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Kina Woods

"I have no idea how I've gotten here, but I'm going to win."

0 · 671 views · located in Dreamland

a character in “The Nightmare Games”, as played by EveningAngel


"I'm not going to lose. Not my mind, not my life."


Face claim:Anna Popplewell
Name: Kina Elizabeth Woods
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

-cute guys
-back stabbers
-thunder storms
Quirks: N/A


Weaknesses: Kina is a scaredy-cat, and has never been very fond of sports. Once she's scared, she is unable to function, and her lack of physical skills gives her a serious disadvantage.
Strengths: She took karate for a couple years when she was younger, and knows the basics of it. She also more or less knows how to handle certain weapons, such as small guns or swords.



If you’ve never talked to her, she’ll be very shy towards you, and will remain shy until you become close to her. All shyness abandons her as soon as she’s close with someone though, and she becomes a totally different person than you might have imagined her to be.

Sarcasm is one of Kina’s favorite things. She can’t go a single day without using it, whether it be as a humoristic remark or a mean comment. It’s an easier way for her to express herself than just being direct with people. It is one of her more obvious traits.

If you ask her for her opinion, be ready for brutal honesty. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything to anyone - at least anyone she knows. This is sometimes an appreciated trait, sometimes not so much. If you ask her, however, about how she’s feeling, she’ll most likely lie. It is the only thing she refuses to be honest about most of the time.

Kina gets particularly affectionate with her friends and brother. When words fail her, she relies on actions to explain or express how she’s feeling. Even when words seem to work, she still greatly enjoys cuddling, hugging, snuggling, nuzzling, and anything to do with touching. She is also sweet and caring, and gives excellent advice; not to mention she’s willing to listen to and help anyone who is having a rough time.

It is not unlikely to see her acting like a child or being a little too innocent for her own good - not that she does it on purpose. She tends to be a little - or a lot - silly sometimes, and this is either viewed as an absolutely adorable and endearing trait or an incredibly annoying one.

Kina is not one of those who enjoy openly talking about their life or how they’re feeling. She keeps most things to herself and will only open up to people she’s very close to. Even then, she’ll tend to lie about how she’s feeling, and keep most personal things (such as her past) to herself.
History: At the age of 4, Kina’s mother was brutally murdered one night when coming home from her job as a waitress in a local restaurant. The news absolutely destroyed her family. Her father became a broken shell of a man she used to call ‘daddy’, and her brother went from being a boy to a man. She was too young to fully comprehend what had happened, but from then on was a very unhappy child.

Other: Anything else you want to add.

So begins...

Kina Woods's Story