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Chowa Kyoku

" you know that 65% of a human body is made up of water? Have you ever wondered what will happen if 50% of it is sucked out of your body? I can help you figure it out"

0 · 377 views · located in Fiore

a character in “The New Mage Guild; Draco Edge”, as played by blackwolf


Chowa Kyoku: Chowa for short, 19 years old, Male, The Harmony of a Dragon, B Rank Draco Edge Member

~ Physical Info ~

Standing at 6ft with an ever-present dark look on his face, Chowa can imitate people easily if he wants to. He has an extremely well-toned body, enough so that every girl wouldn't mind looking at it for hours and boys would feel a deep sense of envy when they look at him. His skin is smooth but slightly rough. There's a large scar that runs down from the back of his neck to his backbone. However, it is often hidden behind his clothes. The scar is a result of a training gone wrong and he jumps out of the way to protect his sister. He has a very odd hair and eye colors - emerald and is often teased because of it. His hair is long, creating a slightly feminine look for him and it reaches the middle of his back. His voice is slightly low and rough because of the lack of use. His clothes mostly consist of a white coat, a blue long-sleeves t-shirt underneath it and jeans.

Emerald - Right cheek

~ Mentality ~

Quiet and keeping things to himself half of the time, Chowa has the typical characteristics of a man of actions. He's silent and lethal, a dangerous combination. He doesn't like talking to others, prefers to sit back and listens to the others than offering his opinions on a matter. He rarely gives others his thoughts or ideas unless they ask him directly. He's a very good listener, mainly because he's so quiet and mostly listens to you rather...well, rather than adds his two cents into a conversation. He dislikes talkative people, mainly because they hurt his eardrums too much but he will listen to their rants anyway. He likes doing actions and not "all bark but no bite".

He seems cold and uncaring to others, never offers any comfort toward everyone, even his allies or friends no matter how miserable they seem. To the others, he might be a heartless bastard and an unfeeling brick because of his cluelessness toward others' feelings for him and his unwillingness in returning any of said emotions but in reality, he's very caring and kind toward his friends and loved ones. He's extremely protective of them and always fears that they will die or be in some kinds of dangers or leave him alone. Sometimes, his protectiveness of them even makes the others annoyed.

To his enemies, Chowa is sadistic and merciless. He likes to cause fear and uncertainty among his enemies and/or distrust between them. He's never hesitant to kill someone and doesn't have any guilt in doing it. Chowa's bitter and sarcastic, a trait that he develops slowly over the years as he sees the others with happy family while he's stuck with no one else beside a few true friends.

To the others beside the ones he can trust with his life, he always keeps his calm and level head although inside him always at war within itself. He never clearly states that he is not dark but he's certainly not a part of the Light. He doesn't believe himself to be an evil creature, merely a gray being between the realm of black and white.

Finally, to the deaths, he utterly respects them. No matter if they have been dead for thousands of years or hundreds of years or even just a week, he never bad-mouths them and mourns for them even if they are just completely strangers to him. This might count as one of his oddities but he never thinks so himself.

{Likes} {Dislikes}
o Water/swimming Transportation x
o Quietness Being annoyedx
o Being left alone Being asked too many questionsx
o Draco Edge Working in groupsx
o Fighting/Killing Enemiesx
o Doing missions alone Fangirlsx

{Quirks} {Phobias}
% Like talking to the moon like it's a living thing Loved ones dying@
% When he's reading, he forgets about the existence of everything Claustrophobia@
% Like Bitter food especially dark chocolate very very muchFangirls@

~ Ability Statistics ~

Water Dragon Slayer Magic

{Signature Spell}
The anger of the Water Dragon - It's a sucking spell...basically, it sucks water or any types of liquids out of everything it touches. From humans, to animals to even trees or anything that contains water. It's a deadly spell and is very draining and kills almost anything in its way and therefore, Chowa doesn't use it often

{Spell List}
~Water Dragon Roar
~Water Dragon Claws
~Water Dragon's Iron Fist
~Water Dragon's Wing Attack
~Water Dragon's Sword Horn
~Water Dragon's Crushing Fang

{Non-magic Skills}
# Fast Reading skill
# Stealth
# Swordsmanship
# Playing flute
# Painting

~ Personal Background ~

Chowa's story, while not as tragic as some others, is not a very happy one. He's raised by a Water Dragon along with his little sister Ran. He lived happily with his sister and their 'father' and he had thought that nothing could ruin his happiness...until one day...the 'fateful' day - 7th July of X777, the Dragon left him and his sister alone...forever. Chowa was confused...extremely confused. He didn't understand why his Father had left him like that and let them fend for themselves. His sister and he had to live on the street, became the street urchins, being spitted on, laughed at, doing anything to earn money, from stealing to killing and other dirty jobs. Chowa had thought his life couldn't get any did. When he was 12, an age that many boys and girls would live happily, go to school and have friends, while he had to live on the street, steal things to eat and had to take care of a sister, they came. They were nothing but mere gangsters, punks and drug dealers...the lowest of the lowest. They thought his sister was pretty and they wanted to 'have some fun' with her and promised they would give them some money to live since his sister was very sicked at that time. Chowa refused. He couldn't let his sister do that. And so, instead of his sister, he was the one that had to endure the torment. He was raped, humiliated, beaten and spitted on, laughed at and almost anything you could think of...but he didn't complain...not one word. He knew he was protecting his sister and he was happy he could do so. Finally, the gang was bored and they decided to try something new. They took out their swords and began to walk toward his sister, intended to cut her up to see his reaction. Chowa jumped in and saved his sister in time. The gangsters were furious. They stopped playing games and decided to get rid of Chowa's sister. The little girl, still too weak to defense herself, got killed and that was when Chowa snapped. He broke his own promise - to never use his magic against a fellow human and killed all those gangsters. He stood there, laughing like a madman. His sanity was on the verge of breaking completely. And there came Loritova - the only chain that connected him to the human world and the world of madness. The man was passing by and saw everything. He was the one that had stopped Chowa when he decided he needed to kill more and knocked the teenager unconscious. The following years were the hardest years to Chowa. He had to get over his sister dead, stop blaming himself for breaking his promise, and most of all, he had to get used to the fact that he had a place to call home now. He joined Draco Edge soon afterward and became a B-rank mage. He took missions alone, prefers not to get closed to others in fear of being hurt again. Currently, Chowa is just spending his time at Draco Edge before leaving for a mission again.

So begins...

Chowa Kyoku's Story


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"Here in Fiore, in the small Oshibana Town, lies the Guild; Draco Edge."

Loritova; an exceedingly tall man, with muscular build and flaming red hair. His stark appearance is dwarfed by the pan around to room below, a large gathering hall where many people can be seen conversing, eating, and bickering. Loritova appears to be standing on a balcony that overlooks the massive hall below. His crimson brown eyes look down upon the people that he's so hastily recruited in the past three months. They carry the future of Draco Edge with them, the future of a Guild founded by the Magic Council itself. They were chosen, by Loritova, to become the new leaders of this aspiring guild and they will mold it's future.
The man finally speaks, only lending a voice loud enough to be heard by himself.

"Ah. Today marks the day that Draco Edge becomes three months old. It's significance is to mark the day that Draco Edge is finally recognized as an official Guild of Fiore." Loritova pauses, takes a deep breath and continues. "These children, no, these selected few will carry this guild to its downfall or its greatness... hopefully the latter, obviously." He chuckles lightly as the group down below doesn't pay any mind to Loritova's existence. "Ah, this group is something!" He chuckles again. "Charlotte and Anachayla bickering as always; Seibi and Chowa trying their best to avoid getting dragged into the silly rivalry. Kacie always being the one who cleans up the mess they make, then there's Akumu and Fumiko who sit together munching on piles of sweets. The two young girls; Elysia and Haruka, are always running around, enjoying their lives... that always brings a smile to my face." He smiles the laughs abit. "Akio is always the one who tries to woo the women, usually taking his pick of Shae Ann or Eliza, although they always reject him." Loritova ruffles his beard a little before continuing. "Ah, I can't forget our little prodigy, Sotofu! He has a tendency to stay away from the loud noise and sit alone. There's also Theo, he's one you don't want to bother too often... he's just like Dimetre... well not really, Dimetre will at least socialize with the other members." He pauses to take another breath while taking a brief walk over to the window overlooking the Training Grounds. "The ever so gentle and kind Cassadin had a tendency to take care of the various plants found around the grounds, and Morien the valiant swordsman always diligently practicing his swordsmanship." He returns to his overlook of the main hall. "Ah yes, there is Draco Edge's newest member Kuroi Lightblade, although he hasn't quite settled in quite yet, he chooses to remain inside trying to be social, which is rather good... But of course we have our elite... Mordecai and Chayton, our own duo born from Mother Nature herself. Those two are arguably our strongest members, well at least Mordecai is, since he is our Guild Ace. Those two are definitely reliable mages, ones I put some of the deepest trust into... But... There is one other, Sandra. She is my most trusted fighter, although she is usually off doing the most dangerous and complicated of missions. Given that she's our top S-Rank Mage, she tends to be the one who watches over everyone, making sure all mischief is kept to a minimum. She is my most trusted Mage and she has deemed all my respect as a fine warrior." Loritova cracks his neck, then his fists, then takes a deep breath. "But enough of this! This is a day for celebration! We are now recognized throughout the Kingdom as a Magical Guild! Now, once Mordecai and Chayton return from their errand, our feast shall begin." Loritova hunches over the railing of the balcony again, looking down at his Guild, admiring the great growth that he has witnessed in the short three months.


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#, as written by Skylite

"Oh, you look like you need some more water little guy!" Said the man, or rather, the boy, kneeling down in front of a small sunflower outside of Draco edge's main headquarters. He lifted the green water jug up, sprinkling a generous amount of aqua on the Sunflower. He adjusted the soil around the plant, wiping his dirty hands on his white shirt as he finished, smearing it with earthy color. "There, all done." Said Cassadin, entering the main building, wearing his dirty gardening clothes. He entered, the main building, waving too and greeting his fellow guild members as he headed to his room, to put his equipment away.

He entered the room, with its calm green and soil brown walls, and opened a large blue chest, where his put his watering can, spade, and seed packets away, removed his dirty shirt, and plopped down on his bed, sighing. Today marks the two-month anniversary of the Luna incident; the day in which Cass was kidnapped by the sinister cult, and his former teammates were slaughtered in front of his eyes. Cass was no stranger to violence and death, and being a mage, you take certain risks, but he still hadn't quite recovered from the horrible disaster that was his first mission.

Today was also the three-month anniversary of the guild's conception, and a day for celebration. Mordecai and Chayton had gone out previously, to hunt game for the feast, he assumed, and would most likely be back soon, so Cass decided to put on some decent clothes and socialize with his guild-mates. As he buttoned-up his black collared shirt, he wondered was his teammates were doing. Chowa was most likely tending to the library, or sitting about in the tavern-floor, and Charlotte, as usual, was most likely bickering, or having some sort of silly contest with her mortal rival, Anachayla.

He stepped out of his room, heading to the main floor, to see what was happening in Draco Edge.


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Chowa Kyoku - a corner of the bar section

'It is annoying...and noisy...' was Chowa's first thought as he entered the guild. Everyone was all noisy...everything was so annoying...why couldn't they appreciate some quietness? would certainly make his life easier...God knew he hated noises. One hand clutching his book tightly and the other hand swaying back and forth in a lazy manner, Chowa's eyes immediately scanned the entire bar section and tried to find the quietest corner so he could read his book in peace. Well, it seemed luck didn't like him today. The teenager's frown deepened and he walked to a corner and sat down on a wooden chair, his footsteps barely created any noises. He looked at the empty table he was sitting...This table hadn't been taken yet...thanks god! He put the book on the table and sat in a low tone of voice to the bartender "...Miss Fienmal...would you mind making a cup of black coffee for me?...thank you very much..." He nodded his head and acknowledged several members as they waved their hands...He hated being sociable...Sighing deeply, Chowa opened his book and began reading, completely ignored everything else.

'Water is a chemical substance with the chemical formula H2O. A water molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds. Water is a liquid at ambient conditions, but it often co-exists on Earth with its solid state, ice, and gaseous state (water vapor or steam). Water also exists in a liquid crystal state near hydrophilic surfaces.'

Apparently, Chowa was reading about his element - Water...You might wonder what the hell was Water element or why the hell was he reading it...well, we would have to look back at his history to know about this. You see, Chowa was not a normal person. He was a B-rank mage of the Draco Edge Guild. And not just any mage...he was a dragon slayer - the water dragon slayer to be exact...the only one on this Earth. The knowledge cut him deep and made his wounded heart start bleeding again...He wasn't supposed to be the only water dragon slayer...His sister was supposed to be one, too... His inability to save his sister, to protect her had caused him this loneliness...if only he hadn't had that stupid promise...if only he hadn't promised not to harm humans using his power...if only...If only he had broken his promise sooner...He would have been able to save her...But he hadn't...that's why he had lost his only family...He was useless...He did not even have the strength to protect her...Chowa's breaths hitched and his hands began to shake slightly...Taking a deep breath, Chowa began to close his eyes, putting the book on the table. 'Don't think of that, happened a long time ago...stop blaming yourself and pull yourself together,'re a B-rank Dragon Slayer!...' Chowa opened his eyes, his shaking stopped and his eyes took on an indifferent look as his face set in an impassive mask...but inside, he was still pretty shaken...He hadn't prepared himself for a flashback like that. He rubbed his eyes tiredly...He couldn't read the book now even if he wanted to...He had to calm himself and let his mind rest first.

Looking up, Chowa was greeted with a familiar figure - The Guild Master - Loritova. He had known the man long before he joined the guild...and the man used to be the only connection with the human world that he had...if it was not for him, Chowa was sure that he would become a crazy serial killer or just a mindless zombie...He looked at Loritova like a father, an uncle and a guild master - someone who could guide him through his darkest hours and help him get up even after Chowa had given up. A faint smile escaped the teenager's lips, well...he guessed he wasn't alone after all. He had Draco Edge...even if he just only knew them for about three months, he had already felt a deep sense of connection with each of them, some were fainter than the others but it was there...

His eyes shifted slightly as he turned his head and looked at the members of the guild...suddenly, he found himself didn't mind their noisiness as much as before...after all, they were just having fun. This was a three-month anniversary after all... Chowa picked up his book and tucked it into his pocket carefully...well, he obviously couldn't read why bother trying? He might just as well try to have some fun like Master Loritova had suggested days earlier...

The door opened and Chowa's attention changed again as he looked at a dirty Cassadin as he stroke into the guild, his clothes were covered in dirt...He had spent time in his garden...again. Chowa shook his least he could have dusted it off or something...Well, it was sheer luck that Chowa had water element then, right? So he could shoot water out of his hands and clean up the other teen...He raised his hands but stopped himself at the last second...well, it would be rude of him to do so...He would just have to endure least the teen was quiet...unlike his other teammate.

Oh yes, speaking of other teammate...where was Charlotte? Usually, she would be here right now, bickering with her eternal rival - Ana - He didn't hate both girls...he thought they were...self-motivated persons...but sometimes, their... enthusiasm got the better of them and each time like that, they tended to hurt his eardrums a little too much...It was quite annoying in some ways, but quite relaxing in some other gave him a sense of belonging...even if he did belong in a guild with many, many immature people...He gave a short wave and gestured Cassadin toward the empty chairs next to him, inviting the other teen to sit down.

And with that, Chowa looked at the new guy...He had strange hair and strange eyes...Chowa didn't see this one yesterday...maybe this was a new recruit?...It was a possibility...He didn't even bother turning his head as he whispered his question "...hey, who's that guy?..." Well, if Cassadin didn't take up his offer and sat somewhere else, he could always explain that it was his habit of talking out loud...He did have strange habits after all...Closing his eyes brieftly and reopened them after a minute or so, Chowa turned his head and looked at his side.


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Charlotte Leiss; The Bar

What made Draco Edge special? What was the shortest, simplest way to express all the reasons why a girl like Charlotte loved this magic guild? If one were to ask, her answer was most certainly…

“It’s never boring,” she grinned, stretching as she sauntered into the guild. Already the festive mood was evident. Most of the others were already there, scattered about the wooden tables that made up the bar-space of the guild house. Conversations flooded the air with murmurs and laughter – everyone was ready to celebrate. Well they better have been. The guild master had been going on and on about the feast for days now… It was hard to believe that the guild had only been around for three months, and Charlotte a member for even less. She could hardly remember what life was like before joining… Well, that was an exaggeration. Her memory wasn’t that bad. It was just that rather than reminiscing in her former self, she would much rather remember that rush in her veins when the guild mark was stamped onto her skin – one of her most vivid memories.

That mark showed proudly, a dark red upon her paler skin, above the slope of her collar bone.

“Now, where are those two?” she murmured aloud, scanning the large hall for any sign of two specific people. She was looking for her teammates, Cassadin and Chowa, the other members of Team Bittersweet… a team about as random as the name. It couldn’t possibly be too difficult to find them, even in this cluttered crowd – after all, the former was almost always the one with dirt streaking his skin while the latter was the isolated one with long green hair. Really, how hard could they be to spot?

As Charlotte looked amongst her guildmates, a slightly smaller figure mimicked her motions from behind her. Two beady crimson eyes, brighter than the girl’s own, flashed as they caught the sunlight. This feminine form, clad in a cream jacket with hood pulled over a black disk for a face, was not human although it seemed to move as such. It had feline features from its clothes – enormous capped sleeves resembling clawless paws, cloth ears perched atop the hood – but the tail, it gently lashed about as if it were real. It wasn’t a human, but a doll, and there was a perfectly good explanation for its movement: Charlotte.

Everyone was used to the sight, the taller girl in her usual brown coat followed by the peculiar doll. Being the only doll play mage in the guild, Charlotte saw little point in hiding it. Some called it a careless use of magic, but she didn’t care what others thought of it. If she wanted to animate something, she was going to animate it. It’s not like anyone could stop her. ‘And Eira’s my best friend…’ It seemed that an anniversary was just a day for reminiscing. She couldn’t stop the memories from surfacing. Memories of home… or what used to be her home. She laughed here, she ate here, she slept here, and she lived here – wasn’t that the definition of home?...

… She was unnerved by her own unfamiliar sentimentality.

Charlotte grimaced and stopped that line of thought right there. She’d come out to have some fun, not linger on the past. Seeing as she wasn’t quite in the mood for a quarrel quite yet, finding her teammates was her best bet. Not quite the social butterfly, she wasn’t all that comfortable with just everyone yet. “Cass, Chowa, you there?” she called over the ruckus of the other people. Really, where were they? The guild wasn’t that large – were they ignoring her? Or were they just not there yet? And speaking of ‘not there yet’, Charlotte realized exactly why things seemed a little too peaceful. It seemed that Anachayla was still on that oh-so-very-important mission of hers. No doubt the ice mage had taken it just to rub her the wrong way – Charlotte didn’t even know how this little animosity between them had started, but she did know that it was never, ever a pleasure to see that ice mage satisfied.

Fortunately, what Charlotte saw was a much more welcome face. “And he shows himself at last,” she mumbled before following the now-arriving Cassadin. As usual, he’d changed his clothes, but the flecks of dirt on his skin told her what he’d been doing until now. Well all the more power to him then – someone had to take care of the guild flowers. Better still, she also caught sight of a familiar shade of green. “There you are,” she said with a grin, taking the seat across from Chowa – yes, she didn’t ask and yes, it was probably rude… but she only realized that after she had done it and it was too late now. Hopefully her teammates were used to it by now… “Sullen as usual, I see,” she added. A teasing comment it may be, but she wore a smile rather than her usual smirk. She didn’t mean any real harm.

In the meantime, Eira had staggered to a nearby window seat, and with a flamboyant turn, slumped into the wooden chair, lifeless. However, its eyes still flashed in the sun’s warming rays.


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#, as written by Skylite

Cass made his way over to where his teammates, Charlotte and Chowa, were sitting, and took a seat at the table.

"Hello, how are you two doing today?" he asked pleasantly, fiddling with the black button on the end of his sleeve. He looked around the bar, and spotted Eira, Charlotte's doll, slumped down in a chair, it's crimson gaze almost meeting his. Cass almost swore it was staring at him, but he reassured himself that that was stupid. The doll had always creeped Cass out, but it definitely produced results in combat, and although it kind of scared him, it had a certain intrigue about it, like an untold story behind the cream-colored cloak.

"Oh, and Chowa, that's the new recruit, his name is Korderoy Lightbulb, or something like that." he said, hearing his green-haired teammate ask about the new mage a few moments earlier.


Chayton stalked the brown beast, staying low to the ground, a razor-sharp Tomahawk in each hand. He had left with Mordecai earlier, and, in preparation for the three-month anniversary feast, they were tasked with hunting down the days meal. Chayton stopped dead in his tracks; he had slipped up in his thought and stepped on a large twig, alerting the beast to his presence. Without warning, the boar whirled around and charged at Chayton, intending to gore the mage with it's tusks. Chayton waited until the exact right time, and sidestepped the boar, lodging the axe into it's throat. The creature ran a ways further, and collapsed on the ground, writhing and kicking. Chayton slit the beast's throat with his knife, and marked a large triangle with a smaller circle inside with it's blood on it's side, as was customary in his village. He said a quick prayer, honoring the beast, and noting it's bravery, until his was approached by his teammate. He quickly finished cleaning his boar and smiled when Mordecai complimented him on his kill. He nodded, and began following the mage back to the guild house.


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#, as written by xKyrie
Elysia Avari Skylar

Chowa raised his head and looked at the person seating across him. When he saw a grinning Charlotte Leiss, he found himself instinctively smiling back. Flowers and sunshine sparkled, a picture of the horizon and a setting sun was promptly pasted behind them. Lost in each others eyes. Charlotte stared at her teammate's face. His emerald colored eyes and hair were a sight to see. Those long lashes and long hair and his Draco Edge tattoo on face, Chowa is unbelievably an eye-candy to the opposite gender's eyes. Charlotte is not exempted from this rule. Still beaming, Charlotte opened her mouth and spoke, "Still as handsome, I see."


Since the two were quite absorbed in their conversation, they had failed to see the arrival of their teammate. Cassadin Kayleth, who despite changing still had specks of dirt and evidence of his earlier activity painted in his face. Cassadin is always the kind and polite gentlemanly guy. Aside from being usually seen to tend to plants, the brown-haired and green-eyed man is well known for being a gentle soul. The three complete one of the well-known team in Draco Edge, Team Bittersweet.

She really can't comprehend how the team's name came to be, but now seeing their interactions instantly changed her mind. Staring at the bittersweet smile in Cassadin's face as he stared at the two, she can definitely now say that the name fits them just right.

There is a drama, not obviously spoken about but still present at them three. Letting out a wistful sigh, the white-haired teen hoped that Charlotte must decide who she liked more. Though she's not close with either of them, Elysia Avari, or Ely did not wish any of them to get hurt. It would be really a mess if.. if ever Charlotte continued to let this thing between them go longer than what is appropriate. Sure Charlotte is a pretty girl, and though she is loud and has amazing character still-


Elysia was suddenly and forcibly dragged out of her romantic bubble when she saw in her peripheral vision, a familiar man entering the bar. The sparkles and spotlight disappeared out of view and her eyes darted towards the whole room as she searched futilely for a place to hide. Still staring at the renowned Hunter Killer, Ely gulped. She didn't actually hated him, in fact Elysia deeply respects Chayton Ciqala. But there is something in him that truly scares the Sky Dragon Slayer.

She was about to leave and seek the confines of her room when she remembered the reason she had been staying at the bar. The master told them today was a celebration for the third month of the guild. Supposedly everyone was waiting for Chayton and Mordecai to come back. Being the active dreamer that she is, instead of focusing on her surroundings, Elysia found herself daydreaming without care.

She just can't help it, it was one of her hobbies and her mind just instantly forgets everything around her and focuses on different stories it can come up. She would usually imagine different scenarios with various members of the guild as the protagonists. More often than not the story is romance. Though she had actually cooked up a horror story between Chayton killing each one of them dragon slayers in the guild with a tomato. It had left her several sleepless nights and being more edgy whenever she crosses path with the older guy. She never ate tomato after that too.

Flushing at her very recent musing, Ely looked around and bowed her head afterwards. She really hoped that no one in the guild knew how to read minds. Charlotte, Cassadin and Chowa would surely kill her for her imagination. She also wished that the master would start soon with the festivities. She had been itching to go into her room, with the number of people here, she's having a hard time hearing the sound of the air around.

((Sorry but this post assumes that Chayton had already arrived at the guild together with Mordecai. I can wait to post again when they actually arrive at the guild. :] ))


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Chowa Kyoku - a corner of the bar section

“There you are, Sullen as usual, I see,” Chowa raised an eyebrow as he observed a familiar figure taking a seat in front of him without even bother asking. Well, he supposed he had got used to her tactics by now...and besides, Chowa was never a man that cared much about those kinds of things. He studied her carefully. The girl with brown hair sitting in front of him was one of his teammates - Charlotte...And it seemed she was still as cheerful as usual. His lips twitched slightly like he was trying to suppress a smile and he answered, his voice was still carrying its usual hard edge "...good afternoon to you, still seem as cheerful as I remember..." He barely gave any attention to her doll - Eira as it sat near the window, its red eyes staring straight at him...

His fingers automatically traced the wood patterns on the table as his mouth set into a thin line...Should he say something more? Well, he didn't really know what to say more...but the way she was looking at she was expecting some kinds of reactions from him...Or was it just his imagination? But even if it was his imagination or not, he didn't care...And so, Chowa kept his silence and stared out of the window again...His mind wandered on its own as he thought about another use his power...He wondered if he could actually mold the shade of the water...Subconsciously trying to put his thoughts into actions, water began to seep out of his long, white sleeves and swirled like a small tornado around his index finger and twisted itself....'A box...a box...a box...' Chowa said mentally as the water began to have a shape of a small box...He could do this...he could...he just needed to concentrate...

"Hello, how are you two doing today?"

That was then Chowa's concentration broke...The teen stared at the bundle of water in front of him in disbelief...He had been so closed...He looked up to see who had disturbed him like that only to see another familiar face - Cassadin - the Lily of the Valley - his other teammate. Setting his face into a dark scold, Chowa touched the remain of his 'water box' with the tips of his fingers, absorbing it back into his body. Didn't even bother to answer Cassadin's question, Chowa sighed and tapped the wooden table, waiting for Kacie to bring him his black coffee...He hoped she had heard his order the first time...He hated repeating himself...

"Oh, and Chowa, that's the new recruit, his name is Korderoy Lightbulb, or something like that."

Chowa cocked his head to one side, his mouth twitched again...Lightbulb?...what a strange name....One hand traced the tattoo on his cheek and the other hand still tapping the table, Chowa silently comment, his voice was barely above a whisper and was nearly drowned because of the noise inside the bar "...Mister Lightbulb, huh?...It's certainly an...hmm...interesting name..."

Suddenly, his right hand stopped tapping the table and his left hand stopped tracing the tattoo...Chowa froze on his spot. He just had a very, very instinctive feeling like..."...Is Miss Elysia Avari Skylar...staring at us again?..." He asked, fear latched on his voice...He hated it...he hated this he was being studied by thousands of screaming rapid teenager girls with seriously screwed-up sense of reality and imagination...He began to sweat a little...Could he excuse himself and go now?...Suddenly, he wanted to run as fast as he could to his room and hide in his blanket...This was exactly the feeling he had one year ago...when that herd of crazy fangirls chased him across the town for a whole five hours nonstop...what had he done to deserve this? Well, his teammates knew about this but...that didn't make it any better...Cassadin could sometime sympathize with him but as for Charlotte?...she would constantly tease him for sure...His imagination began to work as his hands trembled slightly.

"...Hahahahaha...The almighty Chowa is afraid of fangirls...hahahaha...I shall tell this news to the will never be taken seriously again, handsome guy...muhahahahahaha!..." A familiar voice said as Chowa depressedly covered his ears and sat on a corner while Charlotte was dancing around him, laughing and poking him with a stick...even that doll, her doll, Eira was pointing at him and giggling helplessly...Everyone was laughing at him...No, this wasn't happening...this couldn't be happening...No...


Chowa was forcibly pulled out of his nightmare by a squeak and he flinched violently...Had the girl decided he was a delicious piece of meat now? Oh, no, no, no, no... Throwing his dignity out of the window, he whispered urgently to his teammates "...make her look away...make her look away...tell her...if she comes near me less than 1 meter...I will blast her out using my power..." He shivered and clenched his fists, fearing for his life...Please, whichever god he had offended before please forgive him...He had known his faults...'Don't punish me like this...don't punish me like this...' Chowa thought over and over again as some of the newer members of the guild looked at him oddly...God, this was so embarrassing and scary at the same time...He closed his eyes and began to count to ten, trying to calm his racing heart...This wasn't happening...And if it happened, he would blast her out of the window, then he would take his emergency suitcase and some money, then he would ask forgiveness from Master Lorivota...then he would rent a boat and sail to another country, then he would change his name and then he would....he would...

He flinched again as he heard some giggles...Apparently, his nervous face seemed to be cute for some girls...God helped him...Every magical mysterious force, please help him get through this...Trying hard not to run away and not looking at the source of his nervousness, Chowa muttered again "...get her to stop looking at me...I hate it..." He bit his lips, a sweat trickled down his forehead as he looked at several members of the guild came back through the door and he looked behind him...He was in a corner...There was no way out...maybe he could jump out of the window...then use his stealth to escape...What if they caught him...He needed a second plan...maybe a third plan...or forth...where was his '100 ways to escape crazy fangirls' book anyway?...


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Charlotte Leiss; The Bar

Charlotte wasn’t a thoughtless person, but sometimes she forgot. No matter how much she loved the doll, Eira was creepy to some other people. Perhaps eerie was a better word… Eerie Eira. She was reminded of this by Cassadin – she could tell by the way he paused that he was, at least, momentarily unnerved by the lifeless, seated figure. While he settled into a chair at the table, Charlotte noticed Chowa to be distracted. Curious, she leaned over to see exactly why. For some reason, he seemed focused intently on his hands. “Oho,” she murmured, raising her eyebrows in surprise when tendrils of water seeped from his sleeves. It was… well, it was a little too early to tell exactly what it was, but certainly something was happening –

“How are you two doing today?”

… or not. Charlotte failed, or rather, didn't try hard enough to stifle a laugh at Chowa’s obvious frustration when the incomplete… thing… stopped moving. She brushed aside a loose strand of dark hair from her face and gave up trying to suppress her amusement. Grinning like a cat, she glanced at Cassadin and chimed, “About as well as any other day.” There was some truth to Chowa’s previous words – perhaps ‘cheerful’ wasn’t quite the best way to put it, but Charlotte was indeed often smiling, or rather smirking. Usually it was at the ‘harmless expense’ of someone else. Rather than 'cheerful', mirthful or entertained was probably a more fitting word. Just then, a particularly loud laugh echoed through the guild. Peering towards the bar counter, she was surprised to spotted unfamiliar face - not the source of the sound, but new faces were certainly eye-catching.

“Oh, and Chowa, that’s the new recruit. His name is Korderoy Lightbulb or something like that," Cassadin said.

Even Chowa, usually so reserved with his opinions, found need to comment. “…Mister Lightbulb, huh?” His voice was so quiet that Charlotte almost missed it. “… It’s certainly an… hmm… interesting name…”

Well, interesting was a mild way to put it. “He’s making it so easy that it’s boring,” she sighed. Of course, by that, she meant teasing. Really, with a name like that, there was no fun in it. She just didn’t feel the urge to make an effort in trying. She was just making a mental note on his name and face when she heard something rather peculiar.

“…Is Miss Elysia Avari Skylar… staring at us again?” It was Chowa, and to Charlotte's surprise, he sounded rather anxious. It was a tone she rarely heard from him of all people – the expression was even rarer. Paling and starting to visibly tremble, Charlotte found herself at a bit of a loss for what to do. Just then, something must have happened because he flinched and set off into a desperate, whispered ramble. Make her look away, make her look away he repeated over and over. In all honesty, she found it rather hilarious that he was panicking over the interest of a thirteen year old girl. She never would have thought that being chased around by girls would be so traumatizing…

…She wanted to laugh.

Yes, Charlotte was an insensitive girl who found entertainment in the extreme reactions of others… It didn’t matter that Chowa was her teammate and that he and Cassadin were two of few that she was actually comfortable with. If anything, maybe it was because she was more comfortable with them that it was somehow amusing. In that way, she was just a little cruel… but she at least had the good sense not to show it. It was increasingly difficult when some other girls around were giggling - for different reasons, but giggling all the same.

“Get her to stop looking at me… I hate it…”

“Jeez, calm down,” Charlotte said, scowling to bite back her smile. Looking briefly at the smaller white-haired girl, she told him, “She’s not staring anymore. No need to get all shaken up on me…” She looked at Cassadin for some semblance of help – comforting others, to any degree, wasn’t exactly one of her stronger points.


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Anachayla Kaylorn (Ana)

As the sun bore down on her back uncomfortably Ana smiled at the people that came to pass, Shae and Akio always seemed to get along well, someone had to put up with him she supposed. As they headed forward towards the guild Ana returned her attention to her marvellous team mate, Seibi, their last mission had been a great success in her opinion, however she knew that there had been a few problems, they hadn't expected the numbers for instance.
Some wood-make mage who kept announcing his name as 'The great Sebastian' had been creating annoying creatures. They had been told the mages aim was to steal a prized jewel which was scheduled for transport on a non-magic fuelled carriage, so they were hired to guard it at all costs from the dark mage, the whole idea of using magic for something so preposterous digged at Ana unbelievably. Using magic to steal is something she can’t tolerate, a reason why she took the job, not to mention it was the most interesting job going at the time and the cash reward of 10,000 was pretty good in her eyes, and gods forbid did she need rent for the guild dorms!
She thought it would be easy but she had been wrong, the mage proved tricky, he was an A-rank barely, mainly because he kept creating huge wood monsters that were coming in hoards taking a lot out of Ana and Seibi, Ana personally nearly got struck with a wood spear once or twice, if Seibi hadn't intervened and warned her a few. He was right though, they needed another team mate, a two man team at their level just wasn't enough.

"Your right" she sighed, she hated accepting such truths "Who'd would join us though? Most of the guild already have teams of their own, it’s going to be difficult to find someone willing to come along with us, unless we get someone to be a part of two teams?" she pondered for a moment before making a scrunched face. "There is no way in hell Charlotte is joining" she shivered a little at the thought, that girl really did irritate her, especially since she could use her doll magic on her Ice! Of all the magic out there, Ana was sure she hated Doll magic the most.

As they got too the guild Ana noticed a sort of celebration then overheard something about an anniversary, she paid it no mind however, for you see Ana had completely forgotten about the event. Raising a huge smile Ana pushed open the guilds mighty doors "speaking of Charlotte..." she said to Seibi her eyes darting around the bar before spotting who she wanted. "Let’s go show her who’s the better team!" she grabbed Seibi's arm before he could protest practically skipping or running, a mix of the both, towards the table Charlotte sat upon with Chowa and Cassadin, her 'bittersweet' team. What a ridiculous name, Ana scorned it in her head.

"Aha!" she announced her presence as such releasing Seibi’s arm to pull out the advertisement for the job they had just been on with a highly smug grin. "Went smoother than butter, 10,000 jewel was easy to get! But then again" she sighed taking out a few of the coins she had dropping them from hand to hand satisfied; she had earned 5,000 with her share. "That was probably only because it was Seibi and I" if she had moustache she would have probably been caressing it right now happily. "we arethe superior team after all" she grinned then showing her teeth feeling like she had won something.



Kacie was humming a song to herself when she saw Sandra sit nearby at the bar, with a friendly smile Kacie wondered over to the girl.
“Can I get you anything Sandra?” she paused getting out a glass from under the bar just in case “You seem rather cheerful today dear” Kacie giggled slightly looking out to the patrons again. “They’re a strange bunch aren’t they, but I guess they’re ours now” she made a playful expression, “I do wonder how they will take tomorrows task, ‘mission impossible’ is never an easy task as far as I know, the little ones should be careful not to stay up to late in today’s celebrations. Though, I guess that’s part of the learning” she winked at Sandra knowing that Loritova could makes tricks every now and then, all in good terms of course.
As she waited a response Chowa’s voice somehow managed to get over the noise as he sat at his table perking Kacie up into action. “If you excuse me for a second dear, orders await!” she was joyful as usual, as she always was when talking to the young ones, someone had to keep on a pleasant face.

Within a few short moments Kacie had made Chowa his coffee, fetching some milk and sugar she laid them next to the coffee on a plate before wondering over. As she made it over she heard them mention something about the new boy making her smile, she hoped Kuroi would fit in well with the guild. Ana beat her to the table however as she beamed at Chowa kindly placing his coffee and assortments on the table.

“Here you are, I wasn’t sure if you would want to add some milk or sugar so I brought some out for you” she informed politely “I also thought, since it’s the guilds anniversary I would treat you” she gave off a hint of fulfilment not saying what she had given him as she enjoyed seeing how people react to presents. Beside the milk she had placed a bar of dark chocolate as she knew it was his favourite, she loved lightening peoples day, he had seem a bit sullen at the noise earlier.

Arranging a curl of her un-natural pink hair she began to leave them too it before stopping “Oh, and the new boy’s name is Kuroi Lightblade, treat him nicely would you” she said before continuing to hum as she made her way back to the bar. However before she got there she saw Mordecai stumble in with a brown sack of meat for the feast, she was going to pay him no mind until she heard a tremendous crash from the kitchen where he had just entered, and now scuttled away from. She had flinched at the sound and wondered if anyone else had noticed, with a sigh she went to investigate.

To her horror she found half of the kitchen’s pots and pans scattered on the floor and was quickly so very thankful they weren’t any dishes, buying new plates was not something the guild could afford at the moment. Shaking her head rather annoyed she began to clean up the mess, hoping Mordecai hadn’t spilt anyone’s drinks when he knocked their tables. She would have words with him later about such clumsiness.


Anachayla Kaylorn

Just as she was enjoying her contentment to having had a successful mission having boasted it to Charlotte, Kacie made her way over and gave Chowa some coffee. Ana didn’t think much of it until Kacie mentioned something about a new member; a new member wouldn’t have a team yet would they? Her mind immediately switched from gloating to wondering, she was a one track woman, who was the new kid? Joining on the three month anniversary was a strange streak of luck if she did think so, what kind of magic did they use?

Maybe they were Ice too! If that was the case she would have to assure who was better of course, it was the natural action. But who were they anyway, she turned in a circle not hiding the fact she was looking for someone, there were just so many people in the guild, it was impossible and she lacked the patience to search for long.

“New kid huh?” she stated still looking, “what’s he like? Is he any good! Or is he just as boring as you Charlotte” she grinned devilishly at that as she got excited thinking of plans for Kuroi Lightblade already. A new member would need a team .... and she just so happened to be looking for a new member...

Crap! She can’t be the only person thinking that, where was that sneaky guy, wait. She stopped looking and pouted with a heavy annoyance, she didn’t even know what he looked like, how could she find somebody without a description! She wasn’t psychic! As fun as that would be.

There was only one clear solution in her mind. Taking a deep breath with a hefty shout she opened her mouth “KUROI LIGHTBLADE! WHERE ARE YOU!” She really didn’t have the patience to look...


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#, as written by Skylite

Cass struggled to hold in his laughter, as Chowa had a metal breakdown. "Chowa, come on, she's harmless!" he said grinning madly. He smiled and waved at Elysia. "You should be happy that people like you."

"We are the superior team after all." Cass chuckled. Although he got the feeling that most guild members found it a bit annoying, he enjoyed the rivalry beetwen Charlotte and Ana, it was after all, quite entertaining.

"I don't know about that Ana, I'm fairly certain I could murder you with quite ease, if I caught you off guard." Cass said, unclearly joking. He wasn't too great at smack talk.

Cassadin almost fell off of his chair when he heard Ana yell for Kuroi, but quickly regained his composure. He looked the boy up and down and whispered to Charlotte "He's quite odd looking, no?"


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Charlotte Leiss; The Bar

Upon seeing Cassadin struggle hold back his laughter at their teammate’s paranoia, Charlotte’s own resolve broke down as well. She pressed the back of her hand to her mouth in vain attempt to hold back her own snickering… but all humor faded when she locked eyes with a certain unwelcome individual – Anachayla Kaylorn, called Ana by most… but to Charlotte, she was also known as annoying. Oh yes, surely the feeling was mutual - she had long done more than her fair share of irritating Anachayla as well… but Charlotte hated being on the receiving end.

…It looked like the guild was just about to get a whole lot louder.

Aha!” Anachayla announced, waving a sheet of paper in the air. It was the job request of her last mission, successfully completed from the looks of the numerous coins in her hands. Charlotte scowled, her red eyes narrowed in warning, but the stupid girl just kept on gloating… and even dared to proclaim, “We are the superior team after all!” Anachayla was looking down on her – quite literally since Charlotte was still seated, but that was besides the point. There was no way Charlotte was about to leave things at that.

“So, Seibi and you, huh?” she said, propping her elbow on the table as she turned to fully face the girl. “Too bad you’ll never get past a B-rank job with just two members,” she grinned. When two people have been, er… ‘rivals’ for as long as Charlotte and Anachayla have, they learned exactly what made the other person tick. However, just as things were getting tense, Kacie approached with tray in hand. The pink-haired woman set a cup of coffee and various other things in front of Chowa, seemingly used to scenario already. The soothing bitter fragrance immediately caught Charlotte’s attention, but it wasn’t quite enough to ease the growing animosity in the air.

Before leaving though, Kacie added, “Oh, and the new boy’s name is Kuroi Lightblade. Treat him nicely, would you?

...Well good for the new guy then . He wasn’t stuck with a name like lightbulb. Maybe he’d turn out to be an interesting person after all. However, the problem was the way Ana’s eyes lit up at mention of the new recruit. Immediately a torrent of questions flooded from the ice mage’s mouth, and the passing insult didn’t go unnoticed either. However, when Anachayla drew in a deep breath, Charlotte realized too late what the girl was going to do.

KUROI LIGHTBLADE! WHERE ARE YOU?!” Her voice rang out through the hall, stopping conversations all throughout the guild. Charlotte flinched at the noise, slowly bringing a hand to press her offended left ear. If that Lightbu... Lightblade didn’t hear that, then he was deaf… which clearly he wasn’t since he came forward, albeit, a little too calmly.

To Charlotte, Cassadin murmured quietly,“He’s quite odd looking, no?

Leaning across the table, Charlotte whispered back, “Only about as odd as his name,” with just a hint of a smile… and as she turned back, Eira caught her eye.

It was still by the window as she had left it, and the sunlight was catching its form. Charlotte scowled slightly at the sight. That wouldn’t do – although Eira was made of materials that were resistant to all the elements, such enchantments wouldn’t keep the doll from overheating. As a harmless idea came to mind, a smile slowly spread across Charlotte's face. Really, although the heat wouldn’t damage the doll in any way, it still pained her to think that her dear Eira was uncomfortable. Already, it was probably too warm due to her careless positioning… and with that thought, Charlotte broke into a grin.

Maybe Ana could help cool it down – she was an ice mage after all.
And as thanks, Eira could help her keep quiet.

Laying her palm flat across the table and lifting a finger, Charlotte watched as Eira silently rose to its feet. It took the doll just two strides to lunge and wrap its arms around the ice mage’s from behind. One of its enormous paw-like hands went around to cover Anachayla’s mouth while the other wrapped around her stomach, transferring as much warmth as possible. With an unfittingly pleasant smile, Charlotte twisted around to regard the new arrival. “Kuroi Lightblade? It’s nice to meet you,” she chirped, obviously entertained.


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#, as written by xKyrie
Elysia Avari Skylar

Elysia looked at the kitchen and stared at the mess on the floor. She looked at Kacie and Sandra who was currently cleaning the mess. Judging from the noise and Mordecai's entrance moments prior, she can easily deduce that the large man was the one responsible for this mess. Shaking her head from the usual display of strength from the guild's Ace, Elysia approached Sandra and let out a disarming smile. She knelt down next to the brown-haired older and yet not so much taller woman and started helping her.

"Is there something I can do to help, Sandra?" She smiled charmingly again and tucked some of the stray white-hairs in her ears. *Shine* *Shine*

She waited for her reply and aimed to get the pots and pans from her hands. "Here let me help you with that, you know full well I don't want you seeing hurt, Sandra." Her voice was reproaching and soft, a fond and admiring tone evident in it. She peeked shyly from under her lashes, beaming expectantly at the Wandering Rose.

"Ouch!" Sandra suddenly retracted her hand away from the pile of pots and pans that she had picked up. A small bead of blood appeared from the cut on her finger. With the misting of tears at the corner of her amazingly unique eyes, she turned to Elysia with a pout. "I got a cut, Ely."

*Cute!* Elysia's eyes shined and a shower of roses and daises suddenly appeared behind her. She gently grasped Sandra's hand and inspected it lovingly. "You should be careful, Sandra." Suddenly, she put the injured finger in her lips and licked the blood off. "Is it still hurting?"

~Kyun!~ Sandra felt herself blush and with an adoring shade of red in her cheeks, she gazed at Ely's amber-colored eyes. *Sparkle sparkle*

...if only Elysia can actually do all of this.

Sighing, the white-haired thirteen year old sneaked a look from behind the door of the kitchen. Currently, she is hiding and gazing dreamily at her very idol in Draco Edge Guild. Unbeknownst to others, Ely admires Sandra R. Lecarde. There is something with the mage that makes Elysia idolize her greatly. From the very first time that she saw her- when Elysia Avari have arrived here at the guild, one of the most interesting individual that she had found aside from, Loritova, was the S-Rank Mage. Her maturity and cheerful demeanor struck the teenager rather hard.

The Sky Dragon Slayer truly wanted to be able to approach the older girl, but her inherent shyness always get ahead of her. Whenever she would try to talk to Sandra and start a conversation, she can't help but freeze up and spend the next few minutes mutely gaping at the brown-haired woman. She had tried to make a lot of attempts to befriend her, but she always failed the during the last minutes. Because of this, she usually creates scenarios in her head to plan for the big approach, or so as she calls it that. She thought that it will be the best way to finally be able to talk to her idol.

Smiling obviously besotted, Elysia decided to let them be for awhile. She can have other chances later on. Since Mordecai and Chayton had already came back, the master may start the celebrations in just few moments. She turned around and searched the bar for the direction of her team mates.

Before she had left to follow Sandra into the kitchen, she had seen Cassadin grinning and waving at her. It seemed like they had noticed her staring at them, like what often happens when she daydream. Having no small regard about her surroundings, it was bound that she stare far longer than what is appropriate to the one she's currently imagining of. She hoped that nobody was freaked out with her daydreaming out of the blue once again.

She wandered around the guild, stopping in a corner to see everyone more clearly in her small height and unintentionally saw Sotofu, her team leader approaching the other member of their three man cell, Theo Castille. She gasped, abruptly stopping and hiding in a corner where she can observe them. She realized that she was about to witness a blooming scene she never would have expected.

Theo really hated anything rowdy and the current noise had almost been overwhelming for him. Fighting the urge to silence each and every person seated at the bar, Theo steeled his will and controlled his temper. "Idiots, everyone of them", he muttered under his breath. If only he can ask the old man to retire to his room, he would never be found alive sitting quite obediently in this crowded bar.

"Hey Theo, how are you today?" Opening his eyes that he didn't even noticed closing moments prior, he found a pair of blue and gold colored eyes staring directly back at him.

"Sotofu?" He asked after a few moments of silence. Of all the people in Draco Edge, it was his leader that he can't form a solid opinion about. He was an enigma, the shorter and younger guy who was a C-rank and termed the Rising Sun. His blond hair which turns gold under the shining ray of sun and peculiar eyes as part of that mysterious package. There is a mix of innocence and maturity in his character that attracts even the attention of someone asocial like him.

“Is there anything that I can do to you, Sotofu?” There was a sudden onslaught of noise from the others and because of that Sotofu failed to detect the irritation induced in his voice.

Sotofu Katsu was momentarily stunned at the hundred implications of Theo's words. Since he saw him sitting alone amidst the throng of people in the guild- which is an unexpected thing for the black-haired man, he decided to do something. Sotofu knew how communicative the other man is, so he had been quite surprised to see him lacking the company of others in such a celebration like this. Convincing himself that it was time for him to become a leader and a friend combined in one, he had approached him without second thoughts and with every intention of keeping him company.

The blond-haired prodigy stared at the handsome face of his black-haired team mate. He was oldest in their small newly formed team. Aside from his usual silence and charming attitude, Theo Castille is someone you can call, a very unique individual. His dark inky black hair which falls adorably just under his ears. His pale skin and average height was also a sight to see. Feeling himself flush, Sotofu let out a sweet smile. "I just wanted to keep you company, Theo."

Theo flinched when Sotofu sat down next to him and their arms brushing afterwards from the close distance between them. "Oh, sorry", Sotofu said in a not-so-apologetic tone. Theo had felt his annoyance rise, and reasoned to himself that the blush in his cheeks had been formed only out of irritation from his leader's unnecessary friendliness.

"Can you please move away, I have a reputation to uphold." He muttered looking away. "And with you sitting beside me like a leech, the other idiots might think that we're together or something."

Sotofu chuckled under his breath, he said "The others won't notice us here, Theo. Everyone else is busy celebrating. And besides I just came here because I thought you were getting lonely sitting by yourself here."

"I-I wasn't lonely!" Theo hotly denied. "You should just have joined them. I don't need yours or anyone else's company."

"B-but, I came here because I want to be with you." He turned his body to face his seatmate and with a soft voice almost nearing a whisper, Tofu added, "I want to be your friend." A gust of wind blew unexpectedly in their position, shifting his hair to reveal golden-blue irises staring directly at the stunned Wordsmith. He shyly gestured to the direction of others and said, "I'm sure everyone else also wanted to talk to you."

"I don't want to talk to anyone or be friends with anyone for that matter," the dark-haired man grumbled darkly.

Sotofu gaped at him alarmed, "But why? You shouldn't think like that, as they had always said, no one can live alone. Guilds like this, like Draco Edge are not only created to provide a home for mages like us. Guilds, teams, and all other types of friendship is there to give us joy. Being with someone else should make you happy and feel warm, being alone can never make you experience that. I want to be your friend, not only because we are team mates but also because I think that you are a wonderful person. I can be you're friend, only if you'd let me. I can be more, only if you allow me to be." Sotofu shyly smiled, and bowed his head.


He wasn't able to stop himself. Hearing those statement from him made the blond-haired man think of someone looking at the world pitifully. Theo should never look something like that. He's not fit for it, and if Sotofu had his way, he'll surely make it certain that the black-haired man would never think like that again, ever.

Theo was silenced when he heard that empowering speech from the shorter guy. He had always wondered on how a lowly C-rank newbie like him was assigned to lead their small team. Tofu wasn't social by the society's standards and even Elysia herself looked aloof than what is usual for the girls. Still, staring at him wordlessly, he decided that it wasn't the leader in him that made Theo agree.

Sotofu's shining eyes, full of life and passion as he spoke out to his defense and his lips quirked in a smile as he encourage him further, made Theo realize that forming tentative friendships might not be that bad. Never in his life did Theo Castille experience this sudden drumming of his heart, beating so loudly as he gazed deeply into his leader's eyes.

*Sparkle* *Sparkle* It was said that the eyes are the windows of one's soul. And right now, looking at him, he can see the honesty and proof of the brevity of his statement. Theo looked to the other direction and said, "I'm not into mushy stuff like this, friendship? Love? Those are meaningless things to me...

but with you... I think I can try it." He finally mustered, his voice full of emotion.

"You should be responsible for this, do something about this," he said with a smirk. He watched and waited for the other mage's reply.

"I will..", was the blond-haired man's answer within a heartbeat.

Staring at Sotofu's face, he found an in-explainable burst of feeling flowing through him. Suddenly wanting to shout out loud and declare to the world how he felt but not knowing how to state it, he decided to whisper, "Tofu..."

"Theo..." The other replied back, opening his arms wide. The backdrop of the setting sun was promptly pasted behind the two of them once again. With the glittering sparkles and the brightly shining sun behind, both boy moved closer than what their distance would allow them to. Their arms locked in a hug, they continued passionately sharing their feelings all throughout.

"Tofu!" *Shine* *Shine*



Not able to fight the fluff and overwhelming emotions flooding through her, the white-haired girl can't help it.

"..-eo, Tofu!" Elysia blurted out. Her voice was so loud that it broke through the noise that had surrounded the bar since early this morning. Her eyes opening in shock, she stared at her teammates' face with her own face heating up. Feeling somewhat afraid for her safety and the humiliation that was sure to follow; she bowed her head in silent apology, and walked as fast as she could towards the two boys.


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Chowa Kyoku - a corner of the bar section

“Jeez, calm down, she’s not staring anymore. No need to get all shaken up on me…” A voice said and Chowa looked up, instantly snapped out of his fear as his eyes met Charlotte's. Had that girl really left him alone? Or was Charlotte just trying to comfort him? He sneaked a glance at Elysia's direction, only to let out a breath he didn't know he was holding as he realized the girl had stopped staring at him...Oh good, he had been released from a teenager girl's clutch...Thank you, magical mysterious force...he hoped she wasn't thinking of a plan to get him now...He shivered...The last time he was being chased by those girl...when he had escaped them, he could barely keep his boxer from being ripped into shreds...It was like...he was a catnip...being thrown into a hunger cat pit...It was crazy...unimaginably painful...and so traumatic that every time he saw someone looked at him like that...he wanted to blast them out of the window using his power...He didn't care if Master Loritova told him that he would abuse his power that way...He needed to escape...and he would never be free if he didn't do it...

"Chowa, come on, she's harmless!"

Cassadin said, apparently trying very hard to hold back his laughter...without much success as far as Chowa could tell...or maybe his teammates really weren't trying that hard. Charlotte pressed her hand to cover her mouth to cover the giggles but they still escaped as they created a strange noise to Chowa's ears...and Cassadin...was grinning from ear to ear. So much for being teammates...Chowa's eyes darkened as the shade of emerald in them shifted into a darker color but he didn't say anything because the dragon slayer knew that saying his thoughts would only make them tease him harder...and he really wasn't in the mood of hearing their teasing...

"You should be happy that people like you."

Cassadin said as he waved his hand toward Elysia, earning a not-so-subtle glare from Chowa...He really, really didn't need any more attention from the girl herself right now...If she ever thought it the wrong way...Cassadin would pay for the consequence of his actions...Normally, Chowa would never be this irritated but today was not a very good day to him...He had lost the chance to buy the scientific book as some other guys had brough it before him and every store had run out of them... and then, he just had to promise to come to the guild's noisy bar instead of sitting in his quiet library, enjoying the quietness of the day...And when he did come here, there were too many noises, too many people that made Chowa uncomfortable...combined with the fact that Cassadin had just ruined his attempt to test a new theory...and with that new fangirl...well, you could say that Chowa was very, very annoyed right now...Oh yeah, and he hadn't counted his newest flashback about the time he could protect his sister yet...Suddenly, Chowa found himself hissing silently to Cassadin's ears " not give her any strange ideas, Cassadin..."

That was when Kacie appeared, holding a tray...Putting the coffee on the table with two pots contained some milk and sugar, the woman said with a smile “Here you are, I wasn’t sure if you would want to add some milk or sugar so I brought some out for you... also thought, since it’s the guilds anniversary I would treat you” Chowa stared at the woman blankly...unable to understand what she was saying for a moment before his sensitive nose caught a very familiar scent...He looked down at plate and stared again...only this time, he was staring at of black chocolate. Chowa looked up again...the shade of green in his eyes brightened ever so slightly and it would have been missed for something else as the sunlight danced on his face...

"...thank you very much, Miss Fienmal..."

The words were soft-spoken but his gratitude was showed very clearly as he instantly picked up the bar and took a small bite...enjoying the bitter taste as it washed over his other senses...Dark chocolate was the best. He bowed his head and watched as the woman left to do her things...Yeah, Miss Fienmal always knew how to cheer him up...though he still preferred his teammates' companies...Chowa looked at his teammates again...his eyes softened again. Even if they annoyed him and liked to tease him and would always irritate him one way or another...he really appreciated their presences. They kept him...sane. They kept him somewhat...sociable to the human world. He felt his lips curled into a tiny smile...Team Bittersweet...A strange...but still fitting name. This was his team...and these people were his teammates...

“Oh, and the new boy’s name is Kuroi Lightblade, treat him nicely would you”

Miss Fienmal stopped and said. the new recruit's name wasn't lightbulb then?...Lightblade...Kuroi Lightblade...Chowa gave a short nod but didn't reply as the bartender walked to the kitchen...Lucky him...Chowa couldn't imagine what Charlotte would say to the other male if his name really was Lightbulb...Chowa looked at Charlotte and Cassadin as they seemed to whisper something to each other that he didn't even bother to care. Taking out his book, Chowa began reading again.

Water covers 70.9% of the Earth's surface, and is vital for all known forms of life. On Earth, 96.5% of the planet's water is found in oceans, 1.7% in groundwater, 1.7% in glaciers and the ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland, a small fraction in other large water bodies, and 0.001% in the air as vapor, clouds (formed of solid and liquid water particles suspended in air), and precipitation. Only 2.5% of the Earth's water is freshwater, and 98.8% of that water is in ice and groundwater....


Chowa nearly dropped his book and covered his ears as a loud screech assaulted his eardrums. What happened? Was someone dying or what? Chowa frowned deeply as he let out a soft, angry sound. So much for reading his book in peace! Why did she have to come back at exactly this time of the day?...Standing just a few feet in front of him was Anachayla Kaylorn in all her glory. Obviously, she was the one that had let out the noise as all eyes seemed to focus on her now...What did she want? Chowa's lips pressed into a thin line as he couldn't stop himself from showing his annoyance. The new recruit walked out of the crowd and came to her side, asking calmly...well, at least someone still knew how to talk...not scream.

He gave Seibi a nod...He respected the male as a fellow guild member because they rarely talked...but in situations like these, he could almost always feel a deep sense of connection to him because after all, Seibi and he were always the ones that were dragged into the silly rivalry...He sent Charlotte a quick glance...speaking of rival, he hadn't seen the girl's reaction yet....On the girl face was a smile...a very scary's not that Chowa was afraid of her...but rather, afraid of what she would do when she had that kind of smiles on her face. Whenever that happened, he would end up being the peace-maker one way or another...sometime he wondered if it's a wise decision making her the leader of the team...Shaking his head, Chowa continued to read his book...But his mind wasn't really in it...If one observed carefully, they would surely notice the water droplets that were slowly dripping from Chowa's sleeves as if he was waiting for some kinds of explosion...Like they said, better safe than sorry...and he wouldn't want those two to ruin the guild on its own anniversary...Chowa's body tensed up and his eyes focused on the others' reactions, ready to act if the situation got out of hand...


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Anachayla (Ana)

A hand over her eyes as though it would make her see further on wistful thinking, Ana scoped the bar room as much as possible for movement after her loud request for Kuroi Lightblade to show himself. A few people had gone silent at her call and now began to scowl with a shake of their heads, some laughed at her typical behaviour and Chowa seemed to nearly have a heartattack as the book he was holding was close to falling from his hands before covering his ears like she had blowhorn or something particulary worse. Cassadin almost fell of his chair which was rather amusing but as charlotte moved to nurse her left ear Ana did smirk a little bit, she enjoyed her distress which was probably never a good thing as it normally led to Ana becoming distressed also.

Content with yet again annoying Charlotte on some level a boy, probably older than herself, wondered over towards them, he was slightly taller than Ana, his hair an unusual silver which reminded her of Elysia's, his eyes surprised her as they bore a deep purple colour, she hadn't witness anything like it before and wondered if it was to do with his magic. She wouldn't be surprised if they were, magic could do many things to its weilder, she couldn't stand heat for instance. What pleased her the most when she first saw him however was that he wore an odd etire of clothing, it wasn't the oddness of the style that pleased her but the colour scheme of black and white, much like her own. She always had a preference for such colours herself.
Asuming the reason for his presence, like she normally does, Ana instantly took him for Kuroi Lightblade, one of the few times her assumption was probably correct as he confidently announced himself. "I am Kuroi is there something i can help you with"

"Lightblade!" she spoke almost like a command "Your a new member right?" she was abrupt if anything closing the gap between them as she threw personal space rules out of the window and began prodding him. Taking a grip on his arm she held it up, her face a picture of concentration as she inspected the subject, lifting his hair in strands for reasons most couldn't fathom and circling him like an item to be bought even smacking both her hands on his cheeks pushing them together without too much force so as not to hurt him but cause him to have a funny face. It was then that she gave a satisfied smile before releasing him from her inspection and moved on to began a far worse advertory. Her Interogation.

"So, Lightblade" she referred to him almost like a cadet as she raised her chin slightly in thought "Tell me, what kind of-" he words were cut short as her eyes widened in pure horror as the clammy clasp of an unliving doll chained itself around her.
Its disusting arm slithered over her stomach the other cutting off her air supply as it encased her mouth its body pressed againts her back. She hated this damn doll, Era, Eia, or something, personally she called it 'creepy goblin' in her mind, the fact it was touching her angered her beyond believe!
However, that wasn't all this time, so hot! For some ungodly reason this damn thing was boiling! It was like a furnace fire had just attacked her and was now melting her unprotected skin sinisterly. It was un-nerving, her heart sped up about five times its normal rate as Ana's panic, anger and shock all packed into one, a single thought on her mind.

She was going to kill charlottle.

Luckily her arms still free, Ana made a fist with her right and banged it into the flat palm of her left, the correct and only way to use her Ice-make magic stably, mumbling the words "Ice-make Rose garden!" under the ugly dolls paw. Suddenly a burst of Ice cascaded from her hand formation in the direction of Charlotte, it twisted into thorn branches deadly to get caught up on as chilling roses bloomed and attacked Charlotte by encasing around her trapping her in garden of roses so that she was binded in place. One of Ana's signiture moves, she deemed Charlotte good practice material.
The bush grew larger at Ana's will tipping over the table team bittersweet had been sat on and unless someone had been quick enough to save what was on it everything would have crashed to the floor making more chaos if there wasn't enough already.
The bush then expanded towards Ana herself, one of the thorn branches leaving its encasement of Charlotte to wrap around the dolls waist that inturn was wrapped around Ana. The Ice's temperature cooled down the doll considerably so that its heat no longer bothered Ana anymore. But now she had to get the evil thing of her !


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#, as written by Skylite

Cass got a shiver down his spine, as Eira suddenly grabbed Ana from behind. He stared in shock for a second, before beginning to mutter, "Char, I don't think th-" He was interrupted by Ana using her ice magic to flip the table. Cass jumped up quickly, summoning a Rose Petal sword. He stepped forward, being careful not to get caught in Ana's Ice Rose Bush (Which he had to admit, was pretty damn cool.) and pointed his sword between the two women.

"Now now, let's try not to do anything hasty, girls." He said, attempting to forcefully mediate the two.


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Chowa Kyoku - The Bar

It all happened so fast that Chowa thought he was dreaming. One minute he was still enjoying the bitter taste of his coffee and dark chocolate, the next minute, he was staring in shock as both the coffee and chocolate being spilled all over his white-shirt. What the-. He flinched slightly as the hot sensation made him slightly uncomfortable. This was his newest shirt...and now it was all...dirty. And his gifts were...ruined...This is...unacceptable! Simply unacceptable.

The teenager stood up abruptly, his hands moved toward the dirty spots on his shirt, trying to use his power to clean it to no avail...His shirt was permanent stained...Looking up to meet the everyone's eyes, Chowa let out a dark growl as his calm face had lost its calmness. His books, his chocolate, his coffee...All gone. Silently picking up his soaking book and flipped through some pages...they had been stained, too...just like his shirt...This time both of them had gone too far. Chowa hissed to the girls, anger seeped into his voice as tendrils of water shot out of his sleeves and began to swirl around him dangerously.

" two have stepped out of your boundaries, Miss Kaylorn, Charlotte...if you two want to solve your... disagreement... may I suggest the training ground?...The last time I checked, this is still a bar...not a ring for boxing..."

His voice was quiet but his hands were trembling, indicated that he himself was also having a hard time controlling his temper. Enough was enough! He dusted himself and turned his head to face Cassadin "...I am sorry, Cassadin...I am not having a good time controlling my temper...It is not my intention for you to see this side of me" He looked at Kuroi and said silently "...welcome to Draco Edge, Mr. Lightblade...I hope you are having fun..."

His hands touched the ice, instantly dissolved it into nothingness as the water was absorbed back into his sleeves before disappearing...But the damage was still done. He looked at the broken mess in front of him and shook his head. Could he ever hope to get some peace at this rate? He said quietly to Seibi "...Mr. Kikaijin...please control your leader..." He walked to Anachayla and yanked out the doll - Eira out of her body and had it into a tight grip, ignoring everything else as he walked to Charlotte and gave it back to her. Without saying anything, he thrust the doll into the girl's hand and stood in front of them protectively. On one hand, he would have to make sure the situation didn't get out of hand, on the other hand, he would also need to make sure he could protect his teammates. He was a B-rank after all. He straightened himself, his height surpassed Charlotte's as he continued calmly "...if you deem yourself unable to control your temper...I must call Miss Lecarde...please act like polite people...and take this out somewhere else..."


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Theo Castille

He closed his eyes with a sigh, waiting for his ‘prodigy’ of a team leader to continue with his speech. There was some sort of ruckus, giving the black-haired boy a headache, and he pinched his nose wearily. “Actually, I actually reserved us a -.” stated the strangely colored person, before Theo felt his attention sharpen slightly. So what were going to do - hopefully something interesting,...

-eo, Tofu!” came the irritating and slightly shrill, at least to Theo, voice of their third team member. This Elysia whom he believed was about as useful as a kitten - at the age where it was both blind and helpless. With a slight smile on his face, he sat upwards to look at their silver-haired only female member. The girl was hurrying in their direction, walking faster than he believed he had ever saw her before.

Out of common courtesy, with a flick of his fingers upwards, the Silence sign lifted higher out of the way. Maybe he should get rid of it - everyone knew that the longer that it stayed there, the weaker that it’s power was going to be. But, still, it might be helpful in reminding his group members the only thing that he wanted on their behalf. Caught up in his reasoning, he missed the loud half-scream, half-order from the table of the Bittersweet group. Alright, fine, it was only about two meters off the ground, but given that she wasn’t all that tall - it should be able to do. “Yes, Elysia, what’s up?” greeted their ‘prodigy.’ How proud Theo was to be lumped in with these idiots - it so made him feel as though he was respected for his particular skills. As if.

“Elysia, why don’t you join us? Sotofu has something important that he wants to tell us. Of course, I’m highly looking forward to hearing what type of amazing job he picked for us to do,” he stated with a smirk. His voice was calm, almost pleased. “Maybe -.”

His speech was cut off when there suddenly was a loud crash. Looking around, he saw that two of the loudest members of the guild had managed to make another mess. It seemed as though the lighter-haired one was being ‘hugged’ by the Eerie doll that the brown-haired one loved to bring around. With an irritated sigh, and another wiggle of his fingers, the Silence sign ever-so-slowly floated over to the strange conversation. Theo looked at it with irritation, by the time that it would get there, he would have to sit through another minute, at the very least, of the ruckus. His Solid Script gradually lost its dexterity and speed if he left it waiting for too long, so it was only to be expected. It might even be easier to create another one, and use this one as a reminder, but Theo didn’t feel like going through the actions again.

Ignoring its slow movement, he turned his attention back to his group, Silent Magic. “As I was saying, it might even be something exciting to be challenging.” Theo gave a dismissive wave of his fingers, before a wider smirk spread its way over his features. But then of course, with the group that he had, basically everything was a challenge for them.

Turning his attention back to the ruckus-inducing groups, he saw that Team Bittersweet was out in force. Their misbegotten loyalty to each other was really quite amusing, as the two males seemed to be protecting the Charlotte-character from harm. He watched with bored eyes as … Cassadin drew a sword, and the spiky ice was sucked out of existence by the green-haired man. Inwardly he scoffed. There was no reason to have such close ties to your group anyways. The Ice team was also in full force - despite only having two members.

So where was that Silence anyways? His cerulean blue eyes scanned the room, before the black and white letters caught his attention. It was only about halfway there, and Theo tapped his fingers on the table in front of him wearily. If only it was an area spell or something, as it would be so much more useful to shut them all up in one go. He loved being able to Silence people… it made it eons quieter for a few seconds. Enough time for his ears to stop getting distracted.


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#, as written by Skylite

Cass dissolved his sword, the rose petals gently falling to the ground. He shook his head as Chowa became upset. He hated to see his friend like this, but with Charlotte, it was inevitable. He didn't know what it was about the two, but they seemed to constantly on each other's nerves, fighting like polar opposites. 

He saw Sandra approaching and bowed humbly. The woman's ability was legendary within the guild, so showing some respect to his superior was definitely wise. 

"I'll help you two." Cass said, volunteering to help clean the mess the two girls made. "It's not like I've got anything better to do.


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Charlotte Leiss; The Bar

All of Charlotte’s satisfaction from Anachayla’s… vivid… response disappeared as an uncomfortable feeling slowly settled in its stead. She narrowed her eyes in irritation and fought back a scowl when her teammates quickly decided to leap into action. Her expression compromised itself into a between awkwardness and irritation. This quarrel, like all the rest of them, was just between Ana and her. Why did other people always try to get involved? “Cassadin, get out of the way,” she said. When he didn’t listen, she started to say more, louder, but her words were cut short. Charlotte flinched slightly at the tone of a different voice. Chowa. She glanced at him from within the binding ice… and that one look told all – he was a mere thread away from losing his temper.

And then he went on to say the most she’d heard from him all day… Something about boundaries, something about the training ground, but Charlotte didn’t care and tuned him out, focusing on her own aggravated thoughts. Why was he butting in anyway? Well the coffee stains on his shirt might give him a reason, but it wasn’t excuse enough for her. It wasn’t as if she’d even retaliated yet – that would have been a slightly different matter…

“I could’ve fixed that myself,” she told him when the water dragon slayer deconstructed the ice structure surrounding her. However, either he didn’t hear or chose to ignore her, instead approaching Anachayla and Seibi. She couldn’t hear what he said to them, but she knew one thing for sure – Chowa was meddling, and she didn’t like it one bit… but she couldn’t show it. Expressing things like anger too much never ended well and it exposed… far too much of herself for Charlotte’s liking.

She grit her teeth when Chowa abruptly thrust Eira into her arms, but otherwise showed no outward expression of her displeasure. She sighed, her miffed expression seeming more bored than anything else. It was awkward to have Chowa standing in front of her, almost protectively. It was unnecessary. She’d managed to make it this far alone – there was no need to start being ‘protected’ now. Feigning disinterest, she pulled her gaze away from him and to some vague point to her left.

…If you deem yourself unable to control your temper,” he said, “I must call Miss Lecarde.”

However, looking past him, Charlotte found reason to mutter, “Too late for that,” for the said person was already there. As a mage, Sandra had Charlotte’s begrudging respect. As a person, well, Charlotte never thought the two of them would ever be anything more than mages of the same guild. This little incident only seemed to confirm that fact. “I think Kacie will be pleased to hear,” the older woman said, “you two have just volunteered to, not only clean the mess you made, but help with cleaning the bar after the feast as well.”

… What was that?

Charlotte’s opinion of Sandra lessened further when the woman glanced at Chowa and sighed. Was that pity? For what? It couldn’t be just the coffee – if it was, Charlotte wouldn’t have felt so aggravated by the gesture. Holding back a snide comment, the girl instead decided to resituate Eira at its previous seat by the window, easily doing so with a few flicks of her finger. That’s when she noticed it… the large black and white ‘SILENCE’ that was sluggishly approaching them. It must have been moving for quite some time to get from where Theo was to as close as it was now. Although Charlotte could see it from her angle, she opted for keeping quiet about the issue. If she was lucky it would hit Anachayla. If she were luckier by a far greater degree, it would hit a certain S-rank mage.

Now go and grab some towels from the kitchen to clean this wreckage.” Now that was exaggerating – it was only a flipped table and a shattered cup of coffee… “- or I’ll make sure you two won’t be going on missions any time soon.”

I’ll help you two,” Cassadin suddenly cut in. “It’s not like I’ve got anything better to do.”

And that was a lie – the feast was almost ready and there was surely something for him to do. However, that was besides the point. Again, he was offering to help. Charlotte had noticed this about the guild in the few weeks she had been there now. Everyone seemed so eager to ‘help’… it was unfamiliar to her. She didn’t like it. She never knew how to react… so it was always the same response.

“I don’t need your help, Cass,” she said, looking over the mess. Clean up the result of that hot-headed ice mage? In all honesty, Charlotte didn’t see how she had directly caused this whole incident in the first place – it had just been a harmless joke that Ana took in poor stride. Well, not that it would take that long to tidy up… Charlotte had seen worse before. A lot worse… and the aftermaths of the feast would be at most… manageable… but really, the cleaning was the last thing on her mind. Rather, Charlotte began to think – exactly how should she play things to get Anachayla suspended alone?

The corners of her mouth twitched into the beginnings of a grin before she hid it behind her hand.

And then there was the other matter. She wasn’t about to apologize to Chowa after all the meddling he did, but the coffee spatter across his once white shirt bothered her… it wasn’t guilt. She was sure it wasn’t guilt… almost. Well, either way, there wasn’t much she could do about his book, but maybe she could do something about those annoying brown splotches. Nudging him in the side with her elbow, she said, “Give me your shirt." Matter-of-fact and directly stated - if she did it quickly, she could probably get the coffee out before it permanently stained.


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Chowa Kyoku - The bar

“Give me your shirt.”

Chowa heard Charlotte said and he turned his head, facing her. His face had returned to its former blankness but there was still some anger lingering here and there on his facial expression as the line of his ever-present scold deepened slightly but he did not speak when he heard her offer/order. Everything was silent as he did nothing but stared at her...his mind was unable to understand her words for a whole minute. Slowly, everything began to make sense as his mind began to work again. He didn't understand her...he really did not. Was that a direct order? What did she want? Why did she want him to remove his shirt? It was so...sudden that his brain could not even work properly to see underneath the underneath. He glanced at the rest of the group before his head shifted slightly and once again, Chowa stared at Charlotte. How long had he been staring at her again? Was it an hour? Two hours? Or was it only one minute? Automatically, Chowa's fingers ran across the soft fabric of his white, button-up shirt as they calmly, almost reluctantly touched the first button and untangled it from his shirt...His eyes didn't meet everyone's as he looked at his own hands...

...the second button came off...

and then the third...

...but the forth
didn't. Chowa's hands froze as his mind was finally being able to understand what Charlotte was trying to tell him...That wasn't an order. Charlotte wasn't trying to humiliate him in front of the crowd for treating her like a baby...Charlotte wasn't trying make him look bad...She was trying him with the stains. Chowa's hands fell to his sides as he revealed his half-opened shirt and his bare chest, the scar he had tried to hide from the world was only half-hidden as people looked at his back could see the mark of the scar running from his the back of his neck to his backbone and was covered by his shirt. He looked at the coffee stains...could he wash it?...But he didn't need her help! Chowa Kyoku certainly didn't need Charlotte's or anyone else's help! His fingers twitched slightly but he didn't say anything, only locked eyes with the floor...a minute suddenly became eternity again as Chowa looked deep into Charlotte's eyes, trying to find any lies, any bad intentions, any half-truth, any hurtful words but he found none. Chowa spoke, his voice was never above a whisper.

"I refuse"

The rest of the sentence went unspoken by him but everyone in the now-quiet bar could heard it clearly. There was nothing but the gentle wind blew his long hair playfully. He still locked eyes with her but he no longer felt the need to finish his sentence. Charlotte was not stupid and he was sure she would understand it even if he didn't speak it out loud.

...No. I don't need your help...

With that, Chowa turned his head and walked away. Never stopped to spare the group a glance, never stopped to even say a goodbye...or even offered his help, Chowa walked out of the bar, ignored the looks between scared, disbelieve and awe as he made his way toward his own room. Closing the door softly behind him, Chowa locked it and carefully put his small bookbag on the bed, his wet book on the nightstand. He removed the rest of his clothes and quickly put it into the sink. Opened his closet, Chowa took out another identical shirt and began to dress himself.

As he finally looked pleased at his image, Chowa turned his attention back toward the mess in the sink and let out a soft sigh. It would be a pain to remove those stains. He turned the faucet on and let the water soak his white shirt. After a while, feeling satisfied with the amount of water he needed, the teenager closed his eyes and placed his hand over the shirt, silently controlling the water inside his shirt as he tried to take out the coffee out along with it. A sweat ran down his temper as he focused completely on what he was doing. He hoped it would work...

It did work. But not without a price, Chowa was nursing a very bad headache as he had concentrated too much and his hands were starting to throb painfully from his awkward position. He sighed softly and picked up the shirt in the shirt. It was white again and all he needed to do now was to wash it again. Chowa nodded his head...well, it wouldn't take too long he guessed. And he could always do that later. What was the time again? Chowa asked silently as he stared at the war clock.

Oh, great! He was late already. Mater Lorivota said he had to attend the anniversary whether he wanted to or not. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and opened the door, walked out of it quickly before closing it behind him with another soft click. He strode calmly to the bar, his mind began to think about what happened again...He should probably avoid them for a while...who knew if Cassadin, Charlotte and Anachayla had finished their work or not and he surely didn't want to take part in their 'activities'. His eyes searched the seemed all tables were taken now...where could he sit now? His frown deepened...He hated sitting with others beside his teammates...And he surely wouldn't sit next to that 'fangirl' Elysia...Chowa shuddered as his eyes set on her...Well, even if he had to sit next to complete strangers, he would rather do it then sitting next to her.

Chowa's luck seemed to like him again as a pair of people left the bar and the table where they had sat was empty once again. Chowa didn't even need to be told twice as he immediately took the seat. He took a deep breath and tried to block all the noises out...He wasn't sitting in the corner this time...It was both a good thing and a bad thing...The good thing...Well, he could escape easier if someone decided to corner him, and the bad thing?...well, the bad thing was that he was sitting in a place where people could notice him quite easily. Chowa felt the scold on his face became more visible as he glared at everyone who tried to sit at his table...This time, he was determined that he wouldn't let anyone take over this table...Maybe his teammates, but only them...and no one else...If he could not do that, then he would leave this anniversary and went to his room early. He was never a man for parties after all.


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Loritova stood as a monument of the Draco Edge. He didn't even bother with participating in the pre-feast banter, it was all in good fun, or so he thought. He was honestly just waiting for Mordecai and Chayton to return, along with the numerous others who had still be out and about. He heard some commotion at the entrance and noticed that Mordecai and Chayton had entered the Guild with what appeared to be their spoils. He simply gave the duo a look of satisfaction that would say 'Good Job' all by itself. They both responded with a simply nod and continued. He also noticed that Ana and Seibi had returned from their recent mission. "Ah, everyone is slowly reuniting." The giant man smiled a hearty grin. Next thing he noticed was the large ruckus that Mordecai was causing in the kitchen, "Oye, that ape..." Loritova was joking as always, but still, he found that man to be something else. He continued to eye the room as he could noticed Sotofu walking over to Theo and the rivals, Charlotte and Ana bickering again. He even noticed the quiet day-dreamer, Elysia, creating her little fantasies in her head. 'So innocent...' He again grinned.

He again noticed how, quite literally, all the little chimps were gathering in the hall. He, as always, loved to watch the rivalries burn, it just lit his own fire. He chuckled quietly as Sotofu and Theo seemed to argue in their corner, and how Ana approached their new Dragon Slayer, only to be intervened by Charlotte. He laughed quite loudly as the duo began fighting. "It's good to have rivals such as that..." He faintly had a recollection to his own past; where he had his own rival on the battlefield. He noticed that Cassadin and Chowa seemed to join in on the fun of the girls' rivalry. "Oh fools." Loritova knew it was better to stay out of these little arguments those two girls started, after all, it was their way of training.

Alas, Loritova noticed that the vigilant Sandra stepped into the growing bout between Bittersweet and Ice Breaker. "Was that such a good idea, Sandra...?" He knew at this distance she couldn't even remotely hear his words, but still, the thought lingered. 'These little skirmishes that these little chimps make are part of their training... Without constant rivalry they'll never improve... Why not let them fight their issues out?' He began bellowing a stout chuckle as a new figure had seemingly entered the guild and presented himself to Loritova. "My name is Roady Domene. I am a former apprentice of the Caliber Mage and fugitive, Raith Kaleheister. I wish to join your guild and make a living for myself!" Loritova looked rather inquisitively at the small boy. "Raith Kelheister, as in the THE Raith Kaleheister, the Head of the 2nd Infiltration Sabotage Unit? That baffling ape is still alive?" Loritova was rather surprised at the news and laughed rather loudly as he stepped away from the balcony as to sneak out of the sight of the guild. "So you, Roady, are the apprentice of the Caliber Mage? I'd doubt that old fool would take in an apprentice, especially a young monkey as yourself! Anyways, pardon me, I just haven't heard from the old man in ages." He shrugged and recomposed himself. He hunched down, bending his legs so he could check out the boy rather effectively. He got face to face with the kid, eyeing him down. "You're welcome to join Roady, apprentice of Raith!" He released a hardy laugh as he gave the boy a firm pat on the back. "Welcome to Draco Edge, now go talk to Kacie to get introduced."

Loritova was always glad to check out new monkeys to add to his Guild. He just couldn't ever turn anyone down, it was virtually impossible, but he would always keep his eyes and ears peeled, just in case. He took his place, again leaning on the balcony rail. "I do believe it's almost time to start the feast, Kacie." He looked down at the bartender, grinning as he could easily see down her shirt, hopefully she wouldn't realize his precarious view.

Mordecai Cezaero

Mordecai knew he hadn't much time to cleanse himself of the blood of his spoils. He entered his room without causing too much ruckus. He grunted, looking around to a rather clean room. He took cautious steps towards the sink, hoping to avoid getting blood on anything. He rinsed his hands a grabbed new garb to cover his bare chest, knowing the everyone would appreciate his fresh change of clothing. He only had the one wardrobe for all occasions... his semi-transparent brown shirt that was already too small for him, it didn't do much except keep him a little cleaner than not wearing it. After replacing his bloody shirt with a new one, he decided to polish his lovely polearm. He immediately grabbed a rag and soaked it for a few seconds. Once it appeared sopping wet, he began cleaning off the thick red liquid from his spear, some of it having dried already. "Hmmm" Mordecai let out one simple grunt, not needing many words at this time. He finished removing the traces of blood from his spear and threw it onto his bed. Having completed everything he found necessary, he found himself presentable, as always, and walked out of his room towards the hall. He entered that bar only to find the end of some rather large... fight? He couldn't quite figure out what exactly happened, and to be frankly honest, it didn't mean much to him.


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#, as written by xKyrie
Elysia Avari Skylar

As she was walking away, Elysia was lightly scolding herself for getting so absorbed in her thoughts again. It was something that is both a curse and a blessing. Thinking of different scenarios in her head, that is. Once or twice, weaving a story in her head had helped her during the times where her father would do all his best to kill her with his long unreasonable litany. Aside from showering her with daily punishments during the times that she fail in any of the exercises or experiments they would make her undergo, her father also had the gift of tongue.

He will do everything to make the white haired girl to know how regretful he is to ever have her for his only child. He would always remind her that she will never get past D-Rank as a mage. He never failed to state that being an idealist and a heavy dreamer that she is, she will never ever gonna get friends or something near of sort. There had been more but growing up little by little she grew immune of his never-ending insults and instead had learned to focus on thinking of happy thoughts; hence the main reason for her daydreaming anytime that she could.

Of course her mother was always there to stand up for her, if it actually doesn't involve training and wholly testing her magical abilities. She would stop her father with few placating words and well-timed distractions. During those, Ely would hide behind her mother and wait until the moment Lysander stops and leaves to cool off. But once Elysia had learnt the truth about her past, she had realized that all along, her mother was also lying. For all she knew, Lakeisha, or 'Lacey' as what she's known is there alongside her father, laughing at how much failure and shame that she in spite of being the only second Sky Dragon Slayer next to the well-known Wendy Marvell of Fairy Tail.

Sighing as she noticed herself being lost in thoughts again, she lightly shook her head and let out a smile. She saw the ‘Silence’ sign ahead, most probably belonging to Theo and stepped out of its path. Dispelling all the negative thoughts of her parents, she then continued to approach the two boys and stopped near her team leader.

Sotofu Katsu and Theo Castille, just like Chowa and the others of team Bittersweet, the three of them also make up another team. She didn't know a lot about them. For the past months that she had been staying at the guild, aside from being assigned minor D ranked jobs, they haven't interacted that much. From what she had observed about them, during the rare times that she just found herself studying others (instead of daydreaming), she can say that they are both good people.

Sotofu, even though he is still younger than Theo is a good leader. It was obvious that he needed to learn more in order to be better, but for the white-haired girl, he is good enough. Theo, while he is noisy, is still also a mystery to Ely. He's rather detached--actually the three of them, but he takes it into a different level. She can't help but feel a little wary in his presence. It looked like he disliked her but Elysia is not certain with this assumption.

Now that the master had called everyone to celebrate, she figured that she might as well take advantage of the chance and get to know her teammates more.

"Yes, Elysia, what's up?" She smiled again and opened her mouth to reply when Theo spoke cutting her off. “Elysia, why don’t you join us? Sotofu has something important that he wants to tell us. Of course, I’m highly looking forward to hearing what type of amazing job he picked for us to do. Maybe -” He was about to say more but he suddenly stopped. And hearing the loud crash, she instinctively turned her head towards the direction of the noise.

Quite expectedly it was Anachayla and Charlotte locked in brawl or so it seemed. If the two weren't trying to win over the other with some form of competition or any other kind, they would also fight even about the littlest things. Even a few minutes with the other's presence can honestly cause them to be in a fight just moments later. It was different now though. If she didn't know better, the reason for today's argument is something unusual, something so unexpected... so sweet and so romantic.
“Kuroi Lightblade? It’s nice to meet you,” Charlotte spoke, an indulging smile present in her face. It was the first time that she had seen this guy. Judging from the confused and adorable lost expression in his face, anyone else can easily deduce that he is that newbie Loritova had spoken of. Studying his silver hair and black cloth embedded with various shapes, he looked odd. She wanted to know more about him but that blasted Ice Magic user is once again hogging all the spotlight. Popping out of nowhere and shouting the guy's name's after undoubtedly insulting her, Charlotte felt her irritation level rising.

She then used Eira to hug the girl and maybe help warm her up more than she allegedly needs. She was talking to Kuroi first! She wanted to learn something else about the newbie but it seemed like Anachayla is poking her unwanted nose in other's business again. Though Kuroi looked odd, there is some certain interesting aura with his character. Being new to the guild also added to that mystery, and Charlotte will try her best to unearth it.

Smirking at Ana's panicked expression she happily let Eira do whatever she wanted with the noisy blond. Now she can focus on interrogating Kuroi and not have to worry about that irritating ice magic user.

Anachayla was quite enjoying herself as she had been greeting the newest member of Draco Edge. Seibi was a great companion that was a given. Though there were only the two of them, they had already known a lot from their three months stay and because of that had a good working balance and strategy to be able to finish any mission effectively.

But now, staring at Kuroi's black attire, she felt inexplicably pleased. "Lightblade! You're a new member right?" She asked him and closed the gap between them. Prodding him endlessly, she then focused on his face. He looked handsome that's for sure, in a totally different light from Seibi. Seibi was nice to stare at but Kuroi undeniably looked better. She was about to observe him further, comparing the latter with her current and only teammate when that blasted doll user decided to intervene.

That annoying Charlotte seemed to be inserting herself in other's concerns once again. Giving the brown-haired girl a warning and a threatening glare as if to tell her to back off, she turned back to Kuroi and raised her chin, slightly in thought. There were too many interesting questions she can ask, and the guy looked nice and a little wimpy enough to answer all of those. Fluttering her lashes, she was about to ask him another question when something warm and unwanted had wrapped itself on her from behind.

Stifling an incoming shriek, her eyes widened in horror. Getting angrier minute by minute, not only at the thought of the clammy clasp of a familiar parasite chaining itself around her, but more-so of the fact that Charlotte was also trying to win the new guy over, she decided to retaliate. And retaliate she did, commanding her magic to conjure a 'rose bush' out of ice, she trapped the doll magic user in place.

The table shook and tipped along with the movement and she lightly blushed as she remembered Kuroi overlooking the scene from the sidelines. She really hoped that she didn't blew off any chance she had with him. If it wasn't for this meddling Charlotte, she would have surely succeeded with her plans.

Cassadin suddenly felt fearful as he saw what Charlotte ordered Eira to do. It wasn't actually Ana's reaction that bothered him so. Staring at their green-haired teammate from the corner of his eyes, he prayed to all the flowers and plants deities that he knew to not make Chowa angry. Though he did not like how close both his teammates are, being in this group for quite a while had helped numb the pain he'd been experiencing.

He really wanted to be the closest person more than anything there is to him... but if Cassadin can't possibly be so, at least he made it certain that he will be the other person who's ready and immediately accessible to come in rescue if Chowa needs him to.

The water dragon slayer on the other hand was still absorbed in his own bliss of having his daily conversation with Charlotte. Recalling the girl's brightly shining face as she flirted with him, Chowa almost let out a triumphant smile. Charlotte, out of the fan girls there are, is really the only one tolerable. It also greatly helps that she's his teammate, but her unnatural kindness adds into that factor which makes her totally different from the others.

He was suddenly burst out of his happy euphoria when an assortment of coffee and chocolate was showered to him and his pristine white shirt. Noticing thereon the two girls fighting presumably over the new guy, he narrowed his eyes. He covered his feelings by picking up his book and flipping it to inspect through some of the pages. Letting a dark growl in anger as he hid his irritation with Korderoy Lightbulb, he turned to the girls.

" two have stepped out of your boundaries, Miss Kaylorn, Charlotte...if you two want to solve your... disagreement... may I suggest the training ground?...The last time I checked, this is still a bar...not a ring for boxing...", he chastised and in a fond and calm tone as he said his leader's name as if to soften the blow. Though he was irked at Charlotte for being interested in that weird newcomer, he can't bring himself to fully get angry with her.

"...welcome to Draco Edge, Mr. Lightblade...I hope you are having fun..." He then added sarcastically to Kuroi not really caring about hearing his reply. He wasn't worth losing a head over. Sooner or later, Charlotte would undoubtedly lose interest with him and Chowa will just have to wait until that happens.

He dissolved the ice around the brown-haired girl's body and absorbed it into his sleeves. Shaking his head in disappointment, he lightly scolded the gray-haired Lightning Rod and yanked the doll off Anachayla.

He walked back towards Charlotte and stood in front of her protectively. He wouldn't dare let anyone else harm this girl. Not only is she his teammate, but also because she is one of the most important person he has in this guild. If that stupid Kuroi didn't dare come here, things wouldn't progressed into this.

“If I could, I would.” Seibi answered afterwards, he was feeling left out as Ana focused on that aggravating new comer. Though the blond can be unbearable at times, Seibi can definitely say that he had rather grown fond of her. She had that certain charm that can only be seen if you try to know her more. While Ana seemed reckless and always taken by her temper, she also has that kindness, dedication and persuasion that undoubtedly tugs the gray-haired man's heart.

He would have been totally content, with them and only the two of them in a team but that troublesome Lightblade decided to show face.

Sighing at the mess, he figured that it would be easy to study this guy if he will be in their team. Teams are usually composed of three members after all, and if this Kuroi wanted to snatch Ana away from him, he will do his best to prevent it before hand. He focused on his lollipop first before eyeing him directly. “So, before she was interrupted, I do believe Ana was going to ask you if you were wanted to join our team. So how about it?”

Everyone in that little scene had something in one way or another wanted to achieve. Charlotte and Ana are both highly interested in getting Kuroi's, the new guy's attention and because of that it had been thoroughly testing their teammates' patience.

Chowa was not only infuriated with the coffee stains but also at the amount of focus Kuroi had been getting from his dearest leader. That is also the case with Seibi, he was glad, having the total attention of the blond ice user before but now that utopia was certainly being threatened to be destroyed by this... this little runt.

Elysia was about to approach them, ready to resolve the incoming crisis after Chowa's warning when a certain someone went out of the kitchen. Blushing madly at the sight of her beloved Sandra, she just settled on staying in place and watched what the brown-haired woman will do.

Elysia gaped at her brightly shining aura and listened as she lightly scolded and punished both the arguing girls. "You shouldn't make war both of you!" *Kyun* *Sparkle* *Kyun* "Fighting would not be able to resolve the conflict you two have!" Sandra gestured to Chowa's appearance and then to the three other guys. "Look at him, I'm disappointed with the two of you," She added pouting and shaking her head in disappointment. "Ana and Char, Let us all make some peace and not war..." She paused her statement, as if readying for the another big announcement and said in a cutesy tone, "As a punishment, I want you two to clean this mess."

Sandra turned to look around and when her eyes caught Ely's amber ones, she smiled. She went towards the shorter girl and gently grabbed her hand.

"Are you hurt Ely?" Her voice was full of concern, and she studied the girl further for any signs of injuries. Elysia calmly gave a shake of her head, "No, Sandra", she stated charmingly.

"Every hurt I have is now gone once I saw you again."

"Good, because if you are, I'll surely punish those troublemakers more", Sandra cupped the younger girl's cheeks in her hand and started softly caressing it.

"I don't ever want to see you getting hurt Ely."

Flushing red at her imagination, she raised both of her hands into her cheeks. She threw the S Rank mage a look and immediately turned away in embarrassment. Sandra is really the best in the entirety of the whole Earth Land. Her shining countenance, her quiet strength and her maturity, and her never-ending dedication to delegate peace all over Fiore; and everything else about Sandra Lecarde makes Elysia Avari absolutely more smitten with her.

Still smiling she turned back to her teammates, having witnessed the whole scene-albeit in a totally different light, Elysia focused on both boys. "Hello Sotofu and Theo!" She stated cheerily beaming, it was really up to Sandra to save the day. She knew full well that no one had been hurt with the earlier scene and because of that decided to suppress the calling to examine and do a checkup as what is normal for being the medic of the guild. She thought that if any of them had needed any medical assistance, they would surely promptly go to her aid.

"Are we going to discuss about our team name now? And... what did you meant by an amazing job?" She slightly cocked her head sideways in wonder and waited for an answer.


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#, as written by Byte
Draco Edge: Bar

Today was the day. The day he had been preparing for all month, which was short considering it was only the 9th of October. But yes, today would be a rather special event. The old man was fond of such things, especially the ones that involved every member to run around like a dull sheep such as this one. “Mission Impossible.” The thrill of excitement crawled through his whole being as he muttered them.

It was an event that would test the skills of the little monkeys that were gathering underneath the balcony. Well, sort of. It was mostly an event for the guild master's own amusement. Watching his followers squirm as they tried to complete an almost impossible task. He scratched the red hairs that held onto his chin while anxiously waiting for every member to gather in the bar.

When the last monkey had gathered with the rest of the guild members, Loritova rose his muscular arms above him announcing with a deep and loud voice: “Welcome everyone!” He paused, walking closer to the steel railing that was part of the balcony. “Today, is the day. No doubt you have all heard of 'Mission Impossible', and are most likely eager to hear what I have planned for it.”

Loritova rested both his arms on the railing, eyeing each member with a content expression. “First, let me explain the basic rules. Each of you is split in teams of two, whatever team completes the task first is the winner, and will receive a special reward that I will announce after the contest.” Another pause followed, the old man was now slowly walking along the steel railing, eventually meeting with his followers downstairs, at the bar.

“Anything goes in this event. Should a teams cross paths, they are allowed to disable one another in combat. Whoever loses the battle will forfeit the contest, and is to return to the guild-house and wait for the others to finish.” The red-haired man paused again, slowly walking towards a basket made out of straw that contained the names of Draco Edge's members. “You will each pick a piece of paper. One this paper you'll find two names. One is your own, the other will be your partner's name.” Magical appearing words, yay!

As he continued speaking, Loritova approached each member to let them grab a piece of paper. “Do not, under any circumstance, reveal your paper while still in this house. Failure to do so, will automatically mean you forfeit the contest.” He paused, tossing the straw basket onto the counter. “At precisely 12 O'clock, you will all be transported to a path assigned to your team. There, your task will be revealed.”

“That will be all. Good luck, and I will see you all when you return here.” The guild master went back to his usual place, and patiently waited for every member to be transported to their assigned path.

It was time, one by one, every Draco Edge member was transported to their starting position. It had begun, Mission Impossible...


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Chowa Kyoku - The bar

Chowa opened his eyes abruptly as the first sunlight hit his face. It was a skill he had learnt when he was younger. 'Always be prepared...for the danger could come anytime, anywhere...' He pushed himself up as he looked around, studying his room carefully to see if anything had been changed while he was sleeping. Nodding slightly as he deemed nothing important had been changed and there was no sign of something out of place, Chowa stepped out of his bed and stretched himself, ready for the day. Today was 'Mission Impossible' or something along the line, Chowa had not paid much attention the first time he heard it...maybe he just deemed it...unimportant or maybe he was just distracted. Either way, Chowa did not know much about the mission. He closed his eyes and sighed tiredly, yesterday event was still fresh in his mind and liked it or not, Chowa knew he had acted...harshly and 'out of character' regarding the event. He supposed he would have to apologize to his teammates when he saw them today.

With that thought in mind, Chowa proceeded to go through his normal morning routine in less than 20 minutes. Time's money, after all. He suppressed a yawn as his hand covered his mouth and he looked at the wall clock. He still had 10 more minutes before he had to do anything. Grasping his backpack, Chowa put in a book, some chocolate, a notebook and a pen before checking the clock for the second time. 'it's time to go' He thought with a slight nod. Closing the door behind him and carefully locked it with a soft 'click', Chowa stretched his hands, he was ready for the day.

'...or maybe not' Chowa thought as he listened to the guild master explained what they had to do. He did not care about rewards or fame...He only wanted to have a nice and easy-going mission. It had been a little while since he took part in easy missions and maybe he was starting to miss it. He dutifully picked up the folded paper and walked out of the guild. Whoever his partner was, he depressedly hoped it was not some kinds of fangirls. He shook his head...maybe he was just over-thinking. He stood on his destination - the Akane Beach, waiting for his other teammate to arrive, trying hard not to let the curiosity take over him but at last, he admitted defeated as he unfolded his paper and read the name "Charlotte" He mumbled, blinking at the ironic of it all...He only hoped she would forgive him so they could work together. But then again, hopes and reality were two different things.