users life span.

Temperance: The Temperance arcana grants the user healing magic, to heal both themselves and others around them. Though, it cannot completely heal major wounds. Multiple draws of this card decreases the users rationality.

The Devil: The Devil arcana summons a large wolf-like beast known as Beelzebub, who attacks using fire based magic and physical attacks. Though, the beast lacks both intelligence and defense. Multiple draws of this card decreases the users humanity.

The Tower: The Tower arcana summons the bow The Querent, which uses magical arrows. The arrows induce poison effects, and in addition, can be fired to shoot several arrows at one time. Multiple draws of this card increases rage and loathing in the user.

The Star: The Star arcana summons Thoth's Armor. This magical armor is highly resistant and defensive, and increases physical strength. It however sacrifices agility, evasion and stamina. Multiple draws of this card weakens the users agility.

The Moon: The Moon arcana allows the deck holder to use illusion magic. Simple enough, this card can bring forth anything from an illusionary castle, or cause the opponent to see things that aren't there. This can range from seeing their allies as aggressive monsters, to seeing themselves as perfectly healthy when they are very much battered and bruised. Drawing of this card causes the user to lose sanity.

The Sun: The Sun arcana allows the user to exploit their opponents emotional weakness by giving them empathetic awareness and insight into their opponents past and psyche. Multiple draws of this card lessens the users empathy and understanding.

Judgement: The Judgement arcana allows the user to unleash great magic and physical power, but in doing so sacrifices stamina and defense. It's more of a finishing blow, as the user cannot do much of anything afterwards. Draws of this card increases the users paranoia.

The World: The World arcana allows the user to use all types of elemental magic, in more of a moderate or basic manner. When this card if drawn no other arcana cards can be drawn afterwards. Drawing this card installs a chaotic nature into the user.

Archive : Murmur uses archive as a way to store vast amounts of information, mostly on people. He often spends a lot of time digging around to learn more about people, to the point where he's obsessive about it. Along with this he uses archive as a way to communicate with people, usually those he has working for him as he often won't use it during battle. He can use it to transfer data to others, though the ability isn't used very often. However, archive is his most stable skill. It is the first type of magic he had tried to learn, as it's ability to keep information appealed to him.

Concealment : This is usually used as a way to hide objects and such, opposed to trapping people, though the action isn't exactly rare. Murmur is also able to use the ability on himself, to conceal his presence from others. When it is used in battle, it is either used in a way to trap people in a different dimension to prevent them from escaping, or as a way to allow him to escape.

{Non-magic Skills}
# High Intelligence
# Manipulation
# Perceptive
# Acrobatic Skill
# Agile

~ Personal Background ~

The sense of not being in control filled him at an early age. He was abandoned by his parents and grew up at a large orphanage. From early on he discovered ways to give him a feeling of being in control, be it learning more than the other children, or stealing, or tricking others into doing things he wanted them to do. He often obsessed over little things and couldn't let anything go unanswered. It didn't take long for him to try picking up magic in an attempt to become superior to others. Be it teaching himself, or having others teach him, he learned at a steady pace and showed potential in his magic abilities. When he was nine years of age he was adopted by a couple, with his new mother being apart of the magic council, and both talented mages.

From there his magic ability grew as they taught him, and he started to learn about the ruling body in their world. He started to become consumed with an obsession for such power, sparking ideas of ways he could change the system for him to be the absolute power in the world. In early adolescence he began worming his way into the lives of others, and manipulating them, weakening the structure of the magic council. At age sixteen he discovered that he could use Etteilla's Tarot deck, bringing major suspicion to himself by his parents. The two forbid him from using it, and often attempted to bring him into situations where the ability could be studied. Their relationship soon became strained, and Murmur learned that he couldn't continue living with his parents. From there he staged a kidnapping situation, and vanished from their lives.

It was then where he started trying to develop his ability to use Etteilla's Tarot, which proved to be more difficult than first perceived. The deck was temperamental, refused to be controlled, but Murmur continued his practice, wrongfully convinced that one day he could obtain control over the arcana. As he used the deck more, he started to change more and more. For one, his appearance changed as he started to be able to use the cards. His eyes turned red, and a symbol appeared on his right hand. Along with this, paranoia started to set in, and he became more chaotic, arrogant. His morals plummeted, and his empathy towards other people started to shrink. His power fluctuated, depending on what he drew, and his personality suffered.

Murmur was eventually brought to a state where he needed everything to be in his control. He wedged his way into Crimson Blade, and as he grew stronger, moved up in ranks steadily. During his first six months of being in the guild, Freya was still apart of Crimson Blade. The two weren't close, but have sparred once before. Murmur was able to defeat her celestial spirit, Taurus, in which the spirit became more or less infatuated with him, but Freya was able to defeat him in the end. Beyond then he started working towards becoming stronger, and spent more time out on missions moving up ranks. The previous head took a liking to him which made climbing ranks a bit more easier, and now along with K'brak he works as an advisories for the guild. While K'Brak and Ravenna don't trust him, and Ravenna especially disliking him, he has formed something of a friendship with Kiev.

Today he currently works towards reaching his goal of complete control. He plans on using his knowledge and abilities to slowly weaken the council, along with the more powerful guilds. He has people that work under him in places of power, in the military, and in both legal and dark guilds. Ultimately, he plans on changing the magical council within, with as little attention being drawn to the action as possible. From there he plans on using the magic council to turn against legal guilds and their guild masters, until there isn't anyone strong enough to oppose him. There's not a clear idea of what's he's going to do with the power, usually he'll claim it'll 'Change in everyone's best interests'. Though, it'll certainly resemble a system of strict regulation, and in our own world he'd be called a communist.

So begins...

Murmur Burns's Story


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Sidney Allen


Amaranth held a certain kind of warmth that filled the guild to the brim, enveloping it's members with a sense of life, even belonging. It was like drowning, in a positive, pleasant way. Sounds of mages socializing and drinking reverberated off the walls, embedded itself into the wood, traveled to the floor. The very nature of the guild had been overwhelming at first; friendly faces, powerful warriors, all in an environment that managed to be both carefree - and yet deadly serious. There was a light atmosphere hanging in the air, but so many in the guild held values of justice and doing what they thought was right. It was unlike anything else he had experienced and it was almost unreal for such a place to exist with people who weren't only two dimensional fairy tales.

He was truly happy to be here. Here Sidney was away from the old house with white walls and one hundred and fifteen paintings of flowers. Even better, he was far away from his parents, miles from the silent house they lived in and the home that used to have a couch covered with quilts. The people here didn't stuff tubes in him when he didn't feel like eating, they didn't make him sit in a room and talk about Judith, nor were they like the mad ones. Although, they certainly were interesting like them. Everyone held a distinct personality, a certain aurora that melted together to form a timeless painting that one did not see, but felt.

They also let him keep his cat, Stamps, and that made him very happy.

Sidney was sitting in one of the chairs of the living area, it's deep red leather wasn't warm or inviting, but it was fun to run his fingers across it's smooth surface. His body was adorned with dark, loose fitting pants and a navy blue sweater, something he knitted himself months ago when he was still in the nutty kingdom. Underneath he wore a loose off-white t-shirt, which had become stained with various shades of green from paints that wouldn't wash out, not that he minded. His skin usually matched this, but because of the event he decided to make sure he looked more tidy, or 'nice'. Only the beds of his finger nails were dyed with hues of blues and reds this time.

His fingers traced an imaginary pattern on the surface of the chair, his sock covered feet curled at it's edge. There was a scarf around his neck, something he wore quite often in colder seasons, following a pattern of horizontal stripes - brown and orange. No, things weren't going in a very social direction for him currently, but he didn't mind. He liked the people of Amaranth regardless of them talking to him or not, they were all such lovely people after all.

There was Sarah, who liked cats and hated snakes, just like he did. Yuliana, she liked to garden and had very pretty magic. The different colors of her flames were memorizing, easy to get lost in. Gren could use his magic to form objects out of ice, and the way the light reflected off of them was also hypnotizing. He didn't know much about H'Mong, but he was curious, and seemed to live up to his alias. Initially he was hesitant to work with a team, but grew fond of them as well. Amaya was strong, and beneath her sour words she had a very nice smile. Then Browen made beautiful music and wore interesting clothes, along as being generally easy going.

Not to forget the S-Ranks, like Freya, who couldn't tie knots and never minded asking people to tie them for her. His mother would have said she was shameful, but that was something he liked about Freya. In that case, Isabella would have given his mother a heart attack with the amount of clothing she wore. But the amount of confidence she held around her convinced him that she was none of the harsh words the his mother would have called her. Izzy was very kind to him, even if he was a newcomer to the guild. He was worried about her actually, it's been a month since she left on a mission and it made him concerned about her well being. She was strong though, so he convinced himself that everything would be fine, maybe she would even be a hero.

Yes, the people of Amaranth were lovely people, it made him feel sort of bad for the deal he had made. Sidney's eyes traveled down to the stitching in the chair, starting to mentally count the stitches peacefully. It would also be nice if he could call this place a home, name these people as a family of sorts. He still felt out of place though, reminiscent of how he felt among the other mad ones. He hoped it would pass though, that way he could add another good thing to his life. Thirty seven stitches in the inside of the left arm, he noted, and a relaxed feeling spread throughout himself. His pupils traveled over to the right arm, but landed on a girl with two odd bone-creatures following her instead. His lips twitched upwards, looks like Izzy was back in time for the festivities, with all of her limbs in tact too. The boy raised his hand towards her, letting it hang in the air before swaying it in a slow wave, and soon let it return to the chair. Now, he wondered, was she named a hero?


Murmur Burns

(Crimson Blades)

Solitaire was too easy, it simply presented no challenge for him. Yet here he was, fingers flipping over cards and piling them in colored stacks. It wasn't often that Murmur filled his time with such a droll activity, to the untrained eye it just appeared that the mage was just bored. He sat at the edge of Crimson Blades' hall, alternating between moving cards and sipping tea, eyes darting back and forth. In all reality he was listening, observing. A bird watcher of sorts, that preferred viewing people rather than animals, who lived lives far from this interesting and sinister. Usually he wouldn't catch anything that mattered, but the prickling feeling of them talking and making plans that he didn't know about scratched under his skin. Besides, what kind of guy would he be if he didn't look out for his guild mates everyone once and while?

A better one, that was for sure. Murmur returned the playing cards back to a single deck, shuffling them to start again. His tea was running out as well, thankfully he had thought ahead and made himself a small pot of it. Today's blend was chai, a mixture of black tea and various spices. It wasn't the man's favorite, but it would suffice - there wasn't much wrong he could do when making a cup. Perhaps it was a little bizarre, a full grown man that appeared relaxed while sitting amongst people who were more often than not, ruffians. Though, he would pay no mind to what it may look like to an outsiders eyes.

Besides, it wasn't a day for him to start a new mission; it was an unlucky day for Capricorns and his lucky item of a deck of cards wouldn't even out the negative influence. No, it was certainly best to spend some down time for now, using it to collect information from around him. His mind was buzzing with thoughts of affairs going on beyond the guild's walls. People that were working for him in guilds, in places of power. How he wished he could monitor them with ease. If only Etteilla's Tarot wasn't so difficult he could spend time learning new techniques, but ever since he was graced with the ability of the arcana he hadn't found the time to learn anything new. Albeit, the possibilities the deck could provide him made up for that, even if it was stubborn and temperamental.

Once given a hand that left him with no more possible moves the man shuffled the deck once more. In another reality he may have ended up working at a magical place called 'Las Vegas', where he would most likely cheat. Here though he existed as a man that pulled strings in the background, showing the public eye a friendly, but usually unsettling façade. Some people trusted him wholeheartedly, those were the true fools. Others would bend to his will through means of threats. Then there were the ones he didn't like, who were hard to get near and difficult to manipulate. The process of those moved too slowly for his liking, and sometimes even not at all.

Murmur didn't see himself as evil though. He could be cruel, violent, but everyone had their bad points. It was possible that he was becoming arrogant, having the mentality that his way is right, even best for everyone. They lived in a world where even children would be paid to take care of criminals, and who truly wanted to live in such an age? Society had to move on and improve, and he would reach out and see that he was the one to make that change. It was all the same to him if he had to do so by force and accept a number of casualties. It's as they say; you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

For now though, he would continue with some basic note taking. Dressed in his typical blue and black colored clothing, almost resembling robes of a short, he didn't look any different today than he did any other. The material was smooth, but thick, and hard to penetrate. The top came to a couple inches above mid-thigh and was covered by a trademark black cloak. His pants were made with a similar material, was black and more fitted than the shirt. The mans ankle-high boots were also a common item since they gave him good balance and a few inches. How couldn't he enjoy that?

However, he didn't find much joy out of winning another game of solitaire. What a dull game, it was silly for him to even pretend to waste his time with it. Instead of starting a new round he poured himself another cup of tea, dropping a single sugar cube into the liquid, and listened to the voices around him.


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#, as written by Layla
Freya Hirane - Amaranth

Freya fell.

"Help! I'm falling! I can't-" the sugary voice paused. "Ooo, nice carpet."

The grace of the dainty blonde mage was astounding, so much so that she tripped on a flat surface. The slap of wood against her small nose sent a feminine yelp through her lips as her fingers tangled themselves in her light hair of silk. There was some chuckling and Freya growled like an angry kitten as she picked herself up, frowning as she held back her tears. Freya's nose hurt and she didn't like hurting. Rubbing her thankfully intact nose, Freya glanced over at a familiar brunette. Two magnificent creatures of blue and red encircled her and a grin burst from Freya's lips.

"Izzy!!!" Freya squealed with glee, stumbling in her extravagant dress of frills. Perhaps Freya went a little too 'over the top' but who would she be if not too much? The dress laced in a criss cross of ribbons, sinking low beneath her back; the mark of Amaranth resting between her shoulder blades was as clear as day. A mass of blue and white billowed behind her, along with her flowing hair of large waves. "Izzy!" she squealed again before launching herself in the air and tackling the tall woman with a ferocity that contradicted with her petite frame.

Freya Hirane was Amaranth's other S-class mage.

"Oh, how will I miss you if you won't go away?" she teased, an all too cheerful smile on her lovely face. Izzy was certainly one of her favourite people in the world, which was saying something, as she had about a million gigantic hearts for everyone. Well, almost everyone. A small frowned crossed her face as she thought of K'brak and H'mong - why on earth did she have to be teamed with him? Shaking the thoughts from her head, she turned back to the beautiful mage before her. She loved Izzy dearly and it had been so long since she saw her, there was no one else she could fight with and no one else who would pat her back as she wept in her Corner of Doom from being ignored. "I was so worried that you wouldn't make it for the feast, Izzy-love. I even helped to cook!" 'I screamed at a pot of boiling water,' was what she meant.

Turning her head to look up at Sarah with her multi-coloured hair, Freya smiled harder, if she that were possible. How she loved people.

"I love people!" Freya announced at the top of her lungs - which was not very loud, considering how soft and timid her voice naturally was. Freya ran around the guild for a few minutes, grasping everyone in a bone-crushing embrace. She was shorter than anyone else in the guild and definitely, seemingly, the most harmless but her loving hugs could hurt. Despite Freya's lovely appearance, she was as deadly as the deadliest of deadlies and as vicious as Issabella, if not more, when it came to training the members of Amaranth. Freya took her job very seriously.

Racing back to Sarah, she took the mage's hands in her own and with a comically serious face, said, "I like you."

Then again, Freya liked everyone.

Flashing Issabella a wicked smile, the palms of Freya's hands held two blazing white flames that lit the entire room in an ethereal light.

"Ready for round two?"

Sniffing the air, Freya dropped the two balls of sizzling light, nearly burning a hole through the guild. A smile lit her features as she raced toward the bar, having completely forgotten about her Izzy. Pressing her palms on the wooden stretch of table, Freya pulled herself up, resting her flat 'stummy' - as she liked to call it - on the bar. The small mage reached out with her hands, kicking her legs in the air. "Give!" she yelled, pointing at the freshly baked apple pie.

"Or I'll kill you..." she whispered before giggling. "Just kidding! No, not really."

Ravenna - Crimson Blade

"I would call you a woman but your beards do not allow me to interpret you as such," said a perpetually breathless voice as wintry eyes burned through hair of blue.

Boots with heels to very literally kill sat upon long lean legs, the right braced with a thigh sheath and its vicious daggers. The curvaceous woman had dark hair that fell over a revealing tank top and tight leather hot pants, Scars peeked from the black cloth, along with the edge of a lacy maroon bra. There were an uncountable amount of weapons on the woman, in her belt, her boots, the pockets of her shorts, the band that gripped her arms - every part of her body was laced in weaponry, even her lips were poison.

Crimson Blade's master sat upon a majestic throne of obsidian.

"Where's that half woman friend of yours, Burns?" she asked, unable to look more bored than she did right then. Ravenna rested her head on a fist, her arm on the intricately carved arm of her grand seat. Hundreds upon thousands of scars could be seen beneath the half gloves Ravenna wore, an obvious marker of her use of the forbidden Blood Magic. That, or she truly was quite depressed.

"Kiev, was it? He's almost as difficult to look at as you and your twisted paper face." The exact meaning of 'Twisted paper face' remains a mystery. Watching the S-ranked wizard with piercing eyes of pure aqua for she could undress anyone with those eyes, the mage crossed her legs tighter. She really, really hated Murmur Burns.

Then again, Ravenna hated everyone.

Of all the guilds she could've been the master of, it had to be one filled with so many men. She hated men more than anything and she hated that they triggered an irrational fear in her when they came too close for comfort. Absently running her fingers over her scars, Ravenna's eyes glazed over as she thought of Jyel. A barely perceptible flinch, a flinch perhaps only K'brak, who was always with her, might see, crossed her features. She remembered their disgusting hands roaming over her body, their lips, their - she wished to scrub herself thoroughly enough that she bled. Bled, so that one day she might eventually be pure.

Ripping herself from her mind, Ravenna forced the fingers of the hand she was not resting on to drum on the arm of her throne, Ravenna envisioned leaving the dark guild - oh what a gift that would be. The late Naciel Harlen, old Master of Crimson Blade had entrusted her with his guild and how could she abandon one of his many last wishes after all he had given her? Why on earth did the bastard have to die?

The throne on which Ravenna sat upon fit surprisingly well with the guild's decor of deep mahogany and obsidian. The bar, filled with liquor, gleamed in all it's black granite glory. So Ravenna liked dark colours - sue her. All in all, the guild's common room looked like a night club for vampires - the imposing, armed and scarred master didn't quite 'lift the mood,' either.

"Keep going, you whiny little girls," she growled, staring distastefully at the muscled men doing an endless number of push ups before her. They were mages but Ravenna, being one of combat, liked to know her mages could hold their own without any magic or weaponry. Besides, their large frames made them so much more intimidating. "You're only at 2034 - you're acting like I'm killing you."

Rolling her eyes at the panting, sweating men, Ravenna twirled a butterfly knife in her free hand with deadly precision before arching her arm back and throwing the knife smack dab into the centre of a dart board, narrowly missing someone's head. Suddenly, an idea came to her - Ravenna grinned her infamous smile that made all who saw it uneasy.

"We should destroy Amaranth."


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K'Brak Zetlin Halibatore

'Humans really are creatures of habit' K'Brak thought with a raised eyebrow as the man next to him complained loudly about his treatment. The young man did another push up, sweats poured down from his face but he didn't give any complaints or words of contradict. He had been used to this before, from the time when Master Naciel had trained him and he was sure he could do this just fine. However, apparently, the others were just a bunch of sissies, unable to do the simplest thing such as push up. 'Spoiled brats, the lot of them... too used to being treated like a prince with every step that they can't even manage to do this properly'

K'Brak gave a last push up before standing up and dusting himself. "Hmm, 4000 under thirty minutes, huh?" The dark mage muttered, looking at the clock on the wall 'I'm getting rusty' Taking off his sweaty shirt and threw it carelessly on a nearby chair, the gray-eyed man ignored the looks of jealousy from his fellow guild members and took a towel on the wall, wiped the sweats off his back and face before putting on a long sleeves, button up white shirt. Looking at his violet waistcoat, K'Brak decided that it was too hot today to put on such a thing. Stepped aside to dodge the dagger gracefully and watched as it hit the center of the dart board, missing just the man's head a few inches.

Walking passed Murmur, K'Brak greeted neutrally "Murmur" He mumbled and gave the other S-rank a short nod. Eyeing the young man's cards once last time, the mage swept his eyes across the room, silently took in the faces of the ones that had made him notice lately. 'Where's Draginua and his pompous, loud voice anyway? It's a little quiet today' Searching for his 'rival' 's feminine face, K'Brak thought. His lips curled downward for a millisecond before he returned his face to its previous calm feature. The action happened too fast for normal person to see. K'Brak wondered if he should find Kiev and challenged him, his nightmares were turning worse Perhaps a good fight was what he needed right now.

Walking toward his Mistress, K'Brak cocked his head slightly to one side, wondered why he had seen her flinch. Maybe she was thinking of some bad memories. 'Should I talk to her about it? No, that will be too nosy. I do not want her to think that I am pitying her... she can deal with her problems just fine.' Glancing at the layer of scars on Ravenna's body, K'Brak admitted silently to himself 'so maybe she is not alright but still, my duty is not to babysit her. I am here to do what she says, not caring for her emotionally' Making up his mind, he walked in front of her throne, still not raising his head to meet her eyes.

"My Lady, I am at your service" K'Brat whispered, just loud enough for Ravenna to hear. Dropping on one knee, his head still bowed low, K'Brak placed a gentle kiss on her hand, carefully not to do anything she was uncomfortable with. "We should destroy Amaranth." Ravenna said with that smile on her face and K'Brak gave a respectful nod though he still not moved from his position on the ground, waiting for her signal. The name Amaranth brought an uneasy feeling for K'Brak though he hastily swatted it aside. He had already known that she would be there and she was one of the higher rank. So what? He knew where his heart belonged to and it was not to her. Still, it hurt... just a little bit, inside here.

'You're getting soft, Halibatore... Shouldn't you just ask for another assassinate mission and kill some random faceless fools that are stupid enough to challenge the guild? I'm sure it will ease your pain' He tried to tell his heart. Sighing but didn't object, K'Brak sneaked a glance toward his mistress, who was sitting on a throne, looking very much like a queen. Her skin, even if not smooth, was cool and still looked beautiful in K'Brak's eyes. Her red lips were like poisonous apples that the evil witch had given to a princess. Seductive, fascinating but deadly. Biting his lip lightly, K'Brak remembered the time he was sicked for a whole week because of this poison. He would be sure to never, under any circumstances, to underestimate her poisons again.

Still waiting for her to say something, K'Brak closed his eyes and let his mind wander for a bit more, knowing she must have wanted to let him suffer some more before letting him stand up. That was just fine for him though. He was used to this treatment by now anyway.


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Sidney Allen

The smile on his lips grew a centimeter when his wave was returned, a ratification of his existence. His eyes didn't return back to the stitching in the chair, instead it bounced throughout the scenes in front of him. The hall faced a burst of energy shortly after, his attention drifted between the members of the guild as they interacted with one another in a style similar to a domino effect. Each moment that passed between individuals spread the infection, a virus that brought symptoms of elation in it's victims. The serum pulsed throughout his body, moved within his veins until they touched his fingertips, his toes, his ears.

Freya brought the flavor of chaos to the event, even going out of her way to squeeze the life out of him before challenging Izzy - only to be distracted by a mere dessert. Sidney had to inhale his soul back into his body, he wasn't sure if she knew her own strength. On another note, how could such a short girl be able to pack away that much food? He hadn't seen anything like it before! Maybe she had a secret magic that allowed her to consume large quantities of food without getting full, or fat for that matter. His lips pressed together with the presentation of such a thought, it was possibility.

"Hey, I have yet to know your name, are you new here? So was I." The contemplation of hidden magic evaporated in his mind when words filled the space instead. Sidney's head turned towards the voice; it belonged to a girl he had only seen only a few times before, but knew nothing about. "The name is Erina, you can just call me Eri, what about you?" The air around her was kind, but solid, far from being paper thin. He got the impression that she was a strong individual, reliable, even. "Oh," He spoke, he voice holding a soft quality that often drew out syllables. "I'm Sidney Allen. What a pleasure." His smile returned as he turned to face the girl better, retaining an open body language.

Another presence joined them soon after, this one belonging to Isabella who also took a seat on one of the chairs. The scene before him drifted to the woman, and then to the space she once occupied by the bar. The guild master stood there with an ill expression crossing his face, which Sidney found to be a bit comical. He hadn't really spoken to Gawain much, but despite his age he figured that he must be a good man, even if he seem to avoid Sidney and was a known womanizer. He did let him join Amaranth, and allowed him to keep Stamps, and that was all that mattered. Besides, he looked back to Eri and Izzy, he made a good guild for everyone to enjoy.

His eyes seemed to sparkle at the addition of the skeletal creatures to their party. They seemed to be bickering with one another, and the boy was able to count fifteen sparks before they were put out. "How have you been? And how is Amaya treating you?" No longer looking at the magic creatures, but their creator, Sidney started to tug at his scarf at the additional attention that made him both sheepish and happy. "And what about Stamps?" Those were a lot of questions to answer, but he could manage them, being as simple as they were.

"Stamps and I have been super-excellent. Like," His eyes gazed downwards and to the right, his brain trying to recall a certain feeling. "Five by five." They returned back to looking at Izzy this time, but occasionally glanced over to Eri as well. "Amaya is..." Sidney hummed in thought. "She's, Amaya." He smiled at the statement. "She acts harsh but I know that she has a good heart, she treats me well." The boy decided. He wasn't very good with his team leader's biting remarks but he was starting to get used to them, Izzy need not to worry about it. Though, it was nice of her to ask.

Sidney would have spoken again, but Freya's take over of the microphone cut his words short. Something about a national anthem and a holiday, the words were distorted when she 'whispered' the question towards him. Lucky for him, other members answered the question for him, making Freya out to look quite silly. He watched, amused, and even clapped at her announcement of growing half an inch, even if that didn't look to be the case.

Primitively, he wouldn't have guessed that the blonde was a talented singer, and her melodious voice always brought some surprise to him. How interesting it was for someone that could destroy cities to be able to sing such a lovely, gentle tune. The more notes that escaped into the room the more relaxed Sidney started to feel, until his eyelids started to feel heavy, and blinded his sight. Soothing, it reminded him of far away memories, and he only opened his eyes again when the woman crashed onto the floor.


Murmur Burns

"I would call you a woman but your beards do not allow me to interpret you as such," A smile that could only be described as sly and snake-like crossed his face at the appearance of their guild master. She was most positively hellish, anyone deceived by her appearance wouldn't find themselves being so hunky-dory for long. "Where's that half woman friend of yours, Burns?" The woman spoke with antipathy lacing her tone, something he wasn't unaccustomed to. He brought his cup away from his lips, setting the porcelain on a similar plate.

Ravenna was dressed in clothing that showed off her many battle scars, reminding him of animals that engaged in similar behavior; using it to display their power and authority over others. She was not to be taken lightly though, many of those scars weren't there for nothing, she truly was a fearsome opponent. Even himself wouldn't want to fight against her in combat - at least not now, perhaps one day he would have the honor. "I regret to inform you that I'm not aware of his current location." His voice sweet, nearly overcoming the challenging, sour emotions behind them. "However, I'm sure he'll show up soon enough." Murmur said, watching K'Brak out of his peripheral vision. Like the younger man, he only nodded and spoke the others name in acknowledgement as he approached the black haired woman.

He was torn between hating and loving the woman that rested on the thrown. She wouldn't bend to his will easily, and that was ever so frustrating, things moved so much smoother when people weren't so stubborn. That was what he liked about her though, he did appreciate a good challenge. Every interaction between them was like a game to him, something that didn't constantly leave him being the victor. It'd make her happy if he left the guild, but the Crimson Blades was too much fun to be in, even if it came with consequences. Ravenna cutting him for use of her blood magic was one of them, seeing nauseating displays of loyalty between the woman and her right hand man could be considered another.

"Destroy Amaranth?" Amusement crossed his face, but a feeling of nervousness settled within him. That would happen all too soon; discord had to plague the country at a very precise time. If such a bedlam was to occur before he needed it to everything he had put into motion could be set back. It was better to wait for something that would work in a proper chain reaction. The words he used were chosen carefully and his face no longer displayed such lighthearted emotions. "Sounds like fun." He smiled. "Though, much of the guild will be gathered this month, given their festivities." The man said, sounding to consider the best course of action. His eyes met her own, no longer playing coy. "I would have thought you'd be presently more interested in the new slave trade mission we received. Oh, what was the guild called? 'Jyel'?" The smile he worse was positively venomous, fishing for something that could prove his suspicions to be true.

Feeling a new addition among them, Murmur turned his head to look at Vincent, who was silent as ever. That one was quite unsettling, he hardly had any information on the particular mage at all. The blue haired male had made a mental note to keep an eye on him, but he always seemed to slip away so conveniently. "What do you think about all of this, Vincent?" He questioned, dragging another person to walk on hot coals. Their guild master was so fickle, one had to be careful about what they said.


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Jennifer Holt

Jennifer was on her way to the guild hall. She had just gone shopping and wanted to show her new outfit off to the world. On her face she wore a dark pair of sunglasses that seemed like they were made for her. She wore a black tube top which was quite revealing, long purple pants that helped show off her hourglass figure, on top of her tube top was a long black jacket with white fur on the inside, and on her feet where a pair of black fur boots.

The heels of her boots clicked as she walked down the street. Jen looked down to see Ursa Minor gripping her right hand tightly. Behind her several shadow hands carried all the clothes she bought. Jen beckoned to a hand holding a mirror, the hand placed the mirror in her face and Jen sighed.

She looked down at Ursa and said “My hair is such a mess, little sis.” Ursa smiled and said “You look fine.” Jen played with her hair until the left side of her face was slightly covered by her hair. She looked in the mirror again and looked satisfied.

When she arrived at the door to the guild she opened it and walked in. Jen tried to walk like a model showing off her outfit. When she had finished fooling around she walked over to where Murmur was sitting and poured herself a cup of tea.

She had her eye on Murmur for a while, she knew he was the mysterious type and she always liked to know where everyone stood. His silent nature irritated her which is why every time she got the chance to mess with him she did. Her plan was to force Murmur to show his true colors so she could tell if he could be a useful ally if anything ever went wrong.

After the tea was finished she placed the cup down, winked at Murmur, and said “Thanks for the tea.” Jen stood up and walked away with Ursa gripping her hand. She was excited not even Ravenna’s cold stare could bring her down. Jen sat herself down on a stool that could spin; she started to spin and then stopped and looked at Ravenna. Jen respected her; Ravenna was a powerful mage who didn’t show her emotions. Ursa climbed into Jen’s lap and they both watched as Ravenna ordered the men to do push-ups. Ursa looked up at Jen and said “she is scary.” Jen nodded and said “Yea.”

Her gaze then shifted to K’Brak, she didn’t know much about him because they had only talked once. However, she knew that he was strong and he had earned her respect. Then she shifted to Vincent, he had been a member longer than her, yet she felt like he was kind of like an outsider. She didn’t have much of an opinion of him other than that he didn’t say much.

When the topic of destroying Amaranth came up Jen smiled. She had been itching for a good fight, but then the smile faded as she thought about it deeply. Fighting Amaranth now could be bad for her. Her magic still needed work and Orion couldn’t be trusted to win every battle for her. She was going to stay silent, but Ursa blurted out “we should do it!” Jen looked down at Ursa and sighed.


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Crimson Blade

"My Lady, I am at your service," a raspy, full voice said. Ravenna's eyes did not even shift as she gave K'brak a barely perceptible nod of acknowledgement. He was one of the few men she could tolerate, in fact, he was the only. Men who obeyed her were not men she hated, it was those like Amaranth's master, the perverted old man, that she despised more than anything.

"Tell me, K'brak," she began without asking the man to stand. For someone who'd just completed four thousand push-ups, he barely appeared winded. K'brak was a fine example of what she expected of the mages of Crimson Blood. Slipping a dagger from the sheath on her thigh, the scarred master threw it skilfully at a man who'd collapsed from his 'warm up' on the floor. The blade whizzed through the air, embedding the collar of the man's shirt onto the mahogany floorboards. "Tell me, K'brak," she continued, her face as expressionless as ever, "Freya Constance Lockhart."

Spinning a knife with a curved tip in her hand, Ravenna remembered the young mage whom she'd seen in passing prior to her becoming Crimson Blade's master. She remembered the blonde to be a rich brat, cold and merciless, but annoying to say the least. "She is not dead," she said, slightly raising a brow before rolling her eyes, "I believe Master Harlen asked for their death by your hand, am I correct? You have failed. He's cursing you from his grave, my dear. If you don't watch out, you will awaken with a bald head - the man was always envious of your hair."

Leaning back, against her throne, Ravenna commanded, "Stand." Trailing the tip of her sharpened knife over K'brak's skin, not hard enough to pierce through flesh but hard enough that he knew it was a warning. "'Angel' is the name she goes by now, correct?" Ravenna chuckled with amusement. The heartless girl she once knew most certainly was not an angel of any sort. "I hear she has grown strong and perhaps Master Harlen predicted such a thing as well. Did you know one of his last wishes was to control this Freya? Or, if he could not have her," Death chained K'brak in a soulless stare, "No one would."

"You are intelligent, K'brak. I am certain you understand my wishes. Our wishes. I would like this... Angel," a deadly smile lifted her crimson lips, "Perhaps to play with for a while, perhaps to keep. Perhaps I will break her spirit and keep her shell intact, eh? You were once in her team and perhaps the girl will be foolish enough to trust you again. Convince her to join, force her to, torture it out of her if you must - but I want her in Crimson Blade's possession. She could deem herself useful - dead, alive or wishing she were dead. If you cannot bring her to me," Ravenna's eyes flicked over Murmur, whom she'd only just realised was standing there, lingered on K'brak before resting on the ceiling.

"Kill her."

"Destroy Amaranth?" Murmur asked, amusement lacing his voice. Ravenna only closed her eyes, her mind tingling with the lines of all her guild members. They glowed, pulsed and tugged at her consciousness as she felt the minds within the area. Vincent was back - his mind was unusual, weak, almost non-existent. Yet, his faint line of consciousness felt like so many more than one, as if he were being controlled by puppet strings. Vincent was shaking his head, she'd merely allowed him to leave for his 'mission' because she didn't trust him. "Sounds like fun." Though, much of the guild will be gathered this month, given their festivities." Murmur's voice was cloy and sickly sweet. He was trying to 'win' the conversation again - the fool, he would never win against her.

[b]"I would have thought you'd be presently more interested in the new slave trade mission we received. Oh, what was the guild called? 'Jyel'?"

Ravenna's eyes snapped wide open, her wintry irises of aqua widening as her body froze. Despite, herself, Ravenna clutched the arm of her throne, her hand trembling ever so slightly. No one but the S-Class men before her, who'd been with her prior to her mastership, would've seen such a thing. If she were trembling for anything else, she might've despised giving Murmur the satisfaction of seeing her so weak but her mind was not wandering on such insignificant thoughts. Her scars pressed against the back of the obsidian stone, mocking her as they always did.

When Ravenna had first been taken in by the late master of Crimson Blade, she'd bundled up so tightly, only her eyes showed for she was utterly ashamed of her scars, of her skin, even. She felt tainted and surely, her very presence was dirtying the air of existence. Not to mention, Ravenna did not wish for any man to turn their gazes upon her - she'd sliced off all her hair in a most unattractive manner and smudged mud over her face to disguise the horrible beauty that lay beneath. She bled - so that one day she might be pure.

“We should do it!” a feminine voice shouted - Jennifer. Ravenna did not dislike her as much as she did the men but that did not mean she liked her, either. It took her a while to realise she was speaking of the destruction of Amaranth. Ravenna's eyes remained staring unflinchingly into Murmur's red eyes. Anyone else might have been intimidated by the eeriness of them but Ravenna was not. She searched for the knowing in his eyes, the way he'd said 'Jyel' hinted at his knowledge of his past. Ravenna supposed her scars and obvious repulsion towards men was not too difficult to piece together. Ravenna, realising she'd been absently raking her nails over her multitude of scars, subtly brought her fingers upwards to run through her hair. Her habit of touching her scars was one Ravenna had never been able to break.

"What do you think about all of this, Vincent?"

'You are overstepping your authority.' Ravenna spoke in Murmur's mind, her voice threatening and mildly angry as her outward appearance remained stoic and uncaring. 'My personal life is none of your concern. I have no qualms about tearing you from limb to limb and leaving you for the Demons. Do not play your games with me, you walnut cookie with raisins and... Dare I say, olives.'

Pausing to shift her eyes over to K'brak, Ravenna decided he would be more useful being an Angel Hunter. 'You will take this mission,' she told Murmur, 'I will come with you. You do not need to understand why, merely that it is my wish and my wish, you will obey.'

Ravenna lifted her hand, her wrist and its scars facing Murmur. It seemed harmless enough but it was one of the greatest threats Ravenna could have made. You will tread carefully or die a slowly agonising death and burn in Hell for eternity.

"Do you pathetic little girls not have missions to do?" Ravenna raised a brow, her gaze falling upon every man in the guild. Her eyes of iridescent aqua were unnerving at best. "Unless you wish to be my next sacrifice?" she asked with a wicked smirk, speaking of the blood she required to activate her magic. Running her slim fingers over her crimson lips, she whispered softly, her voice echoing with power in the dark room, "I am so very thirsty." - for blood.

"Any ideas for the destruction of Amaranth, my dearests?" Ravenna asked, her breathless voice deathly sweet with the taste of mania. Then, as abruptly as the brief sadism came, it left, replaced by a strange, unpredictable look in the master's eyes, "I'm hungry. 20 steaks, medium rare, salmon, cod, lamb, tilapia, roast chicken, turkey, spaghetti, shrimp, venison, fries, dark chocolate muffins, chocolate volcano cake. Wait! Wait for it. A dark chocolate cake shaped like a volcano that explodes into a river of strawberry whipped cream. A lamb in the shape of a cow! No. A shrimp in the shape of sheep. Actually, stop it, guys. Stop interrupting me," Ravenna gushed, waving at the stunned silence of the room. "A cake with my face on it. Shrimp and mushroom linguine in the shape of my face. Don't eat it though, because that's just bad luck." Pausing to take a breath, Ravenna took in the various expressions of her guild and the noise in her head from their thoughts bouncing against her skull, it gave her a terrible headache.

"Shut up, a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand."


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Murmur Burns

There would be one less cup of tea for him, but he was not complaining. He'd have to be blind to not notice the interest Jennifer Holt took in him and for whatever reason that was, Murmur would happily use it as a way to learn more about the spoiled woman. From there he would decide what to do with her, if she proved to be of any use at all. “Thanks for the tea.” Though, he wouldn't mind holding his breath, he'd seen her fight before and to say she had potential would be an understatement. "Anytime." No, if she was as highly capable as she was right now then the future would hold great things in store for her. Provided that she didn't die, or otherwise, first.

More importantly, following his words the fearsome Ravenna was proceeding to make his day. It looked like he had struck a nerve, he hadn't recalled ever seeing her eyes look quite like that, it was a good look on her. Murmur momentarily took note of her body language, his red eyes taking in every little movement. The tremor in her hand, the way her body seemed to press harder against her seat, and the harsh contact between the her nails and her scars screamed volumes. Before his presumption only remained as a maybe that there was a chance that her past was linked to the infamous slave trade. When he gathered the pieces of her disliking men, a few of her scars, to even her attitude and the way she carried herself he had guessed that it could be a possible explanation. After this little display, something many members of the guild may have missed completely, he didn't feel like he needed much conformation.

Oh how she was absolutely seething. 'You are overstepping your authority. My personal life is none of your concern. I have no qualms about tearing you from limb to limb and leaving you for the Demons. Do not play your games with me, you walnut cookie with raisins and... Dare I say, olives' Ouch, did he dare say that stung a bit? This was a dangerous game he was playing, if he did not draw the right cards he knew very well that she would carry out that threat. There was no doubt about it, in a fight between the two of them she would certainly be victorious, it was plain fact. If Murmur was ever going to change that he must progress with caution, lest he really does end up being nothing more than a few scraps of bones and flesh.

'You will take this mission. I will come with you. You do not need to understand why, merely that it is my wish and my wish, you will obey.' The corner of his lips turned upwards, that was better than nothing. Besides, he could really enjoy some field work with her - call it personal bonding time. 'As you wish, mistress.' His mind replied, no longer holding such a piercing edge, and he backed down. For now, he would take what he would get, and not press any further. The 'Angel Hunt' was somewhat of a bonus; one less S-Class mage against them would certainly lighten the load, and knowing K'Brak's past it could bring quite a show for all to see.


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#, as written by akashi
Suoh Ren

'Click, click, click'

Suoh's fingers moved expertly over the buttons of a little device with the screen flashing with different colors. It's amazing how much technology had improved over the years; this generation developed fast. He was walking backwards down the hall, his footsteps silent while the clicking of the buttons continued. His expression remained neutral even as his character's 'life' was shrinking each time some weird monster looking thing made an attack. A silent sigh left his lips as he moved his arms up, head tilting back as well. It was an unusual way of playing, considering normal people tend to keep the device down while playing; Suoh was doing the opposite.

"Ah, so close." Three words and silence once more.

He felt something shift in his hood, but paid no mind as he restarted the level. Third attempt-- if he doesn't beat the game after this, he was going to give up. But goddamn it, why did he have to start all over again from the beginning? Mentally rolling his eyes, Suoh made a sharp turn around the corner and earned a complaining growl.

"My bad," he muttered. There was another shift, causing him to press the wrong button. His brows twitched ever so slightly, his annoyance starting to rise. With a bark, a little head popped up, only to bump it against Suoh's. It didn't really affect the redhead, but the creature seemed to be scowling. It jumped onto the mage's shoulder and clung on, barking once more.

"Inferno, shhh..." Suoh ordered, "your barking is distracting me." The pup pulled his ear back as he stared up at his master but barked again anyway as they walked past a door.

Suoh stopped in his tracks, and if anyone else saw, they would have probably thought he would throw the dog off his shoulders. But he didn't. Instead, Suoh turned on his heels, coming back the way he came from. His eyes continued to focus on the screen, even as he opened the door to the room and walking inside.

He stepped on a hand of a man, who for whatever reason, was laying on the floor and muttered a 'my bad' instead of a real apology. For now, he disregarded everyone else in the room-- even the higher ups-- and went about with his little business. Suoh flopped down onto a chair and for a few minutes seemed to be in his own little world. With a satisfied sigh, the redhead finally set the device down, which was now radiating with heat, and cracked his knuckles. Third time's the charm.

He finally took a look around the room, which was his way of saying 'hello'. Nobody in his guild was really the type to great one another, especially him. Now that he wasn't so into the game, he noticed the guy on the ground was pinned by... a knife? Ah, the head should stop using people as dart boards; then again, as long as it wasn't his shirt getting a hole, he supposed it was fine.

The atmosphere in the room was heavy, and Suoh mentally cursed at himself for coming at such a bad time. Ravenna seemed rather pissed and Suoh really wasn't all that curious.

"Any ideas for the destruction of Amaranth, my dearests?"

The redhead raised a single eyebrow, taking a moment to let the words sink in. Destroy Amaranth? Oh, so would that mean there will be bloodshed between the two guilds and watched as their enemies suffered? Sweet lord that sound... so... so...

"Troublesome," Suoh muttered between a sigh as he sulked a little. This meant he had to actually fight. The last time he got serious, his shirt got stained with dirt. It was one of his favorite and it was new. Not to mention he managed to get blood stained on his hood. It took almost forever to get the damn stain out.

No, no he wasn't a sissy he was just lazy; extremely lazy. Besides, why would you want to ruin your clothes? He placed his chin down onto the table and pulled out a pack of his dear cigarettes before stuffing a hand in his pocket to look for a lighter. Please don't tell him he left it in his room... Clicking his tongue, he stuck a stick in his mouth but didn't light it as he failed to find a lighter. He gave K'brak a side-way glance; the only one he knew that might have what he was lacking at the moment.


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K'Brak Zetlin Halibatore

K'brak looked down just as Ravenna shifted into another position, this time made her assets just a little easier to see though he didn't take advantage of the moment. He was not a pervert and he would be damned in Hell if he let himself earn that title. "Tell me, K'brak," Mistress Ravenna's voice made his ears perk up slightly and he focused on her completely "Yes, my Lady?" He spoke softly, aware that his guild master had drawled some attention toward them. "Tell me, K'brak, Freya Constance Lockhart."

Freya... the name made him nauseous for a moment and he wasn't sure if he heard it correctly. Did she just...? Why...? Hadn't Freya had...? "My Lady?" K'brak spoke up cautiously, slightly wary of his Mistress' intention "She is not dead," 'No, i-it can't be... F-frey...she is dead!' Confusion mixed with raw pain filled his eyes. What kind of joke was this? K'brak had known for five years now what kind of person Ravenna was but even she knew when to stop. Remained silent, K'brak's fists curled slightly but apart from his eyes and his fists, K'brak kept his cool. "I believe Master Harlen asked for their death by your hand, am I correct? You have failed. He's cursing you from his grave, my dear. If you don't watch out, you will awaken with a bald head - the man was always envious of your hair."

K'brak flinched as if he had just been slapped. Apparently, his precious mistress Ravenna had just touched a very sore spot in his heart that hadn't been healed yet. Closing his eyes briefly, K'brak still hadn't spoken a word yet, choosing to look down on the ground instead of looking straight into her eyes. "Stand" Ravenna said and once again, K'brak obeyed without any objection, moving to the right of his Mistress and stood there. The shock was still too raw in his mind that he didn't even react to the sharp knife being pressed into his skin. He wasn't afraid of bleeding or of blood. However, it appeared his Mistress didn't want him to bleed yet for the knife hadn't been pressed hard enough.

"'Angel' is the name she goes by now, correct?" K'brak numbly remembered the name and made the connections with his bright mind almost immediately. "Yes, my Lady" He replied calmly, his voice betrayed nothing of the turmoil he was feeling right now. Taking a deep breath, K'brak tried to calm himself down mentally. It wouldn't do any good if he freaked out right now. He would put it aside and deal with it later. He would excuse himself the first chance he got. "I hear she has grown strong and perhaps Master Harlen predicted such a thing as well. Did you know one of his last wishes was to control this Freya? Or, if he could not have her," Ravenna locked eyes with K'brak and the young man stared straight into those orbs which were strangely empty at this moment. "No one would."

"You are intelligent, K'brak. I am certain you understand my wishes. Our wishes. I would like this... Angel," Ravenna paused and K'brak held his breath. No, she wouldn't think of...A small voice in the back of his head said 'Yes' though he tried to convince himself that she wouldn't force him to do it. A deadly smirk made her lips curl upward and K'brak mentally sighed 'she knows what she's doing after all...' "Perhaps to play with for a while, perhaps to keep. Perhaps I will break her spirit and keep her shell intact, eh? You were once in her team and perhaps the girl will be foolish enough to trust you again. Convince her to join, force her to, torture it out of her if you must - but I want her in Crimson Blade's possession. She could deem herself useful - dead, alive or wishing she were dead. If you cannot bring her to me," Ravenna said and then paused to emphasis her point.

"Kill her"

K'brak finally lowered his eyes in submission. Because what else could he do in this situation? He was loyal to this guild and to her. He had even killed her for his previous Master. He could cut off his soul another time for sure. "Your wish is my command, my Lady" K'brak whispered in a dead tone of voice and bowed down, barely acknowledged the fact that he had just signed another contract with the devil. It was his duty and he had come to accept it very soon that he would have to get rid of his mortality in order to live in this guild and remain loyal to it.

Retreated into his own mind, K'brak tuned out all conversations. He didn't want to take part in any of it, his mind was still trying to recover from the latest shock and it would take a while for him to be back to his normal shelf. He heard Murmur's useless word without actually listening to it, his eyes wandered around, trying to find someone or something that he was comfortable with so that he could take his mind out of its numb state. Out of habit, K'brak took out a cigarette, put it in his mouth and lit it up with his red lighter.

"Troublesome" K'brak's sharp ears picked up the sound of his teammate's voice - Suoh in the chaos of the room as he searched for him and his eyes stopped as he saw Suoh with an unlit cigarette in his mouth. He gave a short grunt and took out his lighter when he saw the look Suoh was giving him. K'brak was spoiling the man, he just knew it. Tossing him his lighter, K'brak said calmly "Catch it, Ren" Knowing fully well that Suoh could hear him and that he owned him something back in the future, K'brak crossed his arms and looked at the wall with a faraway look in his eyes.

Could he be able to kill her, too? Just like he had killed Keiko? And countless others before her? Could K'brak really be able to torture and force Freya to come back?


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Crimson Blade

'As you wish, mistress,' whispered the pulse of Murmur's mind. Ravenna searched for the flames, each of her people of Crimson Blade pulsing with their own unique existence. Murmur's flame blazed, red with a blue heart at its centre, the heavy beating of his fire was impossible to miss. K'brak's was an absolute amethyst, its tongues licking high above the skies. Suoh's fire was strange, for instead of reaching upwards, it swirled like a flaming blizzard, spinning around and around like a carousel. Jennifer's light of iridescent yellow was like a lit candle, reaching toward those she had an interest in - Murmur - and drifting from those she didn't. Then, there was Vincent. His fire was distant, as if it were far, far away and not of his body. It was split down the middle, one side burning yellow and another burning red to create a mix of purple. It made her very weary of him.

"Catch it, Ren" Pulling herself from the distracting flames of life, Ravenna watched as a red lighter sailed over the heads of some dark mages toward her little red blizzard.

"Strawberry head, come," Ravenna beckoned with her slim hand. Standing from her throne, Ravenna sat on the mahogany steps and patted the space next to her. "If you and K'brak insist on killing yourselves in smoke, surely you could spare some time before your inevitable deaths to entertain me. There appears to be a mission that pays very well, 30,000,000 Jewels, I believe. You merely have to save the money within Mailman Trade. The pathetic 'dark guild' - or so they call themselves - Pink Ponies will be guarding the trade guild. Surely they will be no match for the Cancer Sticks. You will go with K'brak, is that understood?"

"It depends on what kind of destruction you are referring to, Mistress Ravenna." Vincent's voice began, an answer to her previous statement about destroying Gawain's guild. Ravenna tilted her head ever so slightly to indicate that she was listening. Her hand rested on Suoh's back, so close to his neck, her dagger within her glove could've penetrated his throat. "It would also determine whether you care more for earning money by completing missions or capturing Freya. Divide and conquer has always been a favorite tactic. I have learned on my way back here that there should be a celebration of sorts going on at Amaranth. Our plan is simple. We do what do best. Kill, steal, extort, and all those other goodies."

Ravenna's fingers pressed a billionth of a fraction harder against Suoh's body, her eyelids drooped a quarter of a millimetre. Crimson Blade's master was growing impatient. "The jobs we should focus on should be all the assassination jobs for one good reason. Ongoing protection. We let word out that a lot of high level assassinations are going to be taking place. Each group scouts out the locations and finds out if Amaranth is protecting the client. More importantly if Freya is protecting the client. If not then we pull back and regroup to another assassination location and simply cut down the choices."

"When we find Freya we overwhelm her with our numbers. Granted there is the chance she may not take any of the jobs, but if we learn that she is not coming then we can go back to find out early enough so we could go back to the previous jobs. It just requires planning and cooperation. I just wonder if it is possible for all of us to work together for once. The sooner we get started the easier the plan will succeed. My team will take this one. He said as he showed the job about the mayor and the wedding."

Ravenna was clicking her tongue now, a dangerous sound for it was an indicator of her impatience, a sign many had learned to avoid and cower to. "Vincent," Death said slowly, standing in a single smooth fluid movement. "We will not waste so many of our people on a single girl. She is powerful but not invincible. Are you suggesting your fellow Crimson's do not have what it takes to destroy her without the help of our entire guild? If she is as dangerous as you are making her out to be, I will not risk the lives of all of my people for her. Freya is K'brak's main mission - for now," observing the said mage from her peripheral vision, Ravenna continued, "I believe he is capable of overpowering and deceiving a child who is barely 18. It would be shameful for a mage of his rank to require the assistance of others."

Crimson Blade's master did not believe in anything less than the best. "Weaklings will not be tolerated in my guild," Ravenna gave Vincent a pointed look, a small spark of fury in her still orbs of aqua. 'You are hiding something,' the telepathic whispered in Vincent's mind. 'Watch where you step, child or you may find your foot on a land mine.' "Your team may take that mission." Then, addressing all in the guild, she spoke as well as pounded into their minds,

"You will not kill anyone of Amaranth - not yet. You may befriend them, fool them, have them believe you are mere humans with clean hands. You may ruin their fun and destroy their love for one another. You may cause chaos, you may hurt. But you will keep your identities hidden. If that is not possible, you will create some petty story about your hidden hate for Crimson Blade and its tyrant of a master," Ravenna added with a smirk.

"These rules does not apply for you two," Ravenna said, giving K'brak and Suoh brief glances. "You may act as you see fit. Not all dark guild members should have such tragic and elaborate stories. People might even start to believe I'm a cruel demon," Ravenna chuckled darkly before walking past Murmur.

'Come,' she whispered in his mind. 'We shall go to Karinui.' Then, with a pause, she added, glancing briefly at everyone in the guild and lingering on the Cancer Sticks. Ravenna told Murmur, 'Bring back-up.'

Ravenna ~ Karinui Tavern

"Hey, babe," cooed a lanky man with a scar on his chin as he ran a hand down Death's bare legs. Ravenna squealed slightly as if she'd just received a pleasant surprise from a handsome knight - Well, that didn't take too long. It made Ravenna want to kill herself, degrading her standards down to a whimpering girl but it was what was required. The dark mage wore a tight fitting dress that emphasised her assets, the sides of which was sliced so much, the black cloth barely covered anything. Her small waist melted into wide hips and a full top - I told them attractive young woman, not prostitute, Ravenna thought gruffly. Death's glossy hair was curled into soft, wavy locks as they tumbled over her bare shoulder, curved over her breasts and dipped to her hips - the left side of her fringe was pulled back with 3 needle thin and iron hard pins of deadly poison. Her long legs were bare, except for the straps of her deadly heels that curled around her frail ankle. A small dagger hugged the side of her thigh, or rather, hip, barely hidden under her minuscule skirt. Ravenna's body tingled with barely controlled magic. She wanted to destroy the man right then and there.

"H-hello, sir," she stuttered, staring down at the clenched fist on her lap. She wore black gloves that reached her elbows to disguise the multitude of scars on her arms. Luckily, the dress shielded the worst of the marks on her back. The lanky man groped her behind.

'Kill him very, very slowly,' Ravenna sent silently to Murmur, who sat somewhere in the dimly lit tavern. Large men clanked their mugs of beer and drank - Ravenna resisted the urge to gag. The disgusting man's sweaty palms on her body made her hate herself all the more. But she had to do this, she had to be the one to take down Jyel.

"We're going to have a lot of fun, aren't we, sweet thing?" the man laughed millimetres from Ravenna's face. He smelled of spoiled whisky and unclean teeth. Forcing a smile onto her lips, Ravenna asked nervously, "What's your name, master?" She used 'master' for she knew first hand how much they loved being called such a thing. It made her want to skin them alive.

"Jose," the man replied, running a meaty hand up her curved spine. Ravenna arched her back with repulsion as she shuddered, pretending she was overly pleased with his touch.

'I know you're enjoying this, you bastards,' Ravenna hissed in the minds of the Crimson Blade members near her.

"Let's go outside, huh, babe?" the man asked, lifting Ravenna off her chair and dragging her out the back door before she could even reply. Crimson Blade's master pretended to stumble in her 6 inch heels. When they were outside, a heavy weight smacked against the back of Ravenna's head and she felt herself falling - she did not have to pretend this time. Everything was going just as planned.

"Sorry, sweetheart. We'll play later, I promise," Jose chuckled.

Before Ravenna allowed her body melted into darkness, she echoed, 'Follow,'

and the world became nothing.


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Murmur Burns

(Karinui Tavern)

After sashaying around in her ridiculous outfit, Ravenna led them to the Karinui tavern, a waterhole for sinners and their associates. A heavy smell of smoke and alcohol threatened to take over his senses, it was places like this that Murmur preferred to avoid. They have only been in the tavern for a short while yet a headache was already threatening to vex him. He held a distaste for these activities. Tobacco and alcohol only made you weak as it rotted your body from within by blacking the organs until they shriveled up into nothing. That paired with the substances doing a number to cripple the mind only annoyed him. On the up side they could give people like him an upper hand on the victim. Still, it wasn't very fun that way. When the prey could barely stand he couldn't find much achievement in ending their lives for them, aside from the mentality that they very much deserved what was given to them.

He sat silently at the table with his teammates, the group being hardly noticed by the other patrons in the building as they were either too drunk to care or too busy with their petty conquests. Bringing the two along on the mission was the obvious choice. Kiev had been considered an S-Class mage once before, and it was something Murmur recognized. The two got on well and he was someone he could trust during a mission, or at least, as much as he could trust someone. Then there was Melinoe, another person he was happy to have on his faction. A dragon slayer was the last type of mage that he would look down upon, or underestimate for that matter. He wouldn't have it any other way.

With only minutes passing them by a man approached Ravenna, playing the bait in this situation, and wasted no time in putting his dirty hands all over her. Judging by his physique and the scar on his face they had attracted just the man they were looking for, being every bit of revolting as he pictured. They were right in being able to draw him out this way, the way the man acted insinuated that he had no idea of the people lurking in the dark, waiting to strike him down. If the lead was right, he had a lot more than sex in mind for the disguised Crimson Blades master. Nevertheless, the way he indulged in fulfilling barbaric desires didn't set well with him. It could go unsaid, but Murmur absolutely abhorred men like that.

Her words surfaced in his mind, highlighting her hatred for the way the man fondled her. 'Kill him very, very slowly.' Unable to help himself, a small smile stretched across his face. That could be arraigned, a little bit of torture always got the blood flowing, the heart pounding. It was also a good way to squeeze information out of someone, and in this case he would show no mercy for the man in question. Hearing the pained sounds of such lowly creatures were Murmur's vice, be it they squealed like a pig or cried like a rabbit.

There was a good chance the man wasn't alone, it may be quite a struggle in taking them down depending on their numbers and their strength. If the opposing side was unsuspecting, then they would have the element of surprise on their side in addition of two mages of S-class level, a person who had a technique that was one in a million, and a guild master that not only had the alias 'Death' but who also lived up to the name of the a horseman of the apocalypse. Today was an unlucky day for Capricorns, but the basic playing card deck in his pocket would rescind it. They were prepared for anything, and beyond capable.

'I know you're enjoying this, you bastards.' If Murmur didn't have such good self-control he might have laughed. She was right to think so, he didn't find any gratification in the way the man harassed Ravenna, but he did find it in her anger. The woman's rage was terrifying, but in such a situation it tickled him. It was difficult to pity her now, when this plan was so much of her own. 'Relax.' He chided. 'He won't be breathing for much longer.' To see the man dead was a promise he would be sure to fulfill. If only it was a lucky day for him, then maybe he'd get brownie points for such an action. Instead he could foresee her taking out her wrath on them, or more specifically, on himself.

The two started to relocate outside, and once they exited the building Murmur swiftly motioned for his team to follow. Averting being noticed by the intoxicated individuals was an easy feat. Of course, when things started going as such, something else would come a long to rise the bar. Just beyond the door he heard the man speak following a thud, something that clearly was from him making physical contact with their mistress. 'Follow.' She was about to lose consciousness and she was still ordering them to fulfill the mission as planned. He respected that about her; despite the several things that clearly bothered hear, such as putting herself out there to snare the kidnapper, she put them aside to get the job done. There really was no question as to why she was the best choice in running a dark guild.

Once they exited the building the man was already absconding down the alleyway, carrying Ravenna sloppily in his arms. He frowned, the very least he could do was be gentle with her. Where was the courtesy? "Let's do as she says." Murmur said. As simple as it might be to liberate the woman and apprehend the criminal he could very well bring them to a place that would lead them to Jyel. In any case they couldn't let the opportunity pass them by. So he trailed the man quietly and carefully, blurring into the background and the shadows as they awaited the right moment to act.


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Jennifer Holt

Jen watched everyone as they talked with Ravenna. She could tell that the guild master was irritated. Her eyes were focused on Murmur, the way he could get to Ravenna with just a few words interested her. She then focused on Vincent as he laid out his plan. The plan was a good one, divide and conquer was always a good strategy.

When Ravenna rejected the plan it didn’t shock Jen, Ravenna wasn’t the type of commander who would use that kind of strategy. She was more of the type to send her strongest against the enemies strongest just to prove her power. Jen smiled and then slide off her stool as Vincent walked by her.
"Well Jennifer, I guess we should get this over with quickly before the mayor and his kid can get proper protection." Vincent said

Jen sighed; she hated being called by her full name. She began walking toward the door, but then turned around and looked at Suoh. She had one of her shadow hands go up to him and turn his head slightly so he was looking at her. She lifted up her sunglasses then winked at him flirtatiously; Ursa shook her head and tugged on Jen’s hand to make her walk.

After she exited the hall she took off her Jacket and handed it to one of the hands swirling around her. She pointed to hand with her crossbow, she took it and holstered the large weapon on her back. She then started walking looking over the paper with the mission assignment.
It was a standard assassination, but what Vincent said earlier made Jen excited. The possibility of members of Amaranth protecting the mayor and his daughter intrigued Jen. It had been a while since she had a good fight. She looked back at Vincent and gave him a sinister grin, she then looked down when Ursa gripped her hand and said “How many people are we going to kill today.”

Jen picked Ursa up and said softly “as many people as we want little sister.” Ursa giggled with excitement, Jen had rubbed off on Ursa and the little bear enjoyed killing just as much as she did. Jen turned around toward Vincent with Ursa still in her arms and said “So do you have a plan or shall we just make it up as we go along.” Jen was hoping he would go for the second option, whenever she didn’t have a plan she did her best work. Everything would be spontaneous and whoever got in her way would just be another body on top of the pile.


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#, as written by akashi
Suoh Ren

"Catch it, Ren."

The corner of his lips twitched into a small grin as he caught the lighter in his hand. Nodding his head in thanks, Suoh lit his cigarette, taking a long drag. Why did such heavenly thing have to be a burden to your body? Life really wasn't fair.

"Strawberry head, come," came Ravenna's demand. That really wasn't an attractive nickname, but when your team's nickname was 'Cancer Sticks' nothing else was really all that weird to you anymore.

Blinking over at the head master, Suoh slowly got up from his chair and walked over. On the way, he dropped the lighter back into K'brak's hand and sat down. "If you and K'brak insist on killing yourselves in smoke, surely you could spare some time before your inevitable deaths to entertain me. There appears to be a mission that pays very well, 30,000,000 Jewels, I believe. You merely have to save the money within Mailman Trade. The pathetic 'dark guild' - or so they call themselves - Pink Ponies will be guarding the trade guild. Surely they will be no match for the Cancer Sticks. You will go with K'brak, is that understood?" His shoulders immediately drooped slightly when he was given a mission to do. He was sure K'brak could handle things on his own. He would rather babysit the newbies. It was fun watching them try so hard and use them as his personal sandwich maker. Surprisingly, most of them were pretty good at cooking.

"...........Mm okay," he mumbled, looking like a child who was forced to eat his vegetables. For a moment, he watched as his cigarette continued to burn, bits of ashes falling onto the floor. Realizing how much of a waste that just was, Suoh took another drag. All the redhead heard after that was 'blah blah blah'. He really was not interested in destroying... Ama.... Amaham..? No, wait... Amahara? What was it again? He swore he heard them say it a couple of times. Maybe he should focus a little more.

He barely flinched as Ravenna's hand rested on his back, his mind too busy trying to get the correct name. Suoh probably had short term memories-- no, not probably. He did have short term memory.

It was when Ravenna applied a little more pressure that he realized what was going on. His emerald eyes glanced back at the guild master, then at Vincent before moving back to Ravenna. What an uncomfortable feeling this was... Oh. Here comes the tongue clicking. Putting out the cigarette, he flicked it into the ash tray and casually attempted to move away from Ravenna's touch. Luckily, the other had gotten up first and he finally relaxed against the railing.

"You will not kill anyone of Amaranth - not yet. You may befriend them, fool them, have them believe you are mere humans with clean hands. You may ruin their fun and destroy their love for one another. You may cause chaos, you may hurt. But you will keep your identities hidden. If that is not possible, you will create some petty story about your hidden hate for Crimson Blade and its tyrant of a master,"

Amaranth; there we go, Suoh finally got the right name, yay.

"These rules does not apply for you two," Suoh's eyes flickered up, meeting Ravenna's for a brief second as she spoke. "You may act as you see fit. Not all dark guild members should have such tragic and elaborate stories. People might even start to believe I'm a cruel demon."

Ravenna probably didn't have to worry about that. Suoh had little to no creativity to even think of a good story that people might believe in. As everyone started to head out of the room, Suoh lifted his ass up as well but almost lost his footing when something took hold of his chin. His head was turned enough to see Jennifer sending him a wink. He lazily waved her off before turning to K'brak.

"Can we eat before we leave?" Because he had nothing since yesterday night.


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#, as written by Layla
Freya Hirane ~ Amaranth

A gentle cloud grasped Freya's back and gently lowered her to the ground. Freya landed with a soft thud as she turned around to smile at a slim woman with flaming red hair with an air of strength of all sorts about her. Freya pressed her fingers to her lips and blew Amaya a kiss. Despite Amaya being a Darkness Magic user, she was far from those tainted dark mages. She had a sarcastic sense of humour than Freya appreciated, not to mention she was amazing at hair braiding.

"Are you okay?" asked Browen. A lock of his blue hair fell into his equally blue eyes and Freya brushed it away as she smiled.

"I'm as good as ever, Owy-owy!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around the back of his neck as she squeezed him in a hug with perhaps too much enthusiasm.

Rushing to the feast, Freya wondered where H'mong was. Why wasn't he at the festival? Well, why did she care? Right, because they were meant to go on that mission at Mailman Trade together. Although Freya wasn't particularly money hungry, 30,000,000 Jewels was a lot of Jewels. The pretty dresses and candies she'd be able to buy with all that money! She'd give most of what she earned to the community, though. There was this orphanage near by that she contributed towards every month. Her kids would be so happy to see so much gold. They'd be able to buy new books, toys, clothes, food - she'd plan them a great feast! They'd even have money to visit all the fun stalls at Halloween.

Brushing H'mong from her thoughts, Freya began piling her plates with all sorts of desserts, completely ignoring the main meal for the mountain of Eclairs a goddess had made. Freya devoured half of the desserts and all of the 950 eclairs. Spooning creme brûlée into her mouth - oh god how she loved creme brûlée. Freya moaned as she swirled the delicate cream in her mouth. It was a wonder how she never grew any 'bigger' despite her ridiculous love for sugar. Yes, it most certainly all went to her chest.

"Where was my invite?!" a voice squeaked. Freya jumped before raising her head to find herself staring at a very angry flying teddy bear. Lele the Lion glared at his master with beady little eyes like two sequins on his face.

"Lele!" Freya squealed, grabbing the small thing and rubbing him against her face. "Lele!" she repeated.

"There, there, princess," Lele pushed against Freya's cheek, trying to struggle out of her deadly grasp. "Don't get too excited now. I'm just here for the sweets!"

"No," Freya said solemnly, suddenly letting go and causing the small celestial spirit to fly into the head of another mage.

"What do you mean no?!" the little teddy bear lion asked.

"No," Freya said again. "It's for me."

"Uh, it's for the whole guild..." mumbled a nearby mage.

Freya huffed and stuck up her nose before crossing her arms protectively over her entire table of desserts. "No!" she growled like an angry kitten. "Mine!" Tears tickled the corner of her eyes as her lips pouted in an adorable frown.

"I challenge you to a chocolate truffle eating contest..." Lele said, flying down to float nose to nose with Freya. A small smirk picked up the corners of her lips. "You think you can win, teddy bear?" she asked and as if Lele'd received a slap to the face, he bounced back and held his cheek with a small paw. "How dare you!" he gasped. Lele hated being called a stuffed animal.

"One," Freya counted slowly as she dragged the entire 6 large trays of chocolate truffles to them - she was being kind in leaving 3 trays for the others. "Two, three. Go!"

And off they went.

Ravenna ~ Jyel

Familiar metal cuffs crushed the bones in Ravenna's wrists, a needle was embedded into her flesh, meant to lull her senses and rock her into oblivion. Ravenna didn't have the pleasure of half consciousness for she was immune to such poisons. It was meant to make her slower and weaker but it didn't have to. Just having her wrists bound in such familiar restraints weakened her. She would not be afraid.

Reaching with her mind, Ravenna felt nobody else of her guild. Her heart wrenched itself from its socket and slapped against her ribcage. Ravenna clenched her fists. No, they were there. Perhaps the minds of the slaves and Jyel's clients and traders merely shielded their bright flames. Yes, that was it. The fire within the slaves were so weak, so small and some - some had minds so broken, she could read nothing but ashes.

Ravenna was afraid.

It was a sickening though, an abnormal emotion for Death. I am Death, she repeated to herself. A mantra to keep her mind from drifting into a past that was long gone. From returning to the helpless girl she once was. I am Death.

Ravenna focused on her body to drag herself from her mind. She was chained to a wall. Tugging at her ankles, she could not move them and her heels were gone. A slither of panic returned as she wondered what else of what she was wearing was gone. Slowing her breath, she felt the tight leather dress pressing against her skin, her legs hanging like that lifted up her already minuscule skirt by more than what she would've liked, however. Clenching her teeth together, she reminded herself she was a dark mage now. The master of one of the greatest Dark Guilds of all time - Crimson Blade. A blindfold was gripped tightly over her eyes.

A sluggish black flame of dirtied oil creeped up toward her. Of course, she always got the worst of the 'clients,' the sickest of the sick.

A whip slapped against the bare skin of her legs. Ravenna flinched but otherwise did not react. In fact, she welcomed the pain for perhaps - the agony in her body might overwhelm the hell in her mind.

"Not a screamer, I see?" a voice croaked - the man was at least 50. She could take care of him with her bare hands. "What a pity. I guess I'll have to try harder, eh?" The coiled wires of steel wrapped tightly together to form a vicious instrument of torture sliced through her flesh. "Must be because you're a cutter, huh?" the man asked, running callused fingers over the naked scars on Ravenna's arms. "Was life so bad to you?"


Ravenna tuned the man out and pulled her mind away from her 'shell.' Dimly, she was aware of a scream that erupted from her body's lips - pathetic. She reached out with her mind, barely touching any of the dirtied flames as she searched for Murmur's blue and red light and Kiev's silver glow. She knew she shouldn't have trusted them enough to take them on this mission - never mind, she'd complete it on her own. A pink, shivering flame pulsed and she tangled her consciousness with it - 'Rosie,' she whispered.

'Who is it?!' a frightened voice of a child's mind replied.

'You'll be okay,' Ravenna said as calmly as possible. 'I'm a friend of your father's. I've come to take you home. Have they done anything to you, Rosie?' Despite herself, Ravenna couldn't help but feel a gentle pressing of empathy. She didn't want the child to be hurt, at least, not by these men.

'No but I can't see anything. Where am I?' Rosie spoke in her mind.

'Good question, Rosie.' Then, she saw what Rosie could not see with her eyes. Her subconscious knew where she was from the sounds, even if Rosie herself didn't. 10 doors down, turn right, down 2 flights of stairs, 2nd door to the right. 'Try to stay where you are, Rosie. I'm coming.'

Ravenna's consciousness was snapped back into her body. A wet tongue pressed against her inner thigh. Repulsion shoved against her spine as Crimson Blade's master shoved her fears away.

"Master?" she said pitifully, her voice shaking. Play weak. The stickiness lifted from her skin to press into her lips. Repulsion filled her as she struggled not to jerk her head away. "What the he-" the man croaked before tumbling to the slick tiles. Poisoned lips could do wonders. Ravenna's hands and ankled slipped from their chains - of course she'd have a pin embedded her flesh - how stupid did her kidnappers think she was?

Fixing what she could of her dress and scraping her nails viciously against the skin the disgusting man had touched, Ravenna opened the unlocked door - idiots. Elbowing the throat of the guard next to her, she smacked the side of her hand into the neck of the other guard on her left. This was strangely too easy. Even the slices on her thighs had healed from the magic in her blood.

Following the pink flame, she disarmed a few more guards on her way. She reached the 2nd door to the right, down the stairs - the corridor was surprisingly unguarded. Sniffing for the fire of life, she smelled nothing except those of fresh slaves. Taking a deadly poisoned pin from her hair, Ravenna fiddled with the lock until she heard a click.


'Shh,' she cooed in the young girl's mind. The small child was bound in chains similar to hers. Ravenna was surprised she hadn't yet passed out from the drug they had flooding through her veins. It made her respect the small, curly haired ten year old a lot more. Her pink, frilly dress - obviously expensive - was dirtied from their manhandling and the ugly floors.

Ravenna bent down, fiddling with the locks on Rosie's chains. Where are you? she thought. She could not ask the question out loud using telepathy for she could not lock onto Murmur and Kiev to do so and she most certainly could not shout it out loud in the minds of everyone. The first cuff clicked open and Ravenna moved on to the next.

Then, she found them. The burning flames of her Crimson Blades - 'You suck at following.'

"What do you think you're doing?"


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Sidney Allen

"Good day my dear frail Sidney, Madame Reaper, unfamiliar he-she I don't know." All too soon the world snapped back into focus. He had been too intent at staring at the blurs of color, they drew away his mind and stole his memory. What was happening now? Sidney eventually saw Amaya, who had found her place on the love seat, boasting an array of 'rescued' sweets. "She'll eat the entire feast." His face hid a ghost of a frown. Darn, he had drifted off again, the thought of desserts needing saving being too entertaining his mind. Were they talking about Freya now? They must be, he didn't know anyone else who was capable of such a thing.

The tray was shoved in his direction and his brain found its center. Chocolate was a bit heavy, wasn't it? Amaya was ordering him to take one, commenting on the visibility of his skeleton. His stomach sunk and he looked downwards, locking his vision on his hands. That was true enough, and with further examination Sidney discovered that his sweater didn't do much softening to the jagged corners that were his shoulders and elbows, not to mention his collarbones. A lot of people had said similar things, his parents for example, though the doctors and nurses usually used technical words that he had to ask the meanings for. They were right, he knew that, but food was food. He usually didn't like it very much, but currently he didn't nurse any aversion to it.

Now Issabella was speaking, he'd wait until she was finished. "What might your next mission be?" Ultimately he ended up shaking his head to reject Amaya's offer. No truffles. Cookies and pies were fine sometimes, but he didn't care for such rich treats. Instead he stood up from his seat, his sock clad feet barely making any noise on the ground. Were they going to go on a mission soon? That would be pretty nice, maybe they would do another cat-related job? Hopefully it wouldn't be so difficult, any job that wasn't life threatening could be nice. "Oh, I don't like mushrooms." Was his line to reject the food being direction at him. Of course that was the wrong kind of truffle, but it was something to say all the same.

Without saying anything else, Sidney had left the group and walked towards the feast, being sure to put a good space between himself and Freya. The eating contest going away was amusing in itself, but such a commotion was something to avoid. He looked over the variety of dishes that were prepared, searching for something that would sit well in his stomach. Sooner or later he found himself holding a bowl of soup, which only amounted to about two ladles full. He also gripped onto a spoon in his other hand and held a roll between his lips. That was definitely plenty, more than he would have eaten before joining the guild at any rate.

It was rude to eat on a lounge chair opposed to the dinner table, though one might not call the tables in Amaranth such a thing. They were rather crowded as well, and Sidney waded until he was an area with a little less people, ending up standing next to Yuliana. "Greetings." The word came out muffled due to the bread still being carried with the help of his mouth. What a welcome, but it was as good as it was going to get. The boy took a spot nearby and placed the roll to the side, yet he didn't dig into his meal right after. Instead he looked over to Yuliana again. "Do you want to sit with me?" He asked childishly. "Of course, you don't have to. This end of the table is short a peg, rather unconventional that is." He spoke while poking at the contents of the bowl.


Murmur Burns


The man had led them to an unimpressive building. The architecture was old, aged, and it wasn't for the few lights that were burning on inside it would have been regarded as abandoned. It was a fine location for holding slaves and other wrongdoings, though it looked like it lacked proper guards. Ravenna and the unnamed man entered, officially ending their trailing, but he made no order to follow them any further. The man's obvious course of action was to lock the new addition away, carrying attention of others with him. Their guild master was quite the looker; her arrival wouldn't be ignored, even if she was currently unconscious. The choice to use her as a way to distract the enemy was easily made. She would be fine on her own, and if they needed to they would retrieve her if she didn't wake early enough.

This was as good of a time as any. They might as well use the front door. It must of come to some shock, seeing them walk in unannounced and not accounted for like that. A muscular man and his scruffy looking side-kick eyed them as if trying to place the reason for their intrusion. "Hey, do you have any business here?" The bulkier of the two asked, instantly trying to size up their value. A couple of henchmen was candy, but it would be best to take care of the problem quickly and with any luck, silently. "Shhh," He warned, a card with an minimalistic decorated back being summoned into his hands. His fingers turned it over, reveling it to be the Two of Cups, before it vanished from their sight. Basic water magic, unfortunate for him, yet it would do the job. "Quiet now." With a bit of concentration the moisture that hung in the air could be harvested, the bucket of water left for cleaning purposes was helpful to his cause too.

Drowning had a few upsides, it being relatively quiet was one of them. The men did struggle, when water enveloped their heads they were quick to fight back as soon as they stopped trying to jerk their way out of the liquid. They came marching forward with their knives in hand, only making a few advances forward before falling onto their knees. It was a devastating fate, their heads would be pounding, it would feel like their brains would explode until they sucked water into their lungs. It wasn't all cruel, they would feel a moment of relief as they let go and finally died. Murmur didn't bother watching their last moments, he spent his valuable time on casting a concealment spell instead. That would keep everyone inside, and the building would appear as it always did to the outside world. There would be no quick getaways for the people here, nor any reinforcements.

The mission should come first, but who said he couldn't multitask? He found it hard to believe that this was the elusive Jyel's base, but there should be someone who knew of the location, of both that and the missing girl. Or so to say, he would attempt to kill two birds with one stone. Knowing more about the organization could be beneficial, especially to his own personal interests. They would go room to room, corridor to corridor, and in their search any enemy that was a bit too loud was quickly silenced. To his disappointment most of the members were more interested in throwing a fuss instead of loaning some information. Between the three of them taking care of the criminals wasn't a problem, but the longer they continued this the more attention they would alert.

"She's down the hall!" Murmur smiled as the man currently in questioning shed some light on the situation by choking out his desperate words. "The second door to the right. Please don't kill me, I'm only doing this for my wife, she's-" What an ugly voice, the bulging of his eyes suit that middle aged face so much more. He turned out of the room as the body fell onto the floor, filling the space with a quiet thud. So far they hadn't heard much about the guild other than there were several branches and locations, it looked like the knowledge of it was hidden even amongst its members. On the up side they were able to watch the death if the man who had stolen Ravenna in the first place, a task he had taken personally.

At least they could now retrieve the young girl. As he exited into the hallway he heard a voice in his head. Sleeping beauty had woken up. 'You suck at following.' He couldn't say he wasn't expecting that, but he could deal with her anger later. There was something more interesting present; a figure standing in the doorway outside of where Rosie was being held. Was that their fault? They may have started to cause a bit of a stir. "What do you think you're doing?" Pity, they were not happy, not in the slightest. He might as well drag the mood further south. With a smile on his face, a pleasant voice at the ready, Murmur interrupted the moment by stepping towards the area. "Good evening, we were just stopping by."


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Jyel

"Yooouuu sonofabitch," Ravenna hissed, quickly drawing herself to a stand as she glared at Murmur's sudden interruption beyond the Jyel man's shoulder. The man at the doorway lifted a muscled fist and brought it down hard. Ravenna swivelled, her leg whacking against the man's thigh, causing him to stumble into the dirty tiles. "Subtle much, little man," she growled, burning hell through Murmur's pretty blue head. It was ironic that Ravenna found Murmur's interruption too abrupt, yet here she was casually slapping people to the ground.

"HEL-" the man on the floor began yelling. Ravenna stepped on his neck, crushing his airways. Reaching for the dagger on her hip, she felt nothing. Well, of course, why would they allow her to keep any sort of weapon? Ripping the man up by his hair, Ravenna snapped his neck with a quick twist of her arm. The limp corpse tumbled down to fall in a tangle of twisted limbs. Vaguely, she heard the sound of a crying girl; Ravenna turned around, her gaze falling on the frightened, curly-haired Rosie.

"Ssshhh," the dark master cooed, bending down to run a hand through Rosie's blonde locks. "You need to keep quiet."

"Monster!" the young girl began to screech at the top of her lungs. "Monster! Get away from me!"

Ravenna narrowed her eyes, her grip on the girl's head hardening. "Listen, kid," she began. "I don't have to take you with me and if you like this hell hole so much - be my guest. You can stay here for the rest of your miserable life."

Turning to her Crimson Blades, Ravenna shrugged, "Silence her." Pausing, Ravenna twitched her nose slightly, "They're coming. 79 men. Armed. Three mages. We're underground - basement 7. All the headquarters are connected by an-" Ravenna untangled herself from the web of so many minds to latch onto the information she wanted, "Underground passage of some sort. 13 buildings in total. We're in the shipping port. This is where they take them for distribution."

Standing, Ravenna motioned for her Blades' hands. Pulling a pin from her hair - the poison wouldn't effect them for they were immune after repeated exposures thanks to their perfectionist master - she dragged the pin down their palms and down hers. Pressing her bleeding flesh to theirs, she whispered, "Rrha ki ra hymme paja yor getrra, en gott wi gyas." From my corruption, I summon, and ask for Satan's blessing. Death's eyes glowed an iridescent red, an invisible wind lifting the dark strands of her hair gently. A jolt of electric power flooded from her blood into their veins. Their magical power and resistance would be heightened for a while, not to mention it'd make them easier to track if they wandered the wrong way again.

"You really ruined my plans," Ravenna whispered, running a slim finger over the cuts on their palms. "Ciel." Heal, and as if the very particles of their being obeyed their guild master's commands, their wounds sealed shut, leaving no trace of what was there except a faint smudging of blood.

"You will take our money," she commanded Murmur, nudging her head towards Rosie, "And go." Ravenna turned toward Kiev. "When we are outside, you will write the Rules around the building. No one shall-" she stopped. "No one except the slaves may leave." Giving Kiev a pointed look, Ravenna pursed her lips, "Step back."

"Serafina of War, I summon you." Two red circles of ancient runes appeared above and below Crimson Blade's master, lifting her off the ground. A silent scream arched Ravenna's spine as burning flames encompassed her entire body. Suddenly, the heat subsided and majestic wings of ruby stood in its place. All was still, except for a few flickering embers emitting from the figure - then, suddenly, the wings opened wide, filling the entire room with a blazing light. The feathers were attached to a redheaded Ravenna armed in white boots that touched her thighs, a pleated red and gold skirt and a strip of fancy cloth that barely covered her breasts. She looked like Ravenna but at the same time, they could not have been more different. The girl that stood before them bore none of the scars Ravenna wore. A wicked smile lifted a corner of Serafina's red lips as her golden eyes fell upon Murmur.

"My, oh my, isn't this a lovely surprise? Have you finally decided to sle- Must. Mate. Immediately." Gawking at the man with multiple-coloured hair and turquoise eyes, Serafina began to cry as she threw herself into the mage's arms. "KIEV!!! Oh baby, how I've missed you so. Damn, I thought you couldn't get any hotter." Holding his face between her palms, Serafina pouted, "No kiss for Sera?"

"What the hell is that light?" a voice shouted outside. Feet slapped against the ground before stopping before the open door of the room. "Holy crap..." someone gawked in awe and fear.

A cloaked mage stood silently in the background as his hands moved with quick precision. Suddenly, all the men before them grew in size, their muscles bulging against their shirts. A Jyel ran at Kiev and Serafina hissed, running in front of him and forcing a fireball into her opponent's mouth. No one was allowed to hurt her sweet, flawless Kievy. "Come any closer and I'll set your skulls on fire."

Gripping her perfect mage's arm tightly, Serafina created a circle of floor-to-ceiling flames around them, completely ignoring her other allies. Giggling, she rubbed her cheek against Kiev's body, utterly carefree as everyone burned around them. "How've you been, Kievy-lovey? That nasty Ravenna better not have been treating you badly. I swear, if she lands a finger on your flawless head..."

They were outside and Serafina didn't pull her gaze from Kiev for a moment. A large bow made of solid gold appeared in the Take Over Spirit's hand and she slipped a flaming arrow into it as she continued talking to Kiev. "I swear, she can be such a stick in the mud sometimes." Winking, Sera drew her arm back, sending a multitude of flaming arrows into the already burning building. When we get back, we can totally use her bed. It's a huge bed, you know. Very comfy." In the darkness of silver moonlight, Serafina's skin emitted a blinding glow of gold as her wings scattered flickering flames everywhere.

She was utterly oblivious to the screams within the slave trade building, her deadly aim unnerving with the lack of attention she was giving it. Suddenly, a movement caught her eye and her weapon evaporated into embers.

"Ooo, look. A kitty."


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Murmur Burns

The woman was ruthless as always, showing no hesitation or mercy towards her victims. Sounds of broken bones, discarded bodies and a crying little girl filled the corridor. For some reason this seemed like a typical event, if things had went any other way it may bring feelings of suspicion. There was not much planning at all, just chaos, reacting to the environment around them smoothly and without verbal communication. The pressure might be described as suffocating by most people, but Murmur was enjoying this. Every action was stored away in his brain for further examination. Every aggression and spoken word could reveal something about the person behind them, making sure he didn't get in the way of that was important. Letting himself fall into the background was working quite well, but he couldn't keep it up forever.

New power flowed through him, all thanks to Ravenna's spell. Perhaps he would be able to summon a fourth card because of it, if it so came to that. "You really ruined my plans," She was bitter, like usual, and too closed off like always. How could he not tarnish her plans if she didn't speak them properly first? It wasn't much of a downfall though, the woman did more than make up for it. Besides, it was a bit more exciting this way, was it not? What didn't kill them made them stronger, and he held no doubt that they would make it out of here very alive. The members of Jyel on the other hand may not be so fortunate.

She wouldn't make the same mistake though, she told them what she wanted them to do with conviction. It was simple, and shouldn't be much of a challenge, hundreds of plain men and a handful of mediocre mages couldn't win against professionals of their level. Murmur wasn't arrogant, it was a plain fact, no one could argue against it. He watched as Ravenna let Serafina take over, something he hadn't seen in ages, and the idea of fulfilling their mistress' wishes became rocky. The winged warrior was interesting, to say the least. She was strong, but her childish personality left weaknesses in her judgement.

Nevertheless, when she greeted them he smiled, finding amusement in the way she treated Kiev. Murmur could only imagine how mortified Ravenna felt about such a thing, the two women were practically polar opposites. "What the hell is that light?" It looked like their carefree hellos were to be cut short. "Holy crap..." The blue haired man looked over down the hall, where men were starting to appear and stand, frozen to the floor at the sight before them.

The scene around them swiftly transformed into a battlefield. The men of Jyel charged forward and Serafina responded with attacks of high heat and fire. Murmur wouldn't let himself be left out of the action though. The two of cups was one of the weakest of its suit, but it wasn't pitifully so. Water could be used like razors blades, and as the winged girl burned her opponents Murmur used the magic granted to him to cut the throats of the enemies. It moved by fast, the fact that Serafina didn't care about anyone besides Kiev contributed to that, as well as making it a bit more difficult seeing as the remaining Crimson Blades members had to be careful not to turn into a crisp themselves.

It wasn't long before there was an opening for their escape, and it was snatched up in an instant. Murmur picked up the young girl they were to retrieve, who was silent in shock because of the violence around her. Tears trailed down her cheeks, but she made not one noise as the destruction surrounded them. He couldn't really blame her, and it really was much easier to see her out of her safely without her putting up a fight. Just as they were disappearing up the stairs, doors were heading down the hallway at an impressive speed. Murmur didn't let his eyes linger, but he was sure he heard something along the lines of 'Here comes the express!'. The man smirked, well that would prevent the members of Jyel from following them. However it was unlucky for whoever was behind that, the fire was rising, and the air was thick with smoke.

They stood outside now, the building in front of them starting to go up in flames. There were bodies around them, enemies that had tried to escape but were quickly taken care of instead. Rosie was still being held by Murmur, her eyes wide and perhaps traumatized. Ashes stuck to her hair and clothes, but she was uninjured, and that's all her father had asked of them. It looked like the fighting was over for them, they could finish the mission and head back to the guild, it had almost been too easy.

And too easy it was.

Slow clapping infiltrated his senses, and Murmur turned to see a blonde haired woman. She was dressed in little clothing, following a color pallet of red, gold and white. The tattoo on her arm gave away what guild she was from; Seven Virtues, an ironic name for a dark guild. They only had seven mages, all of S-level or above, and were known for their ruthless work, never displaying a code of conduct or morals. They were also famous for only having one magic skill each, but they were specialists in their field, and weren't to be underestimated.

"Thank you for taking care of Jyel for me, kids." She smiled sweetly, but didn't approach them, instead she stood her ground. "I'm Chasity." She sent them a wink and slowly started to take steps forward, her hips moving side to side in a manner that may be described as seductive. "And I'm going to need that little girl you have there, please." Her expression seemed to turn deadly and she summoned armor to her body, and long metal claws appeared on her hands. It was nothing short of requip magic.

Murmur put Rosie down and pushed her behind them gently. "Stay back, don't get in the way." He told her, and the girl sunk to the ground and pushed her face to her knees. She was going to need a lot of therapy after this. Chasity giggled, her body language starting to show the excitement she held within. "So it's four against one?" She moaned and smirked. "Okay, I could use a work out." After blowing a quick kiss, the woman launched herself forward, claws extended and ready to kill.

Reacting just as quickly, Murmur summoned another card to his hand. Basic water attacks wouldn't be worth much in a fight against this particular mage, but luck was on his side, as he had drawn The Chariot. In a quick, bright light a large sword was to be held in his grip. The Sword of Krishna would give him great physical power, but would lead to upsetting the balance of his emotions. The metal of their weapons collided, and Chasity jumped back, wearing a large grin on her face. "Not bad." She laughed, unknown to the members of Crimson Blades her weapon was poisonous. All she had to do was scratch them once, and soon their bodies would turn against them. Besides, such straight forward attacks weren't her preference, she was much more suited for battle than that.

So she feigned forward, but as she moved she disappeared, vanished into thin air in a blink of an eye. Her armor did more than just protect against attacks. Murmur's eyes searched around them, posture showing that he was ready for whatever the Seven Virtues member could throw at them. But she was behind them now, and her eyes were locked onto the girl with wings. She giggled and leaped forward, suddenly visible again, and thrusting her claws towards the girl.

Sidney Allen

"I would like that." A small smile graced his features, it was nice to have company, and he quite enjoyed being around Yuliana. She was never all that pushy with him, nor did she fire question after question at him. Time spend around her was peaceful and pleasantly colorful. He watched as she worked with the food on a plate, moving pieces of food across it to form a lively, abstract picture. It was interesting how she could turn anything into art, he wished he could do the same, but he was restricted to smeared colors and textiles.

The boy ate slowly, quite the opposite of how other members of the guild scarfed down the morsels in front of them. Sidney would count the items of noodles and vegetables on his spoon before eating them. The action was compulsive and he didn't think much of it, it was just simply something he did automatically. Counting was soothing, sometimes if he didn't take the time to do so he would begin to feel a bit bothered, unsettled. His parents had tried to break him of the habit, along with attempting to put an end to his various hobbies, but they always persisted. They could take away a lot from him, but they couldn't stop him from numbering things off in his head. From the bricks in a wall to the lines of his flesh, they would have to blind him completely to stop the behavior.

A plate being entrusted to him brought him back to reality, and he looked down at it curiously. The food on it was arraigned into a aesthetically pleasing pattern, the colors and shapes complimented each other in such a way that would almost be shameful to destroy through consumption. "I think you would like these, Sidney. I made them myself." But Yuliana had given them to him, something she had put time and effort into making. It would be bad manners to refuse. And on the other hand, maybe it would be good to eat something so beautiful. Maybe it would spread throughout him, change and evolve him into something different, like a caterpillar maturing into a butterfly.

Sidney sent her a gentle smile and nodded. "Thank you." It would be more than he usually ate, but this was a feast after all. It would be okay to eat so more, and so after some brief counting the contents of the plate started to vanish one by one. The food was good, in a way that was nostalgic to him and a sad feeling settled in his chest. He tried to push it away, but such things were persistent and stuck to him. He couldn't let it take over him so easily though, not in the middle of such a good occasion, and he continued to eat at his slow pace.

The rate at which he dined was delayed even more as he listed to the guild master speak. He told them about the cost of the feast and how they were not only broke, but in debt. That was something foreign to him all together, he was used to money being always present, and the thought of the guild being in trouble due to insignificant funds bothered him. There were many people and teams in the guild though, the money they had spent should be earned back rather quickly, right? Perhaps Amaya had wanted to talk to him about that, he'd have to find him and Browen after he finished eating, even if he really wasn't much help when it came to picking out missions or fulfilling them. All he was really good at was snatching things up and distracting enemies, he really had no offensive qualities at all, and his state of mind wasn't exactly suited for more domestic tasks either.

"Missions.." Sidney sighed and looked at the remaining portions had had. There was a little bit a soup left, but the roll was gone, and most of what was on the plate had been eaten as well. He couldn't eat anymore than he hand, that was more than enough for the skinny male. "Has your team picked anything out yet?" He asked, speaking what was perhaps the most normal sentence he had said all night. Maybe Yuliana already had a job lined up, and perhaps she could suggest something for his own team to take.


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Outside Jyel


The fierce voice of Ravenna slammed against Serafina's mind, Whaattt? Serafina asked with a roll of her eyes. The Take Over Spirit was powerful, that was certain but what she was not, was observant. She did not feel the powerful magic rippling towards her nor hear the sounds of talking behind, not until it was too late. Ravenna shoved the Spirit within her body out of the way, causing Serafina to glow red hot, but the Spirit held on.

Until 3 claws embedded themselves into her side.

Serafina's eyes widened, just as they began to turn amethyst, ocean blue and finally the clear river aqua of Ravenna's eyes. Raven black flowed through her red hair until she was Ravenna again. You idiot, Ravenna thought dimly. Brutally ripping herself from the claws, Ravenna whirled around, watching her attacker wearily. She took the short time to study every inch of the woman's armour, her stance from the way she bent their shoulders and the manic look in her eyes. She felt like rocking hum of the poisonous claws - she would be fine - at least, fine for long enough to destroy this idiot. It was an unusual poison but Ravenna would get over it - at most it would make her sleepy. The claws were another thing for her Blood Healing did not allow for such immediate repairs of deep and possibly fatal wounds.

"You are tiresome," she told the Seven Virtues mage. Shoving her consciousness briefly into the blonde's yellow flame, Ravenna found her name was Chastity. How ironic, Ravenna thought, 'Chastity' wore very little. Then again, so did she.

'Keep her busy,' she told Murmur as she slashed a line across her wrist. The pin made a deep cut along her flesh and fresh, crimson blood began to pour from her wound to land on the debris. The Demons would not take unintended blood as a sacrifice, much less blood made from the claws of Ravenna's enemies.

"Hell, open. Death is calling." Her blood glowed faintly and as if sucked into thin air, it began to evaporate into glowing particles of crimson light.

'Wee yea ra ene foul enrer,' a voice only Ravenna could hear whispered. What is your wish, my loveliest?

"Wee yea ra ene hymme syec mea. Was yea ra hymme mea ks maya gyen," the master replied. The Sword of Saber and the Sword of Malius. Armour laced with power.

'You ask for much. That is not enough,' the voice echoed, a wind nudging the wound on her wrist. Taking the pin, she slashed a dozen more wounds on her arm, unflinching as the sting brought upon a mess of blood. Just to be sure, she slashed a dozen more. 'Granted.'

There was an unnatural silence in which all was still and a ringing so sharp, it was agonising. Ravenna wore a little less than what appeared to be 'armour'but clothes from Hell were powerful, whatever form they came with. Twin swords appeared in her hands, their sharp points glinting deviously in the moonlight.

Just then, two doors came charging at the group, followed by a large, grotesque beast. Ravenna hissed, jumping out of the way. She was not armed for combat against dinosaurs. 'Take it,' she told her Crimson Blades.

Turning to face Chastity of Seven Virtues, she wielded the twin swords deftly, her black gloves were made to be fitted to the weapons and her limbs were familiar with such weapons. She slashed at the blonde mage, criss-crossing her slashes with blinding speed, pushing forward. Flipping her two swords, she slammed the butts of her handles against the mage's temple. Her side stung with the wound, her movements aggravating them wider so her entire left side was soaked through with blood.

Slipping the swords around and around in her fingers, she swivelled her blades to create two deadly fans that she used against Chastity. Her mind barely registered her quickly depleting supply of blood, the wounds on her side and her arm dripping endlessly as she pummelled the member of Seven Virtues, her sword taking small chunks out of the woman's claws.


The poison - it's effects although not as effective on Crimson Blade's master, still apparent - combined with the severe blood loss made Ravenna woozy but she held her ground. Her movements were not as lightning sharp, however, and those who knew her could see she was faltering, if ever so slightly. Grinding her teeth, Ravenna forced the dizziness away and dashed toward Chastity, with her two swords, crossed, she pulled them viciously apart, to slice open her opponent's throat.

Freya ~ Amaranth Basement

"Your fault! This is your fault!"

Freya yelped in horror as a small creature of a girl, about fifteen centimeters tall, tugged on a lock of her blonde hair. Waving her hands frantically, she tried to slap the winged being from her persistent pulling on her soft golden locks. Her legs were tangled in the complicated frills and layers of her skirts.

"Help!" she squealed a little louder as she scrambled away from the small thing, thumping her hip on a piece of abandoned furniture.

To make things worse - as if she were not already in the worst horror film of all time - she noticed the corpse had moved. Moved. Pressing her palm over her mouth, Freya bit back a scream as her frightened blue eyes met those of deep blue. The zombie was staring right at her. A small smile painted the blonde thing's lips. His eyes drifted over Freya's bodily lazily to meet her eyes. She had a feeling he wasn't truly looking at her, however.

She wished she would disappear.

"Wow, Liricia... That looks tasty... Mind if I have a bite?"

Shocked, Freya could only stare at the zombie creature and allow the miniature girl to pull at her hair. Tasty? Freya was tasty? Sniffing the air gingerly, she realised she smelled strongly of apples, cinnamon and sugar, with a hint of dark chocolate. Well, she did smell tasty.

But still, she was sitting with the dead come alive and a midget girl or a giant fairy.

"P-please don't kill me," Freya mumbled, burying her face in her knees as she clutched her legs to her chest. The powerful mage tried to make herself as small as possible. What good were her powers against the dead? She was most certainly going to die.


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Murmur Burns
(Outside Jyel)

The world around them seemed to move in slow motion in the midst of the fighting. The air started to grow thick, epinephrine was triggered, and hearts would beat faster. A human response was to dull out the nervous system, ignoring pain, and sacrifice logic and perception of time to enhance the senses, strength, and speed. This woman was like an animal, a beast the liked to take out her prey one by one. She was too fast, and without any real knowledge on her it would be even more difficult to predict her actions. There was no time for Murmur to react to her attack on Serafina, and the warrior soon melted away to reveal a very, very unhappy Ravenna.

His eyes latched onto her new wounds, no matter how strong of a person the woman was she was still, unfortunately, human. She could continue to fight, enough to put an end to the woman known as Chasity, but the aftermath could be less than ideal if she bled out too much. 'Keep her busy.' Murmur didn't respond back, as there was no need to use words. Instead, he attacked the blonde mage as ordered, and they soon were thrown into a battle of their weapons clashing against each other, both persisting in their actions to try and harm their enemy before the other.

Underneath the sounds of conflict was the words of Ravenna's chants. The woman in front of him would be no match for her after she was finished with the spell, but she was never going to win against the four of them to begin with. Murmur couldn't tell if she was just reckless, arrogant and bloodthirsty, or if she had another motive. She had to be an experienced warrior, and even he wouldn't rush into fighting so many high ranked mages in such a way. Their weapons clashed again, her expression was one of lunacy, crazed and wild. He narrowed his eyes. What was her game? Was she really just an insane, foolish woman? It didn't seem to fit within the reputation of Seven Virtues, something didn't add up.

Her claws lurched forward and Murmur had managed to dodge them, the sharp metal barely missing his face and cutting off strands of his hair instead. There was a small opening, it wouldn't last long, but the man took the opportunity to slide his blade against where her flesh was exposed - her thighs. Chasity jumped back, a grin still in place as she glanced down at her first wound, a deep and large gash. Murmur wiped sweat off of his brow, his head pounding as he struggled to maintain a calm demeanor. A scowl crossed his face, this was taking too long.

'Take it,' His attention snapped over to Ravenna, who was finished with her work. If her bleeding wrists weren't enough proof of that, the large monster behind them would be. Two downsides, Ravenna would lose blood at an even quicker rate, and she would have to fight without back-up as they took care of the hellish beast. He glanced over to Rosie, who was still shaking with her head facing the ground. Amongst all the chaos it would be hard to make sure she was safe, and in their possession. While his teammates fought off the reptilian creature, Murmur removed his concealment spell from the area, no longer hiding the area from the city that surrounded it. At least no one else was around, the abandoned buildings around them were silent.

"I'll finish it off." He interrupted the fighting of the lower rank mages. "You two go take Rosie, we'll find you when this is over." With his command being spoken the two gathered the kid and were gone, leaving only the two of them to take care of this mess. Listening to the noise between Ravenna and Chasity, Murmur sent a barrage of attacks at the beast. It wasn't anything he couldn't handle, and the monster already had a number of injuries cross-crossing around it's body. Of course, by the time the red eyed man was able to finished it off, so did he.

He ran his finger across a scratch on his face, looking down at the blood momentarily before turning around to view the fight between the two female mages. He clutched his sword even tighter, anger and frustration pumped through his veins, he was more than ready to intervene.

It seemed he wouldn't need to though, watching as Ravenna slashed open the blonde's throat a light feeling of clarity washed over him. The woman's eyes bulged and she stumbled backwards. Her weapons disappeared and her hands clasped onto the wound, blood quickly pouring over her fingers and falling onto the ground below. She gasped, a gargling sound escaping from her throat every time she attempted to speak. Chasity's skin turned pale and she looked over to her killer, fear in her eyes.

Fear that disappeared in a matter of seconds, a rabid expression replacing it with a demented smile. Her hands pulled away from her neck and she stood up straight, a loud laugh pierced through the night. Once the woman calmed down she looked back over to the Crimson Blades members, the wound on her neck already healing. "Just kidding~!" The muscles, veins and flesh all started to pull together, until only a feint scratch remained. A shiver ran through Murmur's body, no matter what the case seeing such a sight was surreal, eerie, and it meant that the woman was an even stronger enemy than they first had assumed. It was only now that he realized the gash he had given her had only been reduced to a scratch as well.

"It'll take a lot more to kill me." Her words were caked with giggles. They were gleeful, as if the brutal injury had pleased her. She brought her blood covered hand up towards her face, and from her wrist to her fingertip she ran her tongue over the crimson dipped flesh. Chasity laughed against it, this time with blood dripping from her lips and face. The woman stepped forward, her posture ready to take up a new weapon, but instead she froze, and frowned soon after.

The mage sighed and pouted before standing properly once again, officially out of her battle stance. "Looks like I'll have to cut this short." She twirled a piece of her hair, looking disheartened. "Until next time. Bye-bye." Chasity sent the two of them a final wink before disappearing, and even after a few silent moments she didn't return.

With her presence gone Murmur let the Sword of Krishna leave him before he approached Ravenna, quickly looking her injuries up and down. It wasn't a pretty sight, along with the wounds that Chasity gave her there were many that she had given herself to summon the weapons and armor. The worst part about it was that it was mostly in vain, thanks for their enemy getting away. However, now they knew a little bit more about the woman, and perhaps more about Seven Virtues as well. Well that, along with staying alive and holding onto Rosie.

If only he was able to summon the arcana of temperance, but there was a slim chance that he would obtain it to be able to heal her, and he wouldn't waste a draw on something that could be taken care of without it. Furthermore, he didn't want to upset her, but saying something that wouldn't irritate her must be nearly impossible given the circumstances. "Lets find the others and get you cleaned up." He suggested, his voice sounding more concerned than anything.


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Outside Jyel

Ravenna growled, at least, she did in her head. Although her face remained passive and as unmoving as usual, she was killing herself in her head. She hated losing and having her enemy disappear was as good as failing. Pathetic, she was absolutely pathetic. Ravenna raked her nails viciously over her scars and dug them into her fresh wounds, tearing them apart even more. Useless, absolutely useless.

"You're a waste of space."

Ravenna wasn't quite sure if the thoughts were memories, memories of the degrading and humiliating things she did to her in Jyel or her own harsh words for herself. Whoever those words belonged to, they were true. What use was she id she could not even defeat Chastity, of all people?

"Your parents sold you because you're too hopeless to love."

Perfect. She had to be perfect. Wrenching her sharp nails from her still bleeding cuts on her wrist, she whipped her head around to find Murmur looking at her with - pity? Concern? Disobedience? Yes, disobedience she could handle.

"Lets find the others and get you cleaned up," he said - gently? Did he think she would be so easily ensnared by artificial traps of kindness? She'd had enough of those to last a life time.

"I do not need your help," she said curtly, pulling her river-clear eyes from his of crimson. Taking a step away from him, she found that the world was tilting. Ravenna paused, wishing she could grip the world in place and hold it still. She would not allow herself to look so pathetic in front of Murmur, of all people - not if she died trying to keep her honour. At least, what was left of it after she failed to destroy the member of Seven Virtues. She would kill Chastity, slowly, terribly. The girl could heal? Fine, she would decapitate her, tear her apart from limb to limb and let us see how would heal from that.

Flinching slightly at the gashes on her side, Ravenna walked briskly and surprisingly, rather steadily. It was a marvel the things willpower could do. She did not turn around to search for Murmur but instead sat close to his blue and red flame that only she could see. He would never know it - but at that moment, his fire seemed to warm the absolute cold of her own harsh judgements and that of her memories.

He gave her strength.

Ravenna ~ Crimson Blade

It was late and few wandered about the public hallways and common rooms of the guild. Those who did, though, looked at their guild master curiously. The fresh wounds that littered her body were unusual for normally, the only signs of her battling were the fresh cuts on her wrists. Ravenna looked at none of them and it wasn't hard for her mind was working at a slower crawl and she found it difficult to keep her eyes open.

One foot in front of the other. 4902, 4903, 4904, 4905...

Finally, she reached the heavy mahogany wood of her room with its engraved named of 'Ravenna.' She unlocked the door, unsure where she found the keys but too tired to care. Turning to Murmur, she said softly, "You are dismissed."

Ravenna, too furious with herself, did not even place pressure on her bleeding wounds. Let her bleed, let her die. She deserved it, anyway. What good was she if she was no good at all? The cuts on her wrists had stopped bleeding - mostly - but the gashes were still trickling gently. It was a wonder how she was not dead by now for truly, she must be more than half empty of her blood.

Opening her door, she kicked it gently behind her, not bothering to see if it closed fully. Suddenly, she felt ashamed of her skimpy attire and her half-revealed back. Surely she'd pranced around revealing half of the horrible scars she'd received in Jyel and then it hit her.

She'd failed to destroy Jyel.

Melting to the floor by her bed, Ravenna pressed her head against the mattress, gripping the dark sheets. No, she didn't even have the strength to grip anything. She'd failed to destroy Jyel and then, she wondered if she ever would. No, she could never destroy the men - they were invincible. They were too big and she was too small and there was nothing she could do to stop them from doing whatever they wanted with her, to hold all the pain.

Pulling her knees to her chest, Ravenna raked her nails over her skin, desperate to rid herself of the invisible taint she felt every second of the day. Ravenna needed to rid herself of those memories, of their heavy bodies shoving into hers. Still, she could not.

Perhaps she never would.


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Murmur Burns

(Crimson Blade)

He had sent Kiev and Melinoe to return the girl and obtain their reward, it was a task they could easily handle on their own and there was no point for the for all of them to take part. Their mission ended on a sour note, Ravenna certainly looked to be shaken by Chasity getting away, not to mention their inability to take down Jyel. It had been a success, in terms of completing the job, but it was clear to him that their mistress had other things on her mind.

In his opinion she shouldn't be beating herself up, the guild was too large to destroy with their low numbers, even those much stronger than Ravenna wouldn't be able to do so in such a small group. The Seven Virtues mage on the other had, she had caught them off guard, but once her secret was exposed it couldn't be hidden again. Murmur was sure that next time the two women met, the blonde wouldn't be laughing anymore.

After being dismissed the S-Class mage had walked over to the supply closet, taking his time in collecting bandages and other items. He wouldn't rush, she needed some space, and if he didn't give her at least a few moments alone she may only lash out. Murmur paused while reading over the information on the label of a bottle of rubbing alcohol. The man didn't care about Ravenna, not that he held such attachments towards anyone. When he lived with his parents, adoptive parents, there had been something. He could no longer place what he felt for them, but it must of been something similar to love, judging by how he acted back then. But as the years went by such things dulled out and left him, leaving him only with his ambitions, his paranoia, the desire.

Murmur hadn't been truly concerned for another human being in a long time, and even if he was he was sure he wouldn't realize it. There had been too many times where he had faked it, he had put on too many acts to be able to tell if he would feel like a normal human being again. Instead he felt negative emotions through his failures, when something didn't go as planned, or when he wasn't in control, the times he was left in the dark. Wrath and frustration came from stubborn people, lies, betrayal, and from the rare moments when he felt utterly powerless. The good came from when everything was going as he wanted it to go, the times where he was powerful, when he knew everything there was to know, and from forcing others into helplessness.

When he stood outside Ravenna's door and pushed inside, he decided that he no longer cared about being human. What good were those emotions and attachments anyways? Above all, they made a person weak. He saw her sitting on the floor, knees to her chest and face hidden. They were all so fragile, even the ones that could bring death to so many and lay waste to the world. Murmur closed the door behind him and eventually knelled beside her, setting down a container of water beside him, bandages and disinfectant soon being placed near it. She was lucky, she could heal herself enough to make sure that she wouldn't need any stitching done.

"I'm not asking for you to trust me, but I won't let you wallow and die." She may not be under his control, but that didn't make her any less useful to him. He could not lead a guild, it would take up too much time, and he doubted K'Brak would be able to take her position so soon. Ravenna was truly the best person for the job, there were several negative points to her and her leadership, but it was outnumbered by the benefits. He dipped a washcloth in the water, which was warm enough, and without waiting for permission he started to clean up the area around the gashes in her side. It was followed by cleaning the wound itself with water, then disinfectant, then water again until it left the liquid inside the container a watered down red.

He didn't speak while he worked, nor was he under the impression that she couldn't do all of this herself. Rather, he was assuming that she wouldn't even if he had left her alone with all the necessary materials. He wasn't here to cheer her up, or heighten her spirits. Murmur wasn't about to tell her that she couldn't destroy everyone on her own, no matter how powerful she became, and he wasn't going to reminder her that it was events like these that helped her become stronger the most. It would be a waste, pointless, there was no reason to give such words to a person like Ravenna, who was so weary from the past yet still merciless in everything she did. The woman wasn't pathetic or weak, so he wouldn't speak lines meant for those that were.

The man was only here to make sure she would keep on living, and continue on as she had been as the head of the Crimson Blades; Death. He reached over to the bandages, ready to finish the job on the worst of her wounds. There was something else though, the action itself was rather tender, gentle, compassionate. It wasn't that he wasn't accustomed to this, it was often a tactic to get people to trust him so he could ensnare them in his hold one day. Perhaps it was the person, she with the torn up flesh under his finger tips. He could only describe it as the atmosphere being off, odd, irregular for him. His work was not interrupted though, and he didn't hesitate or pause.

Well, maybe if he was more human and if the events that plagued their lives had played out a bit differently, he'd feel something for her. If he did his actions would hold more meaning, even deep emotion, perhaps he'd even find himself regarding Ravenna as a person he didn't just respect, but loved. In a different world maybe, but not here in their reality, and what a world that might be.


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Crimson Blade

The blazing red heart of a deep blue flame floated closer but Ravenna was too worn from the night's events to lift her head and ask that Murmur leave. Her body felt dangerously numb but she couldn't bring herself to care. As she had many times before, she found herself cursing her late master - Naciel Harlen. Why in hell did he have to die and leave his guild in her hands? Still, she owed him as much.

"I'm not asking for you to trust me, but I won't let you wallow and die."

"I will do as I please and die when I feel like it," she huffed, dropping her legs from her chest to settle them on the floor. Ravenna turned her heavy head towards Murmur and the bundle of medical equipment surrounding him. A tiny spark of irritation fluttered in her chest; she needed no help from anyone. Reaching for the ember of irritation, she clutched it around her like an iron shield. Irritation, rage, frustration, that she could cope with. Never ending sadness she could not. So the dark mage clutched the small spark and snapped, "You were dismissed."

He did not listen but instead pressed a wet cloth to her wounds - Ravenna flinched slightly at the contact. He tended to her injuries with a gentleness she very much despised and yet, there was a sick feeling in her chest that felt strangely warm and comforting, yet agonising in its greatness. Ravenna turned her head from Murmur, aware of how close he was. She was injured, spent of her magical power and alone with a man. Pressing her forehead to the edge of her soft mattress, Ravenna did her best to hide the pathetic slither of fear in her eyes. Death clutched her hands tightly together to still their barely noticeable shake; she did not like the closeness of their bodies, much less the artificial tenderness he showed.

Murmur's warmth nudged against her shivering skin and his weight crushed her small frame. A small whimper escaped her lips as a large hand clamped down on her wrists and sticky lips marked her skin. There was a sharp ringing of pain, persistent as it filled her with its agony. She pressed her eyelids tightly shut, hoping to make it all disappear. Her young body could not take the torment and she feared she would shatter and she wished she would. She wanted to disappear and fade into oblivion but life was not kind; blissful death was a mercy she would never be given. The man crushed her bones beneath him, crushed her spirit, crushed it all.

Ravenna’s eyes pale snapped into focus and she found herself panting in cold sweat – was the poison causing her to hallucinate? Lifting her now freshly scarred wrist, she ran her fingers through her long hair as she watched Murmur with eyes she hoped were not wide with fear. Did he notice? She only prayed she did not whimper and humiliate herself before him. She was guild master and such displays of weakness would only dampen her fragile hold on them and give the S-class mage power over her.

Shoving her brief moment of self-pity from her mind, she spoke with purposeful monotony, “You will not speak of this.” Pausing, she continued in a quiet tone of voice, "You may leave." A part of her did not wish for him to go, for his flame was as good as the sun in such absolute darkness. Not that that was not familiar, of course. Brushing her thoughts away, she chastised herself for being so easily moved by such small displays of kindness. Right, kindness. Murmur was nearly as heartless as her. The blue haired man was selfish, cold and conniving. She knew better than to see him for anything less than what he was - a very skilled liar.

The woman who barely looked 25 stood and strolled over to her cello - whom she'd named 'Sora' - that sat by a frame of large windows. The dark wood of the instrument leaned against a plain stand, waiting to be touched. Ravenna lifted the bow from a small table and sat on a stool that rested by the glass, settling the instrument between her legs. Leaning her cello against herself, Ravenna gripped the slim bow – and began to play.

The notes sang through the air as her fingers trembled against the taut strings to create an eerie vibrato within the melancholy sounds. With her head bowed over the instrument, she played a a familiar melody of sweet sadness.

Her wounds rippled beneath the movements of her arms but she felt none of it. Ravenna was far gone, in a place where she could breathe underwater, rather than drown. With Sora, it was as if she no longer became Death and the aura of power and cruelty that plagued the air in which she lived faded, however temporarily. Watching her create such music, it was possible for one to believe she were a mere girl with a sad past and nothing more.

Dark eyelashes brushed against her cheeks as she filled the guild with her haunting melodies. Unusually, she did not care if anyone heard - Ravenna was tired. Her long hair cascaded over the used wood of her cello, curling over the bends and hollows of the now living thing. If she was not consumed in responsibility, Ravenna would play her cello for an eternity without pause. Her memories washed against her mind like tides brushing against a shore, but they did not hurt as much as they did before.

Ravenna breathed with along with the instrument, holding her breath in the long drawn notes, exhaling as she pushed the bow fluidly over the strings. It was Naciel Harlen who taught her to play so beautifully, the brute man was only ever gentle with his violin. He wished for the company of another and felt the cello suited Ravenna. It was a great gift, considering how little gentleness the late master ever gave. He was the sort to crush his pupil's fingers to teach them a lesson on how to inflict pain on others, not one to sit patiently by a young girl and teach her how to caress a cello. Yet he did and that was all it took to make Ravenna do his bidding. He was the first and only to treat Ravenna with such genuine kindness.

The poison pulsed in her veins, her blood doing its best to push the taint from her system. It was not fatal and Ravenna would be fine in the morning but right then, she was merely alive. Her fingers stilled on the cello and her bow slipped from her fingers to clatter on the ground. Ravenna's eyelids fluttered and in the silence of her chambers, she finally let herself go - letting the darkness consume her as she fell forwards.

Freya ~ Amaranth basement

"You smell nice. Sweet. Like food."

Zombies ate? Freya watched the fairy - who'd left her hair for the blonde corpse-demon-zombie-creep's. Standing clumsily, bright stars balanced on the tips of her fingers. Freya walked backwards, facing the blonde creature. "You want food?" she asked, her voice more high pitched than usual with her fear. "Follow me."

She walked backwards, unlocking the basement door as she walked up the stairs, nearly tripping for her eyes were too deeply buried in the undead creature to observe where she was walking. Reaching her hand behind her back, she opened the final door that would lead her to the safety of her guild. She considered locking the creepy man down here but her conscience got the better of her and she thought surely even the dead would fear a lonely basement such as this.

"Come, boy. There's a good boy. Gooood boy," she cooed, slipping into the blissful lights of the guild. When the undead corpse crossed the border and stood within the ground level of the guild - Freya shouted none too quietly.

"IT'S A DEMON!!! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" she ran at the nearest person - Amaya, Browen, Izzy and the new girl in this case and tackled Izzy to the floor. "I-i-it corpse alive fairy MINIATURE PEOPLE!" Grabbing Browen's shirt, she pulled the taller boy down to her eye level, widening her impossibly large blue eyes. "Do you know what this means, Browy-boo...? Vampires," she choked. "Vampires are real."

Waving frantically at the dust-covered man who was just dead before and now appeared to be the walking dead, Freya gushed. "He tried to eat me. Eeeeaaattt meee." Pausing, she shoved her finger between Browen's lips and teeth. "I'M A CUPCAKE!"


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Murmur Burns
(Crimson Blade)

Once the bandaging had been finished Murmur quickly looked over his work, deciding it to be satisfactory. Now the woman wouldn't bleed out everywhere, nor would she be a target of infection. The sooner she could recover from the blood loss the better. There were a few cuts across his own body, a few on his face and neck, a couple where his clothes had ripped, but none of them were major. The man could even leave them alone, as they were no longer bleeding. He was cautious though, and the last thing he needed was to fall for an illness of any sort; he'd clean them up later.

You will not speak of this.” Her tone didn't sound very stern, perhaps he could push it just a bit more. "I won't." Ravenna knew about his true personality, a twisted, conspiring snake. He was not a man that would back down easily, no matter how hard the challenge, in his mind there was always a chance for her to let her guard down, perhaps even let thoughts of trust fester. But speak of this is something he would not do, those were the actions of schoolchildren, not chess players. "You may leave." On the other hand, there were things to be taken care of, he couldn't simply sit here with her. However, he could drag on his stay, and who said he couldn't return? He began wrapping the bandages back together neatly, carrying out the task at a slow pace, as he listened to the first whispers of her song.

There was a wall she built up, rightfully so. He vaguely knew of the deep sadness she felt without any expression, the tragedies she had faced and the hopes she had held. Everyone had weaknesses, and the members of Crimson Blade were no exceptions, nor was he. Each of them seemed to hold parasitic baggage, be it from their past or in the present, in their personalities or in their minds. It shaped them, ate away at them, a metamorphosis that made them who there were today; narcissistic, avaricious criminals and killers. The black that consumed them didn't only destroy the innocent children they once were, but the world around them. It was like poison, spreading wherever they went, annihilating all life around them.

Murmur collected the materials on the floor, and without a word he exited the room, the song following him even when he entered the nearest washroom. There was no need to rush, the man took his time with cleaning out his own injuries, carefully washing away the dirt and blood that tainted his skin. The notes that filled the building arose thoughts of how the cycle of pain and misery only created more suffering. The sorrow remained in their memories, weighing down their hearts and souls, until it took over and created malevolent monsters. Monsters that sunk their teeth and claws into everything that stood in their path, transforming their prey into baleful creatures much like themselves.

It was beautiful.

As he walked back down the corridor, he found himself relieved that he wasn't burdened by such stressful emotions. His past no longer sat on his shoulders like heavy bricks, he was a sad child waiting for parents that abandoned him no more, and he would never return. The music had stopped when he paused outside of Ravenna's door, a thud soon following the end of the medley. The man peered into the room, finding the woman sprawled out on the floor, passed out from what was most likely a combination of poison and blood loss. He tugged at the end of his hair, thinking over the situation in front of him. Ravenna held an ill temper no matter what action he took, so he might as way walk the past that would see her well quickest.

With delicate motions he pulled back the blankets over her bed, and soon was lifting her up in his arms, being vigilant to prevent her from stirring back into consciousness. Her clothes looked to be ruined from the fire, soot, blood and dirt. Albeit he made no move to change them for her. It would be out of bounds for him to do so, and she would survive a night encased in grungy material. Those things, unlike others, can be made clean once again, and there were no repercussions from tossing them out entirely. He laid her on the bed, covered her body in the layers of cloth that spread over the mattress. Even the scariest demons were helpless from time to time. There wasn't a reason for him to overstay his welcome without her awake, which led Murmur to shut the door one final time. He left the woman to sleep off the strain of battle, emotional tolls, and he went on his way, to a place he called his own.


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Kiev Draginua
(Crimson Blades)

Wind blew carelessly through his hair as he sat atop a building high enough to overlook an entire town. With one knee drawn up towards his chest, he rested his elbow on his knee and placed his chin in his hand. He often did this when he needed fresh air, and when he needed to think. Ravenna was in one of her moods again, but then again she always seemed to be in a mood of some sort. Chuckling softly, Kiev recalled his last conversation with Murmur about Ravenna. Kiev lived on his own, despite Ravenna and her threatening ways. He used to live in the Crimson Blades dormitories, but after saving jewels from various missions, he had built up a nice bit of wealth. He often thought about the old master of Crimson Blades. He and the old man had an understanding, and as much as Kiev hated showing his emotions, he missed the old man dearly. Sighing, he felt the wind blow strongly against his frame, his hair tossed about like a rag doll. He looked out into the distance and wondered what the future held.

Standing to his feet on the very narrow tip of the building he was on, Kiev rolled his neck to loosen his muscles. He was supposed to report to Ravenna or one of the S-Rank hours ago, but he needed time alone to think and breathe. The Crimson Blade was like his family, but he needed a break every now and then. He knew Ravenna probably had impossible missions for him, and Murmur was probably wondering where on Earth he could be. He despised the nickname Ravenna insisted on calling him. Ever since the day he informed her of his sexuality, she has since called him “half woman” or something similar, and to this day he simply ignores it. With a snap of his fingers, Kiev began to seemingly disintegrate into nothing, but truthfully he had transformed into runes and had teleported.

Reassembling in the hall of the Crimson Blade guild, Kiev made his way to find the others. He arrived just in time to hear the mission they’d be going on. He was leaning against the wall listening to it all, and after everyone had spoken their bits, Kiev had lifted himself off the wall and stepped forward. Ravenna led them to Karinui tavern. Kiev was uncharacteristically quiet and it probably showed to those who had taken the time to get to know him, but he continued to sit and twiddle his thumbs as he waited. This mission wasn’t his favorite, but he was glad he had Murmur on his team. When the mission started, Kiev was instructed to write rules which were his specialty, but before he could do so, Ravenna had transformed into Serafina. The loved struck spirit clenched onto Kiev and invaded his personal space, but he could only smirk as she protected him. It was rather cute to say the least. Quickly, Kiev did as he was told; using his mastery of writing magic to create the rules Ravenna had set in place. Things happened so quickly, Kiev dealing his own deadly blows to Jyel, but with Serafina getting in his way, it made the mission that much more difficult.

After a hasty retreat, Kiev found himself standing in front of Murmur, a look of annoyance on his face. Their defeat at destroying Jyel was one that wouldn’t necessarily cause him to lose any type of sleep, but it seemed to have upset Ravenna greatly. He said nothing as he waited for his new orders, standing casually against the wall of the Crimson Blade hall. When Murmur instructed him and Melinoe to complete a mission, Kiev only nodded and was on his way to complete the mission.

It didn’t take Kiev long to do as he was told. His experience allowed him to finish missions far quicker than those who were less experienced. It only took a couple of hours before Kiev reassembled within the great hall of the Crimson Blade guild, with Melinoe in tow. Kiev sighed as he thanked Melinoe for accompanying him on the mission. It wasn’t really a verbal “thank you” but more so a simple nod as he made his way out. As he was leaving, he passed by Ravenna’s room and stopped in his tracks at what he saw. A smirk on his face, he made sure Murmur saw him before he shook his head and departed.

Arriving at his apartment, Kiev undressed, running a tub full of water and filling it with different soothing elixirs. Dipping his body into the water, he let out a satisfied grunt before mellowing out. This was the life of a dark guild member. Constant missions and constant survival, these were his main goals. Closing his eyes, he drifted off into relaxation.


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Crimson Blade


"You bloody idiot..." were the first words that left Crimson Blade's master's lips as she awoke. The images from last night poured into her mind like an oil slick in a teacup. She considered never moving from her fetal position but was rudely shoved into full consciousness by the sound of crashing. She was not going to pay for another toaster - the little babies could do that themselves if they insisted on destroying everything the guild owned.

"The bloody idiots..."

Cursing, she shoved the blankets and swivelled her legs over the bed, wincing at the spike of pain on her left side. The wounds insisted on reminding her of her utter failure the night before and the scars they would most likely leave would be another set of ugly, humiliating network of marks on her back. Ravenna rubbed her hands over her chilly arms, utterly naked now that the Blood Magic had faded. Although some wishes she made, such as healing and the return of a lost object lasted infinitely, things like armour and weaponry did not.

Ravenna tried to not think too hard about how she'd ended up in her bed from the seat by her cello.

Tip-toeing to her closet, she opened it roughly with a bang, ripping clothes off hangers. She scrutinised the frilly red bra she held in her hand, wondering where the Hell did this come from? It looked like what a prostitute would wear if she made lingerie out of the little mermaid's red hair. With a huff, she clasped it over her chest, anyway, it wasn't as if anyone would see it any time soon. If ever. Pulling on a matching set of suspiciously innocent red panties, she grunted again. Who the Hell shops for this stuff? Ravenna shrugged on a striped black and blue top, the bagginess of it hiding the worst of her scars. Everyone in the guild knew their master was having a worse than usual day when she covered up so much, that or she was hiding non-intended injuries. Or both. Ravenna didn't know this of course. After all, as far as she was concerned, everyone in her guild was pathetically unobservant. Maybe except Murmur but what did she care what he thought?

Wiggling into black tights, Ravenna snatched a bright blue scrunchie from her dresser, keeping it between her teeth as she hopped out her bedroom door, tugging on her brown boots while simultaneously pulling her hair into a ponytail. She pushed the large, mahogany, double doors of the guild's common room open with her butt, skipping about as she pulled her boots on. Glaring pointedly at one spot, she somehow managed to glare at everyone. She had the uncanny ability of making one feel as if she were seeing into their soul without even looking anywhere near their vicinity. Ravenna had always been one to rise at around 3am due to the wretched nightmares that plagued her head, waking up any time past 4am was as good as sorcery. Waking up past eight was the end of the world.

She'd rather look disheveled and unorganised than later than she already was.

"Unnnghh," she grunted, as good of a greeting as anyone would ever get.

Crimson Blade's common room was perhaps, not unusually, very Draconian. Perfectly neat rows of heavy tables filled the large space - it was a really, really large space - flawless except for the clear signs of vandalism and battle. The numbers of bodies that had been crushed against those tables were uncountable. A stage stood in the far right of the room, facing the tables. An intimidating throne of obsidian sat imposingly on a raised dais on the stage. It was portable - with the labour of a dozen men - very practical, as far as the guild master was concerned.

A lengthy pole sat in the middle of the space, a circular hole sliced around it to allow one to slide down to the bottom floor. A wall of the common room was made entirely of glass and it overlooked the training space on the bottom floor. Ravenna liked to remind her mages to get their useless butts moving by having the sparring swords stare at them as they ate.

Even with her raven hair pulled into a high pony tail, Ravenna's black locks touched her shirt mid back. The loose fitting article of clothing slipped off her left shoulder, revealing the mark of Crimson Blade peeking over the edge of her unnaturally girlish bra. Shrugging the shirt back into place, Ravenna strolled over to the metal pole, wrapping her legs around it and sliding down. Landing quietly on her feet, Ravenna walked purposefully over to what looked suspiciously like a set of monkey bars.

Gripping the bar, she swung her body upwards, hooking her legs over a bar. Letting go of her hands, Ravenna swung upside down - pursing her lips when her shirt fell right over her head. Pulling her shirt, she tied a tight not at her waist to keep it from flipping over again. The muscles in her stomach tightened as she pulled her body up, doing upside-down sit-ups - successfully glaring at everyone in the common room with her eyes shut.

Pulling her legs from the bar, she dropped into a hand stand before flipping around and going on to Chin-ups.

'Come,' she ordered Kiev using her telepathy. A blue and red flame nudged at her peripheral mind-vision but she did her best to ignore it. She didn't want to be anywhere within Murmur's mind today.

Moving away from the monkey bars, she pulled two curved twin blades from a rack of dangerous weapons, gesturing vaguely for Kiev to 'Get your feminine ass over here before all the little screaming, pooping, babbling things grow old and die.'

Twirling the swords in her fingers, Ravenna slashed at Kiev without a warning. The knot on her off-shoulder shirt released and her long hair slipped from its pony tail, making it look as if Kiev were fighting a very fashionable teenage girl. She certainly did not fight like one, however. Sweeping her swords with deft, thoroughly practiced motions, Ravenna pushed forward, reenacting what she did the day before with Chastity, fixing the faults in her footing, wrists and body. Pressing the back of her palm against Kiev's wrist, she hooked her sword around his and smacked it to the ground with her other sword.

She pressed the her blade against the side of Kiev's neck. Yes, she would decapitate Chastity the next time they met. Nodding, she bowed ceremoniously. Though, to be honest, Kiev put up a good fight - better than Chastity in her opinion. He was undoubtedly very skilled with swords and physical combat in general. It gave his lady-parts a sprinkle of respect in her book. Perhaps she would tease him less - for five minutes.

Ravenna placed her weapons back on the rack. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, Ravenna patted the space next to her to indicate Kiev do the same. 'Come,' she called to Murmur and Melinoe. Pausing, she told Zagreus, 'Smurf.' Meaning 'come if you wish' in Ravenna-tongue.

When they were all there, she began. "There is a mission in a village by the name of Umi. Seven Virtues will be there," she said evenly. Her aqua eyes seeming to be looking at no one, yet staring deeply beneath their skins nonetheless. "It is rumoured that within the mines is a powerful crystal that allows one to control the skies. Aozora," she said simply, as if that explained it all. Although, it most likely did.

"I do not wish for Melinoe to come but if she must, you will guard her with your life," she said with quiet warning, her eyes focusing briefly on the men that sat before her. "We will depart today." Ravenna paused, looking over everyone's heads and something only she could see. "I am bored and I like shiny things."

Her lips twitching slightly into a frown, Ravenna narrowed her lids, her thick lashes falling over her eyes to cover most of her glassy gaze. "I like trees. Do you like fishing poles? What would a sword made of potatoes do? Are watermelons real? Why is the sky purple? What does it feel like to lay an egg? Have you seen a cow before?" Her eyes glazing over, Ravenna announced with wide eyes as if the single word explained all the mysteries of the world - "Foo."

Freya ~ Amaranth


"Oh holy fish sticks!" Freya said with a little too much enthusiasm as she abruptly sat up from her unconsciousness. Skipping from the bed, Freya leaped into her massive walk-in wardrobe, twirling like the ballerina she was on the way.

"I'm a princess!" she yelled at the top of her girly lungs. An endless row of clothes lined both her walls, ending with a rotating Rack of Glory. Clothes of all cheerful colours filled the massive room, all of them held together by intricate ribbons the light mage had no clue how to tie. Freya was terribly late - considering she was usually to first to awaken, spreading shrieking joy throughout all of Amaranth. She did love sunlight! It was sunny, oh yes it was. "Fun, fun, fun in the sun~ Pun-pun, I'm wiggling my bum-bum, wiggling my bum-bum."

Then, it hit her.

Sudden inspiration.

Grabbing the nearest dress - no, not really. She took another half an hour searching for the perfect dress but she usually took two hours. Pulling the sapphire blue dress over her head, she struggled to force it over her full chest as usual. The lace criss-crossed front and back, meaning, Freya would never manage to make it work alone even if she'd tried. With her wavy blonde hair flying behind her like a cape, Freya raced out of her room, her cute pair of strappy white gladiators clipping on the wooden boards. Her dress, thankfully, covered most of her parts. If not for the multitude of fluttering ribbons on her back and the bareness of it all, she might've looked properly dressed.

Last night was chaotic. Potato and his mini-potato friend had gone quite mad and Izzy was forced to hurt them. Freya was greatly maddened by that, having not understood why Izzy would've wanted to hurt her little Potato simply because he was glowing a little. Okay, a lot. Luckily, the S-Class mage was not one to hold grudges and as such, didn't dwell too long on things of that sort. Optimism was always the way to go! One should never think of things past and Freya never did. At least, when she could help it.

The ring of amethyst, rose quartz and moonstone that rested on her right ring finger felt tighter than normal but Freya shook thoughts of them away. It was always best to live in the now. One had to learn to control the negativities of their minds and keep it to a minimum if eradication is not possible. It was easier said than done, of course, and harder for some than others. But it was the way Freya wished to live. Freya Hirane. Freya Hirane, she repeated to herself. It was her mantra when she felt her thoughts wander to darker places. She had to remember who she was now and she was Freya Hirane, a mage of Amaranth.

The mark of the guild rested proudly between her shoulder blades as she slapped the double doors of the guild's common room wide open.

"TAKING OFF MY PANTIES!" she sing-songed. Yes, she would greet the world with the ultimate song -I Can Take Off My Panties!

"By myself I can," Freya began singing before the entire guild, making an odd head-knocking motion with her fists as she danced round. "Take off my panties, take off my panties, take off my panties, alright! Once I’ve taken them off I’ll be an adult, I’m sure it’s a wonderful feeling of freeeeeddoomm~"

Skipping and leaping over to Izzy, Freya stood in front of the greatest person in the entire worrrrld, waiting for Izzy to tie up the complicated network of ribbons on her back while she wiggled her butt from side to side. Shaking her head to invisible music, Freya pretended to drum roll as she pointed invisible sticks at everyone in the guild, simultaneously yelling -

"Take off my panties, take off my panties, take off my panties for me!" I think I got the lyrics wrong, Freya thought cheerfully, bobbing up and down. "I'll show you how to take off my panties! Take off my panties! TAKE OFF MY PANTIES, ALRIGHT!"