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Cassiopeia Adler WIP

0 · 95 views · located in The Nightwing

a character in “The Nightwing's Voyage”, as played by RolePlayGateway


One of the first things people wonder about Cassy is what species she is as she is indeed unusual.

Skin:Light blue green with light purple undertones,can blend in with her surroundings(can control the coloring to an extent,mostly instinctive)
Face:Oblong with prominent cheekbones and a pattern of wisteria colored dots and a jell-like texture.Small horns on the crown of her head.
Eyes:Slanted round-almond and brass colored with reptilian pupils
Hair:Straight,light pinkish-purple
Hands:Unusually long fingers with extendable nails and retractable knuckle claws (can read the past "memories" of living thing such as trees,needs consent to read a person's memory and she can't read minds)

So begins...

Cassiopeia Adler WIP's Story


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"...Eddie; try not to throw us around to much and please do your best to keep my roof firmly attached to the rest of the ship.”

"I can't guaruntee anything if you guys put me in a bad mood," the new pilot teased with a laugh. It's not like he'd actually do something like that, but hey, they didn't know him yet. With another glance around the people at the table, he was definetly reminded that humans were not going to be the only thing on this trip. What with the squid eyes, the random slits on the girl's head and just about everything else there to prove it, human's were to be the minority on this trip comparing them to aliens.

However, this only slightly bugged Eddie. It wasn't that he was racist, but he just felt better if he was with more humans. So far, there were two besides him, both female. While he had no problem with this, he did long for a guy to hang out with. Odds are, none of the male members of the ship met the personality requirement that Eddie had for a fun person to talk to. Well, it couldn't be helped.

"...And don't doubt Minn." he added for no reason in general. "All I had to do was smell what she was cooking and I could tell it was delicious. On that note, let me remind you guys I called dibs on the first things she makes,"


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Reggie watched how Minn reacted to the take off. It wasn't for everybody, and the first one was always the worst. After a while, she would get used to it. If she didn't run off when they docked at their first stop. Which would no doubt take Saein away as well, Reggie recalled back to when the mechanic had said all she wanted was a good chef.

Sighing and shaking her head, Reggie let the slowing pressure wash over her, the feeling so comfortable and normal. She pushed off her chair, walking towards the cockpit. "Dlew, make a change in the planned route. We're stopping at the IDA first. Coordinates should be in the system already."

She spun and took a look at the crew members on the bridge with her. "MAK, what is Minn's location?"

"Just outside the bridge." MAK responded. "Dr. Lassion is with her."

"Good, maybe Cassandra can calm her down." Reggie said tapping her finger on her chin. She was tired, her knee was throbbing. She had been moving too much, too much action. It was time to take a rest.

"Colin, you're in charge. I'm retiring to my quarters for a while." Reggie explained looking to Colin. "Please, don't break my ship."

She smiled to Bond and Saein, waved goodbye to Eddie and Dlew and made her way to her quarters. Her room was on it's own floor, just above the bridge. It was large and spacious, although Reggie never knew what to fill it with. The room was a dark blue color, that immediately calmed the captain down. Her bed sat in the middle of the room on it's own platform. Reggie flopped onto it, immediately removing her tight pants.

Her knee was yellow and discolored, the replacement piece has shifted and knocked out of place. Usually, it left Reggie unable to even walk, but with the amount adrenaline that had been coursing through her most of yesterday and today, it was understandable why she would force her way through the pain.

Reggie contemplated heading down to the infirmary and having the good doctor fix her knee, but she decided against it. There was a good chance she wouldn't even make it that far before collapsing.

Grabbing her pants from the floor, she bunched it up and stuck a thick piece in her mouth, immediately clenching down on it as hard as she could. Placing her fingers in the appropriate locations, she applied pressure to the edges and pushed the cap back into place. Of course it never just snapped back into place. Often times it would get stuck, the metal piece not meant to be moved.

And the pain. The pain was greater than anything Reggie had ever felt. The pain of slipping the metal piece back into place was far greater than when Reggie originally got the injury. She screamed into the cloth as she forced herself to push the piece back into place.

Finally, she felt the cap shift and the pain cease. The captain collapsed, her jaw slacking and the pants falling into her lap. She took in deep breaths and fell back into her sheets.

"MAK!" She called. "I need a drink."

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