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kuroi lightblade

i will take the darkness find my own path to happyness!

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a character in “The New Mage Guild; Draco Edge”, originally authored by dimon lord, as played by RolePlayGateway


Kuroi LightBlade: 17 year old Male
The Dark Angel, D Rank Draco Edge Memberr

~ Physical Info ~

5'6, Caucasian,190 pounds with a muscular build. Kuroi stands tall with a pride that is also mixed with a cockiness to match his purple eyes so deep you could get lost in them. He has a smile that is soft but quick to turn fierce, with hair that drapes past his ears and brushes on his shoulders, which are strong but look as though he bares a burden. His clothes are odd, there are strands of black cloth embedded with odd shapes leading to the snow white base. His hair is silver.

Right Forearm

~ Mentality ~

Kuroi is kind. Some may say that he is too kind even though he does not show it. He stands among the common man and sees himself as their equal. He hates people who abuse there power and will see that his form of justice is served. Kuroi will go around and deliver the justice that he sees fit. He has a slightly rough exterior but, once you get past that, there is a friend like no other. Kuroi is that friend who will stand by your side until the end. Whenever Kuroi sees that a friend is hurt. he will punish the assailant. Kuroi will also dive into any issue that a friend encounters, whether they want him to or not. Overall, Kuroi is known for being fun and somewhat energetic. He's also been called a loose cannon who will lose control of himself at times. He's also referred to as a smart ass.

{Likes} {Dislikes}
o Friends Rich Snobs x
o Magic Corrupted People x
o Fighting Bandits x
o Animals Bad food x
o Bitter foods Insults Towards His Parents x

{Quirks} {Phobias}
% Will not abandon people when there's something wrong Living Alone @
% Sometimes say contradictory statements

~ Ability Statistics ~

Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic

{Signature Spell}
Shadow Dragon Consumption - an Intense Dark shroud blankets the enemy; it removes all light, causing near blindness to the target.

{Spell List}
~Shadow Dragon Roar, Shadow Dragon Claw, Shadow Dragon Iron Fist, Shadow Dragon Wing Attack, Shadow Dragon Sword Horn

{Non-magic Skills}
# First Aid Knowledge
# Ability to Read Peoples Emotions
# Excellent Swordsman
# Able to Cook
# Camping Skills; i.e. Foraging, Hunting, etc.

~ Personal Background ~

Kuroi can not remember anything from his early childhood. He was found by the Shadow Dragon Deathroknill. Deathroknill raised me for six years and in that time he taught Kuroi magic. Deathroknill was tough but fair and Kuroi learned many life lessons from his training. When Kuroi turned ten, things changed. The duo was attacked by a knight from a Dark Guild. At the time, the fight appeared to be a fight of gods that would never end. That didn't last long, the knight was of no match to Deathroknill. She fell and was spared an agonizing death. Deathroknill demanded of one thing from her, to train Kuroi in the art of swordsmanship. Kuroi was left dumbfounded as he was pushed into the arms of the knight, but Deathroknill knew that the time to vanish was near. The knight took him in and her name was Elisabeth Lightblade. She hated that Kuroi used Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic and taught him the path towards light. Her goal was to drive out the darkness and for Kuroi to become a warrior of light. After about five years, Kuroi warmed up to Elisabeth and slowly became more sociable. He had began his following of the path to light but still used his magic, being the only physical memory of Deathroknill left. One day, some bandits came by and demanded that one man be healed with our magic. Elisabeth and Kuroi refused to help and the bandits attacked. They threatened Elisabeth by taking Kuroi hostage and demanding she lay down her weapons. She wholeheartedly agreed despite Kuroi's warnings. The bandits immediately struck Elisabeth down after she dropped her weapon. The bandits began to leave, figuring the boy could do nothing. He held Elisabeth in his arms as her life faded away. She told him to take her sword, which lay at his feet, and to avenge her. Kuroi took the sword and charged towards the bandits in a blind fury, his Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic was lit ablaze. Kuroi unleashed his full power of sword and magic, slaying all the bandits before passing out. He regained consciousness and began travelling around the world, searching for a reason to continue living. He eventually stumbled upon Draco Edge, a small, up-and-coming Mages Guild. He noticed that they were in need of able Mages, so he signed up. Kuroi is now the newest recruit of Draco Edge, hoping that the Guild members will except him.

So begins...

kuroi lightblade's Story


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Kuroi was sitting rather quietly in a back seat in the the guild Draco Edge and although he looked calm on the outside he was rather restless on the inside. Draco Edge was loud and there where people doing all sorts of things, laughing, drinking, all very energetic. Kuroi was not familiar with such crowds and he did not know how to interact with them. "I wish I could have fun with them like that" he thought to himself as he sipped from his cup. it was his first day of being part of a guild and he had not yet even spoken to one person outside of registering himself to the guild. Kuroi let out a breath of frustration knowing that he was going to probably have a hard time getting to know people. When he had meet the guild master Loritova he was quite impressed even though it was only brief. As Kuroi lifted up his sleeve he looked at the mark on his arm with some satisfaction. "So it is a guild is it" he said with a slight smile on his face "its been a long time since I wanted to give something my all." Then he went back to sipping his drink.


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Eliza stood near the bar with a mission in her hands "Slay a sea monster sounds like a decent mission" she told herself quietly. She looked at Akio standing up and muttering to him self then go and sit down at a table “he is the biggest womanizer I know of but at least he relived my boredom no matter however unpleasant it was” Eliza thought to her self. Eliza sat back down at the bar and asked for a soda as she looked patently at everyone that she could and started hearing loud noses coming from the other side of the bar and something about a Kuroi Lightblade he being a new member and all. Then she heard a fight almost breaking out at the bar between Chowa, Kaylorn and Charlotte with Chowa the antagonist and almost stepped in to end the fight but saw Sandra coming in and decided to stay seated. After that little spat she walked up to Kuroi the fight a little more intriguing then the new member of the “how are you guy doing what’s your name? Sorry I don’t know it but I’ve been out of the loop for a little bit now” Eliza asked Kuroi “you will get used to it fast enough ... have you meet everybody yet or only a few” Eliza asks befor Kuroi can respond with he hand held out offering a full tour