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The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

The Nine Pieces Of Aether.


A steampunk land filled with pirates , adventure and shenanigans.

506 readers have visited The Nine Pieces Of Aether. since zolzol created it.


The World of Aether~


Welcome to the land of Aether! A world of constantly evolving technology and medicines, corrupt royals, and ancient secrets. Political schemes run rampant, steam fuels our every action, and where selfishness, greed, the price of information, and deceit are the truest currency.
And less we forget, those who excel at any and all a talent, Sky pirates!

Almost every little boy, or girl, goes to sleep at least once in his or her young life with dreams of astral plains, and the sounds of a pirate shanty in their ears, and some far off legend of treasure in their mind.
From fully mechanical worlds, to mermaids, to flying, robotic sharks, and even the famous Isa De Rah'lah, Aether's very core, a floating island laden down with more treasure than you could imagine, and tails of fearsome captains.
The most famous of these pirates being Alfonz du'mont. A captain of forty ships, master of three seas (and six clouds), Warlord for the crown prince and grand marshal aboard the battle freighter 'Marcelle,' a massive warship that shadows towns when it flies over, and whose crew is known to be bloodthirsty, quick, ruthless and RICH beyond their wildest dreams.
The call of a pirate grips us all.

You, however, are NOT one of said crew members.
No! Instead you have some how been suckered in by Captain Sienna 'Moxxi' Veronese, a young girl who barely has enough pirating experience under her belt to be aboard an airship, let alone be in charge of one, and a rather suspicious bounty on her head.
But! Here you are, a proud member aboard her ship whether she suckered you in, simply shanghaied you, or because you were simply looking for the fastest way out of town.
But, why would you stay? Why even bother keeping your word, as a PIRATE no less (aside from the fact that the captain would shoot you if you left)? Well that glorious piece of information happens to be because of what the 'captain' has in her possession. A map. Not just any map, a map to the ancient, 'Isa De Ra'lah.' A fabled, moving, floating island of technological wonders, riches, women, weapons, men, and godly booze. The very tale of complete hogwash your mother told you; an old sea-dog's tale, a drunken tavern story, a pretty little lullaby to lure children into the adventures of the sky. Or is it?
This whelp of a Captain claims to have a map to it, or a piece of a map, anyway...
She only has one piece...out of nine. She says, and offers to split all the Isa De Ra'lah could offer with you, assuming you help her get the other pieces. Four of which, are rumored to belong to Alfonz du'mont.

So, what do you do? Do you try and escape and risk being thrown overboard into the clouds, stay for the treasure, or simply stagnate because you are a washed up whatever you are who could not get hired aboard any other ship?
You'd better make up your mind, and make it up fast too. Don't think for a second you're the only one out for this legendary find!

There's been talk of a nasty letter floating around all the noble circles, war heroes, and even secret hand-offs to the most violent, sky-worthy, and indebted prisoners.

"Welcome to the ranks of royalty. I will say this once and I will say it outright, you are nothing here.
You have no title, no rank, no power... yet.
Power is reserved for those that have faught tooth and nail against the law, against politics, against greed, and sin and have proven themselves to be welcome among the top of society.
Be you a soldier, a pirate who WILL work off his debt or an actual royal, remember that you work under my name, that you serve your prince with every drop of blood in you.

You will do my bidding and I bid that you destroy every one of my enemies, and retrieve for me what I desire most..


Things you need to know!


The Number Six Special.

Moxxi's flagship, mostly because it's her only ship, The Number Six Special. Really just dubbed "Number Six" for undisclosed reasons, the only explanations she gives about such an odd naming are vague, one line sentences that hint to the horrible disasters of trial-and-error captaining...

She's not an overly large ship; her defenses aren't that great, and I suppose you could call her few scarce cannons an offense. Extremely new, and rather shoddily built, the only thing this ship has going for it is the great speed that seems to be able to be coaxed from the sails.
Oh, and the rather large Captain's Quarters, of which Moxxi greatly enjoys.


The Police.


Basic protectors of law, and order. From the devoted to the corrupt, they serve as strike forces, police, public guards, some are sailors.
Oh, and they have jet packs.




There's a lot of them. Most of them are ports.
Anything from bustling metropolises, to mechanically floating islands to just the slums of lower class opressed citys. It's all floating around out there.

Important roles.

Number Six Positions:
Captain Sienna 'Moxxi' Veronese-Haze
First Mate
Quartermaster - Zetta
Doctor-Maybe me

Chief of police- REQUIRES RESERVATION. Runs the police forces through out Aether. Hunts pirates for a living.
Others- Just as important! We need villains to hunt down the map pieces just as much as we need pirates.

Character Skeleton. Pirate.

Age: Really? I need to explain this?
Position: You -do- have a job aboard the number six.
Skills: These are things that are LEARNED through training , trial and error , or book learning. Four at most.
Weapons: You fight with these , list 'em!
Tactics: These are not like skills , these are things that will give you a advantage or disadvantage simply because it is how you act in situations (For instance , someone who talks there ways out of problems wont be much of a fighter , likewise someone who does not register pain would be a reckless combatant.)
Personality: How does your character ACT?
History: What led you up to the point where you became a patchwork pirate? Keep it short , make it long. Do whatever you want here....Oh and no Amnesia is NOT a history.
Themesong: Cus everyone needs one. Thats why.

Character Skeleton. Royals.

Title: Be you a released pirate , a soldier or a actual royal. Be creative!
Reasoning: WHY have you decided to hunt down the pieces of the map?

Technology and medicine!

Steampunk technology , this includes but is not limited to: Brass mechanical limbs , soulless robot minions , gear powered super spider robot walkers , flying death sharks of doom , superized guns and cannons , and so forth. Keep in mind steampunk does not include lasers and mostly revolves around iether steam power or gunpowder. The main metal of choice in this case would be brass , iron , steel and silver.

Toggle Rules

Keep OOC to the OOC threads!
Longer posts are good. Make sure you read over them once or twice before posting to correct errors and such.
Be original! Cliche's have there place but I want to see some strives up in this RP.
Unless you have a reason for being god like , you are not.
We need Royals just as much as we need Pirates!
If you join , please stay. If you need to leave or are just leaving , please say so so I can kill off your character.

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Aether by zolzol


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Character Portrait: Valentine Phantomhive
0 sightings Valentine Phantomhive played by Zero Reaper
"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the ship of the good Captain Moxxi. Now, get to work before I decide to kill one of you to break the ice."

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Character Portrait: Vincent 'Cook-Cook' Williams.
Character Portrait: Starlit Corona
Character Portrait: The Third Party.


Character Portrait: The Third Party.
The Third Party.

"She's a idiot." "-He's- immature!" "You're both grounded..."

Character Portrait: Starlit Corona
Starlit Corona

"Um.... captain? Could you refrain from crashing into random hillsides, ports, and/or buildings....? You're driving us off course...."

Character Portrait: Vincent 'Cook-Cook' Williams.
Vincent 'Cook-Cook' Williams.

"Yeah it's slop. Now eat or starve , I dont really care iether way."


Character Portrait: Starlit Corona
Starlit Corona

"Um.... captain? Could you refrain from crashing into random hillsides, ports, and/or buildings....? You're driving us off course...."

Character Portrait: Vincent 'Cook-Cook' Williams.
Vincent 'Cook-Cook' Williams.

"Yeah it's slop. Now eat or starve , I dont really care iether way."

Character Portrait: The Third Party.
The Third Party.

"She's a idiot." "-He's- immature!" "You're both grounded..."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Vincent 'Cook-Cook' Williams.
Vincent 'Cook-Cook' Williams.

"Yeah it's slop. Now eat or starve , I dont really care iether way."

Character Portrait: Starlit Corona
Starlit Corona

"Um.... captain? Could you refrain from crashing into random hillsides, ports, and/or buildings....? You're driving us off course...."

Character Portrait: The Third Party.
The Third Party.

"She's a idiot." "-He's- immature!" "You're both grounded..."

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Most recent OOC posts in The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

I just looked at the quartermaster character bio, it's pretty much the same as my lookout character. Right down to the mechanical arm.. T_T

I was just wondering if you wanted me to start working on a new character... I have some half formed idea's about a sniper using lookout... and some about a doctor character

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

Hey Kaaaaai-aaall. Just doing a little staaalkiiin'... Now give me some of that Canadian bacon. c;

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

No idea, the exams this week are making me cautious of taking too many roles.

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

Well, if you don't include the rifle part it could work.... in any case, are you going to start working on the doctor?

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

Cannoneer: Someone good at shooting cannons and artillery.

Marksman: Someone good at precise aiming, normally with a rifle or similar weapon.

Seeing as when I made the list I had the picture of someone manning the cannons of the ship and not sniping people, considering the captain is multifunctional, that leaves us with a term identifying artillery personnel. And unless I start working on him, you could probably add the doctor to the list of requirements.

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

So, that leaves the position of cannoneer(which by the way, I think the more correct term is marksman.... just saying...) and helmsman. Yeah! That much closer to starting! Yar har feedle de dee do whatcha want cause a pirate is free, I am a pirate! :3 Yeah, I said it. Don't judge.... everyone was thinking it....

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

Submitted my Quartermaster. RIght now, though, he's basically a skeleton with some minor specifics. I'll flesh him out once my schedule isn't totally screwy. Which will probably be today.

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

hey just wondering if I could reserve the lookout position? and also if it would be okay to make my character a tinkerer of all things mechanical? I love the idea of being a steampunk inventor =^-^=

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

I was wondering, would a character unaffiliated with the NS or police force be possible?

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

Monkey , you can make the chief of police. Okay for Du'mont. I'll have my own hunter squad up tomarrow after work.

With that , good night. See y'all monday evening.

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

I don't think so monkey, but I'd send ZolZol a message just in case.

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

I should have Dumont finished by tomorrow if I don't finish him tonight, just gotta add the personality and adjust the crew/ship info a bit.

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

Anyone taken the cheif of police yet?

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

Hey, would you guys mind if I also reserved the Lookout position? I have an idea for a second character.

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

Well, by 'not normal' I mean former aristocrat and commander of the Royal Guard who betrayed them because he found that his life lacked interesting opponents, and became a pirate through chance and who is almost certainly mentally unsound. And who definitely qualifies for Magnificent Bastard status.

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

Zero, just so you know, none of these pirates are going to be in the least "Normal." In fact, none of the people playing the characters are quite normal themselves..

Oh and Kyle, I'll be character up in a bit. I just need some inspiration is all.

Re: [OOC] The Nine Pieces Of Aether.

Right , first mate reserved.