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-Shiroa Nuosa-

She let her arm return to normal, and glanced toward the battleship, shrugging her shoulders at the idea it was dangerous. "No big deal, well no big deal after you've dealt with them enough" she said casually as they approached the hostile ship, "at least as long as there's only one" she added mostly under her breath.

"If we get a bit closer I can take out the sails, but those Marine ships are too tough for me to do much to the actual ship itself, though... I do have a few tricks up my sleeve" she said with a playful grin, as if the entire situation was a big game. As soon as they were close enough she balled up both fists tightly, each one formed into large black orbs covered in tiny spikes. "This little thing always works pretty well, fun too, make sure you watch closely" she says

She hurls the first orb from her right hand in a high arcing underhanded swing, at the peak of its ark she launched the other, cocking her other arm back and throwing in a sharp over hand. The orbs collided and shattered into countless spiky shards that rained down over the Marines and their ship. Shiroa laughed heartily at the perfectly pulled off technique, "Let's see how they like my Obsidian Caltrops, that'll pretty much stop everything on deck, at least for a bit, don't suppose you have a plan for the cannons? I can't personally do much about those"