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Thomas Steelbeam

"Just been dragged through hyperspace on the outside of your ship, but I'm ok."

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a character in “The Nightwing's Voyage”, originally authored by ThomasR95, as played by RolePlayGateway


Tall humanoid, Bio-mechanical robot. Aged 19. About 6'2''. Bulky but sleek silver armour, tessellating neatly. Broad shoulders, long arms, slightly clumsy hands and feet but good enough for most tasks. Think Cyberman, but a little less intent on wiping out the human race. Strong and stealthy.

Strengths: communication, observation, close-quarters combat
Weaknesses: long ranged combat, intense underwater environments (short-circuiting)


Tom is a careful, well meaning individual, whose main priority is his friends' safety. He is quiet, but occasionally pops out with a witty quip, being a thoughtful person. He has a good sense of humour, but is a little slow sometimes. Frustration can lead to strong anger outbursts, but these quickly pass and he does not always understand the implications of his actions, or how others might perceive them. He makes friends with as many people as possible, trying to be accepted. He is skilled with electronics and computing, and has a good knowledge of physics at his disposal. He is a little prone to daydreaming and his mind frequently wanders off. He's distracted easily.


Shoulder mounted thrusters for agility in space.
Weapons (should they be needed) are sword and shield, and two wrist-mounted missiles. Also a small handgun.


Once human, Tom was persuaded to become one of the first 'Augmented Humans' in a project kept fairly secret, after a fatal accident.
He doesn't remember much of his previous life as a human.

So begins...

Thomas Steelbeam's Story


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Tom entered the barracks, thanked Bond, and plopped down on the nearest unoccupied bed. He let out a great whoosh of breath as he landed and just lay there spread-eagled as he deflated. He was exhausted.

He stared up at the ceiling for a bit, finding patterns in it and imagining pictures made out of the various scratches and smudges.
Time passed, but after a while, he woke from his daydreaming and dragged himself from the bed. A more prominent need was making itself known: hunger.

He stood and made his way back to the hangar, following the route Bond had showed him in reverse. From there, he found his way to the kitchen and found Saein, Ann, Ip, Minn, Eddie, Rokunam and Maria sat at various tables. He made his way over to Rokunam's table, giving those sitting with Saein and Ann a wave of greeting, just to make sure they didn't think he was avoiding him on purpose. He grabbed himself a pastry on the way, using his other hand upturned in front of him as a plate.

He sat at the table across from Rokunam, his metal rear end providing just about as much comfort as Rokunam's bony bum. The poor Exburnan looked incredibly uncomfortable.
"Hiya," Tom said in greeting. He thought for a second, analysing Rokunam's posture. "I don't know if this will be helpful for you or not, but you might find it easier on your neck if you were to lift your bowl up."
Then, realising he had only two fingers per hand, "Or, er, maybe I could find you something to put the bowl on to raise it up a little?"


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Character Portrait: Eddie Ackers Character Portrait: Minerva (Minn) Darv Character Portrait: Saein Vernig Character Portrait: Rokunam Character Portrait: Thomas Steelbeam Character Portrait: Caroline-Marie (Maria) Shirokuromahotsukai Character Portrait: Annarein (Ann) Vernig
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Ip looked back at the pink alien that smiled at him. She was the provider of food, and the food was very nice, so he would like to get more attention from her. On the other paw, being touched by aliens was unpleasant. He wasn’t sure what to do.

Meanwhile, Maria energetically introduced herself in a somewhat bragging way.

“I’m Saein, I’m the mechanic, nice to meet you” Saein replied with a smile. She liked genkshi, they were entertaining, but right now she was a bit too tired to want much attention from one.

“Annarein, I’m an interpreter and intelligence specialist” Ann concisely introduced herself. “The way you refer to yourself... If you don’t mind me asking... Are you a C?”

Saein waved back at Tom, whereas Ann wasn’t aware who had entered. And Ip never waved at anyone.

"Does...anyone mind if I slip out?" Minn asked. "I need to...lie down."

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure those few plates get... cleaned” Saein was interrupted mid sentence by a yawn. “You go lie down.”

Ann shook her head. “Saein.”


“Even I can use a dishwasher.”

“Uh-huh.” Saein didn’t get the hint.

“And you’re really tired.”

“It’s just a few plates.” Saein shrugged.

Giving up subtlety, Ann asked “Laj dersmar leingan?”

“Oh. Hm.” Ann had a point, Saein was passing up an opportunity to be alone with Minn, which was extra silly because she was curious and worried about the new refound memories the girl might have. “You’re right, I really should get some sleep. You don’t stay up late either, you never know when your next chance to sleep will be on this job. Besides, it’s no fun to watch everyone eat.”

“Could you please put my stuff outside your room?” Ann suggested.

“Sure, sure. Good night, all” Saein put Ip’s plate in the dishwasher, waved at everyone at once, and left the kitchen.

Ann put her datapad next to her plate and let the fingers of her left hand slide over the first page of the first book. It was titled Speculations on the History of Earth. She wasn’t sure how much good content there might be in a book with such a title. Her right hand continued moving the very good contents of her plate into her mouth. Ann couldn’t think of a subject to talk about with Eddie. Maybe after she read a bit about this game he liked, chess it was called, she would know what to say to him.


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Tom sensed the annoyance in Rokunam's voice, so he decided to be very careful about the way he spoke next.
"My apologies. I hope you can forgive me for making assumptions, it's one of my many downfalls." He looked around awkwardly. Having finished his pastry, he was at quite a loss and caught himself tapping on the table.

Saein and Minn had departed, presumably to get some sleep. He figured he should get back to bed soon too, but was distracted by Maria proposing a mini magic show. Tom didn't believe in magic, and as such he assumed this to mean some clever trick of the eye, an illusion at best. He took pride in working out the way magic tricks were done, it made him feel smart. He had forgotten that the only experience he had of 'magic' tricks were those performed by human tricksters from his home planet...


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As Maria's magic 'show' came to an end, Tom stood and stretched. Not that metal is at all stretchy, but it was more for the sake of body language than anything. He was tired. Having cut short his earlier nap in order to get some food, he decided to go back to bed. He began the walk back to the barracks fairly slowly, not wasting too much energy. Come to think of it, he was running low on energy a lot quicker than usual. Perhaps it was something to do with the way Regina had repaired him.

He sighed and trudged along a little farther, and was just turning the corner into the corridor leading to the barracks when he noticed he was feeling a little warmer than usual... wait, not warm. Hot.

Tom ran a few feet up the corridor and realized he was getting colder, so he turned around and headed towards the front of the ship. The heat gained intensity the further he went, and he heard a dull whine ignite in his back as his cooling system kicked in. Something was terribly wrong.

Eventually reaching the cockpit, he was confronted with a blinding light, rendering the entire room invisible. Damn these modern designers and their obsession with chrome. He stumbled towards the driver's seat, and finding no-one in it, shouted to MAK for help.

"MAK! What is going on?"

No answer.

"MAK? Answer! MAK? ... MAK?!"

It was then that the truth of the situation dawned on him. The searing light from the cockpit window, a thought previously pushed to the back of his mind, made itself known again as he squinted through the glass. He was able to shut out just enough light to confirm his suspicions. A blazing white ball appeared in the centre of his vision, no larger than a football held at arm's length.

They were travelling towards a supernova.

This, Tom reasoned, must be the only explanation for the lack of warning or change of course, and the intense radiation from the blast must have shorted out MAK, along with the on-board cooling systems. He was rather surprised he was still functioning himself.

He spun round, looking for some control to turn the ship around. In doing so, he noticed Dedrik, who had succumbed to the heat and passed out on the spot. He ran over and picked up the limp Vasparti, hurriedly carrying him away from the bridge and down the corridor to the elevator, where it was cooler. He wasn't able to remotely send him down to the medical bay, but this would have to do for now.

Running back to the cockpit, he dropped into the pilot's seat.

"Now. Let's see here..."

Tom found the main control joystick and gripped it firmly. There was no time to lose. The ship's hull would be melting any time soon.