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Akio Hammerfist

"You will not stop us for we are THE ONYX NIGHTSONES!!!!"

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a character in “The New Mage Guild: The Onyx Nightstones”, as played by dimon lord


Akio Hammerfist: Age Eighteen, male, The Hunter, C Rank.
~ Physical Info ~

Akio has somewhat long sliver hair that drapes over his shoulders. He stands at 5 foot 11 inches. He has multi colored eyes. One of them is a dark rish blue as though it was cut form the deepest of iceberg's. His other eye is one That shines as though it was a golden flame. His Body is somewhat skinny in comparison to the average person but is very toned.

back of left hand

~ Mentality ~

Being a young lad, Akio mood can greatly impact how he act but there are some point's at his core which will never change. He is a Serous attitude about almost everything to begin with but as time goes by he learns to go with the flow though he tries to keep on track. He is very native and as such easily falls tricks, traps, and so forth. He believes in following his own justice and does not truly care for the laws of the land. He Is hot blooded and passionate about what he does and Will not let anyone stand in his way when he makes a choice. He is very smart when it comes to planning though he often will discard his own plain and just go wild whenever he feels the need. He is the type of character who will fall for someone skits. He is the innocent, street justice loving, serous attitude, buffoon!

{Likes} {Dislikes}
o Punching things Jackasses x
o Helping others People who are not themselves x
o Music Dunks x
o sweets (Opt.) Abusing Powerx
o good people Governmentsx
o Strong people The word "Dude" x

{Quirks} {Phobias}
% Walking around in triangles Goverments @
% Takes jokes seriously Flying@

~ Ability Statistics ~

The Eight Kings Fist~
[center] The Fist of The 8 Kings is a forgotten magic. It is legend That two thousand years ago the kings who rule over the eight strongest kings met and made a pledge of peace. From this pledge a new order was formed Call the monks of eight. These monks were is the strongest mages in the land at the time. Together they combined there power to make a new magic. This was to be know is The eight Kings Fist. They gathered there knowledge and make 8 different powers. These powers were incredible and the order help the kingdoms prosper. As years went by the Kingdom's relationships fell apart and when war broke out the monks fought for there own kingdoms tearing each other apart. The art of The Eight Kings Fist was thought to be lost forever.

Magic Gunner
{Signature Spell}
Spell Name - Fist Of the Fist King, Azure blast
The fist of the first king is were Akio Fist is enveloped In A Blue light, And when he punches something it Seemes to be crush my an astounding amount of power. What happens is that Akio Abandons his deference and focuses all of his power into an attack.

{Spell List}
~Fist of the Second King, Hard Love.
The fist of the Second king Is a passive ability that has no hits of whether it is active or not. The fist of The second King Focuses the users magic energy Into his body, Giving Him supernatural Speed, strength, endurance as well a powerful resistance to magical differences. This Major buff in differences makes it so Akio can get hit by a fireball that would kill a man and making little more then a smoking corpse, seem like a minor burring and when hit by a sword that can cleave a man in half would bruise him and maybe crack a bone
~ Magic pistol
unlike Most Magic weapon classes, Akio keeps his weapons on him at all times. They are two black Desert Eagle lined with silver. Instead of firing bullets the gun firers magical blast of energy. Akio uses this only when enemy's are out of melee range
~Make it rain.
Akio Charges up a shot and fires strait up into the air. After a pre set amount of time the shot comes down on the target and shatters into a lot of little shots making it very hard to doge.
{Non-magic Skills}
# Playing the guitar
# Good at chess
# For some reason Akio can do a lot of stuff but only when others around him cant do. As an example, if surrounded by people who cant cook Akio can make a meal fit for a king, but is someone can cook, his food with taste like it was meant to kill someone

~ Personal Background ~

Snow and cold. That is the First memories That Akio has. He could not remember why he was there but he was. He was lost, alone and so very, very cold. Akio sat up. He was filthy and covered in ash. His hair was long and tangled. how long have I been out here? Why am I out there. Akio arched back when he tried to remember this. he could not remember. Akio saw in the distance light. Akio followed the light that lead to the small down Of kukuk. There He was taken in by a plump baker. It was soon found out that Akio had the odd skill of being able to do what others could not and he was hired to do all the odd jobs around town. One day some monsters started to harass the town so the towns folk got together the money and put out a mission for a guild to take care of the monsters. The Guild members showed up quickly and killed the monster as it was attacking the town. They were so heroic that Akio was almost entranced by them, he looked up to them and wanted to be like them. Soon after the guild members left another group of mages showed up. When they heard the job was already completed by another group they demanded that the town pay them the reward anyways. When the town told them hey could not pay them the mages went on a rampage destroying half the town just to entertain themselves. When they set fire Bakery Akio snapped and his magic power's activated where is proceeded to drive the men out of town. Several years latter after the town had been rebuilt Akio left to become part of the new guild Onyx Nightstones.


So begins...

Akio Hammerfist's Story


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As he sat in the darkness of the tent, the only light coming though was a slit in the tent entrance. Dominus Looked though Slit and saw the screaming crowds. The townsfolk seem to have gone wild at the very idea of the tournament. " Small towns are easily exited" He said to himself then took a deep in hail from his cigaret. "Well its best to get this started" As he stood up and began to walk. Over to the slit and threw it open reviling a brilliant light from the sun above. He came out with his head slightly tilted downwards to keep the sun from blinding him. At his appearance the crowds screamed in excitement. There was roughly fifteen hundred people in the arena which had been hastily constructed for the event.

The arena was surrounding a patch of forest which was to serve as the battle field for today event. Dominus raised his head and looked at the lamka that was before him. Dominus threw out his arm to the side and yelled as loud as he could "Welcome you pieces of shit!" The crowed yelled out in response "Today will be the battle of the rookie's, that's right, we will be sending our new blood, witch might I add will be soon all over the place, to test there metal on each other, for the right to take on a high ranked mission witch will send them foreword and make themselves names in the world of magic, And you pieces of shit will be the one to see them off!

Akio awoke suddenly. He turned his head and looked out the widow from his room. He was groggy and half asleep. Suddenly he realized what day and what time it was. "Crap im late!" Almost flying from the bed Akio got dressed. He garbed his gun holster and ran from the out of the guys logging house which was almost empty. He began to run across the town in full sprint while putting on his gun holster. "Why did it haft to be today that I sleep in" He said and silently cured himself. He would hear no end of taunting from Neiva if he was late. He turned a sudden corner and ran into someone. Akio found himself on his ass as he looked to see someone whom he did not recognize which was odd considering how odd he looked.

The man had A costume like a clown. His skin was pure white, though Akio could not tell whether or not it was from makeup or was just his natural skin color. he had blazing red hair that stuck out backwards and had a yellow drop below his right eye, both of which where squinted. "Sorry" Akio said quickly and offered him a hand up.

"It is no problem " The man said and he took Akios hand. "Don't you have somewhere to be?" The man asked.

"Crap" Akio yelped as he started to run once more "sorry one again" he yelled out as he turned a corner.

The red haired man waved his hand back and forth as one of his squinted eyes opened."Good luck Akio-kun"

Akio finally made to the arena and ran to the team rooms. His team was in room One.He threw open the door. Though trying to catch his breath he managed to Say "Im here" And looked to see Neiva and Elizabeth.


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#, as written by Byte
The cheers coming from the thousand of people having come to watch the tournament echoed through Neiva's ears. A wide smile forming from the corners of her mouth. With the promise of a series of fights, who wouldn't be excited? The young girl probably most of all. A real chance to show the town, the guild, and everyone in it what she's made of. How –

“ – Exciting! Don't you think so, too, Skitt?”

A cat, a teeny-tiny tabby, looked up from his short-lived snooze. “Nyah!” It retorted in a high-pitched, squeaky voice. Paws raising upwards to signal Neiva that he wanted to snuggle for a bit.

“Awww~ Wishing me good luck, are you? Thanks, Skitt!”

Giving her cat companion a quick hug, Neiva turned back to the one mirror hanging in the waiting room. She was still struggling on what to decide for her hair. Yes she never felt the urge to do anything special with it, but today was a feast. Nobody could ever show up at a party -- albeit a violent one – looking like you just rolled out of a crummy bed!

“No, no, no....! Stupid hair, cooperate!” Struggling for long minutes in twirling her pink, puffy hairdo in one thick braid. Neiva reluctantly settled on a smaller one that nicely nestled itself over her right shoulder.


Turning back to her little friend, the young girl did a quick catwalk twirl to show her not-so amazing braid. However, whether she had done it differently, or kept it the way she always did, Skittles always applauded with honest joy.

Time passed, and slowly, each of Neiva's team members showed for the game. Which was the first thing to irk the girl. Teams, okay. And, it wasn't that bad! Elizabeth, although too new to familiarize with, she could cope with. It was the third, and final member that Neiva – Kind of had some problems with.

Akio, the one guy that always managed to be a thorn in Neiva's sight. Granted, they never tried being friendly with each other, but that first meeting literally carved their relationship into stone. The girl was always a bit – Mischievous, most of that has to do with wanting to prove herself so badly.

That one day she wanted to snatch an S rank mission from Dominus' -- how did he call it? Private chambers. Anyway, mister law and order over there had to catch Neiva in the act and tell her that it wasn't right. Which resulted in the two arguing, which resulted in Dominus catching the both of them. And let's just say that the old fart's punishments are quite harsh.

Anyway, Neiva hasn't forgiven Akio to this day, and teaming them up was probably the worst decision their alcoholic Guild Master could make.

“You're totally late, dude!” The girl exclaimed as her eyes darted towards the entrance of their waiting room. Akio, in all his glory, arrived late. Something Neiva immediately had to use against him.

“Not that it matters. Lizz and I can handle things on our own, you're a totally useless addition to the team.” Neiva stated with an obvious smirk, seating herself on the table as Skittles jumped into her arms. The cat briefly glancing at the third member of his companion's team and shooting a rude tongue-sticking greeting, before innocently curling into a ball of fur.


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Akio Closed his eyes and took in a deep breath to keep himself from going though with the urge to hit the Neiva. it was not good to hit people. It was not good to hit girls, and it sure was not good to hit someone you where about to be fighting with. But the urge was still there. She that smirk on her face, taunting him, there was the insult to his skills but out of all the things she had said it was the word "Dude" that was the most annoying. What was also annoying was that the cat had stuck its tong out at him as if he was some spoiled treat.

"You know that's some big talk coming from someone who cant even get away with stealing a piece of paper" Akio responded as he opened his eye's. "I will prove to you that I will be the golden idol of our team, where as you will be but a shadow in comparison" He stated as to provoke the annoying pink haired girl. "And to prove it lets make a little wager shale we?" he said as he walked closer to her. He put on his evilest face "That is if you are not afraid" he said in a lightly mocking tone.


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#, as written by Byte
“Hah- I'd totally have stolen it if you weren't there. Jerk.”

For Pete's sake she still had headaches from that knock on the head! Headaches? Migraines more like! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Akio's fault, all his damned fault.


Neiva teased with a grin of obvious mischief. Good thing Akio was easy to annoy. Thank certain words for that, she supposed. Calling him dude always ticked him off, and the girl knew just how to deploy them at the right time. Which was always, apparently.

Unlike Akio, Neiva rarely bragged. She preferred to talk down on others – Only brag in her own mind – without any involvement on how great she was – Which she is! Best damn C rank in the guild! Ask around, and everyone will agree. Yeah, they totally would!

Anyway, bragging was for losers. And the silver-haired boy was no exception. He was an even bigger loser, he was. Ass-hat.

“Can't believe Master was knackered enough to think teaming us up was a brilliant idea.” The girl scoffed, sliding her left hand across her forehead, sweeping fringes of pink hair to the side.


Was that sarcasm? She believed it bloody was! If he'd drink less, and be more of a leader than an observer, Dominus would've gained Neiva's respect. Oh! He got it! Most definitely! But that was just for his abundance of magical ability, not his person.

“That is, if you are not afraid.”

Sorry, what? Akio had gotten uncomfortably close. Very, very close, even.

“Oh, you're still here?”

Neiva retorted, as if she had expected the guy to leave after her seemingly lack of care on the situation. Like, totally! Akio was a zero, with his stupid gun and... Idiotic magic- Actually, what could he do? Probably something dumb, like, gun magic or something. Like, her magic was the most awesome.

What was it he said? A bet? Yeah, a meaningless bet. Oh ho ho ho ho! It was on big boy!

Putting on her widest of grins, Neiva gently head-butted Akio, her eyes glowing ever so anxiously at that favourite word of hers. “Go on, big shot. What do you want this time?” She'd never decline a bet! A bet meant a way to prove yourself, and Neiva was dead set on doing just that. Akio would lose so badly!