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Brady Ewan McCaffery

I do as I want; I do as I please

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a character in “The Observatory”, as played by CriminalMinds


[color=#YOUR HEX CODE]Brady Ewan McCaffery[/color]

Gender Male
Age 18

Appearance Brady thinks he is all that. So his appearance, in his mind is perfect. A perfect mop of dirty blonde hair, perfect blue eyes. Perfect white teeth, perfect shaped head. Sexy. All of this is in his head, at least. In reality, his head is a little on the small and oval side, his eyes are probably a little too close together and his teeth have fillings in the back from when he was younger. He stands at 6'1 (and according to him this makes his height perfect for been all masculine and dominant in the world) He works out a lot, taking pride in his physic but he isn't one of those overly muscled guys. He is aiming to be, though, because then, that'll add to his image of perfection.

Clothes wise, he wears only top brand gear. No charity shops, no second hand stuff. Just brand new, branded stuff. Most of his clothes come from Abercombie and Fitch and his usual style is wearing a shirt with a wifebeater underneath with some jeans and runners of some description (never tatty). He has 1001 clothes and runners for that fact, believing that he has something for every occasion.

Personality Brady likes to think he's a hit with the ladies. He's narcissistic, arrogant and down right cocky. He believes that he's God's gift to the world and that everyone should be grateful if he makes contact with them. This portrays him as a jerk. And honestly, Brady kinda is. There is no two ways to say it. Most people have good and bad sides to their personality, Brady's good traits? Hardworking and determined? Brady loves a challenge whether it be something physical, or a girl simply saying no to his bed.

One good trait that Brady does have is that he is extremely protective and loyal to his family. He'd do anything, including die for them. No one messes with his family and maybe there he shows his softer side. He's definitely not a jerk to his younger brothers and sisters. And he is respective of his parents and elders.

Maybe somewhere he does have a heart and a soft side. He just has to find it.

History Brady has had an easy life. He was born into a wealthy family on Friday 13th March. As the oldest, he is in line to his father's wealth technology empire. Brady grew up spoilt, having anything he wanted as a child and at 7, he became the older brother to Elijah and Eloise, his twin brother and sister, and then when he was 13 became another older brother to Francesca "Frankie" McCaffery. Lastly, at 15, his youngest brother Conner was born. His big family is very close and have been brought up correctly. None of that wild shit is allowed. Grades are to be high, respect is to be given and manners are expected at all times.

Having to be so well-behaved at home made Brady decide that he wanted a different image portrayed of him at school and as a teenager, decided that he wanted to be in the cool kids gang. Despite his player attitude towards girls and his smart mouth/attitude, he gets good grades and is on a good track with his education. He is hoping that he can get into a good law school one day. Despite school being good, his parents are disappointed in the way he is starting to behave outside of school. Since 15, he's normally got a different girl hanging on his arm each week, and he's been sneaking out to more parties. Though he's not doing any drugs, he did come home twice, drunk, underage. Which is unacceptable in the McCaffery household.

Since then, Brady has pulled in the line, trying to appear as a role model for the younger McCaffery's. It's why he moved out at 17 into his own apartment to appear responsible. It also meant that he could have a social life away from his parents. They pay for everything on his apartment though, and so he's actually dodging most responsibilities. He thinks his parents aren't aware of anything, but they know. They have their ways, and they know that Brady's attitude outside of home is getting worse.

In the last few weeks they've threatened to pull all funding that they give him, hoping that he'll change his ways like they want him too. That's why, when he wakes up in The Observatory, he thinks that his parents have sent him to some sort of behavioural rehab.


  • Dating
  • Sex
  • Girls
  • Computers
  • Football


  • Deep water (though he'd never admit this)
  • Losing his family - this is by far his worst fear. Though he doesn't show how much they actually mean to him, they do mean a lot, a hell of a lot.


  • Pizza
  • Cheesecake
  • Football
  • Women
  • Sex
  • Ice Hockey
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Running


  • Carrots
  • Nerds
  • Smart asses (slightly hypocritical as he can be one)
  • Romantic comedies
  • Britney Spears songs


  • Become a lawyer
  • Lead the ultimate playboy life
  • Have more money than he already has

What they think of how their lives have been

Though he won#t say this out aloud to anyone, he's actually pretty disappointed inside with how he's become. His parents wanted more from him and he knows that he's disappointed them. This disappointment fuels him to continue his arrogant lifestyle because he's doing what he's expected to do - not change. They don't believe he can change. At the same time though, he knows that he can't stop being a role model for his siblings and therefore continues with the double persona for them, letting them believe that he's great. Deep down, he wants to change things. He wants to make the family proud of him for once, but doesn't exactly know how to change or even if he wants to become what his parents want him to become.

Other Important Details

Brady has OCD. It's not severe, but he does like his stuff organised in patterns. He likes even numbers and hates anything odd, with the exception of the number five or anything going into the number of five. His bedroom is always arranged in organised patterns.

So begins...

Brady Ewan McCaffery's Story


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What the hell happened last night?

Brady had no idea. All he knew was that he thought it had been one heck of a party last night. He'd been talking to a girl called Lisa... Lizzy... Lucinda... Someone with an L sounding name. Lucy maybe? His head was thumping so he couldn't quite concentrate.

Rubbing his eyes, he tried to judge the time. Daylight. Morning possibly? Maybe. Who cared. All he had to do was get himself up and ready for another party later on. That's all Ewan wanted to do now, party day and night. Moving the covers off of his body, he sat up and immediately something in his head told him things weren't right. Alarm bells rang and he looked around.

Oh shit.

He was at his parents place again. This was a common occurrence. Brady still had keys despite moving out and when he went out drinking more often or not ended up back at his parents place. The only time he didn't end up back was when he ended up at a girls place, or took them back to his. Lately, he'd been taking them back to his place before taking them back to theirs.

There was still something wrong with this though. He was in his old bedroom. That was certain. But something seemed a miss. Frowning, Brady stood and noticed the clothes that he was wearing weren't his. A plain tshirt and trousers were something he wouldn't wear.

What the fuck had he done last night? Did this have something to do with what happened a few weeks ago. Part of that night haunted him, part of it thrilled him. But the most part, the most part wanted to do it all over again. Deep down he'd enjoyed every dark minute of it. But why was he in clothes that weren't his? He'd never, ever wear things like these. Frowning, he decided to quickly change around and head downstairs for answers. His parents would know when and what state he came home in last night. They always did. He was the black sheep of the family... The disappointment. Well, too his parents anyway.

Feeling a lot better in his usual clothes, Brady took the stairs two at a time. The silence was unnerving. There was no child's laughter, or screaming like usual. His parents weren't shouting for people to get ready to go, or laughing with the kids... Just complete silence. In the kitchen his mother stood perfectly still over the stove. His brothers and sisters were sitting at the table ready to dig into their pancakes, and his father was reading the day's newspaper. All perfectly still. No talking, no movement, nothing.

"What's going on guys?"

No answer.

"Great, so I've got the silent treatment, have I?" Brady frowned. It seemed rather petty of them if that's how it was going to be. Shaking his head, he moved over to his younger siblings. "You giving me the silent treatment too?" He nudged his youngest brother's shoulder with enough force for it to jut out a little. He jumped back in fright.

"What the fuck is going on? Okay, jokes over now guys. You can come out now or stop whatever point you're trying to prove."

He went over to his mother and gave her a push. Her arm jutted out. Same with his father when he did the same. What. The. Fuck.

By this point, Brady was starting to panic. What was going on? With his panic, he moved out of the house and into the observatory. He ignored everyone else out there currently as his anger started to rise. "Whoever the fuck you are that's got me in here you better let me out right now!" He growled. His hand moved to run through his hair and down his face as he tried to keep control. That's when he realised there was a collar on him.

"You Son of a Bitch!" He snapped, starting to pull at the thing around his neck. "You get in here right now and get this thing off me, let me out and I won't hurt you too badly!"


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"Wh- What...? Guns... I didn't think..!" Stammered Levi but he still kept a firm grip on the bag's handle, "M-Meredith? You say...?"


He eyed the girl wearily, "What's your last name?"
But before the stranger had time to reply, another male came bursting from the house just beside Levi's own. The boy winced when he heard the person scream out and pitched up his thickly rimmed spectacles up his nose. Just by glancing at the new-comer, Levi could tell - by his somewhat muscular figure and, um, unclean range of vocabulary - that he was the kind of lad that Levi could never be; those snotty macho guys who thought they were all that. He was grateful for this, however. He felt a pang of sympathy for him though, he was just as shocked about the new circumstances as he was; he just showed it a bit differently.

"Come away from him!"
Levi then jerked his head towards where the shout had come from, his blue eyes widened when he realised that it was the older of the two girls that were just across the road. It was just then that it sank into his mind just how close he was to two possibly insane people. Blood rushed through his veins and behind his ears, the throb of his heart suddenly seemed too painfully loud. Levi stared at the both of them, distress etched in both of his eyes, before snatching up the bag and legging it down across the tarmac; closer to the two girls. Once he was at a safe distance from the other two, he loosened his grip on the bag's strap before using a breathing period to lean on his knees and regain all the air he had lost during the sprint. His lungs banged against his ribcage and it took a few attempts of slowing down his breathing in order to calm them.

Once enough air was in his pulsating figure, Levi heaved himself up and glanced at the two girls. The youngest one, Levi guessed, was indeed a young adolescent; she had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes just like himself. However, it was that youthful glint in her eyes that set them apart. He then shifted his gaze towards his... saviour and looked at her closely before dropping his head; blood rising to his cheeks. His brain - judging by her fair skin and intoxicating brown eyes - could not deny that the woman was a natural beauty.
"Um... Thanks for getting me out of there..." He muttered, he continued to look at the ground and nervously ran a hand through his blonde hair. At least there were some nice people in this place, they could share this new-found panic between them.
"I'm Levi, it's a pleasure to meet you..." The man introduced himself, quickly glancing at the both of the individuals, and laughed anxiously, "I guess I owe you one."


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Everything was starting to get a little crazy. Not like it wasn’t weird already, but it was getting stranger by the minute. Nothing seemed to make sense, and that annoyed Cipriana. She wanted to live in a normal world, with a normal family, doing normal things normally. Yet she was stuck with two mentalists and two slightly sane looking humans. She inhaled through her nose and exhaled through her mouth as she stared at the boy running towards Noelle and herself. This wasn’t right. It was slightly obvious, but no, everything didn’t make sense. It was a fantasy, a nightmare, a thought, but defiantly not real life. She stared at the ground, crossing her arms as the new boy spoke. Surprisingly, she was feeling a little nervous. In the normal world, she would’ve walked up, held out her hand and introduced herself with a cheeky smile. But not today. She felt like shying away in the corner. Anyway, Levi he said his name was. Cipriana smiled to herself. By the sounds of it, she had ended up with the best people in this place.

’I’m just happy I wasn’t stuck with Meredith and Anger Management over there.’

Speaking of Meredith, where was she? Cipriana looked up, towards Levi’s house. Her eyes widened as she set her eyes on the girl. Her mouth dropped as she watched Meredith with full confidence stride up towards Anger Management.

“Oh no. She isn’t. Oh my God…”

She quickly hid behind the two older people, both equally shielding her from the view of the two. Even though she couldn’t see Meredith and Anger Management, she covered her eyes with both hands so she was certain she wouldn’t see the two. It could get quite ugly, and for once, she didn’t want to get involved.

Cipriana couldn’t see, but she defiantly heard the outburst of the random girl. She jumped back, clenched her eyes shut and grabbed on to an arm of Levi and Noelle. It gave her some sort of comfort knowing the older teenagers were there. But still, this was all madness. What did this random girl want? What did they want? She just wanted to get out of this nightmare as soon as possible.


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#, as written by FizzGig
Noelle stood with her hands balled into fists at her side, her eyes wide as she watched with baited breath as Levi took up his things and all but flew across the street towards them. The relief she felt when he had come closer was almost tangible. She finally let her hands hang loose, nail-marks biting into her palms, and fixed Levi with an intense, but soft gaze. He was catching his breath, leaning over with his hands on his knees.

She took a cautious step closer, her heart hammering in her chest. When he met her eyes, her blush matched his, a warmth spreading over her skin as she finally came to a stop just within arm’s reach of Levi.

“I …” she began, about to argue the fact that she’d done nothing in regards to his rescue, but she got distracted when she met his eyes again. Such…depth. His fear mirrored her own.

Er, anyway…He owed her nothing! The thought was ridiculous. She swallowed, and looked to one side, staring distractedly at Meredith as she began to approach the frightening teen.

Had he asked of her name?

“I'm Noelle,” she said, her voice distant as her brow furrowed.

Now what on earth was Meredith doing?

Cipriana’s voice let Noelle know that she wasn’t alone in thinking about how crazy Meredith was acting. When the younger teen approached, Noelle went so far as to lay a hand on her shoulder, looking down at her with a concerned furrow to her brow before she shifted to meet Levi’s eyes.

“Why don’t we go inside my place…”

But before any of them would have a chance to answer, that new woman appeared, smiling pleasantly, in a manner that was more terrifying than Meredith’s confusing sense of calm. Noelle stared, even as Cipriana proceeded to cling to her. Almost reflexively, she stepped closer to Cipriana and Levi, glancing to the young man before looking back at the new girl.

She just didn’t have any idea of what to say.

“Let’s go inside..” she whispered to Levi and Cipriana.


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Brady stopped yelling when he heard people behind him. Immediately his anger turned to them and he was over to the small group faster than a speeding bullet. "Which one of you little shitheads did this to me?" He snapped. "You better own up and get me out of this," he pointed at the collar, "or else I'll be beating you to pulp one by one." He failed to notice that every other person had a collar around their necks, just like him. If he had noticed, then he would have realised that they too were just as much a victim as him. But he was ignorant of everything but himself right now.

"Fuck this. Which one of you guys did it?" His voice got louder as no one seemed to come forward to admit it. Brady was like a girl in the middle of a temper tantrum because things hadn't gone her way. His face was getting redder with anger by the second and if he were a cartoon the steam would have been coming out of his ears long ago.

No one was giving him the answers he wanted.

"When I find out who did this, I'll be leaving you dead in a ditch if you haven't escaped my grasp before I get you. Just be warned. You don't have long to come and admit it was you and get me out of this stupid contraption. And, if by chance it's someone else, then they better be listening too, because once I'm out of here, I will hunt whoever is responsible down and make them pay."

Brady made no move to leave. He just stood there waiting for someone in the group to admit to the deed as if it was his right that they admit to him immediately who had organised this stupid thing in the first place.


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“I'm Noelle,”

Noelle, Noelle, Noelle. That name hammered in every corner of his brain like a rubber ball. He wouldn’t be able to ever forget that string of two syllables now, it had already been implanted. He wouldn’t be able to forget her face either, but with a face like hers it was sure nobody else would. Levi knew about how the mind worked, he understood how a person you had only seen once – maybe you had walked past the person across the road – could always have a chance to appear in your dreams. It was impossible to create a completely new person in your head; it was most likely that you had used a bunch of parts from several different people in order to make it. And to think, your cranium has the possibility to store hundreds and thousands of faces. None of them are ever replaced; you never truly forget some-one. It was too late to erase her eyes, her mouth, her nose from his head; there was now that chance of her to also appear in his dreams.

He shook his head and blinked several times to rub off the glaze of his eyes.

“Oh right, that’s a nice name,” Murmured Levi and faded at the last few words. His tongue always got in a tangle whenever he talked to new people, he always found it difficult to roll out a decent greeting. The corner of his lip twitched downwards before shifting his attention to the younger girl. “Then you must be...?”

He stopped there. Levi looked at both of the girls confused; they were focused on something else. Levi followed their line of sight and his eyes widened when he saw what they were looking at, it was Meredith. It seemed she was approaching the other man, the one who had just screamed out. He looked to be in distress, finding it hard to let the information sink in. Levi gazed at him tenderly, it was hard not to empathise him at the moment. Every thought of this obliterated, however, once his eyes caught the movement of another girl who had seemingly appeared from thin air.

Levi’s heart pounded against his chest, his arms felt numb as Cipriana had clamped one of her hands around them. His ears were oblivious to any other sound apart from the throb of his blood rushing. Her sudden appearance frightened him and the fear suddenly crept back into his body. The presence of Noelle and Cipriana had calmed him but now it all came back upstream. Levi suddenly didn’t know what to do, should he wait and see what the stranger had to tell us? Or immediately leg it to the nearest house?

It seemed time had flew by, it was too soon when he watched, shell-shocked, the other man race towards them. He spat out swear words like watermelon seeds. This time, Levi knew what to do. He took a careful step forward and lifted his chin to completely expose the collar that was around his neck.

“We have collars too, you know...” Said Levi in a coarse whisper and cleared his throat, “So, um, I don’t think killing any of us will help you.”


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The slight girl smiled. "No, killing anyone won't help you. In fact, I think I should probably report this to the Observers. Oops, I haven't introduced myself yet, have I? I'm Kylie, Kylie Hightower. I'm one of the people behind this, but you should probably know that doing anything violent is only gonna get you into trouble with the others." She beamed brightly.


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#, as written by FizzGig
When she met Levi’s eyes again, noting the nervousness in his tone, the light flush to his cheeks, she had to smile. Even though the situation was ironic, and the completely wrong time for her to be thinking on these things, she couldn’t help but notice how incredibly…peaceful, Levi looked, like the eye of a treacherous hurricane. His quiet, gentle nature helped calm some of the anxiety that had been building since she’d woken up this morning, and she knew that she wanted to stay close to him, him and Cipriana. Perhaps they were the only two people in this place that she could trust.

She was about to say something encouraging to him when Noelle’s head snapped in the direction of the other male, her eyes widening as he began to run in their direction. He looked terrifying.

No no no no, not good not good! Her grip on Cipriana tightened a little, and she prepared to drag the smaller girl back towards the safety of her own house. She bit the inside of her cheek hard enough to draw blood, her entire body tensing in fear and apprehension of what the young man was going to do. Fortunately, though, he stopped short of them, sort of like a dog on a chain.

“Just words.” She breathed, whispering to herself in a voice so slight that no one else would have been able to hear her. She thought about talking to the man, trying to calm him, but he wasn’t in a position to be calmed, and she didn’t have any of the answers that he wanted. Couldn’t he see that they were all stuck in the same boat? Couldn’t he look beyond himself for just a few seconds?

But I was willing to go running in my house and leaving all of these people outside…funny what fear does to someone…

Meredith was quick to return to the scene of the drama, putting herself precariously between Brady and the rest of the group. What Noelle had wanted to say, but didn’t, Meredith put forward. To second what Meredith had said, Noelle finally decided to speak up, her voice quiet, but stern.

“We’re all just as scared and confused as you are.” She told him, glancing to Levi as he stepped forward and lifted his chin to second her statement.

When the newer female took her turn to speak, Noelle focused her attention on her. She looked relatively normal, frighteningly calm, almost happy to be in this place. But then, she was identifying herself as someone who wasn’t on their side, but against them.

One of the people behind this…

She released Cipriana, letting her hands fall to her sides as she stared at Kylie, her brow furrowing as a swirl of questions flew through her mind. “The…Observers, who…what’s going on here? Why are we here? What have you done with our families?”

She did her best to keep her voice from quavering. “What are you going to do with us?”


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Kylie appraised Noelle. She sighed, looking a little exasperated at this point. "Okay, I'm not allowed to tell you much," she started. "Um, okay, put it this way. You guys are here as... specimens... in a little experiment. All you have to do is just try and survive. I don't mean like you're supposed to start killing each other right and left..." At this point, she threw a pointed glance at Brady.
"Just... play along. You'll receive further instruction from The Observers, who are actually the people or person running this experiment and my boss. Don't worry, I seriously doubt that anything that gets thrown at you will be that bad. Seriously, I'm not the bad guy. You could say... I am just a worker here, neither out to kill you nor help you win." She rocked backwards on her heels, waiting for the others' reactions.