Dylan Straight

Life is just a complex game of Chess

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a character in “The Northern Delegates”, as played by Lotsalove052



Name: Dylan Straight

Sex: Male
Age: 97
Race: Vampire
Loyalty: Midnight
Abilities (Two ONLY): Silver tongue (Ability to convince people to see his way.) Create and control ice.
Current ranking in the Delegates aka Job function: Member of Hazel's team.


Dylan is charismatic and has a warm welcoming personality. Dylan is funny and cute, enjoying to play around and have a good time. He is also analytical and logic minded. He is very diplomatic and normally chooses to talk things out rather then it resulting in violence. He is not a pushover though and if someone wants a fight or challenges him he is happy to whoop their ass. He is fun loving and enjoys a nice drink and the company of beautiful women. He tends to piss off his team leader Hazel with his philandering around with women and going outside his team for company. He doesn't really enjoy possessive women so he tries to avoid Hazel. He feels he got the short end of the stick with his assigned team lead, but will follow her anyway because she is his superior and on some kind of twisted level has gotten used to her abusive personality and almost likes it. He hates to feel so owned and controlled by the Delegates and welcome's Midnight's changes hoping to feel more liberated.


Dylan went through years of training just to be dumped on Hazel's team. He has always felt that he was misplaced as his personality doesn't go well with Hazel's. Dylan spent most of his time with Midnight, finding her to be a better companion. He also knows how much it pissed Hazel off that Midnight is well loved in the Delegates. If he couldn't get back at her directly he would do it in other ways. His relationship with his team lead is strained and he really doesn't like the fact that people are building against Midnight and her new order. For many years he was good friend's with Koda, being his favorite drinking buddy and confidant. Up until Koda's death and Midnight's breakdown. He tried to be a good friend and be there for her but it seemed he just wasn't good enough to replace Koda. There was a short time Midnight and him were involved but that was ended by Aubrey and his relentless pursuit of Midnight. Now that Aubrey has been killed Dylan was hoping to get involved with her once more, unknowing of Koda's return. Now Midnight is scheduled to return to headquarters and Dylan is excited and sad that she must return to face further trials.

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Dylan Straight's Story