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Mordecai Cezaero

"Working with the earth will provide us with the Greatest Benefit."

0 · 347 views · located in Fiore

a character in “The New Mage Guild; Draco Edge”, as played by ZombieGil


Mordecai Czaro: Kai, 34 year old Male
Terra Firma, A Rank Draco Edge Member

~ Physical Info ~

Mordecai is rather tall, standing at 6'5" with a very muscular build. He wears the traditional warrior garb of ancient forest dwellers. He's usually relaxed when standing, having a tendency to arch his back. His muscles provide a slight intimidation factor, as does his height. Mordecai is never seen with his four link ponytail; which represents the four beast souls he's conquered. His facial consists of full sideburns and a short beard.

Upper Left Arm; The same shade of Green as his eyes.

~ Mentality ~

Mordecai is a valiant and staunch man. His full respect and loyalty lies with Loritova and the Earthly Justice. Mordecai resides as a serious representative of Draco Edge. He is generally bold, always willing to take any challenger to Draco Edge (or himself). Mordecai openly accepts all forms of combat, in spite of any possible disadvantages. His determination to win in any and all combat scenarios drive him to his overwhelming success, on some occasions. Mordecai also appears to play the clumsy giant role; occasionally hitting people with assorted objects or accidentally crushing a limb when opening a door or even walking. He's generally oblivious to his surroundings, having a tendency to run into walls and such. Surprisingly, Mordecai has a range of sociability; from cold and distant to talkative and jubilant. His tendency is to be semi-open; meaning he'll stop talking before revealing too much, even stopping mid-sentence.
Mordecai is a rather blunt man altogether. He shows no emotion during combat, often keeping intense concentration and a piercing stare. The basis of Mordecai's combat is relentless onslaught with no hesitation, no matter the foe. Although, his morals usually step in to halt finishing blows. When serious, Mordecai is void of emotion, wielding his senses like finely sharpened blades. Once Mordecai sets his eyes on a goal, it's pretty tough to kill his resolve. One key aspect to Mordecai is his strive to become more of a gentle giant, as opposed to a clumsy one.

{Likes} {Dislikes}
o Children Indecent Women x
o Donating His Reward Money Greedy People x
o Diligence Conceit x
o Nature Forest Firesx
o Justice Self-Righteousness x

{Quirks} {Phobias}
% Stopping mid-sentence as to not reveal too much Harming innocent bystanders @
% Falling asleep; mid-day, even while walking Losing control of Beast Soul: Chimera @
% Always promotes healthy eating

~ Ability Statistics ~

~ Earth Magic ~ Take Over (Beast Soul) ~ Great Tree Arc

{Signature Spell}
Earth Piercing Spear - Summons a spear of molten earth; can pierce any shield with little or no trouble. (Note: Follows Mordecai's Hands)

{Spell List}
~Gravel Dust, Mountain Shield, Earthen Fist, Rock Avalanche, Terra Spikes, Boulder Smash
~Beast Arm: Bear Claw; Beast Arm: Steel Bull; Beast Leg: Weretiger; Beast Hide: Armored Reptile; Beast Soul: Chimera
~Ramus Sica and Folium Sica

{Non-magic Skills}
# Adept Spearsmanship
# Excellent Swimmer
# Communicating with Nature
# Natural Compass (Not)
# Master Herbologist

~ Personal Background ~

Mordecai was raised in a small village nestled in the central mountains of Fiore. The village was in tune with nature and used nature-based magic, that they claimed as nature's gift. The village had one route through the mountains to Crocus. Crocus acted as a hub of trade and commerce for the village. After a long dry season a sudden storm destroyed the passage. Mordecai and numerous other villagers used their magic to re-carve a pathway through the mountains. They used many different magic types; from Take Over, to Earth Magic, to Plant Magic, and even Great Tree Arc; although only used by the select few. They eventually reached Crocus, but taking a great toll; losing roughly fourteen of the fifty villagers. Upon reaching Crocus, Mordecai and the few other survivors were arrested. They were accused of assault on the town of Crocus and it's residents. After four years the men were released to find their village's route destroyed beyond repair. Mordecai, now twenty two, motioned to set off and make something of their lives. He set off, presumably to the west, but ended up reaching a small village reminiscent of his own. This village was home to Jura Neekis, an fifteen year old boy. They bonded and Mordecai taught Jura some Earth Magic techniques, helping create the current Jura. After seven years of training, Mordecai left Jura to his own development. He began wondering eastward, but ended up heading west instead. He reached Era and found a train that would take him directly to the eastern cities. He took the train and reached Magnolia. From there, he took roughly five years of wandering through the wilderness around Akane Beach and honing his various magic skills. He further developed his Take Over, obtaining more animals and he began his intensive training in the Great Tree Arc magic. Mordecai returned from his training, entering Oshibana. He found that a local guild was in need of Mages, now knowing that what he was blessed with by nature was indeed this power deemed 'magic' he joined. He was the fifth member to officially join and upon testing, wowed Loritova with his skill. The two developed a unique bond and Mordecai was ranked A since both S ranked positions were filled and there cannot be an influx of S ranked members in a new Guild.

So begins...

Mordecai Cezaero's Story


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"Here in Fiore, in the small Oshibana Town, lies the Guild; Draco Edge."

Loritova; an exceedingly tall man, with muscular build and flaming red hair. His stark appearance is dwarfed by the pan around to room below, a large gathering hall where many people can be seen conversing, eating, and bickering. Loritova appears to be standing on a balcony that overlooks the massive hall below. His crimson brown eyes look down upon the people that he's so hastily recruited in the past three months. They carry the future of Draco Edge with them, the future of a Guild founded by the Magic Council itself. They were chosen, by Loritova, to become the new leaders of this aspiring guild and they will mold it's future.
The man finally speaks, only lending a voice loud enough to be heard by himself.

"Ah. Today marks the day that Draco Edge becomes three months old. It's significance is to mark the day that Draco Edge is finally recognized as an official Guild of Fiore." Loritova pauses, takes a deep breath and continues. "These children, no, these selected few will carry this guild to its downfall or its greatness... hopefully the latter, obviously." He chuckles lightly as the group down below doesn't pay any mind to Loritova's existence. "Ah, this group is something!" He chuckles again. "Charlotte and Anachayla bickering as always; Seibi and Chowa trying their best to avoid getting dragged into the silly rivalry. Kacie always being the one who cleans up the mess they make, then there's Akumu and Fumiko who sit together munching on piles of sweets. The two young girls; Elysia and Haruka, are always running around, enjoying their lives... that always brings a smile to my face." He smiles the laughs abit. "Akio is always the one who tries to woo the women, usually taking his pick of Shae Ann or Eliza, although they always reject him." Loritova ruffles his beard a little before continuing. "Ah, I can't forget our little prodigy, Sotofu! He has a tendency to stay away from the loud noise and sit alone. There's also Theo, he's one you don't want to bother too often... he's just like Dimetre... well not really, Dimetre will at least socialize with the other members." He pauses to take another breath while taking a brief walk over to the window overlooking the Training Grounds. "The ever so gentle and kind Cassadin had a tendency to take care of the various plants found around the grounds, and Morien the valiant swordsman always diligently practicing his swordsmanship." He returns to his overlook of the main hall. "Ah yes, there is Draco Edge's newest member Kuroi Lightblade, although he hasn't quite settled in quite yet, he chooses to remain inside trying to be social, which is rather good... But of course we have our elite... Mordecai and Chayton, our own duo born from Mother Nature herself. Those two are arguably our strongest members, well at least Mordecai is, since he is our Guild Ace. Those two are definitely reliable mages, ones I put some of the deepest trust into... But... There is one other, Sandra. She is my most trusted fighter, although she is usually off doing the most dangerous and complicated of missions. Given that she's our top S-Rank Mage, she tends to be the one who watches over everyone, making sure all mischief is kept to a minimum. She is my most trusted Mage and she has deemed all my respect as a fine warrior." Loritova cracks his neck, then his fists, then takes a deep breath. "But enough of this! This is a day for celebration! We are now recognized throughout the Kingdom as a Magical Guild! Now, once Mordecai and Chayton return from their errand, our feast shall begin." Loritova hunches over the railing of the balcony again, looking down at his Guild, admiring the great growth that he has witnessed in the short three months.


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#, as written by Skylite

"Oh, you look like you need some more water little guy!" Said the man, or rather, the boy, kneeling down in front of a small sunflower outside of Draco edge's main headquarters. He lifted the green water jug up, sprinkling a generous amount of aqua on the Sunflower. He adjusted the soil around the plant, wiping his dirty hands on his white shirt as he finished, smearing it with earthy color. "There, all done." Said Cassadin, entering the main building, wearing his dirty gardening clothes. He entered, the main building, waving too and greeting his fellow guild members as he headed to his room, to put his equipment away.

He entered the room, with its calm green and soil brown walls, and opened a large blue chest, where his put his watering can, spade, and seed packets away, removed his dirty shirt, and plopped down on his bed, sighing. Today marks the two-month anniversary of the Luna incident; the day in which Cass was kidnapped by the sinister cult, and his former teammates were slaughtered in front of his eyes. Cass was no stranger to violence and death, and being a mage, you take certain risks, but he still hadn't quite recovered from the horrible disaster that was his first mission.

Today was also the three-month anniversary of the guild's conception, and a day for celebration. Mordecai and Chayton had gone out previously, to hunt game for the feast, he assumed, and would most likely be back soon, so Cass decided to put on some decent clothes and socialize with his guild-mates. As he buttoned-up his black collared shirt, he wondered was his teammates were doing. Chowa was most likely tending to the library, or sitting about in the tavern-floor, and Charlotte, as usual, was most likely bickering, or having some sort of silly contest with her mortal rival, Anachayla.

He stepped out of his room, heading to the main floor, to see what was happening in Draco Edge.


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Mordecai Cezaero

The air was stiff, the scent of blood lingered. A large burlap sack swayed with the morning breeze, the sack soaking in the red hue of blood. Although the stench grow stronger and the gusts blew against him, Mordecai continued his hike. He had to rendezvous with Chayton so they could finish their hunt and return to Loritova with their spoils. Chayton, the east forest was rather large, full of numerous creatures. Where was Chayton, although he could easily handle himself he still wanted to ensure his ally's safety. So, again, was exactly was Chayton. Anyways, he had another hour or so before they agreed on their rendezvous.

Finally, Mordecai had caught traces of a wild wooly boar. "Ahah! Found ya' rascal!" Mordecai quickened his pace, flying through the forest towards the origin of the scent. He could feel the scent growing thicker, it's distinction easily overpowering all other scents. That was the trademark of the wooly boar, it's incredible scent. "You're mine!" He lunged into the small clearing only to find his partner, Chayton finishing up his fresh kill. "Chayton! Good find, my friend!" Mordecai chuckled light heartedly, elbowing Chayton. "With that boar, we should have enough for the feast, let us return!" Mordecai faced towards Oshibana Town, gesturing for Chayton to follow him. Both men carried large burlap sacks filled with fresh meat, ready for the feast.


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#, as written by Skylite

Cass made his way over to where his teammates, Charlotte and Chowa, were sitting, and took a seat at the table.

"Hello, how are you two doing today?" he asked pleasantly, fiddling with the black button on the end of his sleeve. He looked around the bar, and spotted Eira, Charlotte's doll, slumped down in a chair, it's crimson gaze almost meeting his. Cass almost swore it was staring at him, but he reassured himself that that was stupid. The doll had always creeped Cass out, but it definitely produced results in combat, and although it kind of scared him, it had a certain intrigue about it, like an untold story behind the cream-colored cloak.

"Oh, and Chowa, that's the new recruit, his name is Korderoy Lightbulb, or something like that." he said, hearing his green-haired teammate ask about the new mage a few moments earlier.


Chayton stalked the brown beast, staying low to the ground, a razor-sharp Tomahawk in each hand. He had left with Mordecai earlier, and, in preparation for the three-month anniversary feast, they were tasked with hunting down the days meal. Chayton stopped dead in his tracks; he had slipped up in his thought and stepped on a large twig, alerting the beast to his presence. Without warning, the boar whirled around and charged at Chayton, intending to gore the mage with it's tusks. Chayton waited until the exact right time, and sidestepped the boar, lodging the axe into it's throat. The creature ran a ways further, and collapsed on the ground, writhing and kicking. Chayton slit the beast's throat with his knife, and marked a large triangle with a smaller circle inside with it's blood on it's side, as was customary in his village. He said a quick prayer, honoring the beast, and noting it's bravery, until his was approached by his teammate. He quickly finished cleaning his boar and smiled when Mordecai complimented him on his kill. He nodded, and began following the mage back to the guild house.


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Sotofu Katsu

Sotofu was having a ball reading another new novel that he snatched from the Draco Edge archives. It was an old tale based in another dimension, Edolas, where magic wasn't a common occurrence. Actually, in this world, magic was very limited and the king of Edolas took control of the magic source and greedily kept it all to himself. "Greedy jerkface." Sotofu oftentimes spoke aloud when reading tantalizing stories, he would simply get enthralled by the text, and man that was imminent. Anyways, he continued... He was at this part of story where a group had arrived in Edolas from Earthland, they were mages and couldn't believe that magic was so rare. They had actually just found out that Edolas was a parallel dimension to Earthland, since they stumbled upon their Edolas selves. The hero, Theorie, had just stumbled upon his parallel self and learned about Edolas itself.

(OOC: Like what I did there? ^^)

~Suddenly~ Sotofu's ear itched intensely. "Hmph, someone's talking about me again..." He hated that, just because he had various magic, including Disassemble and Gravity under his belt, people found the boy to be some sort of prodigy, nicknaming him 'The Rising Sun'. It was all just a tacky overlay of his actual diligence that his father coined so he could become famous. "Stupid Fairy Tail Mages..." Sotofu knew full well that not all Fairy Tail Mages were like his dad, but jeez, his dad was a man who loved money. Anyways~ Sotofu decided to bunny-ear the page he was on and put the book down. Looking up he noticed that Loritova was staring right at him, after roughly two seconds a large bead of sweat trickled down his face, he shrugged and gave Loritova that 'What did I do this time?' expression.

Their brief stare down ended with Loritova turning his attention to the entrance of Chayton and Mordecai. Sotofu eyed the men, he didn't particularly like either of the two, they were heavy carnivores... and Sotofu wasn't, in fact, Sotofu's nickname throughout the Guild was 'Tofu' for his odd obsession with tofu. "I sure hope we have more tofu for tonight..." He slumped a little while rubbing his tummy and walked over to sit next to his not-so-good-pal Theo, the epitome of a loner... or at least the spitting image of 'The Silent Guy', and man he hated that. Why couldn't Theo, his teammate, at least get along with Elysia, she was essentially a harmless butterfly... or a giant dragon... but the butterfly made much more sense. While these thoughts plagued his mind he approached the ever-so-quiet Theo. "Hey Theo, how are you today?" Sotofu tried to plaster a welcoming smile to emphasize that he was only here to check up on him.


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(OOC: I'm gonna bring Mordecai and Chayton back to the guild, now :D)

Mordecai Cezaero

He ran. Everything was blurry; everything seemed to simply stand still, especially the trees. Mordecai didn't even consider looking back at Chayton, ensuring that he was keeping up, he simply assumed that he was right behind the bulky man. An odd scent seemed to take the air, but he couldn't afford to waste his time with trivial matters, he had a mission. Mordecai continued his hasty return to Oshibana Town, to Draco Edge. After a few short minutes, the duo reached the end of the forest.

Mordecai stopped for a brief few seconds as to admire the view; the gentle breeze, the rolling hills, and the lush green grass that took span over this region. "Simply lovely." He couldn't refrain from taking in this view every time he left East Forest, it was really humbling, at least to Mordecai. In an instant he lept into the air, landing on both feet and sliding (yes, sliding) down the hill. The wind caught his braids as they fumbled around his breaded face. He was at ease, the vibrantly green rolling hills appeared to him as some of the greatest sights of nature. As Mordecai reach the bottom of the hill he began to sprint up the next hill. This hill lead into a small valley which lead into Oshibana Town. "Almost home, Chayton!" Mordecai knew that Chayton knew their location too, but he just felt like giving him the heads up. They reached the valley, taking a brisk pace as to reach the Guild as soon as possible.

After running through the Valley, Mordecai was a little winded; the rocky terrain wasn't his forte like a forest was. The duo reached Oshibana Town, finishing their short journey by reaching the guild entrance where a few members stood. "Hello fellows!" Mordecai was always a tad bit out of touch with society, many of his conversations included old formalities and occasionally archaic terminology. He expressed his relative happiness with a simple grin and the wave of his right hand, has left hand was occupied with the large burlap sack. He didn't even bother to wait until they all greeted him before walking into Draco Edge.

(OOC: Skylite, do whatever you want with Chayton and his catch. They've stopped being conjoined at the hip. XD lol)

Upon entering the tall building, Mordecai looked up to see Loritova looking directly at him with a look of satisfaction, almost saying thanks on its own. Mordecai nodded and took to the kitchen, where he'd drop off the fresh catch and head over to his room to wash up. He didn't pay much mind to anyone or anything and found himself bumping into two tables as he stumbled into the kitchen. Once there, he couldn't help but crash into a counter-top where many pans lay, awaiting to be stashed away in their proper shelves. Without realizing it, Mordecai had knocked over roughly twenty pots and pans without so much as stopping his senselessness. He simply placed the sack on the counter, near the sink and stumbled out of the kitchen to his room.


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Anachayla Kaylorn (Ana)

As the sun bore down on her back uncomfortably Ana smiled at the people that came to pass, Shae and Akio always seemed to get along well, someone had to put up with him she supposed. As they headed forward towards the guild Ana returned her attention to her marvellous team mate, Seibi, their last mission had been a great success in her opinion, however she knew that there had been a few problems, they hadn't expected the numbers for instance.
Some wood-make mage who kept announcing his name as 'The great Sebastian' had been creating annoying creatures. They had been told the mages aim was to steal a prized jewel which was scheduled for transport on a non-magic fuelled carriage, so they were hired to guard it at all costs from the dark mage, the whole idea of using magic for something so preposterous digged at Ana unbelievably. Using magic to steal is something she can’t tolerate, a reason why she took the job, not to mention it was the most interesting job going at the time and the cash reward of 10,000 was pretty good in her eyes, and gods forbid did she need rent for the guild dorms!
She thought it would be easy but she had been wrong, the mage proved tricky, he was an A-rank barely, mainly because he kept creating huge wood monsters that were coming in hoards taking a lot out of Ana and Seibi, Ana personally nearly got struck with a wood spear once or twice, if Seibi hadn't intervened and warned her a few. He was right though, they needed another team mate, a two man team at their level just wasn't enough.

"Your right" she sighed, she hated accepting such truths "Who'd would join us though? Most of the guild already have teams of their own, it’s going to be difficult to find someone willing to come along with us, unless we get someone to be a part of two teams?" she pondered for a moment before making a scrunched face. "There is no way in hell Charlotte is joining" she shivered a little at the thought, that girl really did irritate her, especially since she could use her doll magic on her Ice! Of all the magic out there, Ana was sure she hated Doll magic the most.

As they got too the guild Ana noticed a sort of celebration then overheard something about an anniversary, she paid it no mind however, for you see Ana had completely forgotten about the event. Raising a huge smile Ana pushed open the guilds mighty doors "speaking of Charlotte..." she said to Seibi her eyes darting around the bar before spotting who she wanted. "Let’s go show her who’s the better team!" she grabbed Seibi's arm before he could protest practically skipping or running, a mix of the both, towards the table Charlotte sat upon with Chowa and Cassadin, her 'bittersweet' team. What a ridiculous name, Ana scorned it in her head.

"Aha!" she announced her presence as such releasing Seibi’s arm to pull out the advertisement for the job they had just been on with a highly smug grin. "Went smoother than butter, 10,000 jewel was easy to get! But then again" she sighed taking out a few of the coins she had dropping them from hand to hand satisfied; she had earned 5,000 with her share. "That was probably only because it was Seibi and I" if she had moustache she would have probably been caressing it right now happily. "we arethe superior team after all" she grinned then showing her teeth feeling like she had won something.



Kacie was humming a song to herself when she saw Sandra sit nearby at the bar, with a friendly smile Kacie wondered over to the girl.
“Can I get you anything Sandra?” she paused getting out a glass from under the bar just in case “You seem rather cheerful today dear” Kacie giggled slightly looking out to the patrons again. “They’re a strange bunch aren’t they, but I guess they’re ours now” she made a playful expression, “I do wonder how they will take tomorrows task, ‘mission impossible’ is never an easy task as far as I know, the little ones should be careful not to stay up to late in today’s celebrations. Though, I guess that’s part of the learning” she winked at Sandra knowing that Loritova could makes tricks every now and then, all in good terms of course.
As she waited a response Chowa’s voice somehow managed to get over the noise as he sat at his table perking Kacie up into action. “If you excuse me for a second dear, orders await!” she was joyful as usual, as she always was when talking to the young ones, someone had to keep on a pleasant face.

Within a few short moments Kacie had made Chowa his coffee, fetching some milk and sugar she laid them next to the coffee on a plate before wondering over. As she made it over she heard them mention something about the new boy making her smile, she hoped Kuroi would fit in well with the guild. Ana beat her to the table however as she beamed at Chowa kindly placing his coffee and assortments on the table.

“Here you are, I wasn’t sure if you would want to add some milk or sugar so I brought some out for you” she informed politely “I also thought, since it’s the guilds anniversary I would treat you” she gave off a hint of fulfilment not saying what she had given him as she enjoyed seeing how people react to presents. Beside the milk she had placed a bar of dark chocolate as she knew it was his favourite, she loved lightening peoples day, he had seem a bit sullen at the noise earlier.

Arranging a curl of her un-natural pink hair she began to leave them too it before stopping “Oh, and the new boy’s name is Kuroi Lightblade, treat him nicely would you” she said before continuing to hum as she made her way back to the bar. However before she got there she saw Mordecai stumble in with a brown sack of meat for the feast, she was going to pay him no mind until she heard a tremendous crash from the kitchen where he had just entered, and now scuttled away from. She had flinched at the sound and wondered if anyone else had noticed, with a sigh she went to investigate.

To her horror she found half of the kitchen’s pots and pans scattered on the floor and was quickly so very thankful they weren’t any dishes, buying new plates was not something the guild could afford at the moment. Shaking her head rather annoyed she began to clean up the mess, hoping Mordecai hadn’t spilt anyone’s drinks when he knocked their tables. She would have words with him later about such clumsiness.


Anachayla Kaylorn

Just as she was enjoying her contentment to having had a successful mission having boasted it to Charlotte, Kacie made her way over and gave Chowa some coffee. Ana didn’t think much of it until Kacie mentioned something about a new member; a new member wouldn’t have a team yet would they? Her mind immediately switched from gloating to wondering, she was a one track woman, who was the new kid? Joining on the three month anniversary was a strange streak of luck if she did think so, what kind of magic did they use?

Maybe they were Ice too! If that was the case she would have to assure who was better of course, it was the natural action. But who were they anyway, she turned in a circle not hiding the fact she was looking for someone, there were just so many people in the guild, it was impossible and she lacked the patience to search for long.

“New kid huh?” she stated still looking, “what’s he like? Is he any good! Or is he just as boring as you Charlotte” she grinned devilishly at that as she got excited thinking of plans for Kuroi Lightblade already. A new member would need a team .... and she just so happened to be looking for a new member...

Crap! She can’t be the only person thinking that, where was that sneaky guy, wait. She stopped looking and pouted with a heavy annoyance, she didn’t even know what he looked like, how could she find somebody without a description! She wasn’t psychic! As fun as that would be.

There was only one clear solution in her mind. Taking a deep breath with a hefty shout she opened her mouth “KUROI LIGHTBLADE! WHERE ARE YOU!” She really didn’t have the patience to look...


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#, as written by xKyrie
Elysia Avari Skylar

Elysia looked at the kitchen and stared at the mess on the floor. She looked at Kacie and Sandra who was currently cleaning the mess. Judging from the noise and Mordecai's entrance moments prior, she can easily deduce that the large man was the one responsible for this mess. Shaking her head from the usual display of strength from the guild's Ace, Elysia approached Sandra and let out a disarming smile. She knelt down next to the brown-haired older and yet not so much taller woman and started helping her.

"Is there something I can do to help, Sandra?" She smiled charmingly again and tucked some of the stray white-hairs in her ears. *Shine* *Shine*

She waited for her reply and aimed to get the pots and pans from her hands. "Here let me help you with that, you know full well I don't want you seeing hurt, Sandra." Her voice was reproaching and soft, a fond and admiring tone evident in it. She peeked shyly from under her lashes, beaming expectantly at the Wandering Rose.

"Ouch!" Sandra suddenly retracted her hand away from the pile of pots and pans that she had picked up. A small bead of blood appeared from the cut on her finger. With the misting of tears at the corner of her amazingly unique eyes, she turned to Elysia with a pout. "I got a cut, Ely."

*Cute!* Elysia's eyes shined and a shower of roses and daises suddenly appeared behind her. She gently grasped Sandra's hand and inspected it lovingly. "You should be careful, Sandra." Suddenly, she put the injured finger in her lips and licked the blood off. "Is it still hurting?"

~Kyun!~ Sandra felt herself blush and with an adoring shade of red in her cheeks, she gazed at Ely's amber-colored eyes. *Sparkle sparkle*

...if only Elysia can actually do all of this.

Sighing, the white-haired thirteen year old sneaked a look from behind the door of the kitchen. Currently, she is hiding and gazing dreamily at her very idol in Draco Edge Guild. Unbeknownst to others, Ely admires Sandra R. Lecarde. There is something with the mage that makes Elysia idolize her greatly. From the very first time that she saw her- when Elysia Avari have arrived here at the guild, one of the most interesting individual that she had found aside from, Loritova, was the S-Rank Mage. Her maturity and cheerful demeanor struck the teenager rather hard.

The Sky Dragon Slayer truly wanted to be able to approach the older girl, but her inherent shyness always get ahead of her. Whenever she would try to talk to Sandra and start a conversation, she can't help but freeze up and spend the next few minutes mutely gaping at the brown-haired woman. She had tried to make a lot of attempts to befriend her, but she always failed the during the last minutes. Because of this, she usually creates scenarios in her head to plan for the big approach, or so as she calls it that. She thought that it will be the best way to finally be able to talk to her idol.

Smiling obviously besotted, Elysia decided to let them be for awhile. She can have other chances later on. Since Mordecai and Chayton had already came back, the master may start the celebrations in just few moments. She turned around and searched the bar for the direction of her team mates.

Before she had left to follow Sandra into the kitchen, she had seen Cassadin grinning and waving at her. It seemed like they had noticed her staring at them, like what often happens when she daydream. Having no small regard about her surroundings, it was bound that she stare far longer than what is appropriate to the one she's currently imagining of. She hoped that nobody was freaked out with her daydreaming out of the blue once again.

She wandered around the guild, stopping in a corner to see everyone more clearly in her small height and unintentionally saw Sotofu, her team leader approaching the other member of their three man cell, Theo Castille. She gasped, abruptly stopping and hiding in a corner where she can observe them. She realized that she was about to witness a blooming scene she never would have expected.

Theo really hated anything rowdy and the current noise had almost been overwhelming for him. Fighting the urge to silence each and every person seated at the bar, Theo steeled his will and controlled his temper. "Idiots, everyone of them", he muttered under his breath. If only he can ask the old man to retire to his room, he would never be found alive sitting quite obediently in this crowded bar.

"Hey Theo, how are you today?" Opening his eyes that he didn't even noticed closing moments prior, he found a pair of blue and gold colored eyes staring directly back at him.

"Sotofu?" He asked after a few moments of silence. Of all the people in Draco Edge, it was his leader that he can't form a solid opinion about. He was an enigma, the shorter and younger guy who was a C-rank and termed the Rising Sun. His blond hair which turns gold under the shining ray of sun and peculiar eyes as part of that mysterious package. There is a mix of innocence and maturity in his character that attracts even the attention of someone asocial like him.

“Is there anything that I can do to you, Sotofu?” There was a sudden onslaught of noise from the others and because of that Sotofu failed to detect the irritation induced in his voice.

Sotofu Katsu was momentarily stunned at the hundred implications of Theo's words. Since he saw him sitting alone amidst the throng of people in the guild- which is an unexpected thing for the black-haired man, he decided to do something. Sotofu knew how communicative the other man is, so he had been quite surprised to see him lacking the company of others in such a celebration like this. Convincing himself that it was time for him to become a leader and a friend combined in one, he had approached him without second thoughts and with every intention of keeping him company.

The blond-haired prodigy stared at the handsome face of his black-haired team mate. He was oldest in their small newly formed team. Aside from his usual silence and charming attitude, Theo Castille is someone you can call, a very unique individual. His dark inky black hair which falls adorably just under his ears. His pale skin and average height was also a sight to see. Feeling himself flush, Sotofu let out a sweet smile. "I just wanted to keep you company, Theo."

Theo flinched when Sotofu sat down next to him and their arms brushing afterwards from the close distance between them. "Oh, sorry", Sotofu said in a not-so-apologetic tone. Theo had felt his annoyance rise, and reasoned to himself that the blush in his cheeks had been formed only out of irritation from his leader's unnecessary friendliness.

"Can you please move away, I have a reputation to uphold." He muttered looking away. "And with you sitting beside me like a leech, the other idiots might think that we're together or something."

Sotofu chuckled under his breath, he said "The others won't notice us here, Theo. Everyone else is busy celebrating. And besides I just came here because I thought you were getting lonely sitting by yourself here."

"I-I wasn't lonely!" Theo hotly denied. "You should just have joined them. I don't need yours or anyone else's company."

"B-but, I came here because I want to be with you." He turned his body to face his seatmate and with a soft voice almost nearing a whisper, Tofu added, "I want to be your friend." A gust of wind blew unexpectedly in their position, shifting his hair to reveal golden-blue irises staring directly at the stunned Wordsmith. He shyly gestured to the direction of others and said, "I'm sure everyone else also wanted to talk to you."

"I don't want to talk to anyone or be friends with anyone for that matter," the dark-haired man grumbled darkly.

Sotofu gaped at him alarmed, "But why? You shouldn't think like that, as they had always said, no one can live alone. Guilds like this, like Draco Edge are not only created to provide a home for mages like us. Guilds, teams, and all other types of friendship is there to give us joy. Being with someone else should make you happy and feel warm, being alone can never make you experience that. I want to be your friend, not only because we are team mates but also because I think that you are a wonderful person. I can be you're friend, only if you'd let me. I can be more, only if you allow me to be." Sotofu shyly smiled, and bowed his head.


He wasn't able to stop himself. Hearing those statement from him made the blond-haired man think of someone looking at the world pitifully. Theo should never look something like that. He's not fit for it, and if Sotofu had his way, he'll surely make it certain that the black-haired man would never think like that again, ever.

Theo was silenced when he heard that empowering speech from the shorter guy. He had always wondered on how a lowly C-rank newbie like him was assigned to lead their small team. Tofu wasn't social by the society's standards and even Elysia herself looked aloof than what is usual for the girls. Still, staring at him wordlessly, he decided that it wasn't the leader in him that made Theo agree.

Sotofu's shining eyes, full of life and passion as he spoke out to his defense and his lips quirked in a smile as he encourage him further, made Theo realize that forming tentative friendships might not be that bad. Never in his life did Theo Castille experience this sudden drumming of his heart, beating so loudly as he gazed deeply into his leader's eyes.

*Sparkle* *Sparkle* It was said that the eyes are the windows of one's soul. And right now, looking at him, he can see the honesty and proof of the brevity of his statement. Theo looked to the other direction and said, "I'm not into mushy stuff like this, friendship? Love? Those are meaningless things to me...

but with you... I think I can try it." He finally mustered, his voice full of emotion.

"You should be responsible for this, do something about this," he said with a smirk. He watched and waited for the other mage's reply.

"I will..", was the blond-haired man's answer within a heartbeat.

Staring at Sotofu's face, he found an in-explainable burst of feeling flowing through him. Suddenly wanting to shout out loud and declare to the world how he felt but not knowing how to state it, he decided to whisper, "Tofu..."

"Theo..." The other replied back, opening his arms wide. The backdrop of the setting sun was promptly pasted behind the two of them once again. With the glittering sparkles and the brightly shining sun behind, both boy moved closer than what their distance would allow them to. Their arms locked in a hug, they continued passionately sharing their feelings all throughout.

"Tofu!" *Shine* *Shine*



Not able to fight the fluff and overwhelming emotions flooding through her, the white-haired girl can't help it.

"..-eo, Tofu!" Elysia blurted out. Her voice was so loud that it broke through the noise that had surrounded the bar since early this morning. Her eyes opening in shock, she stared at her teammates' face with her own face heating up. Feeling somewhat afraid for her safety and the humiliation that was sure to follow; she bowed her head in silent apology, and walked as fast as she could towards the two boys.


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Roady Domene

Roady continued his voyage through the front yard of the guild, until suddenly, a woman, who seemed fairly older than him walked up to him.
"Hi! My name is Shae, and I am a member here at Draco Edge, may I assist you with something? Sorry if it's a little loud in there, just a little bit of...festivities I suppose." She said to him. Roady gave her a blank look, completely drained of expression, and merely blinked in responce to her. He then noticed the woman, as it appeared that she began taking a closer analysis of him. He felt a tinge of irritation as she looked upon his hair with a strange look in her eyes. He felt like yelling at her. He didn't have to pay attention to notice her reaction to his chains. Especially since she mentioned them aloud.
"If you don't mind my asking, what kind of magic is requiring you to use those?" The woman asked him with a hint of inerest in her voice.

Roady opened his mouth to respond, but suddenly a man came out through the already opened guild doors. Roady didn't notice how much the noise intensified when they were open until now. The man appeared to be just slightly younger than Roady, probably around the same age, and clad in armor. He had a slightly darker skin-tone than Roady was used to seeing. 'He's been out in the sun too long.' Was his internal thought.
"Hey you, you with all the stupid chains and zippers. You think your hot stuff because you're the new guy and you're receiving attention from S-ranked mages like Shae who I've never seen with a man but that's besides the point, but guess what? No one cares, What matters is your ability to produce results for the guild. I hope you don't end up on my team. I have enough weight I'm carrying." The man all of a sudden started ranting at him. Roady maintained his deadpan expression, as not to give away any signs of weakness. He began walking up to the man, almost threateningly, but decided he didn't want to cause any trouble before joining the guild. He left the woman to deal with her own issues, taking the man's appearence as an excuse to evade her question about his chains. He took some interest in her. As for the man, he would have to deal with him first.
He walked into the guild, intentionally bumping Morien as he went. "As if I could care in the least if a high ranking member acknowledged me. I was actually going to ask if she was the guildmaster, seeing her power." He then took Morien's arm in a swift motion, staring intensly at the outline of it. "You're not nearly as strong as she is. I could see her magical power outlining her body without even looking closeup. Your's is pretty thin compared to her's. You're nothing but a waste of my time. And join your team? You don't have to worry about that. I work on my own, anyway. I couldn't care the least for the guild's funds. All I'm here for is making my own living off of solving other people's magical problems. If I get some useless item as a reward, I could definately donate(sell) it to the guild. See you around, "bastard." Roady gave him a michevious grin, as he finished walking into the guild.

(OOC Note: As I was describing in my 1st post, Roady's master Raith uses the word "donate" actually meaning sell. This is another habbit of his, that Roady has picked up in his lifestyle. Good influences, right? I will also edit Roady's profile to make it to where Raith taught him how to see other mage's magical power. Oh. And Roady called Morien a bastard, because as you should be able to tell by now, he tends to curse at the end of alot of his sentences. Not because of Morien's past. But it'll be fun to see how Morien reacts to being called that. Oh! And his reaction to Shae looking at his hair, is because she stated that it looked cute in her post, and Roady could sense it somehow. xD)

He looked around, noticing many strange, and weird residents occupying it. He saw the woman from earlier who now seemed to be tending to her own business in the guild. He decided to look for the strongest magic outline, and ask if they were the guild leader. He saw a variety of different outlines. Some were on pair with his, and even slightly more powerful. Others he had to get a closer look to make out. He even took notice of a small brunette girl, who seemed to be acting fairly mature for her appearence. Her magic power was very close to Shae's, as Roady remembered. He then looked through a window that must have led to the kitchen, notcining a well-built man. He was particularly impressive. As soon as he was about to enter the kitchen, something almost horrifyingly amazing caught his perithrial vision. He quickly turned his head to a large man, who seemed to be about as muscular as the one in the kitchen. But there was a kind of finesse that practically just screamed, "I'm the boss!!!!!!!" about him. Roady almost began shaking at the intense magical flow immeating from the man. Not only was it huge, but it actually seemed to continue spreading throughout the guild. It gave off a pressure, that was almost suffocating. 'How can these people stand this?! Are they somehow immune to his magic?! Just how powerful is this man?!' Roady thought, his eyes wide with surprise, and a small bit of fear. He quickly came to his senses, and shook his head. He took a deep breath and began walking towards the man, strolling cautiously. Once he finally made it to him, he spoke up.
"My name is Roady Domene. I am a former apprentice of the Caliber Mage and fugitive, Raith Kaleheister. I wish to join your guild and make a living for myself!" Roady yelled the last part out. He had been gradually getting louder as he spoke to the man. He was trully afraid of him. Roady had only witnessed power such as his from the dragon 2 years earlier. He had never thought to find it in a human.

(OOC Note#2!: I'm just making it to where Raith is somewhat wellknown, being a rogue mage and all that.)


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Loritova stood as a monument of the Draco Edge. He didn't even bother with participating in the pre-feast banter, it was all in good fun, or so he thought. He was honestly just waiting for Mordecai and Chayton to return, along with the numerous others who had still be out and about. He heard some commotion at the entrance and noticed that Mordecai and Chayton had entered the Guild with what appeared to be their spoils. He simply gave the duo a look of satisfaction that would say 'Good Job' all by itself. They both responded with a simply nod and continued. He also noticed that Ana and Seibi had returned from their recent mission. "Ah, everyone is slowly reuniting." The giant man smiled a hearty grin. Next thing he noticed was the large ruckus that Mordecai was causing in the kitchen, "Oye, that ape..." Loritova was joking as always, but still, he found that man to be something else. He continued to eye the room as he could noticed Sotofu walking over to Theo and the rivals, Charlotte and Ana bickering again. He even noticed the quiet day-dreamer, Elysia, creating her little fantasies in her head. 'So innocent...' He again grinned.

He again noticed how, quite literally, all the little chimps were gathering in the hall. He, as always, loved to watch the rivalries burn, it just lit his own fire. He chuckled quietly as Sotofu and Theo seemed to argue in their corner, and how Ana approached their new Dragon Slayer, only to be intervened by Charlotte. He laughed quite loudly as the duo began fighting. "It's good to have rivals such as that..." He faintly had a recollection to his own past; where he had his own rival on the battlefield. He noticed that Cassadin and Chowa seemed to join in on the fun of the girls' rivalry. "Oh fools." Loritova knew it was better to stay out of these little arguments those two girls started, after all, it was their way of training.

Alas, Loritova noticed that the vigilant Sandra stepped into the growing bout between Bittersweet and Ice Breaker. "Was that such a good idea, Sandra...?" He knew at this distance she couldn't even remotely hear his words, but still, the thought lingered. 'These little skirmishes that these little chimps make are part of their training... Without constant rivalry they'll never improve... Why not let them fight their issues out?' He began bellowing a stout chuckle as a new figure had seemingly entered the guild and presented himself to Loritova. "My name is Roady Domene. I am a former apprentice of the Caliber Mage and fugitive, Raith Kaleheister. I wish to join your guild and make a living for myself!" Loritova looked rather inquisitively at the small boy. "Raith Kelheister, as in the THE Raith Kaleheister, the Head of the 2nd Infiltration Sabotage Unit? That baffling ape is still alive?" Loritova was rather surprised at the news and laughed rather loudly as he stepped away from the balcony as to sneak out of the sight of the guild. "So you, Roady, are the apprentice of the Caliber Mage? I'd doubt that old fool would take in an apprentice, especially a young monkey as yourself! Anyways, pardon me, I just haven't heard from the old man in ages." He shrugged and recomposed himself. He hunched down, bending his legs so he could check out the boy rather effectively. He got face to face with the kid, eyeing him down. "You're welcome to join Roady, apprentice of Raith!" He released a hardy laugh as he gave the boy a firm pat on the back. "Welcome to Draco Edge, now go talk to Kacie to get introduced."

Loritova was always glad to check out new monkeys to add to his Guild. He just couldn't ever turn anyone down, it was virtually impossible, but he would always keep his eyes and ears peeled, just in case. He took his place, again leaning on the balcony rail. "I do believe it's almost time to start the feast, Kacie." He looked down at the bartender, grinning as he could easily see down her shirt, hopefully she wouldn't realize his precarious view.

Mordecai Cezaero

Mordecai knew he hadn't much time to cleanse himself of the blood of his spoils. He entered his room without causing too much ruckus. He grunted, looking around to a rather clean room. He took cautious steps towards the sink, hoping to avoid getting blood on anything. He rinsed his hands a grabbed new garb to cover his bare chest, knowing the everyone would appreciate his fresh change of clothing. He only had the one wardrobe for all occasions... his semi-transparent brown shirt that was already too small for him, it didn't do much except keep him a little cleaner than not wearing it. After replacing his bloody shirt with a new one, he decided to polish his lovely polearm. He immediately grabbed a rag and soaked it for a few seconds. Once it appeared sopping wet, he began cleaning off the thick red liquid from his spear, some of it having dried already. "Hmmm" Mordecai let out one simple grunt, not needing many words at this time. He finished removing the traces of blood from his spear and threw it onto his bed. Having completed everything he found necessary, he found himself presentable, as always, and walked out of his room towards the hall. He entered that bar only to find the end of some rather large... fight? He couldn't quite figure out what exactly happened, and to be frankly honest, it didn't mean much to him.


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#, as written by Byte
Draco Edge: Bar

Today was the day. The day he had been preparing for all month, which was short considering it was only the 9th of October. But yes, today would be a rather special event. The old man was fond of such things, especially the ones that involved every member to run around like a dull sheep such as this one. “Mission Impossible.” The thrill of excitement crawled through his whole being as he muttered them.

It was an event that would test the skills of the little monkeys that were gathering underneath the balcony. Well, sort of. It was mostly an event for the guild master's own amusement. Watching his followers squirm as they tried to complete an almost impossible task. He scratched the red hairs that held onto his chin while anxiously waiting for every member to gather in the bar.

When the last monkey had gathered with the rest of the guild members, Loritova rose his muscular arms above him announcing with a deep and loud voice: “Welcome everyone!” He paused, walking closer to the steel railing that was part of the balcony. “Today, is the day. No doubt you have all heard of 'Mission Impossible', and are most likely eager to hear what I have planned for it.”

Loritova rested both his arms on the railing, eyeing each member with a content expression. “First, let me explain the basic rules. Each of you is split in teams of two, whatever team completes the task first is the winner, and will receive a special reward that I will announce after the contest.” Another pause followed, the old man was now slowly walking along the steel railing, eventually meeting with his followers downstairs, at the bar.

“Anything goes in this event. Should a teams cross paths, they are allowed to disable one another in combat. Whoever loses the battle will forfeit the contest, and is to return to the guild-house and wait for the others to finish.” The red-haired man paused again, slowly walking towards a basket made out of straw that contained the names of Draco Edge's members. “You will each pick a piece of paper. One this paper you'll find two names. One is your own, the other will be your partner's name.” Magical appearing words, yay!

As he continued speaking, Loritova approached each member to let them grab a piece of paper. “Do not, under any circumstance, reveal your paper while still in this house. Failure to do so, will automatically mean you forfeit the contest.” He paused, tossing the straw basket onto the counter. “At precisely 12 O'clock, you will all be transported to a path assigned to your team. There, your task will be revealed.”

“That will be all. Good luck, and I will see you all when you return here.” The guild master went back to his usual place, and patiently waited for every member to be transported to their assigned path.

It was time, one by one, every Draco Edge member was transported to their starting position. It had begun, Mission Impossible...


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Akio would drop down to one knee breathing heavily as he says to himself " After all these years i still remember dad's regimen by heart." He makes it to his feet he looks up as the sun breaking through the tree branch's. He stands in the middle of the forest just out side of Eisenwald where Mordecai and Chayton when hunting the day before. As he wipes sweat from his forehead he mumbles to him self "i will show ann who is out of shape". As he begins to walk back to town " i will win the Mission Impossible". As he makes his way into town he would reach inside of his shirt and pull out the locket and uses his thumb to open it reveal a picture of his mother and father on there wedding day. He would look at the picture a bit before closing the locket back up as he makes his way into the guilds main hall. he made it just in time to catch the rules of the Mission Impossible. As the basket of paper made it to him he would pick one and immediately press it against both of his hands (in a praying way) and mumbles. "Please be a pretty girl , please be a pretty girl , please be a pretty girl , please be a pretty girl" until he was teleported to his starting arena.