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A traveling gypsy magician, exposed to a horrible truth.

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a character in “The New Power”, as played by Rhasslairiel



So begins...

Lilithiana's Story


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Character Portrait: Lilithiana Character Portrait: Asher Evans Immortalis
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Asher watched, well, heard from the wind at least, that the statues were coming, and one of them grabbed someone by the neck. He didn't even open his eyes. No, it would reveal that he is aware. He heard the whispers, and a sensation tingled in Asher's spine. He never felt anything like it.

Asher waited a little, then a little more. He waited for the right opening.


A fireball flew across the room and into the back of the statue's head, exploding because of a hidden tag inside it. Asher faced the statue. "Hey, Rocky. I suggest you stop picking on girls like her." Asher taunted. "What are you doing to her, and why?" Asher already had several icicles levitating behind him, and two fireballs, one in each hand. The firebals glowed white and made the temperature rise to extreme heights in the areas around it. His shadow also had taken another pose, to guard the actual person'a back. Which one is real and which is fake? The shadow or the person himself?