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Yani Anders

God you talk so much!!

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a character in “The New Meaning to Forever”, as played by Mousie


Vampire 2

Yani Anders
Appearance Age:[/b] 17
Real Age: Approximately 2906 years old.
Gender: Female

Clothing Style: Yani has lived through many a fashion trend and her latest liking is towards the indi take on clothing however she tends to lean towards her own style now adays. She enjoys wearing large jumpers, baggy or tight and tight skinnie jeans or leggings with anything from high heels to boots. She'll also fashion headphones around her neck now and then.
For nightwear because it has to be on standby incase a human is lingering about just before evening (a dangerous time) or worse catches you out just after dawn! She wears shorts and strappy tops and in winter wears long pjama bottoms and a strappy top with the ends tucked into socks.

JUMPER EXAMPLE: ... ageSize=20
JUMPER EXAMPLE: ... ageSize=20

Personality: She has a strong personality but what she thinks isnt what she says- behind her thought out expression is a labyrinth of thoughts. One of her biggest narks is someone who will not shut up! They just keep going and going until you want to grab them by the throat and screw them up like paper and discard of them somewhere. Or find their mute button. It goes along with her dislike of loud noises, theres nothing wrong with alittle quiet or even lowered voices. Everything else about her is pretty normal for a vampire, she likes to look good and smell nice. Yani treats most like shes known them a while. They knock on her door she'll open the door and tell them the tea and coffees on the side and then go back to whatever she's doing. You'll be lucky if you even get that she might just yell from the sofa to let yourself in. Its most probably something she gained in her younger years when after years of watching generations of people die she came to terms with that fact that humans were always around and it was nothing new so you might aswell get over the awkward introductions and get on with life. Due to this most who meet her find her quite the character.

Best Qualities:
Her expressions. Her manor of speech- to the point. The way she can make you feel something special in a perfectly normal situation. (Just sitting and watching a film and treating them like an old friend or someone she trusts bit of the wrong idea) She's loyal underneath that well thought out face.

Worst Qualities:The way people cant read her. The way she puts people straight when she realises they've got her wrong in some way. (its usually too frank) Thats she's lost abit of her human sensitivity and sometimes hurts feelings without meaning to. She leaves her rubbish laying around. Messy pup. Pretty Lazy.

Human Appearance: Yani has coca brown eyes and brown hair with both light and dark shades that she tends to backbrush up sometimes. Its layered and fairly long in length most probably to her bra strap. She has a decent figure and a warmth to the colour of her skin. She stands at about 5'5 has size 4 feet (so cute). Her teeth are straight (even a vampire has had braces at some point) and she has a nice smile- but usually her lips are used for a quirky grin/smirk. When expressionless or dazed she has a soft looking face- Her make up tends to lean towards a smokey eyeshadow, black liner and mascara. She doesnt layer it on. She doesnt need to. She hasnt a blemish on her skin apart from a birth mark on the bottom of her foot.
Her eyes are that of a cats whether she is in her true form or not however the cat pupil is lesser in human form therefore difficult to notice if noticable at all- thanks to her brown eyes it contributes to hiding any tiny, noticable glitches.

Vampire Appearance: Her skin turns grey and there are purple shades all over her body which would to some suggest you were dead. Her eyes lose the colour of the iris turning them plain white and the pupil widens fully to that of a felines. Her hair easily knots and becomes rough like the mane of a lion. Her canines grow and fangs are difficult if not impossible to hide inside the mouth- if anything she looks like some feral animal thats forced itself for a few seconds inside a semi human form.

Valuables: Her headphones! A mobile incase she is in need of some serious help. Her keys obviously to get back in to her house. A necklace that falls into her clevage.

History: (to be added)

Extra Notes: The necklace is a thin gold chain and upon it are three rings all three given to her from previous lovers that had managed to capture her heart in some way but nothing she would mourn grieviously over for hundreds of years. Perhaps a year or so.

Picture of yourself in human form: ... 8#/d2zblat

Picture of yourself in vampire form: ... 6#/d12o4tj (Just some idea but i cant actually find a picture :/)




She was born in the Neolithic bronze ages which according to the books is 890 BC approximately. She cannot remember the content of her life and therefore feels that at some point she suffered from amnesia. Whatever she got up to previously some of it will always remain a mystery.
Some of the things she does remember is when coins were produced and used for the first time which according to the history books would take her back to 100BC in England. She already had the first Ring around her neck.

She couldn’t quite remember the Romans but it suggested from the way she recalled them that she was a citizen of Rome at some point in the later established Italy. The rest of her memory fades until 1500AC and was back in England for the Tudor period. What a grizzly period of her life that turned out to be where Christians brought hell upon Catholics and then they returned the favour.

Yani supposed she managed to live through the first stages of the slave trade but the birthmark on her foot wasn’t exactly a birthmark at all, she just liked to spare the others any horror stories. Strangely enough despite what Yani supposed was a time of great emotional difficulty for her she still stuck around in England to witness the life of William Shakespeare.
At that point she hung on his plays of treachery and love and scandal like a love sick teen finding they helped her become in touch with her humanity once again. It was this time that Yani found she could have a relationship with a man.
Her Second fiancée though it felt like her first was certainly one for Shakespeare and the fact she didn’t seem to age and had a fairy tale beauty about her was what made him love her so. Engaged at 16 they never did get round to marrying due to the civil war taking place but just as things were brightening up for them the Great plague hit London at 1665 and at 66 years of age he was one of the first to go. Things disappeared up until she joined the rebel against the slave trade as it spread over seas but still that was vague.

Woman’s rights began to peak its head in years of queen Victoria and after that things faded fast into world war one and two.

In the second world war she was a spy for joint English and American forces living in Germany. Despite dying her hair blond it had been difficult times- in those days everyone was a spy but she found herself in love yet again with a young American in league with her. Engaged once again to the charming, witty young man it was only after they won the war that she discovered he’d double crossed them in their operation causing her to loose valued friends she'd made. She shot him herself and let her humanity die with him.

From there on she picked up a few of the other vampires along the way and finally found herself leading a life with Remy after the two of them collided in various shapes and forms through their long stretched out lives.
Life was easier now. Yani appreciated silence. It went to show why she was so lazy after having to drag herself through the caotic history of man kind.

So begins...

Yani Anders's Story