Ivy Emerald Nasrin

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| Name |
Ivy Emerald Nasrin

| Nickname |

| Meaning of Name |
"Nasrin" means "wild rose."

| Gender |

| Age |

| Alliance |
Night Maidens

| Spirit |
Briar Rose

| Code Name |

| Mortal Enemy |

| Power |
Plant & Dream Manipulation

| Weapon of Choice |
Bow & Arrows || emerald-embedded dagger



| Height |
Five feet, four inches

| Weight |
Ninety-nine pounds
(severely underweight from her coma; still struggling to regain weight)

| Hair Color |

| Eye Color |
Bright Green

| Physical Description |
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| Face Claim |
Kaya Scodelario

| Markings |
Ivy has two obvious scars -- one across her left eye, the other spaning her right shoulder blade. Both are souveniers of the car accident that put her into her coma. Also, she shares an identical birthmark with her twin brother, crook of her left arm. It looks discreetly like a six-pointed star.

| Battle Attire |
http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/201 ... y-pack.jpg
(Except it's dark green trimmed with silver)

| Medallion |
http://static1.shop033.com/resources/33 ... 909700.jpg

The Medallion of Briar Rose has, appropriately, a rose on the front side of it. On the back of the medallion, a Latin inscription reads "pericula atque decorem," which translates to "danger and beauty." This medallion also seconds as an enchanted pocket watch, which only starts ticking when there is danger nearby. The clock counts down the time until the danger will be met face-to-face.

Sullen | Temperamental | Inconsiderate | Courageous | Foolhardy


| Strengths |
• Loyal
• Can Work Alone
• Manipulative Ability

| Weaknesses |
• Inability to Control Temper
• Distrustful
• Conceitedness

| Fears |
• Suffocation
• Failure
• Letting Others Down

| Likes |
• Snakes
• Wooded Areas
• Thunder Storms
• Rain
• Being the Hero

| Dislikes |
• The Knights
• Being Manipulated
• Playing Down her Abilities
• Helplessness
• Being Ignored or Disregarded

| Personality |
Ivy's a sullen, quiet girl who never shares her feelings with anyone. She is quite temperamental and will blow up on other (friends and allies inclded) for little to no reason quite often. Afraid to get too close to anyone, lest they be torn from her, she has built a wall up around herself and refuses to display any emotion, ever. For this reason, she can seem, well, unfeeling and inconsiderate, wch isn't inaccurate in the slightes form. She's also very courageous, in a way that is, in reality, quite foolhardy, and would do anything for others.



| Country of Origin |
United States of America
(Florida, specifically)

| Birthday |
May Eighteenth

| Star Sign |

| Family |
Sylvia Mae Lincoln (biological mother, never met)
Jaden Phillip Gregors (biological father, never met)
Christopher Phillip Gregors (twin brother)
Angelica Ann Joyeuse-Nasrin (adoptive mother)
Matthew Edwin Nasrin (adoptive father)
Kyranne Isabella Nasrin (adoptive sister, nineteen, deceased)
Matthew Edwin "Matty" Nasrin, Junior (adoptive brother, twelve)
Olivia Isabelle Nasrin (aunt, father's side)

| History |
Ivy was born to a teenage mother as a twin to a brother named Christopher. They were placed in foster care, desperate to stay together. They succeeded until they turned nine, when an unknown couple who wanted a son adopted Christopher. A heartbroken Ivy was tossed around for another two years before a couple with another daughter her age adopted her. Ivy became close to her adoptive sister, Kyranne, and even took the surname of her new family. Ivy and Kyranne did everything together. Then one day, when the girls were sixteen, they were in a car accident with their Aunt Olivia. Kyranne was killed instantly, and Olivia was stable, but Ivy fell into a coma. She was in this coma for two months when her brother Christopher caught wind of her story. He rushed to the hospital, gazing upon the face of his twin for the first time in many long years. He squeezed her hand, whispering a tearful "I love you." Ivy soon woke up, but grew depressed for her sister.

| Other |

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