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The New Mage Guild: The Onyx Nightstones

The New Mage Guild: The Onyx Nightstones


If you have ever had the dream of living your life free in a world of magic, to dream of opining your wings and taking flight then come! Welcome to The Guild of The Onyx Nightstones!

832 readers have visited The New Mage Guild: The Onyx Nightstones since dimon lord created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:



In a land far from our world there is the land of Layrune, A world that is much different from our own. This world is a grand place filled with magic, lands of legends, people whom you would not believe could have ever lived. The people of this world have made there kingdoms and there city's diverse and odd and can be completely different from each other in almost every way. But there is one thing That is True for every Kingdom. That is The Guilds. Guilds are organizations made to gather people of a verity of skills who work together in squads to complete jobs. There Jobs can rang from Killing a mighty beast that can destroy a continent to making a cake. In this world on The far Lands of the Kingdom of snow A new guild has been born, The Onyx Nightstones. What will become of this guild? That is for you and your new ally's to determine.

The Guild Base
The Plot
This is a world based off of Fairy Tail, a vary well made manga and will be working with its base rules of how the world works. The Guild Onyx Nightstones is a mage guild has just started up and has only been around for half a year and you are to be its members. The Guild is based in the snowy land of Tharidil and is based in the town of Mizore. You can ether be a new member or a more experienced one to the guild. You will go on missions That fit your rank and that will end up leading to the main plot with I have planned out for you my sweet little Rp'rs. You can go on missions alone or with some other members. You can also do your own thing like go on personal quest, train and whatever you feel like
The town of Mizore
Powers, classes and rank's

Yes, Yes I know all of you who have read the manga want to be dragon slayers and magic swordsman and so forth but that is just unrealistic for this world So If you Want to be a one of the main classes from Fairy Tail, there will be a number cap on the Classes. post in occ if you want the role or rank.

Dragon Slayers:2
both taken
Magic Swordsman:2
1 taken
Ice Mage: 4 (we are in a snow country what else do you Expect?)
All open
Celestial Summoner: 1
Fire mage:1
Any of the unlisted forgotten Magic's:1
Ok for your powers there can be no limit on what you can do is terms off oldness or whatever if you are not one of the classes listed above but you must follow a theme and can not be too over powered, I will STOP THE OP-NESS. But have fun and think of some crazy stuff

The Rank will go as such, The more powerful you are does not necessarily mean you are a higher rank. If you just became part of the guild you are going to be at the lowest rank. but there is a certain power needed to obtain a rank.

Ranks proceed as such
S ranked:1
A ranked:3
B ranked:4
C ranked:8
D ranked: 999

Character construction
Code: Select all

[center][b][size=200] Full Name: Nickname, Age then Gender
    Alias  (A fancy name your character might be known by, usually gained with great renown. This ain't a nickname, but a name that has a meaning. Something that resembles your character in some way.), _ (D, C, B, A, or S. Note: Newbies to Guild are D) Rank Onyx Nightstone Member[/size][/b][/center]

    [center][size=150][b]~ Physical Info ~[/b ][/size ][/center ]


    (Where is your Onyx Nightstone Tattoo Located)

    [size=150][b]~ Mentality ~[/b][/size]


    [left][b]{Likes}[/b][/left] [right][b]{Dislikes}[/b][/right]
    [left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like1[/left] [right]Dislike1 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
    [left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like2[/left] [right]Dislike2 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
    [left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like3[/left] [right]Dislike3 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
    [left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like4 (Opt.)[/left] [right](Opt.) Dislike4 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
    [left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like5 (Opt.)[/left] [right](Opt.) Dislike5 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
    [left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like6 (Opt.)[/left] [right](Opt.) Dislike6 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]

    [left][b]{Quirks}[/b][/left] [right][b]{Phobias}[/b][/right]
    [left][color=#0E90AA][b]%[/b][/color] Quirk1[/left] [right]Fear1 [color=#6612B4][b]@[/b][/color][/right]
    [left][color=#0E90AA][b]%[/b][/color] Quirk2[/left] [right](Opt.) Fear2 [color=#6612B4][b]@[/b][/color][/right]
    [left][color=#0E90AA][b]%[/b][/color] Quirk3 (Opt.)[/left]

    [center][size=150][b]~ Ability Statistics ~[/b][/size]

    Magic Type 1 ~ Magic Type 2 (Opt.) ~ Magic Type 3 (Opt.) ~ Magic Type 4 (Opt.)
    [b]{Signature Spell}[/b]
    [u]Spell Name[/u] - (Description)

    [b]{Spell List}[/b]
    ~Spell-Type 1
    ~Spell-Type 2
    ~Spell-Type 3
    ~Spell-Type 4

    [b]{Non-magic Skills}[/b]
    [b]#[/b] Non-magic Skill1
    [b]#[/b] Non-magic Skill2
    [b]#[/b] Non-magic Skill3
    [b]#[/b] Non-magic Skill4 (Opt.)
    [b]#[/b] Non-magic Skill5 (Opt.)

    [size=150][b]~ Personal Background ~[/b][/size]


Side Note
I am new to being a Gm so please be willing to except some noob part's on my behalf.
Ps, looking for some good Co-Gm's

Toggle Rules

I am god in every way what i say's goes, if you disobey then you get a role on my chart of bad things, this is meant to keep order.

No Godmod.

Have Fun.

Keep the fighting in the Pm's.

If you want a sexy time with another one of the roleplayer's just fade out and go to the pm's.

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 4 authors


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Dominus Minther Bellator Character Portrait: Neiva Crystalline Character Portrait: Akio Hammerfist Character Portrait: Elizabeth bell
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As he sat in the darkness of the tent, the only light coming though was a slit in the tent entrance. Dominus Looked though Slit and saw the screaming crowds. The townsfolk seem to have gone wild at the very idea of the tournament. " Small towns are easily exited" He said to himself then took a deep in hail from his cigaret. "Well its best to get this started" As he stood up and began to walk. Over to the slit and threw it open reviling a brilliant light from the sun above. He came out with his head slightly tilted downwards to keep the sun from blinding him. At his appearance the crowds screamed in excitement. There was roughly fifteen hundred people in the arena which had been hastily constructed for the event.

The arena was surrounding a patch of forest which was to serve as the battle field for today event. Dominus raised his head and looked at the lamka that was before him. Dominus threw out his arm to the side and yelled as loud as he could "Welcome you pieces of shit!" The crowed yelled out in response "Today will be the battle of the rookie's, that's right, we will be sending our new blood, witch might I add will be soon all over the place, to test there metal on each other, for the right to take on a high ranked mission witch will send them foreword and make themselves names in the world of magic, And you pieces of shit will be the one to see them off!

Akio awoke suddenly. He turned his head and looked out the widow from his room. He was groggy and half asleep. Suddenly he realized what day and what time it was. "Crap im late!" Almost flying from the bed Akio got dressed. He garbed his gun holster and ran from the out of the guys logging house which was almost empty. He began to run across the town in full sprint while putting on his gun holster. "Why did it haft to be today that I sleep in" He said and silently cured himself. He would hear no end of taunting from Neiva if he was late. He turned a sudden corner and ran into someone. Akio found himself on his ass as he looked to see someone whom he did not recognize which was odd considering how odd he looked.

The man had A costume like a clown. His skin was pure white, though Akio could not tell whether or not it was from makeup or was just his natural skin color. he had blazing red hair that stuck out backwards and had a yellow drop below his right eye, both of which where squinted. "Sorry" Akio said quickly and offered him a hand up.

"It is no problem " The man said and he took Akios hand. "Don't you have somewhere to be?" The man asked.

"Crap" Akio yelped as he started to run once more "sorry one again" he yelled out as he turned a corner.

The red haired man waved his hand back and forth as one of his squinted eyes opened."Good luck Akio-kun"

Akio finally made to the arena and ran to the team rooms. His team was in room One.He threw open the door. Though trying to catch his breath he managed to Say "Im here" And looked to see Neiva and Elizabeth.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Neiva Crystalline Character Portrait: Akio Hammerfist Character Portrait: Elizabeth bell
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#, as written by Byte
The cheers coming from the thousand of people having come to watch the tournament echoed through Neiva's ears. A wide smile forming from the corners of her mouth. With the promise of a series of fights, who wouldn't be excited? The young girl probably most of all. A real chance to show the town, the guild, and everyone in it what she's made of. How –

“ – Exciting! Don't you think so, too, Skitt?”

A cat, a teeny-tiny tabby, looked up from his short-lived snooze. “Nyah!” It retorted in a high-pitched, squeaky voice. Paws raising upwards to signal Neiva that he wanted to snuggle for a bit.

“Awww~ Wishing me good luck, are you? Thanks, Skitt!”

Giving her cat companion a quick hug, Neiva turned back to the one mirror hanging in the waiting room. She was still struggling on what to decide for her hair. Yes she never felt the urge to do anything special with it, but today was a feast. Nobody could ever show up at a party -- albeit a violent one – looking like you just rolled out of a crummy bed!

“No, no, no....! Stupid hair, cooperate!” Struggling for long minutes in twirling her pink, puffy hairdo in one thick braid. Neiva reluctantly settled on a smaller one that nicely nestled itself over her right shoulder.


Turning back to her little friend, the young girl did a quick catwalk twirl to show her not-so amazing braid. However, whether she had done it differently, or kept it the way she always did, Skittles always applauded with honest joy.

Time passed, and slowly, each of Neiva's team members showed for the game. Which was the first thing to irk the girl. Teams, okay. And, it wasn't that bad! Elizabeth, although too new to familiarize with, she could cope with. It was the third, and final member that Neiva – Kind of had some problems with.

Akio, the one guy that always managed to be a thorn in Neiva's sight. Granted, they never tried being friendly with each other, but that first meeting literally carved their relationship into stone. The girl was always a bit – Mischievous, most of that has to do with wanting to prove herself so badly.

That one day she wanted to snatch an S rank mission from Dominus' -- how did he call it? Private chambers. Anyway, mister law and order over there had to catch Neiva in the act and tell her that it wasn't right. Which resulted in the two arguing, which resulted in Dominus catching the both of them. And let's just say that the old fart's punishments are quite harsh.

Anyway, Neiva hasn't forgiven Akio to this day, and teaming them up was probably the worst decision their alcoholic Guild Master could make.

“You're totally late, dude!” The girl exclaimed as her eyes darted towards the entrance of their waiting room. Akio, in all his glory, arrived late. Something Neiva immediately had to use against him.

“Not that it matters. Lizz and I can handle things on our own, you're a totally useless addition to the team.” Neiva stated with an obvious smirk, seating herself on the table as Skittles jumped into her arms. The cat briefly glancing at the third member of his companion's team and shooting a rude tongue-sticking greeting, before innocently curling into a ball of fur.


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Character Portrait: Layden Character Portrait: Dominus Minther Bellator Character Portrait: Evan Lance
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What the hell have a gotten myself into?

Layden sat in the corner of his tent on the ground, sitting in a semi-crouched animal like position. He was sifting his hand through the dirt that had been hidden by the snow of this land for near all of it's life. He thought about how he had gotten into the tent with this black haired man who was to be his 'partner'. He had came into town and found the man who called himself Dominus rather easily, due to his strong odor, and declared that he was ready to accept his invitation. After about after near an hour of taking belligerent comments and try stoke the man's memory, the Guildmaster seemed to have remembered him. HE was then immediately swept up by the larger man, who seemed to have a great deal more strength than his body suggested and was brought to a woman with a clipboard where his name was jotted down next to several other. Layden was then near thrown into this tent, though others seemed to enter with their own volition. As if, this man knew he needed that push in order for him to stay. But......why was he here.

He had spent the past few minutes taking in the new sights, sounds and smells of this new place, Mizore. From what he had heard so far, it was too noisy. From what he had seen so far, it was too bustling and active for his tastes. The smell however..........

The scent of a creature or being or place is the truest of all of it's existence. though he had found many try to cover their own up with perfumes or colognes or even herbs from the wood, they cannot rid themselves of their true scent. And this place.....

It smelled of rich oak. It smelled of roaring fires. It smelled of freshly brewed alcohol. Of mashed herbs and succulent meat. Of scrapped knees and wiped tears. Of.....freshly fallen snow. Of Light......of Life. It was not his old home........but it very well could become his knew one.

At that thought, Layden looked over to his darker counterpart that was supposed to engage in some kind of contest together. He had heard speak of some kind of tournament between fledgling members of this Guild that he wasn't sure if he joined yet. He looked to him and looked as if he was about to speak...but then lowered his hooded head.

He was scared. He didn't know what was ging on and he still missed the familiarity of the Garden. But, the scent of Mizore gave him hope, which Anima taught him to treasure and hold dear among all things. Though......there was one scent that both confused him and intrigued him. Something almost......familar yet foreign at the same time. amber ale instead of a stout.

Layden looked to his partner once again and this time decided to speak. "Layden.........I'm Layden." He then looked away tot he tent wall. "Who are you?"


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Evan closed his eyes as he waited patiently. What was he waiting for? The tournament. It decided who got to go on a high-ranking mission and allowed the winner to be known in the guild. Being Evan, he wanted to go. He wanted to do something exciting instead of being bound to an ordinary job. It's partically why he joined the guild called the Onyx Nightstones. That other part consisted of looking for his sister and training his Lunatic Eyes.

"Layden....." A voice interupted his deep thought. "Who are you?" The voice spoke again. Evan turned to the person across the tent. The newcomer's attire consisted of a hooded, short-sleeve black and white cloak, navy-blue pants, black gloves, and a belt. The cloak was open in the middle to reveal the man's bare chest, and the man's face was concealed by the hood.

Despite his appearance, Evan wasn't one to try to be alone too much. No, he liked to have friends, be with someone he liked. Evan smiled slightly. He didn't want to seem crazy because there's a tourament coming up, and there's a guy who's wearing an idiotic smile on his face. "Oh... Hi. My name's Evan. Nice to meet you, Layden."


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Akio Closed his eyes and took in a deep breath to keep himself from going though with the urge to hit the Neiva. it was not good to hit people. It was not good to hit girls, and it sure was not good to hit someone you where about to be fighting with. But the urge was still there. She that smirk on her face, taunting him, there was the insult to his skills but out of all the things she had said it was the word "Dude" that was the most annoying. What was also annoying was that the cat had stuck its tong out at him as if he was some spoiled treat.

"You know that's some big talk coming from someone who cant even get away with stealing a piece of paper" Akio responded as he opened his eye's. "I will prove to you that I will be the golden idol of our team, where as you will be but a shadow in comparison" He stated as to provoke the annoying pink haired girl. "And to prove it lets make a little wager shale we?" he said as he walked closer to her. He put on his evilest face "That is if you are not afraid" he said in a lightly mocking tone.


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Character Portrait: Neiva Crystalline Character Portrait: Akio Hammerfist
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#, as written by Byte
“Hah- I'd totally have stolen it if you weren't there. Jerk.”

For Pete's sake she still had headaches from that knock on the head! Headaches? Migraines more like! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Akio's fault, all his damned fault.


Neiva teased with a grin of obvious mischief. Good thing Akio was easy to annoy. Thank certain words for that, she supposed. Calling him dude always ticked him off, and the girl knew just how to deploy them at the right time. Which was always, apparently.

Unlike Akio, Neiva rarely bragged. She preferred to talk down on others – Only brag in her own mind – without any involvement on how great she was – Which she is! Best damn C rank in the guild! Ask around, and everyone will agree. Yeah, they totally would!

Anyway, bragging was for losers. And the silver-haired boy was no exception. He was an even bigger loser, he was. Ass-hat.

“Can't believe Master was knackered enough to think teaming us up was a brilliant idea.” The girl scoffed, sliding her left hand across her forehead, sweeping fringes of pink hair to the side.


Was that sarcasm? She believed it bloody was! If he'd drink less, and be more of a leader than an observer, Dominus would've gained Neiva's respect. Oh! He got it! Most definitely! But that was just for his abundance of magical ability, not his person.

“That is, if you are not afraid.”

Sorry, what? Akio had gotten uncomfortably close. Very, very close, even.

“Oh, you're still here?”

Neiva retorted, as if she had expected the guy to leave after her seemingly lack of care on the situation. Like, totally! Akio was a zero, with his stupid gun and... Idiotic magic- Actually, what could he do? Probably something dumb, like, gun magic or something. Like, her magic was the most awesome.

What was it he said? A bet? Yeah, a meaningless bet. Oh ho ho ho ho! It was on big boy!

Putting on her widest of grins, Neiva gently head-butted Akio, her eyes glowing ever so anxiously at that favourite word of hers. “Go on, big shot. What do you want this time?” She'd never decline a bet! A bet meant a way to prove yourself, and Neiva was dead set on doing just that. Akio would lose so badly!

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Character Portrait: Evan Lance
Evan Lance

"You tried walking in a straight line, but then you got dizzy and fell." -shrugs innocently-

Character Portrait: Akio Hammerfist
Akio Hammerfist

"You will not stop us for we are THE ONYX NIGHTSONES!!!!"

Character Portrait: Layden

"I hope wherever you are, dad, your proud of me."

Character Portrait: Dominus Minther Bellator
Dominus Minther Bellator

"Welcome You little Pice of Crap"


Character Portrait: Evan Lance
Evan Lance

"You tried walking in a straight line, but then you got dizzy and fell." -shrugs innocently-

Character Portrait: Akio Hammerfist
Akio Hammerfist

"You will not stop us for we are THE ONYX NIGHTSONES!!!!"

Character Portrait: Layden

"I hope wherever you are, dad, your proud of me."

Character Portrait: Dominus Minther Bellator
Dominus Minther Bellator

"Welcome You little Pice of Crap"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Evan Lance
Evan Lance

"You tried walking in a straight line, but then you got dizzy and fell." -shrugs innocently-

Character Portrait: Dominus Minther Bellator
Dominus Minther Bellator

"Welcome You little Pice of Crap"

Character Portrait: Layden

"I hope wherever you are, dad, your proud of me."

Character Portrait: Akio Hammerfist
Akio Hammerfist

"You will not stop us for we are THE ONYX NIGHTSONES!!!!"

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