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Kalista Mercer


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a character in “The Next Battle for Hogwarts”, as played by Mysterious Fox


Courage, Bravery, Nerve, and Chivalry!


Kalista Mercer







[Year || House]
Sixth Year || Gryffindor


[Face Claim]
Jennifer Lawrence

[Hair Color]
Dirty Blonde

[Eye Color]


[Tattoos and Piercings]
Earlobes are pierced.

[Birth Date]
August 15th


Courteous: Always
Risk-Taking: Generally
Ambitious: Always
Curious: Typically
Self-Controlled: Typically
Nurturing: Always
Trusting: Always
Honest: Always
Loyal: Always
Affectionate: Typically
Romantic: Generally
Flirty: Generally
Sympathetic: Always
Altruistic: Typically
Optimistic: Always
Observant: Always
Logical: Sometimes
Social: Outgoing
Emotions: Somewhat Stable

☮Quidditch ☮Potions
☮Reese's ☮Poetry ☮Rainbows

☠Being the center of attention. ☠People
☠Cruelty ☠Being away from home for long amounts of time. ☠Liars

☥Being the center of attention. ☥Clowns
☥Death ☥Disappointing her parents. ☥Falling in love.


[My History]
At the young age of three, Kalista's birth parents died in a house fire, leaving her to travel between foster homes until the age of six. Finally she was adopted by a loving family, but little did they know about who Kalista was born to be. Throughout the years, Kalista grew close to this family and loved them just as if she were born into it. She had parents who loved her, who were still with her. But she still wished that she was still able to live with her birth parents. She couldn't remember very much of them, but from what she could remember, she loved it.

At the age of eleven they were greeted by an owl carrying a letter for Kalista from Hogwarts. They had no idea what they were seeing were true or if it were some sort of hoax. Ever since they've been ignoring the letters, but they kept coming and coming until finally someone from the school arrived at her home. They were all spending their Sunday night watching movies, spending their time together as a family. Her parents were told that she truly was a witch and about her birth father attending Hogwarts as well. Kalista couldn't seem to believe anything she was hearing but it all did kind of make sense, as crazy as it sounded. Kalista finally talked her parents into allowing her to attend this school, that night she left with the female and started to collect her items then to catch the train to Hogwarts.

[My Owl]
Spice || Female || Great Horned Owl

Spice had been in her family ever since she was ten. Surprisingly she already had a pet owl because she begged her parents to death in order to her to have one. Spice was and always will be one of Kalista's best friends. She is able to talk to her about anything and even though she may not be able to speak, she knows that Spice listens to everything she has to say.

[Hex Dialogue]

So begins...

Kalista Mercer's Story


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Professor Downmen arrived at the courtyard slightly late, where he had informed his students to meet him for today’s lesson. “Alright, alright, that’s enough chatter. I’m sorry I’m late. You know that’s not like me.” Even during his apology his tone came off agitated, pacing to the front. But he’d have time for sincerity later. There was much to preoccupy his thoughts.

The school, though functioning and healthy to the normal eye was in a tight twist. There were new issues regarding whom should run the school, carrying the obligation of new headmaster. It may have been perceived as a parade to the students but it posed a true nuisance to the teachers. They needed a hierarchy and the position filled as soon as possible for one leader to be claimed and make the big decisions. Otherwise too often debates were risen ranging from modifying the school, to students consequences and interrupt the consistency and reliability of Hogwarts catering for young witches and wizards.
Personally, Troy thought it should have been him to fill the position. He’s always been reliable, confident and brave and a fair judge. And the class he specialised in was evidence of that. He didn’t judge the creatures before knowing them. He’d put himself in front of a student if the creature went rogue. There was no third party to decide which Professor would be most suited for the moment either so it looked to be an enduring problem.

Troy’s eyes flickered back to his class and he cleared his throat. He had dwelled enough on that matter. “As I was saying. Today we are going to encounter, Brinkettes. Now usually they’re about 5 foot 2 max and that's only as a camouflage technique among us, so obviously larger than a pixie and slightly brighter but generally classified as a small height,” he wavered his hand at the estimate height. “And they have invisible wings so it often appears like they’re levitating and flying most of the time.
They’re wings too, as I’m sure your potions teacher has told you, are highly valuable limbs as they have the property of invisibility. And as tempting as that sounds I'm going to advise against all plucking of their wings as there are alternative ingredients to invisibility potions anyway.
Moving on. Brinkettes are from the fairy/pixie category. They're from the family if you will. They share the same troublesome traits as pixies and can't help but get up to a bit of mischief and chaos, though they're less impulsive about it. Which is why it's important to be alert around them and keep them on our side. But also why we keep them closer to the lake.”

He lead the way to the area where they had an agreement to reside or be banished from the grounds entirely. The Brinkettes often executed their little talents on the bugs of the area yet the bugs were in abundance today, as the Professor was caught smacking his arm more than twice to rid the crawling sensation and waving his arm in the air to be rid of them as he ventured a little further for them.
Where were they? Or what were they up to exactly? Not even one's presence was detected. He had a bad feeling about this. An extra bad feeling that suggested more than them tearing up pillows or stealing from students luggage.

"Sorry about that class. Short incursion over," he announced followed by being saved by the bell.


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Dialogue Color Code: #740001

Kalista had just returned to Hogwarts for the first time after Dumbledore was no longer headmaster. Of course with this concern all everyone's minds, things were going to be a bit hectic for a while. But she knew that all of the teachers would be able to figure this out eventually so she didn't really worry much about anything.

She found herself following Professor Downmen down towards the lake to teach the class about these Brinkettes. Though she was shocked to find that there were none around and the class seemed to end just as soon as it had started. Kalista was never really the most social person, so she tended to keep more to herself. Though hopefully she would make some sort of friends, even if they weren't in Gryffindor with her.

When Kalista left home in order to attend Hogwarts for another year, both her parents freaked out. Her parents were muggles, though she was born to a wizard father and muggle mother. Both her birth parents died in a house fire, leaving her to be adopted a couple years later to the Mercer family.

Kalista slid her hands into her pockets and glanced down at the ground as she began to walk around. All she could seem to think about was her birth parents. All she wanted to do was get to know them, she wished they were still around. She loved Miranda and Joseph to death, but there was still that small curiosity within her mind about who her parents would be if they were still around.

Would she get along with her parents? What kind of things would they end up arguing about? These questions seemed to come up out of nowhere, but she honestly couldn't help but wonder.

Finally Kalista found herself sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree in the courtyard. She bent her legs, knees up in the air as she let out a soft sigh and leaned her head back against the tree. This year was going to be different, she promised herself. She was going to break out of her shell, meet some new people, make some friends, even make some enemies if it came down to it. At least she would know where she stood with people.


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Kassy Johnson

Kassy was making sitting at a table in the Ravenclaw Common Room, burning through her homework bit by bit for each morning classes or what she hadn't managed to finish up last night. She always made a point of doing the work she could doing her free period to save herself time later. She sat her pen down as she checked over her Divination assignment, before tucking it down in her bag, she pulled out her schedule where she kept track of homework, going down her list she noticed she'd missed writing down the homework for Potions class, "Oh no no I must've forgotten when I was finishing up my notes... geez I better find the professor or someone who knows the work, Potions is next period!" she complained to herself in the empty common room.

She rushed out the door and down the shifting staircases, looking for someone she knew from class, finding no one. She gave an exasperated sigh, deciding to head outside. Out in the courtyard she spotted a girl from her class, Kalsa? Kaliso? She couldn't get the name right in her head but she remembered her. "Hey sorry to bother you, I'm just kinda in a hurry, do you know the homework we had for potions? I forgot to write it down yesterday i was too busy finishing the class work and taking notes I only remember the chapter it was over I missed the actual assignment" she asked urgently.

She still had about half her free period left, so if Kassy could just get the work she could get back and finish it in time, though she'd probably be cutting it close it was her own fault for such a simple mistake she isn't one to make. On the bright side without having to look for anyone on the way it wouldn't take two minutes to get back to the common room with her cardinal form.