Avery Jeanes Labelle

~Actions Do Not Speak Louder Than Words - Actions Speak Truer Than Words~

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a character in “The Notting's”, as played by LozerFanAnah


Full Name:
Avery Jeanes Labelle



Group 3; Notting

He is a height of 5'9" and is obviously underweight at 130lbs; but is still somehow built properly. His hair is a red-brown colour that contrasts almost immediately with his pale skin. Both his skin and his hair contrast with his yellow-green eyes that look gold in bright light.

Avery Labelle is - in a nutshell - everything his Specific needs him to be. His personality is dictated by how his Specific feels and acts because Avery feels that it is his job to be perfect. He's the listener, the adviser, the best friend and if needed the lover. But his personality can be described by one word; calm.

He is collected and smooth no matter the situation because he always knows how to deal. Nothing bothers him to the point where he seems almost detached from the whole world and cares nothing for it. However the case is the exact opposite; he's calm because he cares too much for the world. Around his Specific of course. His emotions are always balanced and his eyes always have this muted fire that burns only when needed to burn. He is the perfect example of what a person handling a fight should be because he knows not to choose sides. He'll even fight against his Specific because Yin needs Yang and Yang needs Yin. Avery is black and white; the perfect gentlemen and the worst enemy. His English accent often pushes his point.

Although when he is by himself all of that often slips and his true personality whatever it might be shows; not that it's very often. He likes to keep himself in control at all times because control is what is needed in life. Avery believes that and won't let anything anyone says tip him. Not that it hasn't happened because it has and he reinforced his walls just so it wouldn't again. He had to be strong at all times because his Specific could break down at any moment.

So begins...

Avery Jeanes Labelle's Story