Elizabeth Ann Honey

Newest Maid in the Mansion

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a character in “The New Maid in the Mansion.”, as played by ELizabethHoney



Elizabeth Ann Honey
18 years of age
Lives in London, England.

Back Story:
Her story begins when her mother and father pass away while on a business trip over seas. The ship they were traveling on got caught in a nasty storm and ended up sinking. Only two people survived the tragedy; the captain and one of the ships crew men.
A week later Elizabeth(16) was kidnapped and was then sold in the underground black market to a man who ran an illegal fighting ring. She was forced to fight to be fed and to survive. In the begging she was beaten to a pulp almost daily but, she managed to learn how to fight back by watching the others fight. She slowly made her way up to being strongest of them all by the age of 18. She had also been planning her escape for the two years she spent captive and now that she was strong enough she put her plan into action. She was nearly caught when she was just nearly out of that horrid place, and she would have been caught if it wasn't for the man who saved her. That man was Sebastian. He had grabbed her and got her to a safe spot far from the men who were after her. Scotland yard had been working with the queens guard dog to take down the under ground fighting rings and well they tore the ring Elizabeth had been stuck in apart. The men running it were arrested and the poor people forced to fight in the ring were taken to safety and were treated for their injuries. Elizabeth on the other hand, was offered a job in the Phantomhive mansion by Sebastian. She was offered to come work as a maid in the mansion; and she accepted.

Elizabeth Ann Honey is a rather short girl at only 5'3". She has long blond hair that drags on the floor behind her if she doesn't put her hair up in a braid. Her eyes are a grey-blue color and they are quite large. She has lots of scars on her arms, legs and back from fighting injuries, and one scar that runs from the corner of her nose, across her right cheek to the edge of her earlobe. She has an hourglass shape to her waist and is rather busty and she has a fair amount of muscle as well.

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Elizabeth Ann Honey's Story