"If you have nothing to say then leave."

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a character in “The Oblivious”, as played by Bao Chau




Name: Eri (Last name is unknown)
"Why do you want to know my name you pervert!"

Age: 21
"Don't be fooled by my looks" *wink*

Race: Demon

Gender: Female
"Yes yes"

"As paper"

Crush: None at the moment
"I don't know"

Role: First female
"I am second in charge"

Barcode: Between the shoulder blades
"For identification purposes"

Weapons: Daggers (only works on demon)
”Don't get me angry or I'll cut you”

Ability: Being able to break a humans bone with a single glance (Eye contact required and only works on humans)
”I'm scary now aren't I”

"An average height in my opinion"

Weight:115 pounds
"I know also average"

Personality: "I'm perfectly normal"

Eri is a demon with many emotions but is very capable of making the right decisions and carrying out tasks. She is actually very serious inside but it's hard for her to maintain only one emotion so to maintain any outbursts she has several moods every few hours. It can be hard to determine her personality but she really cares a lot for other people.

Happy- Eri is usually always happy. She likes having fun.

Depressed- If she doesn't get what she want's you'll probably find her sulking around somewhere.

Angry- Eri will sometimes be angry for no reason so when that happens it's best to leave her alone or you could find yourself being cut or having a broken bone.

Stubborn- She does have her rebellious side. Eri hates being told what to do and will only listen to the leader.

Hell yea- This is basically the emotion where Eri believes she is the baddest motherfucker ever.
Likes:"Hehehehe So many things"
- Food
- Night time
- the moon
- cute things
-smelling people

Dislikes:"I dislike all of these things"
-loud noises
- things being to quiet

Talents:"I don't think I have many"
Agility: Eri is really light on her feet and can easily get through a hard obstacle.

Stealth: She can be very quiet and lurk through the shadows unseen.

Flaws"I have no flaws we can skip this"

Eri can't stand being hurt, she can't handle how it feels and doesn't know how to portray. As a result she hurts herself trying to get rid of the pain but this has only happened twice.
Eri hates bugs. When I say she hates bugs she really HATES bugs as in she will kill it on the spot with fire or something.[/right]

Bio:" It's strange I can't remember much"
Eri as a human did have a slight bipolar disorder but people always thought she couldn't think for herself. Eri in reality was a really good person but had a hard time controlling one emotion at a time. Most of her family died during the natural disasters. Even her little sister whom she loved so dearly. Her sister was the only one who really understood her, and the one who explained how Eri felt to her parents. Her sister died from a car hitting her from a person who was trying to leave the city. Her parents died of a building collapsing on them while at work.
After all of the deaths of her family a deadly gas was spread out. Many people died but Eri being the lucky few survived but something was different about her. She wasn't a human anymore from what she could tell. A few weeks after the gas was spread Eri came in contact with a person. Getting into a slight disagreement Eri's emotions got angry causing the person's entire body to break from the inside. Horrified Eri ran away crying at the same time. Not knowing how to deal with her pain Eris took her nails and clawed at her arms trying to get rid of the pain.
This was her terrible beginning to her new like which she now spends with a group she's in called the oblivious.

So begins...

Eri's Story