The New Pirate Era

The New Pirate Era


30 years after the Straw Hat Pirates died the the World Government finished gathering up and destroying all existing devil fruits. 100 years later some old ones and many news ones appeared.

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If enough interest is generated among everyone I will create a new one of these for anyone to join. Until then this will remain between me and a select amount of friends. Also if enough interest is generated I will create a Marine version upon request. In any case though anyone is welcome to watch how this story progresses along. Also, if you read all the information in the corresponding OOC you should be able to join in on this role play with very few (if any) questions.

The Straw Hat Pirates; a name that is known worldwide in stories and legend. A small yet powerful crew that took the world by storm. Some of their abilities are said to be exaggerated. After all someone's body couldn't possible stretch, or change shape. Nor could they sprout their body parts form any surface or actually be an undead skeleton. But even so the stories of these great pirates is a fun one. A nobody from East Blue slowly building a pirate crew, helping those they come by, and becoming the pirate king. Defeating all the opponents that come before them; Yonko, renown pirates, Shichibukai, and World Government officials alike.

Little do most people these days know, but the strange powers the Straw Hats had were real. And these powers were collectively known as Devil Fruit powers (since they came from eating Devil Fruits). The reason for these abilities not being thought of as real is quite simple really. The World Government didn't want these abilities to be open for anyone so someone like Pirate King Monkey D Luffy couldn't come about again. So to meet this end the World Government started gathering all the Devil Fruits and destroyed them. Removing them from the Devil Fruit cycle entirely.

At the time the World Government thought that by destroying the Devil Fruits the way they did there would never exist another one again. And for quite some time they were correct in thinking so. However, 100 years after they thought they had completed their goal the unexpected happened: the Devil Fruits came back! But something wasn't right for the most part. All the Zoan and a few Logia Devil Fruits seemed to be the same. However, some of the Logia and all of the Paramecia types seem to be different; even if only a little.

Hodgic - Jarren D. Hathorway - Captain/Navigator
ZaTaisho - Undecided - Shipwright
Yet to create account - Uknown - Sniper/Doctor
Yet to create account - Uknown - Chef

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Character Portrait: Jarren D. Hathorway


Character Portrait: Jarren D. Hathorway
Jarren D. Hathorway

Captain and navigator of the Void Pirates.


Character Portrait: Jarren D. Hathorway
Jarren D. Hathorway

Captain and navigator of the Void Pirates.

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Character Portrait: Jarren D. Hathorway
Jarren D. Hathorway

Captain and navigator of the Void Pirates.

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Re: The New Pirate Era

Can't wait to to watch the progression of this! I am a massive One Piece fan and I've been hoping for one of these. Sucks I cant join but I am satisfied just to read.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

The New Pirate Era

This is going to be the main OOC for everyone to talk about "The New Pirate Era". (Link will be added back once it lets me do so. If this role play was an anime then you could say this is where the fans could come and talk about what has been going on. Keep in mind that those involved are mostly beginners and have little or no prior experience in role playing.
Also if anyone wants to request that I make a new one for others all you need to do is express your interest in it like Slybop has done. I will make a new one once we get 4-5 people that would join so you all can try this out as well.

Until we get started you are more than welcome to chat here on various different things that are related to the role play or One Piece in general. Spoilers are welcome if you say a post contains spoilers at the start of it. Also if you include spoilers say which arc it is from and if it is towards the beginning, middle, or end of said arc.