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Artemis Jule

"Nobody has the right to choose who you are going to be. That choice belongs to you."

0 · 575 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “The Next Generation”, as played by Cyline



"There are few that ever truly live."


Artemis Diana Jule


5'5" or... 165 cm


Half-Blood (Two Half-blood parents)


Apple, unyielding, unicorn hair, 5 1/2 inches


Elaphoi Khrysokeroi (Elephant)


The Weasley/Potter Family: Over the years, they have become like a second family to her. She is extremely close to James and Rose especially.

Animals/Magical Creatures: Both of them interest her and she seems to have an uncanny ability to calm them and train them.

Potions: Artemis's favorite class and one she excels in. She is at the top of her potions' class and plans to be a Potioneer like her parents when she is older.

~Sweet~Bright Colors~Writing~Reading~Her Grandparents~Mythology~ Music~Piano~Dreams~Quidditch~James~Magical History~

Death Eaters: To her, they are more real than they are to most of the children born after Voldemort's defeat. She hates them with a passion, but she is also terrified of them.

Arithmancy: She can't stand math or anything having to do with numbers that does not include potions and mixing.

Hot Weather: She can stand warm weather and she embraces cold weather, but anything over ninety degrees is a big no for her.

Artemis fears losing everyone she cares about and she fear the Dark Arts. She is terrified that one day, Voldemort and his followers will rise again and take away everything she holds dear.


Artemis Jule is a bit of a complicated girl. She is bright and cheery, but also has a bit of a dark demeanor to her. Artemis is very kind and giving, but by no means selfless. She is actually quite selfish as she will do almost anything to keep those she cares about close to her. She knows that people can be cruel. Artemis's not completely open or trusting. In fact, she's far from it. She only trusts people after they have earned it.

However, Artemis also values loyalty and honesty above all else. Once you have earned her loyalty, it is difficult to break. If she's loyal to you, she will give you a second chance, but after that it's "goodbye" to you. She is also very honest, sometimes brutally so. She will not hesitate to tell someone off, or admit her own mistakes for that matter. Naturally, Artemis is kind to people around her. Sure, she won't trust anyone the first moment she meets them, but she is still nice and at least somewhat polite to them.

Artemis is also temperamental though. She has a short tolerance for arrogance and blatant disrespect. And trust me, Artemis on a rampage is not a fun sight. She can be a bit rash if it involves someone she cares about, and she is stubborn. She is not easily persuaded when she sets her mind to something, but she can sometimes understand when people are coming from a logical standpoint. Artemis hates being told what to do and will get quite angry when people try to make her do something.

Despite all of this, Artemis is a natural born leader. She tries to make the best choices possible and takes responsibility for her actions. She cares about the people around her and will do anything to protect the people she loves, even if it means risking her own life. She is a good friend because she listens before jumping to conclusions, and she's never afraid to help someone with a problem. Like everyone, she makes mistakes that sometimes get people into trouble, but she won't lie about it or blame it on someone else. It's what makes her human. It's what makes her Artemis.

Artemis’s mother and father were potioneers that were enthralled by the Muggle world. They lived a peaceful life among Muggles until Artemis was nine and she and her family were attacked by some still faithful Death Eaters, who were looking for the something. Her mother hid her and younger brother Apollo, giving a small vial to Artemis. They found their father dead and their mother missing. She and Apollo lived with their grandparents, who helped the siblings run from the Death Eaters that seemed to be constantly tracking them.

When Artemis turned eleven, she was admitted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and sorted into Gryffindor. It was here that Artemis met her two soon-to-be best friends Dominique Weasley and James Potter II. She grew close to the two cousins, interested in stories she heard about their parents. Artemis loved being at Hogwarts and the year was peacefully and full of warmth. She went home for Christmas and everything was perfect.

However, when she returned home at the end of the year, her family was once again attacked. The family was once again attacked and she was unable to keep contact with James and Dominique over the summer. She explained this to them on the first day back, also saying that she couldn't tell them why she wasn't able to keep contact. Dominique was understanding about it, but Artemis and James were not on very good terms for the first few months of school. Finally, Artemis had had enough of him ignoring her and she confronted him. He claimed that if she couldn't trust him, he couldn't be her friend. Artemis said that she didn't want him to be involved with something she didn't even know much about. James agreed to stop fighting and she spent the Christmas with the Weasley/Potter family.

Over the years, she has begin spending more Christmases with the Weasley/Potter family and sometimes the last couple weeks of summer. She is best friends with James and Dominique. Recently, however, her feelings for James have become something a bit more, but she is afraid to tell him because she doesn't want to hurt their friendship.

Dialogue: #642EFE

So begins...

Artemis Jule's Story