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Felix Callisto

[WIP: History || Personality || ETC. Don't look yet ;3]

0 · 355 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “The Notes and The Bullets”, as played by Meow Meow




I don't know why girls always give me nasty looks. I mean, look at my face.



☤ General Information ☤

⌈Full Name⌋
Felix Stephan Callisto
(Fee-licks Stef-fan Call-lees-toe)

"Please, just call me Cal."

Cal, Star, Playboy
"Classy, I know."

"Ahhh it feels like just yesterday that I lie there in my stroller..."

"You may always take a sneak peek if you wish..."

"What can I say? I just can't resist the ladies..."

The Flirt
"Fits me quite well if I do say so myself."

90% British 10% Swedish
"Yes, can't you tell by my alluring accent?"

⌈Face Claim⌋
Tamaki Suoh || Ouran Host Club
"Quite a looker he is. Almost as good looking as me."

What would you do if I were to tell you that I love you? Oh, you wouldn't fall for my trick? Hmm, I guess I'll come up with a new one.

☤ Appearance ☤

⌈Height & Weight⌋
Felix stands at 5'11'' and weighs about 162 lbs.
"At times I wish I were as tall as my brother."

⌈Hair color/Length/Quality⌋
Felix's hair is a beautiful shiny blonde that reaches down to the back of his neck. He combs it quite nicely and takes care of it very well. He has some golden locks that fall in the middle of his face, then the rest frames the side of his face. Many people die at how soft and silky his hair is.
"It's all about the conditioner, girls love it..."

⌈Eye color⌋
He has odd eyes. At times they will be a very gorgeous dark blue, and at other times it will be an unusually grey green. Sometimes they'll even be purple. But either way, the colors compliment his hair very well.
"Blue is my favorite."

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
"I guess I just have that normal face people wish for..."

He does his best to avoid battle scars, but hes made mistakes. He has a scar on the right side of his back, that surprisingly doesn't look too grotesque, but it's definitely apparent. Several other small scars adorn his body.
"Girls dig battle scars though."

⌈Physical Description⌋
Felix is pretty lanky and pale. He has a long neck and body, and very slim shoulders. He doesn't have very much muscle because hes so skinny and many have told him he has almost a feminine like figure. Which he doesn't mind because he has girls falling left and right for him, mostly because of his charmingness. Clothes wise, Felix will wear different colored collared shirts with a pair of dress pants. At times he'll wear a normal t-shirt with jeans, but he enjoys dressing more elegantly than that.
"Mother always told me that it's not being fancy, it's being classy."

Honestly nowadays, I could give a care about the way people look. I'll flirt with any gal.

☤ Mentality ☤


Flirting|| Yes Felix is a big flirt, and it's grown to be one of his many habits. He'll hit on any girl he can get to and he wont hold back in the slightest.

Habit ||

Over Exaggerates|| Felix loves to over exaggerate his facial expressions, stressful scenarios, his emotions, you name it.

"Flirting? It's true, it's one of my best skills."


♥ Women
♥ Flirting
♥ Alcohol
♥ Fighting
♥ Food
♥ Animals
♥ Hikari Yoshida
♥ Romance and Love [A Secret]
♥ Shurikens

"Who doesn't love a nice cup of tea?"


Piano|| Felix can play beautifully on the piano. He's been playing for several years and he could play any song if you asked.
Writing|| He can write anything from a story to a song, and he is very skilled in poetry.
Acting|| He is a phenomenal actor, and can truly fool anyone if he so wishes. It also really goes along with his over exaggerating.

"Ain't it lovely?"


Writing|| Writing is one of Felix's best skills. He usually does it a lot too.
Chatting|| He is what you would call a chatty Cathy. He can drone on and on with someone if he felt like it.
Piano|| Felix loves sitting around playing music all day.

"I love feeling the keys under my fingertips."

✖The Dark
✖People Who Give Up
✖Overly Sweet Food
✖Too Much Quiet
✖Lightning and Thunder

"I mean... They are all reasonable things."


Losing Friends and Family|| He's very attached to his close ones.
Lightning and Thunder|| Yes sadly he has such an adorable fear of the loud noise and bright light.
Being Alone in the Dark|| Felix is like a little kid, when he's in the dark, his imagination runs wild.

"Hey not only kids are afraid of the dark..."


Weak|| Felix is sort of weak. He doesn't have much muscle and he isn't very athletic at all.
Overly Enthusiastic|| A lot of people find it annoying.
Sensitive|| Felix has been known to have a few breakdowns here and there.

"Hey even the most organized have flaws."


⌛He's killed someone.
⌛His bisexuality (Most people have guessed already though)



|| Flirty || Elegant || OCD || Sensitive ||
|| Comedic || Enthusiastic || Brave || Cheerful ||


"character quote"

You can't really explain my personality in writing. You gotta get to know me~!

☤ Backround ☤


⌈Romantic Interest & Relationship History⌋
Felix flirts but he has never been in a formal relationship.
He has his eye on that Tae-Hyun Choi boy for sure.
[More to be added]

Too bad he's straight..."

⌈Most Precious Person⌋
Stephan Callisto and Winter
"Precious person... There's too many to name!"

Jessica Callisto || 42 || Mother || "She is for sure the best mother a boy could ask for."
Martin Callisto || 44 || Father || "I never really see him... But I'm glad he's out of our life."
Stephan Callisto || 19 || Brother || "The kid's a total nerd. But I love him, he's always been there for me!"
Winter || 4 || Kitty || "Oh don't get me started on Winter... I want to take her everywhere with me. I love her to death~!"

"Hehe I was pretty lucky with my family~!"

"Character quote"

History is a big bunch of baloney. It doesn't really matter what we were like before. It matters what we are like now.

☤ Other ☤


So begins...

Felix Callisto's Story