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Arc Troiya

So long as this job includes a roof over my head and a meal on my plate, I'm in!

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a character in “The Nightwing's Voyage”, originally authored by ali_rox96, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Arc Troiya
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Rank: Weapons engineer


Arc is your typical human with palish skin, blonde hair and light blue eyes; she doesn’t stand out and she makes it a point not to. She’s always wearing old, patchy clothes and run down sneakers, she doesn’t dress up. Ever.


Arc is whimsical and a dreamer, always has been always will be, no matter what life throw at her it will never take that away from her.
When Arc was young she was determined and always believed she could do whatever she wanted so long as she put her heart into it. She always saw the world differently to others, she hated deadlines and pressure. She always threw herself into everything and did everything slightly differently from everyone else.
Arc is still the same girl, it’s just a little deeper down and less innocent. Life happened. Her experiences have hardened her around the edges. She became excessively self-reliant and came to despise handouts and relying on people. She stopped keeping friends because she never made contact or gave them a way to contact her, that and she hardly stayed anywhere long enough to make friends. She stayed her ever whimsical self though and enjoys the adventure of never knowing where her next meal is coming from or where she will be when she eats it.


Arc usually has a switchblade in her back pocket and her newest gun on her person.


Arc has no idea the identity of her parents no cares to find out. As far as she is concerned Sarath, her stepfather was her only family. Sarath was a Toshick; the tinkerers of the Universe. Toshicks have been accredited with the creation of many inventions due to their uncanny interest in pulling things apart and trying to make them better. Not many Toshicks remain though as they would much prefer to explore the world discovering new inventions than settling down and starting a family. Sarath was a weapons expert but would move to a new post once he decided there was nothing new or exciting left for him at his current post. So him and Arc moved around a lot, from space stations to military bases to strange planets. Sarath had no qualms about who he was working for, Arc picked up this attitude of his. Wherever they went though Sarath would teach Arc everything he knew about the trade and she would always be with him when he worked. When Arc was 15 she pre enrolled to the Intergalactic Defense Academy. When the ship Sarath was on was engaged in battle and was destroyed she changed her mind and decided she didn’t want to live and die for other people’s problems. Arc ended up all alone fending for herself. A few friend’s of her fathers offered to take her in but she refused, determined to look after herself. Arc began to wander from planet to planet never being able to find one to call home. Once the money her father had left her had run out she started taking out weapons mechanic jobs here and there to make ends meet. Everything her father had taught her and her instincts from growing up around weapons made her a rather talented weapons expert despite never having official training. Arc began taking up any job she could find until another would peak her interest. Arc started enjoying the adventure of being attached to no one or no where. She never has money in her pocket but she is happy this way so long as the job includes a roof over her head and food on her plate.

So begins...

Arc Troiya's Story


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#, as written by Centi85
Dedrik had watched with mild interest as one of the supposed crew members spoke to another, a girl. Both were human and his eyes were locked on them, watching sideways as he handed her something before making his way to a second door. Dedrik was trained to find any sort of suspicious actions like this and take it seriously. His hand tightened on the shaft of his staff as the man spoke nonchalantly to the Captain, addressing her informally in the process. He was either joking, or showing serious disrespect, and no doubt whatever he was planning would only further hurt his current position. Dedrik was ready to move at a moments notice.

Suddenly the man threw something. A loud pop was audible as one of the odd projectiles bounced off a shoulder of a recruit. Dedrik didn't catch where the other impacted. A thick cloud of colorful smoke, more than he'd expected, poured from the tiny pellets and quickly overtook the room, the expanse of it encompassing nearly everything and everyone inside. Dedrik under normal circumstances would've taken this act lightly, sensing that the gas meant no harm and it was most likely a prank against new recruits, but then shots rang out.

Immediately the Vasparti was moving, shoving his way past the other recruits as a few instinctively dove to the ground. He pinpointed the source of the shots, a man seeming to be shooting wildly through the smoke, most likely unsure of what he was even doing. Dedrik's golden eyes shone through the thick gas, attuned to seeing in tough conditions. The man had ignited his staff, the metal pole crackling and sparking with energy as it took on a blue glow, every second bringing him that much closer to the man. Something stopped him though, Dedrik saw it in his eyes, a transition from battle mode to a confused, more irritated state. He expected nothing less, but his own training had kicked in and he felt as if he knew the feeling of the man before him, acting simply out of reflex. Dedrik subdued himself and allowed his staff to cease its collection of power, stepping backwards into the line of cadets again as the man spoke.

"Who--Who the hell did that?!"

The firer's words were interupted by a cough as he waved an arm in front of him, the action a vain attempt to clear the smoke from his face. Dedrik glanced around now, seeking out the door through which he'd seen the prankster disappear through. He felt no need to speak as of now, but if it so happened that this little outburst was more than a joke in any means, he'd be sure to inform the appropriate person.


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“Genetic alteration? That’s way more complicated. I mean stem cells. Of course you can only have girls that way which is why...”

She was interrupted by Bond talking to them after having greeted the captain in an insolent way. “Quite the crowd in here, huh?”

Saein nodded. There was quite a crowd, and an unusual one too. There even was an Exburnan, there was something special about those. What was it again? She couldn’t remember. Oh, that was it. She wondered what would happen when that guy would read Minn’s memories, and if she should do something about it. Saein didn’t get a chance to think about that, she was taken out of her thoughts by the small explosions. Eddie immediately started shooting at something, which only added to her surprise. What had just happened?

“Who-*COUGH*-Who the hell did that?!” Eddie yelled. Someone near or behind the door was laughing. They had been pranked.

“*COUGH*-Someone-*COUGH*-stupid enough-*COUGH*COUGH*-to come back-*COUGH*-to watch” she replied. Angry, she got up and made her way through the coughing crowd. Once she had found the laughing person, she switched on her gun behind her back, and set it to “flash”. This setting was meant to blind opponents, and should generally not be used in front of innocent bystanders. It also was the only setting meant to be used with eyes firmly closed. Her left hand opened the empty tin of candy in her pocket, took out the bottom half and aimed that at the laugher - she could now see it was Bond. Pointing her gun into the tin, she shouted “BOND! SAY CHEESE!”

She did not pull the trigger. That would be foolish. With all that smoke reflecting the flash, the tin would do nothing to protect the eyes of the crowd, and risking damage to the eyes of the engineer was a bad idea too. All she needed was him covering his eyes for a moment, or him running away.


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Alex didn't know what to do. The moment the small tablets were thrown, the doctor felt himself freeze. It was his naturally reaction. He was the only doctor on the ship, if he got injured, then the rest of the crew was screwed. He felt his tension relax when colored smoke was the only thing released.

His tension returned when he heard someone firing. He immediately slid behind a wall, breathing deeply. He couldn't see anything, and he didn't want to. If something bad happened, he would deal with it after the smoke cleared.

Although, he could hear people talking, so everything seemed to be alright. Alex decided to stay behind the wall. He didn't want to deal with the wrath of Reggie. He could just make her out a short distance away. She didn't seem to happy.


Reggie could feel the smoke settling on her shoulders. She could feel the tension in the room, anyone could feel this tension. She needed to move, but she couldn't. She could already feel it in her leg, the joints reacting oddly to the dust.

She usually wrapped the mechanical part of her leg, to keep unknown debris and particles from entering, but she had forgotten to after popping her knee back into place. The unknown smoke was sifting it's way through her leg and sticking to random joints and sprigs.

"Everyone, put away your weapons!" She called. "If anyone else threatens to harm anyone or readies their weapon at all, I swear I am kicking you off this damn ship!"

She moved carefully, not wanting her leg to collapse beneath her. She waved some dust out of her face and moved towards the wall to have something brace her. "And don't take that as an empty threat! I don't care how long it will take to get back onto this mission if it meant that you crazy lunatics were off my ship!"

Reggie could already feel the fatigue from the movement. It took more time and energy to move carefully around her mechanical leg as opposed to just walking. It hurt, but at least she didn't feel like shit when walking a short distance.

Relaxing against the wall, Reggie took a second to breathe. "MAK! Activate the sprinkler system for the kitchen only!" She called. "Dlew, make sure you're not exposed to too much water." She said quietly to the android. Shortly after, water started to sprinkle down from the ceiling. It was cold, but it felt great and Reggie relished in the feeling.

The dust slowly disappeared and the colors began to drip off of people. Once everyone was clean, Reggie called to MAK to deactivate the sprinklers. "Now." Reggie said calmly. "Everyone, get back to work. I don't want to see anyone laying around. We will be taking off in 5 minutes."

She pushed off the wall and walked calmly to the exit of the kitchen. "If everyone is not in their designated station by then, I will kick you out the hangar doors and let you float through hyperspace!"

She turned abruptly and glared at her crew. "Colin, just get the recruits to their stations. They can be given a tour at a different time." She looked over the recruits and Colin to find Bond and Arc standing next to each other.

"You two will meet me up at my quarters after take off." With that she turned again and left the kitchen.


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(OOC: Oh man, I missed the prank?! Sorry, I'm on a vacation, and this is like, the first time I got access to the computer. I just sort of quickly scanned through.)

"Shaah!" Rokunam cried as soon as the explosions went off. His instincts had went off, and his hands and wrists started cracking with crackling green energy as he ducked down low. His eyes stung in the smoke, giving him the need to blink. Though, as soon as the dust started to settle, it was then quickly and mutually realized that it was just a bad, prank? Not to mention it came with, consequences.

Rokunam's power faded, and he said in an annoyed coarse tone, "It was certainly unnecessary for the Mason to cause such a..." he took a moment to look for the word, "Ruckus! I do not think anybody benefited from such a, a," he was lost for words. Then, one of the crew members, the pilot, the Eddie Ackers, had held him at gunpoint. He even dared fire, but, it was empty. "Well, something like this was bound to happen, but the effects, at a perspective, haven't been too bad." He let his gaze wander to the Eddie Ackers and the Shariva, the Minerva Darv, "But at others, not so much," he added. A, troubled, history that he hadn't entirely understood. That wasn't the right way of putting it. He understood the whole concept completely, but, he always had a hard time understanding, how, social aspects were added in. That was a problem Rokunam had, when reading a person's past. He never really understood how the social aspects worked. He knew they somehow directly effected a person, even though it seemed indirect. Rokunam wasn't the much of a social person himself, in fact, his species was very anti-social. Friendly, yes, but not social, or, at least not in the same way most humanoids were social. Rokunam had always wondered if he should have started learning how to speak Slang or Ubby-Dubby, or Pig Latin. Perhaps he'd learn more.

Though, finally, the captain spoke up, ordering everybody to their stations. The Colin was again, instructed to be responsible for the recruits, and to take them to their stations. Rokunam turned his gaze toward him, but then decided it was best he got out of the kitchen, before he got soaked. Sure he wasn't going to short himself out, and he obviously wasn't in combat, but, it still wasn't a good idea to, well, "ignite" while wet.


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Finally, after all of his work on the bridge had been accomplished, Dlew finally stood from his chair. Now was as good a time as many to go down to the hangar, and he needed it… Badly.

As the android made his way from the bridge, he estimated he was nearly halfway to his destination when suddenly a loud groan escaped his legs, the sounds of metal against metal shrieking before totally seizing up. Collapsing to the ground, Dlew’s arms flailed out as he tried to catch himself, though failed due to his arms being slow to respond. He hit the ground with a loud thud and slowly moved to try to unjam his leg, though to no avail as his arms ceased working next. “Ma –“ CRACK!

Dlew’s eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain in his throat, the dust now settling into his voice box. “No…” he thought as he desperately tried to get his body to move. More ear shattering noises escaped his gears as they cranked and cracked before finally a loud snap emanated from his arm, coupled with an intense pain that finally allowed him to move it.

Producing his Tablet, the android slowly and shakily set it on the ground in front of him so he could see what he was doing. Opening a program that allowed him to send messages to everyone onboard the ship, the android managed ‘help,’ then sent it to all contacts. It was then that his arm locked again, not that it was moving to its full extent anyway; so Dlew simply laid there, sprawled out on the floor in a sort of complete paralysis, hoping that someone would happen to open their message inbox. Fear was what swept over him now, he could only hope someone would find him before permanent damage was done.


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"Well not that close..." he said, until Arc added the part about throwing him under the bus. He laughed at this, ruffling back his hair. "Fine, fine. Wouldn't be the first time. Won't be the last, I'm sure."

Letting out a sigh, he ventured to the opposite hall and waved Arc to follow. Take-off would be soon. They needed to be at their stations. "I'm going to the engine room. If you want to join. Up to you," he said, smiling and flipping his screwdriver in the air. "Might find more BBs...or you know...good company." With that, he gave a wink and started away, not concerned whether she followed or not just yet.


"No, nothing...important." She hurriedly pulled the door shut, not even thinking about the fact that she was supposed to be changing clothes. Her thoughts remained worried for Eddie, even though his comments were a bit off-putting. This happened before. Something traumatic as his past would bother anyone, but the switch was so...sudden, like he said. She wished she could help but didn't know how to. So she accompanied him to the kitchen, putting on a smile.

Remnants of the BB dust still lingered here and there in the kitchen and Minn set to work finding rags and watering them before cleaning the space thoroughly. If Regina found the space in such a state, she probably wouldn't feel that Minn was very responsible with her duties. So, fixated on cleaning, she mapped out her plan to finish the job in enough time to cook food for the crew too.

His green eyes lifted to Eddie once she noticed the silence. Pressing her lips together, she scrambled for words.

"Your take-off was...good," she ended lamely.


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"What? With your charming personality?" Arc replied sarcastically to Bond, grinning even further before he walked off, motioning for her to follow. Shrugging, more to herself than to him, seeming as he had already turned around, she skipped off after him. She had already seen and investigated the armory, and done everything she could without knowing specifics about what they would be up against and having no particular task to complete. She made a mental note to remember to talk to The Captain about that, but most likely she'd forget anyway.

When Arc caught up to bond she slowed up her pace. "I think for now the good company." She said looking ahead at where they were going, she had yet to find the location of the engine room. Whatever exactly the engine roomed contained, other than the engine of course. "Though of course, I wouldn't count out the BB's just yet, you know, in case the company turns out to be not so good." She continued, smirking slightly "Or boring. I could never handle boring people..." She added on the end, though more as if she was thinking out loud to herself then to Bond. Her smirk dropped of her face and was replaced with a puzzled look as well, as if she was just thinking of this fact about herself for the first time.


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"Boring?" he countered, hardly thinking he was boring. She had fallen silent though, lost in her thoughts about whatever puzzled her. Bond shrugged and kept moving. He wasn't there to connect thoroughly with the other crew members. Whatever was troubling her didn't matter much to him.

So they ventured through, reaching the engine and closing the door just in time for Eddie's take-off. Bond let out a cry of satisfaction as the gears and pistons whirred into life with electric cables swaying where they weren't securely attached and steam rising to the ceiling. "So beautiful, yeah?" he called to Arc over the loud and happy engine. He checked "vital signs" and smiled the entire time, finding no issues at all. In fact, he had a few ideas of how to improve the slight jutter and sputter Eddie's style produced. Previously, Bond had worked with a pilot with a rather rough style and he knew how to work with him to improve everyone's experience on board. He'd have to find Eddie and talk about it. A project right now would be excellent.

He let out a sigh as the ship stabilized and tweaked screws here and there, though his screwdriver was barely needed. Regina did a fine job, or whoever she had hired before had done a fine job, of keeping the piece of machinery tip top.

"So, good company coming right up," he announced and leaned against the door frame beside Arc with a wide smile and half-lidded eyes. "So what's your deal Arc?"


Eddie took another strawberry and Minn smiled, clouds swirling in her mind. A small part of her, a voice like a buzzing insect, told her to stop. From the looks of the pilot, he wasn't in complete control of the situation either. If things escalated, both involved would have no way of stopping themselves. But Minn had no intention of stopping. She was trained to make others happy. This was how you made others happy. You took off your clothes, wore the signature smile, plucked strawberries up and put them to your mouth, allowing just the slightest amount of red juice to slip out the corner of your lips...

It was a routine she could perform without thinking, her concentration on his reaction. Every movement was fluid. He was definitely distracted from his previous mood, the strawberries alone providing that, but she wanted him to feel happy. That's what her job was, making others happy. What she wanted didn't matter as long as the client was satisfied and she wouldn't receive punishment that night. All she needed was to perform and everything would be all right.

A strange ribbon of confusion rippled through her, her exterior taking one step toward Eddie, her interior watching with wide eyes of panic. Was this real? Had she never escaped? Distantly, she thought she had been hired on a ship, a glorious escape of a ship, but that was far-fetched. She belonged here, just like her father said, a worthless piece of meat to be used and abused. A Shariva had no purpose in life. That's what they all said. She was worthless. A serving cow. A pink-skinned freak. A toy.

The slightest of tears formed along the bottom lids of her eyes, but she smiled to Eddie and lifted a finger to his jaw, her tongue slowly licking at the sticky, red juice along her lips. The room was hot. Nothing stood in their way at this moment and she was determined to please her client.

(Minn is losing it? Is that the phrase? xD)


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They showed up on the station in packs, their armor clanging throughout the wide halls. People dove out of the way, not wanting to disturb their march. Kids pointed, asking questions to their parents, but the older ones simply shushed them and hid them behind their legs.

Their guns were clearly obvious, obviously, the marching army was on a mission, and whatever it as they were looking for, it was here.

It didn't take them long to find their destination, the large ship was waiting in the hangar, crew members slowly filing in. The front row dropped down on one knee and without any warning, started shooting.


Reggie was almost to the Nightwing when she heard it. The clanging armor. It was impossible for them to be stealthy, especially when they marched in groups like that. Spinning her head, she watched them take position a few yards away from her and her ship. She could see her crew filing onto the ship, some were already there, talking in the hangar, but with the doors open like that, they were sitting ducks.

Unaware of the onslaught that was about to reach them.

"Get down!" She cried running from her spot towards the ship. She had just barely made it to the hangar when they opened fire. Bullets zipped through the air, stinging anything they could. Diving down, Reggie immediately covered her head with her hands.

"MAK! Send an alert message to the rest of the crew, immediately! We are under attack, do not near the Nightwing!" She cried, sliding up behind a wall. She pulled her gun out from her holster and held it in front of her face.

"Right away, Captain."

Peeking her head around the corner, she noticed a few of her crew members standing at the edge of the crowd, staring on in terror. She didn't want to leave them, but how were they going to get them here safely.

"Anyone with a weapon, get into cover. We got to clear a path for the rest of the crew!" Reggie called.

Peeking around the corner, she immediately took aim and took out one of the armor clad men. It was a difficult task, but the crew already on the ship managed to clear up some time for more people to climb aboard. Rina, who was helping Dlew get back from the med bay, ran onto the ship with the android in tow.

It was then, that the captain noticed the massive group of military men marching closer to the ship to take the place of the ones that they had just taken out. There were hundreds, more than what they actually needed for one crew on one ship. Staring agape, Reggie could barely move at the sight of the guns pointed at her and her ship. Words were beyond her as she watched her crew get caught in the crossfires.

Colin, Arc, and Cassandra were the last of the stragglers. "Regina!"

Reggie turned to see the doctor standing behind her, covering his head with his arms as bullets whizzed by. "We have to close the doors!"

"But, there's just three more!" She cried back. "I can't leave them!"

"I'm sorry, Regina," Alex said giving her an apologetic look. He leaned over her and pressed his hand against the hangar door button. The doors immediately began closing, much to the captain's horror.

"No!" She cried pushing the doctor away.

"MAK! Override! Do not open those doors for anything. Get us out of here the moment you can!" Alex cried as he braced himself against the wall.

"No!" Regina cried banging her fists on the hangar door as it closed. There was no more room for anyone to squeeze through, not even Arc who was the smallest of the bunch could fit through the space.

Through the viewing window, Regina could see them, watch them die. Colin was the nearest to the door, her best friend banged hard on the doors and screamed for her to open the doors, but there was nothing she could do. She watched a bullet tear through his back and chest, one caught his shoulder and instantly the life vanished from his eyes. She watched him, his bloody form slowly change back to the default form of his people.

Through tear covered eyes, the captain watched them get farther away as MAK steered the ship away from the station.


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MAK's alert came through quickly, shortly followed by Reggie calling, "Anyone with a weapon, get into cover. We got to clear a path for the rest of the crew!"

As bullets started flying, Tom pushed aside his thoughts about why they might be attacking, and got straight to the front of the line of crew members, between them and the attackers. These were just normal bullets, they'd hurt, but he could take it, mostly. Lasers would be a different story altogether.
He raised his arm and popped off one of his wrist rockets at the front line, taking about 5 or 6 of them down, but they were quickly replaced by the soldiers behind them. Running to keep between them and the crew, he let his chestplate take the brunt of the fire, arms spread wide to cover the most area possible, occasionally raising one arm to prevent a shot from a soldier, with his handgun.

Moments later he noticed a soldier with a different coloured helmet, possibly a captain. He raised his gun, took a second's aim, and fired a single shot at Reggie. Time slowed as Tom watched the bullet whizz towards him, and without thinking he threw himself sideways. He reached out his hand, not really sure what he was thinking of, and felt the bullet slam into his palm. His arm was wrenched back with the impact, and he clutched his wrist, staring at his hand. There was a massive dent in his palm, deep enough that the bullet had actually lodged itself inside. The pain was more than he'd ever felt before.
Remembering his duty, though, he sprang to his feet and ran with the rest of the crew to the ship, defending them as best he could. His left shoulder and one of his shins stopped more bullets, and a glance behind showed most of the crew to be fine, apart from Colin who was limping with a leg wound. Then the doors began closing.
Tom panicked then. Running faster, he put his arm round the nearest crew member, Rina, and helped her to keep up speed with the rest of the crew as they sprinted for the doors. He didn't look back.

The next moment, he found himself inside with the doors closed. Reggie was screaming and slamming her fists on the hatch, and as he looked out the window, he saw such a horrific sight that he didn't blame her.
He looked down at his hand. The bullet was still there, and there were dents in his chestplate too. He wandered over to the doctor, staring at his hand the whole time, and showed him.
"Look what I caught!" he said, with a grimace.