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Aubrey Night

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. "

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a character in “The Northern Delegates: The Next Generation”, as played by AsuraDeWinters


Aubrey Night



Mental hack: Inherited from his father, he can hack into and control the brain of a victim causing large amounts of pain, controlling, or shutting down senses.

Luck: Inherited from his mother, he always in the right place at the right time. It always appears that he is the luckiest kid alive.

Aubrey is almost constantly being trained by Midnight and Arucan. He has been undergoing training since he was three and quickly joined Garrett in his training. Because of his powerful ability and dedication to his combat training he is a training level of 93

Accumulated Skill Level:

Aubrey is haunted by his families past and strives most all to correct the past. He sees himself as the next step in pulling his family fully out of the darkness that had surrounded the Night legacy for years. This drives him to practically run himself into the ground in training and his studies. He will work himself sick and forgo even eating if he could be doing something else that would further him. Aubrey is psychotically dedicated to his cause at the expense of proper relationships. Which is why his mother coined him the lonely prince.

Political standing and likeability:



Aubrey has the perfect life and he knows it, still he wants more. He is never satisfied and it is his curse, nothing will be good enough for him until he has wiped out every past transgression of his family. He is a perfectionist.

So much of his life was privileged, he was born into a notable family, had the love and support of both his parents, and grew up with other children. Privilege wasn't enough for him though, something was always missing. It was like a hole in him and he seems like he can't be bothered by living until he has earned the right to, in his mind anyway. He has earned his fathers respect and love by his hard work and dedication to the Delegates, he has been a good son, the type of son any father would be proud of having. But Aubrey didn't bother with being happy, because he believed that if he had what he wanted it would make him happy. His intentions were never harmful and though good he is still a hollow person.

Few things in life bring him pleasure one of those things, happens to be his family. His father is a god in his eyes, he takes his advice seriously, and follows his lead without question. His mother, so kind and loving, she always made everything better, and can make him smile in his darkest moments. He has an amazing open relationship with them and shares most of his feelings with them trusting them as parents to guide him in the right direction.

He has the perfect parents, and they love each other. He enjoys just hearing them talk about how they met, he enjoys seeing that beautiful emotional connection that to him is the purest of things. It's like a blinding light but he is always afraid that he would close his eyes to it...

Aubrey isn't all flaws though, he is kind and gentle, secretly so. He has no desire to participate in violence, and he believes that it should be the last resort. He was never the kid to get into fights or misbehave, growing up to be level headed and calculating. Why come to blows when destroying someone intellectually is far more satisfying and less likely to ruin ones clothing.

Aubrey cares a lot for other people and he has a special closeness to Midnight, and Garrett. He considers Midnight his mentor and the infallible ruler and leader that he trusts to lead the Delegates flawlessly as she had since he could remember. Garrett is his best friend and confidant, though the boys are a couple years apart Garrett and him are practically inseparable. Even to his best friend he hides his insecurities and his fear of not being able to achieve his goal of wiping his family name truly clean.

He smiles and laughs often when around people that amuse him. Another thing passed down to him is the ability to say and do practically anything in a political setting to get what he wants. He can manipulate people if he chooses to but he prefers to be genuine like his mother. The list of people he can be genuine around is rather short though, so he spends much of his time alone when Garrett is busy.

He may not show it to anyone but he is very lonely.


If he is training he can normally be seen in sports gear because he just loves sports and he is damn good at them. Him and Garrett could be soccer super stars if they were humans. When at work it is business casual, and at play he looks like he came fresh off the cover of a magazine. Aubrey likes to look good no matter what he is doing.

Aubrey is armed with nothing but a small knife at all times. He would rather have it and not use it than need it and not have it.


Aubrey was born to Arucan and Amirah. Apparently 'A' names are something of a tradition and Aubrey is only happy to be a part of that. He grew up with the other kids but was often found on his own watching Garrett and Midnight, learning anything he could. He was always studying anything he could get his hands on. He watched his parents, and from an early age it was obvious he was a very observant boy.

When his father married his mother it served to validate his family line and to insure it was going to continue. His father enjoyed the fact that now the allies viewed him as an equal and not a child. Arucan had a wife and child, he was a part of the club now. So his father was happy, his mother always happy and smiling. It seemed that no matter what happened his parents were there for him and understanding. But his father expected a lot from him and Aubrey was only happy to exceed his expectations early on.

Since he was little he did everything expected of him and more, took all of the expectations and rose above and beyond them. He did this with dedication, hard work, blood, sweat and many a lonely nights. He didn't get much of a childhood because of this but he wouldn't have had it any other way. He still as a child always found time to sneak into his parents bed on stormy nights, and he was always welcomed by them.

Very secretly Aubrey dreams of bigger things, sometimes he thinks about the future, and he imagines a happy, beautiful life and a love that could stop time. He dreams of working with Garrett to maintain the standing of the Delegates, but more than that, he hopes that he can be happy someday.



After the heartbreak of the situation in the Canyon, Aubrey went off to find his own path. He took with him many from the canyon but one in particular had become his partner in this new endeavor. Asalah, or Cici as many people call her, is beautiful, deadly, charming, and wildly passionate. Aubrey doesn't think he could have done what he did without her and thus, respects the woman very much. More than being his business partner, she is also currently his lover.

He has changed a lot over the last month. If anyone figured a month wasn't a long enough time to see any dramatic change, they hadn't met Aubrey. Once quiet and reserved, he is now outgoing and rambunctious. He enjoys a lot more of life now and doesn't take it at all for granted. Once he romanticized everything into a picturesque scene from a forgotten fairy tale but now, he knows such things don't exist and he is much more of a realist. People have flaws, no one is perfect, and love certainly doesn't conquer all. He is still very kind and compassionate, many of his traits had not changed a bit. What would be said of him is that he grew up. He now lives life, enjoys it, and treats people for what they are, people.

Physically he has changed a whole lot. Working non-stop doing physical labor under harsh conditions will do that to a person. He looks more rugged, not as polished, his clothes not as preppy. He has added a considerable amount of muscle mass, and his skin is much more sun kissed causing his eyes to stand out so much more. His clothes fit him well and give him that sexy rough boy look, while maintaining being able to clean up very well and look the professional part.

His grown up personality, rugged outdoor look, and bulked up body have given him an overall appearance of being a different person. Underneath it all though Aubrey is still the kindest man that would give the shirt off his back to a stranger in need, different however is you try to steal it, and he is going to make you wish you didn't.

Aubrey has it all going for him now. Sexy girlfriend, freedom, a career he loves, a life he is proud of, and a future he looks forward to. Being back at HQ will be strange for him, many ghosts of a past life are there to remind him of the life he once had.

So begins...

Aubrey Night's Story