Rosalie St. Cloud

It's just a game...right?

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a character in “The Nightmare Games”, as played by EverAfter


Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?


Face claim: Emma Watson
Name: Rosalie St. Cloud
Nickname: Rose
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

+ Painting and sketching.
+ Making new friends and spending time with old ones.
+ Reading books.
+ Organization and neat lists.
+ Playing the piano.
+ Excessively hot weather.
+ Unfriendly people.
+ Betrayal and back-stabbing.
+ Large animals.
+ Closed spaces.
+ Haunted houses.
+ Being alone.
+ Spiders and snakes.
+ Minor claustrophobia.
+ Heights.
Quirks: ---


Weaknesses: Rose can be a little too trusting of others sometimes, making her vulnerable to manipulation. She's not the best at sports involving size or strength, but is quite quick on her feet due to years of taking track.

Strengths: Rose is highly intelligent and clever, with a knack for squeezing out of scrapes with only a scratch or two. She is remarkably level-headed in times of trouble, and is a fast-thinker when it comes to finding a solution. Though she understands the benefit of teamwork, she also does well independently and is perfectly equipped to take care of herself.


Personality: Though shy and a bit reserved, Rose is your typical teenage girl: inquisitive, compassionate, and very smart. While it admittedly takes a little longer for her to open up to strangers, she nonetheless tries to see the best in any situation and person, and is the perfect definition of an optimist. Her generally cheerful outlook at life makes her a favorite among her friends, although she usually declines from attending large, crowded parties for a little 'self time.' Rose's favorite past-times include reading, as well as sketching and painting, particularly of the landscapes that can be found near her home in Tennessee. Unsurprisingly, she enjoys nature, and often takes walks through the adjacent forest with her dog, Oliver.
Rose's charming personality may make her seem like an easy pushover; however, she can be quite strong-willed at times, and makes it quite clear that she is not one to be underestimated or overlooked.

History: Rose and her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee due to her father's job transferal from England. Though ten years old at the time, she quickly became friends with several of her schoolmates after discovering numerous shared interests between them. Aside from her parents, Rose has one younger sister and one younger brother, who are twins. Though she claims that they're annoying beyond imagination, she's actually very close with both.

Other: As she was born in England, Rose has a bit of a British accent.

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