Vivian Duskwood

I've been reckless, but I'm not a rebel without a cause.

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a character in “The Nothern Delegates: Chaos”, as played by Lux_Disraeli


Name: Vivian Duskwood





Abilities (Two ONLY):She can temporarily shut a person's brain off. She also can heal almost anything back to life on the brink of death if she gets to the person or thing fast enough she has about a five minute window to for anything bigger then 60 pounds.

Personality: Vivian is sweet and soft spoken when she doesn't trust who she is speaking with. She is smart and clever and tends to be a rambler when she is nervous or excited. She is a glass half full type of girl, and tends to always been sunny. She is loyal to only those who earn it.

History:Vivian was sent on a mission a few months before midnight returned after one of the delegates had been missing from a Coven check-up in Peru. She spent time tending to the local village the coven had used as cattle. The delegate she had come to find had been killed by the coven hoping the delegates would leave them alone. She and a local wolf pack took the whole coven out.

A year later she has made her way back to the delegate home expecting to get a ear full for taking so long to deal with the situation. Finding out all that she missed and the wake of distressed over Midnights defeat was heartbreaking for her to see how everyone is coping with it. She has taken Cleo under her wing trying to focus her energy into helping her fit in.

Current ranking in the Delegates aka Job function:Healer

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Vivian Duskwood's Story