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Akumu Hoshimi

Im sorry my nightmares are too much..

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a character in “The New Mage Guild; Draco Edge”, as played by DreamerOnTheStars


Full Name: Nickname, Age then Gender Akumu Hoshimi, Aku , 15 , Female
Nightmare Doll_C Rank Draco Edge Member

~ Physical Info ~

Akumu is a short girl with a very dolly appearance, or so people may say. She stands around 5'1 and STILL growing, just noting. She is light and very flexible, While being light, she is very healthy and fit, with fair skin and a slightly toned body. Her body yet needs to mature though, and she is still a "late bloomer". Other then that, her hair is a mix of blues, from navy to a lighter shade. Her locks are curled slightly, medium length and layered, usually very neat unless its in the morning, then its a mess of its own. Her eyes are a mix of blues as well and gleam innocence except when she is fighting.
While having two types of attire, her mission clothing and her every day outfits, they both are common in some way. Akumu's choice of color would be blue with a dark shade, like black or grey. Plus they are both easy to move in, so there is no stress there.

On the backside of her hand. It is like a flame, dark blue on the lower half before melting into a lightblue as it goes up.

~ Mentality ~

Akumu is a cheerful yet quiet girl who likes to run around silently catching errands. Though dont be assuming things too quickly, it may be pleasant to be around her, with her calm aura and all, but when she fights she might become a bit..crazy? No one knows for sure on how she will act, it all plays randomly according to her mood or thoughts at the time. Akumu tries to ignore the crazy or bad urges within herself, just because she hates being judged and hated by the ones she likes, or favors..But in intense fights her more cunning and rougher side appears.

{Likes} {Dislikes}
oSweets Nightmares [When It scares people]x
oReading Mythology [Ideas for Monsters] Spicy foodsx
oDrawing People Yelling/Mad at herx
oHer Scythe Failing a Missionx
oDolls Being called Short..x

{Quirks} {Phobias}
%Laughing suddenly Being Alone @
%Giving people Nightmares Her Blood or A friend's@
%Calling Scary things "cute"

~ Ability Statistics ~

~ Lost Magic (Arc of Embodiment) ~ Dark Magic~

{Signature Spell}
Play House- This spell is when a certain area around her enemies are stuck in a box where they cannot see the outside, only the nightmare she is playing. [The area cannot be too large or will break in minutes. The smaller the area, the stronger] In the "House" nightmares come to life, and what everyone sees are different. Some may see ghost, or a old scary lady, and none will notice each other, even if they bump into each other. Though for her, she watches from above, with the 1st key of escaping the house. Her scythe, when slashed across the "house" it rips allowing a close enough victim to see the outside and escape. Another way out, is to overcome there fear and the nightmare will go away. Once the nightmare is gone, they are free to attack the wall or simply walk through. [Note: The nightmares can attack, and the stronger the victim fear is, the stronger the nightmare is]

{Spell List}
~ Dream Scare, Puppet Strings, Weapon Summon, Monster Art,Raven Wings, Mirror~
~Hook Neck, Dark Hand, Dark Barrier, Dark Wave, Dark Gravity, Ghost Cage, Black Bomb, Dark Spies~

{Non-magic Skills}
# Agile and Quick
# Silence [Its hard to get a scream or info from her. She could die, silent]
# High Stability/Stamina
# Is a Very good Observer, and Will remember info she needs, like someone's fear or what not.
~ Personal Background ~

Akumu lived in an orphanage, her parents abandoning her or so she thinks. Why? Well it was supposed to be a secret, but people soon found out later with ease. See, when she was younger, her magic pikes suddenly without control, affecting the people around her. Her powers gave the children living with her, nightmares while they slept or maybe even when they were playing around. This caused people to fear her, hate her and wonder if she was actually a child. And When that happens, Akumu began to think of ways to make her magic good. She tries to make the boogie men into fun clowns, or the demons into unicorns. When she thought she had the hang of it, she tried it on a child once which she soon found out that was a stupid thing to do. It went well at first but it just turned for the worst.That was the last straw, She was sent away, alone to some sort of prison. She was forced to stay in one room for the rest of her life, and this caused her to change, to become a bit crazy, and a sadist. Akumu gave up on her trying to be good at her nightmare magic and began to use it for fun, affecting the adults outside without most of them knowing. That was actually considered training, soon enough she found out about her lost magic. It was fun creating things, but her maturity and intelligence grew to the point she realized what she was doing was stupid and useless. She stopped her magic completely for awhile and they finally let her go, not sure what to do with her. No where to go, traveling was her only answer or option, so she went around the world until she heard of the new guild "Draco Edge". This lit a flame of hope within her, so she went across the world to go to this placed called "Draco Edge". Akumu finally reached her destination, she was 13 at the time. It turned out the guild was what she wished for or so she thinks. This was her new home, or so she hopes to be. Now it been two years..and she still has that sadist feeling..


So begins...

Akumu Hoshimi's Story


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"Here in Fiore, in the small Oshibana Town, lies the Guild; Draco Edge."

Loritova; an exceedingly tall man, with muscular build and flaming red hair. His stark appearance is dwarfed by the pan around to room below, a large gathering hall where many people can be seen conversing, eating, and bickering. Loritova appears to be standing on a balcony that overlooks the massive hall below. His crimson brown eyes look down upon the people that he's so hastily recruited in the past three months. They carry the future of Draco Edge with them, the future of a Guild founded by the Magic Council itself. They were chosen, by Loritova, to become the new leaders of this aspiring guild and they will mold it's future.
The man finally speaks, only lending a voice loud enough to be heard by himself.

"Ah. Today marks the day that Draco Edge becomes three months old. It's significance is to mark the day that Draco Edge is finally recognized as an official Guild of Fiore." Loritova pauses, takes a deep breath and continues. "These children, no, these selected few will carry this guild to its downfall or its greatness... hopefully the latter, obviously." He chuckles lightly as the group down below doesn't pay any mind to Loritova's existence. "Ah, this group is something!" He chuckles again. "Charlotte and Anachayla bickering as always; Seibi and Chowa trying their best to avoid getting dragged into the silly rivalry. Kacie always being the one who cleans up the mess they make, then there's Akumu and Fumiko who sit together munching on piles of sweets. The two young girls; Elysia and Haruka, are always running around, enjoying their lives... that always brings a smile to my face." He smiles the laughs abit. "Akio is always the one who tries to woo the women, usually taking his pick of Shae Ann or Eliza, although they always reject him." Loritova ruffles his beard a little before continuing. "Ah, I can't forget our little prodigy, Sotofu! He has a tendency to stay away from the loud noise and sit alone. There's also Theo, he's one you don't want to bother too often... he's just like Dimetre... well not really, Dimetre will at least socialize with the other members." He pauses to take another breath while taking a brief walk over to the window overlooking the Training Grounds. "The ever so gentle and kind Cassadin had a tendency to take care of the various plants found around the grounds, and Morien the valiant swordsman always diligently practicing his swordsmanship." He returns to his overlook of the main hall. "Ah yes, there is Draco Edge's newest member Kuroi Lightblade, although he hasn't quite settled in quite yet, he chooses to remain inside trying to be social, which is rather good... But of course we have our elite... Mordecai and Chayton, our own duo born from Mother Nature herself. Those two are arguably our strongest members, well at least Mordecai is, since he is our Guild Ace. Those two are definitely reliable mages, ones I put some of the deepest trust into... But... There is one other, Sandra. She is my most trusted fighter, although she is usually off doing the most dangerous and complicated of missions. Given that she's our top S-Rank Mage, she tends to be the one who watches over everyone, making sure all mischief is kept to a minimum. She is my most trusted Mage and she has deemed all my respect as a fine warrior." Loritova cracks his neck, then his fists, then takes a deep breath. "But enough of this! This is a day for celebration! We are now recognized throughout the Kingdom as a Magical Guild! Now, once Mordecai and Chayton return from their errand, our feast shall begin." Loritova hunches over the railing of the balcony again, looking down at his Guild, admiring the great growth that he has witnessed in the short three months.


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Life had its simply things..and they were sweets.." She murmurs, nibbling on a large pumpkin shaped cookie with a dazed look giving her a look of an airhead. Though not admitting it, she knew there were many other simple things that pleased her a whole lot more then sweets, like the guild for instants, the people in it as well. Though a drop of icing snapped herself out of thought, as it fell on her black sweater with a light plop. She looks downwards and blinks, processing the action that just happened. "Another reason to love dark stain~!" Akumu chirped cheerfully. Raising her hand in the air, dark matter formed around her hand, and in seconds a silk handkerchief fell onto her fingers . With the creation she just made, she began to clean the drop of icing carefully, while the cookie hanged out of her mouth childishly. After a couple of minutes of wiping, she was pleased with the clean results, so she stuffed the handkerchief in her pockets, resuming to her nibbling.

"What did that old man say?" Akumu asked dazed again, looking up from her cookie and towards the said person behind the window. The little "nightmare doll" was currently wearing a casual outfit, consisting of a large black sweat adorned with blue cat ears on the hood and black tights. While her clothing were nice and neat, her hair wasn't, it was a bit messier than normal and looked to be barely brushed showing how lazy she was.
While staring at the guildmaster, memories and photos flashed through her mind like an old, black and white slide show.One memory was the time in the orphange how she tried to materlized good dreams using "Arc of Embodiment" and "Darkness magic". It went well, until she lost control and it killed the boy. Then when the women there tried to hold her down into a cage like she was an animal. Oh and there was the time she scared the wits out of a guard from the hell hole. She lets out a small, light, bitter and crazy laugh causing the passing people to give her a odd confused look. She blinks and snaps out of it. "Almost lost it..again" Akumu scolded herself, empathizing on the word "again" After silent moments of nothing, she stood up suddenly. "Now what.." She mutters under her breath looking around, then towards Fumiko.


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Fumiko sighed. It had been only just less than a month since she had been here. She muttered to herself, "Let me think... It has been 24 days?" As she listened around the guild and picked up bits of conversations. She was sucking on a cherry lollypop. It was a little tart, but overall it was sweet. She then looked at her left shoulder. This was where she decided to put her mark on and Fumi then smiled. She remembered when she first came through the doors of this guild. As Fumiko was reminiscing she noticed that Akumu had stood up and was then looking at her.

Fumi then asked in a quiet voice, "Are you alright?". Fumi knew that Akumu had a sad past, but she was still one of her only friends. She then finished her lollypop and started to chew on the stick. She decided that she probably should go look at the job board. Before that Fumiko pulled out another lollypop. This time it was apple, unwrapped it, and started to suck on it. She then said to Akumu, "Would you like to look at the job board with me?"


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Morien; Bar adjacent to the Job Board

The mage known as Morien Morningstar would resign his presence along one of the outer walls which overlooked the bar, to his immediate northwest lied the library, an institution which he was personally acquainted with from his tenure as a new recruit which wasn't all too long ago, as an incoming freshman of Draco Edge he had been known for his recluse lifestyle , not by choice of course. He was pro-social and very much enjoyed the company of others, he was just a very iron-willed personality, some would call him a bit of a perfectionist. Morien himself didn't think of himself as such, his magical aptitude was so atrocious that he had no choice but to spend all his time studying. Not only that but he he had to compete with those who had been formerly taught magic all their lives. For someone who had never used a magic spell since setting foot on Oshibana, this had been quite a remarkable feat.

Even now he still stood unsure of his abilities, he over-relied on his physical abilities and his proficiency in elemental type magic left much room for improvement. Yet, he stood absorbed in his own thoughts. His expression seemed to mirror much of the discontent taking place in his soul. Then as he seemed to succumb to the abyss known as self doubt , he would come-to by the words Guild Master Loritova. His voice had a tendency to stir morale in those needing encouragement. Such power, he thought.

A careful glance panned throughout much of the bar which had been decorated by the presences of many Draco Edge's finest and would-be mages looking to carve out their legend in the annals as one of Fiore's finest. Although most of members of Draco Edge were stand outs in one way or another , a few stood out even amongst the others. One such had been a woman who had been nearly twice his age but invited a distracting fantasy on more than one occasion, Morien tended to keep his thoughts well guarded in her presence. Another was Sotofu Katsu, a mage who had entered the guild around the same time as he. Although many sought to pit the two as rivals , he never thought of him as such. Sotofu possessed a raw talent that he did not. They were too dissimilar to be compared. Then there were his teamates, Akumi Hoshimi and Fumiko Gato. He gave wave toward their direction.

" Akumi Hoshimi, Fumiko Gato. There is something I need to speak to you guys-er girls about. " How do you feel about the name X-Calibur? as the name for our team. Also...


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Morien Morningstar; Bar

His last word seemed to hang a bit longer than what was the typical response one might expect from him, as if the decision was something not all ready set in the rosetta stone of his minds workings. Making such "snap" judgements was something he was not particularly versed at and it showed. "... I'm afraid I won't be able to accompany you on the Cat hunt mission. There's an important matter that I can't ignore. -Fingers tucking into themselves, forming a tightly nit ball, not in anger but solidarity. His expression seemed to become more focused- . " I trust that you two can handle the mission without my participation. I have faith in your ability as fellow Draco Edge mages. Although they hadn't worked as team for all that long. Morien understood his teamates enough to relax a bit of his authoritive guard around them. Nodding to both Akumu and Fumiko, before setting sights to Mordecai and Chayton who had just arrived bearing the food for the feast. He recognized Mordecai immediately by his use of antiquated speech. Taking a few steps in the direction of the Bar area, pausing before turning to posit his teamates "Oh and one more thing... Mission Impossible is tomorrow so make sure to get enough rest and practice between then."

The knightly teen setting aside a stool to seat himself onto. His arms relaxing about his sides as his body gave into the effects of his early morning training that had carried on to the late eve , eyes now folding solidly shut. He was one of the few people capable of sleeping on just about anythng however the problem was in staying asleep. Of course, his sleep walking habit would take over and he was so good at it that it was like he had never went to sleep at all, while sleep walking much of his co-ordindination, reasoning and communication ability remained. He was known to hold a conversation and even completed a quest or two while under the effects of the "trance". To those who hadn't know him, it looked staged, although what did change was his overall personality. In his "trance" it can be argued that the ego portion of his consciousness surfaced making him do and say things he otherwise wouldn't out of decency and common sense. However, there was no sort of filter to keep in check his judgemental thoughts in check. Sort of like being inebriated.

"Hey you, you with all the stupid chains and zippers " -Raising a finger to Roady Domene-. "You think your hot stuff because you're the new guy and you're receiving attention from S-ranked mages like Shae who I've never seen with a man but that's besides the point, but guess what? No one cares, What matters is your ability to produce results for the guild. I hope you don't end up on my team. I have enough weight I'm carrying"


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Fumiko glanced at Akumu. As she waited for a response she turned around. Someone seemed to be calling her. As she looked she saw Morien. He was waving at her, so she quickly got up and pulled Akumu over, who seemed to be in a trance of some sort. Must be the cookie, she thought. As she walked over he seemed to say something that she couldn't really hear what he was saying. All of a sudden he started to talk again. "... I'm afraid I won't be able to accompany you on the Cat hunt mission. There's an important matter that I can't ignore," he said.

Oh, she thought, I wonder what that is... I guess it could be a solo mission. Then Morien said, " I trust that you two can handle the mission without my participation. I have faith in your ability as fellow Draco Edge mages. Hmm... I guess we are taking a mission with just the two of us then. Fumiko glanced at Akumu again who now seemed to be asleep.

Finally Morien said,"Oh and one more thing... Mission Impossible is tomorrow so make sure to get enough rest and practice between then." Fumiko slapped her head. She knew she had been forgetting something. She decided that she could maybe practice with Akumu, but she wasn't sure when she would wake up. As she was thinking about this she saw Morien sit town. He then got into an argument with some new guy. Fumiko silently laughed to herself. This was going to be an interesting tun of events.

Then the guy started to talk back to Morien. As she watched this she noticed that he was wearing a bunch of chains. She couldn't decide if it was suppose to be a weird fashion statement or something fore his magic. She then shook Akumu to wake her up. Then Fumiko asked, "So would you like to practice for tomorrow then?" As she waited for a response she went to go and get another lollypop. This time it was a sweet strawberry one.


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Akumu Hoshimi

(OOC: Sorry for the lack of response >,<'' didnt know it started 2nd post)

Akumu's blue eyes snapped open to the sound of a loud slap against skin. She jerks her head toward Fumiko and blinks. What was wrong, she wondered, blinking more in confusion. Was she mad, so she hits herself...?
"Sorry Fumiko, its warm and well i dozed off.." She said her words lingering quietly as she studies her face expression and thoughts. She sighs before continuing. "Im guessing you will like to practice for "mission impossible'?" She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Looking off, she remains quiet not sure what else to say until she receives an answer. Knowing only one solution for this awkward moment, she forms a lollipop with her magic and begins sucking on it only to realize it had no flavor...Akumu mentally groaned, this is why she hated "Arc of Embodiment", it may seem easy forming things from the users imagination, but to have the item more accurate the user had to know the item clearly. And for this lollipop, she wasn't sure how to create a flavor..

"Well lets go to the training grounds, I need to practice my magic and hand to hand combat." Akumu said bluntly, no emotion in her words. But her eyes said it all, she was determined to get her powers under her control. At the thought of getting better got her fired up, so she reached for Fumiko's arm and pulled like a little child urging her mom to go into a toy shop. "lets go Fumiko-chan!" Her voice suddenly growing cheerful.


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As Fumiko got to the guild she looked around. She knew today was suppose to be mission impossible. What that was she didn't know, however, she did practice with Akumu the day before. She was all hyped up about this that Fumiko almost jumped with excitement when Loritova started to speak. He said stuff about the basic rules and about splitting into teams. She also picked up on him saying something about being teleported a 12 O'clock and that is you revealed your paper before then you would be disqualified.

Fumiko then got her piece of paper and refused to look at it. She decided that if she did then she would probably reveal who it was and get disqualified. That wouldn't be any fun. She quickly whipped out a blueberry lollypop and started to suck on it until 12. She didn't know if other people already knew their partners, but they didn't seem to show it. Then when the time finally came Fumiko was telleported.