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The Nothern Delegates: Chaos

The Nothern Delegates: Chaos


It has been a year since Midnight fell in a battle to Arucan. The delegates entered a time of chaos. But something is in the air, chaos has ensued in the headquarters and an unlikely visitor will arrive. Advanced roleplayers only.

6,025 readers have visited The Nothern Delegates: Chaos since AsuraDeWinters created it.


*-*-*-*-*-*-*::The Northern Delegates::*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Nestled in the north lies the headquarters of the Northern Delegates, an elite group of immortals charged with keeping peace amongst the immortal races and insuring their limited interference with humanity.

The Delegates are a strong organization that keeps covens and packs in check and insures no monopoly over human society.

They are carefully selected, most of them from birth. They are trained for years in the many ways of diplomacy and combat. They are skilled negotiators, skilled assassins.

A year has passed, the plotting and patience of Arucan finally paid off. With the kidnap of Midnight's lover Dakota, she was blackmailed into taking a fall in battle allowing Arucan to take over the Delegates. Midnight was believed by everyone to be dead but before the battle erupted a deal was struck. Midnight's team was kept safe and in the dark about what was going on. The kidnap of Dakota was blamed on a rouge band of immortals trying to blackmail the Delegates. Midnight was taken to Italy to be rehabilitated and given a new past as now others have filled her head with her own history that never occurred. A lot can happen in a year, many people had changed, old wounds healed. But the return of Midnight will stir up old rivalries, form new friendships, and even destroy a few lives.


Midnight is thought dead by the members of the delegates. She was mortally wounded and later passed away from her wounds, or that was what everyone thought happened. Really she was taken to Italy by a competing leader. By the time Dakota was 'rescued' he returned home to not find his lover there. She had already died, a memorial built in her honor, and Arucan taking over. Her wounds were severe and she had lost all memories of what has happened before. Arucan was left to lead the delegates but the task was larger then he anticipated. He has little control over the members, the contracts are piling up and he is buried under mounds of paperwork. He is even finding himself not enjoying the job as he thought he would. Regret rules his world now as he is finding that maybe he made the wrong choice. He suffers as the organization he loves more then his pride and anger is slipping away. The delegates are on the verge of collapsing. Sated by the public defeat over Midnight he is no longer as angry about his fathers own passing. Forced to swallow his pride and admit he needs help he turned to the one person he knew could help him pull the organization back together. The problem, she doesn't remember anything. One group is hell bent on getting Midnight to remember her past and the other wants to make sure that never happens.

*-*-*-*-*-*-*::Northern Delegates: The History::*-*-*-*-*-*-*

In 1506 the first group of vampires and werewolves joined together to prevent the growing hysteria of the ‘vampire craze.’ Though little of the attention was spent on werewolves, it was more productive for the two races to work together. Preventing the hysteria from spreading to all immortal races. Thus the Northern Delegates were formed in a secluded town, away from human prying eyes. There were ten original delegates, consisting of one leader Byron Alesten and two teams under him. (Teams consist of a team leader, and three other people)

The groups purpose, to hunt down vampires and werewolves that were directly involving themselves with human society, exposing them to the public eye.

Due to the success of this small organization, it grew in numbers. Immortal creatures flocked to the organization seeking refuge from human persecution.

The vampire craze continued to grow and humans were putting increasing pressure on suspected vampires, sometimes going as far as to exhume bodies and put a stake through the suspected vampires heart. Some were done while the victim was still alive. Of coarse rarely did the humans kill an actual vampire. The delegates tried to prevent these happenings by developments in modern sciences to disprove the existence of immortals.

This took hundreds of years to accomplish.

Now society finely willing to accept the existence of immortals to be outlandish, the Delegates moved their focus to stopping the further involvement in Human society.

So This is where I will list all the current roleplayers and their characters. There will only be one or two pre-scripted characters, original characters are welcome. Please follow the Character sheet. Please let me know which team you want to be on. Please fill out detailed history, including how the character was inducted and lineage. The character rankings will go as follows.

Leslie Trent: (Played by Alexander_Right) Keeper of the laws of the delegates.

Arucan Night: (Played by Constellations) Ruler of the delegates
Maribel: (Played by SaintandSinner)
Kora Neverwinter: (Played by VitaminHeart)

Dakota Bravo: (Played by SaintandSinner) Team lead
Shisou: (Played by AsuraDeWinters)
Grant: (Played by AsuraDeWinters)

Hazel Simone: (Played by Constellations) Team lead
Dylan Straight: (Played by Lotsalove)
Sage Grasso: (Played by Alexander_Right)

Gabriel Castel: (Played by Lotsalove052)
Midnight/Amelia: (Played by AsuraDeWinters)

Character Sheet (Picture is mandatory)
Abilities (Two ONLY):
Current ranking in the Delegates aka Job function:

*-*-*-*-*-*-*::The Delegates Headquarters::*-*-*-*-*-*-*

The Headquarters and Living grounds.
A lavish palace where all the full members live and work.
From a distance.
Sitting grounds.
Ballroom/ Concert hall.
Training grounds
The housing for the children (Recently built)

Toggle Rules

Standard rules apply

  • No Godmoding
  • No killing unless approved
  • All characters must be approved
  • All posts in third person.
  • Try to be active
  • All posts should be at least two paragraphs

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(One week later)

"I don't know," Arucan was saying, "I still think Arucan Jr. would have been a better fit." He grinned over at Koda who gave him a scowl that still managed to seem pretty sinister even with his infant son in his arms. "Though I guess Jonathan is nice too." Koda rolled his eyes, which in Koda code meant he was over that. It was a bit of surprise. Typically Koda would bite his head for even looking in his directiion. This was different. Arucan attributed Koda's improved attitude to the babies' birth. Or maybe Gabe's death - both seemed to delight him.

Arucan leaned back in his chair, wrapping his arms around the Middle Eastern beauty perched on his lap, pulling her flush against his chest. She blushed a little - darkening her already tanned cheeks. He laughed, burrying his face in the crook of her neck. The two lovers were currently in the common room - along with some of their colleagues. Mostly the couples it seemed. Hazel and Dylan there, Grant and Kora, and Midnight and Koda among the gathered.

The newborns were there as well; Helena, Jonathan, and Selene. Arucan had met Helena already, but this was his first time seeing the twins - mostly by his own error, admittely. He'd spent a good portion of the last week locked in his room with Amirah. The thought made him smile slightly to himself. They'd been celebrating Amirah's decision to stay. It had been a rather joyous occasion.

Running his fingers through Amirah's silken hair, he glanced over to Kora, who had Helena cradled in her arms. "Tell me Kora," he said, "Are you still planning on having a wedding soon? Are you going to wait until she's old enough to be a flower girl?" The question could be rather versatile, but Arucan did not intend to sound snarky. He was actually rather interested in how they planned to proceed.

He glanced over at Midnight, who looked quite well given the events of the past few weeks. He was rather pleased about that. She deserved to be happy and healthy. After all, she had this great family to take care of now; Garrett and the twins were going to be a lot of work. But, he imagined, not something Midnight couldn't handle.

Arucan brought his attention back to Amirah when she shifted in his lap. He smiled as she leaned back against his chest - when he inhaled he could smell the fragrance from her hair. It was lovely; of course, everything about Amirah was lovely. From her looks, to her personality, to her soul. She was the most amazing person Arucan had met in his three hundred years. And that was saying something.

He ran his fingers across her thin, warm wrist. It felt right to be with her here. It was kind of nice being with a woman in public; it was something he had never made a habit of doing. But Amirah was differen.t And though he loved having her all to himself at the same time, it seemed unfair that others not get to enjoy her and all her splendor. Selfish even. If he was going to have Amirah, and she him, he was going to have to share. And he intended to have her - for as long as she allowed it. Ideally though, forever.

. . . . . . . .

Hazel was standing by the windows, enjoying a glass of wine and watching as Dylan played with the babies. She smiled fondly. He really was great with kids. Currently, he had little Selene in his arms and was cooing at her animatedly. Hazel gave a light laugh at that; it really was rather cute. Selene herself was adorable. Cute as a button and the spitting image of her father; what with those blue eyes and that dark hair. Her outfit only served to make her that much more endearing. A little pink sundress adorned her body while her forehead was bound with a big bow in matching shades. She really did look quite perfect.

Hazel was willing to bet that Koda thought she was perfect. Based on the way he was watching her; with the hyper vigilance of a hawk. Typically, he only looked at Midnight like that. But now he had all these little people to watch. Garrett, Selene, and little Jonathan who was currently in Koda's arms. The younger Bravo boy was dressed just as adorably as his sister, in a blue onesie and navy striped pants with a matching hat pulled over his blonde locks. Currently Jonathan, or Jace as Midnight and Koda had coined him, was kicking restlessly in his fathers arms and lightly smacking his chest with his little fist.

Hazel gave a little laugh at that. She was never around babies much. But all of a sudden, there were tons around here. The twins, and then Kora's daughter. Helena was every bit as adorable as the Bravo twins, and just as loved. Grant couldn't seem to let her out of his arms, let alone out of his sight. Hazel wondered if parenthoood made everyone this crazy.

She glanced up as Dylan came over, offering Selene to her. Hazel put down her wine glass and took the baby. "Ah, my turn I see," she said, giving Dylan a smile as she took the baby. She looked down at Selene with a smile. The little girl's lids were dropping; she looked quite tired and quite content to sleep right there. "Why you're like a little cat," she noted with a laugh, "You can sleep anywhere, eh?"

She rocked the baby gently, smiling as she glanced over at Dylan who was teasing Koda. "Do you really think that's such a great idea?" she wondered, "You remember what happened last time." She laughed as she leaned in to Dylan, still holding the baby. It was odd - being here with Dylan and a baby. It put weird thoughts in her head, that she hastily pushed away.

Right now, all she was concerned about was this moment. Finally, everything was alright. She had Dylan, the Delegates were at peace, everyone was happy. Finally, there was no more worrying. It felt strange not to worry - strange, but so, so welcome.

. . . . . . .

Will couldn't hear himself think over the music; not that he was doing a whole lot of that. He had his third beer in his hand as he danced to the pulsating beats, somehow managing not to spill a drop. Everything around him was changing colors; the strobe lights painting the people around him blue, then green, then red, and blue again. The smell of cigarette smoke, artifical fog, and alcohol filled the air as the bodies of drunk humans swayed around him, grinding and spilling their drinks.

So this was New York.

Will had actually never been, which was why he'd suggested it for his and Stacy's vacation. They'd only just arrived this afternoon, but already they were having a fantastic time. They'd checked into the hotel - which was fucking amazing, and then had a great dinner at some fancy restaurant before hitting the clubs. Which turned out to be totally fucking amazing. The club he'd gone to with the guys had been sick - but it had nothing on this place.

"This is so bitchin!" he tried to tell Stacy, but he doubted she could hear him over the music. She was dancing in front of him - dressed in some sexy little outfit that all the guys in the place checking her out. A few had been bold enough to hit on her, but Will had fended them off by asking if they'd be down for a threesome; that scared them off real quick, and him and Stacy would have a good laugh about it.

But now, they were too busy dancing to the trance like beats of the upbeat music. Stacy was dancing right up against Will - in a most sexual way. He took a swig of his beer, straightening the brim of his hat as he grinded with her. While he was drinking, he'd almost missed a pretty brunette girl coming up to them. She'd actually sandwhiched between them - fucking bold if you asked Will. She had her back to him and was facing Stacy. She was grinding her ass against Will, which caused him to raise his eyebrows in surprise. He glanced over her shoulder to see Stacy - who the girl seemed just as interested in. The girl was rubbing up sensually against Stacy, running her fingers down her arm seductively.

Will met Stacy's gaze, lifting his beer and tilting his head to the side as if to say "What do you think?"


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Koda was nervous, but he felt he was doing a fair job of hiding it. He'd even managed to keep his pacing to a minimum, though he couldn't stop it completly. He glanced over at Midnight - for the millionth time that day it seemed - before Arucan called his attention. "That's a terrible suggestion Arucan" Koda said in a subdued tone as he absently rocked Jace "Even for you." Koda's attention really wasn't on the other wolf; he really couldn't be bothered with him today. He had other, more important things on his mind.

Without looking down, he gently grabbed hold of his infant son's tiny fist within his own, ceasing the baby's assault on Koda's chest. Not like it hurt - he barely felt it to be honest - but with three kids, Koda was going to have to start enforcing the "no hitting" thing from the start. Especially with Jace it seemed. Already the child was so restless, so demanding, so active. He didn't sleep half as often as his twin.

Koda's gaze glanced over to where Selene was being passed from Dylan to Hazel. She looked peaceful, as usual, and that brought a little smile to his face. So different from her twin. She reminded him more of Garrett - in a way. Much more temperate. But of course, it was too early to tell these things.

Koda turned his attention to Dylan and forced a smile that he felt looked believably genuine. "Oh no" he said, laughing "This is our celebration, thank you very much." He already had such a tarnished reputation - with photographed documentation to boot - he didn't need anymore turning up. He already forsaw problems in the future with his colleagues telling his children things they shouldn't about their father. But that was years down the road.

And right now, he had more immediate things to worry about. Glancing at the clock, he figured it was about time. Time to innact his plan. "Garrett" he said, turning to where his eldest son was sitting on the couch, playing some handheld video game. "Mind holding Jace for a second while I get a drink." He then gingerly handed the baby into Garrett's lap. "Thanks buddy" he said, ruffling his hair before heading over to the table where wine and appetizers had been placed out. Koda poured himself a glass of red wine - even though he was not known for ever drinking the stuff.

Glass in hand, he approached Midnight with a smile. He opened his mouth as if he intended to say something to her, just as his foot caught on the edge of the coffee table. He stumbled forward, catching himself but not before his wine spilled all over Midnight's white dress. "Oh fuck" he said, straightening up "Sorry babe. Don't know when I got so clumsy." He put a hand on her shoulder, placing the wine glass on the table. "Come on, I'll come with you to get cleaned up." He began leading Midnight from the room, glancing back at everyone. "We'll be right back."

"Sorry about the dress honey" he apolgoized as they walked down the hall "This is why I don't drink wine. If that had been scotch . . . Well the dress would still be ruined but at least it wouldn't look like I just stabbed you in the chest." He laughed as he led her down the hall and into their bedroom. Closing the door lightly behind them with a click, Koda stepped into the room after her.

He knew her routine well enough to know that she was going to go into her top dresser drawer in search of something clean - and sure enough she did. With a small, but nervous, smile Koda inched forward as she opened it. He watched the confusion play across her face as she pulled out the small velvet box - watched her mouth fall open when she opened it and saw what was inside.

His smile growing into full radiance as he sunk down onto one knee, he took her small, pale hand into his and looked up at her. She looked different from this angle - just as beautiful as ever, but different. He supposed it made sense - he very rarely knelt before her after all. "Midnight" he began "I'm sure you can guess what I'm going to say, but I have to say it anyway."

"But first, I have to apologize for what a crappy proposal this is" he said "I know you deserve better. Better than being proposed to in your bedroom by a guy in a Jets' jersey. I should've .... I don't know. Put on a suit at least .... Or something. I mean I thought about putting the ring in a champagne glass but I was afraid you'd choke .... And I thought about taking you somewhere beautiful and memorable - I really did. Like Barcelona or Paris. But ... Let's face it, it's a miracle I got you alone in the first place. I thought maybe one moment that's private - that's just ours - would make up for how lame it is."

He sighed. He was fucking this up. "Midnight" he repeated, finding comfort in the way her name felt against his lips. He took a pause - he had to cut to the chase. "You're everything to me - the only thing in my life that has ever made any sense. You're the love of my life, the mother of my children, but most of all, you're my best friend. You know that - you know how much I love you. Now, I could sit here for hours on end and tell you every reason why I love - but really, it's because well .... Because you're you. And I think that's reason enough."

He felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest - more than anything, he just wanted her answer. But in order to get that, he actually had to ask the question. "Midnight, I know I'm an idiot. But I'm an idiot that would do anything to make you happy. So .... I'm asking that you do this one thing to make me happy - that you forget for a moment how much better you could do."

"I'm going in circles here" he said with a sigh "So let me just get on with it." Drawing the velvet black box from Midnight he held it open to her - revealing the ring inside. "Midnight, will you marry me?"


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(One week later)

Stacy spent the beginning of the week rebuilding the security system, spending what time she could with Lyda and gushing over her new brother and sister. The week had a lot of ups and downs, while she was happy about the twins she felt destroyed over Lyda and her family. Stacy didn't know how to deal with that kind of loss, and most of the time she spent with Lyda she was silent just trying to figure out what to say, what could she say? Stacy hoped that her silent presence would at least convey to Lyda that she felt for her and wanted to be there. Problem was Stacy also had a lot of responsibilities and she had to try and balance it all together. By the end of the week Stacy was exhausted, and she felt like it was time to get out of the building for a while.

Which is why her and Will decided to go on their vacation and for the destination, New York City. She had been there tons of times but for Will it was his first time and Stacy was determined to make it something memorable. They had a few days in the city before heading down to see his family. With everything going on his family was concerned and a visit was in order to prove everything was really ok. His mom worried often.

Currently the club was packed, the music loud, and the drinks were flowing. Stacy was dancing with Will as the music pounded inside her head, it was nice because the loud trance was doing wonders to drown out all the voices in her head. When she was in a place like this she always took comfort in the loud music. She laughed at the men approaching her and how Will fended them off, it was cute and protective.

A girl came over interrupting Will and Stacy's little dance session but not like she minded, the girl was pretty, and she seemed plenty interested in both of them. Will seemed interested and that made Stacy smile. What a nice beginning to their trip. Stacy smiled back at Will it was a definite 'Oh yea.'


Garrett had a strange week. He was busy with the babies and the repairs, and he was recovering from all the emotional trauma. He found that he was having some serious trouble sleeping and the only thing that helped was staying up until he was so tired he would pass out. It wasn't a healthy way of doing things but there was no way his mom or dad were going to put him on sleeping medication.

He was playing video games and his dad handed his brother to him. Garrett put down the game and held his brother safely. he looked up at his dad to see him spill wine all over his mom's white dress.
"So glad I'm not the only one that ruins mom's clothes."
He giggled but when his dad escorted his mother out Garrett was highly suspicious. So he waited for a few moments before sliding off the couch and passing his brother off to Amirah.
"Here, I will be right back."
Garrett wasn't worried about Amirah holding the baby, she was an adult and she seemed to sweet, Garrett bet she knew how to hold a baby.
With a nod from Amirah Garrett took off after his parents. He didn't want to interrupt, he just wanted to listen in. He was a kid after all. So Garrett got to his parents door and he pressed his ear against it gingerly just in time to hear his dad give a very clumsy proposal. Garrett smiled.
"Yay!" he exclaimed excitedly in a whisper before covering his mouth. He didn't want to ruin the moment and he wanted to hear his mom say Yes. He might have been just as excited as his dad was. This was so his dad, pouring wine on his mom to lure her into a very make shift classic dad moment. He could see any other woman freaking out when she found out it was all a ruse but not his mom. This was perfect for her, she didn't need a fancy place or a guy all dressed up because that just wasn't his dad. But this, this type of proposal is just perfect.

Garrett couldn't be happier. His family was perfect now...


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Amirah had the most magical week of her life, she had never been more at home and happy in her entire life. This place was wonderful, and the company was even better. Arucan and her hardly left his room, they had spent the time together well, talking, reading together, and making love. They shared a lot of interests, she loved hearing about his life, and he seemed just as interested in her experiences. She never connected with another person like she did with Arucan. But she supposed they should leave the room so they went to hang out and see the babies.

Amirah found them simply adorable, and Garrett was such a good big brother. It made Amirah so happy to see the family doing so well. Amirah watched the family as she sat in Arucan's lap, she wasn't used to this at all. Being with a man in public like this and being so intimately placed. It didn't make her uncomfortable though, it make her feel good because she was safe in Arucan's arms. She trusted him and she was completely secure being around him. Koda spilled wine on Midnight's white dress and Amirah suddenly understood why the woman went shopping so much and threw away so many outfits. It appeared the men around her were very clumsy. Still from the red splattered pattern decorating the white dress Amirah saw something that made her smile. It was no surprise when Garrett wanted to follow them.

She took the baby from Garrett smiling at him. She looked down at the little child in her arms, he was a restless thing squirming and making little gurgling noises like he was upset. But as soon as he looked up to her he seemed to settle, the child smiled at her and nuzzled into her chest. Jace grabbed some of her hair exploring the new texture happily. Amirah found this especially adorable. "You just want someone to play with don't you?" Amirah jingled the gold bangles on her wrist in front of the baby and Jace's eyes lit up. They were simple things but they made a delightful noise that had the baby entranced. Jace suddenly started laughing realizing every time he touched the jewelry it made the noise.

Amirah smiled at the child who seemed very content and quiet for once. It wasn't long before the child was sleeping one tiny fist full of her hair and the other holding on her wrist.

Grant was watching Amirah closely. "How did you do that?" Amirah looked up and over to Grant. "What do you mean?" Grant motioned at Jace. "You know, get the baby to sleep. You have kids?" Amirah shook her head. "No, I do not have any children." You would need to have sex to have children, and Amirah hadn't had sex with a man for a very long time before Arucan, actually she was having trouble remembering a time that she had consensual sex with a man before Arucan. That was a crazy thought, had it been that long? No matter to her, she always felt like if it was right she would know, and Arucan was right in every way. "He just wants to be distracted. He has a busy mind."

Grant thought about that. "Makes sense." He went to Kora and nuzzled her and his daughter. "You're not busy huh? You are just distracted aren't you?" Grant smiled at the infant, she seemed the happiest of all the babies and since she had such traumatic beginnings, Grant was very thankful for that. He was going to make sure she was happy all the time. If Grant had it his way she would never lose the happiness she appeared to have.

Grant kissed Kora. "I love you." He couldn't stop telling her now and if it was up to him he would marry her right then. He almost lost her and he wasn't going to let a day go bye that he didn't make sure she knew how thankful he was for her and their new baby. "I think we should get married when you feel better babe. I don't see a point in waiting, plus just think how cute Helena is going to look in a little white dress. And you are just going to be beautiful all blood covered and stuff." Grant smiled rubbing her back gently, Kora may not be the affectionate type but he was and he knew that her back hurt like hell after her ordeal. Grant would do anything to make her feel better.


Shisou didn't join in the festivities, he was with Lyda. He was very wrapped up in what happened to her family and he refused to leave her alone. Now they had two kids with them and that was more reason for Shisou to help Lyda. Stacy had been a help and Midnight was there as much as possible but the others seemed very wrapped up in their own lives. Shisou could understand that but still he didn't think it was right. They all knew Lyda, well except for Reith, Oren, and Amirah, so they were the only ones with an excuse to not be here. And the sad thing was Amirah showed up to say how sorry she was and offer to help in anyway she could but not many others even came by. Lyda brushed it off but Shisou was less forgiving. At least Stacy and Midnight were supportive, but he knew they would be.

The children were traumatized but it at least perked up Lyda to have something to focus on. Lyda wasn't the only one Shisou was spending time with however. He spent his nights with Reith, talking, playing games, or just relaxing and watching tv. Reith proved to be great company and Shisou enjoyed being around her. They had a good time together, and they could destroy the kitchen on one of their cooking experiments. In the time that he knew Reith he had developed some intense feelings for her but he pushed them aside not wanting to ruin their blossoming friendship. He came close once to telling her or even making a move on her but he just wasn't sure, she didn't appear that she would appreciate any advances.

So that was what Shi was up to. He was spending his days with Lyda and the kids and with Reith at night. He got little sleep but that was because he was so busy, not that he minded, he needed to keep himself busy so he didn't feel like he was failing anyone.


Midnight was just enjoying the time with everyone. Her past week had been so stressful she didn't know what relaxing felt like. The news about Lyda's family weighed heavily on her because she loved Lyda so much, Midnight spent a lot of time with her and the children. Her own children were demanding as well so Midnight was with them as well, often bringing them to see Lyda and the kids. The children seemed quite distracted by the babies, and Midnight would offer them anything that would help them cope with the traumatic loss of their own parents. And even Lyda seemed comforted by the babies, but Midnight knew it was just the support Lyda appreciated.

Then there was work and the repairs on the building, she had taken some time off so that she could plan and execute the remodel of the building figuring that the place was going to need to expand. After that still, Midnight had to deal with the Neverwinters, as promised midnight did not allow any violence to occur and she even attended the funerals of the family members that passed away in the fight. Midnight felt deeply sorry for the families loss. She agreed to put her agents in a training program to help them assess situations better, they should have known something wasn't right. As for Kora's family, she set up phones for all the family members warning them that if they didn't pick them up Midnight was going to personally beat them senseless. She did not break with them, they worked together to develop a better system of communication and the trust issue the Neverwinters had was going out the window. Their name was tarnished and Midnight couldn't do much about that, but she did help them save face as much as possible. She knew the Neverwinters were a proud line.

Garrett was also on her mind, the poor kid was barely sleeping and he was having the worst nightmares. Koda and Midnight allowed him to sleep in their bed many nights because he was just so scared. With all that Midnight was distracted to say the least so when Koda spilled wine on her dress she just sighed. "This is why I can't have nice things... You want me to be one of those moms that just wears sweat pants and a T shirt? Because that's where you are headed mister."

She nodded when he said he was going to accompany her to get new clothes. She smiled and got up excusing herself, she was used to this by now so it was nothing new, and the boys wondered why she spent so much money on clothes. Midnight walked in her room and went for something to clean the hot mess that was her dress. "You are getting me a new dress. I am starting to keep track of th-" Midnight stopped talking when she saw a little box sitting in the drawer. The dress, the wine, and everything else on her mind just disappeared. This was not happening... But when she looked at the box her hand went to her mouth and she gasped only to turn and see Koda down on one knee and taking the box from her. For the first time in a very long time Midnight was taken by total surprise.

She was going to kill him if this was some kind of joke. But then he started speaking and though it wasn't eloquent, or done with finesse it was perfect. She couldn't speak, couldn't even think or breathe. She just couldn't believe this was happening. She was just staring at him as he fumbled trying to get the words out himself. It wasn't romantic in the least but it was Koda... this whole thing was Koda, from intentionally ruining her dress to his fumbling on words. And to her Koda was perfect. She realized that though she was frozen tears streaked her cheeks, this shouldn't make her cry, she was not one of those women that should be breaking down and crying like a child, but she was. As soon as he asked her the big question and showed her the ring it became very real for her.

Midnight smiled tackling Koda to the ground while making sure that her hand cushioned his head from slamming against the floor. "Yes!" Midnight kissed him, this had to be the most perfect thing. and Koda had amazing taste in jewelry to boot. "Yes I will marry you!" Midnight squealed happily when he put the ring on her finger and it looked perfect. "You perfect man!" Midnight kissed him again just so happy that her skin started to glow, actually glow. She couldn't help it. Midnight was perched on top of him smiling and giggling, she was just so excited. She paused and looked at Koda very seriously. "You still owe me a new dress." In her mind this was the perfect proposal, and he was the perfect man for her. She smiled again. "I love you..."

She heard some excited noises at the other end of the door. "Garrett you can come in now." The door burst open and Garrett came in to join their little family pile. He seemed just as happy as she was. What a truly perfect moment.


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Kora had spent the majority of the last week dividing time between spending time with her husband and daughter, and sleeping off the effects of her experience. She had felt pretty wiped out, and also knew that Grant would probably lock her in her room if she didn't take it easy. Fortunately she found she had no reasons to go off on one, not in a dramatic fashion anyway. She'd called up Rose as soon as she'd felt up to it. Hilda and Thea were alright, and Rose herself was trying to bond with her newly discovered daughter. Considering, things weren't going too badly.

Kora still looked a bit beaten up, with bandages on her wrists and across her midriff, though her werewolf healing had taken care of most of the smaller cuts and bruises completely. It was just as well that it was so efficient.

Helena, for all that had happened, seemed to be perfectly healthy and happy. She'd had that all thoroughly checked out, and everything was fine. They were not certain how she would deal with changing, or whether she had another ability aside from berserkrgang, but at that point, it didn't seem like a problem. She was a happy, healthy baby girl, and Grant was smitten with her.

Kora cast a glance over in Arucan's direction, regarding his question.
" Soon, hopefully. I don't imagine Hel will be particularly disappointed when she grows up. I don't think our kind really do flowers anyway. More animal sacrifice and swords. I'm starting as a I mean to go on. You're going to be a walking nuke like your mommy aren't you?" she asked Helena, who giggled.

She leaned her head on Grant's shoulder, smiling.
"I like that idea. Getting covered in blood is pretty much second nature by now anyway. After the time I've had, I don't want to waste anymore time messing about. Let's go for it. I love you Grant."


Everyone was happy...well...nearly everyone. Lyda Fox sat up in her room. She'd placed the bible, slightly water damaged, the roughly repaired wall cross, and her pendant in a box, closed the top and placed them in her desk draw. Shisou was right, she shouldn't cast them aside....but she wasn't sure how she felt about them anymore.

She wasn't sure how she felt about some of the people she knew anymore either. The last week she hadn't seen a lot of most people. Midnight had been by several times. Stacy had been there; while she had said very little Lyda had appreciated that she had been a presence, and showed that she cared. Shisou had been around much of the time. Lyda couldn't express how much she appreciated his presence, particularly considering her newfound responsibilities, which she couldn't really call herself prepared for. The werewolf had never expected to be caring for two kids.

Dinah, the three year old was fast asleep, pulled up close to Lyda with her blond head resting on her lap, and one arm wrapped around a stuffed toy. Cyrus, the older of the two was sat over by the window, watching the snow. The kids were distraught, confused, and trying to adapt to this abrupt and rather painful turn their life had taken. Lyda herself knew that there wasn't a lot that she could say or do that could make it hurt less....she felt the hurt keenly herself....but she also knew that she could honor the memory of her family no better than by raising and caring for these two. If there was no God, if there was no heaven, then the only way you could truly live forever was in the impact that you had on others. Her parents, her brothers...they had made her who she was...and to abandon that was to kill them a second time.

She glanced over at Shisou.
"Thanks for all this. I don't know if you'll ever get a sense of how much impact what you said had on me....but I just want you to know that you're a very good man."


One person was apparently missing from the building.

There was a small note, with slightly untidy handwriting, pinned to the door of Reith's room.


May not be around for a couple of days, have some stuff to take care of.

See you soon,

It was at the same time that a figure, dressed in a baggy hooded top, wearing gloves and a scarf pulled up over her nose and mouth, casually approached the building Nia and Rex Arian had been hiding out in for the past few days, while waiting for the heat to die down.

Nia had finally perfected using her new arm. She had to wear big bulky clothes in public--bulkier than she usually wore--to cover it up, but she didn't seem to mind it all that much. The hand twitched a bit, then closed around a fork.

Nia smiled, managing to twist the fork around using her fingers, so she could use it. She dropped it, then grabbed it again, this time, from the right angle.

It was with little effort that the invader scaled the wall and reached the window. She had dispensed of her gloves, and her fingers expanded to resemble the pads of a gecko, allowing her to easily clamber up and swing herself into the room.

Nia lifted her head at the noise, looking around at the trespasser. "Why, hello dear," Nia said. She got to her feet, setting the fork down calmly.

Reath reached up and pulled the hood down, fanning her silver hair out and turning towards Nia.
"You didn't really think I wouldn't show up, did you?"

"Oh, no, I figured you would. Soon as I knew you were alive,"

"So the next question is, what're you planning to do about it?"

"It depends. What are you planning to do?"

"Aw, telling you would ruin the surprise." she replied, with an unnerving grin. There was more of Rex and Cray in Reith than she would care to admit.

"I see," Nia said. She seemed unusually subdued. The woman tried to surprise Reith, lunging forwards. The good news about now having a metal arm was that it intensely amplified her abilities, so if that arm touched the girl, she had her. If the other did, then Nia just had to hope that her energy manipulation got to Reith in time.

It was a desperate move, but Nia was kinda desperate. The life she had tried to build for herself was gone. Her human job, her kids, her arm. Even her vampire job was in trouble. Even with all her intellect, she had no idea what to do from here. It showed.

Reith glanced in the direction of the woman,almost disappointed. A dark, sinuous tendril burst from her shoulders, winding round and seizing hold of Nia's collar, lifting her cleanly off the ground.

"See, as I see it, I am kinda due a bit of revenge. You people used me as your pawn, you then tried to murder me, and I'm technically the father of a hybrid baby, something that's pretty fucked up..even for me." she stated.

Nia looked over Reith for a moment. She didn't seem afraid. "I'm sorry Reith," she said. With that, she attempted to grab the tendril and send a large electric burst through it. "But I'm not dying here. Even if I deserve it."
The tendril spasmed and lurched backwards. The fleshcrafter got the shock a few moments later and stumbled back, grimacing.
With that, the other vampire ran past Reith, springing out the window.

The biological manipulator gave a hiss of irritation and dashed after her.

The chase itself was almost embarrassingly short.
By the end of the alleyway Reith had closed the gap. She effortlessly pulled Nia up off her feet again.
"This is boring." she stated venomously, tendrils rearing back like angry snakes around her.

Nia struggled to catch her breath. "Reith I had nothing to do with your death," Nia said.

Reith swung them both back up to the window ledge, holding the woman aloft.
"You're still a fucking cancer. Give me one good reason not to rip you in half. One incentive. Go on. I'll wait"

Nia looked down. "I-I never thought it'd end like this. I was just so relieved, y'know? When I met Rex. I wasn't... alone." Nia looked up. "Reith dear... I hope this makes you happy. Gives you peace. You've had it rough." she grabbed the tendril again, running another shock through it, fully expecting to be dropped.

The young vamp swung Nia round and swung her into the ledge, hard.
"Happy is simply not going to happen, not in the classical sense anyway. That isn't what I'm after. I'm not proud of it, I'm after a bit of nasty, violent gratification....but the thing is...I'm not stupid. Rex picked you for a reason. I reckon you can be useful.
I'm giving you a one time opportunity to save your sorry ass."

"Okay," Nia said, her hair falling in front of her face. "What?"

"Make me powerful." she stated, smiling.
"I'm good, I'm very good...but I want to be great."


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It seemed like a century that Koda knelt there - waiting for her answer. What was really only seconds, felt like decades. Koda was sure that he was going to suffer from accute heart failure if he had to wait any longer. But then - thankfully, wonderfull - her answer came, in the form of her tackling him to the ground. For a moment, he thought that this was a very violent no, but she quickly dispelled all of those thoughts.

Midnight's lips against his prevented him from saying anything stupid - or at least prolonged. "Yes?" he repeated, only to get cut off as she kissed him again. "You really will?" When she nodded, he almost couldn't believe it. This didn't seem real; it was like he was dreaming. Like he was going to wake up and still be worried about asking her. But it wasn't - it was real. He'd asked already. And she'd said yes.

This time he kissed her, his arms going around to hold her to him tighter. Yes, the word rang in his mind, yes. He wanted to announce it to the whole world. Wanted to scream it from the rooftops, broadcast it on television, send out a newsletter. She said yes!

When she pulled away, he regarded her with a grand smile that matched hers. She looked so happy then - and that happiness made her seem even more beautiful than before; if that was even possible. She was radiant - even with a stained dress and tears on her cheeks - she looked perfect. "I know just the dress I'll get you" he said, grinning "It's long, and white - and it comes with a veil...." He smiled, reaching up to run a hand through her hair. He could just lay like this forever; he really could. "I love you too" he said.

He was still grinning as he glanced over to see Garrett running in. Spying on them, had he? Well Koda wasn't surprised. Garrett had seemed pretty excited about the possibility of his parents getting married; it was no surprise that he'd developd a sixth sense about the whole thing. Koda laughed as Garrett joined them on the floor. "Hey there buddy. So - you going to be the ring bearer or what? I'd have Selene be the flower girl but it would be rather difficult seeing as she can't walk" he joked, laughing "Maybe Mimi will be the flower girl." He laughed some more. This easily had to be the weirdest proposal ever. But he didn't care. All he cared about was that she'd said yes. That one sentence kept ringing through his mind - resonating. That one thought - it made everything he'd ever done, worth it. Every mistake, every trial, every royal fuck up was worth it now- because she'd said yes.

Everything from then on would be perfect - because she said yes.


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Wow, just wow guys! This has been an amazing roleplay and I want to thank you so much. I think we are ready to move on. YAY!

The next roleplay isn't going to be as violent and i think we are going to change gears for a while and do more of a romantic theme that focuses on the relationships and each characters inner struggle. Perhaps we will be adding in a clear villain later, but for now lets just kick it off and enjoy the ride. Not saying there isn't going to be drama but I think the drama I have planned out is going to test the characters and how secure they really are in themselves and their relationships. I want to shake the characters ideas of themselves and how they may not be as good/evil as they think they are. We are going to be focusing on a good amount of character development, especially with the new characters.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

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Mission one: Will and Stacy

Mission one: Will and Stacy by RolePlayGateway

Will and Stacy travel to Texas to confront Will's family over their illegal human trafficking ring.

The Necromancer

The Necromancer by RolePlayGateway

A necromancer is bringing back the dead and they are not happy about it.

The Dogfights

The Dogfights by RolePlayGateway

Zachary and Mia are running a werewolf fighting ring to provide entertainment to the vampires.

The Dogfights

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Zachary and Mia are running a werewolf fighting ring to provide entertainment to the vampires.

Away Missions

Away Missions Owner: RolePlayGateway

This is where delegates on deployment will post. Cameo your own villains and play out your away missions.

Mission one: Will and Stacy

Will and Stacy travel to Texas to confront Will's family over their illegal human trafficking ring.

The Necromancer

Away Missions The Necromancer Owner: RolePlayGateway

A necromancer is bringing back the dead and they are not happy about it.

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