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Gideon Caldwell

"Well...this sucks..."

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a character in “The Nightmare Games”, as played by DyslexicAngel713


Life is but an illusion, and in order to conquer that illusion, we must dream. In dreams, we enter a world where our illusion can be the utmost truth.


Face claim: Ben Bruce

Name: Gideon Marcus Caldwell

Nickname: Gid

Age: 18

Sexuality: Openly Bisexual, prefers women

Hometown: Larkhall, South Lanarkshire, Scottland


+ The show Criminal Minds
Because he shared the name of one of the characters

+ Reading
Mostly psychology books, also non fiction history

+ Playing Guitar
He also sings

+ His Piercings and Tattoos
He has to many to list

+ Being Alone
Doesn't like people to be to close to him

- Large Groups
Not a fear, just a dislike

- Darkness
His grandparents locked him in a closet as a childhood punishment

- Fire
Was burned at a young age, burn marks cover back where he has no tattoos

- Water
His grandfather tried to drown him

- Politics
Who likes them??

>>Seplophobia- Fear of decaying matter, dead bodies, and death
Comes from his brother keeping their pet cat until the thing was almost only bones. He cannot go to funerals, or see dead bodies, or even kill bugs

>>Theophobia- Fear of gods or religion
Comes from the grandparents who raised him. They tried to force God on him, and in the process made him extremely fearful.

>>Ouranophobia- Fear of heaven or the afterlife (includes angels, demons, devils and gods)
Comes, again, from his grandparents. They told him if he does anything wrong, he'll go to hell.

Quirks: Gid has a tendency to play with his lip rings with he's nervous. He is usually only nervous when he is flirting, which is rare. The reason his flirting is so rare is because he doesn't want to be shot down or hurt. Gideon has been in several bad relationships, and therefore tries to stay away from them. Gid rarely smiles. This may be because he has nothing to smile about (see history).


Weaknesses and Strengths: Gid can't be in the complete darkness. While he doesn't like bright lights, if it's pitch black, he will freak out. Gideon also cannot harm people. He will try to fight his way out of something using his intellect and mental skills. Or, he will simply dodge his attacker until the attacker bumps into someone else, makes them mad, and attack his attacker. Gideon also cannot see other people in pain. He will violently puke if he sees blood, but he also has amazing first aide skills. One summer, in order to get over the blood thing, he took a nursing class. He managed to control it in the class, but in an uncontrolled setting, blood still makes him vomit. Gid has really bad judgement, and will trust people if they have the same favorite color. However, Gid can read people really well. When he started watching Criminal Minds, due to the fact that one of the characters names was Gideon, he got interested in criminal profiling. He started to study it for fun, and got really good at it. Once a person lets Gideon in, or even gives him an ounce of information, he will run with it. He can tell you your whole back story with very little information.


Personality: He's gentle, to the point of painfully so, and he's kind. Gid has really good virtues, and while he's a party boy, he is still a virgin and he doesn't plan on giving it up until he knows it's the right girl. Gid likes to sing, and he also plays guitar frequently. His alcohol and pot use are definitely bad traits, but he tries to control them. He doesn't party during the school week. Also, he has a very short temper. Gid is the typical bad boy. He doesn't like to follow the rules, and he hates being told what to do. Gid was the kind of kid who, once he turns 18, he'll be out of there faster than you can say goodbye. While Gid does care about his brother, he doesn't care if Tommy Jr went with him or not. Gid was out. He is your typical party boy, he's been in the party scene since he was in 8th grade. He's done pot, acid, and cocaine, but he mostly only smokes pot now. Gid also drinks. He's your typical bad seed. Often times, people will whisper: "What happened to Gideon? Tommy Jr is such a good boy," and it really irritates him. He isn't his brother, and he wants people to realize that. Gideon wants to be in a band, but he knows that isn't realistic. The other thing he wants to do is be a high school History teacher...yes even with all the tattoos and piercings.

History: Jay was born Gideon Marcus Caldwell to Margaret and Thomas Caldwell. He is the older twin, but you wouldn't know it by how quiet and reserved. He had a great life until he was 6 years old...that's when his life went to shit. The night of Tommy Jr and Gideon's 6th birthday, their father came home drunk as a skunk and high as a kite. Their mother tried to stop him from waking the boys, but Thomas Sr woke them anyway, and made them watch as he brutally raped and beat their mother. Gid, being the older twin by almost a full 18 hours, covered Tommy Jr's eyes and made Tommy Jr cover his own ears so he wouldn't hear or see anything. After Tommy Sr. had finished with Margaret, he moved on to Gid. Gideon told Tommy Jr to run, and Tommy Jr listened because run usually meant they were going to play tag. So, Tommy Jr ran into the hallway and down it. The next thing Tommy Jr or Gideon knew, both of their parents were dead and they were orphans. Gideon admitted to killing their father, but the police did nothing as a) he was six and b) his father had killed his mother. Tommy Jr still doesn't know his twin killed their father. They were then raised by their grandparents, who treated Tommy Jr like an angel, and Gideon like the devil himself

Other: Gideon no longer lives with his grandparents. He also has no contact with his brother, Tommy Jr. His brother and he got it a fight the day he was going to move out, and neither has contacted the other since. His grandparents have tried to call him, but he has ignored all their calls. He now lives in a little flat above the bar he works at. Gideon is a waiter by day and a bartender by night. He prefers the bar-tending, because he gets more tips, but he doesn't hate waiting on people. Gideon is very much a people person, though he doesn't like to admit it.

So begins...

Gideon Caldwell's Story