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The New Order

The New Order


The Jedi say we have fallen. The Sith call us weak. But we are the new power of the galaxy.

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Several millenia have passed, and the galaxy has changed. The Republic has diminished, many systems declaring independance. Wars have been fought, heroes have risen and died in turn. However, a new phenomenon is emerging in the galaxy. Three hundred years ago Sith emerged once more, turning some systems to their side. The Republic and their Jedi protectors did not have the strength to oppose this, and so a stalemate ensued. In the last few years, tensions have been breaking to a boiling point. Each side has commited crimes against the other, and war seems inevitable. This is not the phenomenom.

In the midst of this conflict stands a new Order of Force users. Neither Jedi, nor Sith...these men and women have stolen away to the neutral planet of Tatooine. They call themselves the Warriors of the New Age. An age where there are no Jedi or Sith. Defectors from both sides are joining this new faction. Caydren Veras, the founder of the Warriors, said the following about their reasons, "The Jedi believe all emotion is evil, the Sith only believe in the power of anger and hatred. Light side and Dark side, it's an endless war. It is time that the entire Force was accepted, it is time that the Jedi and the Sith are made extinct."

Although no action has been taken by these Warriors of the New Age, it is clear that they are building strength...and that soon the entire galaxy will learn of their power.

This is a Star Wars roleplay. I kept the introduction short, because the story is simple. The players will be part of this new order, the Warriors. Whether you were a Jedi or a Sith, or simply believe in the vision of Caydren Veras, your goal is to end them. A war is brewing, but it will be a war unlike any the Star Wars universe has seen before.

The Jedi say they are fallen, the Sith call them weak. But they are the new power of the galaxy.

There will be more specific info given when people have joined. Such as the state of the galaxy, unimportant details like that.

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Character Portrait: Caydren Veras


Character Portrait: Caydren Veras
Caydren Veras

Leader of the Warriors of the New Age


Character Portrait: Caydren Veras
Caydren Veras

Leader of the Warriors of the New Age

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Character Portrait: Caydren Veras
Caydren Veras

Leader of the Warriors of the New Age

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Re: [OOC] The New Order

Alright. I feel like it's time to put some new info out there.

Here is a map that is closest to having the planets I want shown lol: ... 5bsmn3.jpg

Couple of notes. Remember, most planets have declared independance. Also, 90% of those planets are minor ones none of us have probably heard of..but with this being more player-driven I would like to point out that they are not off limits. If you mention it though, try to look up info. If there is none, feel free to add your touch to it. Also, some planets that are well-known have changed as in their people have abandoned the planet or become largely extinct. It's a new era.

Republic controlled planets: Coruscant and the other "Core Worlds". Tython, it's supposed to be in the Deep Core. Naboo. Ord Mantell and surrounding planets.

Sith controlled: Korriban, Raxus, and the planets near by them. Dantooine and surrounding.

Notable neutral: Tatooine, Nar Shadaa and surrounding..owned by Hutts and criminals, Kamino, Bespin, Kashyyk, Utapau (should be slightly "east" of Dagobah).

Notable abandoned/empty: Hoth, Geonosis, Mustafar (should be slightly west of Dagobah).

Now for some info about the different factions. The Jedi homeworld (according to SWTOR) is Tython, and there is a temple here where padawans are now trained. The Coruscant temple holds the Jedi Council and is more of a center for diplomacy and justice in the Republic. The ancient Sith homeworld is said to be Korriban, where they appeared to have emerged from once more. Their Sith temple is located in the rebuilt ruins of the ancient Sith academy. Raxus (in the Force Unleashed) is a junk planet. The Sith have claimed it and slaves salvage metal to create machines of war. Dantooine was conquered along with its surrounding systems as a foothold closer to the Republic.

Republic soldiers are enlisted citizens. Usually armed with blaster rifles and lightly armored.

Sith soldiers are manufactured droids, slave thralls who have been mind blased by the Force, and various mercenary types.

Skirmishes have occured all around, but open war is still not begun. Neither side pays much attention to the Warriors of the New Age, which some have begun to call Magi. The planet of Tatooine, where the "Magi" are building their strength, is largely unchanged. A huge variety of people come here, many of them criminals and lowlifes. Some of the Hutts divide the planet, but no true borders are present.

Okay, also..once we know who is in the roleplay I will make a posting order. This isn't a strictly enforced thing, but it'll help keep some of the chaos out lol. If the person before you doesn't post for a bit and you're dyin to make yours..go ahead. Just be mindful not to leave anyone behind. I'll also ask that if you'll be inactive to let me know, and put someone in charge of your character or find a way to dismiss them for a short time. Players shouldn't fight each other..I'd rather have us all on the same team to avoid the arguments involved in text-based PvP lol. I'll urge you to be realistic in your fights against NPCs. You can't cut down 10 Jedi and then Force push thirty Sith off a cliff, stuff like that. Just trying to get any possible issues out of the way before we that we don't have to go over stuff like this when we're enjoying the roleplay =)

Re: [OOC] The New Order

Saw a couple questions. Your character doesn't even have to be a force-user. Although they do primarily look for former Jedi or Sith...talent from all over is sought after. Bounty hunters, soldiers, anyone is highly desired to join.

I'm really not concerned about character skeletons. Just want some basic info, mine barely has any on it. Who you are, why you joined, what you fight with, and a picture or description. =)

And thank you everyone for the interest! I'll be looking at characters and approving as soon as they start comin in. Hopefully we will have a good variety to work with.

Re: [OOC] The New Order

I'd like to join also. Would you mind putting up a character skeleton for us to use?


Re: [OOC] The New Order

I am very interested, going to start getting to work on a character. One question however, does my character need to wield a light-saber like Luke or can I make someone more along the lines of Han who has joined the group on Tattooine?

Re: [OOC] The New Order

le Star Wars?!~ OOOOH MY GOODNESS! :'D

Being a big Star Wars fan I.. am very much interested in this RP, like.. defiantly lol
I'm going to try working up a character for this. :3

Re: [OOC] The New Order

Good to see some interest already, I noticed there weren't any Star Wars roleplays going and decided to make one that wasn't quite run of the mill =P

Once more people are joining/showing interest I'm going to add more details about what's going on in the galaxy and such.

Re: [OOC] The New Order

Mmm... Star Wars *drools* anyway I'll come up with a character and we'll cross our finger that the RP takes off. Maybe I should cross my toes too.

[OOC] The New Order

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