Finn Owel

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* Name: Finn Owel

* Rank: Member of Arucan's team

* Race: Vampire

* Ethinicity: White

* Age: 224

* Height&Weight: 6'4' 175lbs

* Eyes: Brown

* Hair: Brown

* Wearing: Jeans with Stylish Jackets and turtleneck tops

* Jewelry: None

* Makeup: None

* Tattoos: none

* Skills/Powers: He can look into a person's past by staring into their eyes and learning everything about them. New power! Finn can also freeze a person where they are by staring into their eyes also, when he does this his eyes turn a hazy grey.

* Phobias / Fears: Becoming blind

* Quirks: He has a knack for mixing drinks

* Best Qualities: Confident in himself, laid back, knows the right things to say at the right time.

* Worst Qualities: Can come across as arrogant sometimes, gets annoyed easily.

* Crush: (Announce it later)

* Sexual Background: Straight as far as he knows


Finn tends to like to know everything about everyone, which is probably due to his power. Its hard to keep secrets from him because he can see your whole past in a instant which has made him become a nosey person without having to asking annoying questions. However, he never brags about that and doesn't tell other people the dark secrets he finds as he knows not to cross that personal boundary.
Otherwise, he likes to joke around with a slight sarcastic humour whilst at the same observing life more than actually getting involved, he normally gets involved at the last minute. Its hard to change his opinion on things and has a problem adjusting to change. Therefore he is strongly against the new laws that Midnight wants to bring in as he finds them a break of tradition and a violation to their ancestors hard work in founding the organisation for what it is known for.


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His parents are wealthy well known diplomats, they let him have his way with practically anything he wanted if it was in their power but Finn never really wanted much. He liked things the way they were in the organisation, he was used to it and had his place amongst the diplomats. However when Byron Alestens died the craze that went on changed the steady flow he knew and the rumours of new laws angered him as he thought of all of the hard work his parents went to enforcing the previous ones.

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