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The Railgun

"You should run."

0 · 566 views · located in Jump City

a character in “The New Teen Titans”, as played by R.T.M.X.


Full Name
Rachel Green / Ekylos-R'hul (Kronos)

The Railgun

Female (explained)


5'4" (6'4")

90 pounds, though this is quickly increased to 250 pounds when R'hul is in control.

Typically known for her tomboyish appearance, Rachel is almost always seen wearing some article of clothing that's green, often being her sleeveless tanktop, which oftentimes reveals her midsection. She wears a black leather jacket, which covers the multiple tattoos on her arms and back. To complete this "rough" image of hers, Rachel finishes it off with urban-camouflage military-esque pants and black combat boots, topping it off with a pink belt as well. One quirk that she has is constantly flipping a quarter into the air, a small habit.

On a more biological scale, her fair skin is pale compared to others, outlining her petite yet lean build, and her hair is triple-dyed- a mix of black, green, and pink. Her eyecolor is technically green, however her left eye is a much brighter hue of blue- almost neon in color. This is what remains after the first time she had met Ekylos-R'hul. Right below her left eye is a tattoo of a purple star.

Close Quarters Combat
Unfortunately, whenever Ekylos-R'hul is required to reveal himself, he would take over Rachel's body, and change the very form to something more appropriate of his preferences - that similar to his original body. Being a techno-organic being, her (technically his during these "overhaul" transformations) body lengthens out, gaining a foot in height, as well gaining a general robot-esque appearance.

The legs would lengthen, gaining a sleeker, digitigrade build, while a helmet of sorts would form over her head and face, concealing all noticable facial features. An "outer shell" would form over her body, completing the image of Rachel, or R'hul as he identifies himself after the transformation is completed, having a body suit of what seems to be living metal. Several spiked, dreadlock-like appendages reveal themselves from the back of the head, forming a "gestalt", and two shell-like gauntlets form over each hand, and continue forming guards over the forearms.

In combat, R'hul would utilize two bladed weapons, but this is whenever he is unable to fire off his "railgun" techniques in that the target is too close for him to efficiently hit without impacting the surrounding area that much.

Motto/Catch Phrase
(Between the two)
Rachel "Bring on the thunder..."
Ekylos-R'hul "...Bring on the rain."

She's caustic to the touch, her words dripping with sarcasm. She'll make fun of somebody without them even realizing it. She's a firecracker in her own right, where she'll burn you if you try to contain her. She's a loner for the most part, where she attempts to distance herself from the public "mainstream" as much as possible.

But that doesn't make her anti-social. She's far from that, where she'll lend a helping hand to those in need, but only if it'll benefit her in some form or fashion later on. She's strong willed, highly independent from others, one small weakness being candy.

[Candy, oh candy, why do you have to be her weakness? You make her act like a small child when

you're around, and when she has a taste of you, you becomes bubbly and playful - not unlike a kitten given a new toy to play with. Damn you, candy. Damn you to eternity!]

But she has an extremely strong charisma, which often draws others to her. When somebody meets her, they become addicted to her, always wanting to know more about her. And while she doesn't dislike it, it does get annoying.

But others would think that she's insane when they catch her speaking to herself. Despite that opinion, her mindset is stable. The cause of this so called insanity? The fact that she has to share her own body with some disembodied being that came from a stupid glowing space rock - the same one that crashed down into a supermarket and turned almost everybody into ash.

While Rachel is one side of the personality spectrum, the being known as Ekylos-R'hul is on the far other. R'hul is cold, efficient, and calculating, as if he was a computer. He is uncaring, as he views himself as the enforcer of Justice and Order. Everything he sees is corrupted, and that he has to purify it, and it's this mindset of his that R'hul tries serve as Rachel's voice of "reason", often testing her to do things that he wishes.

This often sets them up to argue with each other, where it sometimes creates interesting outcomes between the two personalities.

+ Doing what she wants, her way.
+ Fighting
+ Sweets
+ Jokes (some people can associate her with internet trolls)
+ Making fun of R'hul (he makes such interesting replies)
+ Justice
+ Cats (much to R'hul's dismay, Rachel actually likes the little furballs.)
On a much lesser note, she does enjoy the company of both men and women, having no preference in either one.

- Rachel dislikes order, but R'hul dislikes all forms of anarchy
- Rachel having sweets
- Those damn furballs that these humans call felines (R'hul might occasionally throw one at his enemies once in a while, just to get them further away from him.)
- Sprouse Evans, because he was once a thief, and R'hul doesn't believe that individuals can change
- Teen Titans (Technically they don't dislike them in the normal sense, they just don't trust them)
- R'hul really hates losing, and Rachel really hates having the alien taking over her body.

~ Sweets
R'hul noticed that Rachel becomes quite a different person whenever given sweets, and acts like she's a young child. It infuriates him because he can't get things done.

~ Blackouts
These aren't electrical shortages, but rather when Rachel loses consciousness, which in turns forces R'hul to lose control of her body when he's in control. In other words? R'hul is unable to to do anything if Rachel is unresponsive.

~ Electrical and Magnetic overloading
Even though she has mastered the basics of applying electrical currents to her surroundings, once in a while such actions do come around and bite her in the ass, especially when it's somebody who has the same abilities as her. While this doesn't apply to R'hul when he's in control, it does cause Rachel to black out.

~Prototyr Soul Preservation/Ascension
Even though R'hul is able to take over Rachel's body at any given time with permission, he can only retain control for up to ten minutes per 24 hours, until he is forced to release his control, allowing Rachel to regain control over her own body. It's a failsafe designed by the two as a mutual agreement, and to protect Rachel from experiencing the disembodiment that R'hul had to experience. Over time, as their trust in each other has the opportunity to grow, so does the time for R'hul to have to control.

R'hul can't stand having another planet tear itself apart, and Rachel can't stand R'hul taking over her body.

Rachel doesn't like the idea of dying anymore than the average person, but R'hul doesn't give two flying monkeys' asses about the concept, having lost his body once before. This puts on a whole new experience for Rachel, since the other half of her is constantly driving her to do things... like jumping off buildings, just to get an upper edge on a criminal.

Theme Songs

- Rachel's Theme Song -
Mz. Hyde - Halestorm

- Ekylos-R'hul's Theme Song -
The Last Firstborn - Celldweller

Techno-organic Being/ Prototyr-Human Hybrid (Ekylos-R'hul is the last "living" Prototyr)

Prototyr Soul Preservation/Ascension
Being a Techno-organic based organism, Rachel's body is perfectly merged between machine and flesh, each cell modified in a way to allow Rachel to self-preserve her body from damage that have occurred from most wounds. Thanks to R'hul, she can't technically die, but she can become a brain-dead vegetable if he's not careful, which drives her to be even more insane about the concept of doing things the average person can't do.

The simple sentence? Every time her body takes massive amounts of damage, the higher the risk of her body eventually rejecting - and the ejection of - R'hul, which in itself will kill Rachel, while at the same time making R'hul permanently inert.

Technomancy "Connection"
By making contact with a machine, whether it's a computer, phone, or any other electrical gadget, both Rachel and R'hul are able to connect their minds to it, but only through the use of transferring data or to communicate.

Electromagnetism / "The Railgun"
Due to being the carrier of Ekylos-R'hul, Rachel has mastered the basics of applying electrical currents to objects that she can magnetically manipulate to objects around her. That quarter that she has a quirk for flipping? She can focus ambient electrical currents (static energy for example) around her arm, amplifying her already impressive control over magnetism, and is able to fire that quarter at a designated target at speeds reaching up to 5000 ft/sec though she would be required to charge - and hold that charge - in order to project it at those speeds. The average speed that she has been recorded for firing such items were roughly 250 ft/sec.

However, whenever R'hul is in control of her body, his complete mastery over the ability would allow him to fling objects ranging up from the size of small cars to small aircraft such as news helicopters as explosive projectiles by setting a concentrated charge of energy within the object. However, the larger the object to be used for The Railgun, the more of a drain upon the consciousness of both Rachel and R'hul, increasing the chance of Rachel blacking out, which automatically forces him to return Rachel's body back to its original state.

General Skills
It's much more efficient for Rachel to travel across the city by foot rather by car or train. Having lived on the streets, she has learned the street layout of the majority of Jump City.

She can also make a mean homemade pizza when given the chance.

Arch Nemesis

The rainbow lightning bolt known as Sprouse Evans.

What family?

Rachel Green. There is no person named "Rachel Green" recorded in any database in Jump City. Why, one may ask? Because not only had she been abandoned since birth and dropped off at an orphanage, but because she had adopted the last name of "Green" for herself - because her favorite color is green.

She ran away from the orphanage she had lived in at the age of 15, since day she had watched all of the other kids being adopted, but her. Nobody wanted her, simple as that...

Green grew up as a kid on the streets. She came to know the streets like the back of her hand as she stole from shops, having to work her way out of fights with other street kids; most of the time her great achievement was running away faster than her attacker. Her childhood really was what some would call hell though, moving in and out of shelters, constantly on the move, having to steal if she ever wanted to get anything.

This lifestyle only ended for Green when she earned herself a job at a certain local pizza restaurant, one with a nice view of Titan's Tower. But even that didn't last long...

On her day off, she had been with a group of friends, getting groceries because she was planning to throw a surprise party for a friend's 17th birthday. But the universe, and perhaps fate, wanted to give them a surprise from itself - a blue magic space rock crashing right dab-smack into the middle of the supermarket, right on top of her friend. The very friend whom she was planning to surprise.

Well, surprise.

She was violently thrown back from the site of impact, which she believed that had turned everybody else into ash, which had her believing that she was the sole survivor, oblivious to the fact that not only did another survived - a young man - but that she had picked up a hitchhiking alien as well.

However, she couldn't return to her old life, as everybody else who had heard about the incident assumed that she was among the casualties.

So, her old lifestyle kickstarted itself, her stealing to survive once more, unknown that the hitchhiker that she had picked up earlier was slowly restructuring her body to support itself as well. Then, it introduced itself.

At first, she thought she was either insane, sick with some mental disease, or that she was being followed by some whackjob.

The alien, who was known as Ekylos-R'hul, had transferred his memories to her- that he was the last of his kind - the last "living" Prototyr, as he called himself. A race of technological beings, perfectly merged between flesh and machine.

R'hul was a scientist of his race, which had wiped itself from existence through civil war, ripping their own planet apart, with him being the cause of the civil war. He had designed a process of surviving without a physical form - a form of immortality, something that Prototyr were previously unable to do.

This discovery was monumental - both destructive and constructive. The military generals wanted the discovery to create a perfect army, to expand their existence to other worlds, and to protect, not to destroy other life, while others believed it was too dangerous and wanted it to be destroyed.

As R'hul realized what he had done, he destroyed all information pertaining to the discovery, after he himself modified himself with it, escaping with a number of refugees as his homeworld literally destroyed itself from the inside out.

Over decades of travelling, he had become the last, and for him to effectively survive, he was forced to remove himself from his physical body - and had connected himself with a floating piece of space rock that was energized...

As the alien had revealed its entire history to Rachel, it had also persuaded her to be allowed some control over her body, as R'hul wishes that this planet of primitive - yet potentially deadly - beings don't share the same ill fate that his planet had succumbed to.

Welcome To The Club (Nightcore) Manian
Get Off Of My Way - Man With A Mission
Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance
Perfect Weapon - Black Veil Brides
Runaway - Hail The Villain
You're Going Down - Sick Puppies
Bring On The Thunder - Ereez and RedHookNoodles
Teen Titans Go!

So begins...

The Railgun's Story


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"Who died and made you king?" Rachel spoke out to the man-ape thing, sitting up on her bench that she had previously made a temporary bed of, and revealing herself from the shadows of the night, ignoring the circle of drones that have surrounded the small group of people.

She was already annoyed from all of the yelling, waking her from her slumber on the cold bench. Reaching for a quarter in one of her pockets, she stood up and started walking over in their direction.

"Anyways, beauties, can you just lower it so I can go back to sleep?"


Earlier that day, Rachel had wandered through the park, just to pass time, as she didn't really have much to do aside from wandering from place to place within the confines of Jump City. R'hul had been annoying her with his usual "do this, do that, you should help that lady, you shouldn't do that" mumbo jumbo, and she was just trying to stay away from him mentally. Quite a hard feat to accomplish when two minds are sharing a single body.

She had heard reports about this man-ape thing, but had simply put the whole idea of it aside, and had simply went on with her usual activities list of doing things a normal person would do. But Rachel had guessed that she had fallen asleep on one of the park benches for some time before.


Taking notes of these wierd people around her, she wanted to peacefully settle this before R'hul would go rambo-style and do more damage than what would be neccessary. Some young male in a black and yellow jacket and jeans, somewhere in his twenties perhaps. He looked familiar, but Rachel just wasn't able to put her finger on the idea of where she could have seen him before. Then there some frail kid that had one word to describe him - wierd...

And then there was the blond haired girl that was no taller than her. Not much told Rachel who-or what she was- so she had simply passed her eyes over to the man-ape thing that the others decided to circle around.

White hair... horns... scantily clad... this character was quite out of the ordinary, belonging in the mountainside and not in the city.

"Well, beauties, what's it going to be? Settle this elsewhere and let me go back to sleep, or do I need to bring out Big Nasty? And you really don't want him around."


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Well, it looked like the girl saw him. He stood right were he was, letting his translator analyze what was being said. It fixed itself onto what seemed to be a pre-historic language of earth. He realized what had happened. The translator had analyzed the beasts speech, and copied that instead. As the language started to write over all of his thoughts, he frantically searched for an option, then mortified, he found one. The old Tamaranean. Another girl awoke from a nearby bench, and sat up. She seemed to be a "better" source for him to extract knowledge from.

"Well, beauties, what's it going to be? Settle this elsewhere and let me go to sleep, or do I need to bring out Big Nasty? And you really don't want him around."

Well, there was always fun in challenge. He would make sure to yell heartily in a pirate fashion before dying. His translation module re-routed itself from its collar into his jaw, and he stepped forward. Walking up to her, he bent over, grabbed the back of her head, tilted his own, moved in,

And sealed whatever fate lied ahead of him. The buzzing of something being completely blocked out by his focus, and anticipation.


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“Alright; I don’t know who or what he is but he thinks this is his territory and that I intend to eat him.”

Among many different responses, Sprouse was not really expecting such an answer from her. Evans just laughed a bit in response. “Eat him? Really?” Considering how the fight appeared to be going, Sprouse would believe it if it were the other way around but….. “What else?”

“I need to get him away from here before someone gets hurt. He seems to be able to communicate, but since I can’t physically remove him, I might be able to talk to him.”

“You can try that but…..err….” Sprouse was cut off as she took a step forward and struck an odd pose. To top the oddity off, she then started to speak slowly, which evoked a small smile from Sprouse, who was standing back to watch the whole affair. So far, this situation had probably been the most comedic out of anything he had been involved in in quite a while….and he had only been there for five minutes! Less, even!

Evans was simply watching for a moment, but then noticed something odd about the girl in front of him. He couldn’t quite place it, but he ‘felt’ something about her that was not necessarily normal. But what was it? Almost felt like she had more electrical currents running through her than a person should, but that couldn’t be right. She probably had some form of machine enhancing her or something. Evans dismissed the feeling and concentrated on the the white-haired brute until….


Something that looked like a drop pod from a space movie had came from the sky. When a robotic-looking fellow stepped out of it, Sprouse assumed that that was in fact what it was. “Guess we’ve got a party star—“

Cut off by an attack by some form of drone, Evans retaliated via a small lightning bolt to the little bugger. While it did not take long for him to hit the thing, he missed seeing the drone shoot something into the brute’s ear. He would have probably not have understood why the brute was shouting in the first place, but because he was not speaking English, it was pointless to try to comprehend the screaming.

“Who died and made you king?” yet another person stated, coming out from the darkness of the night. It didn’t make sense to him at first, but he then realized that maybe she could understand Smashing. She was a young girl, who wore a green tanktop and for some reason, attracted Sprouse’s eye a bit more than the other girl. She continued. “Anyways, beauties, can you just lower it so I can go back to sleep?”

Sprouse smiled. Was this love? She seemed like a really cool person. Ignoring the obvious danger of the situation and speaking so nonchalantly…. Oh wait, maybe he was just a narcissist. She acted like him, a bit. Yeah, that was probably it. He couldn’t say he didn’t like himself, and things that remind him of himself. She continued after a delay, during which, Sprouse was checking her out. Not so much in a flirty sense, but just seeing if there was anything about her that her looks would give away. Aside from the quarter she was flipping, nothing. “Well, beauties, what’s it going to be? Settle this elsewhere and let me get back to sleep, or do I need to bring out Big Nasty? And you really don’t want him around.”

Sprouse smirked. “Well, I’m glad you can see perfection when it’s staring at you, but let us not digress. I believe this is a public park, and you’re just going to have to deal with us for the moment.” He explained, calm as ever. “Sorry, but it’s too nice out not to play…” and then the girl’s voice from before reached his ears before he could speak to Green any longer. “You need help?” he asked. “Well all you had to do is ask. I’m sure Macho Man over there would prefer playing rough with another boy, no? Question is; Conscious, or unconscious?” he asked simply, referring to what condition she wanted the brute in. “Oh, and I’m Sprouse. But you can call me Livewire, if you want.”


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“...and you’re just going to have to deal with us for the moment.”

When Rachel realized that this stranger was speaking to her, she narrowed her eyes into a slight glare towards him. For a split second her eyes had connected with his, but even though it was much less that a second, it was simply for the purpose of sending the message of don't mess with me.

Flipping the quarter one last time, she snatched it out of the air with her right hand, then immediately crossed her arms as an attempt to intimidate.

"Well, sweets. You're not perfect yourself -" but almost instantly as those words left her mouth, her head tilted back...

...and felt the lips of somebody else land upon hers. Within a split second, she realized that it was the weird, frail-looking kid, and she didn't realize of how tall he really was until right now. Taken completely by surprise, her eyes wide, she uncrossed her arms, with the next feeling being that with her left hand, rolled up into a slight fist, making contact with her assailant's cheek. Immediately, she pushed herself away from him, her hand slightly throbbing in pain as if she had punched a brick wall.

Stepping back towards a nearby trashcan, she rummaged blindly through it to find some form of defensive weapon, and found one. She removed it, noticing that it was...

...a spoon?! This could totally work, need a little help here, robobrain, she thought to herself, hopefully trying to get some mental assistance from the alien that resided within her own head. After all, some stranger had attempted to kiss her, but he was just not her type. Silly girl, he was trying to learn your native language. As if you didn't know, I connected to the communication device that was in his mouth.

Why couldn't you just say that before?

Because you didn't ask...

It was apparent that she was arguing to herself, as the thoughts of the two personalities argued against one another, until she snapped her attention back to the stranger that had tried to kiss her.

"Look kiddo, I don't know who any of you are, and I just want to go back to sleep, but I have this spoon and a quarter, and I'm not afraid to use either one!"

As an electrical current became visible around her, snaking itself around her body, Rachel took quick aim at a nearby drone, and tossed the spoon in its direction, instantly vanishing. A split second later, the spoon had reappeared, its destination ending up within the side of the unlucky drone's head, where it had done some noticeable damage, as the energized projectile had ripped out half of the drone's head off with a built up charge of electricity and the sheer amount of inertia.

"Well, no more spoon, but I still have a quarter. What's it going to be, sweetcheeks, are you going to apologize to me, or do I have to go bain-capital and restructure somebody's face?"


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Yawwwwnnnnn. Why do I do this again?” Aura asked herself. It was pretty late at night. She was lying on her back rather uncomfortably on the roof of a tall building. Rubbing her eyes, she gazed over the edge and down on the ground below. Squinting, she could see the park not too far away. It was a beautiful patch of green that brightened up the bleak, crime ridden city. She flipped onto her stomach, and did a ‘seal’ stretch, feeling her back crack sending a wave of relief up her spine. Sighing, she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the building. The cooling breath was a welcomed feeling, as is swayed her hair this way and that way. Letting out a deep breath from her mouth, she opened her eyes once more to watch the city. “Oh… This… Is… Soooo… BORING!” Aura exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air. “Why can’t something interesting happen every once in a while!” She grumbled to herself, crossing her arms indicating she was very annoyed. Not two seconds afterwards, a loud, ear splitting bellow ripped open the silence that was cloaking the city.

Letting out a small squeal, Aura jumped up and back, landing on her butt. “Geez… I didn’t actually expect something to happen,” She smiled as she stood up and brushed off her spandex outfit. Many people would find it uncomfortable, but she had to wear leotards for gymnastics so this was a step up. It outlined her body shape, every curve and movement. Aura waited patiently for another sound, in hopes of following it. It wasn’t in any language she understood, and she spoke many. Another loud sound was sent through the city. “The park. Got it. Now… how to get there…” She pondered on her few options. Looking left, she saw that the next roof top was a few stories down. “Let’s hope this works…” Aura mumbled as she momentarily took a step back, than sprinted towards the edge. Moving her hands in a swirling motion, a little cushion of air formed directly underneath her, and she went into her tuck and roll position.

Aura landed with a grunt, and rolled a few feet. “It worked!” She exclaimed happily as she leapt to her feet, but a bit too soon. Her legs suddenly felt like lead, and she dropped onto her knees. “Damn… I’ve got to make sure I don’t over work myself…” She said in-between pants to regulate her breathing. After a few moments, she stood once more, and gazed across to the other roof. It was about the same level as the one she was currently on, maybe a few feet shorter. She took another running leap and landed this one a bit more gracefully, not have to tuck and roll.

A few building leaps later, she was located on the roof only across the street from the park. Looking over the edge, she realized just how tall this building was. She had underestimated. It was about ten stories high. “If I fail… I’m dead. Lets do it!” Aura spoke to herself, getting ready before she started to think how stupid of an idea this was. “Its not flying, its falling with style!” She yelled as she ran full force at the edge.

Just before reaching the side, Aura jumped, pushing off as hard as she can with her legs. Completing a front flip, she allowed her body to spiral like a football. You could see a… shell of sorts form around her. Her rate of decent was gradually lessened, until she was even with the ground. Her air bullet cocoon was flickering on and off. Aura stuck her hands out in front of her, her palms facing out. The mini-whirlwind slowed, until it just disappeared. Aura found herself, once again, in the tuck and roll position. She rolled quite a bit until she rammed into some trash cans with a loud clatter. Her spine straightened out, and she was lying flat on her back, the world spinning.

Letting out a loud groan, Aura sat up slowly, putting her hand on her head. “Ow… never again…” She muttered. As far as she could tell, her head wasn’t bleeding, so that was good. Rolling each of her shoulders, she stood up, and glanced around. Good thing no one noticed… Letting out a sigh of relief she stood up and looked at the park only across the street. I hope the beast that made that sound didn’t notice either… Crouching down, she creeped across the street. The bushes made for good camouflage… well it probably would have if she wasn’t wearing a bright blue and red spandex outfit. She just hoped that no one would be smart enough the see her. Poking her head out, she could see a man barely wearing anything, a girl with blonde hair, and two other guys, one of which who looked like he was twenty. Yet another girl spoke from where she was asleep on a bench. “What in the world is going on here…” She was completely dumb founded when some robots attacked them. Blinking, she pulled her head back into the bush, not noticing how much noise she made. Sitting in the bush, her legs were crossed, and she was deep in thought.


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The punch had connected like he had expected. Those Tamaraneans were into some crazy stuff. He had the strange feeling afterwards lingering. Like somebody had slipped a pill into his drink, but instead, he felt it in his jaw. That girl wasn't human, or at least, not completely. Those threats were pretty human though, but not very scary, now that he understood what they were all saying. His head snapped to the right as he finally noticed that absurd buzzing. They had some unexpected company in the form of... small buzzing things. He watched in confusion as his little lexicon threw a spoon at a drone, piercing it with an impressive light show.

"Sorry about that lass," He apologized, massaging his bruised cheek, "just wanted to get me bearings." He pulled a didge from behind him, turned, then slammed a drone down into the grass. It seemed that people were piling up, he made a head count just for a record he was probably never going to use, "Alright, we have the ape-thing, that girl who just flies, this guy, a bit to edgy for me tastes, and then of course," he turned to Rachel, that is, if she even knew her own name. "Me little Lexicon. I apologize again, but I can probably solve this problem."

He took out another didge, and held the third out behind him, ready for a bit of exchange action. A robot charged him, bearing down on him as his target merely walked towards the mechanical assailant. As the grotesque mech reeled back for a punch, he was met with a blow to the face. The head spun around, only to stop, staring straight down the long, promethium horn. Reguthul, or in the earthen translation, Rénard, was holding onto it with two hands, leaving the other two to float behind him in an X-pattern.

His focus was a large, blast note. Short, loud, and bursting. The drone itself had no idea what he was in for, and was quickly shaken apart. Trees in the direction of the blast zone rustled loud enough for the rest of the drones to hear.



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Aura was minding her own business, just watching them from her little bush, when a large, metal robot was flying right at her. With a yelp, she leapt out of the bush just as the robot flattened the shrubbery. Once again, Aura found herself rolling on the ground, uncontrollably. Well, that is, until she hit a tree. She made a soft, "Oof!" sound as her body hit the tree full on.

Aura found herself in the weirdest position ever. She wasn't really sure how she got into the position in the first place. Her upper back was on the ground, and her butt and legs were up in the air, against the tree. It look her a minute to realize what just happened. "HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN?!" She yelled at herself, and squirmed backwards, so that she was lying flat on her back on the ground. Standing back up, grumbling, she shook her head to get dirt out of her hair. "That wasn't very nice!" She yelled, aiming it at the man beast thing, who had just headbutted the blonde chick. The headbutt should have at least given her a concussion, but she was perfectly fine. Now I know that there is something different about her... Now it seemed like blondie was trying to communicate, but Aura couldn't understand what she was saying. She stood there, blinking, wondering what the hell she should do.

(sorry its kind of short!)


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(MaxStokes PMed me that he'd be away on vacation of a few days so I will be controlling his character until he returns.)

The brutish boy had stopped, much to Melanie's relief. She could feel her energy draining as she stood there and knew that if the fight didn't end soon she'd be in serious trouble. He cocked his head slightly to the side, looking confused, but at least he wasn't fuming. He blinked once then shouted something, translated to:


Melanie tried to say her name in his tongue but it came out as, "MELON" as it seemed the nonunciation of her name didn't work with his language. That was okay though, she could stand being Melon instead of Melanie. Shrugging it off she now braced herself, prepared to deliever the bad news.

"WHITE MUST GO." she explained, trying not cause offense. White's gaze hardened.

"WHITE KING OF METAL FOREST AND TWO LEGS." he said firmly, but Melanie gently shook her head.


White looked stunned, then appeared to be thinking hard.


Melanie was caught off guard by this. It made sense now; he was a nomad looking for his own territory. But it couldn't be here. She gave a sympathetic shrug.


White seemed about to fight her about it for a moment but then thought better of it, realizing the truth of her words. It probably helped that she was speaking his language. Finally he gave a sigh of resignation.


Melanie held back a similar sigh of relief, glad the fight was over.


White now seemed thoughtful. "WHITE HELP? WHITE LIKE TWO-LEG RED FOOD." he exclaimed, earnestly holding up a chuck of meat he'd take from the resturant, earning a small smile from Melanie. Maybe he could help...

She pointed to the droids, probably numbering to 20 (though it was more like 17 since she herself had take out two of them and there were various peices scattered onto the road). "THEY BAD. WANT HURT WHITE, WANT HURT TWO LEGS. SMASH HELP."

White gave a grin, turned to the three who were closest and obliged, charging them with a gutteral yell. Melanie switched speakers again and turned to face Livewire. "There's been a change of plans. That guy, White by name, is going to look for another territory after he helps us destroy these freaky robots who were sent by somebody to capture White and kill anyone in the way." Melanie said directly, no sugar-coating in her explaination just straight to the point. She didn't see any reason to avoid it anyways. "So now, I guess, our enemy are these guys."

Melanie was just about to surge foreward to fight the droids when she took a moment to glance around. Having a direct, computer mindset she had a tendency to focus on one task and be unaware of everything else. Stopping and smelling the roses was very hard, but in this case it was forturnate that she did so because the sight she was greeted with... well, it was a strange one.

First off there was a girl with green streaked hair who was weilding a quarter with great ferocity, robot parts scattered near her as she threatened the approaching bots. The next one she noticed was a young man, also facing a small group of robots, with what seemed to be his own team of tech. WHO THINKS THEY CAN BEST ME? YE ARTIFICIAL DOGS!" he yelled, a perfect imitation of a pirate, but was hit by one such bot and knocked to the side before destroying it to. Lastly she noticed the girl who he walked up to, "Hey lass, mind givin' me a hand here?" he said politely.

Melanie was genuinly suprised by all of this. She had thought she'd have to fight them all herself, but had never expected to receive help. Gratitude probably would have brought tears to her eyes if she had been a human with working tear ducts. Quickly deciding she would thank then later, she instead focused on the two robots who were approaching her. A small smirk graced her face as she ran towards then, thinking 'Well, I do need to recharge my battery...'


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Melanie locked onto her target, running toward the wretched humaniod machine at speeds a professial runner would have envied. Lunging, she grabbed hold of his head and dug her fingers in through the metal and into the circits, absorbing the electricity and feeling bit by bit stronger. Normally she would have grabbed him and plugged herself into him (usually by plunging her hand into his head or where the master chip was), thus absorbing the power and all data he contained. But that took time and it would reviel to the others in this vicinity what she was; something she wanted to avoid at all costs.

So instead she plucked the chip out with her fingers and stashing it in a small compartment disceretly, planning on reviewing it later. Then she yanked her hand from the now shutdown bot's forehead and let him collapse. His companion attempted to do a roundhouse kick but Melanie stopped him with her hand, flipping the poor, misguided machine into the pavement. Then she dug her hand through the metal that made up the back of his head and did the same thing.

Meanwhile White was running around, leaping from bot to bot, crushing them with his bare fists or smashing them against the concrete sidewalks. He'd already taken out two and was on his third, grabbing it by the arm and twisting the metal until the arm came off. Using the arm as a club he smashed the remained of the robot's metal body until the screws fell out. Then suddenly there was a sharp twing of pain in his calf and he looked down to he a dart with brightly colored feathers on one end. A robot a few meters away was pointing directly at his calf and a small whisp of smoke rose from it's finger.

White pondered this for an instant, wondering what such a small humming bird could do to him, not feeling even the slightest bit woozy. The robot seemed to realize this for it pointed with it's other finger at his chest. It never go the chance to fire though because White plucked the dart from his leg and threw it with amazing accuracy on could only get from hunting at the robot. The dart jammed up the bot's finger and stopped the second projectile from flying, giving the robot a moment's pause. In that moment White managed to charge him and headbutt him hard enough it sent him flying into a tree where broke into four seperate peices. A new personal record.

Melanie had just polished off her forth bot and noticed that her opponents were looking a little scarce, only one or two more of them lingering at the scene. They must not ahve been programed well because, though it was clear which side was winning, they still hadn't fled. Either they had a faulty processor... or they were disposable. This idea cause a rush of anger to be directed towards the one they all refered to in their memory files as 'Leader'. Yes they were machines, but reguardless of what they were, life or artifical life, they should not be used and then tossed away like trash.

Speaking of the importance of life, Melanie saw out of the corner of her eye the girl who'd the pirate adressed say something and then collapse against him. Hearing the sounds of metal on metal (probably the girl with the quarter) as well as the sounds of White and Livewire fighting, Melanie figured she could afford to check on the girl and make sure she was okay. Quite concerned now, she hurried over to see the girl limp in the pirate's arms.

"What happened? Was she injured?" Gently she pressed two fingers against the side of the girl's neck. Her sensors indicated that she was alive, only unconscience. Melanie breathed a soft sigh of relief. "She's alive but she's fainted. Probably from exhaustion." she said, then added under her breath, "Thank goodness..." Glancing to the pirate man she remembered her manners. "Oh, by the way, I'm Melanie."


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She was somewhat surprised, as Rachel didn't actually expect the kid to apologize so quickly. Crossing her arms as she watched him dismantle one of the droids in front of them, followed with a challenge. But before she could respond, he had seemed to run off to who knows where.

After hearing some girl behind her ask herself how something ever happened, albeit in a yelling manner, Rachel turned around, her eyes settling on a strange girl, not much younger than herself, in a weird position against a tree, however that didn't last long.

She noticed that the same boy that tried to kiss her was next to that other girl, the two fighting off another set of drones. There was a moment where a couple of the drones had the upper hand against the duo, before they were overtaken by the two teens.

Turning around to the others, Rachel noticed that the fighting between the blonde girl and that... man-ape had ceased, and she had let out a slight smile as those two were communicating, even though their words were enough to give R'hul a mental aneurysm.

There were more drones to pass around for those two, until she noticed that self-righteous guy that spoke to her before having some stranger trying to kiss her. Rachel made a quick glance at their surroundings, counting roughly 15 drones, not counting the couple that the blonde girl had just taken down herself.

Before long, the number of drones quickly dwindled between the blonde girl and the man-ape, and Rachel had simply flapped her arms, as if having nothing to do. Looking down at her quarter, she thought to herself, and to R'hul. Heads, help them clean up the park. Tails, leave the scene.

R'hul didn't object with his usual smartass remarks about the suggestion, as he was content for helping those people, even though they had only taken down one drone with a spoon. Rachel flipped the quarter into the air, catching it with her empty hand, the coin landing with tails facing up.

Tails it is, she stated mentally, before heading out into the darkness and out of the park. Whoever they were, they didn't seem to need her help, as they had a quite a few interesting individuals among them. Though it was likely that Rachel would see them again, she didn't want to, preferring to work alone with R'hul.


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"There's been a change of plans. That guy, White by name, is going to look for another territory after he helps us destroy these freaky robots who were sent by somebody to capture White and kill anyone in the way."

Sprouse glanced to White, then back at Mel, then sighed unconvincingly. "You know, this is beginning to sound like some plot to a cheesy action movie, but I'll go along with it." with those few words, he turned his attention on some free droids which had made their hostility towards himself very apparent in the form of a berserk attack at him. He, quicker than your average bear with the help of his electromastery - a power which he unknowingly shared with a green-headed female. Many would see maybe a spark for just a brief moment before his body reappeared some feet away, allowing him to effortlessly launch a bolt to the back of the droids who, oeverloaded by the volts, collapsed and then detonated for added badassness.

Upon further surveillance of the park, he noticed that he was tied with White in drones destroyed, which did put a bit of a competitive spin on saving the day. After all, Sprouse never really cared for losing, and beating someone made winning all-the-more appetizing a treat. Allowing himself to be bested by a brute like this wouldn't bode well for his reputation, which of course, he had to uphold. Ladies love a guy with reputation.

Among the other things he did notice was that the man from before had apparently wanted to be a pirate when he grew up. This fact made very apparent by his pirate tone and accent. Normally, he would have laughed, but for some odd reason, he felt that this was not an act, but the man was actually talking like this.


Somewhere along the lines, Sprouse had noticed the emerald-headed woman from before began to leave. It pained him in the sense that he didn't get to show off to the loud-mouthed woman - which to him, wasn't a bad trait at all. But he figured she would soon enough drool over him.

They all did.

Okay, maybe not. But he liked to pretend they did. It was a big boost in confidence that he so desperately needed. Attention was always a nice thing to have when your only friend is the streets. Positive or negative, though preferably positive. People tend to hunt you down and try to kill you with negative attention. Like crimelords when you steal stuff from them. But that turned out just swell, didn't it?

God, are these things just that boring that I'm thinking about everything else but fighting them? Ah, lets just end this!


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"Thanks Miss Melanie, I'm a bit tired, but I should be able to protect the both of us fer now. If I was physically able, I'd return yer manners, but for now, I've got me hands full. Not that I be complainin' or anything. The name's Pulse, since I am a tried and true Super, Hero." Pulse said, shifting the girl in his arms so that she wouldn't fall from his hands. His self-assigned title of 'super-hero' drew a small smile on Melanie's lips. Yeah, they were all kind of acting like super-heroes weren't they? Maybe after this fight was over that's what they could be... super-heroes.

For the moment though she gave a small laugh and tipped her head slightly in his direction. "That's alright, I understand. It's nice to fight beside you Pulse. If you think you can protect her-" Melanie gestured at the girl who was laying limp in Pulse's arms, "Then I'll leave her to you, but if you need help-"

Melanie needn't waste her breath as a couple of the droids approached Pulse and he noticed them and a wide grin spread over his face. "Best be backin up Miss, no idea how awesome this will be, oh, it would be in very good interest to cover your ears." He took a small breath in after his weapons (at least, that's what Melanie assumed they were) connected to eachother, forming a large instrament which he breathed into. It took but a few moments but the sound quickly reached an almost unearthly volume her sensors couldn't even pick up on. Were she human she would have heard it, but because she was not she could only feel the powerful virbrations. The robot almost seemed to vibrate itself apart, only leaving the bomb a few feet away. Pulse just managed to cover it with this now titan Didgeridoo, and watched as the blast was completely expelled out of the mouth piece.

"Now that," He announced with a slight smirk, "Is going to taste terrible." Melanie laughed at this. Pulse who have no problem handling himself and protecting the girl. White seemed to be enjoying himself. Sprouse, who'd seen White, had appearently started a competition with the latter, for it seemed every time White smashed a drone, Livewire would too. Well, Melanie had never thought that having a little fun on the battle field was a bad thing. The other thing she noticed which she hadn't picked up on were two unfamiliar heat signatures; one male one female, both leaving the area and going in opposite directions. She glanced around to identify them but they were both already hidden in the shadows which hindered her vision since White had managed to damage her night vision.

Speaking on damage, Melanie scanned the area. Two bots were left- okay, scratch that, one (White had accidently taken one out with a flying tree branch) but one would be enough. Leaping towards him he didn't even have enough time to duck before she'd drained his power and put it into her own reserves which she was tapping into now, as well as removing his microchip and storing it along with the two or three others. Now the park was bare besides the group of them and various robotic parts scattered everywhere. She'd likely come by and pick up some of the remaining pieces later when there were less... well, people.

Now that the robots had been destroyed and the fighting had ceased she looked between her companions. They'd done very well, fighting along side herself. Melanie knew she would have been unable to take on the droids in her condition without them. So she owed them her life at the least. Besides, Pulse had just crashed into earth (so it seemed) and he was holding a girl who'd blacked out durning the fight. White had no home and Melanie was apperently the only one who would understand him. Livewire, well, he'd been the first of the group to stand beside her... As her golden gaze slid from one person to the next she kept thinking out the favor she owed them all and oddly enough, found herself speaking.

"Um... Thanks you guys... I... I guess I couldn't really have won this without you." Melanie said, giving a small, sheepish grin. If she could blush, she'd be blushing hard core. "I really can't thank you enough. But-" Melanie hesitated, then spoke quickly, almost not being able to process her own words, "But would you like to help me? Fight crime, I mean. Like, as a group maybe...?" Part of Melanie wanted to run away and hide in the tower, the other part wanted them to be waiting there. Speaking to White she said, "WHITE NEED HOME? WHITE COME LIVE WITH MELON. MELON HAVE GOOD HOME. MELON SHARE AND WHITE HELP TWO LEGS. LOTS MORE RED FOOD." then turned to the others. "I-I have a nice little place, big enough to fit all of us. She could probably use medical care," Melanie gestured to the girl in Pulse's arms, "and everyone needs a place to call home, right? Come with me, and... we could be a Team!"


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The four remaining criminals watched in horror as they observed Rachel, this seemingly innocent teenage girl rip their partner into shreds with just a simple object - namely an object the size of a quarter. Because it was a quarter...

For the five, it was a simple heist - rob a bank when the New Teen Titans were away dealing with some crazy person and a corrupt judge - and they could've got away with it, if they didn't choose the bank that a self-proclaimed Railgun was currently visiting.



Minutes ago, Rachel had just been visiting an old friend named Frank, who was working as one of the bank tellers when the group of five criminals stormed in demanding that they hand over the money.

Except that they weren't expecting to run into Rachel.

While everybody had dropped to the floor or had taken cover, she had simply kept her ground, unimpressed yet with a sly smirk across her face.

"Look here boys, we have somebody who thinks they're going to stop us. Kid, I suggest that you sit down like a good girl and let us do what we came in to do-"

"And I suggest that you stop what you're doing before you get hurt." Rachel had snapped back at him with a witty response, pulling out a handful of quarters.

Raising his handgun - a 9mm beretta - in her general location, with the other four continuing with the robbery. "I don't want to shoot you -"

Rachel swung her arm around, the handful of quarters skittering across the tiled floor around the group of five. In her other hand, she had another quarter, hidden between her thumb and index finger...


Her shoulder jolted back from the impact of a single round fired from the robber's handgun, and yet, she had kept her ground. The bullet had dug itself into her skin yet no blood, no discernible damage could be seen with the exception that she now has a hole burned through her jacket.

Revealing the quarter, she had called out to the man who had tried to shoot her. "You know, you shouldn't have done that. Because now I'm going to use this quarter to make you wish that you didn't do that," momentarily pausing as she rose her arm, and the quarter, towards him. "Say, have you ever heard of a human railgun?" She continued, her eyes emitting a light, neon green glow, electricity starting to snake around her body.

Amazed that the female teenager in front of him apparantly didn't feel any pain from the round entering her shoulder, he was mentally frozen with fear when he heard her question doubled with the sight of the air around her sparking and her eerily glowing eyes.

"Uhm, no?"

"Well, now you have." Almost instantly, the snake of electricity that wrapped around her arm had snapped at the quarter, firing it into the criminal's direction, cutting cleanly through the gun and burrowing straight through the poor man's shoulder, ending up buried into the wall behind him.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.



The four had panicked, and began to open fire into her. After all, more bullets solve problems, right?


Even with them firing an eight-gauge shotgun, a couple of machine pistols, and an assault rifle into her, Rachel's Prototyr Assension protocol was healing her wounds as quickly as they appeared onto her body, while leaving quite a few holes and tears into her clothing. The negative result - it was only making her a tad bit more annoyed at their combined stupidity.

After the shooting has ceased and the smoke had settled, the four criminals had realized the unimaginable: she's not human.

"Well, I guess it's time to bring on the thunder."

...Bring on the rain? Nah, no need.

She gestured at the scattered quarters that had surrounded the four, which they had forgotten about when she had tossed them about earlier. Their eyes quickly glanced at their fallen comrade (who was grasping at his injured shoulder in intense pain from a red-hot quarter burning through it), then back to the quarters, then to her. Fearing for the worst, they instantly dropped their weapons, pleading for her not to send those quarters into the dark reaches of their bodies.

Crossing her arms, another smirk ran across Rachel's face, satisfied at the smart decision they had made. The quarters were a successful bluff, and when the police had entered the scene, the five were quickly arrested, with the injured one being transported to a hospital for medical treatment.

As the place began to clear out and Rachel had begun to cool down from the excitement of moments past, one of the officers had approached her while she was patching up the last of the holes in her jacket, despite the apparent damage that it had undergone through.

The officer wasn't much older than her, maybe in his early twenties. From how sharp his uniform was, Rachel was assuming that he was new to the force.

"Excuse me, ma'am. This might not be my place to say this, but I think the city needs more people like you." He turned his head from side to side, unsure if he should continue. "From what I've heard, a group of kids like yourself are calling themselves the New Teen Titans, and they might be looking for more people to help them. Last I've heard, they've been over at the courthouse. Why don't you head out that way?"

Rachel was pleasantly intrigued by this, but R'hul silently interrupted the two. I might have an idea of who these kids are.

"Thanks for the praise and all, but I think it'll be better if I meet them at their meeting place."

After hearing this, he had thought for a couple of seconds, before replying.

"Well, from what I've heard, you're best bet would to head out towards the old Titans Tower. I've heard rumors that somebody had just recently moved in, and she've been generally helpful."

Rachel thanked the officer for the information, after telling him what exactly had happened, before heading out in the direction of the tower.


It was a nice 15-20 minute walk from the bank when she approached the lonely tower. It was silent, away from the city, felt and looked like home to Rachel. Sure, the tower had seen better days, but it was still standing, and it had been the home of some of the greatest teen crime fighters of their time.

The door itself seemed solid, though there was no noticeable doorknob or fancy doorbell. After minutes of politely knocking, she had ended up slamming her fist into the door, hard enough to make a noticeable sound of "Hey, I'm at the front door.", but not hard enough to damage.

While Rachel had given up on the knocking, R'hul asked if she could give him a try at it. She remembered that R'hul (and herself to a lesser extent) was able to communicate to electronics and machinery just with physical contact, and placed the palm of her hand onto the door.

Almost instantly, R'hul's mind had connected to the tower with a simple polite introduction of him, Rachel, and why they were there. However, with R'hul being the source, he had managed to overwhelm some of the security systems of the tower, allowing the duo a temporary granted access within the tower. However, that wasn't all: the minds of Rachel and R'hul had also momentarily connected to Melanie's as well, possibly alerting her to their presence. the connection wasn't intrusive in the least bit. It was merely a mental greeting.

"You know, R'hul, not only did you just had use break into somebody's home, but whatever you connected to, it tasted like coconut and metal."

I do apologize, in my culture, we acted as a collective, where everything one owned, we all owned in a sense.

"Well, here that can be construed as breaking and entering. But since we're already here, We're going to take a look around."

A good few minutes passed as Rachel explored the Tower, being careful not to enter any rooms that she might get in trouble for, eventually reaching the Operations Center, the two of them realizing that nobody was actually in the tower. The room had a semi-circular couch at the center, facing a newer television set that was still on, currently set to some stupid channel.

Captain Planet, he's our hero!

Jumping over the backrest and landing into the middle of the couch, which was decent according to her standards, Rachel grabbed for the remote, flipping through some of the channels to keep her busy until they come back - that is, if there were people to begin with.

I hope they don't mind if I make myself at home.



Not these guys.



What am I watching? O.o

Lotte Fit's

Cute, but no.

We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind.

After a few minutes of flipping through the channels, she could feel the weight of fatigue of the day's events creeping on her, she thought that a small nap wouldn't hurt, and situated herself on the couch before closing her eyes.


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The Night Watcher watched what appeared to be signs of struggle inside the courthouse, there was clearly a battle going on inside. "Finally, I was wondering when this punk was gonna start defending himself, now if he would just blow the shit up, I can do what I came to do." The battle goes on for a few minutes, and then he sees the five people he watched enter individually earlier, leave as a group. As the group exited the police backed away form the building. "Finally it's gonna blow!" The Night Watcher thought preparing himself to manipulate the debris. Suddenly a pillar of fire erupted straight up out of the building creating a perfect circular hole about 6 feet in diameter. "DAMMIT! That's almost no debris." The Night Watcher said to himself as he took a deep breath. Outstretched his hand towards the debris and closed his eyes. The pillar of soot that was created when the material from the roof was vaporized by the heat of the explosion, moved abnormally following his command and stopped creating a cloud above ten officers, he was hoping to take care of at least thirty five today, but ya work with what ya got. He picked this particular group because even though there were larger groups, the Chief of Police was with this group, and The Night Watcher wanted him dead more than any other corrupt cop. He took another deep breath, this time holding it, his hand, which was at this point palm out towards the cloud, moved, his fingers now pointing downward at the police officers. The cloud lowered to them, particles of soot being forced into their lungs. For good measure The Night Watcher took his other hand waved a cross the scene slowly palm out towards the group of officers. This served to remove a some of the oxygen from the area, anyone who wasn't already choking would have only felt a little light headed but for the unfortunate ten that were targeted by The Night Watcher, they began to suffocate, the soot coated the alveoli in their lungs, blocking them from absorbing oxygen, unfortunately he could not coat them entirely, but the decreased oxygen in the atmosphere meant that their damaged lungs could not absorb enough oxygen. After a few minutes they all fell to the ground, clutching their throats, the paramedics on site tried and tried but could do nothing, the air they tried to pump into their lungs was resisted, but they couldn't find the blockages. The ten officers died, suffocated by the explosion in the courthouse.

The Night Watcher exhaled slowly and reached down to his PDA turning on the news channel. Larry Jenkins's face yet again appeared on the device "We have some breaking news from the courthouse. Only moments ago five teenagers left the building with Judge Ramirez and handed him over the Chief of police, with evidence of the Judge's misdeeds. The judge was then taken to an ambulance and treated for minor wounds. Then out of no where - " The scene cuts to an image of the courthouse with a whole in the roof. "An explosion. All of the force was directed straight up creating a magnificent pillar of fire." The shot returns to Larry Jenkins. "The smoke hung in the air for a moment and then it moved, as if by magic over a group of police officers, before descending down on them. I regret to inform you that ten officers, including the Chief of Police, died tonight in the explosion, as a result of the strange movements of the debris. At the moment we have no information on how it happened, or who these five teenagers are." The Night Watcher smiled as he switched off the device and smiled, Didn't get them all, but I can make this work. He thought to himself as he ran from roof top to roof top on his way back to his observatory.

Upon arriving he knew he needed to take credit for the Chief's death, so he records a voice message, using voice altering technology to keep his identity hidden, "I am the Night Watcher, I killed those police officer's and the Chief because they are a virus plaguing my city. The police are corrupt, the justice system is fucked up, and the criminals are taking advantage of it. No one here is safe, the ordinary person is left to fend for themselves, most of them are forced into working for the criminals or dying. Prostitution or your family starving because you have no money, what decision would you make? There is no choice for most of theses people, it is my job to eliminate the criminals, all of them. Your precious boys in blue are some of the biggest offenders, but they'd never arrest themselves so I guess I'll have to serve as judge, jury, and executioner. The other criminals, the lucky ones will be left unconscious for the few just cops to clean up. The worst offenders however, have no hope for rehabilitation and will be exterminated. My city will return to it's former glory, a safe place to run your business, and raise your family. You won't have to live in fear that the vermin and scum will fuck up this city anymore." He ended the recording, played it back to himself and then burned it on to five CDs. He went out and dropped one off anonymously to each news agency in town, ensuring he wasn't spotted by camera's or any other surveillance. His package included a note saying that message was to be played on the 10 o'clock news tonight.

After dropping off the package at the last news agency, The Night Watcher checked his phone, it was 7:38 pm, he had plenty of time to peruse the information he retrieved from the Titan database. He made his way to his computer, sitting down and accessing the program he wrote earlier checking the information it received, the primary function succeeded in retrieving information on Krótos, but the program was blocked before it was able to retrieve any other important information, The Night Watcher didn't expect perfection, the Titan database was bound to be well protected. He pulled up the information on Krótos, it contained only a couple files, the most promising a video clip of a masked man, threatening the "little titan", the Night Watcher thought it odd that he only referred to one person, but couldn't figure out what it meant. Once he had gathered all of the information he could on Krótos the Night Watcher began checking his security and surveillance systems, but it was a quiet evening, the criminals were apparently frightened by today's events at the courthouse. He switches to the news at 10, just in time to see mister Larry Jenkins yet again, this time on his television. "We have some alarming information, that the police would rather we not share, but I have decided to share it with you all anyway. Now I must warn you the tape I'm about to play contains strong language, please be advised that children should change the channel now." He said before playing the audio file. The Night Watcher heard the message he recorded earlier and smiled, now they knew who he was, and what he was willing to do. "I don't know what I'm gonna do about this Krótos person, but for now I'll let him do what he wants, and I'll stop him after I've taken care of more of the cities worst criminals. Just need to figure out my next target." He said to himself relaxing in his chair.


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Melanie, carrying Ryan, was rushing back to the tower. Her energy was running low and she had mantained damage from the battle, namely her neck. Though breaking her neck wouldn't kill her, it did damage the wiring and her vision was flickering slightly and her sense of balance was slightly off. Getting home and getting it fixed was a main priority. Her second priority was less based on her and more based on the figure in her arms.

Ryan, formerly known as Krotos, was very still and very cold as far as her sensors could tell. She was eager to get him back to the tower and check all his vital signs and make sure that he was truely okay. He'd exerted a lot of his energy to divert the blast into the air so that no one would be hurt and in return he'd been accepted into the Teen Titans. Of course, the others didn't know it yet. She hadn't had the chance to tell them yet and didn't know how they would react.

At the moment though she couldn't be worried about them. Ryan's life was probably hanging in the balance and Melanie was going to do all in her power to make sure he recovered quickly, even if it meant her friends might disagree. It only took a matter of minutes before she was back at the tower and made her way to the medical room, gently laying Ryan on one of the beds. Mentally she issued the tower's built in system to start checking his vital signs and give an estimate on the damage that had been done to his body while she hurried back to her room.

Quickly she plugged Mel's body in and re-entered the tower's mainframe, updating on the statues of the tower and her friends. Someone had attempted to hack into her but the defense system had blocked it while she was out. Ryan was in bad shape but not irreparable. And... there was someone unfamilar in the living room? This could be a problem.

Melanie created two hollagrams, one who walked into the room Ryan was recovering in and the other into the living room. The first with Ryan opened the door quietly, smiling, eyes noticably blue and not gold. "Hey," she said, softly closing the door behind her and walking up to his bedside, "How do you feel?"

The second hollogram of herself walked into the living room, blue eyes narrowed slightly as she examined the figure on the couch from a safe distance. She didn't seem hostile and had gone as far as to register herself in Melanie's system, kind of like a greeting, which was probably why Melanie hadn't been alarmed. Plus if she was hostile she probably wouldn't be calmly sitting on the couch watching TV. "Well hello there," she said, not hostile but rather with uncertain suspition as she walked around infront of the couch, just out of reach, smiling slightly, "I don't have guests all that often. Might I ask who you are?"