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Jin Shimizu

"Ever felt a bullet? Didn't think so!" WIP

0 · 274 views · located in Japan ; Shibuya, 12 AF

a character in “The Oblivious”, as played by ㅗㅛㅐ갸녁




Name: Jin Shimizu
"Can't remember where I was born... but I do recall this name being Japanese, right?"

Age: Unknown ; Though to be around 16-19
"B-But I'm no old man!"

Race: Demon
"Is that what they call me?"

Gender: Male
"Nooooo, I'm most definitely a female."

Sexuality: Pnaseuxal | Heterosexual
"What does sexuality mean...?"

Crush: None at the moment
"Ahahahahahaha! ...Yeah. I have no girlfriend..."

Role: Male Number 2
"Role? I had a role?"

Barcode: Left Side of his Cheek
"Kinda hurt... buuuut, whatever."

Weapons: He usually uses, in general, a sniper gun. Doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it's under the genre. For side weapons, he keeps a pistol inside his jacket and a pocket knife in his... well.. pocket, obviously.
”Is it a lot? I guess I tend to over weaponize sometimes....”

Ability: Accuracy - It's why he uses a gun. Even with a moving target, he was insane accuracy and almost never misses by 90%.
”Bam! Kill score is 78! Am I winning yet?”

Height: 5'10
"I think my height is fine as is~"

Weight: 139
"I don't really eat food anymore, so yeah, I'm light."

Personality: "Comment from character from here"

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So begins...

Jin Shimizu's Story