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Raven Alice Johnson

"Hey...lovely weather we've been having!"

0 · 230 views · located in The Observatory

a character in “The Observatory”, as played by HitoriRaven


Gender - Male
Age - 16

Appearance -
Raven has longish black hair, fitting to the name - though his parents didn't know that. It's soft and won't stay up even with gel, though ironically bed-head does keep. He has green eyes, around forest-y colour, and is Caucasian. He has a defined nose and it's not too small, but not too big. His lips are normally sized, and his teeth aren't perfectly white but they are still well cared for. He stands at about 5'9, but add an inch when he's not slouching. He works out a fair amount, not to the point of six-pack abs, but enough to be thin and in shape. All in all, he's only a bit above average. Clothes-wise, Raven's not particular as far as things go, anything that's there, he'll pick up and wear, as long as it isn't too offensive.

Personality - Raven is an extremely cheerful, social person who enjoys being around people. However, he's not particular, and doesn't mind running "lone wolf" either. He has minor ADD, meaning he can be easily distracted, but he can focus on anything he deems as interesting or important. Aside from that, he's very helpful, and well-mannered for the most part. He was brought up to have a gentleman-like way of dealing with people as a first impression - it becomes a bit more casual with friends. Raven also enjoys helping people, and is hard-pressed to turn down someone in need. However, he's a bit insecure about his own abilities, and understimates himself often. He is also quite lazy when the task isn't something he enjoys and is very laid-back.

However, Raven does have a more serious side, it just doesn't show up often. Expect him to be courteous but still passionate during a debate or a time when he feels like he needs to express his opinions. While he is a jokester, a class clown and such, especially during informal situations, when he gets serious about something, then it's time to listen.

History - Despite his close-to-average appearance, his life has been anything but normal. Raven, also called Alice(interestingly enough, he doesn't mind his middle name, but it does lead to confusion) was born in America. His parents honestly can't remember. However, since he was three, he had been traveling the world with his mother and father. Thus, he has lived in many major countries: Mexico, Canada, USA, Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Sweden, China, Thailand, India and Australia, for at least a year. As such, he has not had the BEST education, but he can read and write clearly, and his vocabulary is decent. The only language he picked up was Spanish, but not past a conversational level. However, he has had a lot of experiences with people and has seen their suffering, which is why he grew up to be a kinder person. The reason he could live like this was because his parents were rich. They told him this when he was 12 and felt he was old enough to understand. They taught him to be frugal with his own money but to always be generous to others with it. He was also told that this was supposed to teach him about different viewpoints, and is one of the reasons why he is so kind. He is used to fending for himself when his parents frequently left him to alone in various places for a few days to toughen him up. He always gets a bit frustrated, but is thankful they think he is adaptable and responsible enough. He also always manages to find them again and has amazingly not been kidnapped yet. Some of his many adventures in the poorer parts of towns and the countryside have also taught him some more... "unsavory" skills. However, he only uses these in an emergency.

Knows Muay Thai. (Thailand)
Speaks Spanish, English
Running, swimming, rock climbing

Death of people he loves

Learning new things
Helping people out
Any kind of music with a decent beat


Boring or uptight people
Large pieces of pork or beef - chicken and fish are okay
Rejecting a person in need
Flaunting his wealth

To be a person worthy of his parents
To help people who are suffering

What he thinks of how his life has been
He is grateful to his parents for how he has been raised and the experiences he has obtained. While he does question their methods in some cases, he always comes around in the end, and looks to them for advice.

Other Important Details
Raven has not lived in a place long enough to pick up an accent and as such his English takes after his parents - it's slightly British.
Because of all the travelling he does, Raven doesn't understand fashion very well.
He does, however, have a phone and a laptop which means that he isn't completely in the dark about everything.
Always wears a ring with his name engraved on it on his left pointer finger, 14th birthday present.

So begins...

Raven Alice Johnson's Story