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Mysty Mirror

A picture is Worth a Thousand words

0 · 334 views · located in Fiore

a character in “The New Mage Guild: Amaranth”, as played by Merchant


Mysty Mirror: Party Gal, 20 Female
Storyteller Guildless (future:D Rank Crimson Member)

~ Physical Info ~


Belt line back (when she joins)

~ Mentality ~

Mysty likes to keep to herself and keep her head in her book.She uses the book as a way to protect herself from interacting with other people.


{Likes} {Dislikes}
food sharing
sleeping people she sees as beneath her
reading loud noises
her imaginary friends (Opt.) team work
quiet people

{Quirks} {Phobias}
She licks her lips animals with wings
flips randomly through pages

~ Ability Statistics ~

Arc of Embodiment

{Signature Spell}
The Book of Many Tales - Mysty carries a huge sentient book on her back that she created with Arc of Embodiment. She uses all the stories she has read to create characters which she summons from her book.

{Non-magic Skills}
# very intelligent
# speed reading
# eidetic memory
# creative writing
# drawing

~ Personal Background ~

Having been raised in an orphanage Mysty never knew her parents. She was moved through the system going from one house to another. She was always a quiet girl and well behaved but she just didn't go any further to be excepted. Her final home had been that of a elderly woman mage. She was lonely but brilliant. The only problem was she her memory was quite bad. It had taken Mysty two years before the woman had started to remember her. For those two years though the old woman had been looking through her old research. She was looking for some kind of powerful magic that she had come across but couldn't remember where the tome was or what it looked like. She had gained the book from another mage now long dead, but apparently there was a magic link spell that befuddled ones mind the first time the book was opened. Mysty had read many books in the mages library. She learned about magic and its history. She came across one book that went into detail about a particularly powerful magic. By the time she had finished reading the book her mind had accumalated the knowledge of the Arc of Embodiment. Though she didn't know that yet. After reading this book she understood the importance of what the mage had been looking for. She tried to ask her many times what the book looked like or tried to help her remember the name but she never did until she was on her death bed. The mage told her that the magic was called 'Arc of Embodiment' which stunned Mysty. She knew the book but didn't know where it had gone under the piles of books. The old lady wished she could hold it once more and with a simple thought Mysty had created a replica and before she gave it another thought she handed it to the mage. Mysty was now aware of her power and her caretaker was gone. For the next two years she read every book in the library including all the non magic related stories. She practiced with her magic bringing storybook characters to life and seeing what she could do with them. These stories and these characters became her friends. She became quite apathetic to others and what happened around her. She left the mages home as it had fallen into disrepair. She has been wandering before reading about a guild named Crimson Blade and began her search for a story to partake in.

So begins...

Mysty Mirror's Story


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Murmur Burns

The woman was ruthless as always, showing no hesitation or mercy towards her victims. Sounds of broken bones, discarded bodies and a crying little girl filled the corridor. For some reason this seemed like a typical event, if things had went any other way it may bring feelings of suspicion. There was not much planning at all, just chaos, reacting to the environment around them smoothly and without verbal communication. The pressure might be described as suffocating by most people, but Murmur was enjoying this. Every action was stored away in his brain for further examination. Every aggression and spoken word could reveal something about the person behind them, making sure he didn't get in the way of that was important. Letting himself fall into the background was working quite well, but he couldn't keep it up forever.

New power flowed through him, all thanks to Ravenna's spell. Perhaps he would be able to summon a fourth card because of it, if it so came to that. "You really ruined my plans," She was bitter, like usual, and too closed off like always. How could he not tarnish her plans if she didn't speak them properly first? It wasn't much of a downfall though, the woman did more than make up for it. Besides, it was a bit more exciting this way, was it not? What didn't kill them made them stronger, and he held no doubt that they would make it out of here very alive. The members of Jyel on the other hand may not be so fortunate.

She wouldn't make the same mistake though, she told them what she wanted them to do with conviction. It was simple, and shouldn't be much of a challenge, hundreds of plain men and a handful of mediocre mages couldn't win against professionals of their level. Murmur wasn't arrogant, it was a plain fact, no one could argue against it. He watched as Ravenna let Serafina take over, something he hadn't seen in ages, and the idea of fulfilling their mistress' wishes became rocky. The winged warrior was interesting, to say the least. She was strong, but her childish personality left weaknesses in her judgement.

Nevertheless, when she greeted them he smiled, finding amusement in the way she treated Kiev. Murmur could only imagine how mortified Ravenna felt about such a thing, the two women were practically polar opposites. "What the hell is that light?" It looked like their carefree hellos were to be cut short. "Holy crap..." The blue haired man looked over down the hall, where men were starting to appear and stand, frozen to the floor at the sight before them.

The scene around them swiftly transformed into a battlefield. The men of Jyel charged forward and Serafina responded with attacks of high heat and fire. Murmur wouldn't let himself be left out of the action though. The two of cups was one of the weakest of its suit, but it wasn't pitifully so. Water could be used like razors blades, and as the winged girl burned her opponents Murmur used the magic granted to him to cut the throats of the enemies. It moved by fast, the fact that Serafina didn't care about anyone besides Kiev contributed to that, as well as making it a bit more difficult seeing as the remaining Crimson Blades members had to be careful not to turn into a crisp themselves.

It wasn't long before there was an opening for their escape, and it was snatched up in an instant. Murmur picked up the young girl they were to retrieve, who was silent in shock because of the violence around her. Tears trailed down her cheeks, but she made not one noise as the destruction surrounded them. He couldn't really blame her, and it really was much easier to see her out of her safely without her putting up a fight. Just as they were disappearing up the stairs, doors were heading down the hallway at an impressive speed. Murmur didn't let his eyes linger, but he was sure he heard something along the lines of 'Here comes the express!'. The man smirked, well that would prevent the members of Jyel from following them. However it was unlucky for whoever was behind that, the fire was rising, and the air was thick with smoke.

They stood outside now, the building in front of them starting to go up in flames. There were bodies around them, enemies that had tried to escape but were quickly taken care of instead. Rosie was still being held by Murmur, her eyes wide and perhaps traumatized. Ashes stuck to her hair and clothes, but she was uninjured, and that's all her father had asked of them. It looked like the fighting was over for them, they could finish the mission and head back to the guild, it had almost been too easy.

And too easy it was.

Slow clapping infiltrated his senses, and Murmur turned to see a blonde haired woman. She was dressed in little clothing, following a color pallet of red, gold and white. The tattoo on her arm gave away what guild she was from; Seven Virtues, an ironic name for a dark guild. They only had seven mages, all of S-level or above, and were known for their ruthless work, never displaying a code of conduct or morals. They were also famous for only having one magic skill each, but they were specialists in their field, and weren't to be underestimated.

"Thank you for taking care of Jyel for me, kids." She smiled sweetly, but didn't approach them, instead she stood her ground. "I'm Chasity." She sent them a wink and slowly started to take steps forward, her hips moving side to side in a manner that may be described as seductive. "And I'm going to need that little girl you have there, please." Her expression seemed to turn deadly and she summoned armor to her body, and long metal claws appeared on her hands. It was nothing short of requip magic.

Murmur put Rosie down and pushed her behind them gently. "Stay back, don't get in the way." He told her, and the girl sunk to the ground and pushed her face to her knees. She was going to need a lot of therapy after this. Chasity giggled, her body language starting to show the excitement she held within. "So it's four against one?" She moaned and smirked. "Okay, I could use a work out." After blowing a quick kiss, the woman launched herself forward, claws extended and ready to kill.

Reacting just as quickly, Murmur summoned another card to his hand. Basic water attacks wouldn't be worth much in a fight against this particular mage, but luck was on his side, as he had drawn The Chariot. In a quick, bright light a large sword was to be held in his grip. The Sword of Krishna would give him great physical power, but would lead to upsetting the balance of his emotions. The metal of their weapons collided, and Chasity jumped back, wearing a large grin on her face. "Not bad." She laughed, unknown to the members of Crimson Blades her weapon was poisonous. All she had to do was scratch them once, and soon their bodies would turn against them. Besides, such straight forward attacks weren't her preference, she was much more suited for battle than that.

So she feigned forward, but as she moved she disappeared, vanished into thin air in a blink of an eye. Her armor did more than just protect against attacks. Murmur's eyes searched around them, posture showing that he was ready for whatever the Seven Virtues member could throw at them. But she was behind them now, and her eyes were locked onto the girl with wings. She giggled and leaped forward, suddenly visible again, and thrusting her claws towards the girl.

Sidney Allen

"I would like that." A small smile graced his features, it was nice to have company, and he quite enjoyed being around Yuliana. She was never all that pushy with him, nor did she fire question after question at him. Time spend around her was peaceful and pleasantly colorful. He watched as she worked with the food on a plate, moving pieces of food across it to form a lively, abstract picture. It was interesting how she could turn anything into art, he wished he could do the same, but he was restricted to smeared colors and textiles.

The boy ate slowly, quite the opposite of how other members of the guild scarfed down the morsels in front of them. Sidney would count the items of noodles and vegetables on his spoon before eating them. The action was compulsive and he didn't think much of it, it was just simply something he did automatically. Counting was soothing, sometimes if he didn't take the time to do so he would begin to feel a bit bothered, unsettled. His parents had tried to break him of the habit, along with attempting to put an end to his various hobbies, but they always persisted. They could take away a lot from him, but they couldn't stop him from numbering things off in his head. From the bricks in a wall to the lines of his flesh, they would have to blind him completely to stop the behavior.

A plate being entrusted to him brought him back to reality, and he looked down at it curiously. The food on it was arraigned into a aesthetically pleasing pattern, the colors and shapes complimented each other in such a way that would almost be shameful to destroy through consumption. "I think you would like these, Sidney. I made them myself." But Yuliana had given them to him, something she had put time and effort into making. It would be bad manners to refuse. And on the other hand, maybe it would be good to eat something so beautiful. Maybe it would spread throughout him, change and evolve him into something different, like a caterpillar maturing into a butterfly.

Sidney sent her a gentle smile and nodded. "Thank you." It would be more than he usually ate, but this was a feast after all. It would be okay to eat so more, and so after some brief counting the contents of the plate started to vanish one by one. The food was good, in a way that was nostalgic to him and a sad feeling settled in his chest. He tried to push it away, but such things were persistent and stuck to him. He couldn't let it take over him so easily though, not in the middle of such a good occasion, and he continued to eat at his slow pace.

The rate at which he dined was delayed even more as he listed to the guild master speak. He told them about the cost of the feast and how they were not only broke, but in debt. That was something foreign to him all together, he was used to money being always present, and the thought of the guild being in trouble due to insignificant funds bothered him. There were many people and teams in the guild though, the money they had spent should be earned back rather quickly, right? Perhaps Amaya had wanted to talk to him about that, he'd have to find him and Browen after he finished eating, even if he really wasn't much help when it came to picking out missions or fulfilling them. All he was really good at was snatching things up and distracting enemies, he really had no offensive qualities at all, and his state of mind wasn't exactly suited for more domestic tasks either.

"Missions.." Sidney sighed and looked at the remaining portions had had. There was a little bit a soup left, but the roll was gone, and most of what was on the plate had been eaten as well. He couldn't eat anymore than he hand, that was more than enough for the skinny male. "Has your team picked anything out yet?" He asked, speaking what was perhaps the most normal sentence he had said all night. Maybe Yuliana already had a job lined up, and perhaps she could suggest something for his own team to take.


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#, as written by Layla
Ravenna ~ Outside Jyel


The fierce voice of Ravenna slammed against Serafina's mind, Whaattt? Serafina asked with a roll of her eyes. The Take Over Spirit was powerful, that was certain but what she was not, was observant. She did not feel the powerful magic rippling towards her nor hear the sounds of talking behind, not until it was too late. Ravenna shoved the Spirit within her body out of the way, causing Serafina to glow red hot, but the Spirit held on.

Until 3 claws embedded themselves into her side.

Serafina's eyes widened, just as they began to turn amethyst, ocean blue and finally the clear river aqua of Ravenna's eyes. Raven black flowed through her red hair until she was Ravenna again. You idiot, Ravenna thought dimly. Brutally ripping herself from the claws, Ravenna whirled around, watching her attacker wearily. She took the short time to study every inch of the woman's armour, her stance from the way she bent their shoulders and the manic look in her eyes. She felt like rocking hum of the poisonous claws - she would be fine - at least, fine for long enough to destroy this idiot. It was an unusual poison but Ravenna would get over it - at most it would make her sleepy. The claws were another thing for her Blood Healing did not allow for such immediate repairs of deep and possibly fatal wounds.

"You are tiresome," she told the Seven Virtues mage. Shoving her consciousness briefly into the blonde's yellow flame, Ravenna found her name was Chastity. How ironic, Ravenna thought, 'Chastity' wore very little. Then again, so did she.

'Keep her busy,' she told Murmur as she slashed a line across her wrist. The pin made a deep cut along her flesh and fresh, crimson blood began to pour from her wound to land on the debris. The Demons would not take unintended blood as a sacrifice, much less blood made from the claws of Ravenna's enemies.

"Hell, open. Death is calling." Her blood glowed faintly and as if sucked into thin air, it began to evaporate into glowing particles of crimson light.

'Wee yea ra ene foul enrer,' a voice only Ravenna could hear whispered. What is your wish, my loveliest?

"Wee yea ra ene hymme syec mea. Was yea ra hymme mea ks maya gyen," the master replied. The Sword of Saber and the Sword of Malius. Armour laced with power.

'You ask for much. That is not enough,' the voice echoed, a wind nudging the wound on her wrist. Taking the pin, she slashed a dozen more wounds on her arm, unflinching as the sting brought upon a mess of blood. Just to be sure, she slashed a dozen more. 'Granted.'

There was an unnatural silence in which all was still and a ringing so sharp, it was agonising. Ravenna wore a little less than what appeared to be 'armour'but clothes from Hell were powerful, whatever form they came with. Twin swords appeared in her hands, their sharp points glinting deviously in the moonlight.

Just then, two doors came charging at the group, followed by a large, grotesque beast. Ravenna hissed, jumping out of the way. She was not armed for combat against dinosaurs. 'Take it,' she told her Crimson Blades.

Turning to face Chastity of Seven Virtues, she wielded the twin swords deftly, her black gloves were made to be fitted to the weapons and her limbs were familiar with such weapons. She slashed at the blonde mage, criss-crossing her slashes with blinding speed, pushing forward. Flipping her two swords, she slammed the butts of her handles against the mage's temple. Her side stung with the wound, her movements aggravating them wider so her entire left side was soaked through with blood.

Slipping the swords around and around in her fingers, she swivelled her blades to create two deadly fans that she used against Chastity. Her mind barely registered her quickly depleting supply of blood, the wounds on her side and her arm dripping endlessly as she pummelled the member of Seven Virtues, her sword taking small chunks out of the woman's claws.


The poison - it's effects although not as effective on Crimson Blade's master, still apparent - combined with the severe blood loss made Ravenna woozy but she held her ground. Her movements were not as lightning sharp, however, and those who knew her could see she was faltering, if ever so slightly. Grinding her teeth, Ravenna forced the dizziness away and dashed toward Chastity, with her two swords, crossed, she pulled them viciously apart, to slice open her opponent's throat.

Freya ~ Amaranth Basement

"Your fault! This is your fault!"

Freya yelped in horror as a small creature of a girl, about fifteen centimeters tall, tugged on a lock of her blonde hair. Waving her hands frantically, she tried to slap the winged being from her persistent pulling on her soft golden locks. Her legs were tangled in the complicated frills and layers of her skirts.

"Help!" she squealed a little louder as she scrambled away from the small thing, thumping her hip on a piece of abandoned furniture.

To make things worse - as if she were not already in the worst horror film of all time - she noticed the corpse had moved. Moved. Pressing her palm over her mouth, Freya bit back a scream as her frightened blue eyes met those of deep blue. The zombie was staring right at her. A small smile painted the blonde thing's lips. His eyes drifted over Freya's bodily lazily to meet her eyes. She had a feeling he wasn't truly looking at her, however.

She wished she would disappear.

"Wow, Liricia... That looks tasty... Mind if I have a bite?"

Shocked, Freya could only stare at the zombie creature and allow the miniature girl to pull at her hair. Tasty? Freya was tasty? Sniffing the air gingerly, she realised she smelled strongly of apples, cinnamon and sugar, with a hint of dark chocolate. Well, she did smell tasty.

But still, she was sitting with the dead come alive and a midget girl or a giant fairy.

"P-please don't kill me," Freya mumbled, burying her face in her knees as she clutched her legs to her chest. The powerful mage tried to make herself as small as possible. What good were her powers against the dead? She was most certainly going to die.