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Sidney Allen

"I'm not sick if they let me play with the cats."

0 · 847 views · located in Fiore

a character in “The New Mage Guild: Amaranth”, as played by coricidinForte


Sidney Allen: Sid, 17, Male.
D Rank Amaranth Member


~ Physical Info ~


Five feet, seven inches, point forty two centimeters. A body of smooth slopes, peach skin stretching over jutting bones and thin, long limbs. Uncovered one could count the joints of his spine, or the number of his ribs. Even underneath lays of loose fitting shirts and knitted sweaters gravity seems to be barely holding onto the boy. Some could describe his frame as disturbing, spooky, sickly although a few may prefer words similar to alluring or extrinsic.

His hair in thin and falls around his face, cascading over and hiding it more than highlighting it's heart shape features. Everything blends and mixes well on the surface; his thin nose, pink tinted lips and wide set eyes do nothing to upset the balance. The color of his hazel irises even melts among the light brown hues of his hair. At his displeasure, Sidney is easily mistaken for a thin girl, and can easily be described as androgynous in both appearance and nature.

Starts on the inside of his right wrist and travels upwards.

~ Mentality ~


There's something off about Sidney Allen, the way he sees the world is unique to his own eyes. It's in the little things, fine details, numbers, colors and patterns. Such things are interesting to the young mage, and living a normal adult life is something he finds no interest in. He's peculiar, eccentric, but not loud or energetic. While he could be described as someone that's quiet, he's far from shy, and will talk to anyone that approaches him. Though what comes out of his mouth usually doesn't make much sense, and tends to be a bit childish. He enjoys speaking his mind about the observations he makes, like how the second step creaks if you step on it three inches to the right from the center, or how the spirals in wood form an intricate maze. He's not very good at addressing anything serious, or anything that could be considered important. When it comes to big matters he tends to push them aside, claiming that they're too heavy for him to handle.

In fact, he tends to avoid conflict all together. Sidney often crumples under stress, more often than not becoming increasingly quiet, not engaging in activity and harboring a refusal to eat. He can be difficult like this, and becomes hard to talk to, especially if one is asking many questions. Plays with cats, especially his cat Stamps, seems to keep him stable though. Good company and relaxing activity like knitting, smearing things with color and listening to soothing music improves his mental state as well. This being said, he does not work well under extreme pressure, with epinephrine triggering the response of flight in him.

He's a soft person, far from being cold or aloof as he displays compassion for those around him. Sidney is very sensitive to the emotions of others and picks up on what other people are feeling quite easily. While he's not good at connecting with people on many levels, he's able to do so through this; by taking consideration to the feelings of others. He doesn't like misfortune falling onto others and finds a joy in making people happy. Usually if he feels as if someone is down he'll make something for them, be it a knitted article like a scarf or a simple cup of tea. Along with not liking to see others hurt he's also a pacifist, taking a strong dislike to violence. While he understands that it's necessary in some cases he likes to avoid it under any circumstances - often using methods of distraction or escaping in response.

Sidney is naive, often putting trust into people easily once he gets over his initial suspicion, though it is more common for him to put that trust into younger or elder people. He has an aversion to middle aged adults, usually assuming them to be cold and confusing. He has a strong resistance to maturing and growing up, as change scares him. It's difficult for him to let go of the past and he dwells on it often. It's clear why death doesn't sit well with him and the passing of someone he cares about will effect him for years to come. When he finds himself in a place in his life that he enjoys and is comfortable with, he clings to it. He is also clingy towards the people in his life and feels anxious if they're absent from it for long periods of time. He's prone to worrying too much, with the fear being nearly consuming.

More than anything, Sidney is a very 'spacy' individual. The vast majority of the time he comes across as if he's in a dream, sometimes even succumbing to a trance. His habit of indulging in repetitive activity only enforces his overall dreamy aura. He doesn't operate at any type of schedule and takes things as they come, as long as they're not too difficult or stressful. The days pass by hazily for him, only leaving him with memories of details he noticed instead of the big picture. At times he could even be described as somnolent, which is reinforced by his irregular sleeping patterns.

{Likes} {Dislikes}
o Slow Music Harsh Musicx
o Rainy Weather Unnecessary Violencex
o Paints and Chalks Spicy Foodsx
o Plush Toys Stressful Situationsx
o Plants Overly Neat or Organized Areasx
o Cats People Touching his Neckx
o Knitting and Sewing Coffeex
o Baking Changex

%Unusual sleeping patterns; can range from not sleeping at all for a couple days, to sleeping away most of them, or deciding to take various naps throughout the afternoon.
%Spacy behavior, seems to act like he's stuck in a permanent dream-like state. This includes; staring off into the distance, tracing patterns and shapes, and offbeat dialogue.
%Though Sidney's not artistically gifted outside of his handicrafts (you won't be seeing him paint a mural or anything of the sort), he enjoys covering things with color using chalk or paint. Both his skin and clothes are often smeared with various colors

@Ophidiophobia, the abnormal fear of snakes. Shaking, crying, and running away may follow after him coming face to face with one.


~ Ability Statistics ~

Doll Play Magic

His skill with magic is very low, a beginner, if anything. He has yet reached to a point where he can preform magnificent spells, and is far from being able to defeat terrifying foes. Currently he's limited to using his magic on smaller inanimate objects only.

{Signature Spell}
Temporal Misappropriation - Sidney takes control over a small object to take something. Could range from snatching forgotten weapons, important documents or the last chocolate chip cookie - leaving you with only the raisin oatmeal ones.

{Spell List}
Anger Therapy - Controls string, mostly yarn or sometimes ropes, to tie someone up - usually vertically.
March of the Penguins - Not necessarily penguins, Sidney controls various plush toys to attack an opponent. By attack I mean distract, as soft stuffed animals can't really do much damage in the first place.
Rug Doll - Used to trip people and buy some time, a moving rug can prove hard to walk across.
Black Hole - If a blanket is nearby, he may just use it to cover the enemy in the darkness of fabric. Kind of like how you might have trapped dogs or cats back in your younger years.
"I think, perhaps, maybe it's possessed." - Dolls are scary, their hard porcelain skin and glass eyes enter the nightmares of many. Being a Doll Play mage, Sidney can easily exploit this, using dolls to creep and unsettle people.

{Non-magic Skills}
# Hiding in small places
# Identifying herbs and other plants
# Remembering and noticing small details, but forgetting and over looking the larger ones. Example; noticing an object being moved an inch to the left, but forgetting a person's name.
# Knitting and Sewing
# Really good at counting. Counting bricks, counting ceiling tiles, counting specks of sugar...
# Pretty decent at baking things

~ Personal Background ~


Seven years, two months, twelve days and thirty eight seconds in a world of nothing but silence. His parents owned a home of three stories and thirty six acres, but the home was quiet. The parents spent many hours managing their business-a number of hospitals, leaving Sidney with a nanny. The pair didn't have much of a relationship either, as the middle aged woman was cold and strict. As a child Sidney would spend his days avoiding her by getting lost in the gardens. But when the parents were home and their nanny had gone to her guest house the couple turned into animals. The two fought and yelled at one another on most nights, the tension in the home was high and the atmosphere would be filled with animosity. This was a product of an arranged marriage to merge two companies, their personalities clashed and they found not the energy to truly nurture their heir. But within cupboards and under blankets the youngest Allen could mute their words, continuing his life of deafening silence.

On the thirty ninth second, noise finally entered his life. His previous nanny, sacked for sticky fingers, was replaced by an elderly woman with a kind face and silver hair. The following years weren't spent counting rose petals, or hiding from corrupt adults. The two got along famously, the woman named Judith had a lot to teach him outside of math equations and history dates and he found himself eager to learn. They had decorated the guest house to something more homely; painted in warm colors with the addition of rugs, quits and trinkets had created a space that was peaceful through a means of clutter. As they grown closer, Sidney would hardly ever enter the mansion his parents lived in, and they didn't seem to miss the presence of their son.

From helping in the kitchen, or learning how to knit, to playing with one her cats everyday spend with his nanny was enjoyable. She was nice, understanding, and above all she was very wise. She would tell the most exciting and interesting stories, all while being able to bake the best pies. Unlike anyone else it was her that Sidney looked up to, and she became a mother figure to him. Life became enjoyable and interesting, he was eager to learn how to do everything Judith could, and pushed thoughts of his parents to the back of his mind. When the boy turned thirteen, she decided to start giving him new lessons, this time in magic. The woman herself was an experienced Doll Play mage, but had only used it to help around the house. Fascinated, Sidney had begged her teach him, but refused to do so until she thought he was old enough.

It took a long time for him to get the hang of it, but he slowly began to grasp the very basics of Doll Play. The lessons were hard on him, but the two never gave up on the effort. Even if one day it might just it turn out that Sidney simply wasn't cut out for magic, he wouldn't quit, wanting to be just like the elder one day. All was well, she taught him new techniques and as always they worked together at a good pace, never rushing. However, the lessons were cut short one day, when Judith passed away over a night. It was like a dream; the world around him no longer seemed real and at any moment he would wake up, rush downstairs and begin the day. It never came, and the guest house was cleared out, her cats given away and Sidney found himself back in the cold, silent mansion.

At fourteen, five months, two days and twenty one seconds Sidney began to lose his mind. It shouldn't be right for his life to revert back to what it once had been. It wasn't fair for her to die, leaving him like this, when they had so much to do still. This was reality though, and it became distorted, as it was so much easier to attempt to tuck everything away and hide from the world. He stopped eating, it was too painful to do so, until eventually he wasn't sure if he was even hungry to begin with. One day the boy woke up in a room of solid white, and he was questioned by people holding clipboards, and his parents dropped off a suitcase of his things.

Following his hospitalization, Sidney was sent to a home for the mentally ill. He hadn't been eating, talking, or doing much of anything besides staring off into space and tracing his fingers over imaginary patterns. The building was old and near a small town by the sea, but it wasn't comforting. The people were strange and the adults in white had malicious faces, heads that moved side to side, and questions that didn't make much sense fell out of their mouths. They made him eat and listen to long speeches, the next year and a half was far from ideal. Once he had stabilized, back to functioning behavior, he returned to his parents house. A month after his sixteenth birthday he found himself back in the same room with thin sheets and a painting of sunflowers.

While he was eating better, the doctors struggled with turning him into a person that could function in society properly. But he was too irregular, offbeat, childish and trapped in his own world. There wasn't a change until one day Sidney had found a way to sneak out of the fenced in property, and took a walk downtown. It was a small place, but it was nice, and better than the mad house he lived in. He used his magic to snatch some money to buy himself a treat, and spent the early evening sitting on a park bench. He hadn't wanted to go back, but knew he should; that's when a man took a seat next to him, and changed the course of his life.

The man had blue hair, older than himself, and had a mighty fluffy gray and white cat. After a shy suggestion to let him play with said cat, the two entered in conversation. Sidney learned that the man's name was Murmur, and that he knew about his unfortunate situation. He also knew about his abilities with Doll Play magic and had claimed that he wanted to help him. After all, did he really want to keep living like this? The boy answered with a no, so he was given a proposition. Murmur would cover his tracks, make sure no one would look for him, and he could join a guild called Amaranth. He'd send him money in exchange for updates and information on the guild, along with Sidney's loyalty. After brief hesitation, and a deal to let him keep the cat, Sidney agreed. Using the ability Archive, the man transferred all the needed information on how to find and join the guild, and after giving him the money he needed he was soon on his way.

Doing as instructed, the newly turned seventeen year old was able to not only find the guild called Amaranth, but join it as well. He had only been apart of the guild for a couple months and lives in a small apartment with the cat, now named Stamps. Sidney has only spoken to Murmur twice from the time they first met, and had told him when he wanted to know. But the longer he stays in Amaranth, the less sure he feels about giving away information like that. It usually wasn't anything major, being that he was still a new member and a D-Rank, yet he felt unsettled anyways. For now he pushes the feeling aside, and tries to enjoy his new found life.

So begins...

Sidney Allen's Story


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Sidney Allen


Amaranth held a certain kind of warmth that filled the guild to the brim, enveloping it's members with a sense of life, even belonging. It was like drowning, in a positive, pleasant way. Sounds of mages socializing and drinking reverberated off the walls, embedded itself into the wood, traveled to the floor. The very nature of the guild had been overwhelming at first; friendly faces, powerful warriors, all in an environment that managed to be both carefree - and yet deadly serious. There was a light atmosphere hanging in the air, but so many in the guild held values of justice and doing what they thought was right. It was unlike anything else he had experienced and it was almost unreal for such a place to exist with people who weren't only two dimensional fairy tales.

He was truly happy to be here. Here Sidney was away from the old house with white walls and one hundred and fifteen paintings of flowers. Even better, he was far away from his parents, miles from the silent house they lived in and the home that used to have a couch covered with quilts. The people here didn't stuff tubes in him when he didn't feel like eating, they didn't make him sit in a room and talk about Judith, nor were they like the mad ones. Although, they certainly were interesting like them. Everyone held a distinct personality, a certain aurora that melted together to form a timeless painting that one did not see, but felt.

They also let him keep his cat, Stamps, and that made him very happy.

Sidney was sitting in one of the chairs of the living area, it's deep red leather wasn't warm or inviting, but it was fun to run his fingers across it's smooth surface. His body was adorned with dark, loose fitting pants and a navy blue sweater, something he knitted himself months ago when he was still in the nutty kingdom. Underneath he wore a loose off-white t-shirt, which had become stained with various shades of green from paints that wouldn't wash out, not that he minded. His skin usually matched this, but because of the event he decided to make sure he looked more tidy, or 'nice'. Only the beds of his finger nails were dyed with hues of blues and reds this time.

His fingers traced an imaginary pattern on the surface of the chair, his sock covered feet curled at it's edge. There was a scarf around his neck, something he wore quite often in colder seasons, following a pattern of horizontal stripes - brown and orange. No, things weren't going in a very social direction for him currently, but he didn't mind. He liked the people of Amaranth regardless of them talking to him or not, they were all such lovely people after all.

There was Sarah, who liked cats and hated snakes, just like he did. Yuliana, she liked to garden and had very pretty magic. The different colors of her flames were memorizing, easy to get lost in. Gren could use his magic to form objects out of ice, and the way the light reflected off of them was also hypnotizing. He didn't know much about H'Mong, but he was curious, and seemed to live up to his alias. Initially he was hesitant to work with a team, but grew fond of them as well. Amaya was strong, and beneath her sour words she had a very nice smile. Then Browen made beautiful music and wore interesting clothes, along as being generally easy going.

Not to forget the S-Ranks, like Freya, who couldn't tie knots and never minded asking people to tie them for her. His mother would have said she was shameful, but that was something he liked about Freya. In that case, Isabella would have given his mother a heart attack with the amount of clothing she wore. But the amount of confidence she held around her convinced him that she was none of the harsh words the his mother would have called her. Izzy was very kind to him, even if he was a newcomer to the guild. He was worried about her actually, it's been a month since she left on a mission and it made him concerned about her well being. She was strong though, so he convinced himself that everything would be fine, maybe she would even be a hero.

Yes, the people of Amaranth were lovely people, it made him feel sort of bad for the deal he had made. Sidney's eyes traveled down to the stitching in the chair, starting to mentally count the stitches peacefully. It would also be nice if he could call this place a home, name these people as a family of sorts. He still felt out of place though, reminiscent of how he felt among the other mad ones. He hoped it would pass though, that way he could add another good thing to his life. Thirty seven stitches in the inside of the left arm, he noted, and a relaxed feeling spread throughout himself. His pupils traveled over to the right arm, but landed on a girl with two odd bone-creatures following her instead. His lips twitched upwards, looks like Izzy was back in time for the festivities, with all of her limbs in tact too. The boy raised his hand towards her, letting it hang in the air before swaying it in a slow wave, and soon let it return to the chair. Now, he wondered, was she named a hero?


Murmur Burns

(Crimson Blades)

Solitaire was too easy, it simply presented no challenge for him. Yet here he was, fingers flipping over cards and piling them in colored stacks. It wasn't often that Murmur filled his time with such a droll activity, to the untrained eye it just appeared that the mage was just bored. He sat at the edge of Crimson Blades' hall, alternating between moving cards and sipping tea, eyes darting back and forth. In all reality he was listening, observing. A bird watcher of sorts, that preferred viewing people rather than animals, who lived lives far from this interesting and sinister. Usually he wouldn't catch anything that mattered, but the prickling feeling of them talking and making plans that he didn't know about scratched under his skin. Besides, what kind of guy would he be if he didn't look out for his guild mates everyone once and while?

A better one, that was for sure. Murmur returned the playing cards back to a single deck, shuffling them to start again. His tea was running out as well, thankfully he had thought ahead and made himself a small pot of it. Today's blend was chai, a mixture of black tea and various spices. It wasn't the man's favorite, but it would suffice - there wasn't much wrong he could do when making a cup. Perhaps it was a little bizarre, a full grown man that appeared relaxed while sitting amongst people who were more often than not, ruffians. Though, he would pay no mind to what it may look like to an outsiders eyes.

Besides, it wasn't a day for him to start a new mission; it was an unlucky day for Capricorns and his lucky item of a deck of cards wouldn't even out the negative influence. No, it was certainly best to spend some down time for now, using it to collect information from around him. His mind was buzzing with thoughts of affairs going on beyond the guild's walls. People that were working for him in guilds, in places of power. How he wished he could monitor them with ease. If only Etteilla's Tarot wasn't so difficult he could spend time learning new techniques, but ever since he was graced with the ability of the arcana he hadn't found the time to learn anything new. Albeit, the possibilities the deck could provide him made up for that, even if it was stubborn and temperamental.

Once given a hand that left him with no more possible moves the man shuffled the deck once more. In another reality he may have ended up working at a magical place called 'Las Vegas', where he would most likely cheat. Here though he existed as a man that pulled strings in the background, showing the public eye a friendly, but usually unsettling façade. Some people trusted him wholeheartedly, those were the true fools. Others would bend to his will through means of threats. Then there were the ones he didn't like, who were hard to get near and difficult to manipulate. The process of those moved too slowly for his liking, and sometimes even not at all.

Murmur didn't see himself as evil though. He could be cruel, violent, but everyone had their bad points. It was possible that he was becoming arrogant, having the mentality that his way is right, even best for everyone. They lived in a world where even children would be paid to take care of criminals, and who truly wanted to live in such an age? Society had to move on and improve, and he would reach out and see that he was the one to make that change. It was all the same to him if he had to do so by force and accept a number of casualties. It's as they say; you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

For now though, he would continue with some basic note taking. Dressed in his typical blue and black colored clothing, almost resembling robes of a short, he didn't look any different today than he did any other. The material was smooth, but thick, and hard to penetrate. The top came to a couple inches above mid-thigh and was covered by a trademark black cloak. His pants were made with a similar material, was black and more fitted than the shirt. The mans ankle-high boots were also a common item since they gave him good balance and a few inches. How couldn't he enjoy that?

However, he didn't find much joy out of winning another game of solitaire. What a dull game, it was silly for him to even pretend to waste his time with it. Instead of starting a new round he poured himself another cup of tea, dropping a single sugar cube into the liquid, and listened to the voices around him.


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#, as written by Layla
Freya Hirane - Amaranth

Freya fell.

"Help! I'm falling! I can't-" the sugary voice paused. "Ooo, nice carpet."

The grace of the dainty blonde mage was astounding, so much so that she tripped on a flat surface. The slap of wood against her small nose sent a feminine yelp through her lips as her fingers tangled themselves in her light hair of silk. There was some chuckling and Freya growled like an angry kitten as she picked herself up, frowning as she held back her tears. Freya's nose hurt and she didn't like hurting. Rubbing her thankfully intact nose, Freya glanced over at a familiar brunette. Two magnificent creatures of blue and red encircled her and a grin burst from Freya's lips.

"Izzy!!!" Freya squealed with glee, stumbling in her extravagant dress of frills. Perhaps Freya went a little too 'over the top' but who would she be if not too much? The dress laced in a criss cross of ribbons, sinking low beneath her back; the mark of Amaranth resting between her shoulder blades was as clear as day. A mass of blue and white billowed behind her, along with her flowing hair of large waves. "Izzy!" she squealed again before launching herself in the air and tackling the tall woman with a ferocity that contradicted with her petite frame.

Freya Hirane was Amaranth's other S-class mage.

"Oh, how will I miss you if you won't go away?" she teased, an all too cheerful smile on her lovely face. Izzy was certainly one of her favourite people in the world, which was saying something, as she had about a million gigantic hearts for everyone. Well, almost everyone. A small frowned crossed her face as she thought of K'brak and H'mong - why on earth did she have to be teamed with him? Shaking the thoughts from her head, she turned back to the beautiful mage before her. She loved Izzy dearly and it had been so long since she saw her, there was no one else she could fight with and no one else who would pat her back as she wept in her Corner of Doom from being ignored. "I was so worried that you wouldn't make it for the feast, Izzy-love. I even helped to cook!" 'I screamed at a pot of boiling water,' was what she meant.

Turning her head to look up at Sarah with her multi-coloured hair, Freya smiled harder, if she that were possible. How she loved people.

"I love people!" Freya announced at the top of her lungs - which was not very loud, considering how soft and timid her voice naturally was. Freya ran around the guild for a few minutes, grasping everyone in a bone-crushing embrace. She was shorter than anyone else in the guild and definitely, seemingly, the most harmless but her loving hugs could hurt. Despite Freya's lovely appearance, she was as deadly as the deadliest of deadlies and as vicious as Issabella, if not more, when it came to training the members of Amaranth. Freya took her job very seriously.

Racing back to Sarah, she took the mage's hands in her own and with a comically serious face, said, "I like you."

Then again, Freya liked everyone.

Flashing Issabella a wicked smile, the palms of Freya's hands held two blazing white flames that lit the entire room in an ethereal light.

"Ready for round two?"

Sniffing the air, Freya dropped the two balls of sizzling light, nearly burning a hole through the guild. A smile lit her features as she raced toward the bar, having completely forgotten about her Izzy. Pressing her palms on the wooden stretch of table, Freya pulled herself up, resting her flat 'stummy' - as she liked to call it - on the bar. The small mage reached out with her hands, kicking her legs in the air. "Give!" she yelled, pointing at the freshly baked apple pie.

"Or I'll kill you..." she whispered before giggling. "Just kidding! No, not really."

Ravenna - Crimson Blade

"I would call you a woman but your beards do not allow me to interpret you as such," said a perpetually breathless voice as wintry eyes burned through hair of blue.

Boots with heels to very literally kill sat upon long lean legs, the right braced with a thigh sheath and its vicious daggers. The curvaceous woman had dark hair that fell over a revealing tank top and tight leather hot pants, Scars peeked from the black cloth, along with the edge of a lacy maroon bra. There were an uncountable amount of weapons on the woman, in her belt, her boots, the pockets of her shorts, the band that gripped her arms - every part of her body was laced in weaponry, even her lips were poison.

Crimson Blade's master sat upon a majestic throne of obsidian.

"Where's that half woman friend of yours, Burns?" she asked, unable to look more bored than she did right then. Ravenna rested her head on a fist, her arm on the intricately carved arm of her grand seat. Hundreds upon thousands of scars could be seen beneath the half gloves Ravenna wore, an obvious marker of her use of the forbidden Blood Magic. That, or she truly was quite depressed.

"Kiev, was it? He's almost as difficult to look at as you and your twisted paper face." The exact meaning of 'Twisted paper face' remains a mystery. Watching the S-ranked wizard with piercing eyes of pure aqua for she could undress anyone with those eyes, the mage crossed her legs tighter. She really, really hated Murmur Burns.

Then again, Ravenna hated everyone.

Of all the guilds she could've been the master of, it had to be one filled with so many men. She hated men more than anything and she hated that they triggered an irrational fear in her when they came too close for comfort. Absently running her fingers over her scars, Ravenna's eyes glazed over as she thought of Jyel. A barely perceptible flinch, a flinch perhaps only K'brak, who was always with her, might see, crossed her features. She remembered their disgusting hands roaming over her body, their lips, their - she wished to scrub herself thoroughly enough that she bled. Bled, so that one day she might eventually be pure.

Ripping herself from her mind, Ravenna forced the fingers of the hand she was not resting on to drum on the arm of her throne, Ravenna envisioned leaving the dark guild - oh what a gift that would be. The late Naciel Harlen, old Master of Crimson Blade had entrusted her with his guild and how could she abandon one of his many last wishes after all he had given her? Why on earth did the bastard have to die?

The throne on which Ravenna sat upon fit surprisingly well with the guild's decor of deep mahogany and obsidian. The bar, filled with liquor, gleamed in all it's black granite glory. So Ravenna liked dark colours - sue her. All in all, the guild's common room looked like a night club for vampires - the imposing, armed and scarred master didn't quite 'lift the mood,' either.

"Keep going, you whiny little girls," she growled, staring distastefully at the muscled men doing an endless number of push ups before her. They were mages but Ravenna, being one of combat, liked to know her mages could hold their own without any magic or weaponry. Besides, their large frames made them so much more intimidating. "You're only at 2034 - you're acting like I'm killing you."

Rolling her eyes at the panting, sweating men, Ravenna twirled a butterfly knife in her free hand with deadly precision before arching her arm back and throwing the knife smack dab into the centre of a dart board, narrowly missing someone's head. Suddenly, an idea came to her - Ravenna grinned her infamous smile that made all who saw it uneasy.

"We should destroy Amaranth."


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#, as written by LDCloud
Gren was sitting at the bar, hearing out his fellow guildmates while drinking. It was his routine in a gathering, hearing everyone's story and get drunk together. Gren was wearing a dark green vest, with a white shirt and gray pants. "So what about yer story Gren?" the guildmate that sits beside him asked a question. Gren was quite surprised hearing that question, especially since he had nothing interesting happen to him before.

"Eh? My story? None..." Gren answered as he took another sip from the mug. He looked around the guild hall, he saw Izzy, who just came back from her mission, still wearing things that is more minimalist. Gren raises his mug as Izzy went by. Although Gren doesn't really like the fact that she is half naked, he respected her for being an S rank an age younger than him. Gren then looked at the girl who bugs Izzy when she arrived. Gren never really know her that much other than her name, Sarah, and the fact that she belongs to this guild. This fact somehow disturbs him. And then another S rank, Freya bugs Izzy as well, she then proceeded to run around the guild and gives every guild member a hug, including Gren. "Woah! Easy there, hey! Watch it!" Gren was surprised as he gets hugged by Izzy, the hug is rather hurting than loving, which Gren somewhat dislikes

"I mean, spare me from that hug of her, it surprises me, and it hurts quite a bit... What else?" Gren somehow thinks that Freya was forcing herself to show her positive sides, although she doesn't look like someone that needs to be worried about, Gren worried about her past, not that he know anything about her past, but seeing her attitude and all, he really thinks that Freya is like that because she didn't want to be worried by anyone else. He then looked around, he finds Sidney in the Living Area, sitting on a chair, Gren thought that Sidney was weird and childish, and that he needs to change a little bit. And then Freya looked like she challenges Izzy to fight.

"What? She just came back, why would you---" And then suddenly Freya dropped her white fireball that she held on both of her hands, caused a hole on the floor, she then ran into the bar and rested her chest on the bar as she wiggles her legs as she pointed to the freshly baked apple pie. "Give!" she yelled, pointing at the freshly baked apple pie. "Or I'll kill you..." she whispered before giggling. "Just kidding! No, not really."

Gren slaps his left palm to his face. "Well, at least she didn't fight Izzy." He then looked at Freya "Woah there, that pie is for me, and mine only." Gren said to Freya as he walked towards her and takes the pie at ease. "But eh, I suddenly lost my appetite for it, here, tis' for you." He shrugged and then hands over the pie to Freya.


Erina looked at the scene, she then continues to look at the mission board. Many of the missions seems to not fit with her current rank, except the babysitting mission. Erina thought to herself "Maybe I should tag along with a team or something."

It's not that babysitting doesn't fit her role, in fact, it fits perfectly as she usually taking care of the childrens at the orphanage when she is free. But looking at the other jobs, all of the payments looks really promising than the babysitting mission. She sighed then leaves the mission board and took a seat at the living area. She then looked at Sidney.

"Hey, I have yet to know your name, are you new here? So was I." Erina started talking to Sidney, she continues with a smile "The name is Erina, you can just call me Eri, what about you?"


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Issabella Esther Carrington

(Amaranth: Bar Area)

Out of the corner if her eye Izzy saw Sidney wave at her. It was a slow, delayed, somewhat awkward wave. And it was precious, she thought to herself as she smiled and waved back. Sidney seemed occupied with something at the moment, he was paying particular attention to the side of a chair, she was pretty sure he was counting. Sarah then came up to her, "Welcome back, Miss Carrington," Sarah said with a respectful face and tone. She never really liked being talked to so formally, she felt very awkward whenever she heard her last name. Till this day she had no idea what her parents were like, she didn't know if she should wear the name proudly or not. But it was just...too formal. "How did the mission go? It was a high ranked mission wasn't it? Sarah asked. "I know I can't do a lot, but if my power could help then I would be happy to assist you." Izzy sighed a bit, "Hello Sarah. Please don't call me that." Izzy paused for a moment, her face turning grim, somewhat like the happiness - had it been there, had been sucked out of her. "They said it was a success..." she started to say monotonously, "All of the children were found alive, all of the children which were kidnapped were returned..." she paused obviously leaving out some kind of important bit of information. She then changed her mind, several days before till the moment she walked into the guild she had been fighting with herself wondering, what if? But if the what if had happened, perhaps something else could have gone wrong. Sarah was a lower ranked mage, she knew her magic was lacking and weaker, she did recall a time where Sarah helped her in a mission before however. Izzy never forgot things like that. She looked at her for a moment, pondering something, she didn't really like taking people with her - she didn't ever want people to get hurt. But when people wanted to learn and get stronger - "It's over and done, but I will surely take you on a mission, sometime." She glanced daggers at the girl as if to warn her. She had very little trust for most people.

She then began to invade her personal bubble, something which always unnerved her, depending on the person. Had it been Freya they would have ended up sparring or something. "Sorry 'bout that," Sarah then said. "It has been awhile so I tend to forget boundaries, you know?" the girl Flushed slightly. She remembered the girl doing something similar before but her thoughts were interrupted. Freya tackled her giving her a tight squeeze. So there you are. Izzy's personality around Freya was different, and her attitude towards her was different as well, she seemed like a different person towards Freya. Her serious demeanor would temporarily be replaced - something it seemed only Freya was capable of doing. She had the utmost respect for Freya, and was overly fond of her. "Oh, how will I miss you if you won't go away?" she said. Izzy tilted her head and smiled. "Hi Princess." She thought the name was appropriate in so many ways, she also just liked to tease her with it. She looked at her adoringly for a moment, "I was so worried that you wouldn't make it for the feast, Izzy-love. I even helped to cook!" If only for a moment, her face turned into something completely distorted and indecipherable at the words 'helped to cook.'

Freya then ran about the guild crushing everyone with her hugs of near-death. This made Izzy smile some, it was funny to watch, especially for those that didn't know Freya well. "Ready for round two?" Freya shouted, as a fireball came her way, leaving her to jump backwards, along with her pets with were now palm sized. The fireball burned a hole in the floor, "Anytime." Of course Freya would then get sidetracked by pie. Who else but her would challenge someone to a battle and then attempt to get pie - and then threaten for said pie. "Woah there, that pie is for me, and mine only." Gren said. Izzy didn't know Gren all too well, but he seemed like a decent person, this wasn't to say she trusted him however. It only took him but a few seconds to give the pie up to Freya. Princess She thought to herself. "Come on spoiled, I don't have all day." she said as she walked up to Freya and stuck her two index fingers in her mouth, tugging this way and that, causing her to make funny faces. "You sure you want to fatten up now?" Izzy then saw one of the new guild members walk up to Sidney, new enough for her to not even know her name. She froze in place as the girl talked to him, leaving her to still have her fingers in Freya's mouth in a forced awkward smile. "New plan, after the the feast, we destroy each other." she trailed off a bit at the end, she would have normally said something like I destroy you or something similar.

Izzy walked over to the casual lounge like area and sat on one of the chairs next to the two. It wasn't like her to start conversing with others for no reason - aside from Freya, but it was in her character to try and get to know the very basics of the new members. "I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met. I'm Issabella." Izzy's pets floated above her shoulders, the red one nearing the blue one until the both of them both went at it. Little puffs a fire and water were spewed about, but at this point they were too tiny to hurt anything or anyone, Izzy put out the sparks with her fingers. Her expression was just as it always was when talking to others, she lacked emotion of any kind. She of course, still managed to look beautiful, and not like a frightening horrible person - she would like to think. She did tend to be painfully protective of Freya when she wasn't the one trying to take her out, it seemed Sydney would suffer the same fate. If only she could put some kind of magical bubble around him to protect him from any and all harm. She imagined a literal bubble around him for a moment, and it looked very strange. But a bubble not have been the right thing to do anyways, as she was a firm believer in letting people experience life. Mainly because had she not had the hardships she had as a young child, she didn't know what type of person she would have been today. She didn't know if she thought the same for Sidney sometimes, though. She didn't know him well, but he seemed extremely fragile somehow.

Her eyes then shifted over to him, and while her expression didn't change, her eyes were softer. She had a less intimidating look about her, it was also in her voice. It was warmer and more mellow, less cold and composed. "How have you been? And how is Amaya treating you?" she hoped that he was unaware of the fact she warned the girl not to pick on him. "And what about Stamps?" Stamps, that was his cat that he was very fond of. Izzy also had a cat - so to speak. But not the real kind of cat in which Sidney had and was very attached to, she was glad he was able to keep it, the guild was nice enough to allow him to. Her cat was something she had imagined up when she was younger, using Arc of Embodiment. He wasn't something she ever used in battle, but was more of a companion as he had the ability to talk. He also had a horrible habit of being overly sarcastic and rude to members sometimes. He was a good cat, though. She was curious about the new wizard, wondering if she had found her team yet. Perhaps she would be played with Sidney, all the more reason for her to be sitting here right now. Izzy glanced back towards Freya for a moment, there was some part of her that felt bad for walking away like she did. Freya should know by now however, she would make it up to her by giving her all the time in the world for this battle she desired. Not that she wasn't itching for it either. Competition with Freya, it was like a drug to Izzy. It was addicting, and she had to win. The both of them, they always had to win. She knew their battles would be never ending. There would be rematches, or round three, and round four, and round one thousand and so forth. Izzy looked the new girl up and down and waited for her response.


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#, as written by Eyliel
Yuliana Lumina

The kitchen of the Amaranth Guild Hall was particularly busy tonight, thanks to the feast. Every member that was good at cooking was moving about the room, occasionally shouting for a particular ingredient or utensil. There were also some people who did not belong, trying to steal a bite of some dish that hadn't been carried to the tables yet. They were, in most cases, noticed well before they got anywhere near the food and were driven away, but some actually used magic for such a childish purpose.
Yuliana was one of the people working in the kitchen. She was good at all kinds of housework, cooking included, so she was a natural choice for the people who were in charge of preparing the feast. She didn't mind, really. She liked cooking, and it was thanks to her doing chores like these that the Guild took care of her living expenses. She didn't go to missions often because of how unsuitable for battle her magic was, so she managed the Guild instead, and was compensated for it.
She slapped away a hand that tried to snatch one of the orange gelatins she had made. She was not actually angry, for tried to make her face look stern as she looked at the grinning boy, one of the younger members of Amaranth. After the boy had left the kitchen, Yuliana double-checked that he hadn't taken any of the gelatin, and then took them to another member who took care of chilling them.
She was about to start preparing another bowl of salad, when someone shouted that some dishes had to be taken to the tables, and quick. Yuliana sighed, and prepared a tray which she then loaded with the prepared dishes. Amaranth was still a new Guild, not yet well organized. Its members didn't have much experience in arranging events like these, and thus, the kitchen was in chaos. The other members probably had no idea how much work had to be done for the sake of their fun.

As soon as Yuliana stepped into the room with the dining tables, she was suddenly assaulted by a bubbly creature that did its best to crush Yuliana's ribs. She barely managed to get the food out of the way before Freya hugged her, driving the air out of her lungs. "Careful, Freya", she said with a very slightly reproachful tone, but the young S rank mage had already disappeared somewhere by the time she had recovered enough to say those words. Yuliana let out a fond sigh as she looked at the lively girl going around hugging people. Yuliana really liked Freya, even if she was a bit hard to handle at times. Or maybe she liked her because she was hard to handle. She was probably still feeling very proud about how she had 'helped' Yuliana cook.
Yuliana laid her load onto the table, where it was soon claimed by hungry mages. The feast hadn't even been formally started yet, but they couldn't restrain themselves. Well, as a cook, it made her a bit happy that they were so eager to eat what she and the other cooks had made. Though occasionally they were a bit too eager, as proven by a -very brief- fight over some pie. A pie that Yuliana had made, now that she looked at it closer. One side of the 'fight' was Freya -that was not particularly surprising- and the other one was the man named Gren. They had recently been arranged into the same team, so she had naturally spoken to him, but since she rarely went out for missions and was busy at the Guild, she wasn't quite as well acquainted with him as one might imagine from their relationship as teammates.
After leaving the dishes on the table, Yuliana turned around, intending to head back to the kitchen. She then finally noticed that a new person had entered the building. It was Issabella. So she had returned then. Yuliana thought for a moment about what she had started some time after Issabella had left for her latest job. She'd planted three different rumors about the nature of her mission, and left them to evolve on their own. When she had last checked their status, a week ago, according to them, Issabella had apparently been hunting dragons in some northern mountain range. It was interesting how rumors could evolve through the passing of time.
She also noticed Sarah, her other teammate, near Issabella. She hadn't spoken with her a lot either. She probably should do so after this party. Right now, she was far too busy to stop and have a decent conversation, so she headed back for the kitchen.
As she was about to enter the kitchen again, she happened to glance in the direction of the living area. The boy named Sidney was sitting there. Yuliana liked him. While he was a bit hard to approach, she had still spoken to him occasionally in the kitchens, when he came to bake something, and she had shown him her magic a couple times. He was rather colorful, in many ways. Yuliana thought for a moment of bringing him something to eat, but decided that she had no time for it. There was food to be made. She disappeared back into the kitchen.

Gawain Harlen

The highly respected Guild Master of Amaranth was sitting on a couch in the living area of the Guild Hall. As always, his majestic figure radiated power and grace... not so much. His respectability may have been somewhat lowered by the fact that he had a glass of some obscure alcoholic beverage in one hand, and was had his other on the shoulder of a female member of the Guild sitting next to him. Not to mention his clothing. He was wearing a sleeveless linen shirt that was worn with age. While it did do a good job of showing his muscles, it seemed miraculous that it was still in one piece. Anyone could tell that it should tear apart any moment now. His loose, black trousers were not in a much better shape. In one word, he looked shabby. Almost like a beggar. Well, a beggar with large muscles and enough magical ability to intimidate almost anyone.
" I was saying, one should never attempt to dispel a barrier made of Scila Runes without first affirming the order of..." Gawain Harlen had three 'modes'. Intelligent, lazy, and lecherous. To someone looking, it would have definitely seemed that he was either in lazy or lecherous mode, clearly making a move on a woman young enough to be his daughter. However, as anyone who came close enough to listen would realize, he was actually in his intelligent mode, explaining to the fledgling mage the delicate process of undoing Runes. Well, in his intelligent and lecherous mode. His hand was slowly but surely sliding down from the young woman's shoulder towards her behind.
Mere moments before his hand reached its target, there was some commotion near the entrance, attracting both Gawain's and his companion's attention. While disappointed at the fact that the interesting new thing caused his companion to rise up and go see closer what was going on, Gawain was also a bit delighted when he saw what was going on himself.

Issabella, one of his two best achievements had returned. He had managed to recruit two women, both gorgeous, and both good enough to easily qualify for S rank, into his new Guild. If it weren't for them, he might've called it quits only a few weeks after the Guild was first established, order from the Council or not.
Gawain stood up from the couch and headed to the direction of the returnee, his mouth curving into a small smile. He had missed the warrior mage, for several reasons. One of them was, obviously, her delightful sense of fashion. Gawain gave her an approving nod as he looked her over while approaching. He couldn't understand why most women decided to cover themselves with so much unnecessary cloth when they were so much more beautiful without. That was one reason he liked her, but not the only. She was also a physically oriented mage, and Gawain enjoyed sparring with her.
He was about the greet her, while looking her up and down again now that he'd come close enough to fully appreciate her, but she suddenly decided to head somewhere -to the direction of the lounge. He intended to move after her in order to give her a friendly pat, but then he noticed the creatures of bone following her. Grimacing a bit, he stopped on his tracks. He'd tried to move for the S rank mage several times before, but those things were always in the way, watching her behind. He bore a little antagonism towards them. Well, he'd get his chance sooner or later. Still, even if it wasn't safe to lay his hands on her, he did actually have some official things to talk about with her as well. After clearing an S Rank mission, he'd need her to report to him.
Then he completely abandoned the idea of following Issabella, when he saw who she was talking to. The Creepy Kid. Not only was the boy himself creepy as hell, but when the Guild Master had once had to check his room in order to do some repairs for the building, he'd found a doll that was clearly possessed. He'd seen nightmares for several nights in a row after that, and avoided the boy like the plague afterwards.
Gawain turned about and nodded to the one standing near him -Sarah. There was something strange about her, but he couldn't quite place what it was. Maybe it was the fact that he had a little trouble remembering her name, even though he never forgot the name of any woman. Very odd.
As he shifted his weight on the floor, he noticed that there was a slight unevenness to it. He looked down, and noticed that the floor was burned in a small area. It did not take her long to add one and one -Issabella had been here a moment ago, and it had been very hard to not notice the Guild's very own Princess giving a brilliant argument on why she deserved to have pie.

If one S Rank mage was unavailable, one should go to the other one. A plan began to form within Gawain's mind. He had missed the wonderful opportunity of Freya's hugging round before, so he'd need to wait for a new chance. Or no. He would create a chance, not wait for one.
Hint number one: Pie.
Hint number two: Not required.
Gawain burst into action. He moved towards the kitchens. He positioned himself next to the doorway to the kitchen. He then moved his head so that he could see into the kitchen, just for the briefest moment. "Target located." He pulled his head back to hiding, having memorized the location of the target and the route to it. He concentrated. A tiny silvery portal appeared in front of him, and four small chains came out of it. Focusing his mind into this matter of utmost importance. Moving delicately, the chains entered the kitchen.
A moment later, angry shouts could be heard from inside. Gawain wrapped his hands around the chains and pulled with all his strength. The chains came flying back, with something additional in tow. As soon as the tray was in front of him, he grabbed it from the air, letting the chains wrapped around it vanish, and ran for his life. Figuratively. And he didn't actually run, since that would be plain suspicious. Instead, he moved with grace befitting a Guild Master. Though there was a certain amount of haste to his steps.
After some time, Gawain decided that he had shaken off his pursuers. Or maybe they had just decided that it was not worth it trying to chase him. Smiling, satisfied, he headed for the direction Freya had been in. It did not take long for him to find her -she was not exactly easy to miss.
Smiling, the respectable Guild Master bent over slightly next to Freya, one arm behind him, and another in front of Freya, holding a tray full of orange gelatin. "Some dessert, my dear?"


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#, as written by Layla
Freya Hirane ~ Amaranth

"Woah there, that pie is for me, and mine only." Gren said. The B-Class mage was muscled to say the least for he was humongous with long, shaggy hair. Many might've found him intimidating but not Freya, for her Danger Radar was quite faulty. The young lady dressed in frills pouted, her lower lip trembling as she stared at him with her signature Puppy Face. It worked every time. "But eh, I suddenly lost my appetite for it, here, tis' for you."

Bursting into a blinding smile, Freya snatched the warm pie from Gren's hands, clutching it tightly to her as if it were her baby. Well, it was her baby and she would now devour her child. Opening her mouth wide, Freya prepared to gobble down the lovely dessert but an angelic voice interrupted her, "Come on spoiled, I don't have all day." The powerful mage giggled like a young child as Izzy made funny faces at her. Freya crossed her eyes, reaching her small tongue up to try to touch her nose. "You sure you want to fatten up now?" Izzy teased. The blonde huffed, sticking up her nose to stare the scarcely clad mage down - a failed attempt, as Izzy was 6 feet tall and Freya could not have been more than 5'3".

"I most certainly will not fatten up," Freya said with exasperation. "Besides, you could eat a barn of cows and still be hungry."

"New plan, after the the feast, we destroy each other," said Izzy, her attention wandering over to Sidney and a new girl with short dark hair. Freya struggled to contain her excitement, A newbie! Turning around and whipping someone's face with her long, wavy hair in the process, Freya demanded, "Spoon."

Someone handed her a wooden ladle that one would normally use for soup - Freya shrugged, digging up a chunk of warm apple with with the ladle - close enough. Parting her lips, Freya stuffed the gigantic 'spoon' with its large portion of pie into her mouth, filling out her entire face like a balloon. It did not take long for Freya to finish the pie, her sweet tooth and large appetite contrasted with her small size, perhaps all of it went up to her chest and down to her hips.

"Some dessert, my dear?" asked a low, masculine voice.

A muscled, solid hand wrapped around Freya shoulders. The mage blinked, her gaze falling on beautiful, beautiful orange jelly. Her life was complete. Tilting her head to look up at warm eyes of clear grey, she widened her large baby blue eyes before her lips parted in a bright smile. Her teeth were so blindingly white, it was rumoured that they sparkled in the dark. "Gawain," she said with affection. He was indeed the best master she'd ever had, completely unlike the cruel Naciel Harlen. It was hard to believe they had the same last name for surely, they were not related. Oh poo, they have the same last name. Dipping her gaze down to look around frantically, Freya reasoned with herself. Harlen was not such an uncommon surname, was it? Surely many had such a name. The honest, kind and hard working Gawain surely was not related to the monster that was Naciel Harlen.

Picking up a cup of jelly and a small spoon, Freya licked her lips with Amaranth's master towering over her. "You're the best, master," she cooed, looking back up at him with trusting eyes, "You're the most honest person I've ever met - I hope I find someone like you one day. You work so hard all the time and you're so selfless. All men should be like you!" Standing on the tips of her toes, Freya pulled herself up by the guild's leader's shoulders - and placed a soft kiss on his cheek, close to his mouth. A slight blush painted her cheeks as Freya smiled, smelling of apples, cinnamon and sugar, "I really like you, master."

He was such a nice old man.

Tapping her way over to the kitchen, Freya peeped the top of her head into the doorway, waving madly at the young woman with crimson hair - Yuliana. "Yulia!" she grinned before acknowledging everyone else. She'd helped Yuliana with the strew earlier and her willingness to let Freya aid them in the kitchen made the blonde mage like her all the more. "Are we ready to begin the feast?" she asked, scooping jelly onto her tongue.

"I'm really hungry," she said after eating an entire pie meant for the whole guild and god knew how many bowls of orange bliss. "The appetisers were amazing. You're all such amazing cooks. You'll teach me some time, right?" she asked, glancing at Yulia. There were nervous chuckles at her suggestion and some half-hearted nods but Freya noticed none of this.

"I think we're all done with the food now. The feast can begin," said a nearby brunette.

"Great!" Freya replied before rushing for the stage and tripping on the steps. The mage accidentally yanked on the cord of the microphone as she fell, causing a deafening screech to fill the air, followed by an awkward silence. "Ow, ow, ow..." Freya moaned, rubbing her sore nose as she stood.

"Please stand for the national anthem of Fiore," she began, standing behind the microphone stand. Freya stood on her bare toes, gripping the mic as she struggled to reach the height of the stand. Moving her head away from the mic, Freya 'whispered' loudly at Sidney who was near by, "This is national day, right?" Collective 'No's' echoed throughout the large room.

"Oopsies," Freya covered her mouth before turning back to the microphone, "I grew half an inch, everyone," she announced in the painful silence. A lone "Yay!" was shouted amongst the roomful of mages, before someone began clapping. Rather awkwardly, others began to clap, too, until everyone was clapping - for Freya's growth of half an inch or something else entirely, no one was quite sure.

"So, this is a feast to celebrate... Stuff." Freya twirled a lock of her blonde hair rather nervously. It was a mystery to all and to Freya herself, why she was Amaranth's Mistress of Ceremonies when she never quite knew what was happening. Well, at least she was nice to look at.


Loud shouts and fists in the air erupted as everyone began to cheer - so that was why Freya was the MC.

"Before we begin the feast, I would like to dedicate a song to my bestest sister in the world - Izzy. She's so wonderful and powerful and we need a rematch because I will destroy you," Freya said, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye. "I remember that time when we bathed together in the hot springs," Freya began, her watering eyes concentrated on Izzy as she retold the story of their nude session with meticulous detail, certainly enough to make anyone blush. "I love you, Izzy. Who loves Izzy, too?" Several whoops and hands shot up - all of which belonged to men.

Musicians appeared from seemingly nowhere as Freya sang into the mic - which was thankfully adjusted to her short height. Freya stared at her fellow S-Class mage the entire time, choosing the strangest song - Answer. Her voice was nothing like Issabella's flowing voice of rivers and oceans, Freya's voice was one of sugar and starlight. Half weeping, the young mage's sweetly melodic voice filled the room as several Freisa fans cried openly - most of which were men.

The song had nothing to do with anything but Freya was not the best at memorising lyrics and Answer was the only song she remembered how to sing. At the end of the last caramelised note, Freya tripped and fell off the stage.


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Sidney Allen

The smile on his lips grew a centimeter when his wave was returned, a ratification of his existence. His eyes didn't return back to the stitching in the chair, instead it bounced throughout the scenes in front of him. The hall faced a burst of energy shortly after, his attention drifted between the members of the guild as they interacted with one another in a style similar to a domino effect. Each moment that passed between individuals spread the infection, a virus that brought symptoms of elation in it's victims. The serum pulsed throughout his body, moved within his veins until they touched his fingertips, his toes, his ears.

Freya brought the flavor of chaos to the event, even going out of her way to squeeze the life out of him before challenging Izzy - only to be distracted by a mere dessert. Sidney had to inhale his soul back into his body, he wasn't sure if she knew her own strength. On another note, how could such a short girl be able to pack away that much food? He hadn't seen anything like it before! Maybe she had a secret magic that allowed her to consume large quantities of food without getting full, or fat for that matter. His lips pressed together with the presentation of such a thought, it was possibility.

"Hey, I have yet to know your name, are you new here? So was I." The contemplation of hidden magic evaporated in his mind when words filled the space instead. Sidney's head turned towards the voice; it belonged to a girl he had only seen only a few times before, but knew nothing about. "The name is Erina, you can just call me Eri, what about you?" The air around her was kind, but solid, far from being paper thin. He got the impression that she was a strong individual, reliable, even. "Oh," He spoke, he voice holding a soft quality that often drew out syllables. "I'm Sidney Allen. What a pleasure." His smile returned as he turned to face the girl better, retaining an open body language.

Another presence joined them soon after, this one belonging to Isabella who also took a seat on one of the chairs. The scene before him drifted to the woman, and then to the space she once occupied by the bar. The guild master stood there with an ill expression crossing his face, which Sidney found to be a bit comical. He hadn't really spoken to Gawain much, but despite his age he figured that he must be a good man, even if he seem to avoid Sidney and was a known womanizer. He did let him join Amaranth, and allowed him to keep Stamps, and that was all that mattered. Besides, he looked back to Eri and Izzy, he made a good guild for everyone to enjoy.

His eyes seemed to sparkle at the addition of the skeletal creatures to their party. They seemed to be bickering with one another, and the boy was able to count fifteen sparks before they were put out. "How have you been? And how is Amaya treating you?" No longer looking at the magic creatures, but their creator, Sidney started to tug at his scarf at the additional attention that made him both sheepish and happy. "And what about Stamps?" Those were a lot of questions to answer, but he could manage them, being as simple as they were.

"Stamps and I have been super-excellent. Like," His eyes gazed downwards and to the right, his brain trying to recall a certain feeling. "Five by five." They returned back to looking at Izzy this time, but occasionally glanced over to Eri as well. "Amaya is..." Sidney hummed in thought. "She's, Amaya." He smiled at the statement. "She acts harsh but I know that she has a good heart, she treats me well." The boy decided. He wasn't very good with his team leader's biting remarks but he was starting to get used to them, Izzy need not to worry about it. Though, it was nice of her to ask.

Sidney would have spoken again, but Freya's take over of the microphone cut his words short. Something about a national anthem and a holiday, the words were distorted when she 'whispered' the question towards him. Lucky for him, other members answered the question for him, making Freya out to look quite silly. He watched, amused, and even clapped at her announcement of growing half an inch, even if that didn't look to be the case.

Primitively, he wouldn't have guessed that the blonde was a talented singer, and her melodious voice always brought some surprise to him. How interesting it was for someone that could destroy cities to be able to sing such a lovely, gentle tune. The more notes that escaped into the room the more relaxed Sidney started to feel, until his eyelids started to feel heavy, and blinded his sight. Soothing, it reminded him of far away memories, and he only opened his eyes again when the woman crashed onto the floor.


Murmur Burns

"I would call you a woman but your beards do not allow me to interpret you as such," A smile that could only be described as sly and snake-like crossed his face at the appearance of their guild master. She was most positively hellish, anyone deceived by her appearance wouldn't find themselves being so hunky-dory for long. "Where's that half woman friend of yours, Burns?" The woman spoke with antipathy lacing her tone, something he wasn't unaccustomed to. He brought his cup away from his lips, setting the porcelain on a similar plate.

Ravenna was dressed in clothing that showed off her many battle scars, reminding him of animals that engaged in similar behavior; using it to display their power and authority over others. She was not to be taken lightly though, many of those scars weren't there for nothing, she truly was a fearsome opponent. Even himself wouldn't want to fight against her in combat - at least not now, perhaps one day he would have the honor. "I regret to inform you that I'm not aware of his current location." His voice sweet, nearly overcoming the challenging, sour emotions behind them. "However, I'm sure he'll show up soon enough." Murmur said, watching K'Brak out of his peripheral vision. Like the younger man, he only nodded and spoke the others name in acknowledgement as he approached the black haired woman.

He was torn between hating and loving the woman that rested on the thrown. She wouldn't bend to his will easily, and that was ever so frustrating, things moved so much smoother when people weren't so stubborn. That was what he liked about her though, he did appreciate a good challenge. Every interaction between them was like a game to him, something that didn't constantly leave him being the victor. It'd make her happy if he left the guild, but the Crimson Blades was too much fun to be in, even if it came with consequences. Ravenna cutting him for use of her blood magic was one of them, seeing nauseating displays of loyalty between the woman and her right hand man could be considered another.

"Destroy Amaranth?" Amusement crossed his face, but a feeling of nervousness settled within him. That would happen all too soon; discord had to plague the country at a very precise time. If such a bedlam was to occur before he needed it to everything he had put into motion could be set back. It was better to wait for something that would work in a proper chain reaction. The words he used were chosen carefully and his face no longer displayed such lighthearted emotions. "Sounds like fun." He smiled. "Though, much of the guild will be gathered this month, given their festivities." The man said, sounding to consider the best course of action. His eyes met her own, no longer playing coy. "I would have thought you'd be presently more interested in the new slave trade mission we received. Oh, what was the guild called? 'Jyel'?" The smile he worse was positively venomous, fishing for something that could prove his suspicions to be true.

Feeling a new addition among them, Murmur turned his head to look at Vincent, who was silent as ever. That one was quite unsettling, he hardly had any information on the particular mage at all. The blue haired male had made a mental note to keep an eye on him, but he always seemed to slip away so conveniently. "What do you think about all of this, Vincent?" He questioned, dragging another person to walk on hot coals. Their guild master was so fickle, one had to be careful about what they said.


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#, as written by Eyliel
Gawain Harlen

Freya had just finished eating her pie when Gawain came to offer the spoils of culinary war he had recently gained possession of. It did not take long for the young woman to notice the gift he had brought. The Guild Master smiled back down at the member of his guild when she looked up and smiled to him. She was truly a delightful girl. She was lovely in more ways than one. Not only was she beautiful, but also had a great personality. And most importantly, she truly seemed to like him.
"You're the best, master. You're the most honest person I've ever met - I hope I find someone like you one day. You work so hard all the time and you're so selfless. All men should be like you!" Since she said that, with such trusting eyes, it was hard to imagine that she disliked him. There was, however, a small problem. While it was a good thing that she liked Gawain, it would have been better if the way she liked him had been a bit different. After all, when the young woman stood on her toes to kiss him, she did so on his cheek. Well, this was pleasant in its own way.
"I really like you, master", Freya said after returning down from the kiss on the cheek, blushing slightly. She was so pure. It almost made Gawain feel bad about giving her a small tap on the behind when she left. Almost.
'Mission success', the respectable Guild Master thought as she watched the S Rank mage disappear into the kitchen. Though the result had not been as good as he'd hoped, it was better than he'd expected.

After Freya had left for the kitchen, Gawain was left with not much to do. He glanced about, seeing if there were potential targets nearby. Unfortunately, it seemed like he was surrounded by males and females who had been rather adamant about his earlier attempts to befriend them. He would have to move more slowly with them. Now, however, was not the time.
Sighing, the Guild Master glanced at the direction of Issabella and the Creepy Kid, wondering if he should go talk to the other S Rank member despite the company she was in. However, he now noticed that there was a third person included in their conversation. A young woman. She was rather unfeminine, but he was not someone to mistake a woman for a man, even if they were tomboyish. It took him a moment to remember who she was. Erina Harlow. She joined rather recently. Considering how new she was and her tomboyish appearance, it made sense that he hadn't remembered her instantly.
Gawain didn't get the chance to think about it for much longer, as the by far hardest-to-ignore member of the Guild scrambled onto the stage. Even without the deafening sound that suddenly filled the air, he would've noticed Freya soon enough.

The respectable Guild Master thoroughly enjoyed the show. A small smile appeared on his face at the 'national anthem' thing, but the next thing she said was much more interesting. 'Half an inch? I need to update her file.' Gawain probably found it more interesting than most people in the hall. Then again, he was probably one of the few who misunderstood it. When he heard about a woman growing, he wasn't thinking about vertical growth, but rather, 'horizontal'. Which made it much more interesting.
Gawain kept listening to Freya attentively, and was soon rewarded for his attention, when the subject of her speech turned to Issabella, and a particular story involving her. As soon as he heard the first words of the most interesting story, his hand dived into a pocket, bringing out a notebook and a pen. He began to furiously write down every word he heard, right under what seemed to be a detailed report of the Guild's activities, addressed to a member of the Council. When the story ended and Freya asked her question "I love you, Izzy. Who loves Izzy, too?", Gawain's hand was among those that shot up.
Satisfied after having heard the fascinating story and having written it down, Gawain put the notebook back into the pocket it had been in. Freya began to sing not long afterwards, and he listened to it attentively for some time, before noticing something else interesting.

A small gravitational abnormality in the direction of the kitchen. Being a user of Gravity Magic himself, he had grown sensitive to such things, even if the abnormality did not affect him. The Guild Master turned his head to look at the direction he had sensed the abnormality from, wondering what the cause had been. Then he noticed the Music Boy, and his interest dissipated. He knew the boy could use Gravity Magic, so he was the prime suspect. He was, however, a he, and thus of little interest to him. Well, it might be interesting to do some research on Gravity Magic by training with him, but this was not the time for training.
Besides, something happened to a person who was of interest to Gawain. Freya had fallen off the stage -not that that was particularly surprising. The Guild Master was about to head over to her, but then he realized that she hadn't fallen particularly hard. In fact, her collision with the floor had seemed strangely soft. Gawain thought about it for a brief moment, but then shrugged. Someone had probably interfered. Freya was well-liked, and it wasn't like a room full of mages had no one who could soften someone's fall. Gawain could name several of them, and then there were males as well. He decided that Freya was fine. Even if the blow hadn't been softened, she was still an S Rank mage, and one of them wouldn't be seriously harmed by something like that.
Gawain turned his attention back to the Music Boy. He'd noticed something just before Freya had drawn his attention again. His eyes searched the boy's surroundings, and soon found what he'd thought was interesting. Amaya Tanaka. A promising B Rank mage. And more importantly, she was also rather attractive. She had a good sense of style as well. The respectable Guild Master approved of her. There was just the problem that she was a bit hard to approach, to put it mildly. She seemed to dislike attention. Still, he would eventually get to her. He nodded in greeting, just in case she happened to look in his direction.

"Now then..." Tearing his attention apart from his interests -that is, women- the Guild Master turned to his duties. This was a party, so he didn't have anything official to do. However, as a Guild Master, the representative of the Guild, he had to stay in top shape, both physically and mentally. And that could mean only one thing when in a situation like this.
He grabbed a plate and began to pile up food onto it. A very large amount of it. This was a feast, after all. But perhaps surprisingly for those who knew him, or thought they knew him, everything he gathered on his plate was actually healthy food. While the size of the meal was large, it was a very balanced one, giving him everything he needed. Building and maintaining muscles such as his did not come from exercise alone, but also from a healthy diet.
He began to eat, approving of the taste. Everything had been made by members of the Guild, and it tasted very good. His Guild had many great cooks in it. 'And they're beautiful as well', he thought while eating. Everything tasted better if it was made by a beautiful woman. Of course, it would taste even better if he was eating it in the company of one as well.

Yuliana Lumina

Not long after she had returned to the kitchen to finish up the last few dishes before the official start of the feast, Yuliana saw chains shooting into the kitchen and wrapping themselves around the gelatin that had just finished being chilled properly. She shouted out a warning to the other members in the kitchen, and they tried to grab the tray the gelatin was on, but the chains were pulled out swiftly. Yuliana recognized the magic that had been used. It was definitely the Guild Master's. Some of the other cooks were about to chase after the thief, but Yuliana stopped them. "Give it up. They'll be gone by the time we find him, and we can always chastise him later." Some seemed reluctant, but others nodded. It was no great mystery who was guilty of the theft. This was not the first time their master had done something like this with those chains of his. But Yuliana was determined to root out that bad habit of his. She had decided to make a decent Guild Master out of that old man not a week after she had joined Amaranth. It might take years, but she was determined.
Yuliana and the other cooks returned to what they had been doing before the small incident Yuliana herself turned to arrange some salad onto a plate in a beautiful, colorful pattern. She put a great amount of effort into small things such as this, even though she knew most people would not stop to appreciate it.

Right after she had finished with the salad, someone familiar entered the kitchen, calling Yuliana by the name she preferred to be called. She turned around to smile to Freya brightly, and kept the smile even after she noticed what the younger but much more powerful girl was doing. 'I guess it's no great mystery why the old man took them', Yuliana thought to herself as she looked at Freya eating the last bits of the orange gelatin she had made. Considering the Guild Master's personality and Freya's, it wasn't too hard to imagine what had happened. The question was, how far had the old man gone? It was unlikely that he had done too much -even he couldn't be that forward with someone like Amaranth's Princess.
"I'm really hungry. The appetisers were amazing. You're all such amazing cooks. You'll teach me some time, right?" Yuliana smiled noncommittally to Freya. She had no qualms towards teaching the girl cooking, but she was a bit doubtful about whether she could actually learn. She had shown the people in the kitchen her 'talent' quite well earlier.
Yuliana nodded to the brunette who said that they were ready. There wasn't much else left to do. All the food was ready, and they'd only need to bring in more food as the trays that were already on the tables were emptied. Only a couple people needed to stay behind to watch the food.
Freya left after it was affirmed that the feast was ready to begin. Yuliana turned to the others. "I'll take the first watch", she told them. They were all hungry, even though they'd done some tasting themselves to make sure that the food they'd made was actually good enough to bring into the tables. Thankful, the others nodded and left the kitchen. They'd come back when it was their turn to watch over the food or when the tables were starting to run out of food.

Yuliana let out a sigh of relief and sat down onto a chair in the kitchen after the chore of cooking had finally finished. She did enjoy cooking, but it was a lot of work, cooking for so many.
While she had indeed volunteered for the first watch, she really wanted to join the feast soon herself. She really enjoyed festivities, and had done a lot of preparation. Despite being in a kitchen, she was wearing a fancy dress of a brilliant red -V306-S501-Y479-W320-L029-B731-6, a color close to the color of her hair- decorated with pure white patterns. Of course, she was wearing an apron over it, but it was nothing shabby either. It was made of fine material and had intricate floral patterns on it.
Using the free time she had now, Yuliana began to braid her hair. She'd tied it into a simple ponytail while cooking, but that was not quite enough for a party. A feast required something more ornate, something that a complex braided hairstyle can provide. Hearing Freya's lovely voice singing outside, she hummed herself while working on her hair
Unfortunately, the braiding took both her hands, and when another thief appeared in the kitchen, pulling away a plate of meat without any physical contact, she couldn't grab the food in time. She did, however, identify the thief before he fled. He made a mental note to chastise him later as well. At this pace, he'd have to spend the entire next day scolding people. Unless they fled using the excuse of doing a mission first, of course.
She sighed, and returned to braiding her hair. Some time after the singing had stopped, she finally finished, standing up. She brushed her dress with a hand, making sure it was in good order, before going to stand by the kitchen door. Soon, a replacement arrived to take her turn watching, and she was free to join the feast herself. She entered the main area, looking for a spot to sit in.


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Amaya Tanaka

As soon as Amaya had temporarily used her magic to catch Freya- though honestly the girl would just be falling over again in a minute, so Amaya didn't know why she bothered- she was back to leaning casually against a pillar. She accepted Freya's blown kiss with a playful pretense to catch it and pat it to her cheek, just to humor the childish mage before said girl went running off towards the table of food.
Food! To anyone else she might have looked bored leaning back with narrowed eyes as she did, but she was attentively scoping out the food table. Luckily, there was a decent portion of the chocolate truffles left. Sitting there oh so innocently just waiting for someone to snatch them up.Better yet, Yuliana had just switched shifts, and it was always somehow easier to get away with taking food when the other redhead wasn't there, She was a brilliant cook, much too brilliant, as were other cooks in Amaranth's kitchens. It would be an insult if nobody tried to steal the food! Amaya was just debating how to go about her robbery when her teammate Browen appeared in front of her, dressed like a circus clown, like always. Amaya rather liked Browen. His sense of style always provided amusement to her, and his slow paced way of action kept him from making snappy remarks back at her. Her fellow B rank was also rather powerful with his different magic. Amaya guess he could aim for a much higher rank if he had the motivation.

"Morning Amaya, How are you today?"

"Have quite headache, not made any better by your bright ensemble."
She reached out with left hand , momentarily distracted by one of the feather on his hat, prodding it interestingly before returning her hands to her side. Browen had casually begun eating his plate of meat again. Amaya's eyes twitched up, flickering around the room for a moment, making quick eye contact with the guild master, who nodded in greeting. She didn't bother nodding back, continuing her scope of the room. She saw the table of food- Oh for the love of.... Of course the Princess Freya was devouring those truffles she'd seen earlier. Oh the sadness, that many gone to waste being shoveled into the mouths of the hyper girl and.... a teddy bear. Amaya groaned, deciding to head over and snatch one of the trays for herself while Freya was distracted. She finished her oservations of the room, noting Sidney, Issabella and a new girl, sitting in the lounge area. Ah, Sidney. He was newer to the guild, assigned to Amaya's team, and though she treated him like everybody else she harbored a worry for his slim cat loving form. Actually, she harbored a worry for Browen as well, with his delayed reflexes. She expected him to get hit by a throwing blade or a quick magic any day now.
It was obviously notable that she was much nicer to Browen and Sidney, her other team member, than to anyone else. Browen, because she thought of him as a friend, perhaps, and Sidney, well, because Sidney looked like a breath of wind would knock him into a million pieces.

The red head turned her attention back to her team member.
"Okay circus freak, here's what were gonna do. We're going over there and taking at least one tray of those chocolate truffles first of all. And then you, Sidney and I are picking a job. We really need to start picking them together." Amaya shuddered at the multiple times they had each separately signed the team up for jobs that only suited the one who'd picked it, and often coincidentally exploited the other's weakness. Even Sidney had once signed them up for breaking a cat possession charm, worth little money, simply because he'd seen the word cat. that had actually been a rather scary event. Cat possessions were not a joke.
"We need to pick better jobs, that we can get the full money for. I'm short on rent and drinking money."

She looped an arm around Browens shoulders not giving him time to agree or disagree with anything she'd just said, too intent on getting those truffles before Freya could. And team bonding of course. But mostly the truffles. She'd have to steal them, sneakily maybe. Or perhaps the harpy looking brunette would send them over, not wanting all the food to be wasted on Freya. Hm.

Amaya navigated Browen stealthily around Freya and made a gesture at the brunette, signaling she was taking the truffles. She just threw her hands up, exasperated and shot, "Go right on ahead, because obviously no one else will be able to get any!"

She snatched up the tray gleefully, letting go of Browen as she strut away. "Come on then Lord of the Color Blind, bring your mismatched little but on over here!"

With that she navigated easily into the sitting area Sidney Issabella and an unfamiliar face were sitting.
"Good day my dear frail Sidney, Madame Reaper, unfamiliar he-she I don't know." She perched onto the love seat that faced the chairs the three were seated in, balancing her tray of eclairs on her gloved fingers. She tilted it towards the unfamiliar tomboy looking girl, in a way to make up for her comment, knowing some people didn't now quite how rude/frank she was. "I'm Amaya. Chocolate Truffle? I saved some from Freya."
She moved her eyes to Issabella, taking in the warriors scantily dressed elegant figure. Back from a difficult mission and looking like she'd just emerged from a photo shoot with sorcerer weekly. Truly a role model!
"You should really keep an eye on your princess, " Amaya chuckled slightly. "She'll eat the entire feast."
After the appropriate amount of time had passed for the unfamiliar girl to take an truffle, she moved the tray out to Issabella and Sidney. She narrowed her eyes at the boy. "Eat one, I can nearly see your bones through your clothes. You need to build up for our next mission."

(OOC: Sorry I went crazy with dialogue, wanted to get some stuff started as I might be absent tomorrow, depending. Sorry I'm posting it here, I'm expected to leave for something in like, two minutes, just letting you know. I'll edit this out next time I can get online!)


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Issabella Esther Carrington

(Amaranth: Lounge Area)

Izzy heard Freya's voice echo throughout the guild - but not before she told the story of them both at the hot springs. Freya never did have any shame, and it seemed she took great pleasure in embarrassing those around her. Out of the corner of her eye she swore she saw the headmaster writing something down. Likely that it was the very story in which Freya was telling, it was like that perverted man to do so. Turning her attention back to Sidney, she noticed the singing seemed to soothe him. It seemed like he was almost on the verge of drifting off to sleep. She smiled at the boy with adoration in her eyes, never had she envied Freya so much. Was it her voice in particular that soothed him? Or perhaps it was the song in general - she couldn't be sure. Freya once mused about her voice, but she wasn't about to hop onto the stage which Freya stood - or didn't stand, as she had just fallen from the stage. This was probably one of those moments people would do that odd face palm thing which Izzy never understood. Freya was a clumsy thing, she could probably trip over her feet multiple times a day. Luckily Amaya caught her using her shadow magic, and Browen approached them as well checking up on her well being.

"Stop that." Izzy scolded, though rather calmly. "That's enough for today, take it easy darlings. Mommy loves you." And with that, the bickering little creatures disappeared. Izzy had created the creatures to be fully functioning beings that learned like every other creature, with emotions, and the ability to retain memory after being returned from their summon. Izzy noticed Sidney's eyes opened again when Freya stopped singing. She wondered what he had been thinking of during the soothing tune. What kind of things went on in Sidney's mind? "Good day my dear frail Sidney, Madame Reaper, unfamiliar he-she I don't know." came a familiar voice. It was Amaya, one of the wizards in which Sidney was teamed with, while she didn't come off as the friendliest of people Izzy deemed her a decent person with a rough exterior. She also had great potential as a wizard, however at the moment she was sitting at rank B. Frail. This was actually not so much a smart sarcastic comment as it was true. Sidney looked so delicate and fragile, like the slightest touch could hurt him, and he was so thin. Izzy wasn't sure why that was exactly, another thing she could add to her list of reasons to worry about Sidney.

Izzy looked up at the truffles in front of her, chocolate, she quite liked chocolate. "Thank you." she said, grabbing one. The fact she was able to rescue them from the garbage disposal that was Freya was a feat in itself. "You should really keep an eye on your princess, " Amaya chuckled slightly. "She'll eat the entire feast." Izzy turned to Freya, who seemed to be having some kind of eating contest with one of her spirits. "Let the princess have her fun." she said, mentally betting on Freya over the spirit. She was a bottomless pit, but then again, perhaps the spirit inherited the traits of its master. "Eat one, I can nearly see your bones through your clothes. You need to build up for our next mission." Her attention wandered from Amaya to Sidney again. "Truffles is hardly a meal, though." she stated, now concerned about Sidney's well being. "What might your next mission be?"


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Sidney Allen

"Good day my dear frail Sidney, Madame Reaper, unfamiliar he-she I don't know." All too soon the world snapped back into focus. He had been too intent at staring at the blurs of color, they drew away his mind and stole his memory. What was happening now? Sidney eventually saw Amaya, who had found her place on the love seat, boasting an array of 'rescued' sweets. "She'll eat the entire feast." His face hid a ghost of a frown. Darn, he had drifted off again, the thought of desserts needing saving being too entertaining his mind. Were they talking about Freya now? They must be, he didn't know anyone else who was capable of such a thing.

The tray was shoved in his direction and his brain found its center. Chocolate was a bit heavy, wasn't it? Amaya was ordering him to take one, commenting on the visibility of his skeleton. His stomach sunk and he looked downwards, locking his vision on his hands. That was true enough, and with further examination Sidney discovered that his sweater didn't do much softening to the jagged corners that were his shoulders and elbows, not to mention his collarbones. A lot of people had said similar things, his parents for example, though the doctors and nurses usually used technical words that he had to ask the meanings for. They were right, he knew that, but food was food. He usually didn't like it very much, but currently he didn't nurse any aversion to it.

Now Issabella was speaking, he'd wait until she was finished. "What might your next mission be?" Ultimately he ended up shaking his head to reject Amaya's offer. No truffles. Cookies and pies were fine sometimes, but he didn't care for such rich treats. Instead he stood up from his seat, his sock clad feet barely making any noise on the ground. Were they going to go on a mission soon? That would be pretty nice, maybe they would do another cat-related job? Hopefully it wouldn't be so difficult, any job that wasn't life threatening could be nice. "Oh, I don't like mushrooms." Was his line to reject the food being direction at him. Of course that was the wrong kind of truffle, but it was something to say all the same.

Without saying anything else, Sidney had left the group and walked towards the feast, being sure to put a good space between himself and Freya. The eating contest going away was amusing in itself, but such a commotion was something to avoid. He looked over the variety of dishes that were prepared, searching for something that would sit well in his stomach. Sooner or later he found himself holding a bowl of soup, which only amounted to about two ladles full. He also gripped onto a spoon in his other hand and held a roll between his lips. That was definitely plenty, more than he would have eaten before joining the guild at any rate.

It was rude to eat on a lounge chair opposed to the dinner table, though one might not call the tables in Amaranth such a thing. They were rather crowded as well, and Sidney waded until he was an area with a little less people, ending up standing next to Yuliana. "Greetings." The word came out muffled due to the bread still being carried with the help of his mouth. What a welcome, but it was as good as it was going to get. The boy took a spot nearby and placed the roll to the side, yet he didn't dig into his meal right after. Instead he looked over to Yuliana again. "Do you want to sit with me?" He asked childishly. "Of course, you don't have to. This end of the table is short a peg, rather unconventional that is." He spoke while poking at the contents of the bowl.


Murmur Burns


The man had led them to an unimpressive building. The architecture was old, aged, and it wasn't for the few lights that were burning on inside it would have been regarded as abandoned. It was a fine location for holding slaves and other wrongdoings, though it looked like it lacked proper guards. Ravenna and the unnamed man entered, officially ending their trailing, but he made no order to follow them any further. The man's obvious course of action was to lock the new addition away, carrying attention of others with him. Their guild master was quite the looker; her arrival wouldn't be ignored, even if she was currently unconscious. The choice to use her as a way to distract the enemy was easily made. She would be fine on her own, and if they needed to they would retrieve her if she didn't wake early enough.

This was as good of a time as any. They might as well use the front door. It must of come to some shock, seeing them walk in unannounced and not accounted for like that. A muscular man and his scruffy looking side-kick eyed them as if trying to place the reason for their intrusion. "Hey, do you have any business here?" The bulkier of the two asked, instantly trying to size up their value. A couple of henchmen was candy, but it would be best to take care of the problem quickly and with any luck, silently. "Shhh," He warned, a card with an minimalistic decorated back being summoned into his hands. His fingers turned it over, reveling it to be the Two of Cups, before it vanished from their sight. Basic water magic, unfortunate for him, yet it would do the job. "Quiet now." With a bit of concentration the moisture that hung in the air could be harvested, the bucket of water left for cleaning purposes was helpful to his cause too.

Drowning had a few upsides, it being relatively quiet was one of them. The men did struggle, when water enveloped their heads they were quick to fight back as soon as they stopped trying to jerk their way out of the liquid. They came marching forward with their knives in hand, only making a few advances forward before falling onto their knees. It was a devastating fate, their heads would be pounding, it would feel like their brains would explode until they sucked water into their lungs. It wasn't all cruel, they would feel a moment of relief as they let go and finally died. Murmur didn't bother watching their last moments, he spent his valuable time on casting a concealment spell instead. That would keep everyone inside, and the building would appear as it always did to the outside world. There would be no quick getaways for the people here, nor any reinforcements.

The mission should come first, but who said he couldn't multitask? He found it hard to believe that this was the elusive Jyel's base, but there should be someone who knew of the location, of both that and the missing girl. Or so to say, he would attempt to kill two birds with one stone. Knowing more about the organization could be beneficial, especially to his own personal interests. They would go room to room, corridor to corridor, and in their search any enemy that was a bit too loud was quickly silenced. To his disappointment most of the members were more interested in throwing a fuss instead of loaning some information. Between the three of them taking care of the criminals wasn't a problem, but the longer they continued this the more attention they would alert.

"She's down the hall!" Murmur smiled as the man currently in questioning shed some light on the situation by choking out his desperate words. "The second door to the right. Please don't kill me, I'm only doing this for my wife, she's-" What an ugly voice, the bulging of his eyes suit that middle aged face so much more. He turned out of the room as the body fell onto the floor, filling the space with a quiet thud. So far they hadn't heard much about the guild other than there were several branches and locations, it looked like the knowledge of it was hidden even amongst its members. On the up side they were able to watch the death if the man who had stolen Ravenna in the first place, a task he had taken personally.

At least they could now retrieve the young girl. As he exited into the hallway he heard a voice in his head. Sleeping beauty had woken up. 'You suck at following.' He couldn't say he wasn't expecting that, but he could deal with her anger later. There was something more interesting present; a figure standing in the doorway outside of where Rosie was being held. Was that their fault? They may have started to cause a bit of a stir. "What do you think you're doing?" Pity, they were not happy, not in the slightest. He might as well drag the mood further south. With a smile on his face, a pleasant voice at the ready, Murmur interrupted the moment by stepping towards the area. "Good evening, we were just stopping by."


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#, as written by Eyliel
Yuliana Lumina

As Yuliana was looking for an empty spot around the dinner tables, she couldn't help but notice a certain someone hogging the desserts for herself. She smiled wryly as she saw Freya eating eclairs, creme brûlées, chocolate truffles, and many, many other sweet things, one after another. They had anticipated that the S Rank mage would do that, and had prepared twice more of everything sweet than one would have normally done for a group of this size. But they had underestimated Freya's abilities. A triple, no, a quintuple portion would have been closer to what they should have made. Well, at least the other members of the Guild would eat a bit more healthily with less sweet things available. She didn't want to ruin her guildmates' health by having them eat too much of the wrong kind of food. This was a feast, so a certain amount of extravagance was required, in food as well, but she'd have to compensate for it by making a bit lighter food for the next few weeks.
Turning her gaze away from Freya, Yuliana returned to searching for a spot to sit in. Soon she spotted a few empty seats near the end of a table. Most likely that part was empty because most of the desserts and other food that was popular in this particular Guild had already been taken away from there, leaving only the more simple types of food there. Well, Yuliana preferred it that way. While she enjoyed eating something sweet every now and then, she had a taste for simple food.
She took an empty plate and started to gather food onto it. Soon it was filled with colorful vegetables, arranged into a nice pattern. She always took care with things like this. Even though she was going to eat it in a moment, thus breaking the pattern apart, it was important to first prepare a feast for the eyes before providing one for the tongue. After enjoying the colorful view for a moment, Yuliana pierced one of the vegetables with a fork, and began to eat.

A moment afterwards, Yuliana heard someone's voice next to her. "Greetings", Sidney said to her. Do you want to sit with me? Of course, you don't have to. This end of the table is short a peg, rather unconventional that is."
"Hello, Sidney", Yuliana said in response, smiling to the boy. "I would like that." She noticed that Sidney had some soup and bread. She was glad to see him eating, though a bit more couldn't hurt. Unlike many people in the Guild, the boy next to him needed to eat more instead of less. She had tried to slowly make him eat more through the time he'd been in the Guild, and it seemed like there had been some progress.
Yuliana's hand put the fork down, and went to gather a small plate of various things, arranging them into patterns the way she usually did. She made sure that nothing was spicy -she had already learned that Sidney did not like spicy food. Then she brought the small plate in front of the boy. There was only a little, at least on the scale of some people. "I think you would like these, Sidney. I made them myself." That was the truth, actually. In Amaranth's kitchens, the people who cooked tended to prefer putting their food on specific types of trays. Anything Yuliana had made was on a tray with floral patterns, so it was easy to recognize her work. Yuliana took her fork into her hand again and resumed eating, filling her plate with different things after finishing what was on it.

After some time, when she casually shifted her weight, she felt something slightly uncomfortable. She suddenly remembered something, and took out a small notepad from a pocket in her dress.. She gestured a nearby guildmate, who seemed to be have finished eating. "Could you take this to the Master, please?" She handed her the notepad. The other mage nodded, and headed over to the Guild Master, who seemed to have risen up to the stage where Freya had been earlier.
Parties, festivals and such were a nice thing. However, they all had one thing in common.
They cost a lot. Especially if you have a person who can consume nine hundred and fifty éclairs by herself, and still have room for more.

Gawain Harlen

The Guild Master finished his massive yet healthy meal. It had been excellent as always. Well, even better than usual. The members who did the cooking had really given their all for this feast. He should go thank them later. Personally. In private. The food had indeed been delicious, but there had been the problem of missing good company.
He sat there for a moment, thinking about what he should do. Looking around, he could see that most women were in somebody else's company, having formed their own little cliques. It would make a bad impression if he interrupted their conversation. There's a good time for a friendly pat on a woman's behind, and there's a... better time for a friendly pat on a woman's behind. He should wait for a better time.
In the meanwhile, he might as well take care of his duties. As much as he disliked doing the Guild Master's job, it was something that should be done. He could give some jobs to others -like giving Freya the position of giving entertaining speeches, but he sometimes had to do something himself as well. At least one speech per event.

Sighing, Gawain rose up from his seat and worked his way to the stage Amaranth's Princess had occupied earlier. Using his Gravity Magic to give himself a lift up onto it, he arrived in front of the microphone. He adjusted it first, bringing it up from Freya's level to his own, which was no small difference. He was a large man. Physically, too. He coughed a few times to clear his voice. He turned on the microphone, and spoke.
"Ladies! Issabella, Freya..." He started to list the names of the female members of Amaranth, starting with the two S rank members. He used the first name for all of them, using a very familiar tone of voice. "...and Sarah Yondala", he added last. It was a bit strange how he always seemed to have problems remembering her name, even though he remembered everyone else. Oh well.
Then, it was the time to list the male members of the Guild: "...And the rest", he said simply. "Moving on..."
He was about to continue his speech, which he had planned earlier, when one of the female guild members walked up to the stage, holding a note of some kind to him. "Thank you, Viola", Gawain thanked the young woman, and took the notepad. He gave it a brief glance at first. Then, when his mind registered what he had seen, he freezed for a moment.
He read the first page of the notepad again. And again. He turned a page, and read it. Then the next one. He went through each page carefully. It did not, however, take very long, as he was very fast at reading. Finally, he turned to the first page again, staring at it for a while. His face had grown serious.

He cleared his voice again, and turned to the microphone. "Could I have your attention, everyone. I have a serious announcement." His face reflected his seriousness.
"This feast is a fabulous one. I would like to thank the members who prepared all this delicious food for us again. I suggest you all do the same. Appreciate all the effort they put into what you've eaten or are about to eat. Let's give them an applause." He clapped his hands together for a moment.
"We've had events like this often during the short time this Guild has existed. We're a merry bunch, wouldn't you all say? Not a day is boring."
"As a result, however, we tend to spend less time doing the jobs people request of us. Some jobs stay there for a while until they're pulled out. Simply put, we miss out a lot of money."
The respectable Guild Master pulled out the notepad and extended his hand, showing the contents to the people in the hall, even though most were much too far away to make out even the title, which was in much larger text than the actual content. "This notepad details the costs that went into making all this delicious food you've eaten, to all the decorations around us, and to all the other miscellaneous expenses involved in a feast like this. In addition, it also has information on how much money the Guild's treasury holds. After substracting today's expenses from what he had before, do you know what we have?" A brief pause.
"Absolutely nothing.". This came out with a very serious tone.
Then Gawain shook his head. "No, even less than that. We are in debt. A very large amount of food was made. A certain person in this room here has, alone, eaten 478 210 Jewels' worth of expensive sweets. I won't go out calling names, but if you feel your conscience telling you anything, come to me later tonight to apologize personally." Although his tone was still serious, there was a certain glint in his eye when he said this.
"Simply put, we're broke. Completely. What I'm trying to say, is..."
He swung out his hand, pointing straight at the mission board. "GO OUT THERE AND EARN THE GUILD SOME MONEY!" He was stern. He had a great posture. His muscular hand pointed at the mission board unwaveringly. "Understood?" he then asked with a low voice.

Slowly, the man lowered his hand and left the stage, his face still serious. After he had left it, he paused for a moment.
"All that shouting made me hungry", the respectable Guild Master said and took some chocolate truffles from a nearby tray, eating them impressively quickly.


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#, as written by Fencer
The feast continued normally, Amaya was in good spirits and Freya wasn't injured actually she was devouring an amount of food worthy of the Imperial feast of an Eastern country especially known for lasting days although it seemed that she was eating mostly sweets and Amaya had her eyes fixed in one of the elements that the S rank mage was eating, Browen felt a pain in the neck and a small flashback revealed the cause: the over-enthusiastic hug of the girl who now reveled with the feast.

"Okay circus freak, here's what were gonna do. We're going over there and taking at least one tray of those chocolate truffles first of all. And then you, Sidney and I are picking a job. We really need to start picking them together."
"We need to pick better jobs, that we can get the full money for. I'm short on rent and drinking money."

Indeed she was right, the last job that Browen chose involved entertainment at a children's party, he had to admit that Amaya wasn't made for that kind of missions and better not to talk about the cat possession charm, Browen decided to confine all his memories about that mission in the realm of fantasy and never think about it again, for the sake of his mental health was the right decision, when he returned to focus on the present he realized his surroundings had changed and before he knew it was close to Freya with her multiple trays, Amaya recovered one left saying something.

"Come on then Lord of the Color Blind, bring your mismatched little but on over here!"

He stood eating for a while, someone bumped into him and his hat fell to the ground but the boy continued eating, his brain procesed too late that Amaya went to where his other teammate to talk about missions, Sidney, that boy's mind was a mystery and his body looked as if made of crystal, pure and fragile crystal, Browen walked towards Amaya at the time when Sydney left that place, "Let's choose a mission, I still don't pay this month rent" spoke when he get together with the Amaya's group, the tray was still in his hand so he kept eating his meat.

"Nice to see Issabella" he failed to notice that the other S rank mage was present, Browen didn't get along very well with her, she was a perfectionist and he was the opposite but even so he respect her a bit, scratched his head, "My name Browen" he introduced himself noticing an unknown girl, a new face in the guild, after a couple of seconds he continued eating while the leader was giving a speech that ended with the phrase.


That was when he realized the tragedy that had come suddenly, Browen didn't understand how he could have failed to notice that something so serious was going on "Amaya I lost my hat and my guitar!" he exclamed in despair while tried to remember that time had lost both elements, especially the hat the instrument for him were something almost disposables.


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Murmur Burns

The woman was ruthless as always, showing no hesitation or mercy towards her victims. Sounds of broken bones, discarded bodies and a crying little girl filled the corridor. For some reason this seemed like a typical event, if things had went any other way it may bring feelings of suspicion. There was not much planning at all, just chaos, reacting to the environment around them smoothly and without verbal communication. The pressure might be described as suffocating by most people, but Murmur was enjoying this. Every action was stored away in his brain for further examination. Every aggression and spoken word could reveal something about the person behind them, making sure he didn't get in the way of that was important. Letting himself fall into the background was working quite well, but he couldn't keep it up forever.

New power flowed through him, all thanks to Ravenna's spell. Perhaps he would be able to summon a fourth card because of it, if it so came to that. "You really ruined my plans," She was bitter, like usual, and too closed off like always. How could he not tarnish her plans if she didn't speak them properly first? It wasn't much of a downfall though, the woman did more than make up for it. Besides, it was a bit more exciting this way, was it not? What didn't kill them made them stronger, and he held no doubt that they would make it out of here very alive. The members of Jyel on the other hand may not be so fortunate.

She wouldn't make the same mistake though, she told them what she wanted them to do with conviction. It was simple, and shouldn't be much of a challenge, hundreds of plain men and a handful of mediocre mages couldn't win against professionals of their level. Murmur wasn't arrogant, it was a plain fact, no one could argue against it. He watched as Ravenna let Serafina take over, something he hadn't seen in ages, and the idea of fulfilling their mistress' wishes became rocky. The winged warrior was interesting, to say the least. She was strong, but her childish personality left weaknesses in her judgement.

Nevertheless, when she greeted them he smiled, finding amusement in the way she treated Kiev. Murmur could only imagine how mortified Ravenna felt about such a thing, the two women were practically polar opposites. "What the hell is that light?" It looked like their carefree hellos were to be cut short. "Holy crap..." The blue haired man looked over down the hall, where men were starting to appear and stand, frozen to the floor at the sight before them.

The scene around them swiftly transformed into a battlefield. The men of Jyel charged forward and Serafina responded with attacks of high heat and fire. Murmur wouldn't let himself be left out of the action though. The two of cups was one of the weakest of its suit, but it wasn't pitifully so. Water could be used like razors blades, and as the winged girl burned her opponents Murmur used the magic granted to him to cut the throats of the enemies. It moved by fast, the fact that Serafina didn't care about anyone besides Kiev contributed to that, as well as making it a bit more difficult seeing as the remaining Crimson Blades members had to be careful not to turn into a crisp themselves.

It wasn't long before there was an opening for their escape, and it was snatched up in an instant. Murmur picked up the young girl they were to retrieve, who was silent in shock because of the violence around her. Tears trailed down her cheeks, but she made not one noise as the destruction surrounded them. He couldn't really blame her, and it really was much easier to see her out of her safely without her putting up a fight. Just as they were disappearing up the stairs, doors were heading down the hallway at an impressive speed. Murmur didn't let his eyes linger, but he was sure he heard something along the lines of 'Here comes the express!'. The man smirked, well that would prevent the members of Jyel from following them. However it was unlucky for whoever was behind that, the fire was rising, and the air was thick with smoke.

They stood outside now, the building in front of them starting to go up in flames. There were bodies around them, enemies that had tried to escape but were quickly taken care of instead. Rosie was still being held by Murmur, her eyes wide and perhaps traumatized. Ashes stuck to her hair and clothes, but she was uninjured, and that's all her father had asked of them. It looked like the fighting was over for them, they could finish the mission and head back to the guild, it had almost been too easy.

And too easy it was.

Slow clapping infiltrated his senses, and Murmur turned to see a blonde haired woman. She was dressed in little clothing, following a color pallet of red, gold and white. The tattoo on her arm gave away what guild she was from; Seven Virtues, an ironic name for a dark guild. They only had seven mages, all of S-level or above, and were known for their ruthless work, never displaying a code of conduct or morals. They were also famous for only having one magic skill each, but they were specialists in their field, and weren't to be underestimated.

"Thank you for taking care of Jyel for me, kids." She smiled sweetly, but didn't approach them, instead she stood her ground. "I'm Chasity." She sent them a wink and slowly started to take steps forward, her hips moving side to side in a manner that may be described as seductive. "And I'm going to need that little girl you have there, please." Her expression seemed to turn deadly and she summoned armor to her body, and long metal claws appeared on her hands. It was nothing short of requip magic.

Murmur put Rosie down and pushed her behind them gently. "Stay back, don't get in the way." He told her, and the girl sunk to the ground and pushed her face to her knees. She was going to need a lot of therapy after this. Chasity giggled, her body language starting to show the excitement she held within. "So it's four against one?" She moaned and smirked. "Okay, I could use a work out." After blowing a quick kiss, the woman launched herself forward, claws extended and ready to kill.

Reacting just as quickly, Murmur summoned another card to his hand. Basic water attacks wouldn't be worth much in a fight against this particular mage, but luck was on his side, as he had drawn The Chariot. In a quick, bright light a large sword was to be held in his grip. The Sword of Krishna would give him great physical power, but would lead to upsetting the balance of his emotions. The metal of their weapons collided, and Chasity jumped back, wearing a large grin on her face. "Not bad." She laughed, unknown to the members of Crimson Blades her weapon was poisonous. All she had to do was scratch them once, and soon their bodies would turn against them. Besides, such straight forward attacks weren't her preference, she was much more suited for battle than that.

So she feigned forward, but as she moved she disappeared, vanished into thin air in a blink of an eye. Her armor did more than just protect against attacks. Murmur's eyes searched around them, posture showing that he was ready for whatever the Seven Virtues member could throw at them. But she was behind them now, and her eyes were locked onto the girl with wings. She giggled and leaped forward, suddenly visible again, and thrusting her claws towards the girl.

Sidney Allen

"I would like that." A small smile graced his features, it was nice to have company, and he quite enjoyed being around Yuliana. She was never all that pushy with him, nor did she fire question after question at him. Time spend around her was peaceful and pleasantly colorful. He watched as she worked with the food on a plate, moving pieces of food across it to form a lively, abstract picture. It was interesting how she could turn anything into art, he wished he could do the same, but he was restricted to smeared colors and textiles.

The boy ate slowly, quite the opposite of how other members of the guild scarfed down the morsels in front of them. Sidney would count the items of noodles and vegetables on his spoon before eating them. The action was compulsive and he didn't think much of it, it was just simply something he did automatically. Counting was soothing, sometimes if he didn't take the time to do so he would begin to feel a bit bothered, unsettled. His parents had tried to break him of the habit, along with attempting to put an end to his various hobbies, but they always persisted. They could take away a lot from him, but they couldn't stop him from numbering things off in his head. From the bricks in a wall to the lines of his flesh, they would have to blind him completely to stop the behavior.

A plate being entrusted to him brought him back to reality, and he looked down at it curiously. The food on it was arraigned into a aesthetically pleasing pattern, the colors and shapes complimented each other in such a way that would almost be shameful to destroy through consumption. "I think you would like these, Sidney. I made them myself." But Yuliana had given them to him, something she had put time and effort into making. It would be bad manners to refuse. And on the other hand, maybe it would be good to eat something so beautiful. Maybe it would spread throughout him, change and evolve him into something different, like a caterpillar maturing into a butterfly.

Sidney sent her a gentle smile and nodded. "Thank you." It would be more than he usually ate, but this was a feast after all. It would be okay to eat so more, and so after some brief counting the contents of the plate started to vanish one by one. The food was good, in a way that was nostalgic to him and a sad feeling settled in his chest. He tried to push it away, but such things were persistent and stuck to him. He couldn't let it take over him so easily though, not in the middle of such a good occasion, and he continued to eat at his slow pace.

The rate at which he dined was delayed even more as he listed to the guild master speak. He told them about the cost of the feast and how they were not only broke, but in debt. That was something foreign to him all together, he was used to money being always present, and the thought of the guild being in trouble due to insignificant funds bothered him. There were many people and teams in the guild though, the money they had spent should be earned back rather quickly, right? Perhaps Amaya had wanted to talk to him about that, he'd have to find him and Browen after he finished eating, even if he really wasn't much help when it came to picking out missions or fulfilling them. All he was really good at was snatching things up and distracting enemies, he really had no offensive qualities at all, and his state of mind wasn't exactly suited for more domestic tasks either.

"Missions.." Sidney sighed and looked at the remaining portions had had. There was a little bit a soup left, but the roll was gone, and most of what was on the plate had been eaten as well. He couldn't eat anymore than he hand, that was more than enough for the skinny male. "Has your team picked anything out yet?" He asked, speaking what was perhaps the most normal sentence he had said all night. Maybe Yuliana already had a job lined up, and perhaps she could suggest something for his own team to take.


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#, as written by Eyliel
Yuliana Lumina

Yuliana ate her food slowly while watching Sidney. She was glad that he ate a bit more. She was even gladder because of the way he ate it. Unlike most people, Sidney actually appreciated the way she arranged the food on the plate, the colors that made the meal pleasing to the eye as well, not only the tongue and nose. The fact that there was at least one such person made it all worth it.
Her attention turned away from her food and her company when the Guild Master acted the way she had anticipated he would act when he received the information. He had become serious. The speech he had intended to give had probably been something frivolous. Likely about 'all the lovely ladies of Amaranth', or something. Well, it wasn't impossible that he would have been serious even without the topic of money. Yuliana spent much more time in the Guild Hall than most others, and thus she naturally spent a lot of time in the Guild Master's company as well. She couldn't help but grasp a bit of the old man's personality after a certain amount of interaction with him. He had a serious side to him as well, even though most women usually only saw the most obvious thing -his perversity.

Then again, there were exceptions who didn't seem to notice that side to him at all -one of them approaching the Guild Master soon after he had finished his speech. Freya seemed down when she spoke to Gawain -she had probably overestimated just how much of an impact her eating habits had had on the Guild's treasury. Granted, it wasn't small. The black hole within Freya's stomach swallowed an incredible amount of Jewels every time she came to the Guild, particularly during events like this feast. But she was not exactly the only big eater in the Guild. Or the only big drinker, for that matter. And the Guild did make a fair amount of money. Though Amaranth only took ten percent of the pay for the missions its members did, there were some members who did some very lucrative missions, and many members also donated more than just that ten percent to the Guild.
However, the Guild always went overboard with its festivities. Every time, the people arranging them seemed to be dead set on using up all the money that had been gathered after the last event, and this time, not only had they reached that 'goal', they had gone over it into actual debt. They hadn't settled for simple sweets to use as sacrifices to the Bottomless Pit, and had instead used expensive ingredients. They hadn't bought meat of just fine quality, but meat of the best quality available this time of the year. And instead of the usual beer, they had found rare beverages that would've brought kings to their knees from delight.
In other words, whenever there was a more expensive option available, they would choose it. And when there wasn't, they would create one. It was utterly ridiculous to spend to much on one feast.

But then again, Yuliana didn't mind in the least.
These were festivities, after all.

She was smiling from this thought when Sidney's words brought her attention back to her company. "Missions... Has your team picked anything out yet?"
Yuliana shook her head to this. "No, nothing at the moment. I've been busy with the preparations for this feast, and when we were finally done... They're both nowhere to be seen." She looked around, searching for her teammates' faces in the crowd. "I'm sure I saw both of them earlier, but now they've both gone off somewhere. Our group never seems to actually get a chance to talk with each other."
They were really a bit of an odd team. Sarah never seemed to be there when Yuliana had something to talk to her about, and Yuliana herself was completely unfit for going out on most missions, instead opting to stay and do the Guild's chores. She occasionally wondered if Gren felt held down by his two teammates.

She was about to ask Sidney's team's situation, when she suddenly heard a yell coming from the Guild's entrance. "MEAT!!" A bit startled by the sudden sound, her head reflexively turned so that she could locate the source of the disruption. But no sooner had her gaze landed on the figure standing near the doorway than that figure suddenly moved. Her eyes were a bit slow in following it as it dashed past her and leaped onto a part of the tables that still actually had some food left on it. Only after the creature had begun to devour what was in front of it could Yuliana get a good look at it.
It was a young man -probably Yuliana's age, but she had a habit of thinking of people as 'young' even if they were a couple years older than her. Though there was a fair bit of distance between them, Yuliana could still easily distinguish details on his features, thanks to her good eyesight. As the young man turned his head, looking behind himself, she also noticed his eyes -they were of a nice red, V230-S499-Y449-W220-L039-B723-7.
The newcomer's entrance had quieted the hall down for a moment, and thus Yuliana could hear his nervous words from even where she was sitting. "Um....I'm join?"
Upon hearing these words, Yuliana quickly finished what was left of her meal and turned to Sidney. "Sorry, Sidney, but I have to go. Guild work, thanks to the habits of our Master." She smiled a bit apologetically as she said this. "I hope you'll find a mission you'll like." After that, she rose up, heading out of the main area of the Guild. She went through a door on the side of the hall, entering a small corridor, and went through it into a small office -Gawain's office, officially speaking. Yuliana was a more common visitor, however. Not only did she come here regularly to clean it, but she also had to do what she was doing right now quite often.
Going straight to desk, she pulled out a certain drawer. From within, she pulled out the forms she needed. They would be the official records of the would-be Guild member. Since the newcomer was male, the Guild Master would probably not show much interest in him. After confirming that yes, he could use magic, he'd push the formalities onto someone else. Yuliana took initiative, as she had many times before, bringing the forms herself before anyone else got set into the task.

Forms in hand, Yuliana headed back for the main hall, and arrived just in time to hear Freya announce to the world that she was a cupcake. This sudden news caused a bit of confusion in Yuliana's mind.
Freya had always seemed more like a madeleine than a cupcake to her. But that was just her opinion.
Putting that aside, she also noticed two other new people in the hall, both at different entrances. One was standing near the door leading to the old basement -the Guild Master had renovated most of the place before the Guild had been established, but the basement had been left as-is. It was a person who seemed to be covered in dust. Yuliana did not recognize him. And the other person was H'Mong, standing near the entrance to the building itself. So he had finally arrived. Most of the food was already gone, though, so he was more than a bit late.


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Sidney Allen

With a delayed nod aimed at Yuliana the boy with light brown hair and stained fingernail beds was left alone with the scrapes on his plate. Since there were people surrounding him, filling the guild with a number of people he could say that he wasn't really alone, but without any company even a filled room could appear empty. Though that wasn't necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it was good for one to be on their own, and if he ever wished to fill the void he could easily approach someone.

Besides, it was hard to feel lonely amongst the chaos that was Amaranth, especially here in the present. The scenes before him reminded Sidney of a cuckoo clock, where at every hour something would spring out and expose a new challenge to the guild. A brouhaha caused by a couple of members, a zombie from the basement, an aspiring guild member that had a strong appetite for meat. The clockwork of Amaranth must be broken though, and instead of a new, exciting situation every hour they were given one every passing minute or so. This was the polar opposite of his many quiet days of being shut inside a room or out in a garden. He wondered if the universe was trying to pay him back for the events in the past. If that was so, he'd forgive the universe, everyone made mistakes.

Dipping away from the action, Sidney took his dishes to the kitchen. The thought of taking up a new mission both excited him and made him nervous. It was always fun to go someplace new, see something different, experience a world outside of the building in Oshibana. He wasn't very strong when it came to his magic though, he rarely was helpful in such intense situations, especially those that called for fighting. He didn't think he'd ever be cut out for it, he had only learned Doll Play magic because he wanted to be able to do what Judith could and he had never considered maturing the ability into something that could be used for combat of all things, he rather disliked violence. The thought was rather daunting, but maybe he would find a way to improve his skills, just so it could mean he would be more useful during jobs.

He didn't want any of his teammates ever getting hurt after all, or anyone to be harmed for that matter.

The subject was still teetering, insecurity and uncertainty might as well be apart of his genetic code. With his hands tugging at the bottom of his scarf, the boy walked back through the room and towards the commotion. It wouldn't be very honest for him to claim that he wasn't interested in what had caught everyone's attention. Lets see, Freya was clinging to the zombie boy now. Wasn't she afraid of him? Oh, but she was Freya, maybe that was all an act! She was rather powerful, perhaps she didn't even truly fear the undead. His grip on his scar tightened, the thought was kind of alarming. The woman had tricked everyone, fooled them into thinking she was a kind young girl, but really she had the courage to confront the living dead and argue points in keeping it. Completely terrifying.

On the other hand there was the kid who seemed to have a craving for flesh, much like a real zombie, but he didn't look like he was rotting from the inside out. If he was going to be a new comrade, shouldn't Sidney greet him? Yes, that was the polite thing to do! Manners! Those were good, proper, normal assets! Just as Sidney was about to give the boy a welcoming statement, his eyes caught something a bit higher in the 'aim your attention here' scale. A fairy, a real, living fairy. His eyes resembled dinner plates, no way such a thing existed, right? They were fairy tales, but there was one, right in front of him! Is this the real life? Is it just fantasy?

He had to pinch himself, and did so on his cheek. He winced at the pain, but it proved that he wasn't dreaming. Was it possible to simply approach a fairy? No, it couldn't be, they were complicated and delicate creates, he might have to lure it out with a snack first. Weren't those kind of creatures supposed to like cream? He released his hold on his scarf, he had been pulling on it too much and it had constricted around his neck in a rather uncomfortable manner. Well, it appeared that he'd have to wait on both accounts, the new boy had already confronted the fairy! Oh, was he jealous! But it'd be unladylike of him to interrupt. Wait, did that not apply to him, since he wasn't a lady? Also, didn't people hold parties for newcomers? He wasn't sure, but had had seen a woman hold a celebration that was complete with blue balloons that said 'It's a Boy!' on them once, so it was possible.

What silly thoughts, Sidney cast them away from his mind. "I'm not a clown." He turned his head, it looks like he conveniently found himself near his teammates, goody-gumdrops. "I thought you were." He spoke, now standing beside the people he had been paired up with. "It's impossible for a clown to dress in a practical way, if they try they explode." He spoke as if it was a real fact, no lies or tricks about it. "Luckly your D.N.A protects you from making silly mistakes." Sidney frowned. "But I'm afraid you'll be forever a jester, sorry about that."


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Amaya Tanaka

Amaya's long red hair flared out behind her as her head turned, glaring at yet another figure who was wolfing down food like no one else had to eat. What was it with these people! Though she did recognize that he was unfamiliar. Maybe a new member? He'd better pay for his own food. She nodded in confirmation when he announced awkwardly that he was their to join. Before she could make any attempt a social welcome, which probably wouldn't be all that social, knowing her, Browen made a sarcastic remark back at her causing her to raise an eyebrow, immediately thinking of a comeback.
"I'm not a clown,"

Amaya jerked her head over, ignoring Browen's irking protest at the moment. Mention of a demon was truly something she was interested in. Unfortunately, it was just a dusty unfamiliar man who was soon deemed a potato. Freya was currently climbing all over him, poking and prodding like it was a new pet. Amaya rolled her eyes. It was just like the Princess to climb over a foreign man they knew nothing about, who'd been lurking in the basement. No potential danger in that.

She was stuck more so on the little fairy fluttering about, eyes widening slightly with the ridiculousness that such a creature was proved to be real.
Her attention was brought back to her near vacinity when Sidney reappeared, countering Browens statement that he wasn't a clown.

"I thought you were. It's impossible for a clown to dress in a practical way, if they try they explode. Luckily your D.N.A protects you from making silly mistakes. But I'm afraid you'll be forever a jester, sorry about that."

Amaya burst out into laughter genuinely amused by the fragile boys remark. She clapped him on the shoulder with a Cheshire grin, about to say how she was coming around to liking him more and more, when a bright sparkling light burst from where the Potato was standing.

“Cedar. We’re merging. Now. I’m going kill every single one of them.”

The red head stiffened at hearing the threat, slowly turning back towards the Potato and narrowing her eyes. She watched as the fairy flew into the man and he was sudden;y engulfed by crystals, complete with wings sprouting out his back, despite his protests.

The crystals spread to his neck, stopping at his chin, but going up through his hair and turning it into a platinum blonde color. The rest of his body began to be covered with the iridescent crystals, forming archaic markings in veins of gold colored crystals. Opal colored fairy wings burst from his back, stretching and moving, reflecting multicolored light all around the room. Finally, his body was covered with the crystals.

Hmmm… Not a complete merge, but I guess it was a bit forced,” A womans voice chorused, and the confused dusty boy asked,

“Hey… Can someone tell me what’s going on?”

Amaya took a threatening step forward, a small coil of darkness ready. Her magic was particularly suitable to intense fights against light magic, which these crystals seemed to show, Though she wasn't sure. Though some believes Darkness and Shadow magic were weakest against light, she knew that for every light there was a shadow.

"I don't know whats going on, Potato. But I suggest you convince your flying friend to end your 'merge' immediately before harm comes to you. We don't take to kindly to death threats in our own guild, hm?"
Her voice was chilling.

Amaya glanced towards Freya, mentally chiding her to take care of her new pet. Honestly, Amaya had no other opinion of the moment, except that she had heard the guild be threatened, and though everyone could probably fend for themselves, she had felt the need to make a point.

She lowered her voice. "So, guys, think of any missions?"

No way she was letting her team off the hook just because a Potato showed up.


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Sidney Allen

The world of dreams was an oddly serene place, considering the places it contained. The air around him was thick, it made his movements feel sluggish at times, other nights he felt like he was floating. It was a place where his body felt hallow, his skin nothing but paper, blank and colorless. Pictures around him moved like silent films, no mattered where he visited his dreams were always the same in that single respect - there was never any noise. Even when there were scenes of people yelling, slamming doors, crying, there was not a single break in the pattern. There was no background music, or black screens that held the dialogue in white text, only moving pictures with him standing on the outside.

Lately Sidney's dreams have been a lot happier than that, not performing such despicable events. His unconscious mind was replying memories over and over again, he had never once had a dream that was false, or fake. It scared him, sometimes he wasn't sure which side of the mirror was his reality. Was he the person who stood amongst the members of Amaranth? Or was he the faceless entity who watched from a third person view? His hand reached out, begging to come in contact with the image before him, but it only met with an invisible wall. It rippled underneath his touch, like fragile, penetrable water. Yet no matter how much pressure he put on the wall his body could not break though. He was took weak, unable to dive into the depths. Or was he trying to resurface?

The realm faded into darkness, the curtains drew over the final act and his eyes fluttered open. Numbers on the digital clock read as three in the morning, twenty one minutes past, fifteen..sixteen..seventeen seconds. Sidney brought the covers over his head, he continues to count. Three in the morning, thirty minutes past, twenty one seconds. Three in the morning, fifty six minutes past, one, two, three. Four in the morning, six minutes past, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen seconds. He sat up from the bed, eyes traveling over the darkness of the dorm room, and his feet met the floor. He was good at seeing in the dark, or so he thought. It wasn't very scary to him, sometimes he even enjoyed it - the world around him being obstructed and simple.

Sleeping was a bother, he would avoid it for now. Besides, he didn't feel tired at the moment, not any longer. He found himself hidden and tucked away in Amaranth's attic instead, it was a peaceful place. There was dust, cobwebs and spiders, be he didn't mind any of those things. There was a single window, allowing the light from the moon and stars to pour in, though the boy held a lantern in his hand that filled the space not touched by the luminescent light. He had carried a large quilt with him, another souvenir from his time with Judith. Squares the displayed images of nature, sewn together to navy material wrapped around his body as he huddled against the wall. His fingers and hands moved, knitting together a striped item, the task being so much easier with the help of his magic.

Two hours, eleven minutes, thirty six seconds later he fell asleep. One hour, two minutes, thirty seven seconds after that he woke up. Willing the drowsy feeling that had come over him to vanish, he forced himself to gather his things and descend back to his dorm room to get ready for the day ahead of him. A feeling of nervousness had settled in his bones, this mission being difficult and dangerous was an understatement and he wasn't sure if he was quite ready for something like this. But he was expected to improve, move forward and gain experience. Besides, who was he to refuse to at least try and help those people? Izzy and others much stronger than him were going to be with him, he didn't think they would bother with him if he would only get in the way - perhaps he really could help somehow. Zipping up his tattered backpack he tried to convince himself that they would be alright.

Sidney attempted to follow the rest of the morning like usual. He took a shower, dressed in a maroon and gold striped sweater, which was pulled over an off-white button down. His trousers were black, not tight against his frame but not loose either. His shoes were tattered, tied up sloppily, and there was a gray zippy jacket thrown over it all. Lastly he was wearing a solid brown scarf, worn both to keep him warm and hide the scars on his neck from the times doctors would poke holes in it to force him to eat, or to keep him alive. Regardless, Judith would have told him to dress for the weather, so that's just what he did. Even after getting cleaned up stains of color still marked his skin. There was a smudge of lilac across his right cheek and a line of green going across his left wrist, not to mention the numbers of colored stains on his clothes. He had no excuse, it was simply too tempting to play with his chalk while packing up, leaving his duvet with several fresh stains as well.

By the time the young boy had arrived at the main hall there was already a commotion. First there was the panty song, which he had heard while walking down the steps. It was an interesting tune, though he didn't quite understand it. Why did Freya want people to take off her panties? Was there something wrong with her fingers? He frowned, he sure hoped that wasn't the case, if that was so poor H'mong would have to fulfill their mission all by himself. How lonely. A crash interrupted his pondering thoughts, and when he walked into the room he spotted three people of interest. First there was Freya, the songstress. Then there was Izzy, who looked troubled. Lastly there was the new guy, who was actually not named 'New Guy' and was 'Sikes' instead, who seemed rather disheveled.

"Good morning." He greeted, now making his presence known around the small group. Despite doing the smart thing and saving his magic power, he decided that some of the members were in great need of cheering up. Using a little bit of hocus pocus, Sidney controlled two small stuffed animals to crawl out of his backpack, which was used to carry items he often used during jobs. Plush toys, yarn, and similar objects could prove to be quite useful regardless of what other people assumed. A small material made tiger and bear climbed out, their colors far from what nature may have intended, and previously they were without faces. Though, when his magic was used on them expressions were bestowed upon them; wide smiles and round eyes moved as if they had a mind of their own.

As the objects made their way onto his shoulder he grabbed them, placing the pink and aqua tiger on Sikes head, and having to stand on his toes to reach he placed the purple and yellow bear on top of Izzy. "Cheer up." Sidney smiled as the animals clung to the mages, but it soon faltered. They didn't quiet seem happy enough, and there was only one answer for that! More animals! So one by one the boy began taking enchanted plush toys of obnoxious color combinations and placing them on his two comrades. He didn't stop until there was ten on Sikes, thirteen on Issabella, and three on Freya, since he figured she deserved a little more cheer even if she acted to already have plenty of it. "There." He sounded proud of himself, watching as the toys clung and moved around their posts. "It's a good look."

Murmur Burns
(Crimson Blade)

Murmur's morning routine was flexible, but it rarely deviated from it's norm. The man got up at five, did a basic morning working, cleaned himself up, and prepared morning tea and a decent breakfast. Afterwards he would use his archive magic, the night before he had stored everything new he had discovered, and the morning after he reviewed the recent entries. Then he would contact some of those that worked for him, a type of employee. They were on a payroll in exchange for information and jobs that he needed them to fulfill, the only unbalanced aspect was that they could never quit. However, being fired was still a possibility, though he wouldn't pay for funeral costs.

His closet was made of outfits that were mostly similar, looser-fitting, robe-like clothing made out of smooth, thick material that was hard to penetrate with just an ordinary weapon. A type of cloth armor, if you will. Today's colors of choice was black, with hints of gray and white. Not very colorful, but his pallet was never anything striking or flamboyant. Like usual he arrived at the guild at seven in the morning, to which he noticed that Ravenna was not yet present. He should have figured as much, even a devil of a woman like her needed rest to recover, and he couldn't really argue against a morning that held a more relaxed atmosphere.

It wasn't long for her to grace them with her presence, their mistress arrived and began a morning workout of sorts. It started with a flash, in the shrewdness of definitions. Murmur was sure some people may call her choices in lingerie 'sexy', but to the blue haired man it was more amusing than anything. He drank another cup of tea as he watched the match between her and Kiev, by now making the beverage and drinking it was more of a task to occupy himself more than anything. The taste of green tea was a lovely one though, it would be impossible for him to not enjoy it.

'Come,' They were back to this point, being treated like dogs. Murmur would like to speak against it, but smartly chose not to. He wouldn't continue to push the envelope - not with what happened yesterday. Ravenna might even skin him alive, and that would be most unpleasant. So like the loyal dog she wanted him to be he did as he was told, stood and walked over to their Queen. Acting obedient and playing fetch could be irritating, but at least she didn't wish for them to roll over and play dead for her as well.

"There is a mission in a village by the name of Umi. Seven Virtues will be there," Oh, was that what this was about? Was she still ever so sore after her match with Chasity? It was just like her to go running after them without collecting any real information like this. If she was looking for a rematch she may not get it, there was no surefire way to know if their scantily dressed enemy would be there. Though, it was possible that after her loss she wished to destroy all of Seven Virtues. That too was all too much like her.

Of course, obtaining the legendary stone could be part of her motivation. It was enough for Murmur though. He had heard the legends, and perhaps he didn't previously thirst for power over the sky, but he felt desire for it now. It would aid him in his goals undoubtedly, every little thing helped. "I do not wish for Melinoe to come but if she must, you will guard her with your life," He was really grateful for his near perfect poker face, Ravenna's fondness for the female dragon slayer was almost touching, albeit a bit foolish. The girl wouldn't get any stronger if their mistress insisted in sheltering her so often, it was probably a factor in the reason why her brother had achieved the A rank before her.

Well, he would rather all of his team be with him during the mission, but if they had something else planned then he may let them do as they pleased - so long as it was important and would be beneficial. They would know that, he had already stated how he felt about such a thing long ago. Seven Virtues was a strong guild though, and they should bring with them a versatile team if they wanted to defeat them. "Foo." His eyebrows twitched upwards, curious. "Was that a joke?" Murmur hummed as if thinking it over, assessing how funny it truly was. "Not your strong point." His mouth twitched into a slight smirk and he stretched his arms above him, before letting them fall to his sides. "Your humor might as well be a rotten as your attitude." So much for playing it safe today.


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#, as written by Fencer
The morning had come after series of unexpected events of the last night, the fairy merged with the pale guy confirming Vark's history that fairies ate brains and controlled the bodies of their victims or at least so it seemed to Browen, the boy watched as Issabella beated the poor guy consumed by these wicked fairy until the little creature left his body then Amaya intervened and helped with the capture after that Browen seized the moment to lock her in the cage, unfortunately nobody liked his idea of ​​helping finances of the guild by selling the mythical being, Browen clearly remember how they told him so many times that the being wasn't for sale, not even the brainless body of her victim, after that the fairy and man were in the custody of a member of the guild and everything calmed down momentarily.

Browen resumed the search of his hat and guitar his guitar was exactly where he thought: leaning against a wall of the hall, the problem came with the hat that didn't appear anywhere, Amaya started to drink when the others discussed something about a mission and she signed up the team in a more than insistent way, apparently the fight and the drink made her forget the original goal of choosing the mission between all members of the team, but well it was her turn to choose a mission so Browen didn't care but even so showed some apprehension about the difficulty of the mission and the safety of Sydney, Dark Guilds don't play, that's something Browen knows too well.

His hat appeared when Amaya went to her room once decided she had drunk more than enough, Browen stayed there eating the leftover of the feast before going to prepare for the next day's mission.

Once she woke up he was in a dilemma, what instrument bring?, He could create various wind instruments but the strings were a problem and one of his few offensive magic could only use it with one of those, he eventually decided to carry a guitar, the same he lost and found at the feast the day before, then Browen left his room but returned after a few moments and started to dress without really worrying about his outfit, a blue top hat, a white shirt with black buttons and a brown sleeveless vest with black lines, plaid pants on the way to union with guitar on his back looked at her reflection and thought it really looked like a clown after shoulder encojerse kept walking.

There were many people in the differents sectors of the guild, it didn't take long locate Issabella and the others, the S-rank mage had somewhat reddish lips, as if she had been hurt or something besides didn't seem very happy, on the contrary Freya was finishing to singing and dancing a funny song near them was the new guy, the blue haired boy just remembered that there was a new person in the guild and also he would come with them to the mission, Sidney was there too for some reason everyone had plush toys, to Sidney plush toys were the answer to everything, Browen approached the group and bowed taking off his hat "Good morning", Then began to laugh before the amusing situation and he felt like a song would be appropriate for the moment, in the same way that Sidney and the toys for Browen music was the answer to everything, the boy sat in a chair and tuned the guitar once was ready he started to play and sing.

When the song ends Browen would go to wake up Amaya, considering what she drank last night most likely that she would still be asleep.


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#, as written by Eyliel
Gawain Harlen

One should never underestimate the power of habit. Despite having gone to sleep an hour after midnight, Gawain still woke up at five in the morning without any problems. With the exception of one case where Sleep Magic had been used on him, he had woken up at five for forty years straight. No matter how late he went to sleep, he would always wake up at exactly five o'clock.
Getting up from his bed, he walked over to the wardrobe on the other side of his room. He didn't really know why he had bothered even buying the thing. Maybe because he had gotten a discount for it. He didn't need it, since he didn't really own a lot of clothes: As he opened it, he saw less pieces of clothing than he could count with his fingers. A shabby white shirt, just like the one he'd worn yesterday. A slightly less shabby black one. And a fancy blue one. One pair of shabby black trousers, almost an exact copy of the ones he'd worn yesterday. And a fancy pair of trousers. Black. That was it. Or that was what Gawain hoped would be it. In fact, he also had something that no man should ever have to wear, an absolutely horrible waste of good fabric. He glared at the ornate white robe with disdain, hoping that whoever had decided to send it to him would spend the rest of his life as a Forest Vulcan's pillow. The robe was made of very fine material and was excellently made. It had the symbol of Amaranth on the back. Gawain absolutely hated it. It practically screamed 'official'. What kind of man would wear something like that in public?
Turning his eyes away from the robe that should not exist, he took the shabby shirt and trousers, putting them on quickly, without bothering to be very careful. Though they looked the same as the clothes he'd worn earlier, they were not the same. The ones he'd worn at the party were lying in a basket of laundry, if they hadn't been washed already. At a party like that, clothes were bound to get dirtied somehow -grease from food, a stain from some drink. Or just falling down onto the floor when someone bumps into you. After throwing some clothes on, the Guild Master went over to his desk. First, he grabbed the bottle standing on it. He opened it and took a sip. Then he closed it again, grabbed his bag from where he'd left it, on the chair in front of his desk, and left the room.

The Guild Master's quarters had been built into a separate building from the main hall, although the two buildings were connected by a breezeway. No need for all those oh-so-important documents to get wet if it happened to be raining. At the moment, however, Gawain was neither carrying any official reports nor was it raining. The weather was clear. Both things were good.
Instead of heading into the main building, Gawain left from under the breezeway, heading to the open space behind the Guild. It was a training ground perfect for Mages. A wide area, surrounded by tall, strong walls that Gawain had Reinforced to be even stronger. No stray spell from training would break get out into the town from here. Of course, the members' strongest spells could probably break them, but using things like that for simple training wouldn't be very smart, just a waste of magical energy. There were also several things that could be used as aids for one's training. A target range, training weapons, and things like simple weights for muscle training.
He was rather proud of this place. Originally, this training ground hadn't been a part of the land that came with the building. He'd had to buy some land around it and demolish the houses that had been there in order to clear enough land. After that, he'd also had to build the walls that protected the town outside from all the magic used in the Guild, and then Reinforce them. It had been a lot of work, and had cost him a pretty penny, but it would be worth it in the long run.
Gawain began to do his morning training, starting with push-ups, and proceeding onto other things once he was done with that. He didn't consciously think of what he did. He had done this training for decades, and his body could do it automatically without any input from his brain. Therefore he let his mind fall into thoughts of yesterday night as he did the training.

It had been a bit (more) chaotic (than usual), with the newcomer suddenly jumping in and Potato appearing at about the same time. Potato had been the more urgent matter, what with the fairy -whose tail or lack of one had not been confirmed yet- 'merging' with him, apparently wanting to kill them all. Issabella had resolved the situation easily enough, though, while efficient, her method had been a bit lacking in refinement. Gawain could have probably cancelled the merge himself, as long as someone had restrained Potato while he'd studied him. Well, Issabella had saved him the trouble of doing that, so he was grateful to her. Most of him actually caring about Potato's well-being was because Freya seemed to do so. Well, he was also curious about the fairy, if it was one. He'd have to check the tail thing later on.
And then there was Meat. After the thing with Potato had been temporarily resolved, he had had to do his job as Guild Master, interviewing the newcomer briefly and making him show his magic. As always when someone joins, the Guild Master had used Analysis when Meat had shown what he could do in order to get a good grasp on his magical ability. Of course, there was another reason for using Analysis -it was a good way to get accurate information on a woman's proportions- but since Meat wasn't female, that one didn't apply, so he'd concentrated on the magical side. He hadn't really expected anything before, but the results had been somewhat interesting. When the boy had covered his arm with the dark substance, changing it, Gawain had sensed something. The change had seemed almost too easy -natural might have been a good word for it. It had been somewhat odd at the time, but not enough to make him really curious. It had been only later, after the actual feast had ended and he'd turned the newcomer over to Yuliana that he had realized something else that he'd sensed, but failed to actually notice. There'd been a 'pulse' of some kind running though Meat's body. Not that of blood. Something else. He had spent an hour or so thinking about it before losing interest. There were all kinds of mages in the world. It wasn't that strange to find an odd one or two every now and then. So there was no real reason to give any special attention to Meat. He wasn't even a she. So he'd given up and gone to sleep.
Of course, before he'd gone to his quarters, where he'd actually started thinking about what he'd sensed about the newcomer, there had been some more chaos. An urgent request for help had arrived to the Guild. Some ancient lacrima or something had been discovered in a mining town, after which a dark guild had proceeded to take the people of the town hostage, clearly being after the lacrima. After taking a good look at the request, the Guild Master had decided that it was worth paying attention to, and had done some thinking. He had ended up giving the job to Amaya's team and Issabella, along with Meat. It had been a gut feeling, having Meat pair up with Issabella. He rarely acted on something like that, instead preferring to think things through analytically. However, even before he'd realized the existence of the 'pulse', he had been curious about the boy. He might actually turn out to be something good for the Guild. And if he was actually useless, there would be few better companions for him than Issabella. Even if he couldn't do anything useful, she could handle the work for both of them if need be.

At some point, Gawain realized that he had finished his training. He was standing in the middle of the training grounds with his quarterstaff, Azure, in hand, having finished a rather advanced kata. The sun had risen above the horizon, so he judged that a couple hours had passed. He quickly checked the condition of his body. No sweat. No sore spots. It seemed like the training had gone well. He returned Azure back to the pocket dimension Re-Equip Mages used.
He headed over to the main hall, judging that most people would be awake by now. He soon found himself correct, hearing the boy with the guitar playing. As he arrived into the hall, he also saw the people in. Freya, Issabella and Meat were there too, and a few other people. A friendly smile appearing on his face, the respectable Guild Master was about to head over to Freya and Issabella. He still had to talk to Freya about her small misunderstanding regarding the money, and he'd wanted to spar with Issabella for a while. But then he also saw the Creepy Kid, and, worse yet, several of his even creepier dolls. He shuddered lightly as he looked at the dolls crawling over the members of his Guild.
Gawain was about to head away from the dolls, when he suddenly noticed something, his face becoming a bit more serious. One of the tables had been broken. Well, that was nothing new, but it still wasn't something he could ignore. Even if it meant having to face the demon-spawn that the Creepy Kid commanded.
Taking a moment to gather confidence, Gawain headed over to the broken table. He kneeled next to it, and activated Analysis.


Information began to flood the Guild Master's mind, which then began to process it into a form that he could understand. In actuality, he got a lot more specific information than just 'wood' when it came to the material, but that was the word his mind compressed the information into. He gained a thorough and complete understanding of every string of organic matter in it, every little crack in the table's surface.
Soon, he had, using the information on the edges of the broken area, formed an image in his head of what the table had been like when it had been intact.
"Repair", he uttered silently, and touched the table. The wood instantly began to form on its own, molding itself into the shape it had within Gawain's mind, the exact same as it had had before someone had smashed into it.
In ten seconds or so after Gawain had knelt next to it, the table was in perfect condition again. Or, well, as perfect as it had been before this morning. The Structure Magic Insurance didn't cover damage done by fireballs dropped onto things, beer stains, or being eaten. Gawain still hadn't found out who had bitten off a lump of wood the size of his fist from the side of the table. And it had been eaten. He could still see the bite marks.
Sighing from having had to do something like that again, Gawain stood up and turned to face the members of his Guild. "Good morning, ladies. And the others."